Space flight

The space flight development of the KF will use ‘ships’ that consist merely of encapsulated magnetic-gravitational field systems. So anything and everything that goes inside is irrelevant in regards to the volume, the weight and the number of passengers. it’s all about field strength and magnetic field compression.

For example the Chines flight systems consists of motorized base reactors with a central ring that is able to enlarge or diminish the form of the space ship by pulling in fields more or less. The more fields are pulled into the centre, the bigger the diameter of the ship.

And now the surprise: if you look at the human body with the chakras (energy centres) you will see that the central ring coincides with the heart chakra which sits in the middle and which is the seat of the soul of physicality. That suggests that the human body, on the level of energy, can as well be the space ship; it’s the soul of physicality that makes the spaceship under the direction of the Collective Soul. The soul of physicality is therefore charged with the manifestation; but it is also the source out of which rockets of desire are fired!

Spaceship update november 1, 2018

We ware able to see some video footage which the chinese team has been releasing for publication.

The chinese team has succeeded in creating a plasma inside a liquid at normal pressure and temperature. What you see is lighting up of plasma. You can also hear rhythmic sounds like a heart beat. The appearance of light and the heart beat are the first steps towards flight.
On another video we could see a plastic sphere standing on 3 legs; the sphere is empty of any material… Further on the same video the sphere was suddenly lit. As there was no material inside the sphere, only the free Plasma could have been creating the light! Even if you open the sphere while the light is on, it would continue to shine just like this; meaning that the plasma field is contained on a plasmatic level and even the sphere is not really needed.

On the last video we see a piece of paper suspended in the air by a small nano-coated copper coil. The paper gets static charge so that, when you put a hand over it, it flies up to the hand. M.Keshe commented, that when you inverse the plasmatic conditions (the paper is repelled instead of attracted by the small copper coil), we would have produced the flight condition.




Spaceship update 30 august 2018

In order to achieve levitation, you do not diminish the gravitational field (because it is your reference point in space) but you raise the magnetical field.

In order to move to a determined goal, you increase the gravitational pull of the goal which makes your spaceship move there.

In the same way the spaceship creates a plasma shield around it – so it can never collide with any material object on the way and it enables smooth landing (and not crashing into the goal). The shield is possible because of the simple law that matter state is always weaker than Plasma state.

Update august 16th 2018

No more motors

The team has now removed all motors from the installation so that only the specific constallation of plasmas will create the dynamic fields to make the space ship appear and take off. This is a necessary step because using motors is dangerous in space because out there you can’t get replacement…

Reactor Speed

Rotation speeds of 2500 to 3000 rpm are related to matter state.


Thunderclouds do not carry any electrical current; only plasmatic current. They will, however, transmute from plasma to electrical current when they descend into matter state. That’s why the reactors in China react with the weather; this process is enhanced by the fact that the reactors are filled with liquid plasma = water.

If the installation is facing heavy weather conditions (= much more magnetical force from the environment in storm clouds for instance) the base reactors need to be stronger in proportion so they can hold their controlled state; otherwise the magnetical forces of the environment (heavy weather) will speed up the reactors and they spin out of control.

And : this of course works also in the reverse direction : as the clouds are in a plasmatic state, we can create the environmental conditions, to create rainclouds… This is a big attraction but it brings a lot of responsibility and requires a lot of knowledge because we have to know what we are doing on long-term. If we interfere with a naturally occurring weather condition (typhoon), we will disturb the overall harmony. For example we prevent a hurricane on our island and it will hit harder on our neighbor!


You cannot carry neutron with you through space – a more convenient way is to be able to produce the fields that will yield the neutrons you need for energy, heat, motion, food etc. That means we have to work in the free plasma state, not matter not GaNS.

In the free plasma state an entity will create it’s soul. Then we can communicate with it from soul to soul.

Like a horse whisperer does not talk to the horse – he talks to the soul of the horse. Or like a plasma health unit that has the capability to match it’s fields to the field of the soul of the patient; the result is the elevation of the soul which will make the disease disappear in seconds. Then the soul decides and the physical body follows.

Spaceship test in China, update august 9th 2018

After the accidents the work progressed into being able to bend the fields. Like M.Keshe said in former teachings – especially in regards to the spaceship development in KF-Arizona – the strong magnetic fields generated by the plasma reactors go up naturally. And if we want to use them for the spaceship, they need to be deflected back down in order to create a contained shape for the space ship. If not deflected this huge amount of energy continues to move up and expands… creating in it’s wake the possibility for accidents like the power outages in the city. The bending down of the magnetic field can be likened to an umbrella in rain and wind : you are holding on to it while it’s structure is holding. But in one moment a strong gust of wind will flip the structure of the umbrella upside down and the umbrella is lost.

If the fields can be bent back down, they also slow down and give the possibility to create the space ship in its visible, material form.


Explosion and Change of direction

Recently the whole installation blew up. The reactor array has been taken offline, because the huge plasma could not be contained on the matter level. The problem was that the huge plasmatic force nano-coated the electronic system controls and they became unresponsive.

Only 2 star formations were kept online – and they work solely on the plasma level. In this way the plasma could be contained. The containment is linked to the rotation speed of the reactors; the right speed is >3000 rpm. Remember that the rotation is provoqued without the use of motors – just by plasma.

This resulted in 10% slowing down the plasmatic speed towards materialization and field containment. This is a necessary step to materiaze the spaceship body. This is a breakthrough to control the matter state by plasma.

Once the materialization is achieved the Chinese government has 16 minutes to object to life broadcast; it is our wish that the Chinese president will want to broadcast as well.

Spaceship set up

Here is the setup:

Plasma > Energy > Motion > Rotation of the plasma without motors

The setup consists of about 160 reactors operating plus a magrav shielding between the space ship and the fields of the earth.

The motorless reactors are controlled by our thoughts. This control mecanism has two components:

  1. Our thoughts do not control the vessel by ‘giving orders’ but to ask, like you would ask a lover. If the system is connected in this way to you, it will respond to your wishes like a lover.

  2. And your wish has to be collectively, not a mix of disparate, individual or private wishes but a collective wish. Just like the wish for Peace. We have to learn to behave like a school of fish. Michael Ende in his Book ‘The Neverending Story’ gave us the example of the spider Ygramul: it is a being consisting of hundreds of hornets where each single animal persues what he likes to do but together, seen from a distance, they form a giant spider who can act as a hole, autonomous and independent being.

Power outages in the city

There have been 5 repetitions of power outages in the city where the lab is.

When the team emptied the reactors, they created a huge neutron field outside the building. It showed as a growing silvery plasma ball that grew into the space around the lab. There it provoqued a thunderstorm, which made that the energy of the neutron plasma got transferred into the electriciy grid which shut down because of overload. The government has been informed that things like this could happen and the grid is back on line again.

Now the challenge is to harvest and contain the neutron field.

Plasma in water

Up to now it has been impossible to create a free plasma in an aqueous environment, but the neutron plasma that has shown up has been created inside the reactors which are filled with water.

This explaines how life on this planet has been created first in the watery environment.

The working environment

The KF team ad the government of China have created a working environment where both benefit : the government have control over publications and the KF have total freedom to pursue their work in the way they like – this degree of freedom could not be found with the governments in Europe.