Education and Teaching

Rick was asking the question, that we are all encouraged to spread the teachings of M Keshe; and that in the process it is natural that each of us will give his individual flavor to the teaching. Would it be necessary for an organization as big as the KF to draw a line so the teachings stay uncorrupted?

The answer of M Keshe was very beautiful. He said that even if someone abuses the teaching of his or her personal egoistic goals and purposes, still there can be a someone amongst his listeners who take the knowledge earnestly and because of their integrity and authenticity, even a fake teaching can turn out to be helpful in the end.

This reminds me of the age-old question about true and fake teachers. Common knowledge says, that we shouldn’t follow fake gurus; but how can we detect a fake from a true guru then? Osho answered at the time, that the question is wrong: as long as we are more concerned about the authenticity of our teachers then our own’s, we are not mature, we have not understood how knowledge is multiplied.

All knowledge comes from the Creator. And everyone can only receive from this knowledge according to his intelligence and receptivity. The knowledge is broadcast on all possible levels. So when a person distorts the knowledge, he can only do that on the matter level – in this case the unstructured part of the rational mind. The integrity of the teaching on the soul level for example will always remain perfect, whole and to the norm – it cannot be otherwise. So it depends on our intelligence on what level we access the teaching!

Looking at the teacher, we confirm that we are still stuck on the matter level and are not ready yet to penetrate deeper to get to the content of the teaching. Looking at the teacher is like Judging the book by the cover”. At the end of the day, all depends on the use we are making of any teaching. It’s about the evolution of us all. This evolution involves not only us humans, but each and every element of the universes. It is a hyper complex process and we don’t know which ways the Creator will use to develop each little step along the path of evolution.

It is more important than ever today that we detach from the surface of things and go deeper. Because all the governments go the opposite way: they create more and more regulations for everything to get the people entangled in them. To keep them so busy to navigate the jungle of regulations that they have no time to think for themselves. We have already “reached” a point where we are prohibited to spread certain ideas and sometimes we will be even punished for it. Just like in medieval times when they burned men and women on the stake simply for what they believed in!

Learning adapted to the New Teaching

Mr. Keshe announced that this new phase of teachings will be directed not only to humans but to the entire Universal Community. Since many of them do not have bodies like us, we can expect that a good part of this teaching will be presented on the fundamental level, that is to say on the level of the Soul.

To be well prepared for this new phase of teachings, I believe it is worth the joy of delving a little deeper into the different ways of learning in order to be well equipped.

Ordinarily we use only 1% of our consciousness or mental capacity. We use our consciousness to perceive all the information around us and then analyze it, integrate it and then take actions based on the analysis and integration of the perceived information. But if we use only 1% of its capacities, it means that we analyze only 1% of the information that comes to us. We use only 1% of its capacities because our consciousness is very seriously clogged by beliefs that we have accumulated over the years and that we no longer need; such as the one that wants us to believe that our perception is limited and we cannot assimilate everything. Why is that so?

Maybe an answer will come when we compare our mind to a computer: our mind would represent the hardware, while our consciousness would be the applications. Now we see that our limited capabilities are due to outdated software which slows the computer down and doesn’t work properly.

This is why our first job is to clarify our consciousness, to free ourselves from obsolete information and malfunctioning consciousness. Then we need to expand our consciousness. What does this mean?

Expanding our consciousness means the structuring of the mind. And this in two senses

  1. We have very little capacity to maintain our attention for an extended period of time on a single subject – so we want to expand and stabilize our attention capacity.
  2. We suffer from a kind of tunnel vision, which means that the filters of our mind (obsolete beliefs) do not allow us to see all the reality around us but only what our current consciousness allows us to see – so we want to expand our field of vision to infinity.

Perception in relation to levels of reality

Our reality presents itself on 3 levels:

  1. the fundamental level = Soul
  2. the transition level = Mind
  3. the material level = Body

Our ways of perceiving reality are organized parallel to the levels of reality; they are therefore also organized on 3 levels:

  1. the physical eyes see everything on the material level,
  2. our aura perceives everything on the transition level
  3. our Soul on the fundamental level

Our aura is a clear golden halo around our body. With the help of our aura we feel what is happening around us in relation to us; it is an instrument of perception but also an early warning system. If our attention capacity is limited because there are many mental filters, this halo is a thin layer around our skin because we hardly use it. As we evolve, this halo will grow and extend to infinity.

This means that the more our consciousness becomes structured, the more information we will be able to capture, in a larger and larger perimeter and up to infinity.
And it is not enough to capture much more information from our environment, but we also need to process this flow of information so that we can use it.

So we need to have

+ more opening and more presence

This means in the computer example that we want to clean up our applications: update those that are useful and remove those that are obsolete. By this cleaning up our consciousness will have more capacity to process a greater and greater volume of information at a faster and faster speed. Grigory Grabovoï expresses this in his FORMULA OF UNIVERSAL REALITY :

E = V * S

E is the creative energy; V is the amount of information your consciousness can process, and S is the speed at which it processes that amount of information.

We have also learned that the manifestation of reality happens through the interaction of our thoughts, intention and attention with the Law of Attraction. Grigory Grabovoï calls the ensemble of thought, intention and attention Bio-signal – that luminous thought, capable of materializing or harmonizing any event.

When we are aligned with our Soul we have an unlimited source of energy, free energy from the Soul of the Creator. The more our consciousness is structured, the more we are able to materialize our reality to the norm. The practices proposed by Grigory Grabovoï are intended to help us structure our consciousness, that is, to concentrate and expand it so that we can regain our power as divine co-creators of the reality in which we live.

The learning phases

The obsolete software (consciousness) does not only appears as veils limiting our view but they also affects the performance of our computer (mind). It seems profitable in this sense to get more clarity on the different ways to learn. Buddhism has done a lot of research on this which can be very helpful to us. Buddhists distinguish many different levels of learning; they are shown in growing order of efficiency:

  1. Accumulation of knowledge
    This is the lowest level, the accumulation of knowledge has no effect on us; it does not change us. A machine, such as a computer, can do that.
  2. Integration by Comprehension
    All other levels of learning are the different forms of understanding. When we have understood something, this understanding changes us, we are not the same person afterwards as we were before the understanding. Following are the different ways of understanding :

    1. Physical Experience
      In making material experiences we live concrete situations on the material level and to benefit from them we need to distil or digest these experiences to draw their meaning in our development. In the example of a failure, we can live it by judging ourselves “not capable” or we can understand it as an intervention of our Soul that wants to make us understand that we are not on the right track.
    2. The psychological experience
      On this level we do not experience it ourselves, but we connect through our compassion to the experience of another person. One could say that this person is experiencing on the material level for us and we participate in the learning.
    3. Learning through teaching
      W e learn how the universe and we function; we begin to see the processes “behind the material reality”. On this level we no longer need experiences as such. This learning takes place on the transition level.
    4. Learning by assimilation
      This is the highest form of learning. On this level everything happens on the Soul level. For example, when we live with a spiritual master, he teaches us more by words but by the “transmission of energy” or just by his presence

Curriculum of the next teaching phase

M. Keshe announced the curriculum of the teaching for the next 5 months. We need to be prepared to travel in space; not in the sense of designing space suits and vessels but in the sense that each of us can find and create the right conditions for the Soul to enjoy any place in the universe.

In principle we will use our trinity (Soul, mind and body) to adapt our physical presence to the environmental conditions we encounter. We have learned so far that the decision making instance is the Soul, who uses the soul of the physicality (mind) to manifest the physical form. The mind is the Soul’s interface with the physical environment; it detects the conditions and creates the right attenuation of fields able to create a “physical body” that is perfectly adapted to the given environment.

An example: let’s say we desire to live for a while in the peaceful tranquility of the depth of the ocean. The best adapted physical shape to enjoy this environment would would be that of a fish – so the structured mind naturally will choose this form.

In order to be able to do that, we need to control the interaction between the Soul and the mind. The Soul is identical with the Soul of the Creator; she is already omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent – but she has to deal with the freedom of the mind. That means we cannot wait that the Soul will come and impose her will on our mind; no, we have to get our mind into alignment with our Soul; in other words we have to structure our mind. This is essentially a process of our mind allowing the Soul to take control, a process where we transfer the control of our life from the hands of the mind into the hands of our Soul.

The solution to this “problem” will be clear when we use the metaphor of another trinity, that of a car (body), it’s computerized control system (mind) and the driver (Soul). An unstructured mind is as if the control system of the car decides what the car does and where it goes and the driver is not in control. So in order to make the car follow the driver, it’s control system needs to hand over decision making to the driver.

On the social level, we have been treated as irresponsible children by the Universal Community, not accepted into their community. Now with the new teachings we can learn to overcome this limitation become full active members of the Universal Community. To be able to live a correct life on the material plane, we need to follow the Universal Principle – again: an unstructured mind cannot do that. The more structured our mind becomes, the more we will naturally, that is without any effort, think good, speak good and do good.

Way of teaching

The the content of the teaching the way of the propagation of the teaching is about to change as well: there will be a few people who will be taught via the Universal Flight Enhancement Unit. All that they will learn will immediately be available to the rest of humanity. The direct students will act as the representatives of Humanity; they will learn in place of us all. And their knowledge will be available right away to us all. Of course this way of transferring knowledge requires the permission of the mind to accept knowledge that has not been transferred by the rational mind – in other words, that needs a structured mind.

And of course the fact remains that each one will take from the knowledge according to his intelligence. The same scenario as with the Magravs and the Cup of Earth, which are two of the most advanced technologies in the Universe – their ONLY LIMITATION is the limitations imposed by our unstructured mind, our (collective) belief systems.

Political changes

Many of the world leaders who will go through the UEU, they will become the negotiators between the Universal Community and Humanity. This process is supported by the Universal Council and the Earth Council.

New phase of teachings

Knowing is different than understanding.

And this difference is related to the speed of thought: knowledge can be reflected in the remark: “Yes, I know”. This remark only means that we have heard about a certain thing, without any understanding. A higher tick would be rational understanding: we have understood with the head, but this understanding does not lead to a change in our behaviour. For this to happen, understanding must descend from the brain/mind into the stomach, the guts. Once we get there, what we understand will change our behaviour – we are almost no longer the same person.

Structure of the Soul – Structure of the body – Universal Community based on the condition of Peace and how communities in the Universe are structured; to give us tools of how to redesign the structure of our communities and societies. In the Universal community there is no word for “war” so we have to change our conditioning so we, when we join the Universal community, do not bring these words and concepts in.

There is no need to travel the span of the Universe to learn how the Universe works, we can look at the conditions here and now – everything is in front of our eyes.

“In so many ways, the knowledge as such or the work and publications of the KF are not a “jail-free” card in a monopoly game – all depends on the degree to which each of us is able to celebrate life! There is no beginning neither any end to our life, to the life of the Universe and to life as such. Life is not a linear but a circular process. We try to get you to the fact that life moves in spirals. And as their is no goal to life, there cannot be an end to it either. Life is a never ending transfer and interaction of fields; that’s all that life is.

Our body, however, is temporary; it is a temporary shuttle we use to experience this physical realm to have the touch-it, smell-it, see-it, taste-it experiences. And this body can even be very temporary in the sense that we can tailor it at every instant to better suit our needs and wants. Up to now we dressed up our body with different cloths – from now on we can morph our bodies to what we want, meaning in which shape our Soul wants to manifest itself.

A good idea in this sense is the saying of Buddha that, once we reach Buddha hood, we will appear simultaneously on thousands of planets in the Universes to help countless beings; we will adopt a physical form that is pleasing to the person we want to help – that means we can come as a woman, a man, a tree or a dog or even a soft breeze of fragrant air!

In the same line of thought the UEU is not to cure Parkinson or Epilepsy but the unit is there to match your Soul, to get you up to speed with what you want. Now it becomes clear why the UEU is a “universal enhancement” unit, it enhances our personal field strength so that it can match the field strength of what we want – thus creating the condition to manifest it.

The UEU has been introduced to elevate the Soul of the Man; and we don’t really mind that you put the body inside.” M.Keshe

It’s not the unit that works, it is me who asks the unit to which level I would like to be elevated to. The unit is a lover, it can only give as much as you can receive.

As Arkan Lashwala, an indigenous ceremonial leader, puts it: The question “what can we do” is the second questions; the first questions is “Who are we?”, because what we can do depends on who we are. “Once you know who you can be – you know what you can be!”… “Action is supremely important today. And still, this actions needs to be born from a place within ourselves that has real talent, real intelligence and real power; real connection to the heart of the Earth and to Universal Wisdom!”

In other words, we can influence other people towards Peace only if we have the same Peace inside of ourselves, if we are inside the Universal Principle, if we truly want to be here to serve. All in order to please the Soul and not demands from outside of us, even if we identify with them.

Many of you who will go into these units with fears, will walk out not remembering what fear was; because on the level of the Soul there is no fear!”

Why is it so hard to change for the good?

As we have a soul of the physicality (mind) and a Soul; the Earth also has a mind and a Soul. Her mind is composed of all our individual minds; that is like the phenomenon of Zeitgeist.

Wikipedia explains Zeitgeist in the following way: The zeitgeist (German pronunciation ˈtsaɪtɡaɪst). It is a concept from 18th- to 19th-century German philosophy, meaning “spirit of the age” or “spirit of the times”; it refers to an invisible agent or force dominating the characteristics of a given epoch in world history.

For example the fact that the human race has tolerated abuse of power for let’s say 8000+ years, has created some kind of inertia, some kind of hypnosis, that the abuse of power is “normal”… and this makes it a paradigm that is very difficult to change. We have to understand the the minds of humans are much stronger than the minds of animals or plants; that’s why humans could bring their own race and the whole planet to the verge of suicide. The abuse of power in killing life forms for our own food, reflects in the perception that most of the animal kingdom do the same, so it looks quite “natural”. But there is nothing in the Universe that exists on it’s own, everything is our perception, everything comes from us. Right there lies our responsibility to change the paradigm and not blame others.

It’s like you come from a family of violence and addictions; the only way to break free from this spell is to walk away from this environment, set up a new family and never talk about it.

So the solution to this problem has two steps:

  1. we become one Human Race, collectively united as 1Nation, 1 Race under the banner of Peace; this reached the Humans will become aware of their power, the power of the Soul. If we can manage to unite consciously as 1 Race, the strength of our Soul will be greater than the one of the planet. Right now we also have one Soul but as we are not consciously united under the banner of Peace, we are not 1, we are not united, we don’t move as One – that makes a soul with is messy pile of diverging interests; and as such it cannot have any power.
  2. then collectively we can change elevate the Soul of Mother Earth to help her heal; simply by the fact that the plasma of higher strength will feed the weaker plasma to help it reach the same strength and balance.

Souls from the outside cannot do this, because We have created it, it’s us; you know We are Mother Earth. As we have been created by the fields of this planet, we are part and parcel of this planet; and as we create our reality, we create the reality of Mother Earth in the same gesture.

One more word to our Oneness: the Oneness we are talking about is NOT the communist version of oneness where everybody has to subscribe to the officially dictated motto. No. Maybe I can show you what I mean by the example of a school of fish or a flock of birds: they all move as one, yet there is no single bird ruling and guiding all the others. In fact if there were a “king bird” there could never be a synchronous flight of the whole flock! It needs the absolute liberty and freedom of each individual bird, so they can develop the trust they each impulse to move they feel inside themselves is part of the whole choreography. So actually all the kingships and other forms of power over others need to be cleaned out from humanity before we can rise to become One.

M.Keshe comments on Testimonials

From: Sharing Testimonials #33

M.Keshe remarks on the development and the evolution of our common knowledge, that there is no progress. Usually when there was the publication of certain blueprints, people copy the them but do not develop them further. An example: since the publication of the Magrav Blueprints several years ago nobody came up with a generator type Magrav – even though according to M.Keshe, he gave us all the knowledge necessary to make a self sustaining, solid state Magrav Generator. The KF has realized that giving out blueprints doesn’t serve the purpose of evolving Plasma Science and Technology but furthers only the old copy cat habit – monkey sees, monkey does… Especially the KSW 288 was laying down the new plan of working with Plasma Fields.

On the other hand, the KF does continue research and development. It has for example created several space age health systems that work so fast that you can watch for example a cancer tumour disappear on an MRI in real time. Or it can reverse amputations within 4 weeks, or cure blindness in 6 weeks.

However, these new technologies will not be taught in public because they go over the head of what the majority can understand. The only way to change this situation is that we, the public, demonstrate that we have progressed to a degree that we can not only grasp the new technology but develop it further from our side!

Even in this present testimonial session, M.Keshe says that he doesn’t see anything new, we are still stuck in the teachings presented 4-5 years ago. Instead of evolving the Plasma Science onto the Soul level, we put all our energy in commercializing the old nano particles and GaNS products. He admonishes us: “Please try to push the knowledge collectively – as the living community of the Knowledge Seekers around the world.”

Consequently M.Keshe is dedicating already much more time teaching very few individuals who are at the new Soul-level of understanding, than the people in the public workshops.

In the coming public teachings the most he will show is in a black box – so we can see the effects but we cannot see how it is done; and he comments that When we open the black box, most of you won’t even believe what you see!.

So? I feel we all know very well what to do, right?

Meet your Creator

In the teachings up to now we learned how we can go from matter (A) to the nano-particles (B) to the GaNS (C) to the plasmatic fields (D). From there it is possible to create matter – thus closing the cycle. In our labs it works like this but Nature does not go the same way.

In the Universe, the interaction of different plasma fields coming from the centre (the Soul of the Creator) in a given environment creates new plasmatic fields which finally lead to the creation of matter.

As a next step in the teachings, we want to go from the GaNS state to the Plasma fields – not back to the creation of matter, but to the Universal Plasma Fields (red arrow from D in the first image to A in the second). By doing this we get a step closer to the Collective Soul, the Soul of the Creator, because the plasma fields and rays of the Universe come from that ‘Singularity’.

In a way the soul of physicality (mind) is on the GaNS level (C in the upper picture) and the Soul is on the Plasma Field level (D in the upper and A in the lower picture). The final goal of the Plasma Science is not to enable us to create the different GaNS and use them to create energy of matter – remaining in this context, we remain basically connected to the matter level: using GaNS to create matter energy and materials.

The final goal and the purpose of the Plasma Science is for us to learn the full cycle: how everything is created in the Universe – matter and ourselves. And the very comprehension of how we are created, makes us realize where we come from and of what we are part: the Collective Soul. Then we will be able to take actively and consciously part in the Universal Process of Creation. Once we have really understood… ‘really’ in this context means ‘fully, totally, essentially’ and not just rationally… once we have really understood that each of us is a unique aspect of the Creator, we can partake in the Splendid Co-creation! So the fundamental purpose of Plasma Science is to take us to meet our Creator.

All individual souls of all the components of our body (cells, microorganisms, etc) unite their souls into the soul of physicality (mind, B). On the other hand our Collective Soul (D) is made by the fields of the Universe that all origin in the Soul of the Creator (C); the amino acids found floating on top of the GaNS production are a collection of the fields of the Universe.

In the proper terms of the Plasma Science, our Collective Soul has the essence of Creation at it’s centre just like the Soul of the Creator is at the centre of everything created in any of the Universes. Now we can imagine that once this is fully understood, there will be no more question of travelling in spaceships or even travelling by our Soul – because then we see, as we are part and parcel of the fabric of the Universe, we are already everywhere.

We are here to shine the Beauty of the Creator. We are present. As the Creator is within me, I am within the Creator. I am the Creator as I come from the Creator.

As long as you wish or want to fly, you will never fly – but when you can understand the beauty of the flight and where it takes you – you are flying already. I don’t show you the path but I give you the knowledge to find your path yourself, the path to the Soul of the Creator which is inside you. M.T.Keshe

The final purpose of all the teachings

Since august 2017, when M.Keshe went more and more into the soul teachings, promoting less and less technology on the matter level, it has begun to transpire what the final purpose of all his teachings are: to bring our individual souls close to the Soul of the Creator. This is our way home; home to remember our true Source.

The christian theology sort of misinterpreted the significance of the ‘holy trinity’ the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit’ as if they were entities existing on their own out there in the ‘heavens’. The soul teachings slowly bring us closer to the understanding that the trinity is describing us:

  • the Father is the Soul (the Collective Soul or the Soul of the Creator)
  • the Son is the physical body
  • the Holy Spirit is the body-mind system (the soul of the physicality)

The teaching will be complete when we understand and accept being one with the Soul of the Creator. Meanwhile the other more technological snippets in the teachings are the carrots dangling before us trying to seduce us from the material, technological plane to the Soul level.

Even all the built systems will, at the final stage, confront us with the reality that we control the systems not with buttons but by recognizing that the new system is part of us and we ‘control’ them by our intention.

We ‘control’ them in the same way we ‘control’ the movement of our arm and hand when we want to reach for a glass of water to quench our thirst – if you look at it, you see that we do not control each of the movements of all the muscles involved, but we allow the body to do what is needed to get the desired result. We completely trust that the body can do all that is required. This trust is the only activity required on our part to ‘control’ or rather collaborate with the new hybrid systems that work on the level of the soul. Hybrid in this context means, that these systems still have some kind of a physical component as well as a soul-component. A good example to illustrate this is the intention experiment of Hadil with his car. Where before we would have integrated some GaNS or a Magrav, now we only use our intention.

Teaching Plasma Science

M.Keshe is listening to some of the workshops and private teachings in different languages; here’s what he comments: “I see some people are trying to repeat me and I said ‘my god…!’.

But I see people who try to explain the teaching that I shared with the flavour of their understanding and I said: ‘Yes, they are expanding the knowledge well’.

When we become a copy machine, we are finished and when we come to the point of understanding, then there is no barrier.

All the people who sincerely work along with the Keshe Foundation, the Universal Council and the Earth Council, they are very few but they change the course of history. At no point in time in the history of mankind have there be so few people been making such a big change in the destiny – not only on the material level but in the Soul, in the understanding of the totality of the creation.

We all teach without prejudice and with the pleasure that the knowledge is shared to change Humanity.

We from Plasma-Laurentides do feel confirmed in the way we do our work. We are very happy. Thank you M.Keshe.

Knowing together

None of us will know everything; everybody will know one aspect of the total knowledge. So nobody can be more advanced than another because each one of us carries one piece of the whole. That means the whole knowledge is only available when each of us brings his/her part to the common table. And that does not need to be an event, where we all come physically together: the totality shows itself all the time, the whole knowledge is always available as we all are working on it.

Sharing knowledge for peace

We conventionally see the passing on of knowledge and learning as a straight line – at one end there is the giver of knowledge and the receiver is on the other end. The giver gives, the receiver takes and that’s the end of it.

In Nature, in the whole Universe, however, there is no straight line; everything is moving in circles or spirals : the giver gives the knowledge and the receiver receives it just to keep on sharing it, not only to spread the knowledge but to bring as many people as possible the delight and profit of the knowledge. Sharing in this way is a never ending process spiralling throughout the entire human race. This absolutely in line with how everything in the Universe works. That is also how Plasma works. We know that two or more plasma enter into an interaction if they are of a similar but not equal force – the stronger one will feed the weaker one to bring it up to it’s own, higher level.

The Plasma example shows how the circular sharing of knowledge will be a major ingredient to bring Peace. Each one who receives knowledge is happy to use this knowledge to reach a higher level; then he shares it to help other people to reach the same level, thus helping the evolution of us all. That is the opposite of competition. That is the new paradigm, which we call the Universal Principle:

You attain your happiness by caring for the happiness of ALL

How to learn

By Joaquim Ferrari

How to learn and what is the learning process?

  1. You need to know that the knowledge already exist. It is not inside one specific brain. The knowledge is spread everywhere in the Universe and has a strength, the knowledge is a plasma.
  2. Now you need to know what is the learning process. The learning process happens when your desire to learn and the knowledge have the same structure and different strengths – if your strength is weaker, it will suck the knowledge in, you will be nourished by it.
  3. Understanding arises when your field strength and the field strength of the knowledge match.

It starts with your desire to learn. This connects already with the knowledge. Then you just have to keep enjoying what are you studying and wait – understanding will happen!

M. Keshe a ajouté dans le KSW264: “All the knowledge is within you, you have to nourish it to flourish.”

Notre relation avec les systèmes plasmiques

Par M.Keshe

Nous sommes arrivés en rapport à la nouvelle science des Magravs à un point où nous sommes devant un canevas vide prêt à être peint. Vous avez une variété énorme de couleurs et textures à votre disposition qu’avec quelques coups de pinceau vous pouvez manifester la beauté de la création. En d’autres mots, vous pouvez vous aventurer à utiliser les magrav et réacteurs de façon plus expérimentales.

N’ayez jamais peur de l’inconnu et des résultats et ne soyez pas attachés à une seule façon de faire – soyez curieux et essayez toutes sortes de combinaisons… et, comme moi, vous allez être éblouis de voir comme la création est bien faite, à chaque fois que vous jouez le jeu de l’Univers. Essayez de tout faire de façon simple et réjouissez-vous de tous les systèmes. Il n’y a pas de règles de jeu – sauf : le respect et l’adaptation.

Si vous respectez vos systèmes et les vies que vous crééz par le Plasma, ceux-ci vous respecterons aussi. Vous allez trouver des combinaisons drôles et ‘pas comme il faut’. Vous allez apprendre le tempérament d’un réacteur si vous le laissez travailler pendant une longue période.

Quand vous démarrez un système pour la première fois, méditez ou priez avec lui; et quand vous le fermerez, remerciez-le pour les connaissances et la sagesse qu’il vous a apportées. Souvenez-vous que vous recevrez autant d’un système MaGrav que ce que vous donnez de vous-même.

Ne les maltraitez-pas car ils vont vous repayer de la même monnaie.  Comprenez que le temps des punitions est passé maintenant–et que si vous êtes fâchés contre un système, c’est vous que vous punissez.  Remarquez que maintenant ce n’est plus le temps de créer de l’énergie ou du mouvement/vol – c’est le temps de trouver la vraie beauté de la Création.

Quoi dire aux enfants (… et aux adultes bien-sûr)


Au lieu de dire : « Attention! »?

Aidez votre enfant à développer sa propre conscience en disant :

  • Note comment… ces roches sont glissantes, la branche est forte…

  • Est-ce que tu vois… les orties, tes amis autour?

  • Essaye de… bouger tes pieds lentement, rapidement, fortement.

  • Essaye d’utiliser tes… mains, pieds, bras, jambes.+

  • Est-ce que tu peux entendre.. l’eau qui coule, les oiseaux qui chantent, le vent?

  • Est-ce que tu (te) sens… solide sur cette roche, la chaleur du feu?

  • Est-ce que tu te sens… anxieux, excité, fatigué, en sécurité?

Aidez votre enfant de résoudre des problèmes en disant :

  • Qu’est-ce que c’est ton plan… si tu grimpes sur cette roche, saute à travers ce tronc?

  • Qu’est-ce que tu peux utiliser… pour traverser, pour ton aventure?

  • Où tu vas… poser cette roche, grimper dans cet arbre, creuser un trou?

  • Comment vas-tu… descendre, monter, traverser?

  • Qui va… t’accompagner, aller avec toi, t’aider si…?

Évolution de la Technologie

Nous sommes au seuil d’une autre étape du développement de la technologie basée sur la nouvelles science du Plasma. Dans les systèmes que nous fabriquons, nous devons maintenant oblitérer les médiums qui supportent les champs magnétiques. Par exemple, on devrait enlever la composante ‘eau’ du Plasma Liquide; afin qu’il ne reste que le champ plasmique sans aucun support matériel. On se rappelle que toute matière absorbe une partie des champs plasmiques; donc l’oblitération de tous les aspects matériels va augmenter la puissance de ce que nous fabriquons. C’est le temps de s’éloigner de l’état matériel pour faire confiance à l’état plasmique.

M.Keshe explique que c’est l’environnement qui est le composant décisif pour la création de la matière et non seulement les champs plasmiques – en fait on ne peut pas avoir de champs plasmiques hors d’un environnement… Le transfert de l’énergie est plus important que la présence de l’énergie elle-même.

L’interaction des champs magnétiques dans un environnement crée de nouveaux champs magravs qui ,par la suite, se manifestent en matière. Si, par la suite, on change l’environnement  pour changer de force, la matière crée va changer et de propriétés et de caractéristiques : l’eau peut être hydrogène, ou or ou platine… elle change car elle est obligée de répondre aux changements suivant la force des champs de son environnement.

Si par exemple on garde constant les champs dans le vaisseau spatial  , et on change la force des champs de l’environnement, on peut créer tous les matériaux dont nous avons besoin. Le même processus s’applique au niveau de l’âme : les rayons magnétiques en provenance de notre âme, sont toujours forts comme le soleil. Nous n’avons qu’à atténuer ces rayons magnétiques de l’âme à une force qui correspond au matériel voulu – et hop! le tour est joué.

Dans ce contexte, il est important de savoir comment nous désirons satisfaire notre intention: est-ce que nous voulons seulement passer par la matière ou pas ? Ça veut dire par exemple : est-ce qu’on est intéressé à produire une nourriture matérielle ou est-ce qu’on est satisfait simplement de ne plus avoir faim? Dans la même ligne de pensée, on peut soit avoir une valise pleine d’argent ou le sentiment de sécurité et d’abondance. On peut développer en nous-mêmes une capacité ou l’autre…  il faudrait seulement savoir si on est capable de contrôler son filtre (mental, émotions) pour ralentir les rayons de l’âme afin de satisfaire un besoin directement ou par le biais de la création d’une forme matérielle.

Publications scientifiques

Nous avons tous fait des nano-couches, des GaNS etc.; puisque nous avons compris ce que nous faisions, chacun-e d’entre nous sommes maintenant en position de publier des articles scientifiques – mais de façon différente :

  1. « L’abstract » est remplacé par Mon Intention
    Quelle était mon intention, quel était mon but? Décrivez comment cette intention vous est venue.

  2. Dans la section Méthode, vous décrivez simplement ce que vous avez fait et comment.

  3. Dans la section Résultats, vous décrivez ce que vous avez observé – pas besoin de tirer de conclusions, juste le fait d’observer et décrire ce que vous avez atteint par votre expérience est suffisant. Pas besoin de donner votre avis, juste décrire les faits (souvent les conclusions dans des articles conventionnels sont des mensonges payés par celui qui a commandé la recherche…)

  4. Au final, vous pouvez inviter votre communauté à apporter leurs trouvailles ou/et discuter votre méthode et vos résultats.

La Fondation Keshe va réserver une page sur son site web pour héberger un Journal où nous allons pouvoir publier nos articles.

Cette stratégie va nous permettre de nous présenter tous comme scientifiques de la science du Plasma – plus besoin d’un degré universitaire…

Où soumettre nos articles?

Il nous est dorénavant demandé d’écrire nos témoignages en forme d’articles scientifiques. Pour soumettre des articles au journal, suivez les pas :

  1. allez au site web Support de la Fondation Keshe

  2. dans la liste déroulante choisissez : Plasma Scientific Journal submissions; ensuite cliquez sur ‘Go

sur cette page choisissez ‘Submit a Plasma Scientific Journal’ : et remplissez le formulaire

L’école la plus ‘Plasmique’ : Tekos en Russie

L’exemple de l’école Tekos, Anastasia, livre #3, p.166

Pour qu’un apprentissage soit efficace, le contact entre l’enseignant et l’étudiant est primordial. Si le contact est réussi, les enfants peuvent apprendre les 10 ans de curriculum en mathématiques en seulement 1 an. Si leur relation a un degré d’ouverture élevé, leurs champs vont interagir librement et les informations se transmettront non seulement sur le plan matériel, mais aussi et même plus  sur le plan plasmique.

Nous connaissons tous l’expression ‘coup de foudre’. Deux personnes qui se trouvent dans une telle relation, savent ce que l’autre pense avant même que l’autre ne le partage tout haut…

Ici à l’école nous avons deux groupes d’enfants – le premier travaille sur la construction d’un bâtiment supplémentaire pour l’école et le deuxième relève le défi d’assimiler 10 années de maths en 1 an pour ensuite partager toutes ces connaissances avec le premier groupe. Ils n’apprennent pas pour avancer personnellement, mais ils apprennent pour partager; pour faire avancer les autres. La motivation principale est :

Être au service et non être servi.

Si les élèves apprennent quelque chose, ils apprennent à comprendre l’âme, les aspirations et les pensées d’un autre individu. Donc les maths ne sont pas la chose importante, mais celui qui est important c’est l’Homme qui apprend : les maths utilisés pour l’amour du progrès vers la Vérité! plus ‘ l’amour de’ est puissant, meilleur est l’apprentissage.

« Il est important de se trouver dans une atmosphère sincère et détendue, sans aucun sentiment  d’impatience. ”Faux” est une notion qui n’est jamais utilisé… Si vous vous trouvez dans un cul de sac, alors les phrases que vous allez utiliser pour vous en sortir seraient plutôt : « tourne à droite, tourne à gauche, monte… ».  Les mots irréfléchis qui distraient les pensées de leur focus sont également évités, car la Vérité se trouve dans la spiritualité!

Si la relation maintient son focus sur le fait de‘résoudre un problème ensemble’, l’apprentissage se fait tout seul. Les ‘enseignants-enfants’ n’entretiennent pas la pensée qu’ils sont des professeurs non plus.

Tout le monde a accès aux connaissances et à la mémoire ancestrale; pour y accéder, notre esprit doit être libre de toute limitation. Dès lors, dans cet école, il est très important de rejeter toute idée qu’on ‘ne sait pas quelque-chose’. Si celui ou celle qui enseigne entretient cette pensée, l’élève ne pourrait pas capter ce quelque-chose non plus!

Ce qui se passe dans la relation n’est pas vraiment ‘apprendre’ mais ‘se souvenir’.

Un beau vidéo explicatif se trouve ici : The Kin School Tekos Russia . Vous pouvez commander leur DVD ici :

Leur geste d’au revoir est une main levée tournée vers celui qui part. Ce geste signifie : « Je t’envoie mon rayon du bien, et je souhaite qu’il te suive où que tu ailles »