Flight Simulation Experiences II

Space Parties !

Around 50 people went through the flight simulation process so far and the KF is ready for the next phase of experiments: The KF will put 30 to 35 people at the same time through the space flight process – the Italians will spearhead the new space party movement on Wednesday, the 22nd and the 29th they will be accompanied by members of other language groups. They will be able to spend a whole 6 to10 hour session in the unit. Each person has the choice of all the options the unit offers.

It will be interesting to see how people of different nations interact within the environment of the Soul.

This time extension offers also the marvellous possibility, that we can learn from the experience we make on the spot and adjust our attitude to go further and deeper in the process.


The KF is fine tuning right now the way that elements or people can be transported with their physical body. Before covering the planet and beyond, the first experiments will transport material elements from one flight unit into the other or into the corridor, the space between them.

At the same time the KF is developing a separate unit dedicated for transportation of things: a screwdriver can be placed in such a unit in Linz and a candidate on mars will be able to repair some NASA equipment there.

A questions from the audience of the KSW: Do aliens travel in the same way?”

No, they have not reached this point of maturity, they still travel in confinement.” MT Keshe

Data base

In the last newsletter we proposed to interpret the flight unit data base as the healing patch or replacement of our current data base: the collective (un-)conscious. Now M Keshe told us that everybody, who has gone through the units, will remain connected to it. And this connection enables the person to access the new Collective Consciousness, which contains all the universal knowledge, whenever they have a problem in their life.

System Setup

Already during the first days that the 2 units were both activat ed, the KF noticed that one unit changed position, left the parallel position to the first. This is proof that their interaction forces repositioning.

The units are also conditioned to immediately stop working when people enter with an unethical attitude.

As M Keshe has announced already last week, he is planning to take the physical systems out of the room, so we are going through the process only on the field level.

In a still further “next step”, the people coming in will be the reactors enabling all the processes. This has already been done in the Mozhan trainings with 4 people years ago: three man were sitting on the ground creating the base of the star formation and the woman was taking the place of the free plasma in the physically elevated position, attracting the fields and channeling them to the base. Your Soul will be able to create the condition to make the environment of Jupiter appear, so a person can go there and make the evolutionary experience that is on for her.” MT Keshe

Almost all people, using the system, felt their Soul taking control during the experience in the flight unit. M Keshe told us that they can control the system that the predominance of the Soul can become permanent and doesn’t end with the decommissioning.



Audio only of a german speaking man.

He wanted to go to his origin, the moon and connect to the Christ energy.

On preliminary chair #1 he was quite upset and calmed down on the 2nd and the 3rd chair he felt his consciousness expand and saw some colours.

In the unit he felt balanced. When M Keshe asked him how he wanted to go to the moon, he some pressure on his head. And suddenly his feet touched the ground of the moon; he tried to dig with his feet deeper and pick up some sand, but it ran through his fingers. Looking up, he saw the earth with objects flying around it. He saw mountains on the moon which looked like pyramids.

There was a red, orange, golden light object forming to his right. His feelings were very strong. When M Keshe put him between the units, he felt even more expansion.

During the decommissioning process he felt light and hovering; and only on the 1st chair did he feel his physical self again.


Audio only of a dutch woman.

She went in without any particular motivation.

On the preliminary chairs she felt energy entering her from above. She felt uncomfortable when asked whether she wanted to be the captain. She felt relieved in the second unit. During decommissioning she felt very grateful for this experience.

Afterwards she told that her 6 years shingles was gone. M Keshe had told her to go back to the chair where she felt most pressure on the head. She did and tears of relief were flowing abundantly while the symptoms of shingles disappeared. The areas on her head formerly painful to the touch were light and painless.


Audio only of a german speaking man.

He was already grateful to have the opportunity to experience the Plasma technology to which he couldn’t connect before. Right away on the preliminary chairs he reaches a deep state of meditation and hears something like a heartbeat, that touched him deeply.

His motivation was to get hints to make the right decisions concerning his business. And now he feels more on the right track even without anything decisive.

In the flight unit, he feels to be balanced and has visions of his projects. He enjoyed it a lot. He was there with his wife and his sister in law and at the end of the session he connected more to her.


Dr. Christian Kern, psychotherapist and psychologist from Germany

He came in the company of his two sisters and his brother in law.

In the preliminary seats he feels energy coming from above and below. He had clear wishes, but didn’t tell them.

Once in the flight unit, he feels how the energy changes with each person entering the flight unit. He went to Venus, he felt the surface like liquid gold. He felt Venus to be a being with a Soul. Then he went to Saturn, realizing that his perceptions were somehow sensory but mostly feeling based.

He felt the charges on the family, especially when he and his sister went in the corridor. He became aware that these charges dissolved through the presence of the Souls.

M Keshe invited them to change the unit and fly together with him as captain to the moon. During the whole time the atmosphere was playful and there was no verbal communication but the intentions and physical positions of all the four were very clear.

Finally they were invited to fly together again, this time with the elder sister as captain; he was very surprised to perceive her as light and playful. He can’t determine what was more important – visiting spaces or the resolution of the family constellation.

He is very grateful for this deep experiences, which were as new for him as the concept of a Soul.

M Keshe’s comments: this family drained all the systems; they all stopped. The psychological system of the family, especially one member, was like a drain, siphoning all the energy of the system. So the system needs to be adjusted so it can give all that is needed without stopping. This condition is detectible by the KF when people sit on the 2nd preliminary chair (Soul of physicality, mind).


The candidates who are interviewed after their experience inside the flight unit, are basically people like us. That the KF shares these interviews with us, gives us the huge opportunity to learn more about ourselves and how to use the flight unit!

The 20% failure

M Keshe confirmed by interviewing the 20% who don’t feel anything inside the flight units, that they came only to take, they wanted to give nothing. Mostly they didn’t even have a clear cut intention – they simply thought: o.k. I go and check whether the units works and what it can do for me”.

Which is a funny idea, considering that if you want to get something out of any vending machine, you first have to put something in!

The Slow Mind Effect

We have to consider that when we enter the unit our mind slows down very much. If you have some experience in meditation, you appreciate this state. But people who are living their entire lives solely through their rational mind, may experience this as a handicap. They will quickly draw the conclusion, that nothing is happening. And, mostly towards the end of their session, some people (perhaps like #13) may notice the hint of their Soul, they get a glimpse and they want to come back for more.

Another example is the 1st person in the unit, who was given by M Keshe the chance to get into the flight environment four times, plus he was given a seat in the corridor between the two units on the last day – then finally he co uld open up: “I see the light! I am now beginning to understand what I came here for!” It took him four days.

Body first! effect

And there are other candidates who come out of the unit, confirming that nothing happened, but suddenly they become aware that they have lost a chronic physical condition that they suffered from for years.

An example is the woman (#15 in the following article) who went two times through the process and got rid of shingles. So their Soul decided about the priority.

Sometimes these candidates are accompanied by doctors and as the word spreads, more and more scientist sign up to go through the experience.

40% go through the process and experience “the most beautiful thing in my life”.

We all are here to observe, how the system takes you where your Soul wants you to be” MT Keshe

There are also long-term changes in people, using the unit: their horizon is widening and as a consequence of that they are perceiving more possibilities or alternatives to given situations or observations.

KFSSI Space Travel Simulation Testimonials

Testimonials of June 6, 2022 and June 11, 2022

The tests started on July 7. Surprisingly most of the participants didn’t come alone but in their family or couple. Everybody had different motivations, which were sometimes not even clear. “We allow everything to happen, we don’t push.” MT Keshe

Yet, on the other hand, the overall reaction are tears of joy! And many people want to come back for more.

The tests will be continued through September 2022. After 200 people have passed through the system, the mobile version will be established. By the way all the people who have experienced the units once, have their fingerprint in it; the permanent connection.


The whole room is the “space ship”.

There are two units in the Flight room but only one is active – to limit the power of the fields. When the two are active, they will of course interact, thus creating much stronger fields. This may become visible as a shimmer in the air surrounding both the units.

At the entrance there are 3 Vision Enhancement Units set up each side. The first units represents the body, the second the soul of physicality and the third the Soul. After this sequence the candidate goes into the flight unit. After your time in the unit, you exit the space using the visual enhancement units in reverse order: 3-2-1.

There are other units (not visible) placed around in the building to balance the fields.

Some people report that on their way back the intensity on the prep chairs is much less – this may be because there is more balance.

Additions from the teaching of June 11, 2022

The preliminary chairs are there to prepare us for space flight when we enter and when we exit the flight unit, they decommission us. Chair #3 is the decisive spot; when it is dialed to Jupiter for example, you cannot go anywhere else. This is a security measure to not go lost in space – if the candidate is not used to travel on the Soul level.

In this phase, the two units are active . In the following tests people will be asked to stand between the two units. In this way, the KF doesn’t use the systems as such anymore but only their field force environment. So now the circuit is as follows:

Preliminary chair #1,2,3 Flight unit

Space between the units decommissioning chairs #3, 2, 1

Both systems will of course interact with each other with one creating a field rotation in the opposite sens than the other. In the crossing point of the infinity loop of the systems’ interaction, noises are generated which are not audible in other parts of the space.

And of course the systems interact also with the preliminary seats at the entrance.

During the session people may be asked to switch over to the other unit and observe what is changing.

This phase is the preliminary step to remove the systems completely from the flight room.


In order to understand the testimonials, “don’t look at the words, look at the emotions, look at the energies. We are not born into the knowledge of the Creator, we are babies learning.” M Keshe suggested.

My reaction in regards to all participants was that I felt very close to everybody. If I had been on site, I would have liked to hug them all, they were so present with their emotions.

For 20% of the people nothing is happening and they don’t feel anything.

Everybody coming out of the experience is very thirsty and asks for water.

Video #1

First Candidate

He went through a lot of emotions. M Keshe asked him, what was wrong. He said that he came to gain the knowledge of the universe. M Keshe told him: “You haven’t understood the process of creation – you are not here to take, you are here to give as a lover. You don’t enter the system and come out as an Einstein. We are here to share knowledge even before we understand it.”

Video #2


She is on the search for her mission in life. On the three preparative chairs, she feels energy and light entering her body from above.

Once in the flight unit, her first trip led her to Mars; and she was in a beautiful fragrant forest full of beings. She was in the trees feeling very light and easy. She could fly like a butterfly. “All the time I felt really safe and secure, just as I am. In the flight unit I am who I am.”

Then she went to the sun where she was overwhelmed with so much love, pure love.

Concerning my wish: I feel that the box with the secret (of my purpose in life) is unlocked, not opened yet, but unlocked.”

Video #3

Second woman

She is a woman experienced in spirituality. She entered the unit leaving all control to her Soul because “my Soul knows what’s best for me.”. She could feel the connection to her partner and family very clearly.

In the prep phase, her first stop was a short stop the inside of the Earth. Then with her partner, they were both in space where they could fly freely. And under the sea enjoying the oceanic beauty as mermaid and merman. She could very well feel everything she experienced inside her body.

In the flight unit, she was in a very calm space, very meditative. She got the message how important it is for her just to be. She was also on a hot planet where her legs had become tentacles like an octopus, exuding a liquid that evaporated in the heat, thus enabling her to move across the hot surface.

Video #4

Mother of the second woman

She had no travel plans.

She could see the Souls of her family unite. The harmony was constantly growing. The quietness and feeling of security was growing in the same way. She felt that there was a lot happening on the Soul level which will go on developing in the days to come.

She was living through the process of harmonization on the Soul level – how the stressful conflicts in our lives change to the tranquility of harmony if we let the Soul manage it.

Video #5


He is an intermittent breatharian. He prepared himself for this experience; he only took water and plasma for 5 days before the flight test. There was not much to feel in the physicality chair; but on the second it was very intense. The intensity of the third chair was low as well. While talking his face shows convulsive movements.

In the flight unit, he was in space experiencing the powerful presence of other beings and tears were flowing spontaneously. They took him to their mothership and gave him information on him as well as how the Plasma Technology can be more used in our lives.

He felt that the degree of his preparedness decides on the journey. Spaces of higher energy are available to us when we are living on that level.

His message to Humanity: “Please support the work of the Keshe Foundation because they are helping the evolution a lot. With these technologies we are not alone and we become more and more powerful. We live already in synchronicity, let’s grow the joy in our heart.”

Experiencing the system, he doesn’t remember many details but the feeling of tears of joy. Asked about his life around 12 hours after the experience, he still feels connected to the flight unit.

Video #6

Ghalib and Mariam

They are brother and sister. He is young man with an evolved Soul. His wish was to elevate the Souls of all of Humanity to be in Love and Peace and live the knowledge of the Creator.

He moved through the preparation chairs following the balance and peace within him. On the Soul chair the thoughts subsided as well as the feeling to be separated from everything.

In the flight unit he experiences that the system wants to collaborate with us, It is waiting for us to drop our resistance and give over the control. There is a strong sense of completion. Difficult to memorize because the mind was much less present. “When I gave more to my sister, I felt more at home. Coming home is my greatest wish and this was the most beautiful experience of my life

Going to the moon was instant the moment his intention accepted it. In the flight unit they finally became 4 passengers; each time someone new was added, he felt the fields adjusting. Realizing all the Souls there and feeling one with them.

The instant they were on the moon, there was a feeling of abandon; and he didn’t know if it was his feeling or the feeling of someone else of the group, or even the feeling of the moon. But there was a voice within him saying: “We love you, all is o.k.”; that is when the feeling disappeared; it was very short. Then the vision of the moon became more clear: the surface is sandy beige to orange with scattered rocks and there was a wind blowing.

He was on the moon without really realizing it. He seemed much more interested in the harmony with other Souls that in “sightseeing”. “I felt a very deep connection with every single Soul. I wish Peace for all beings – let’s all go home and be in Peace together.”

How do I feel? I feel endless and infinite.”

The day after the experiment, when he met close friends and family, they all recognized an almost palpable field around his and his sister’s body, warm and welcoming. And he, too, feels the warm pressure in his head whenever he thinks of the flight system – the connection is established.

Video #7


She is the sister. She had expectations, but what happened was different. First there were strong physical sensations. They subsided eventually when the feelings of the connection to her brother became more prevalent. They both wanted to feel their mutual connection. She came in after Ghalib and he did feel her presence much more after she had gone through the 3 preliminary stations. And the same for her in relation to him; the strongest feeling of connection for her was when she was in the flight unit.

She was the first woman on the moon.

Video #8

Blind man

He got blind 6 years ago following a stroke. He went through the system several times. Now his eyes can produce tears again and on the Soul level he can see. What was black before is now becoming greyish.

Video #9

Moon collector

A man, who already was visiting the moon, was asked to go there again. Instantaneously he was at the same spot as before. Then he was told if he could pick up some stones; he did so and put them on the side of his chair. The stone could not yet be rematerialized in the flight room in Linz, but the crew is working on fine tuning the materialization unit.

Video #10

Paul Funk

He had a very interesting journey right from the first preliminary chair. He felt pressure on his head and felt difficulties to concentrate. On the second it was more relaxed so that he could imagine to fly. But his goals where like in a bubble, and he couldn’t get to them. On the 3rd chair the bubbles were gone and his goals were like spaces which he felt he could access. Once on the moon he noticed that he was floating and couldn’t touch the ground.

Then inside the flight unit, he could touch the ground of the moon and could see everything in detail. He could pick up a stone and feel it in his hands. He could also see the sky above and even the Earth from the distance.

When he looked at his hands and feet, he saw that they were furry. Then he found out that he could switch his appearance and be in his normal human body again while still being on the moon.

He could also go visit other spaces like the depth of the ocean and deep inside the earth. There he again could feel everything, he could even see the sun inside the earth, but it emitted a silvery light more subdued.

Then he continued on the decommissioning procedure, confirming the reverse process that from chair 3 to 1 it became increasingly difficult to imagine and travel.

Video #11

Meeting Jesus

He entered the unit because he wanted to meet with Jesus and bring this a present to M Keshe. However it didn’t work out exactly like imagined: he was in front of a mountain range in darkness; then suddenly appeared a light on top of one mountain, which he immediately identified as the Soul of Christ. M Keshe gave him a glass of water; that he offered to Jesus so he can put his love in it. He wanted to make the connection to Jesus clearer but he couldn’t.

It was very difficult for him to talk about what he felt in the unit and his feelings after the session.

He will come back for another journey on Monday.

Video #12


She is the wife of the man before. She accompanied him to have this experience. At the interview she was still so much under the impression of what she experienced that it was hard for her to find the words.

Not much happened on the first chair. She tried to let go of her thoughts. On the second chair the body became lighter and mind calmed down; it was her intention to take care that she would be having this experiences not too much being in the head. On the third chair she noticed the intention to go to the moon, which wasn’t there when she came into the flight space. Right away it was clear to her that she will be going to the moon.

There were vibrating sensations in her body, but they didn’t catch her attention; they were o.k.

Then she went into the flight unit, where nothing seemed to be happening, she was not on the moon but in an undefinable space where there were only emotions. Then, suddenly, she found herself in a beautiful prairie landscape when a beautiful woman emerged from the background declaring that she was Mithra. She was perplexed but sensed deep in her heart that it was real – there she was really in front of Mithra. She felt a deep humility and thankfulness that she was allowed to experience this. Tears of joy welled up. And she saw more and more beautiful women appearing on the grass land. And the mood was so marvellous, so incredibly marvellous.”

Right at the moment, when she wanted to learn more from the beautiful women, she was asked to finish the session. She felt regret that she had to leave. But she felt also that she was allowed to take this beautiful feeling with her into her normal life.

The feeling became weaker as she moved through the decommissioning process (chair 3 to 1). Leaving the unit she realized that it was indeed her deepest wish to be allowed to come close to her inner being or her higher self. She is deeply grateful to the KF and the marvellous work they are doing.

The KF plans to give candidates a camera, so they can take a video of what they see and hear.

Video #13


He wanted to be in a good mood, letting go of thoughts and feelings, so he could be really available to what would be happening to him in the flight unit. There were three more people in the room; he didn’t know them.

On the first chair he didn’t feel much. Only his habitually blocked nose opened and he could breathe better. He passed through the other two chairs without much happening, letting go, preparing for the time in the flight unit.

In the flight unit he was alone. It was his wish to let his Soul or the Creator decide what was best for him to do or go to. When nothing was happening, he got the idea to just lift himself up – and it worked! He felt it was very easy to manipulate this spaceship with the two electrodes in his hand.

Then he decided to fly to the moon. And he was seeing himself orbiting the moon. He saw it as a shiny surface and cold. Then he wanted to go to another planet, the sun for example. Reaching there he saw the sun very small; and he wanted to go to Venus and the Pleiades. Finally he wanted to go back to see the Earth whether it is round or flat; it looked flat to him.

Then he decided to go visit his spiritual guide, Sananda, who lives in Germany, to give his gratitude for all he has received from him. He felt the love coming from his dog and him and his own love, too.

Flying back into the flight room, M Keshe announced that each of the 4 can decide now on which chair he would like to sit. He scanned the room and it was very clear that he wanted to be on the 3rd chair of the flight unit. He sat down without holding the electrodes, in his habitual mediation posture. Immediately he was propelled inside himself, deep in emotions and tears started flowing; a mix of grief and love. He remembered that the last wish while flying around was to fly to the love of the Creator; and this wish popped up again. And immediately is there. Moving on naturally to the love of his son and the love of his wife, of his parents and his brother – he started crying talking about this. Then he connected to the collective Soul of the German language; and the wish came to elevate the german Soul.

Concluding he said that he came to Linz without much expectations and he is very grateful and happy for all the Love that he could feel and live.

Insights of the KFSSI

The personal level

We see that all persons decide where to go and what they will experience – consciously and unconsciously.

The first series of tests really confirmed that not only is the plasma technology able to establish the interaction between the Soul of the system and the Soul of the candidate to control the “flight” but – more importantly – we, the people are able to allow our mind to relinquish the control to the Soul. “They were in the space of the Soul and when we asked them to fly, instantaneously they take that position! We asked them to go to the moon and they were there in the same moment .” MT Keshe

Now the trials can go a step further: some of the next candidates will be asked to go and meet with Jesus. And most probably they will bring back a direct message from Christ. Christ is important because he is the most innocent of all the messengers, he was absolutely non-violent; the only prophet who did never get his hands dirty.

The tests confirmed as well that the System operates on the fundamental level – so the motivation to give is the essential condition for the system to work. “Go in with the wish to elevate the others; if you come with the wish to elevate yourself, you only enhance your arrogance.” MT Keshe
We can clearly see what he means when we look at the first candidate who went in to take the knowledge of the universe for himself – he received nothing; and then Ghalib who went in with the wish to help elevate Humanity and he received more than he could imagine.

When you come to the system, come to give your Love, try to be part of the Soul of the system. Come to the system with the Love for the Creator and leave the system being part of the Creator. Come with your mother language and you’ll leave with the language of the universe. Don’t come with a lie.” MT Keshe

If we enter the system with a lie, we will only loose our time and 1,000 Euros because the system will not work for us this time. “It will be interesting to see how may of you will go home then and find the change in a way you never thought would be achievable. within yourself; go and talk to the father you never spoke to.” MT Keshe

Then we will see that we need to come back with sincerity and the wish to give – and the system will be more than eager to work with and for us!

Data Base

For the next week’s test series, candidates are encouraged to bring their beloved animal , stone or plant with them (as long as they are small 😊); we can also bring anything else what we consider the most beautiful thing in the world. This is a way to include all the other life forms of the planet into the flight system’s data base.

Along the same line of thought, we are encouraged to bring back a rock from the moon or another star and to invite beings we meet out there back with us. The Soul of the system is designed to accommodate all beings of all parts of creation.

As I am writing this down, the idea comes to me that what exactly is this data base? We have already another data base in operation since the beginning of our existence – the collective (un-)conscious. Could it be that the new flight systems are a way to build a new collective consciousness which is to the norm and therefore much more powerful – and perhaps able to replace the present collective consciousness which is full of non-constructive belief systems?

In so many ways we want to bring balance to the human society. We bring the collection of perfect knowledge to the universe. The totality of that information does not allow any abuse of any process in the universe.” MT Keshe

Visions for the future

Expanding the system

The system is actually designed to create a massive field all around globe, initially supported by a satellite network. Then the individual flight units will not be necessary anymore. Then all of humanity will be free to live where and how their Soul desires.

M Keshe predicted that 90% of the Soul Space Travellers will never come back to Earth because they will have found what they’ve been looking for; being happy that they can leave the lives of hardship and misery behind.


The KF made two proposals to NASA:

  1. NASA provides the KF with the exact coordinates of the Apollo 11 landing. Then the flight candidates will be able to confirm by bringing back instruments of the mission, that NASA can verify.
  2. NASA provides the KF with the coordinates of their Mars mission. If any part of the equipment needs repair, the candidates will be able to do that.

Plasma Technology

The 6th of June 2022 will be remembered as the day when all the avant-garde technologies of the Plasma Science became obsolete. Why do we need centres to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, why do we need systems to cure our diseases when our consciousness is structured enough that we live in an eternally healthy body and can materialize and transport anything with the flip of a finger.


M Keshe will invite ambassadors and so called “world leaders” to go through the flight simulation process – what could proof to be a short cut to World Peace. “We can put chairs in the room and the world leaders will sit; and they will not talk.” Their Souls will right away find an agreement; so “they come in as enemies and leaving, they will hug each other as brothers.” MT Keshe

The KF invited the members of the 5+1talks to come and meet in the flight room to quickly find the perfect solution.

All-Purpose Plasma Flight Simulation Experience

General knowledge

The 6th of June will mark an even greater technological revolution for humanity than the invention of the wheel: we are going from the wheel to the three dimensional sphere of the Plasma.

However, the technology of Soul-travel is not proprietary nor exclusive to the Keshe Foundation. The new flight systems mimic how the entities in the universe function and move. In other words, it’s the knowledge of the Creator which is at the basis of this technology.

All beings have access to this knowledge. That is why Shamans, Vedic people, Anastasia, Tibetan Buddhists and some independent individuals have already managed to travel by their Soul.


In preparation for the great event on Monday, June 6, 2022, M Keshe visited many of the language groups to answer questions. As there were lots of newbies on these additional workshops, M Keshe explained the basics of the flight systems again – in a nutshell:

The new plasma flight systems can function both on the Soul and on the material level. On the matter level, they transport the body to the desired location. On the Soul level, the material appearance of the body is suspended during the “flight” and the body is re-materialized on the destination.

The flight systems have no control panels, because the passenger is the captain and only he decides where and how he will go. The flight systems are not an enclosed space, they area open. They don’t use any fuel and the “vessel” is not supposed to “fly off”. They work solely by magnetic and gravitational fields.

The events from June 6 and onwards are called “flight simulation” because there is no flight in conventional terms.

Now you may already get the feeling that the new flight systems will give you experiences which go way beyond conventional transportation. How will you react when it took you only 10 seconds to go from Linz to Beijing or New York?

Data collection

Members of all the human races are invited to participate in the flight simulation phase. The system will be collecting all information pertaining to Soul travel, especially on the emotional level from which the system is controlled. All information collected creates a data bank that can be used for further developments and to fine tune subsequent systems.

On-Planet Transit Systems

After the event on June 6, the KF proposes the creation of a world-wide network of flight systems. During the transition phase, the KF has to observe immigration procedures of the different nations. Technically the KF can transport anybody from anywhere to Linz, but right now they still need to be registered etc, as the Austrian government will not be happy with people entering and leaving the territory without any administrative control.

This of course only applies to the KFSSI’s official operations – if you personally know how to Soul travel, you just do it and nobody will notice as long as you don’t publish it on facebook 🤣

in this context the Keshe-coin will finds it’s use as a universal currency.

As soon as the intraplanetary transportation system works, the KF will open the universal transportation systems to let us go beyond our solar system into deep space.

Mobile Flight Systems

Once intraplanetary travel has become mainstream, the KF will give us a still more user friendly way to travel – using ordinary mobile phones, instead of the much more voluminous flight units.

Ethical check

As the flight system function on the Soul level, nobody can lie to his Soul. So being ethical is the condition sine qua non. According to M Keshe, Nelson Mandela is actually the only politician who will be able to use the system. If your intentions are not pure, either your Soul will not allow you to go into the system or the system will not work for you. You need to be of the pureness of Mithra to use the system; you cannot lie to your Soul anymore and you cannot lie to your nation anymore.” MT Keshe

Sphere of Protection

The original video by ZenMethods can be found here.

With this practice we have the possibility and the power to protect the events that are happening in Linz right now.

You can download this practice by following this link (in French only). For all other languages, you can record the practice yourself with the help of the transcript of the practice, below. Of course you can also use this practice on other occasions.

Welcome to this practice which can help us to build a protective sphere in all situations where we feel threatened or not safe. In this example we are going to create a sphere around the Keshe Foundation Exhibition Center in Linz to protect the disclosure of this new technology for Humanity.

  1. I invite you to centre yourself – do what is right and good to relax. Feel your breath, the air coming and going through your nostrils and lungs. Perceive all parts of your body simultaneously. Balance your emotional state with your intention; and do the same with the energy flows that are going through you. Further deepen the wellbeing of your body.
  2. Through this guidance we will build a system of protection. To begin, visualize the KF exhibition centre in your control sphere, 50cm in front of your chest.
    Then we will use the numerical sequences. I will read each sequence to you twice. Visualize each number in silver-white light, projected onto the sphere with the exhibition centre inside:

    1. We begin with the numerical sequence Light of the Creator. We have the greatest protection, even the point of indestructibility, when we are aware of being surrounded by the light of the Creator. Connection to the light of the Creator 12,370,744.
    2. Next we will use the sequence Eternal Life for All; in eternal life everything is always up to standard, so there can be no danger. Eternal life for all 428741888
    3. We continue with the sequence for General Protection 918 775 698 181 8
    4. Happy Future 973 178 19
    5. Love 888 412 1289018
    6. And we finish with the sequence Joy 287 741
  3. Now fix some sensations and you can quietly leave the practice. I wish you a wonderful day.

Here are some numerical sequences that apply to more specific situations:

Psychological protection 598061 319781

Radiation protection 242734277

Bacterial infection protection 9198310917

Environmental disaster protection 42175672428

Family and friends protection 814 418 719

Protection against terrorist attacks 98317591, 718914391

Life broadcast from the Exhibition Centre in Linz

M Keshe announced life coverage of the events on June 6 and the following dates. Anybody can participate by downloading the zoom application and connecting to the zoom room of the

Keshe Foundation Public Teachings in English:

939 474 503

KFSSI Public Flight Tests Announcement – May 28th, 2022

The first fully functional flight systems are being finally assembled to be functional for the great date – 6th of June, in 10 days from today. We are now 9 days before the inauguration of the new flight systems.

It is not merely a flight system, but a portal for every man to be in charge of his life in all it’s dimensions:

  • we can travel by the Soul like Jesus who did rise from the cross
  • we can see how we create all our diseases and can instantly restore perfect health and eternal life
  • we can feed ourselves directly from universal energies
  • we can create any matter state element we wish for

As from today everyone can book flight session in the Expo Centre of Linz with a maximum of 20 session – enough for everyone to learn how to give over the control of our life from our mind to our Soul.

Here is the official announcement of the KF on the web shop page:

All-Purpose Plasma Flight Simulation Experience

“You decide where you go. You are the captain of your flight.” – MT Keshe, 2022-05-27

It is the time for change, it is the time for progress.

We are launching the voluntary “All-Purpose Plasma Flight Simulation Experience” using the Keshe Plasma Technology, in preparation for the flights of deep space travels. Regardless of the conditions one has developed, everyone is welcomed to apply and participate in this world changing event, a progresive shift in the new space technologies.

On the opening day, 6th of June 2022, only the first 10 applicants will be invited to have the sessions and share their experience.

In a special Zoom workshop session with M. T. Keshe on Saturday May 28th, 2022, the announcement of the all-purpose plasma flight simulation of the Universal Flight Enhancement Spaceship Units provides more details.

Applicant conditions

* We reserve the full right to refuse any applicant any time before, during or after application or session without justification or reasons. In case a payment has already been processed, the refund will be issued.

* Each volunteer applicant is bind to sign an irrevocable volunteer agreement, providing full copyright of release of any information of data or related experience exclusively to Stichting the Keshe Foundation, KFTV GmbH and associated organizations to Stichting the Keshe Foundation, for live session recordings, interviews, follow-up feedbacks any time before, during or after the session and for the two organizations to be the only entities that can publish and share the above in KF Plasma Times or any form of media.

* Only available for persons over 18 years of age.

* The use of the flight simulator is not advisable for persons that have any type of medical implants, metals or other materials, pacemakers, or similar.

* All sessions are scheduled upon the completion of the order. After payment our booking department will be in touch with you for your preferred date for the simulation test.

* We reserve the right to change any of the dates or locations in any case.

For those who cannot or do not want to participate, but wish to support this project, send your donations.

Price: From €1000.00 (plus shipping & taxes for one session) to €18.000.00 (plus shipping & taxes for 20 session).

The KF will monitor every trial of the flight system to learn and make the experience more and more easier in time.

We have set the time for you to reach the Soul of Jesus, the Soul of Mohammad, the Soul of Moses, the Soul of Buddha, Krishna and all the others who are one with the Creator.” MT Keshe

Depending on your openness and the degree of assimilation of the knowledge of the Creator, you will attain all that the flight system offers right now or with just one session; or you maybe 20 sessions will not be enough. The system is a Soul and each of us can connect to this Soul by expanding our divine consciousness to include it (the concentrations taught by the Science of Eden help you do that).

If you have managed to Soul travel on your own, you don’t need to book session in the flight units of course – if you have a private jet, you won’t buy airline tickets anymore…” MT Keshe

The Soul of the flight system

These flight systems are designed with their own Soul. The interaction with the Souls of the passengers will determine the magnetic positioning coordinates. But not only that the units will also replicate the environmental conditions of the destination so that the re-creation of the physical form will be perfectly adapted to the physical conditions at the destination as well as the wish of the Soul of the passenger.

To do that the units work with 3 inputs:

  1. The structure of the physical form of the passenger; the bone structure, the nervous, digestion and all the other systems.
  2. The material living conditions at the destination; availability of energy and substances necessary to maintain the physical form, all these influence the physical structure.
  3. And the wish of the Soul of the passenger; to have a body or not in the first place and, if so, which shape will be most convenient to satisfy the wish of the Soul.


This function of the units is mimicking what happens in the womb of the mother when a new body is forming – what we formerly called “flight” is in reality a re-creation of the destination and the passenger.

Paradigm change from lonely to all-one

In the same process we will be going through an important transformation, an evolutionary step, a completely new paradigm: up to now we perceive ourselves first and foremost as separated individuals: as an individual person separated from our species, from all other life forms, from our environment, from our Soul and from the Creator.

And this attitude shows of course also in the way we travel – we are within a protective shell, which filters energies from the environment; we are in a space suit that recreates mechanically the vital environmental conditions to which we are used to; we are schlepping air, water, pizza, pepsi and a toilet, not to be deprived of our habitual way to feed ourselves. In short we are behaving like resort tourists, who take their vacations in an exclusive spot where they find all the facilities they are used to at home. They take their entire world with them wherever they go – which means of course, that in reality they don’t go anywhere. They will have no new enriching experiences by getting immersed into a new culture.

In the new flight systems, we have the possibility to the opposite way, to become super immersed:

  • we will have the surprise of a body perfectly adapted to the new environmental conditions
  • we will also have the pleasure of direct and permanent interactions with the new environmental conditions which will automatically feed us and maintain our body in a perfectly healthy shape; and the same interactions will also redistribute what we don’t need.
  • we will be amazed how elevating it is to live in a perfect environment in a perfect body, with a perfect mind. In other words: the moment we allow and trust the Soul of the flight unit to take control, our mind beats in the same rhythm as our Soul.

And there will also be a long-term effect. We will get used to changing our environment and our body. Then we will spontaneously let the physical shape most appropriate to our destination assemble itself; when we would fly to central America, getting out of the airport we would actually look like Mayans.

And we will be used to all kinds of different “amino acids” which are only carriers of energy and substances to sustain our body. So that at the long run, we will just take the shortcut and directly tap into the universal energies and spare us the trouble to adjust our body to the various means of feeding in various destinations. In short, we will even physically become Universal Beings.

It looks like Ecstasy

Have you ever taken a drug called “ecstasy”? It’s also called MDMA or Molly. Before the drug kicks in, you feel normal, your usual self, more or less closed. Then suddenly the feeling of Love is overwhelming you – you feel close and caring even to people you didn’t like before. And this feeling also penetrates all the cells of you body – you feel them vibrating, you feel the “butterflies in your stomach” – just the way you did when you fell in love for the first time.

Ecstasy chemically transfigures us into another person: totally open and loving. And because this experience is so wonderful, everything in us welcomes it, we don’t fight or block it.

Maybe the same happens in the flight systems – suddenly we are so open, trusting and so deeply happy, that our mind has no reason to interfere anymore – we have thrown the shackles of the material world, now we are totally free!

And when we can have all that we need and want with the flick of a finger, our basic motivation may change as well. Then helping others may become our greatest pleasure. And this, too, will have an impact on our physical appearance – to make our help most efficient, we want to appear in a physical form that inspires trust, love and confidence in the other. Another surprise for us!


And being perfectly adapted to the destination environment is not limited to the physical level; it will naturally include the cultural and social levels, too. We will, for example, be perfectly versed in the new language – not only knowing the vocabulary and grammar but, more important, all the emotional connotations of the words and phrases. We will immediately know and speak the language as our mother tongue, as if we were born here.

Opening up the Soul level, we will not be limited to the transfer of rational information only but more importantly, the transfer of images and feelings – these are the carriers of the largest volumes of information and the most accurate use.

Collective Concentration to connect to the Flight System

This is a proposal I am sharing with you. You may use it or change it according to your understanding, abilities and personal preferences – be creative with it. This concentration is build with the knowledge multiplied by Olga Tolshnaya from mai 20, 2022.

You may want to print out an image of the PRK-1U in top view if you cannot yet imagine it.

  1. Formulate the goal of your practice. For example: “I want to link up with the new Flight System in Linz so that She can help me to bring my mind into perfect balance with my Soul.”
  2. Now imagine that the goal has already been achieved. Feel the satisfaction and gratitude it this gives you. Feel how your mind relaxes completely into the trust of the Soul.
  3. Imagine the PRK-1U in your mind. Make a few circles through the lenses of the PRK-1U, starting with the small lens and going counterclockwise. After the few circles, keep all 3 lenses simultaneously in your view. At the same time, keep your achieved goal also in mind.
  4. Do today’s practice of the 31days challenge. Use your objective of connecting to the new Flight Unit as the objective of the practice.
    For the 7 digit number, imagine every number in the centre of a lens as a bright silver light, starting with the smallest lens counterclockwise.
    For the 9 digit number, see every number as a bright silver light in the centre between the three lenses.
    Listen to the practice of this day.
    Feel now how your projection of the numbers on the PRK-1U transfers your informational light into it and how then the device is emitting a very high volume of informational light onto the event that we would like to materialize: our connection with the new Flight Unit.
  5. Now we’ll work with the number sequence Guaranty of eternal life for all 428 741 888. The numbers are read in reverse, from the end to the beginning. Visualize each number as a pulsating, bright silver light in the centre of the 3 lenses. And think that the establishment of eternal life for all prevents any negative event from our reality, because only a life where everything is to the norm makes eternal life possible. And in the consciousness of eternal life, our objective is already achieved, our mind is in permanent harmony with our Soul.
  6. Finally we visualize the new Flight Unit in our sphere of control, 50 cm in front of our chest. We add the numeric sequence All is possible 519 7148. We see each number of the sequence projected onto our sphere with the new Flight Unit.
    Now we see how the sphere with the new flight unit is filling up with a silver-white light, all the while transforming it into a sphere of harmony, in which we feel the perfect balance between our mind and our Soul.