Acces to the Universal Community

We will not be accepted into the Universal Community unless we are able to travel the Universe just like that, without any mechanical technology – only by the power of our soul. If we want to travel space like that, we must at the same time be able to sustain ourselves in the Universe, to orient ourselves and to behave in the right manner: No stealing, not taking anything what is not given to us – we’re just giving into the environment what we don’t need and taking from the environment what we do need. And because each one has different needs, it happens often that what one entity doesn’t need, the other needs. That’s a perfect system.

And let’s not forget, we as a humanity we function like a school of fish or a flock of birds, we move in unison. That means also that as soon as one group of people or one nation has achieved existence and movement in the universe, we all will be able.

The moment of the meeting between humanity and the Universal Community is appointed. From this moment onwards, nobody will listen to any self-appointed authority anymore and borders will vanish – all authoritative systems will evaporate like dew in the morning sun…

The Charter for Peace

The members of the Earth and Universal Councils have begun the implementation of a Charter for Peace: a member of each language proposes a wish for his country, which includes both what needs to change and the special quality of this people to be shared with all Humanity.

Jalal for Iraq proposes:

“The beautiful Iraqis excel in their hospitality and generosity, and by sharing knowledge with others, Iraqis spread the seeds of love and peace to inspire all humanity. »

Pia for Denmark proposes:

“I want new education systems, programs, and ethics teaching for children, youth, educators, teachers and parents. An education that includes learning programs on personal growth, plasma technologies and other tools. Everything that helps us balance Nature and the environment. We can thus learn more deeply about Nature, our Planet and Universes in order to better understand our soul and thus better serve Humanity. »

Flint for the United States :

“It is my wish that all military personnel in all U.S. military departments with their weapons and equipment stationed around the world be repatriated to the United States, decommissioned or converted to peace projects only.
That the military budget be applied to educate and serve all residents of the United States to become teachers of peace, thereby elevating education and peace for humanity. »

So, we are all called to share our wishes in relation to our country, either our native country or the country where we currently reside.

Aviram for Quebec :

“It is my wish that Quebec replace all the power structures of its society’s institutions (political, economic, educational, administrative, etc.) with examples of compassion, respect and integrity.  So that each Quebecer, in his place of work and in his place of life, can confidently co-create a community based on peace, equality and freedom to become an example for the rest of Humanity. »

“It is my wish that all the powerstructures in the institutions of the society in Quebec are replaced by examples of compassion, respect and integrity. In this way each quebecois co-creates trustfully in his work- and living environment the true Community based on Peace, Equality and Freedom thus creating the blueprint of community for Humanity.”

The Charter of the Universal Council

The Universal Council

It is the responsibility of the Universal Council to ensure that each language spoken on Earth is represented by one of its members. This includes the languages of beings coming from elsewhere in the universe and residing on Earth. All languages have the same rights, the same responsibility, the same values and the same position in the Council.

Each member represents the needs and wishes of the peoples and entities speaking their language, regardless of geographical circumstances.

The members of the Universal Council are here to support humanity and all living beings on Earth and beyond, in order to facilitate a future of prosperity and peace for everyone on Earth and in the Universal Community.

The Mandate of the Universal Council

The soul of the members of the Universal Council must shine like the light of the Creator, it must be the source of light for other souls and radiate the light of the beauty of the Creator. It must account for all the attributes of the Creator’s Soul.

In time, the creatures of the universe will be able to see the light of man’s soul and not only his physical form.

The members of the Universal Council are chosen solely in relation to the strength of their souls in the service of humanity and the Universal Community.

The members of the Universal Council may not proclaim themselves members of the Council; it is announced on the register of the Council and registered.

No member of the Council may take the initiative to influence the opinion of the other members; if this were the case, he would immediately be dismissed from the Council and replaced by a new member.

The members of the Council are not elected, but chosen according to their soul in their ability to serve Humanity and it is the soul of the future member who proposes himself.

The dedication of the Council’s soul comes from service to give through its soul and not through speech or physical actions.

No member of the Council can be elected because he gives his time, money or effort to promote himself, for the other members will see his true soul and his intentions. Those who try to be better servants of Humanity, have no chance to enter the Council.

A member of the Universal Council may not promote a new member of the Council, otherwise he loses his seat on the Council.

The Universal Council is here to serve with true intent, not through statements those who live on Earth and in space.

Once in space, each in his own time, Man will realize that he can feel other souls, and not only by their physical form and voice.

Man in space will then understand his true value.

This Council becomes the true representative of the interests of all souls on Earth and in space.

There will be no elected director of the Council, because the souls themselves will create a balanced Council through their natural positioning and service to Humanity.

There will be no vote because everyone sees and feels the truth of each other’s intentions. In the Council, once someone puts forward an idea to give direction to the elevation of individual or collective souls, or any other benefit to Man – other souls will immediately understand his intention and support the motion presented, supporting the initiative by their soul, not by their vote.

The Universal Council is the bridge between Humanity and the Universal Community.

The Universal Council will be the point of contact for all humans, for other beings who travel in space or for beings who will visit Earth.

The Universal Council is responsible for interactions with the Universal Community (conditions, interfaces, visits, etc.).

The Universal Council will be the interface for knowledge sharing based on open source principles and free for all technologies offered by the Universal Community.

The Charter of the Universal Council

The Universal Council is here to serve every soul in the universe.

This Charter for Humanity recognizes all collective commitments to the equality of all souls on planet Earth and in the Universe.

The Universal Council, traveling on the path of service, guides all souls so that they can bring Peace to the planet and the Universe.

The Universal Council ensures that all souls who pass through or live on this planet obey the rules of peaceful coexistence on Earth; thus Peace and Harmony henceforth become the only path to take.

This Council is, and will continue to be, the true representative of all humanity on Earth and in space.

The expression of this essence is the unity of all beings in the process of serving the Whole unconditionally.

This Charter bridges the gap between Mankind and all other living beings on the planet, as well as between Humanity and the Universal Community.

The beauty of the diversity of souls is reflected in the variety of languages spoken on planet Earth. All souls are equal as creators, created in the image of the Creator.

By this understanding, the Universal Council establishes this Charter, in order to guide the soul of Humanity and all other living beings; so that everyone knows how to behave peacefully and harmoniously among themselves and in relation to all other beings of the Universes.

Everyone can receive this document according to their needs and take advantage of it according to their level of understanding.

In this Charter of Humanity, The Soul of the Universal Council invites all souls to serve with love and peace the other creations of the Creator.

Universal Guidelines

Service is the essence of the Soul

Service and peace elevate the collective soul of planet Earth, which later shines through the Universes.

In its peaceful relations with the planet and all living beings, Humanity becomes aware of the totality of its essence.

A true human is a lover of every form of life, in every dimension and in every place of every Universe.

We serve in the full understanding of what it is to serve our souls, who raise other souls in their way through the different Universes.

Service is the expression of the beauty and essence of the soul of universal beings. Service is unconditional love that brings unity to all beings.

The creation or entry of a soul into a creation cycle is the seed for a new life and the beginning of a new cycle.

The soul unifies all beings in peace through bonds of love, trust, understanding and compassion.

All beings possess a soul and all souls always seek its balance.

The soul is loving and gives unconditionally.

The soul forgives and records every event in its field.

The soul is the most powerful above all; it is eternal. By her ability to feel everything, she is omniscient; the soul is conscious of herself and conscious of being the source of what is good for her and for all.

The soul is sovereign of its essence.

All souls position themselves by their unique field strength in harmonious interaction with everyone and the environment.

The soul exists through unconditional love and embraces everything.

The soul is the creator and protector of its physical appearance; it is the essence of its physical form. It is by this fact that the soul is co-creator of every manifestation of physical life; it then offers the possibility of participating or experiencing the creation of a new life cycle.

The soul contains all the treasures and all the wisdom within its field strength.

Keyword Definitions

The soul of the physical aspect: every cell in every body of every entity has a soul. All these souls combined together constitute the soul of physical appearance.

The soul of the totality (essence): It is the soul the creator of the form that the entities take.

The Members of the Universal Council
German Caroline Priller

General information

M.T.Keshe’s teaching in relation to the soul

In one of my writings, “La création of the Black Holes”, I share: “The black hole, although black, is the essence of Life, of Creation. He controls the whole. The black surface of copper is that black hole that absorbs everything. Now we know that it is also one of the best sources of energy, if we can release it in the form of GaNS into the environment. The nature of our soul and body has been explained in a very simple way by the nano plating and structure of copper. So if you trust that copper will turn black, if you trust that you can create matter from GaNS and its interactions – why don’t you trust your soul that can do exactly the same things?

Issues to be discussed in the future

These points emerged during the Council sessions.

The soul wants us to be at service, unconditionally, in any dimension.

The soul gives us access to everything we can imagine and more.

The soul offers us peace, love and friendship.

The soul sees our beauties.

The soul hears our needs and knows our emotions.

Wisdom flows from the soul which is the highest source.

Let us unite in peace.

All souls naturally position themselves according to their individual strength in interaction with each other in the environment.

Let us lift up the Soul of Humanity so that it may find inner Peace.

Let us raise the understanding of our’adversaries’ so that they become true servants and true lovers.

Every child needs to be surrounded by love, care and wisdom.

Souls are immutably beautiful and perfect.

Souls have no limits and all come from the same source.

Souls can manifest in various forms depending on the fields and materials present in a given environment. Therefore, man must be recognized by his soul and not his appearance.

A soul needs interactions with others as well as with the environment to understand its existence and unlimited power.

Souls are free to choose separation from their physical form to begin another journey, with or without physical manifestation.

In the Universe, there is no end, only a transformation.

Humanity, guided by the soul, will finally learn from its experiences if it creates an environment of Peace.

To love unconditionally is to give unconditionally.

Humanity and universal citizens are free to take up residence anywhere on the planet Earth according to the Universal Council Charter and the Earth Council Constitution.

Humanity is the creator of the present material world according to the strength of the soul and its knowledge.

We will achieve peace, love and freedom by learning the conditions of the present material world.

Everyone has the freedom to contribute according to their talents anywhere on the planet Earth without infringing on the rights, beliefs and opinions of others.

It is an immeasurable gift for humanity to understand that the soul is the supreme force above all else.

The soul cannot be destroyed or damaged – let us end all suffering and anger in the world.

The soul creates everything, the soul is conscious of itself as the source of all goodness.

The soul guides man on his way to love and happiness.

We wish to raise the souls of those who struggle to find peace within themselves.

We need to constantly share our knowledge to better serve, create and facilitate the quality of life of all beings.

Each being can sustain itself by assimilating the fields and materials of the universe.

Neither destruction nor consumption is already necessary.

Today’s physical illnesses come from an emotional imbalance.

Healing illnesses and rebalancing the body comes from a complete understanding of online behavior.

Humanity must assimilate all available educational resources to learn the way of the beauty of the soul.

Aspire to know the full beauty of the process to put yourself at the service.

Behave by manifesting Unity in all dimensions of the soul.

Be there to serve, wherever and whenever: in disaster situations, to keep the peace…

In order to elevate beings in conflict, seek the greatest forces (soul) to balance the weaker fields (mind).

Through service, you learn that every soul is part of the Whole.

The attributes of the Creator are the attributes of your soul.

I raise my soul through service.

It is the strength of my field that determines my position in relation to the strength of other souls.

Understand your position: the strongest always gives at least strong.

Humanity’s greatest achievement now is to recognize that the Creator is within us.

Each child is a new soul co-created with love by the Creator and his parents.

A pregnant woman will have all the protection and all her needs must be met: in body, mind and soul.

All children will be treated with unconditional love, there will be no conditional love no matter the circumstance.

A child grows by the essence of his own soul – not by the essence of his parents’ soul.

Parents will only guide what is already there: the essence of the child.

There will be no gender difference: girls and boys are created by the same Creator, so they are welcomed and treated equally.

At the birth of each new child, we have the opportunity to offer the essentials of life in peace on our planet and throughout the Universe.