Space travel via the Soul

Containing the fields without the body

We are completing the development of the space reactors which will be build into the flight systems. But the interesting thing for me to watch will be what will happen when the space reactors are assembled in the space of the lab – will we see the space craft without the body?” MT Keshe

The reactors are based on carbon (C, the universal connector) and hydrogen (H, the universal energy source). They are made in such a way, that even if the containment (the physical space ship) is lost, they will maintain the field. This is the containment without the need of the physical container. Just as a reminder – the solar system works likes that: there is no physical container around it, but nevertheless it stays coherent and maintains it’s shape and functioning forever!

This is a very important technical advantage for travelling into deep space, because if the containment is achieved only by the field forces, all the pitfalls and accidents connected to any matter or energy state are prevented; as well as system failures which are quite inevitable on the matter plane.

The goal is to create flight systems which mimic the constellation within the universe, where everything works on the fundamental level and only the final result is manifested on the matter plane.

And not to forget also, that when we work solely with the interaction of the fields, we work on the Soul level, that means practically that our Soul is “out of the cage” and our free will is transformed from a control freak into the perfect servant of the Soul. And the magnificent effects of this will be that all aspects of our being will suddenly be to the norm: we will enjoy life in an eternally healthy body and be able to create everything we wish for with a flick of a finger.

And the enjoyment of our wishes will also be normalized. If, for example, we wish to eat a steak in this famous restaurant in New York, we will enjoy all the sensations and feelings connected to our wish, but without the need of killing another life form for it!

We are used to use vehicles of any kind to move – what about if we, ourselves, become the aircraft? These systems work when the Soul of the pilot is in tune with the Soul of the system. I have used these systems many times, I have flown across the universe with them. I know it works; now we have to teach mankind. MT Keshe

Once arrived on the fundamental plane, it will become super evident that we don’t need governments, religions, rules, military and police. All these institutions are evidently obsolete on the level of the Soul.

Another aspect of soul-space-travel reveals itself every morning when we wake up from a dream, in which we have travelled space and time: we did not need to move the body a single inch to fly across the universe and time and come back into our bed the next morning.

Out Soul knows how to do this and our body as well. Every cell of the brain has, so to say, a physical dimension to interact on the physical emotional level and a Soul dimension to be able to interact with the Soul. So our physical body incorporates the possibility to live on the two levels simultaneously; we only have to remember or reactivate the Soul component.

We become good while flying

Entering the flight units, we will find ourselves in an intense Soul environment. This will confront us with the truth; we will see that we cannot lie to our Soul. All our self lies and cover ups will reveal themselves. So it is possible that we enter the units with a cancer and come out completely healed if our wish really is to be healthy; but we will come out with metastasis all over our body because our wish was to escape our problems via our physical death.

Andrej Tarkowsky, the Russian film maker, has shown this in his science fiction movie, called “Stalker”: extraterrestrial beings have visited a place, called “the zone”. After their visit the time and space components of the zone had become dynamic – and intuition had become the only way to navigate the zone. There were special guides who helped visitors to move through the zone and reach the centre. In the centre of the zone was the real attraction: a telephone that would ring upon the visitor’s arrival. He would pick it up and the voice at the other end will call him by his name and ask him about his biggest wish. Then the visitor would tell your biggest wish, hang up the phone and leave the zone. In the wake of this encounter, the true wish will come to pass, the true wish inside his heart of hearts. It is possible that the visitor would tell a wish that wasn’t true. One visitor for example said on the phone that he wanted to help create a spiritual world for all men, but, after he left the zone, found himself winning a huge sum in the lottery – he was so shocked that he committed suicide…

You feel the forces of creation, even before you enter the environment of the system.” MT Keshe. Technically, when we enter the system, the latter will try a few times to bring the soul of physicality, our personality, into sync with the Soul; and when it doesn’t succeed, it will stop the effort and we will see the difference between what we pretend and what we are really up to.

Dream travel

In the last session, we learned that we actually do already Soul-space-travel when we are asleep and dreaming. And we can use this “portal” to learn more in order to be able to do it during our waking consciousness.

When we go to sleep we can program our mind that we want to dream of a certain event. With a little perseverance we train ourselves to use our dream faculty in a more conscious way to Soul-travel.

Escape the pain of abuse

M Keshe referred to a woman from Belgium who in her childhood got regularly abused by her father and grandfather and she even got passed on to other men. The pain for her psyche and Soul was so much that a “path of escape” opened up for her: she found that she could escape the painful situation into any time and place of her earlier childhood where there was no abuse and danger for her. She travelled this escape route so often that she learned how to do it and today, as an adult, she is still able to travel. Her mind desperately needed help and her Soul helped her.