Our trinity

We have learned that the seat of the Soul is on the crossing between a line between the two ears and another going from between the eyebrows to the lower back of the head. The Soul of physicality is a dynamic structure which covers the totality, so it doesn’t have a fixed location like the Soul. That seems to be also the logical consequence of the fact that the soul of physicality is the collective soul of all the body’s components.

Moreover, Grigori Grabovoï makes us feel our divine spirit as a luminous diving suit all around our body.

M Keshe likened the Soul to the sun; the soul of physicality to the solar system and all the planets and moons to the body.

Emptiness and Detachment 3

This article is taken from the last part on Geshe Michael’s teaching on youtube: The Body Immortal: Instructions for Stepping Into A Body That Touches the Entire Universe, Part Two

When we are in a difficult situation with another person, for example our husband/wife shouting at us, then we always should remember that there are actually two husbands/wives in front of us: one that shouts at us “for no reason at all” and the other who we perceive shouting at us because we have treated other people unkindly in the past.

Both are our interpretation of what we see on the screen of emptiness: when we put our attention on the first, the no-reason-at-all person, we will react, defend ourselves or counterattack her, thus creating more fighting and shouting in our lives. However, when we direct our attention to the second one we remember that the unpleasant scene, we find ourselves in, comes from how we treated other people unkindly in the past – so we don’t react or retaliate and stop more unpleasant experiences in the future.

This can be used as a “lifeline”: we can train our mind to more and more remember that we really want to deal with the second person and never with the no-reason-at-all person.

Copycats and lazy bones

M Keshe very often warns us to become copy cats out of laziness because not trusting our own powers, prevent us from evolving, prevent us from becoming what we are destined to be: the likeness of the Creator. In this piece of conversation between Anastasia and Vladimir Megré, she explains how this laziness keeps us dependent on other people to find solutions for us and in the wake of it will tell us what we should do, say and think.

Vladimir has bought a hectare of land to build his family domain; and there are many other people, following him, who also bought land in the same area. As it turns out the land is barren; under a feeble blanket of topsoil there is a massive layer of clay – the land doesn’t drain water and nothing can grow there. Vladimir, knowing the knowledgeably and creativeness of Anastasia, turns to her to find him a solution:

What you are asking for, Vladimir, can be done, but you do not want to try to find the solution yourself. Rather than spending your energy in finding the solution, you are trying to convince me to find the solution for you.

This shows that you have no confidence in your own power. An obstacle that gets even bigger when you ask me to find the solution to your problem.

If I find the solution, then your lack of confidence in our own power will grow even more. What’s more, the solution might turn out to be very, very simple, and that would be an insult to you. You will think: “Why the hell didn’t I find that myself?”. You will see yourself as not competent.

You have turned to me, perhaps seeing me as a superhuman being who is having powers unknown to man to solve you problem, but I’m not superhuman. Through my feelings, I am able to take information from the Universe and the Creator about everything… but every person is also capable of doing the same, if he does not limit himself through the lack of confidence in his own powers.

When you’re asking me for a solution, you can find yourself, then your very asking reinforces your dependency on middle men – experts, wise men, politicians and priests.

And I am telling you: the answer cannot make its way through the obstacle you have created, and your fervent appeal to me only confirms this. So, I will not solve your problem for you!

When your Soul confronts you with a problem, you can be absolutely sure that you have all the necessary tools and information to solve it. In presenting you a problem, your Soul wants to provoke you to evolve by finding new information and new tools!”

Anastasia, Book 10, p.132ff. Edited by aviram

Emptiness and detachment 2

How to understand emptiness correctly and efficiently

In the first article on emptiness, we have learned that no element in the universe exists on its own, but through and in our perception. The complete understanding of emptiness probably doesn’t come to us over night, it is a learning process that may need time and perseverance.

In other words: emptiness is easy to understand logically but to really assimilate it and let it sink into our being, takes time. With our rational mind we can easily understand that every element in the universe is a screen on which we project what we see. And this projection is so real, that it may deceive us into believing that it is not a projection, but a reality on it’s own. Buddhist call this “deceptive reality”. We know that we have u nderstood emptiness correctly when we really see everything as a projection. When we see the Universal Law of Emptiness in action:

Every thing is a screen on which our mind projects the images that come from how we treated people in the past.

At that moment we have reached also perfect detachment, because we don’t fall for the deceptive reality anymore!

This opens two doors for us:

  1. We can check our experiences or perception in order to discover the law of emptiness. And of course this is easier with pleasant experiences than unpleasant ones. This is the path of learning or the path of research.
    We can, for example think of a part of our body that we love or that other people, who love us, love; and then explore what kind actions from our side have created these parts.
  2. And we can purposefully treat more and more people with love and care; thus making sure that we will have more pleasant experiences. This is the path of using the law of emptiness to make our life more peaceful and happy.


Imagine that I hold a pen in my hand. If I show you the pen and ask you what it is, you will confirm with me that it is a pen. You can even take it and scribble with it on a piece of paper to prove that it can be used as a pen.

Then comes a dog. I hold the same thing in front of him. He will sniff it, recognize that it is a chew stick. Then he will take it into his mouth and start chewing on it, confirming that it can be used as a chew stick.

Who is right? You or the dog?

Both because each of you has a valid perception that works for you.

Then I put the pen on the table and everybody leaves the room, including the dog. What is this thing lying there all on it’s own– a chew stick or a pen or even something else ?

The only honest answer would be “I don’t know.”

It is not a pen, because there is nobody who’s mind will project a pen because he has helped out someone else in the past by giving him a pen. And neither is it a chew stick because there is no dog who’s mind projects the image of a chew stick.

It is only an unspecific “black thing” – a screen ready to receive a projection and thus become something real. We could say it is a plasma or informational light waiting to condense into some definite thing.

That is what emptiness is all about – every thing is only a screen for our projection. And our projections do come from us and not from the empty object “out there”.

Can we project whatever we want on the objects we see?”

Yes and no. If i want to see something else, like a big diamond. The thing will only become a big diamond, if my consciousness is perfectly structured and I know how to materialize things like the Creator. And we would need to have planted a seed in the collective consciousness by helping another person with something really valuable. But even then, we would see the diamond as a projection of our mental image.

So it wouldn’t change anything to the Law of Emptiness. But, having the consciousness we have, we would most probably still see a pen.

The active agent in the perception of reality is the image in our mind, the image from the collective unconscious. These images are stable, and we cannot change them unless our individual consciousness is more powerful than the collective consciousness!

The Collective Consciousness

We have an individual consciousness and a collective consciousness. The latter we create, maintain and share with all of humanity. All our perceptions, thoughts, words and actions are stored in the collective consciousness.

We are first and foremost part of humanity and secondly also an individual – not the other way round.

We are one humanity and one collective consciousness since the beginning of time. And it is irrelevant if we are conscious about that or not. This is something very important to understand: We saw that the seeds of kindness to other people that we planted in the collective consciousness, sustain our beautiful eyes and smile. But above that they also sustain your body as such – when we stop all life supporting actions altogether, we die, because there are no images anymore that will give us the perception of being alive.

All our acts of kindness let us live in a world of peace and happiness. Such a world is pleasant, makes sense and is coherent. And being part of this world we feel coherent, all our parts make up a functioning, dynamic, creative, loving totality. Kindness does not only create happy images that our mind will project on all things we encounter.

Every one of us has developed certain good qualities – we could say qualities of a Buddha or a Jesus – but these qualities show only occasionally, they are not fully integrated. They show up by chance. During this period, we are not really integrated, we are a hotchpotch of different attitudes and qualities, because our acts (thoughts, words and actions) are so incoherent. But the more we act with kindness towards others, these seeds of kindness will glue them all together, thus creating a coherent, consistent Self.

Kindness creates the deep feeling that our life and the world we are living in, is coherent and makes sense. On a lower level the continuum of our personality is created that way. On a deeper level our acts of kindness enable us to see the coherence and continuity of our Soul. These are the seeds that will make us feel that we are ONE with the world we live in and that we are ONE with the Creator.

The path to unlock our Soul-travel potential

How can we use the Law of Emptiness to enable us to travel through space? In other words: what actions of kindness towards another beings would create the images in our mind that make us perceive that we can travel by the Soul? What do you think?”

Anastasia’s contribution

Now we understand why Anastasia ascribes such an importance to images:

All information is an image. And all images are informational light. Man himself is, in fact, an image that has taken material form, and since he is a materialized image, man himself can use his thought to create and can materialize images. This is where his universal power lies – a power unsurpassed by no one and no thing.

If a person doesn’t recognize the capabilities, placed within him by the Creator, then that person blocks his powers himself and falls under the influence of other images and materializes their thoughts, until finally the destroys himself, his family, his family line, his state and the whole planet.

The artificial, technocratic world was also created by Man using the energy and information of images suggested to him by his enemies. The technocratic world is fragile and transitory. Even the most advanced technological gadget disintegrates with each second and within a few years turns to dust or, worse, into waste harmful to man. (Amongst the non-constructive images of the technocratic world are the un-light entities, Christina talks about in the following article.)

Man himself, by living under the images of the artificial world, becomes fragile and transitory as well. For it is hard for a person who immersed in an avalanche of disintegrating objects that lack life, love and autogenic capability, to imagine eternal life, crate the image of his own eternity and materialize it.

The natural world that is visible to us, has existed for billions of years. But for a much longer time already existed the not yet materialized image of it. The natural world possesses the capability for auto-genesis, and this capability makes it eternal. The Creator, who created eternity, is eternal Himself.

So each new Soul is created in the splendid co-creation from the primeval image. This primeval image is of course our likeness to the Creator himself. It is within ourself. Go out to meet it. And joyfully will it rush toward you. Joyful will the path be. Gradually coming nearer and nearer to each other, you will one day unite! Protect your primeval image. Do not abandon it to others.

Anastasia, book 10, page 85ff

And of course the primeval image, our likeness to the Creator, is planted into the collective consciousness by all the warm acts of kindness we do to others. The primeval image is created when we do, think and speak like the Creator – with all our Love and Kindness!