Sentiments, Feeling and affective plane, part 2

Sentiment, a diagnostic and control tool

Every action, be it a thought, a word, a movement, is accompanied by an associated feeling. By perceiving it, we can better understand the situation, know if it is constructive or not for us, and normalize it if necessary. This is how our inner GPS works.

For example, I think about an event that is happening in my life right now. If I feel great joy (not an emotion like excitement), it means that this event is constructive for me. On the other hand, if it generates anxiety in me, it means that there are components of this event that are not up to par or that my participation in this event is not part of my life mission according to my Soul. In both cases, the negative feeling is a signal that allows me to normalize the situation.

The feeling is therefore a tool that allows us to diagnose elements of our reality, and to normalize them if necessary. Positive feelings help us achieve our goals; they crystallize, stabilize and densify our control of reality. The stabilization of our reality comes about if we think about an event with joy; when we develop this feeling of joy, it will densify the informational light of this event and will allow its manifestation in the reality to the norm.

Knowing how to use emotions and feelings is not innate
It is a learning process.

Feelings, the network of the Spirit and Love

Every element in the universe is interconnected with every other element with ties of Love in the Network of Spirit. Love is the basis on which all feelings are created. Therefore each element has its own feeling. The feelings on the emotional plane provide us with another – much more effective – plane of perception. It allows extra-sensory perception, it can treat much larger volumes of information and it also contributes to colour our vision of the universe. To successfully navigate our life feelings and sensations are a much more efficient tool than rational thought. Our feeling is a divine instrument. It is an active and controlling substance. The more stable and lasting our feelings are, the more stable and lasting our reality will be.

Since all feelings are created on the basis of Love, our exploration of the different feelings always leads us back to Love. Love is the only feeling on the fundamental plane where the Creator dwells. The path of evolution and development of our feelings is parallel to the development of our consciousness. We will develop our feelings so that they become comparable to those of God.

The substance of feelings is everywhere

Because Love is eternal and is the basis of all other feelings, all feelings are moving towards eternity as well. One could say that Love is the eternal substance of which feelings are made. The substance of the feeling of eternal life is everywhere. In the previous articles, we have become aware of this with the substance of Love in which we are constantly bathed. The ocean of Love is everywhere. Someone who is in love feels that his love embraces the whole universe.

The human being is able to create this substance of eternity to cover the whole universe. Only one person in Love can spread his Love over everything else very quickly. If one person is in a room, for example, her Love will affect all the other people in the room.

This Love is real, alive and acting at all times. As soon as we start to see that we are able to create Love, and we see that it spreading everywhere, we see the world as a world of Love.

The power of sentiments put all logical understanding second place. We need to feel our world and it will become unlimited and infinite. Each of us is constantly creating the Love that surrounds us. It’s important to realize that are not just creating Love and wait for it to cover the whole universe; but we are co-creating it eternally. When we feel a loving universe, we see what God sees.

For example, you hear someone singing. If you love that voice the Love you feel immediately spreads throughout the whole universe instantly. In this state of being we have the most powerful influence on the universe. We must become aware of this power; not only know it mentally but feel it.

Transmission of feelings through compassion

Love spreads anyway but we can enhance it’s spreading when we are consciously aware of it. Therefore it is important to transmit the feeling to those around us. This is usually done when we use compassion. When we feel compassion and want to help someone, we pass love and the feeling of eternity on to them and they pick up the information on an informational level – even from a distance.

Some feelings are transmitted faster than others. Each feeling has a specific channel that we can use for our control of reality. The channels are active; they participate in the transmission. We can transmit the feeling of eternal life and others, through these channels. And at the same time feel what they feel. This work develops our sensory planes. Our feelings contribute to the development of our thinking. By transmitting our feelings, it will help the other person to transform his thoughts.

Leave your small town and step into the BIG WORLD

When we want to be part of the universal community, we need to grow our knowledge, our perception and our language beyond the small confines of our existence on our planet. All the time we have inhabited our planet, our consciousness and worldview have remained very limited, considering only what we can see here and how we can see everything.

A very good example of what M Keshe is trying to teach us here is the concept of time. Time is not an absolute reality, it is relative to the space the observer finds himself in. The perception of time depends on the reference points to measure it:

  • on earth the reference points to measure time is the sun: earth takes a day to turn around itself in respect to the position of the sun; and it takes a year to complete the orbit around the sun.
  • One level higher, the galaxy takes 240 million years to rotate around itself.
  • For the next level, the rotation of the universe, there seems to be no data, as orthodox science isn’t even sure of what lies beyond the universe and what would be the reference point.

Anyway our little example shows that a day on earth means millions of years in the galaxy. That could mean that a moment in the galaxy resembles very much 1017seconds, the refreshing time of reality? If we imagine this difference in the perception of time the other way around, we would see that other, non earthly members of the universal community would live, move and do everything they do at a tremendously slower speed. A galactic heartbeat would roughly take 12 days – completely imperceptible to us!

So much about a mechanical process, but what about living processes?

Our body and all processes on Earth are dependent on the magrav fields of the earth, which are the interaction between the sun and the earth within the terrestrial inertia environment. Cellular regeneration sequences for example are dependent of the magrav fields of the Soul, the soul of physicality and the body within the magrav fields of the planet. Each of the components having it’s own heartbeat; and the frequency of the cellular regeneration would be the material result of the harmonic interaction of all the individual heartbeats playing together.

Then we have to see that the majority of this process happens on the fundamental and the energy level – and what’s happening on the material level is only the very last projection, like the final casting of the liquid bronze into the mold for a sculpture or a bell.

On the universal level we don’t measure, because measurement is bound to the matter level – it has no significance at all on the fundamental and the Soul level. Transportation on earth is the result of energy input, mass to be moved and distance. That doesn’t matter on the universal level. All these example show us how impossible it is to just use our rational, material mind to understand the workings of the universe. We need a complete different tool set to be efficient on the universal level. On the universal level we cannot just translate the super complexity into simple matter state rational concepts: we need different knowledge and different ways to process these huge amounts of information. Our rational mind is useless; but we fortunately have recourse to a much higher level of knowledge and processing – all of which is available and ready to be used in our Soul.

Reality is affective

Now we understand that the only path to evolve is to gain access to the Soul level if we want to live as universal beings and be part of the universal community. Most beings in the universal community have not physical body, no sound language, no rational language… they don’t really communicate but commune based on the sharing of feelings using the affective plain.

You remember our creation? I made man in the image of myself.” This means that Man will feel the same feelings as the Creator, so all will share the same reality. Here we find the common ground, where we all can “Feel the same, want the same and do the same.”

We need to reach the state of being where we understand and use the emotions and feelings of the Creator. Why? – because the Creator has only the level of the Soul. We are the body of the Creator, we are his hands, his voice, his interface with this magnificent creation on the matter level. So if we want to do a good job in being His hands, we have to understand His wishes.

We need to learn the universal language which is not the matter based rational language but feeling language – we need to become literate on the affective plane – in order to normalize, materialize and travel but also to communicate with other beings in the universal community.

We have learned that the life and interaction of everything in the universe is based on the heartbeat. The rational mind will never be able to understand this; but real lovers already know. You cannot encounter a heartbeat by looking at an EEG; but by feeling the heartbeat of the beloved, you have access to her Soul and you will know everything about her.” Science of Eden.

Having such a great and important path in front of us, why would we bother about money, power, masks, lock-downs and so on??? Why is M Keshe not talking about vaccination, the new world order and all that crap??? Why are we still impressed by UFOs and their powers??? And why are we still waiting to be saved by the galactic federation, the white dragons and so on???

We are really growing up

The present evolutionary step for all of us, is about saving ourselves by ourselves, and to finally grow up to what we have been created – the likeness of the Creator.

The elevation of the Man is happening by his understanding of the laws of the Universe as the Creator understands them. How much we can evolve depend on how much each of us can free himself from self deceit and the shackles of matter.

When the expedition around Baird Spalding in the Far East encountered normal people crossing a river by walking on water while believing that they themselves could never do this – they were asked: Why are you still romping when you can walk?”

We are lacking the confidence in the Creator and in our selves. But the new technologies with the PRK-1U and the Universal Enhancement Units, can help us: “You only need to see your Soul once. That’s why we created the Universal Enhancement Units. They are not there to cure cancers and Corona infections, their purpose is the creation of the Perfect Man.” MT Keshe

Growing out of religions

In this evolutionary step, we will also have to outgrow religions. The freedom of true personal spirituality will replace the bondage of collective religions. Spirituality is not about obeying commandments – but it is all about understanding. Lucid understanding instead of blind obedience.

When we understand the purpose of everything in the universe including ourselves, our natural being with all these miraculous abilities will be revealed to us.

Just go to your Soul, and I’ll be there to help” MT Keshe

Emotion, feeling, sensation and the affective plane, part 1

On many many occasions M Keshe and Grigori Grabovoï insist that normalizing reality and creating our body and reality does not so much depend on our rational mind but on our affective mind. Bio-signals, capable of normalizing and creating reality are less thoughts than feelings. Therefore it is super important to understand and develop our emotional side.


  • An emotion is our response to a particular event. For example, you may feel gratitude when events are perfectly aligned for you; or anger following an event that echoes one of your past emotional wounds.
  • A feeling is a more or less permanent state of being that is not necessarily linked to an event. But we do not always feel it consciously.
  • The sensation is our individual capacity or way of perceiving a feeling; we could say that feelings are objective and our sensation is subjective.
  • The affective plane includes all the feelings we experience, constructive as well as non-constructive feelings.

The affective plane

By becoming aware of this plane, we amplify our potential. Our feelings become denser, wider and clearer. It can also allow us to take more distance for example. The feelings developing on this plane are impregnating each of our actions, from the most important to the most banal.

The affective plane is build on Love, the principle feeling and matter of creation. On it’s basis other constructive feelings like the feeling of eternity, joy or peace are created. All feelings are mutually enriching. When human beings become aware of feelings and use them can use them, they can understand that they are eternal. Feelings therefore provide us with a new understanding of reality. The more our consciousness is structured, the more stable are our feelings – this is how we become aware of our eternity on the affective plane, a guts feeling instead of the rational mind understanding something.


When we reach the perception of eternal life we will be emotionally unshakeable and therefore these constructive states of being will be permanent. For example, we all have a deep joy inside us but we are not necessarily connected to it permanently at the moment. The emotional stability will also become the focus of our attention, creating in the wake all of our reality to the norm.


The feeling is an informational structure that we can perceive through sensation. Our Soul creates a feeling and we become aware of it when it emerges on the affective plane as a sensation. Each of our perceptions is accompanied by a sensation and we can use it.

Sometimes the sensation of a feeling may be obscured because of the wounds in the unstructured consciousness. For example, a person may not feel Love or Joy at all. His feelings will develop little by little, as the normalization of his consciousness evolves. The more you structure your consciousness, the more joy and Love you feel, for example. And of course, at the same time, we discover all the feelings of eternal life.

Sensation always exists, but it is necessary to distinguish between perceived or conscious sensations and hidden sensations, which exists anyway, but which we do not consciously perceive. Sometimes we feel something but it remains vague, it doesn’t reach our consciousness. Maybe we don’t have time to grasp our perceptions, to understand them. Our goal is not only to perceive something barely perceptible but also and above all to understand what we are feeling.

At other times, we feel but we do not know what we feel. We feel something but we cannot pinpoint what it is. So we need to sense and understand what we are feeling. We need to develop the clear sensation of our feelings – to make them stable and efficient to normalize reality. This is our goal.

Sometimes, the understanding of certain things can be unstable. For example, we perform an action, then we doubt what we have done. We can imagine that we did not do it properly, that we did not take into account certain parameters. The feeling allows us to have confirmations of our action. Logical conclusions may raise some doubts but the feeling is something real and tangible. This divine plan exists within us and we can feel it. This is one of the best criteria for our understanding.

Little by little, the feelings will feed us and give us more and more satisfaction.

Feelings are diagnostic and normalizing

Our feelings and their counterpart the sensations are diagnostic. To know if something we hear is true, all we have to do is compare what we are told with the knowledge in our Soul, confirmed by our feelings. It is necessary to perceive and then maintain this perception during the control. There are many nuances in this perception but little by little, our feelings will become more refined and more stable.

Our sensations themselves are both an acting and diagnostic; that means they detect wether an event is to the norm and normalize it if needed at the same time.

How feelings are created

When our three fundamental structures interact with each other in perfect harmony, they create together a fourth informational structure which is the feeling. Each of these parts of the human being senses the other parts and their interactions, and from this emerges the affective plane and the feelings. Thus another plane of perceptual reality appears within our mind, letting emerge this particular substance, which is the feeling. And of course, depending on the structuring of our consciousness, the feeling will be more or less constructive.

Constructive feelings are an extension, a part of our Soul, like the body/mind system. Just like our fundamental structures, our feelings have the possibility of being eternal. Everything that aims at the universal good can be eternal. Not only human beings, but all living beings with their feelings. Feelings are on the fundamental and energetic level.

The first feeling created by the interaction between the Soul and the mind/consciousness creates is Love. Love is by default spread throughout the universe instantly. Since its generation it is in close contact with the mind/consciousness. This is what allows the feeling to spread instantly everywhere (through the mind and the Spirit Network). The creation of the feeling is therefore a real event that concerns the whole universe.

How we develop feelings and our sensing ability

First by becoming aware of it, by understanding it. The understanding and observation gives us the possibility to develop it and feel it more deeply.

We can have the impression to dive inside. And while filling ourselves with life and activity, we will help this feeling to develop. In time we will achieve a certain stability that allows us to keep that feeling constantly. At this point, the feelings are not necessarily intense; they can be really calm. Joy for example can be calm or push us to action. To feel, to understand and to create new feelings, it is a virtuous circle that has no limits.

Only Love is already fully developed; it is stable and complete. But the sensation of it makes its perception vary – depending on the degree of development of our consciousness. But sensations vary from individual to individual also because each of us feels differently. For example, the feeling of Love does not change, but each person feels Love in his or her own individual way and according to the structuring of his or her consciousness.

We can develop and amplify all the other feelings infinitely by our intention, and a work of concentration. Feelings grow and develop on their own, but if we apply ourselves consciously, their development will be faster. All feelings have a base that is eternal and stable; and it is from this fixed base that a feeling can be developed. The fact that every feeling has a fixed base, is in itself a characteristic of its eternity.

When our hearts beat as one

The crucial question through the last weeks of teaching was how we can manage to have the Soul extent it’s fields beyond the limits of the body. When this happens, we have moved from the mind to the Soul; and there we have a direct connection to the fields of the universe through the Soul – then we will be totally protected, invulnerable and all our needs will be naturally taken care of as they appear.

The prerequisite to the expansion of the Soul is of course the agreement of the free will, to step back and joyfully embrace the wishes of the Soul, which are the wishes of the Creator.

Here the big question arises: “How can i possibly embrace the wishes of my Soul, when I don’t even know them? It seems impossible for me to reach that point”.

But there is hope. Being in love is the key. Probably each of us has already experienced the closeness to the Soul. When we were really in love with someone: in the presence of the beloved our heartbeat increases and our only desire is to make the beloved happy. This is exactly the state of mind where our consciousness is structured and we have no idea to follow our habitual egoistic personal agenda.

We remember how the simple presence of the beloved makes our heart beat stronger. Now the physical heartbeat is the reflection of the heartbeat of our Soul, who is driving the physical heartbeat. The physical heartbeat is actually the condensation of the interaction of the heartbeat of the Soul and the heartbeat of the soul of physicality. A healthy physical heartbeat requires therefore that the soul of physicality, our free will is in harmony with the Soul. Any disharmony will have detrimental effects on our general health and the final disaccord naturally will end in the death of the body.

What in Plasma Science is called “heartbeat” is called “Informational Light” in the Science of Eden. The heartbeat corresponds to the perfect prototype of any element on the fundamental level of the universe.

And to complete the picture, there is the heartbeat of the Earth which, in conjunction with the heartbeats of the Soul and the soul of the physicality, in the environment of the amino acids, control the materialization of our physical body.

So if we want to work with the heartbeat to materialize things or to travel by magrav positioning, we have to tune our our heartbeat to the heartbeat of the Creator and bring both of them into unison. Once our heartbeat has become the heartbeat of the Creator we have elevated our soul to the point where we really are His image and have access to all his capacities.

The heartbeat comes from the interaction of giving and taking. It releases it’s energy when it has reached the maximum charge; then it goes to the minimum to charge up again: we give more in order to receive more to be able to give more. This is how the heartbeat of the Creator sounds like.”

On our beautiful planet Earth, we observe another heartbeat in the phenomenon of the tides. The tides are the result of the interaction of the heartbeat of the sun with the heartbeat of the moon inside the environment of the earth with her heartbeat.

A heartbeat is a rhythm, a heartbeat is universal music; it is the very life and expression of the Soul of the Creator. The heartbeat is love pulsating. We can think of any materialization or normalization we do we singing in resonance with the Creator.

All elements of the world are connected to each other with us at the hub of the network; and it is Love who runs in the channels; it is Love who can activate all the connections so they can condense into events. And each element has a heartbeat which makes all of them together create a divine, universal heartbeat: everything beating as one!

We have learned in the article before that events can show themselves as materialized elements or positions in the universe. We also know that informational light will condense according to the specific environment where the condensation takes place. This means that all the elements that cannot be created on Earth because the heartbeat of these materials and the heartbeat of the earth don’t match. So we are not creating what we need by fusion or fission but we are creating the heartbeat the informational light of what we want to see. That means that elements and spaces are created simultaneously; they are different aspects of the same “thing”.

Now we can see space travel in a new way: up to now we thought that we would be able to travel to a planet in another galaxy as we are – we dematerialize here, reposition where we wanted to go and re-materialize again the same as we have been before. But now it dawns unto us that, according to the Laws of the Universe, we most probably will have different form, once we arrive at a different place. Our new physical form will be the expression of the symphony of the two heartbeats within the possibilities of the new environment. If we understand this, we know that clinging to our personality or physical shape can actually be in the way of space travelling by the Soul. Clinging to who we think we are may make our free will dislike certain aspects of our appearance in the other space – even though it will be to the norm! So it would be a good idea if we could change the clinging to who we are into the trust that we will be always perfectly fitting into the new environment!

The latest enhancement units are intended to work on that level – to enhance the heartbeat of the Soul of the man, to get the free will excited to enjoy the closeness of the Soul with all the “miracles” she can do.

When we are silent and receptive, we can listen to our heartbeat, probing how our being reacts to a certain situation. Now we can extend our perception and listen to the heartbeat of our Soul to learn about Her wishes and, through listening to Her, we can listen to the heartbeat of the Creator, who dwells within within our Soul.

To connect to our real being we need love and trust. Love and trust are the two sides of the same coin: Unconditional Love is the answer of the creation to the wish of the Creator and unconditional trust is our connection with Him.

In his recent talks M. Keshe introduced us to the Soul-birth; this concept is so new and revolutionary, that it may be very difficult to accept it at first, because we could not imagine it. But he taught us how it works:

  1. The Creator has emitted His wish to expand Himself into a new Soul.
  2. The Souls of the parents receive that wish in the form of a desire emerging inside them to co-create a new being.
  3. They prepare themselves deeply to this splendid co-creation.
  4. The new Soul grows inside the space of love created by the parents and the Creator. Always connected to them and nourished by the Universal Knowledge, She can never be separated from Her Source.
  5. In total trust, the new Soul grows to maturity, when the Soul of the mother allows the Soul of the child to move out of her body into the body of the physical world at exactly the right moment. The Soul Child or Universal Child will actually chose his incarnation.
  6. When this happens, you will see a light.
  7. A child born this way, is fully equipped with the universal knowledge and will never create any distance between the free will and the Soul. Maybe his consciousness will be fully structured as he has never perceived anything not the norm. S his free will will dwell on the divine part of consciousness unified with the Creator for ever.
  8. And then of course the whole attitude and relationship of the parents towards their child will be totally different: they will not have any idea of educating him – on the contrary, they know that their child is much more evolved on the fundamental level than them, so they will look to him as a help in elevating their souls.

Just knowing and understanding this process enables our imagination to visualize everything, the material parts but also the invisible parts. Then we can accept the possibility and we can also “see” it. And then we can befriend the idea. And then we can get used to the idea; to slowly finding it normal. And then finally it may even be possible that we can experience if for ourselves, because our free will will not fighting it but welcoming it, loving it.

Now I understand what Anastasia meant that people way over 60, who have created their Space of Love, that they can indeed create a new child, because their procreation does not depend on the physical level anymore – they are creating a Universal Child!

Process of creation

Beyond GaNS

Up to now we have considered GaNS as substances on the matter level. Each GaNS was considered to have a particular field force, structure, energy and application. Now we learn that each GaNS carries a whole spectrum of field forces, each with his own heartbeat, able to condense into a whole array of different matters. We could actually create anything out of one single GaNS; and we can reach any point in any universe through the field strength contained in it.

Each ray of the sun on the image represents a connection to a specific element as well as a particular position inside the Unicos. So when we focus our attention on the one of the rays that represents the position or element that we wish, we can condense this specific energy into the desired element or position in the universe.

We know that each and every element in the world is connected to every other element inside the living Spirit Network. So any element carries via each connection the field strength or potential for every other element inside itself. And it is our attention – of course coming from the structured side of our consciousness – that, together with the Law of Attraction – can thus manifest or normalize anything our Soul wishes for.

I remember that some years ago a lab conducted a spectral analysis of GaNS-CO2 and they found that it contained all elements existing on this planet. All the elements are of course present in their plasmatic form, as Informational Light. Now we know that they can be condensed into any element with the help of the field strength of our Soul/mind/body.

If we find that elusive light of the Creator, the strength of his love and generosity, will make us find the path directly to the Creator and all his abilities. It takes only one particle of GaNS to take the man through the whole universe to the Creator. It’s us who have to understand this.MT Keshe

Befriending invisible fields

We can visualize the prove of this when we look at different magnets on a table; they are all naturally positioned in relation to each other. When we move one of the magnets shows the effect of our attention – all the other magnets will reposition themselves. This shows that all the magnets/elements are in permanent connection to any other element – so moving one will inevitable move the rest. The experiment with the magnets gives us the explanation on the matter plane; now we have find a way to see the same on the plasma or field level.

We do not see magnetic fields, but we know that as soon as a magnet encounters another magnet or a piece of iron, the magnetic forces will be felt or seen. When we design electric motors we use exactly this principle: we imagine or anticipate the invisible magnetic field forces and arrange them in a specific way to enable them to interact and turn the motor. To design a motor we are anticipating precisely the field interactions of the magnets in it. When we assemble it physically, connect it to the current and the motor turns, we have the confirmation that we have anticipated the field interactions correctly; we have understood the invisible interactions of the fields.

Another example is the whiteboard: before we draw anything on it, we could say that all we can ever draw on the board is already contained in it as a potential (a plasma or Informational light). In a way drawing on it condenses the invisible, potential elements into a visible, material form. Even the existence of the whiteboard is a confirmation of the existence of the fields, because it is the structure which we use to make events or elements visible on the matter level.

In order to use the Plasma Technology on this new level, we have to understand what we don’t see and trust the understanding to an extend that we can work with it. In a way we have to develop a new sense: the sens of perceiving fields.

And we can go even totally beyond the GaNS technology in the sense that we actually don’t need the physical GaNS particles anymore, because we have all the fields inside ourselves. Our body is the hub of the Sp irit Network which connects the links between all elements of the universe. We have been the co-creators of everything; therefore we have an informational light connection to everything; meaning that we can access any field force of any element or place in the universe from inside our Soul, following the procedure as elaborated above.

It all cooks down to the Soul of the Creator and the love of the soul of the created. In between them is the circle in which we have co-created everything that exists in the world.

Each of us has to decide now how close do I want my soul of physicality to be in respect to the Creator: the less I possess and the more I give, the closer I will be.

The moment you understand that there is nothing to hold on to – but everything is given just to make use of it and share with all, you have become the Soul of the Creator.MT Keshe

Help on the way

The process to be able to trust the things we don’t see with our eyes, more can be helped with the PRK-1U and also with the Plasma Tools, like the air enhancement units – conditioning our living spaces with this unit, we will walk in the fields, breath the fields, eat the fields… be completely immersed in the fields. Just to get used to them and start feeling how they work. These are the baby steps towards our innate potential, our gift of the Creator.

Each of the new the plasma tools recently published on the KF web store are all a “blessing in disguise”: we thought they would be to treat corona, to purify our air or protect us from EMF radiation, etc. But the master magician Mehran Keshe laughs because he knows that the real power of these systems lies in the elevation of the Soul!

Being immersed in plasma fields, the fields will become part of us and that’s how we come closer and trust – hopefully!

We can save ourselves

Even conventional science has discovered that we take 80% of our energy needs directly from the environment mainly by the air we breath but also by the water we drink and our skin absorbs. This can happen easily because of the special configuration of the mouth in respect to the seat of the Soul. In fact it is the Soul who is responsible for this configuration as She is making sure to have the appropriate energy supply channels on the matter level in place.

At the same time the Soul absorbs also the energy supplied by matter food which is made available in the stomach. So she uses all means to gather more energy to elevate the soul of physicality and enable him to find all the necessary energy supply directly by universal fields. In a way our Soul wants to show the soul of physicality (free will ) that “if you look you will see that all you need is supplied by the universe already – so you don’t need to kill other life forms for your sustenance”. MT Keshe

In “seducing” the free will to be in a loving relationship with the Soul, the latter can expand her fields beyond the limits of the body and repair, heal, feed, transport, transmute – that means She will be able to do everything she needs directly without the a recourse through the matter plane.

This changes the way we operate entirely; everything will be turned upside down, or more precisely “inside out”. As up to know we try to fulfill all our needs by exclusively acting on the matter level, with the help of the technologies being developed out of the Universal Knowledge, we can manage the satisfaction of any of our needs and wishes directly my normalizing and materializing from the fundamental level.

In fact this “inside out” change is not a simple thing; it means moving our identity from the body/mind system to the Soul. We change our abode from the matter level to the fundamental level.

The new technology will facilitate the process. It could be by elevating the soul of physicality to the level of the Soul. That process should follow the 1st Law of Plasmodynamics, where the free will inside the soul of physicality adopts the weaker position so it can and will be fed by the Soul, thus gradually reaching the level of the Soul. As a physical technique to achieve this, M Keshe mentioned the technique of “hyperventilation”, where the energy absorbed the body becomes so big that it surpasses the body/mind control system. It is possible that the person using that technique may experience a “passing out”; this means that the free will/soul of physicality has handed over the control to the Soul.

And he also mentioned in the same context the role of the hormones: right now they are unconsciously created in configurations that serve the mostly nonconstructive belief systems of the collective unconscious. This scenario gives us the impression that the hormones control our body and as we are only looking at the material level, they control our life downstream.

But now we can understand that the hormones are actually energy packs created by the Soul which can free us from material bondage; they can become our tool to control the manifestation and health of our body – we only need to understand that we can use them as soon as we migrate our seat of control from the unstructured to the structured part of the mind.

The door is open to us, if Man can only stop his habit of killing. It is Man who has to change” MT Keshe

And of course the whole process can only be taking place inside the Universal Principle, when we are peaceful beings only interested in the common good. Peace and absolute equality and freedom are the one and only conditions to this!

Or let our Children save us

For the time being, it seems that we have to find our way to our normal and natural position from where we have total control over our life. This may individually take a lot of time. The Universal Knowledge, which changes the way we think about the birthing process will migrate humanity to the new condition:

  • The Souls of the mother and the father co-create with the Creator a new Soul in an impulse of Love. So the beginning of a new life is not the meeting of an egg and a sperm but the meeting of two Souls in the splendid act of co-creation. Both understand that the creation and evolution of a new Soul is a “lifetime work” and the most important project of their life; therefore one child per couple will be the norm.
  • The new Soul will grow up always connected to the Souls of the parents.
  • There will be an embryo who will develop naturally in the mother’s womb; using the time of gestation to assimilate the knowledge of the Universe.
  • The new Soul, equipped with the Universal Knowledge cannot be corrupted by so called knowledge of the matter state; She will forever be unable to do wrong and she will always be free to go where she decides and incarnate wherever her choice.
  • So the new Soul will not need to use the painful birth channel; She can just materialize into the arms of her loving parents.
  • As the new Soul is connected to all the elements on the Soul level, she will remain the central hub of the Spirit Network of the Creator, using Her physical body to normalize and materialize everything she wishes.

This new technique of “Soul birthing” creates new Human beings who will be living naturally for the Common Good. They will naturally lead a perfect life and thus change the course of humanity.

The Soul Birthing will first and foremost be happening on the fundamental level. And it will set a highly powerful process in motion: it actually needs only a few of these universal children. Each of them radiates important volumes of Informational light; plus they are all interconnected with each other inside the Spirit Network which they will fire it up big time!

The access key is Love.

This orphanage will change Humanity

The Iranian KF has conducted a large scale experiment in an orphanage of mentally handicapped children. Maybe next week (KSW381) the KF will present a video showing the changes.

The experience is about changing the life of around 100 children by working on the Soul level provoking changes on the physical level – to bring them back to a situation where they can lead a normal life without any handicap – bringing back their lives to the norm

This is a very important test, because if the KF can change the life of 100 human beings for the positive by elevating their soul of physicality to the level of their Soul where every cell and function is to the norm, then there is no reason why we may not be able to change the whole humanity!

Where is paradise and what is heaven?

Laurie Anderson sings that : “Paradise is exactly like where you are right now – only much much better

However we know that paradise is not a place but a state of mind – it is the state we are in when our free will dwells in the structured side of our consciousness; we can also say that paradise or heaven is when we are consciously flowing with our eternal harmonious development; and we can say that heaven is enlightenment. We can also say that heaven is being able to assimilate the Universal Knowledge of the Creator – which is the door to everything.

In heaven, everything you wish comes to pass. “Everything? Really?”. Yes, absolutely. Everything – because you are the hands of the Creator, you are living for the Good for All.

Very few people reach that position, because we are too much entangled with physical ownership.” MT Keshe