Para Ellos (for the Others)

Aviram and I decided to stay and live in San Juan Atitlan, Guatemala following the border closures. So that’s how the project was born to help women who can no longer sell their weavings to tourists. Already before the pandemic, their situation was very precarious, they lived from day to day. But thanks to the co-operative groups, they found the strength to cope with the situation among themselves. Now each one is distanced and faced with the anxiety of the next day…so the aid project that I supervise and support aims to bring them out of their solitude and silence to give them hope of creating other viable solutions. For the moment we are able to satisfy the hunger of 70 people 3 times a week, the smiles come back and already several initiatives on their part are taking shape: this morning at 7 o’clock, a team of women and children went into the mountains to cut branches and collect wood to be able to cook soup, rice and beans. Every time we ask for vegetables at the market, we see that the answer is more and more positive. We see that the merchants give and there is help to prepare the meal. We can stay in the present and nourish hope, the main food in the sauce of adapting to these restrictions.
And with that hope raised comes the hope that you can be part of that momentum by ensuring a positive change in what we would like to see happen on this Earth. Mutual aid and solidarity are wonderful feelings of belonging, and I invite you to our banquet of generosity, the one that fills our lives, which have often lost their meaning! If you are interested in participating, no matter the amount of money, for here it is a lot…
To participate, you just have to click on the “Donate” button at the bottom of the text. Then you can choose if you want to offer a single payment or a monthly payment, which would ensure the organization of meals and continuity.

Thank you in advance