Journey to the Moon

The Keshe Foundation announced the first spaceship project with the collaboration of the Chinese Government to go to the moon within the next weeks. After the first successful trial, there will be another journey where all the nations can choose whom they want to send as their representative to the moon. The only government excluded is Belgium – not the people but the government.

There will be a lot of consequences for the future or humanity.

Material Consequences

If we can travel to the moon via our soul in 15 minutes, it will of course be possible to travel from Beijing to Washington in 5 minutes without crossing any border… in the aftermath, the governments are faced with the problem that borders and passports become oblivious. Even their definition by geographical borders become irrelevant. So the ‘Great Wall’ of Donald Trump is already not worth talking about anymore.

The former nations will have to dissolve and re-integrate themselves into a One World Council. And as there will be no more geographical definitions of nations, this category will be replaced by the spoken languages. So for example the US, England, New Zealand, Canada and Australia will be reorganized into the English Language section of the World Council.

After the first successful launch, the Keshe Foundation has given all the governments 2-4 month time to get rid of their borders and integrate themselves in the One Nation Council.

But not only that, all conventional travel and shipping of things will be revolutionized as well – who wants to stand in line for check-in, security and passport checks for 3 hours and then spend 20 hours more for what can be done in 5 minutes?!

This development makes whole industries (air plane, ships, trucks, ‘homeland security’ etc) obsolete; and consequently we have to find ways to channel the liberated labour force into new occupations without putting too much stress on the nations’ economy and social structures.

Spiritual Consequences

Travelling space with the new Plasma Technology happens in a way that each passenger has to trust the pilot, has to give his soul to the soul of the pilot, so all can move as one. In a way we have done that all along, when you travel with a conventional air plane, you trust your life into the hands of the pilot. For travelling pilots that’s OK, but what about the political pilots? In many many cases, our trust has been abused. So we have to re-learn to trust. How do we know whom to trust?

That’s the big question! It has probably two possible answers:

  • Trust, in reality, is not a transitive word; trust has no object. It is not important whom our what you trust – it is important that you trust. Period. You can maybe understand that it is your capacity to trust which makes you non-abuseable. You trust your life, you trust your Soul and you follow her path because it feels good.
  • When you develop the contact and the intimacy with your own Soul, you will sharpen your feelings. You remember that it is the feelings and emotions that are our inner GPS. Our emotions are the indicator if we are in alignment or not with our Soul. And the more we are in alignment, the more we will be able to see other Souls; the more we will be able to see the real intention ‘behind the mask’ of pretence.

Soul Space Flight

To travel into space by our soul looks at the same time more easy than travelling by any kind of machines; on the other hand it seems impossible because we have no clue how to ‘use’ our soul to do that. And there is exactly where the problem lies: by habit we want to use our soul like a car. But we totally forget that the Soul is the Principle and we as a body or as a personality (mind) are only temporary matter states of the Soul. We actually got our identification wrong: we are Soul and not the body neither the mind. So there is no question of using the soul. We rather have to find a way to free the Soul from the bondage in the material world where we have kept it at least for the past 8k years. In other words, we have to find the way to be the Soul and not the material body.

We actually can compare the Soul to a bird in a cage; the spiritual Soul is imprisoned and confined within a material cage. Naturally we can just wait for our death, for the moment when the cage opens and disintegrates to liberate the Soul? Or can we trust the soul and open the door of the cage, so the bird can fly free during the day, knowing that it will come back into the cage in the evening. In the atmosphere of trust, the cage becomes a home and the door can be left open, so the Soul-bird can go out as it feels and come always back in.

To be able to trust our Soul we have to trust our self, because our self is the Soul and not the body nor the mind. Therefore it is necessary for us to detach our selves from the body and the mind to be able so see our selves as our Soul. The most practical way – in my experience – to get to that state has been proposed by OSHO: always be the watcher; even when you notice that you have become identified, come back to the watcher… and slowly slowly the door of the cage will open and the cage disappear.

In the context of space travel, the current teachings of the KF are proposing two possible solutions:

  • To free the Soul-bird and travel by temporarily suspending the body
  • To continue using some kind of machines and move by carrying the cage

The Soul teachings offered here are about much more than just different methods to travel into space; they are actually about different ways we can understand our nature and our potential to do and get what ever we want. And this happens of course within the ethos of the Universal Principle:

Let whatever you do, be for the Common Good
We are here to serve and not to be served

And remember; whenever the Souls feels caged and her possibilities cut off, she will rebel, she will make her point very clear – first she will give you negative emotions; then you will see physical conditions like accidents or diseases. This is all your Soul trying to tell you that you are on the wrong track.

In the medical teachings it has been said many times that we have made the body a leech on the Soul; a leech is just like putting a 200lbs weight (out of fear!) on you – how can you fly with this?

There are two ways to get rid of the weight:

  1. Elevate your soul
    by understanding her so much that the weight does not matter any more – that corresponds to the way proposed by Buddha or Osho: understand that your are not the body and you are not the mind (see picture at the beginning of this article) but pure awareness.
  2. The collective approach
    There are families and couples etc that are embracing the Soul teaching and they are very much linked together as a group. So they become clusters which generate a super strong magrav field that will pull in more and more people into the understanding of the Soul – this creates the path for the 100-monkeys phenomenon.
    Parallel to that the KF is working heavily with governments, totally under the ethos of 1 Nation 1 World 1 Race for Peace. Governments represent the people or, in other words, people are united and represented under governments. That is a fact – like it or not; and as a fact it can be used. In other words, the current Zeitgeist is using the collective mechanisms to bring about the change. This has the same attracting cluster effect than the magnetic families.

In the past there have been prophets of the soul like Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krshna and there have been prophets of the material plane like Tesla and Schauberger. Since the Plasma Science reunites the material realm with the spiritual realm, we advance in the two directions at the same time, because we are one, body and Soul.

Depending on your understanding, you can either feed yourself, get your energy and travel by physical means; our you can use different plasma devices to create the magrav fields which will create all that you need to feed yourself, energy and travel; or you can satisfy your needs directly from within your Soul without any intermediary.

Remember also that the Soul teachings of M.Keshe fall under the same constraints as the teachings of Buddha, Jesus and the rest: they will choose the language that can be understood by the audience. And luckily, all the ones who carry the totality of understanding can talk in a way that can be understood by people with different levels of understanding at the same time!

Space flight and life line

We can use reactors and Magravs to help us get across large distances in the Universe, but we have to connect them to the magnetic fields of the Universe. In conventional space travel up to now we followed the paradigm that we are bound by the gravitation of the earth; and we have to create a bigger thrust in our rockets i order to overcome the gravitation and move beyond. In the beginning of the plasma technology we have followed the same paradigm, trying to create reactors that release more power than the gravitational pull.

When we play with magnets, we observe that two magnets for example can be moved easily as long as they are not touching each other. As long as they are not touching, their interactions are dynamic, they are in the flow, movable; as soon as they physically stick to each other, their interaction freezes so to say, becomes static. We have to learn and adapt our technology to how the Universe works, not how we are used to do things!

In regards to space flight we have two options:

  • Either
    we fight the gravitational pull of the earth to overcome it
    and fly.
  • Or
    we let the gravitational pull be as it is and rather use the magnetical pull coming from the place to where we want to go.
  • But
    maybe we should not
    fight the magrav forces that we are attached to, because we are living by them, because they are our ‘life-line’: wherever we are in space, whenever we may be lost, this attachment to our origin, the planet Earth, keeps us connected, so we can get back. It works in a way like a bungee rope.

So the best way would be to guard our life-line, the gravitational connection to Mother Earth and to use the magnetic pull of the destination to travel. This means we travel in space by magrav positioning. Magrav positioning requires us to be able to do two things:

  1. We have to establish the magrav target coordinates, a particular field strength that corresponds to the magnetic gravitational field strength of the point in space where we would like to go. Each point in the Universe has it’s own particular gravitational magnetic field strength, it’s signature, it’s coordinates.
    plasma we can do this; for example we can create a particular GaNS of a defined field strength. Remember the spiral image of GaNS, where the closer we get to the centre, the stronger the field is? So we have to choose the right spot on the spiral to get the right plasma strength. The spectral analysis of GaNS-CO2 showed that it contains virtually any element in the solar system. So we have to find out how to pick the right component, the right plasma or field strength.
  2. At the same time we have to be able to convert terrestrial energy (based on CH12) into universal energy (based on CH14). Both are incorporated into Deuterium (H2) which contains CH3, CH12 (earthly carbon with can be the fuel for earthly speed) and CH14 (universal carbon which can be the fuel for universal speed). The normally black H2 flips sometimes spontaneously to another colour (reddish or orange) signifying the change in element (from H2 to C14). The means to provoke the flip at will is know as the magnetic field strength pressure.

Do you remember the accident with the Chinese flight system that caused a surcharge and a power out in the whole city? The accident was caused because the lightning of a present thunderstorm in the area triggered the flipping of the GaNS to another energy level too fast. The sudden surge in energy could not be contained by the reactor system and was released right away and this caused the power outage. The thunderstorm could trigger the accident because the lightening and the rain carried the same amino acid fingerprint than the GaNS; so when the two energies met, they build up and released power.

What happened there as an accident, could be used to create an unlimited energy supply.

But how do we flip the GaNS forces? M.Keshe said that we do this anyway since ever; our body is the best reactor of magrav system in existence! For example when we breathe we take in universal fields. Not all of them because we retain only the ones that we need by every breath we take in the plasmatic state. We know that our breathing and the plasmatic filtering out what we need, is not done by our will – it just happens, our body knows perfectly well how to do this. We can trust it 100%.

We have learned that our eyes are made of amino acids (COHN); that’s why we can only see things that are amino acid based (upper picture). When we change the amino acid structure of our eyes form COHN to COHZ then we will see only the structures that are based on this type of amino acids (lower picture). That means that as soon as you can see a star, you have already tuned into it; you have established a connection to go there instantaneously!

Our physical eye sees a star in the sky and the Soul sees other Souls on that star and the Soul of the star. The information received by the eye does not need to be transcribed in order to be received by the Soul because both use the same channel. The eye keeps on looking at the light of the star and the Soul already communes with a soul on that star – simultaneously. Because we choose to look only through the physical eyes, missing completely the information and communion of the Soul!

O.K. so how can we switch from the physical eyes to the eye of the Soul?

Well… how does a mother communicate with the unborn child inside her? She feels the needs of the child as her own needs, because the child is inside her; her self, her me is so big that it includes the baby. And the link of communication is love of course. That’s maybe why a mother who cannot accept a child growing inside her, cannot commune, doesn’t know what the child needs and the child may die in the womb, or be born with deficiencies, or too early or too late?

Let’s go back to space travel: here we are the baby and the universe is the mother. We want to go to a certain place, the universal mother knows exactly what to do to get us there. Just like our body knows exactly how to filter the right elements out of the air that we breath. If we can manage complete confidence in her, then hop! we are where we want to be! So it’s unconditional love and trust and confidence who do the job for us. Falling in love with what is, is the only way to go to the level of communion and to have everything you want right away.

How to fall in love?

That’s easy, remember the feeling when you were in love and act it, live it – without any reason, just for the fun of it. Do all the things you did when you were in love.

The ability to travel freely the expanse of Space is intimately linked to our acceptance into the Universal Community. Up to now we have been confined into the fields of our planet Earth. Up to now we were embryos inside her womb. Now Humanity has matured enough that Mother Earth will give her free passage to be born into the Universal Community. In this context M.Keshe is the midwife for the whole Humanity and his teachings are giving us the tools to make this birth into the Universal Community as easy and joyful as possible!

Thank you M.Keshe!


… when we all can go to space and travel there freely, it is very possible that the travelers will see beauty they have never seen before and experience a degree of freedom that they have never experienced before. That means many will go and view will return to the Planet Earth.

What may result is a heavy depopulation of the blue planet; and a polarized depopulation as such. In other words, the emigration of the intelligentsia from Africa or from Quebec will become a global phenomenon: mostly the uneducated will be left behind. Therefore there is a great need to expand education rapidly to reach much bigger sections of the population.

Momentarily (July 2018) 7 nations are working with the Keshe Foundation without going public for now. Amongst them China is about to create the more advanced spaceship/oasis-system/generator – as a non-physical system where there may be some physical components to ease our understanding…

Space oddities

Here’s another effect space travel will have on our body: when traveling the space, we are getting nourished by plasmatic energy directly – as a consequence our digestive system will retract and disappear, because it is not needed and not used.

The same thing will happen to our eyes, because the real beauty in space is not seen by our physical eyes, but the eyes of our soul… so our eyes will disappear as well. If you heard about near-death experiences, you know that people on the operation table ‘die’, they leave their body, all life-signs stop, and they float up to the ceiling from where they have a detached view of the doctors and nurses working on their body. Here they also do not see with their physical eyes. We actually don’t need our physical eyes to see.

So in space all physicality is suspended and we ‘do’ everything by the power of our soul. This brings us back to the question: how do we get into our soul, so we can operate from there instead of our material means and tools? We get there when we can move our attention away from the physical into the vibrational realm. The weekly additions of Abraham Hicks show this process in a clear and easy way.

Soul Space travel

You can fly without any technical means, just by the power of your Soul, if you know how to retract your central energy inwards. Which means how to retract every cell of your body in order to transfer them as a form of energy to any point of destination. This is not new, your system does it all the time: you eat material food and the body transforms it into energy; and then – at the point of need – the energy is transformed back into matter.

For example you drink a glass of milk which contains calcium (Ca). The gastric acid separates the material Ca from the plasmatic Ca. The latter is transferred through the intestinal membrane into the lymph which transports it to the place where it is needed: the bones. At the point of destination the plasmatic Ca is transformed back into the matter state to be deposited into the bone structure.

The transfer of energy always goes by differential in field strength: a stronger gravitational-magnetic field feeds the weaker one. If for example Ca is needed by certain bone cells, their Ca-field is weaker and the Ca in plasmatic form made available to the body is stronger. A stronger field can also be created by GaNS-Patches in different concentrations.

The bi-directional transformation – from matter to GaNS to matter – is the way that our body nourishes itself; it is the same way it heals itself; and this is the same way we are going to Soul Travel. The ‘beam me up Scotty’ illustrates quite well how it works. The body cells are transformed into energy/form, into a plasmatic state. In this state there is no distance neither is there time; so the energetic body can be displaced instantly to any destination where it is re-materialized.

But how to do it?

You may have noticed that the vital functions of your body are not controlled by the mind (otherwise we would probably all be dead by now); the bi-directional transformation of food happens on it’s own. The body knows perfectly well how to do it. If we were to interfere into the process with your controlling mind, our will – we only mess things up. We have learned that it is just the interference of the mind into an otherwise perfectly working mechanism, that creates dis-functionalities, failure, sickness and ultimately death. So we have to trust completely that our body and our soul know perfectly well how to digest, how to heal, how to travel; and if we put no resistance to this natural process – we can fly.

It is so simple.