How to relate to animals

We are directly connected to animals because both them and us are part of the Collective Soul (CS). And as we are part of the Soul of the Creator, we have also co-created all other life forms; so they are in this sense our children. We could take care of them like we do take care of our physical children.

And in this sense, we are also the co-creator of ourselves; so we, too, are children we could take care of. This line of thought envelopes all living beings into a soft web of loving care, including our selves.

To cultivate this attitude is an excellent way to elevate our soul, because before we treat all beings as our children, we have to love them All first! Each instance we are in the space of love, our vibration has risen from the low frequency of petty self interest (powered by fear on the matter level) to the high frequency of the Soul level, which is powered by love and trust.

The more we share our Soul with animals, the more they become part of us, they understand us – we understand them. This shows us also the way how to recreate an environment where the lion sleeps next to the lamb – we only have to recreate paradise, the Garden of Eden, on our planet Earth.

Recognition of fields

By our nature we are capable to feel fields, but we have decided to ignore this abiility. So we can re-discover and re-develop it by exercise: just hold a bottle of CH3 water in your hands, then CO2, then CuO and see what you feel. It is like learning a vocabulary of a new language. A clue: we know what GaNS is related to what component of our body; this may help in feeling it. For example CO2 works on the physical body while ZnO works on the emotional body.

In fact this ability has to do with the trust that we have in ourselves.