… when we all can go to space and travel there freely, it is very possible that the travelers will see beauty they have never seen before and experience a degree of freedom that they have never experienced before. That means many will go and view will return to the Planet Earth.

What may result is a heavy depopulation of the blue planet; and a polarized depopulation as such. In other words, the emigration of the intelligentsia from Africa or from Quebec will become a global phenomenon: mostly the uneducated will be left behind. Therefore there is a great need to expand education rapidly to reach much bigger sections of the population.

Momentarily (July 2018) 7 nations are working with the Keshe Foundation without going public for now. Amongst them China is about to create the more advanced spaceship/oasis-system/generator – as a non-physical system where there may be some physical components to ease our understanding…

Space oddities

Here’s another effect space travel will have on our body: when traveling the space, we are getting nourished by plasmatic energy directly – as a consequence our digestive system will retract and disappear, because it is not needed and not used.

The same thing will happen to our eyes, because the real beauty in space is not seen by our physical eyes, but the eyes of our soul… so our eyes will disappear as well. If you heard about near-death experiences, you know that people on the operation table ‘die’, they leave their body, all life-signs stop, and they float up to the ceiling from where they have a detached view of the doctors and nurses working on their body. Here they also do not see with their physical eyes. We actually don’t need our physical eyes to see.

So in space all physicality is suspended and we ‘do’ everything by the power of our soul. This brings us back to the question: how do we get into our soul, so we can operate from there instead of our material means and tools? We get there when we can move our attention away from the physical into the vibrational realm. The weekly additions of Abraham Hicks show this process in a clear and easy way.

Soul Space travel

You can fly without any technical means, just by the power of your Soul, if you know how to retract your central energy inwards. Which means how to retract every cell of your body in order to transfer them as a form of energy to any point of destination. This is not new, your system does it all the time: you eat material food and the body transforms it into energy; and then – at the point of need – the energy is transformed back into matter.

For example you drink a glass of milk which contains calcium (Ca). The gastric acid separates the material Ca from the plasmatic Ca. The latter is transferred through the intestinal membrane into the lymph which transports it to the place where it is needed: the bones. At the point of destination the plasmatic Ca is transformed back into the matter state to be deposited into the bone structure.

The transfer of energy always goes by differential in field strength: a stronger gravitational-magnetic field feeds the weaker one. If for example Ca is needed by certain bone cells, their Ca-field is weaker and the Ca in plasmatic form made available to the body is stronger. A stronger field can also be created by GaNS-Patches in different concentrations.

The bi-directional transformation – from matter to GaNS to matter – is the way that our body nourishes itself; it is the same way it heals itself; and this is the same way we are going to Soul Travel. The ‘beam me up Scotty’ illustrates quite well how it works. The body cells are transformed into energy/form, into a plasmatic state. In this state there is no distance neither is there time; so the energetic body can be displaced instantly to any destination where it is re-materialized.

But how to do it?

You may have noticed that the vital functions of your body are not controlled by the mind (otherwise we would probably all be dead by now); the bi-directional transformation of food happens on it’s own. The body knows perfectly well how to do it. If we were to interfere into the process with your controlling mind, our will – we only mess things up. We have learned that it is just the interference of the mind into an otherwise perfectly working mechanism, that creates dis-functionalities, failure, sickness and ultimately death. So we have to trust completely that our body and our soul know perfectly well how to digest, how to heal, how to travel; and if we put no resistance to this natural process – we can fly.

It is so simple.