A new tomorrow

In this session M Keshe talks more in depth on a excerpt of KSW 404, which has been made into a video by the KF Australia. You can find the clip following this link.

The two faces of us

Everything in the universes, including ourselves and excluding the Creator – lives on two levels simultaneously: the fundamental level of the Plasma or the Soul and the matter level. The amount of informational light is proportional to the level of knowledge.

  1. The lowest level is occupied by the collective (un-)consciousness with its non-constructive belief systems.
  2. Authentic science is still bound to the matter level but tries to understand more, thus raising the level of knowledge and informational light.
  3. Evolutionary Technologies including the teachings coming directly from the Creator and proposed for example by the Plasma Science and the Science of Eden try to help us leave the matter level and access the fundamental level thus raising the energy level, the level of informational light and consciousness tremendously.

Now we see that the elevation of knowledge comprehension raises the level of informational light in us. This increase is called Elevation of the soul or Equalization of the soul of the physicality (personality) with the Soul or Enlightenment.

As we are all interconnected, each effort of each individual has a direct effect on the consciousness of our race. And our fundamental connectedness to all elements of the all the Unicos results in changes of everything on all levels. The whole Unicos with all its elements are changing because of this.

By design we are able to switch between the two levels at will; however in our recent history during the last 8000 years we have lost access to the fundamental level, because we largely believe that the matter level is the only reality there is. Now with this impressive increase of energy or informational light, very much promoted by the Keshe Foundation and the Science of Eden we are about to rediscover the lost art of switching between the levels of reality. And with us, all other living beings in the universes will be able to switch between the two states – appear and disappear at will on the matter level. Regaining the same fundamental ability will place us all on the same level.

Therefore the expression One Nation, One Race will be extended beyond the human race to include all the races of the universal community.

Everything will change because of us

We know that each element, as tiny as it may be, has a Soul, thus is a living being and as such participant in this evolutionary process. The direct correlation of what we can observe in the physical realm and our spiritual evolution can be observed for example in the change of the heartbeat of the Earth, what we call the Schumann Frequency.

Furthermore we will be observing the repositioning and restructuring of galaxies and universes because their inner structure and field forces have changed – also because the human race is structuring their consciousness. The rise in the volume of informational light that our con sciousness is able to treat will affect every other element in existence and result in their repositioning. In the coming years astronomer will inform us of how stars and galaxies and even universes will change their position.

We will become more beautiful

The harmonization or equalization of the soul of physicality with the Soul will of course change our individual energy level and structure fundamentally; the amount of energy available to us from that moment onward is incomparably higher. And just that will most probably lead to changes in our physical appearance. Naturally – without the interference of a largely unconscious free will – our bodies will be eternally in perfect health; and what is more beautiful than perfect health?

In this context our connection to all the elements of the universes has a beautiful side effect as we will be able to pick the most beautiful features of all elements and recreate them into our own physical form. Imagine only what explosion in beautiful creativity that opens up!

The same applies to communication: we won’t need to learn any language anymore, because our connection to everybody else gives us the knowledge of all the languages and means of communication that exist anywhere in the universes.

And maybe the most important and far reaching consequence of our elevation will be the effect on what we call trust. Up to now we are using the word with a necessary object: We are trusting a person or something because we judge them that they will not harm us. But now we’ll have access to unlimited trust, because our connectedness to everything makes us know everything. This means that there cannot be anything frightfully unknown anywhere anymore because we know all and we know that all is to the norm. There will be no fear anymore. And trust becomes our nature – we just trust.

And if ever we should encounter anything that isn’t to the norm, we immediately will know that this is so because we have stumbled upon a still unstructured part of our mind, which of course we will normalize right away.

The virgin birth

Our procreation will also change. “The new children will not be born out of the egg and the sperm anymore, they will be born out of the love between the Souls of the mother and the father. The new Soul can take physical shape anywhere in the universe – always perfectly adapted by default. Now it will be possible for the first time that a child can be created by parents from different races of the universe!” MT Keshe

The Soul-brith enables us to create the “perfect man” – not as a test tube baby concocted in a lab, but a new Soul engendered by the unconditional love of two mature Souls, who, by their connection to every element in the universes, will gather all the best from every field to include it in the new Soul.

This is the true “virgin birth”! The expression “virgin birth” does not apply to the matter plane; it rather means that the detachment of the parents is so complete that their freedom is absolute, they cannot be touched by anything, they are pure Souls.

The perfect world

Who would steal when he can have all he likes any time?

In a world where everybody is busy creating more more beauty, nobody will have the time to bother about other people.

In a world where everything is to the norm – who could be frustrated?

When the collective consciousnesses contains nothing but the thoughts of the Creator, how could there be fear, aggressiveness, hate, greed, boredom or anger?

Now with this new technology, we allow the Human race and other races of the universal community to communicate, to intermingle and to love each other.” MT Keshe.

Who is behind all this?

Make a guess! Is it the Creator? Or is it us?

We could say it is usEverything, without any exception, comes out of the splendid co-creation between the Creator and us. If we could read the agenda of the Creator, we would know that the year 2020 was marked as the right moment to make the biggest evolutionary step for Humanity and the whole Unicos.

While many are still struggling with getting their life back as it was before – a fast growing number of individuals and organizations are facilitating our new birth. Amongst them are of course the KfSSI and the Science of Eden.

Both the recent teachings of M Keshe and the introduction of the 3 new Enhancement Units are very efficiently supporting the process. Hand in hand with this are the activities of the Science of Eden – Collective Concentrations 3 times per week, the promotion of the PRK-1U, etc.

We now have access to the knowledge of the Creator and the Creation that we cannot abuse, because it isn’t abusable. It requires the equilibrium between the personality and the Soul, which basically means the surrender of the personality to the Soul, or the Good for All. This equilibrium is the condition sine qua non. Without it, nothing will happen. If we cannot allow the surrender, we’ll have no access and we’ll find ourselves back into the “old world” with all its misery – and we’ll be the only one.

Magrav systems

Following the teachings, we now can also understand the Magrav systems better. When we built them, our motivation was very often particular and egoistic: to lower our electric bill so we can buy other things or have more money. In this scenario the Magravs didn’t work very well or not at all.

We didn’t understand, that the Magrav has a Soul and works on the fundamental level inside the Good for All. Occasionally M Keshe mentioned that we need to pray for the Magravs, what we couldn’t really understand.

We actually never included ourselves into the process. A Magrav takes energy from the transition level to transmute it to a form that is suitable to make the different machines in the household run. So as long as we consider a Magrav being like a machine, we have only two of the three necessary components: the energy packs and the environment. The third field force is missing: the wish of our Soul.

At the most there was only the greed of our personality.

We didn’t understand that our total implication “heart and soul” was required to make the magrav do for what he has been designed to do. We have to switch from our personality to our Soul. In a way we have to understand that it is always our energy, our higher field force that will make our appliances run – with the help of the Magrav. That of course changes the whole picture.

Therefore the most important component of all the products of the KFSSI is in the question: How can i use this technology to become better, more giving?

The Cycle of Creation

KSW 177 Cycle Of Creation (third edition); the original video is here; this passage starts at 1:13:00. Edited by aviram.

Science of Eden explains the our creation like this: Man is created in an act of splendid co-creation by God and himself. He is created in the image and likelihood of the Creator in the beginning of time in one impulse of Love.”

The Plasma Science describes the creation a little more in detail:

The process is very simple

Nothing in the universe is linear, everything develops circular, or – considering the eternal harmonious development of everything – in spirals. Every end is a new beginning; nothing is ever lost; everything is in a constant process of transformation or transmutation.

We are created out of the rays from the centre of the universe, the Soul of the Creator. We are first created as Souls, as informational light. Our subsequent physical manifestation is the result of plasmatic interactions between the Creator, our Soul and all other elements of the universe. During these interactions the informational light is reduced in the strength or slowed down or condensed until it has reached a level low enough to collapse into the matter state.

The Creation of Man in detail

Since their creation all the universes are in constant expansion because each element is endowed with the possibility of eternal, harmonious development. The interactions are not always of the same force and duration. Some energies, some dynamic fields, have come together on a more permanent level; over billions of years they lead to the creation of the sun.

Each point of creation is not to be understood as a final state but as a step in an endless chain of events or development. So after the creation of the sun, the same processes of interaction goes on. Now the sun has become the centre of it’s own universe – the solar system. In comparison to the original centre of the universe, the energies of the new solar centre are heavier, denser energies that radiate out from the sun, continuing the process of creation. The sun radiates his fields out and in interaction with the fields of himself and all the others, the other planets, like the Earth, are created.

And again the process of the creation doesn’t stop. In the interaction of the fields of the earth with it’s environment and the other elements, leads of the creation of Man, his Soul, his mind and his body. On the fundamental level Man’s Soul is created by the wish of the Creator; and this new Soul manifests the body and mind to be able to interact with the matter level. This material manifestation seems to be a process in reverse: the interaction of the Soul with the elements of the Earthly environment creates the elements of the body on an atomic or molecular level. Each atomic particles combining with others to form molecules; thereby creating a new collective soul, a new soul of physicality. This process goes on creating still higher and higher levels of organization: molecules, cells, organs up to the whole body – each with it’s own soul of physicality.

The seeming linearity of this process is not creating a paradox when we remember that the creation of the Soul happens on the fundamental level, where there is no time and space; whereas the manifestation of the body happens on the matter level which is subject to time and space. For the sake of more ease of understanding, we can say that the linearity is perceived on the matter level while, seen from the fundamental level, all happens simultaneously.

This is the truth about the life and the creation of the Man.

The cycle of life and life

We have said that the whole of creation is in eternal harmonious development; so there cannot be an end anywhere. And that applies naturally and foremost to us, human beings. We are co-created in the image and likeness of the Creator. And as the Creator is eternal, we are. However we can perceive old age, disease and death – because our perception is deformed by our non-constructive believes within our collective (un-)consciousness. When we have reclaimed eternal life within our body, it is understood that we contribute to the development of the universe by developing our selves.

While we are still in the deluded state of consciousness, we have to perceive ourselves aging and dying. Even in this cycle of life and death, we are part of the global evolution – only it is slower. While we are under the dominance of the collective unconscious, we our actions, words and thoughts are not motivated by the Good for All, but by particular egoistic interests. In other words, our conduct is not correct in the eyes of our Soul who is the only judge.

But if the Soul of the Man (the mind) can understand, absorb and be correct in her conduct, she will have the field strength of the Planet, from which she has been created. In this situation the Soul will become another sun. And the Soul can even go beyond that interacting not only on the galactic but the level of the universe, then she shall become the centre of the universe. Then she goes back into the Soul of the Creator being part again of His splendid co-creations. Like the rain, that comes from the Earth and falls back onto it, we came from the Creator and go back to the mother.

The same thing happens with galaxies and solar systems. As long as we have not re-integrated our eternity, we will see them aging and dying also. And at the end of their live cycle they get absorbed back into the centre of the universe through what we call “black holes” only to re-appear again as another galaxy. Our life and the life of everything else in the universes are the same. It doesn’t matter what kind of entity we are looking at.

So what clinging to and fighting for? Why do we fight for something which has come out of the eternal process of creation, and to where it goes back into? Our Soul in interaction with our environment, the Earth creates our physical form. The exact shape of our physical form is the combined product of the inertia of the earthly environment and our consciousness. The planet we are living on, our environment, is a living being and as such changing all the time; therefore our physical form would be changing in the same rhythm. Every change in the environment would lead to a change in our physical form, reflecting the new state of perfect adaption to our environment. As long as our consciousness is not so structured, we don’t see our physical form as we see our cloths for example. To adapt to changing situations we are in, we change cloths. But on the body level, we are often very much attached to our physical form. More precisely, our mind is attached to a certain physical form and our Soul isn’t. Our Soul is naturally able to be free and detached from the body’s shape and existence. And that is one big fallacy – our attachment to our body includes our attachment to the material plane and our disability to rise to the higher plane of the Soul.

What will our life be after this life?

O sho answered a similar question: Before you wonder if there is a life after death, make sure you had lived a life before death!

We have seen how our Soul is part of the process of the creation: the sun became the earth and the Earth became the human Soul – now what will be the destiny of the Soul? While all the further steps in the process of creation were bound to the matter level, now it becomes free at the point of departure from physicality.

Will our Soul become the sun for the creation of another life or many lives? It depends on the correct conduct. When you lead a life which is not correct, when you don’t give and only take – still you will be the point of departure for the next cycle of creation, but it starts in the wrong way.

This is one thing very difficult for us to understand. We will become the creator of another universe, another cycle. And this is what your Soul will have to judge: How would I like that cycle to be?

In the physical life we create children. In the dimension of the Soul what will we create when we think: “That’s it, my end, my point when I die, it’s finished.”. That would be the same fallacy as when the sun would be totally destroyed and nothing would be left of it. We know that that is impossible because the sun becomes part of a new life, part of a new galaxy. And with the Soul of the Man is exactly the same.

The reality is very, very, very real. We have seen that the energy of the galaxy became the sun and the energy of the sun became the earth, and the energy of the Earth became our Soul. In due course our Soul will become another cycle of life.

We cannot change what we don’t understand. How can we change the understanding of our life if we do not understand the process of its creation?

We care about our children, what education they get, what they wear, how happy they’ll be, where they sleep. Now we have to consider very carefully: what life shall my Soul create? Because those are our real children. Will it be new and more cycles of wars, conflict and killing? Or would it be a solar system which is peaceful? This is the truth and the reality about the Soul of the Man. This is the day of judgment. This is what Man never understood. Now we have to understand. We have no choice from the day that we understand onward, we are responsible for it. Our aim in life has to be to elevate our Soul to a point where we become the Creator of a cycle where the Good for All reigns supreme.

This is not a fairytale; this is the truth about our life. Now we begin to understand that if we have given nothing in our life, if we only took – will will nothing to start the new cycle with, we can only be the dust in the universe because we have nothing to create a new cycle through our own Soul. We can only be the raw material in the creation of others – while we actually could be the Creator.

It may take a long time for us to understand. Whatever is gathered by the Soul at the end, whatever level of evolution we reach, becomes the point of reference of its own Creation.

This is the beauty about the creation and one understands it, understands that there is no limitation.


Suppose a Universal Child is born in Soul-Birth by a parent who is Chinese and speaks a little english and another who is Italian and does not speak english. How can the child communicate with the parents?

He will understand both parents’ emotions and later, when he learns the human languages, he will be able to translate the emotions into the languages. It is of course possible that the parents learn to understand and commune on the emotional level, making the learning of the languages unnecessary.

And the same applies of course to communicating with other members of the Universal Community. When we learn the universal language of emotions, we have the common ground for communication/communion with any being wheresoever.


​Valid perceptions and true perceptions

We live in a perceptional world. What does that mean? It means that nothing in the world exist by itself; instead everything we see is our perception. That doesn’t mean all is illusion. Even a perception deformed by non-constructive collective believes is a valid perception – it is real for the person who perceives it. When we walk during sunset in India and startle and become afraid because we believed seeing a snake; and in the next moment we realize it’s only a piece of rope lying on the ground. Being startled with fear is prove that we are having a valid perception – even when it turns out to be wrong.

Another example, we see a pencil, we pick it up and can actually use it to write or draw. We are having a valid perception, because what we see works as what we perceive it to be. Now a dog comes along, sees the same pen, takes it for a chew stick. As he takes it in his mouth and can chew it, the object works according to his perception thus validating it.

That means there are, on the matter level, no true, objective perceptions – all perceptions are relative. Relative to the person who is perceiving. Emotions, like joy and love, on the other hand are objective because they exist also on the fundamental level; and all beings, no matter where they are living in the universe, will understand them in the same way.

​Our perception determines our actions

All creation is to the norm. And all creation is the result of a co-creation between God and Man. The Creator is constant, reliable and everything that comes from Him is to the norm. As we have been given total freedom by the Creator and our consciousness partially divine and partially unstructured – our collaboration may at times be unreliable and not to the norm.

When we resist the will of the Creator, broad forth by our Soul, we still can act, but our acts will not be aligned with the Good for All but personal, private interest. And they will be the results of our non-constructive and unconscious collective beliefs, instead of being based on a correct understanding.

We may live in paradise already – and not see it

But a misaligned mind will not only have us make bad actions but it deforms also our perception. The same nonconstructive collective believes that make us do the wrong things, will also distort our perception of a reality that otherwise is perfectly to the norm.

Even though everything coming from the Creator is to the norm, we may not be able to perceive it as such because our perception is deformed. We may not see the perfect and beautiful world we are living in, when we are wearing too many distorting glasses of our unstructured mind.

Beyond physicality

​The Universal Soul

Body is connected to the Soul by emotions, a faculty of the mind; the Soul is connected to the same way to the Creator. Emotions are the common ground or the common language interface between our fundamental structures. At the same time we are all connected with all elements of the universe.

We can call the totality of this network The Soul of the Universe. It is via the Soul of the Universe that we can perceive the whole of the Universe as a being on it’s own. We are like a cell in the universal organism.

Thats why all of our actions – thoughts, words and actions – have repercussions on the whole of the organism. Just like in our own body, when the liver cells are out of tune, the digestion doesn’t work, we feel sick, headaches etc.; and the overall functioning of our system is compromised. For the homeostasis of the whole it is vital that all the parts are in sync. Each time we are not going with the flow, when we resist the wish of our Soul, which is the wish of the Creator and which is the homeostasis of the whole UNICOS, the world doesn’t stop but it doesn’t run smoothly anymore. The resistance we provide shows as sand in the gearbox of the world. Much of the balancing accounts action of the Soul for misbehaviour on the physical level happens on the level of the universal Soul. But each of our “efforts” to structure our consciousness is cleaning up the collective consciousness as well, thus contributing greatly to the homeostasis of the whole.

We can use an example of our physiology to explain this. We all know the feeling of needles and pins in our arm when we have restricted the blood flow by keeping the arm in an awkward angle. All parts of our body are connected to the nervous system, which is magnetic and the blood system, which is gravitational. When the free circulation in our arm is blocked, the magnetic system falls out of tune with the gravitational system which leads to the appearance of tiny electric shocks.

​The learning curve

Because our connections to everything else are bi-directional, the effect of any imbalance we create with the whole has twofold consequences:

  • the whole starts malfunctioning and

  • the perception of reality we have will reflect the resistance we offer – we will see ourselves living in a world which is not to the norm, where things don’t happen the way we want

So we see that the happiness of the whole and our own happiness are like the two sides of the same coin. That’s why we want to eliminate all imbalances, we want to become emotional accepting beings, permanently in tune with the Soul and the Creator. We want to become ethical and peaceful beings serving the Global Good.

How can this be done?

It cannot be done by following a commandment like “Don’t resist the will of God, otherwise you will burn in hell” with the small-print: “of course it is us, your priests, who know the will of God!”.

We would rather like this to happen in a non repressive way – by learning and comprehending. By comprehending and assimilating the knowledge is integrated into our being – and we are changing during the process. And this is a very natural and pleasant way to evolve:

  1. We learn from the teachings of MT Keshe how our body actually doesn’t use material food but uses energies from the universe.

  2. We first rationally understand this “shocking new reality”.

  3. Then we have to learn more and often think about this new reality. Repetition will slowly make that the knowledge will gradually become what we call “day to day knowledge”.

  4. Slowly the new knowledge will replace the conventional understanding of our collective (un-)conscious. It will become part of us as individuals and a collective humanity.

  5. We will reach the tipping point where the new knowledge has become so normal to us us that we have become able to feed on the universal energies directly.

This process creates a transition from a life based on blindly adopted wrong beliefs to a live which reflects our real position as a cell in the universal organism or the physical body of the Creator.

When we have become peaceful our planet’s heart will beat in unison with the whole Universe or Unicos.

We more and more learn how we are all connected. On an individual level this new knowledge is so fascinating; it makes each of us strive to learn more, fuelled by the joy of evolving.

On the collective level, we get closer and closer. And as we are all connected , each progress we individually make, will be a step more for the whole Human Race. This can explain the above mentioned “tipping point”: we are many to learn this new knowledge, so it’s very likely that most progressed students of us will reach the tipping point simultaneously. This creates like a burst of conscious energy that will at raise the whole of Humanity to a new level of being – autonomy and freedom, eternal peace, the new era for Humankind.

Space travel

What we just said about feeding ourselves does naturally apply to all other domains of our life. It will for example also revolutionize space travel. We see the shining of the star and the star sees our shining, too. In other words: we love the shining star and the star loves us back in return.

How to get there is not by magic but it follows a strictly scientific process:

  1. The possibility of us meeting a star is to our mutual benefit and it serves the Common Good.

  2. The time line of both are in synchronicity; which generates a wish in the Creator for it to happen.

  3. All elements are made of Love and we are connected to all of them through Love. Love makes us see the shining star and makes the shining star see us at the same time. This is the second synchronicity.

  4. We remain in the state of Love, we don’t lose connection. The loving attraction becomes so strong that “we are not – only the beloved is”. The “we are not” part makes us suspend our physical body; and the other part “only the beloved is” makes it possible to regain our body in the arms of the shining star.

By the way, the expression “conquering space” acquires a whole new meaning in this discussion. Of course it means to physically travel through spaces in the universe. But also refers to the spiritual claiming back our space on the sides of the Creator – to free us from governmental and religious bonding by rediscovering our true nature – all powerful, omniscient beings of Love!

Emotion and affective plane 5


In the past teachings we have seen how the whole energy management of our body – eating, drinking and breathing – happens on a plasmatic level. The body functions on the matter level, however all functions designed for his maintenance and growth are on the plasma level. The same is happening in the other reigns of Nature: animals and plants function in the same way and even minerals are created on the plasma level.

That means that what’s really going on is happening on the plasma level and what we see on the matter level is just the last bit of very complex and long processes on the plasma level. What we see with our eyes is only the material result; and as all the processes leading to the result are other levels, we are eternally unable to understand how the universe and how we ourselves are working looking at the material side of things.

It is essential for us to go beyond the matter state and opening up to the plasma state if we want to understand our selves and the world we are living in. And understanding is the sine-qua-non prerequisite of controlling our world.

Every element of the universe is a self sufficient galaxy woven into an ever more complex network of the Spirit. Our body, too, is a galaxy in itself. This gives us a relative independence from the inertia of the Earth; we can create in a relative independence of the environment we are in, because we are made in the image of the Creator and thus universal beings.

Here a reminder of how creations happens:

The wish of the Creator translates itself into a desire and the corresponding emotion in our mind. Our attention to the desire is materialized with the help of the Law of Attraction.

We see the central role of emotion in creation of anything in the unicos. Already the wish of the Creator is nothing rational but an emotional impulse generated by Love.

During the process of creation, the emotions keep on occupying the central position. They do not only initiate creation but they are the distinctive parts, the characteristics of element; and that creates the eternal link back to the creator. Now we see how the tapistry of creation is emotional in essence. We could say, emotions are the plasmatic substance, that all things are made of. The characteristic of each element is made of the same emotions we have; that’s how they are connected to us. And that’s why we can control the matter level by understanding the power of emotions.

Knowledge seekers will be able to replicate organs just by thought. Mankind was able to do that but has forgotton.” MT Keshe

The Example of the DNA

Here is what wikipedia tells us about DNA: deoxyribonucleic acid, is the molecule that contains the genetic code of organisms. DNA is in each cell in the organism and tells cells what proteins to make. DNA is inherited by children from their parents.
Hormones work inside the cell to bind proteins to DNA. This effect has also been shown in studies to play a role in the strength of DNA within the body. Hormones have been found to potentially activate genes. DNA determines how we are built and how we function.

Hormones are involved to build and activate the DNA, which controls how we are built and function. Both work on the plasmatic level and are subject to the influence of the emotions. We could say that DNA and hormones are emotions/plasma manifested on the matter plane.

As everthing inside our body is in the GaNS state, the DNA doesn’t work on the matter but on the plasma plane. The replication of the DNA on the plasma level uses the original prototype of the body and recreates everything to the norm. The original prototype is also the reference point to permanently and perfectly restore our physical health and can also restore body parts when they have been lost. The power of eternal health and youth is not available when the consciousness involved is not structured but obeys non-constructive belief systems which consider disease, aging and death as inevitable.

The chains of the DNA are made of amino acids (GCA, AGA, GAT, etc). On the matter level the amino acids are positioned in a particular sequence, which is creating what we call the genetic code, the information to build our body.

But on the plasma level it’s not only the sequence as such. We also have to consider the interaction of each of the amino acids to every other one. This gives us a much more complex scenario but also a much finer control system. The slightest change in field strength of one the parts will affect the whole DNA chain.

Knowing that magrav fields are emotions, we can imagine how much easier we can intervene to maintain and repair the DNA.

The interconnections between all the amino acids in the DNA chain have been ignored by science up to now. (It couldn’t see either that it’s) emotions that sit in the basic structure of the body of the man.” MT Keshe

That means that we can change/normalize genes in order to normalize organs by emotional intervention even from a distance. All the healing technologies of Grigori Grabovoï are based on this knowledge.

Each element in the universe has emotion as an aspect of its informational light AND the man has all the emotions inside him. Emotions are the common ground; we can create anything with our imagination on affective plane. And there is no possible error margin, because emotions are perceived in the same way everywhere in the universe. Emotions enable us to unambiguously communicate inside ourselves (creator=soul=mind), as well as outside in communion with other beings and in creating what we wish to see.

The soul with her emotions is the most important part of man in the process of creation” MT Keshe

So far we have explained the main role of the emotions and the emotional plane for universal communication and the normalization or materialization of elements of the universe. All emotions and the emotional plane itself are created on the basis of the original emotion which is Love. In the following article we will deal more in depth with Love to understand how the Creator uses it to build the world.

Emotions and the affective plane, part 4

Last week we explored what happens when we eat; now we go one step further exploring the space from where the desire to eat or to drink is coming from.

Why do we eat and drink

Conventionally we think that we are hungry or thirsty, then we look for something to satisfy the need, when we find it, we take it in and the need is gone. In this session M Keshe asks us to go a step further by questioning our conventional understanding.

  • Did the thirst come first or the sight of the glass of water?
    Have we been thirsty and saw the glass of water – or made the sight of the glass of water realize us that we have been thirsty?
  • Or are both of them triggered by something else?
    From where did the sensation of thirst or the perception of a glass of fresh water come from?

The perception of a refreshing glass of water and the need to quench your thirst are connected to the same emotion: the feeling of quenching your thirst. In fact all of our perceptions and emotions come from feelings. We have learned that each element of the universe consists of informational light and feelings. As long as our attention is directed to something, we have access to a corresponding feeling.

Identifying the feeling helps us in two ways: it makes our materialization and normalization more efficient and it enables us to communicate with beings in the Universal Community. Understanding this can become a great help on the way to our Soul.

The interaction of the Soul of the physical form (mind and divine consciousness) with the Soul (the Creator). This interaction can be triggered by the elements of the universe.

We can visualize the Soul of the physical form as a bright golden halo, vibrating around us. It is like a luminous diving suit that surrounds us. In order to perceive and feel an object around us, our divine consciousness will expand to encompass it in its field of perception. To perceive an element, our consciousness must expand to encompass it at the informational level. So when we say that our consciousness encompasses the object, it means that we and the object become one; we share the same informational light. And then we can receive information and influence the object at the same time.

We can let our consciousness make contact with all objects in the world.

Can you feel that when you make contact with these objects, through your mind and your divine consciousness, you are transferring informational light to them and you are giving the possibility to all these elements to develop indefinitely? By feeling your own eternity, by connecting to the infinite, then to an object, you transfer to it the same properties of infinity and eternity. You give an infinite status to the development of this object.

This means that it will develop indefinitely. Its consciousness will become more and more developed and structured, it will acquire new abilities over time.

And of course, once again, it all depends on the degree of structuring of our consciousness!

Let’s look at this using the example of a blind date:

All depends on whether we perceive and communicate on the Universal level of the Creator or on the particular, private level of our little ego. On the universal level and on the level of emotions, we all understand each other clearly, because the feeling of love is the same everywhere in all the universes.

When we live in a world where we immediately understand each other, we all live in synchronicity as opposed to chance; and where the things we wish for come into being. The private little ego world is characterized by unreliability, instability and insecurity. In this world the only synchronicity is that our wishes are generally not manifesting but our fears. And we all know already that communicating on the matter level of the logical mind is all but easy. Misunderstandings are the rule.

So even if we wouldn’t go to space ever, just the vision to live in a world where understanding each other – even without saying a word – is the rule… wouldn’t that already be more than worthwhile?

This is also of primordial importance for our space travelling, when we come to a place where people don’t have the same kind of bodies as we here on Earth – and we still want to communicate. Then we have to know the source and be able to understand the whole process on the affective plane. We have to be able to consciously live on the emotional level; we have to control the space before it reaches the material level and the voice box.

And the transition is done in a loving and soft way: Do never try to force your will – attract though your field forces. The body of the man has capabilities that have never been considered by us”. MT Keshe

In this context it is very convenient that the emotions are equal all over the universes; joy is recognized on Mars, the Pleiades as it is on our planet. This makes Emotions the Universal Language!

What is preventing us from exploring and using this? Our attachment to the physical level. Our pretending that the physical level is all we got. Our lack of understanding in short and it is convenient for us that we keep ourselves all on the same low level.

Horse whisperers

There are more and more therapists who seek the help of animals to help men in his healing process. It is evident that there are no verbal communications between animals and humans, even though we can use our human language to talk to animals. They will sense our intentions and emotions but they will not understand our verbiage. And the animals help us psychologically in putting us in an emotional or Soul space.

The brain of the man is just a translation system”, says MT Keshe, “we use it to translate the wishes from our Soul into emotions on the energetic level and finally into words on the matter level”.

That means that the common denominator between all people are emotions. And this is also the means of communication inside of us, between the Soul and the soul of physicality. We all have the capacity to understand and commune with emotions; we all have done that while we’ve been communicating with the mother in her womb. And we know that new born babies use that language.

So the emotional language of the universe is received the ear of the Soul and then the mind (soul of physicality) translates it to the human language. The saying that we only use “1% of our brain’s capacity” is more of an understatement: we hardly ever use our brain to consciously receive emotional messages on the Soul level, while we use it 150% trying to decipher the ambiguous messages on the rational level.

Now we have to know how to use our emotions to directly get the messages on the emotional level so that we don’t have to have recourse to the corrupted and outdated software.

By the way we have been a member of the Universal Community since the time of our creation. And we have been on the side of the Creator for as long as that – but alas! we are completely unconscious of it.

Now we are in the funny situation that we need to shut our rational mind up, to shut up 8,000 years of solid conditioning to be able to let our Soul have an undisturbed interaction with our body – both sharing the same limitless wisdom. Each cell of our body has access to all energies and information from throughout all of the universes. As long as there are prisons, we are all prisoners; and it doesn’t matter on which side of the bars we are. And living in a gated community, we can make ourselves believe that we are protecting ourselves from the dangers outside where, in fact, we have locked ourself in.

Emotions, Feelings and the affective plane, part 3

Controlling with feelings

Feelings are like switches

As we have said many times before, every event already exists on the informational level. In order for it to manifest, we only need to materialize it through our attention. Our attention becomes a powerful tool if it is coupled with our feelings.

It’s a bit like the light in our house; it already exists but only when we press the switch it physically appears in the house. If we wish to materialize something:

  • Everything is already there as a reality on the fundamental level.
  • We look inside to find the feeling that best corresponds to what we wish. It is as if we were taking a walk through our feelings and in some places we feel better than in others. These points allow us to activate feelings and these feelings materialize the desired event.
  • We turn it on when we direct our attention combined with our feeling to it.
  • Consequently the Law of Attraction will materialize it.
  • When we find a comfortable spot or feel a particular sensation in our body thanks to the activation of our sensory plane, we must then spread this good feeling throughout the body. It is like an access point that allows us to spread it everywhere. This is the beginning of our path.

All the sensory structures of our emotional plane, all our feelings, are already working perfectly well, we just have to activate them by consciously feeling them. One of the biggest task in this evolutionary step for us is to learn how to use our affective plane, given to us from the beginning.

Our feelings are intelligent

Feelings exist, if you will, independently of us. So they can learn and evolve independently because they are the stuff that runs in the veins of the Spirit Network. Feelings can react faster than the human being who experiences them and can normalize events without us even noticing.

For example, the simple act of being joyful controls reality. Each feeling of eternal life contains all the knowledge of eternal life, and is therefore very efficient in controlling reality. The more developed a feeling is, the more knowledge it activates that allows it to control reality. How do we know what level of knowledge our feelings have activated? By the satisfaction it gives us, the feeling of having understood something is much more extensive than an ordinary feeling. The perception gives us the understanding of where we are and the level of knowledge of our feelings. Hence the expression: “I feel it, I know it”. Sometimes we don’t have a rational answer to a question but our feelings are so strong that they leave no room for doubt.

For example, if you are in love – you know it. And if the person asks you why you are so sure and how you can be sure, you will simply say that you feel it.

Control through the feeling of eternal life

The feeling of eternal life is the first feeling created on the basis of Love; these two are very close. The feeling of eternity is so strong because it refers to a fundamental reality that everything is eternal. Therefore it has the capacity to treat important volumes of information in a short time.

This feeling is characterized by both its precision and its magnitude. We can use the feeling of eternity to intensify or clarify the feeling of anything else. if you first feel the feeling of eternity within you and then focus your attention on your hand, you will feel it better. The feeling is therefore a kind of sensory amplifier that allows us to better feel the elements of the world. Feeling our body through the feeling of eternity normalizes and rejuvenates it.

And it works with any element; we can for example feel a bird, in a more sensitive way, if we first feels the feeling of eternity.

We have said that the feeling of eternity keeps us young and healthy. So how do we maintain it in all circumstances? We need to be constantly connected to all our feelings: Love, joy, peace, freedom, eternal life, etc. Feeling the feelings of eternal life keeps us alive. And then life becomes more intense, full of overlapping feelings. Calm or powerful. We have to trust our feeling. Even if we don’t know exactly what we feel, the work gets done.

We use our feeling when we interact with something or someone. During our first contact with anything, we feel something; this first impression is super dense with information. We saw in the previous sub-module that the first impression is always the right one because it gives us a feeling that allows us to diagnose a situation in the correct way. We can use our feelings to control. Or we can do a classic control and add a feeling that has already been developed, like Love. Our control action will then be more powerful, the feeling amplifies the control, makes it more powerful. And it will spread throughout the universe.

Working on the micro and macro level simultaneously

When we work on objects, on our body, on our organs or on those of someone else, we can work on the micro and macro levels simultaneously. But you will see that this work is done automatically if you don’t do it consciously. Example: a whole organ (macro level) and one of its cells or atoms (micro level). This evolutionary technology is based on the recognition of Plasma Science which explains the creation of more and more complex elements.

This control of reality automatically takes into account the connections between macroscopic objects and microscopic objects. These connections are established during the creation. Let’s take the example of an organ like the heart:

  • Electrons and protons each have an individual soul; when they organize themselves into atoms, they create a new soul, the collective soul of the atom.
  • When atoms organize themselves into molecules, the collective soul of the molecule is created.
  • When the molecules organize themselves into cells, the collective soul of the cell is created.
  • When the cells organize themselves into organs, the collective soul of the organ is created.

In each step of the process a new collective soul is formed but the individual souls are retained. This process incorporates the element into a new higher context; in the same way each of us is part of Humanity and an individual.

Another example: we can study an atom in a galaxy. We can study the information of the atom or that of the galaxy. One could imagine that the galaxy contains more information than the atom because it is a more complex structure that contains more objects, but this is not the case. Remember that all elements are holographic. All the elements of the world are composed of Love and created by Love, and Love contains all the knowledge of the universe, so all the elements contain all the information of the universe.

Everything comes from the same original space. From which everything was created. From which comes the first impulse of Love that organized the small and large objects. All of these spaces, these informational structures, are informationally intertwined because of the presence of this original space. This space still exists, it has not disappeared.

Each control impulse touches all the elements with the same force

One could also think that working on a microscopic object and a macroscopic object are two different things. Thinking that we should send two impulses, one on the macro object, on the whole, and one on the micro objects it contains.

No need. Why not?

Because there is a universal law that applies to everything: if we send an impulse to bring a system back to normal, the effects of this impulse will be felt in the same way by the system to which we send our impulse and on the other systems, regardless of their size. Because all the elements of the Unicos are interconnected by the Network of Spirit and Love.

I draw your attention to this because it is quite incredible. We have often heard that when we work on ourselves, we also raise the level of collective consciousness for example, but to understand that the impulse of control that you emit towards yourself will be sent to every element of the universe with the same force, that’s something else isn’t it?

That’s why we change the world by working on ourselves!

So this understanding of information, that spaces, no matter how big or small, respond to the same impulse, creates a universal law. It is as if this understanding propagates like a ray in our thought space. And this understanding becomes a law in our thinking.

When we understand this, we access another plane of control of reality which is more precise. We are able to observe just the information about something, and see the information change the space. We send a control impulse and this impulse makes all the spaces interact with each other, no matter how big they are.

By observing the flow of information within these spaces, we can see it instantly change the whole space. Thus, we forget our doubts about the effectiveness of reality control. Since the whole is contained in each element. It is fractal, holographic. To work on one is to work on the other.

These two objects come from the same primary space which evolves but is always present. So we can send two impulses of the same strength, one to the atom, and the other to the whole galaxy for fun, but it doesn’t matter – except that having the presence of a detail and the whole at the same time is a technique to structure our consciousness.

As God does and as we can do at any time. God has the same objective. When God sends an impulse, he can see all the objects reacting and by adopting human language, he continues to see the information flowing.

The work on the sensory level is hyper effective

And when we send this control impulse, the work begins, events generate others, and we can see the circulation of energy flows through this space, their propagation. Whatever action God has in mind, as long as he works with his emotional plane, then this sensory plane allows him to work much faster. The optical plane also allows him to do this, but the sensory plane, in addition, allows him to do it in a more targeted, rapid and precise way.

When God is working on the restoration of a human organ, he feels absolutely everything that is happening in that organ. As a result, the restoration processes are initiated much faster and work faster than the speed of disease development.

Let’s take rejuvenation as another example. When you set the goal of feeling what happens as a result of sending an impulse to your body, you will find that the desired effects will be produced much more quickly. Feeling speeds up all processes.

It is the same with the PRK-1U device or the Enhancement Units, which develop the feeling. The device generates the information about eternity. If you place this device in your home, it will release this eternity information into your home, which will help bring your health back to normal. Some people can even see this eternity material. If you feel this information in your body, you will get effects much faster.

Through our feeling, we can instantly interact with all the elements of the universe. In this case we don’t need to study the links between cause and effect since the sensory plane allows us to do so instantly.

The speed of the process is very important to obtain lasting and stable effects. Because the speed of normalization must be greater and faster than the speed of aging or the speed of the disease. So it is better to add the feeling to any of the reality conrols to amplify it. And in addition, it allows us to develop our feelings.

The moment we integrate the fact that our feelings amplify our reality control will become much more quick and efficient.

There are at least four purposes to integrating a feeling like Love into our reality controls:

  1. To develop our feeling capacity.
  2. To spread the effects of our local action to the whole universe.
  3. To obtain results more quickly.
  4. To have a lasting result over time

All of these goals are achieved through feeling control. Even though these goals are not the same, they can be joined together to form a single whole. When we achieve these four goals, we ourselves can create the feeling of eternity. That is, when these four goals are achieved, the feeling of eternity is created and the human can feel it.

And feeling eternal life or any other positive feeling is a way to build it. Concretely, when we do a practice, we add Love to it and this allows us to create this feeling of eternal life. It allows us to build eternal life by using our feelings.

We live to feel

We create the three basic structures to generate feeling. This is another example of the fact that the present is created from the future. Feeling is the very purpose of our life. Feeling is not something that is created alongside us as we develop. The importance of feelings is fundamental. We are able to generate them thanks to our four fundamental structures.

Of course, the mind does not exist only to provide us with feelings. It also participates in the creation of eternal space, the unlimited and infinite physical spaces of our own body. The mind participates in the creation of all things in the universe. The creation of feelings in no way excludes the other tasks assigned to the mind. We will choose one of the aspects to see it a little more closely.

Once we have created our feelings, we are faced with other tasks to perform. The development of constructive feelings, for example, and the removal of feelings that we don’t need, those that hinder our progress.

We must create our feelings and then, thanks to them, create the material of eternal life which guarantees our evolution. We understand then that the feeling is nothing else than an action of divine order.

The “1 Million Dollar Question”

The question at the end of this article, couldn’t be answered by anybody up to now; not even by anyone of the Universal Council!

We are connected to everything in the Universe and we exchange energy or magnetic fields with every other element. Magnetic fields don’t die; they are part of a process of giving and taking, the eternal harmonious development of all.

We are at the same time co-creators with the Creator and creations of the Creator. Consequently we stay connected in the two directions. We have every possibility to receive everything from every corner of the Unicos.

For example the element (C) is created out of the interaction of two fields (A and B). The element B is created from two other fields (C and D). And this goes on and on. This pattern permeates the whole of creation. Going backwards the whole process has its origin in the moment when the Creator created everything in an impulse of Love. We are at the same time the creation of the Creator and the co-creators of the whole of creation.

And here it comes – the 1 million dollar question:

We said above that C was created by A and B. That is the sequence seen on the matter plane: the elements A and B have been there (past) and their interaction led to the creation of C in the present. But looking at it on the fundamental level, the future begets the present. Therefore the possibility for C to exist is the reason for A and B to exist; and at the same time C is the consequence of A and B.

The whole chain of creation naturally goes back to the Creator.

When it is true that all elements in the Unicos are created from the interaction of two fields, then the Creator, who is part of the Unicos, needs also to be created by two other fields. But before the Creator created the Unicos, the two fields leading to His creation were not there!

The fact that we have been created by the Creator; doesn’t really answer the question of our origin; it only puts it one level higher: who created the Creator created?

In so many ways Humanity needs to understand the totality about itself!”

And from our million dollar question, there some other questions spinning off:

If we can pinpoint the origin of the Universe, how could it be that this point started expanding?

How is it possible that the Creator released His fields and suddenly they could form a new life – and a new life in His image!

Where exactly did the origin of creation appear? Into what spaces does the expanding universes expand into? If that space exists, then it has been created before the creation ?!?