Cup of the Universe, 3

The incubator of anything we wish for

The Cup of the Universe is the blueprint for the creation of everything on the planet and beyond in the universe. It is given to guarantee the eternal harmonious development of all living beings across the universe.

As shown up to now the 12 material components are of course of earthly origins. What do we imagine of what will happen, when we replace for example the earthly Ca salt by a plasma-matter conversion agent from planet Zeus?

This makes the Cup an experimentation- and test-unit to find out how our body will change when we beam ourselves to another planet with totally different inertia conditions. In this context it is important to remember the basic configuration of the Cup of the Universe: there is a central part: the nano-coated copper coil, the nano-coated zinc coil and the feeling with the Soul in their centre. We see that the feeling/Soul is the centre of the centre – the real source of creation. Here we decide what we wish to manifest and then we can change the corresponding other components to match the change in manifestation. So the Cup of Universe shows itself as an incubator for anything we wish to create.

It’s not about the copper and the zinc anymore; understanding the structure of the schematic of the Cup of Universe is much more important than the physical components. Understanding the technology is more important than the technology itself. MT Keshe

Inertia and gravity

The nano-coated iron coil (Fe-nc) represents the gravitational field force while the uncoated iron plate is the inertia. The adding of another element in a particular position will change the overall inertia of the system; the new coil of matter state of inertia (?). As we see in the triangle of the interaction between the three of them, it will have an effect on the soul of physicality. Can the soul exist in this environment or do we have to elevate it to a new level to accommodate the change?

This is about fields. Up to now we have only considered the inertia of the matter state: solid, liquid or gaseous. Now we have to wrap our mind around the inertia of the fields. This becomes important anywhere in the universe where we don’t find matter conditions and wish to be there nevertheless. Consequently we have to create a condition that allows us to manifest – not on the matter level but on the plasma level; our soul of physicality will manifest on the energy level but not on the matter level.

Of course this will enable us to manifest anywhere as a plasma without the physical body – being invisible. That technology has been used by Jesus on the cross, when he left the body and transferred his Soul and soul of physicality to appear later on in a splendid new body.

So when we travel through space by the Soul, in the phase of dematerialization, we only prevent the physical manifestation by diminishing the field force of the uncoated iron plate; in other words we change the position and interactions of the soul of physicality.

Something more on the centre part of the Cup of Universe: we see the feelings and emotions with the soul at the centre; they are the source of all creation. If you are, like me, a child of post-industrial cultures, feelings and emotions have largely been excluded from our socialization: Previously it was understood that there were six distinct human emotions – happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust. But scientists have now found that the number is as many as 27. We have a very small emotional vocabulary. So the development of the Plasma Science and Technology will rapidly expand our vocabulary. It’s not that there are only few feelings but we only know a few; there is an infinite number of feelings in the universe because the number of elements is infinite and each element carries a characteristic feeling as part of it’s informational light.

Cup of Universe and Crop Circles

Our friend Paolo from Italy has found a surprising and magnificent parallel: he discovered a crop circle that has the same structure as the Cup of Universe – isn’t that amazing? Suppose the crop circles are not man-made, but are information sent to us from the Universal Community – then the Cup of Universe is an important key. An evolutionary technology broadcast by the KF and the Universal Community at the same time!

Medical use

The same technology can also be applied in the medical field to restore lost limbs and organs. And this is an impossibly simple process – we only have to allow the body to restore itself. This is the easy part. And allowing the body to restore requires us either to not see the body as damaged, or to see it and know that it is already restored – which amounts to the same at the restoration rate of 10-17x/s. In other words we have to replace the consciousness that if our hand is cut, this hand is missing by the consciousness and perception that our body is invulnerable. Even if our hand is cut 100 billion times per second, it will still be there, because it is restored at the same rate.


For communication we can use the same technology, we “only” have to transfer the information to be transmitted onto the emotional/soul level and the transfer will be immediate.


Here are some more variations for the fabrication: instead of using spirals and plates as different entities, how about creating a hybrid – half of it is a coil the other a plate. Then you can nano-coat one or the other. And then you can nano-coat neither and just with your intention make a part behave as if it were nano-coated…

… or what about using copper and zinc pipes instead of wires?

When you make the Cups of the Universe, each part, each detail has to be observed!

Grigori Grabovoï expresses the same when he says that the control of reality is only successful, when we consider all the parts, links and interactions of all the elements that are part of the project that needs to be normalized. As everything in the Universe is connected and interacts with everything else, we have to consider an infinite number of variables. This cannot be done by the rational mind, but only with feelings, love and the Soul.

That’s why even the same person cannot replicate the magrav he built, because the number of variables is just too big. You would have to do exactly the same movements in the same time and you would have to do all of it in the same state of mind.

Nano-coating update

And something ‘new’ about nano-coating: every nano-coating creates its own environment. If a nano-coated element is places inside a container the whole inside of the container changes from matter state to the plasma state. As a quick reminder, nano-coating means giving a higher charge to the surface molecules of a substance; so they repel each other more, creating a bigger distance between them and attracting and channeling ambient energy (unspecific universal energy packs) through them. We could say that nano-coating works like a vacuum. A vacuum being a space of reduced resistance, where energies can flow freely. So nano-coating raises the energy level of a given environment from the matter to the plasma level.

We know that everything below the skin in our body is in the plasma level or GaNS state; therefore nano-coating is a technology that mimics whats happening in the real world.

Cup of the Universe 2

The culmination of the teaching

The Cup of the Universe is the culmination of all M. Keshe’s teachings presented since the beginning. In the first half of the teachings, he showed us how to transmute matter (copper coils, zinc plates etc.) from the matter state through the transition state (GaNS) onto the fundamental plane (fields).

And when when we applied the GaNS via patches, we created a magrav field differential to restore the balance of a particular body part. This means that we always worked on the field level in the plasma applications. Conscious or not – Plasma Science is always applied on the invisible level!

Our body knows it all

Plasma Science teaches us that every process or interaction is bidirectional; that means that the process described above also works in the reverse direction: based on magrav fields, a new soul can be created which can condense into the matter state to form a new physical element or event. We learned that everything in the universe is created in that way, our selves with our body included.

The teachings about how our breathing- and digestive-system work, showed us clearly that our body, the any other living entity, is created and maintained in exactly the same way: A particular intention condenses universal, unspecific energy packs inside a given environment into specific matters. Our own boy does that perfectly well – as long as our unstructured mind doesn’t interfere. Our body will be eternally young in perfect health – if only we would let him be. All our fundamental structures, Soul, mind and body are made in the Creators image with the same divine perfection – and we “only” have to “change our mind”, to transmute it from a hyperactive child into a perfect servant of the Creator.

Knowing that our body is created in exactly the same way as everything else in the universe – we have the base of communication or interaction with everything else in the universe.


On the right you see the original drawing of M. Keshe explaining the setup of the Cup of the Universe. We se the nano-coated copper and zinc spirals with the feeling and Soul in the centre and all the other components around it.

The cup contains the beginnings of the plasma technology: the nano-coated copper coil and uncoated zinc plate; this is the setup for the production of GaNS-CO2 (blue dotted ellipse).

We also see the 1Cup1Life, that has saved many lives, with the nano-coated copper coil and the uncoated zinc and copper plates (green ellipse).

Then the combination of the galvanized uncoated iron plate around to the uncoated iron plate, including the nano-coated copper coil, we created sugar for energy and blood. Both of them combined will become energized blood, the support this evolutionary step.

In all the different GaNS production processes we always produced amino acids as well, the building blocks for life. However the amino acid created in the Cup of the Universe with all the different salts dissolved in the water, is a different amino acid – this is the amino acid necessary for the creation of life.

The salts dissolved in the water play a decisive role as the increase of magnesium (Mg) will create vertical life forms (plants) while an increase in potassium (K) in the presence of sodium (Na) will create horizontal life. Small changes in the percentage of the salts will create different tissues.

The Cup of the Universe contains all the components to create and maintain any system of the complexity of the human body-mind-soul-system and beyond.


The inertia field is a combination of two inertias: the field of the environment but the field created by the observer, his inertia. When the inertia of an environment are compatible with ours, there is visibility.

This explains the phenomenon discovered by quantum physics that an observed phenomenon depends and changes by the attention of the observer.

This also explains the fact that we live in a perceptional world, where the actual existence and the perceived characteristics of any element are depending on the one who observes. This changes the inertia from a given constant into a variable. Everything is created inside the inertia conditions of the planet together with the fields of our intention/attention.

It is the state of our consciousness which determines our inertia: a poorly structured consciousness will follow the collective believe that we have no influence on the outside world, so our inertia won’t count. A well structured consciousness, however, will allow us to really co-create the reality we want to live in.

So the existence of any element depends on our view on it.

Our perception is of course determined by the same variables. There are elements in the universe whose inertia are not balanced with ours – that’s why they remain invisible to us. But with a structured consciousness, we can receive through our clairvoyance the informational light from any entity. So we can become aware of it and direct our attention to it. With a structured mind, with an open mind, we will see a multitude of things that we were not aware of before.

The inertia of the environment is the Soul of the Creator.” MT Keshe

What we see is a product of the inertia of the environment and ours. The inertia of the environment is the design of the Creator. Our inertia is what we want through our structured consciousness. Even if we don’t participate in the co-creation, the elements created are to the norm and reflect the intention of the Creator – if only to help us become more conscious. We can only participate in the splendid co-creation with a structured mind, with a divine mind who is perfectly synchronized with the Creator. And it is this synchronicity which will make us see it all!

Cup of the Universe and our evolution

With one drop we can create a fish in the ocean, or with one drop we can create a man in the womb of the mother. One drop. This drop is the Soul of the man.” MT Keshe

In first teaching on the Cup of the Universe, we recognized already that creation is way beyond the capacities of the rational mind – and with it of computers, artificial intelligence etc. They may be able to poorly imitate life but they will never be able to create or sustain it. The creation and maintenance of life and everything else requires huge capacities to treat information; a feat that is only possible for Love, the Soul and the Creator.

In more and more understanding the creation, we slowly get used to the new knowledge; a process which will lead us to a moment where the new knowledge has become common currency and can replace non-constructive beliefs of the collective (un-)conscious. During the same process we will gain the trust needed to let our Soul and the Creator take over to manage the world and our lives. And we will be content to be the arms, feet, mouth etc of the Creator.

Anyone will reach there unless he is in denial, too afraid to let go of the collective beliefs, or a hypocrite. The only way to not evolve is denying the knowledge of the Universe. In this case it’s not your time, because you have not matured yet.”

Life, intelligence and existence are synonymous; they have never been separated and never shall be.”

The Cup of the Universe, 1

A new dimension: the Cup of the Universe. A new step to get us closer to the Soul and the Creator. We have been taught by M Keshe many technologies like the Cup of life, the Cup of Earth, Cup of Man and so on; they are working in the transition level, the membrane between the physical level and the field or Soul level. We have used different materials to create an environment that can show the transmutation from the material level to the plasma, field or energy level and we could see the results. Yet these technologies were used as examples to help us to transition our perception from the matter to the field level.

The Cup of Earth showed our creation – Soul, Mind and body – in the environment of our planet in a horizontal configuration. In the Cup of the Universe is meant to show the creation in a wider sense.


The setup should be placed in a glass jar. In the Cup of the Universe we have a nano-coated copper (CuO component) and nano-coated zinc (ZnO component). When both of these elements are in a spiral shape, we create the field of emotion: the blue circle in the centre of which sits the Soul.

Furthermore we have Fe (iron) representing our blood but for the planet, too (red Ts).

And you have a nano-coated zinc plate and a not coated zinc plate; as well a nano-coated and an uncoated copper plate. They represent the physical dimension of the body.

Finally you have a nano-coated and an uncoated plate of galvanized iron. This gives us two dimensions of energy.

This model doesn’t include how the different elements are connected to each other. Because this depends on the purpose of the installation, it depends on what we want to achieve, why we are making it. The connections aren’t mechanic or electric, they simply give preference for the plasmatic flow. So if we want to expand the fields of the Soul beyond the limits of the body so that She will control the rest of the system, we would only need to connect the two central elements – the Cu-np with the Zn-np.

And remember also that the system is 3D; this schematic doesn’t show you how the components are stacked either.


This contains everything Man needs on the planet and in the depth of the universe. But you have to consider some things more: in our applications we generally used only NaCl (sodium) to create the salty, gravitational environment, but the human body contains various more salts on the base of Mg (magnesium), K (potassium), Ca (calcium) and so on. We have to use the right combination of the sodium, potassium and magnesium to mimic our system and include another important element: Si (Silicon).

This is the representation of our system in one cup, not in 5 cups as in the Cup of Earth.

Everything that affects the life of Man in the dimension of the Soul, the soul of the physicality and the physicality is in this cup.”

MT Keshe

As the Universal Cup contains all the elements of our existence, changes to any of the elements allows us to adapt our body-mind-Soul-system to function in a different way. And we could for example elevate the soul of the man by fine tuning the centre components Cu-np and Zn-np.

You can decide by manipulating the components of the system what you want to create; you can extend the Soul over the limits of the body by configuring the centre in the right way.

This system is in your hands since many years. As you have not understood the process of creation, you have not understood the process of elevation, which is extending the fields of the Soul beyond the limits of the body.”

MT Keshe

The understanding is the key; it will help you to elevate the soul and the elevation of the soul will help you understand. So will this cup be able to do the work for you, in your place? If you can make this cup in the correct way for the purpose of the elevation of the soul, do you just need to be inside it’s environment and voilà – you are enlightened?

We have to make these cups with a pure intention: to elevate the soul for the good of all. Do not expect to see a miracle because you will become the miracle – and therefore will not be able to see it. The more you progress in understanding this cup, the more you understand how particular events or elements are created in the universe by the interaction of the fields of the components and their interaction with the environment into which they are positioned. The understanding can make you see yourself where you want to be in a very short time.

The pictures are so simple and the understanding is beyond the comprehension of the humanity. All is inside your brain.

MT Keshe

Here are the variables of the schema proposed by M. Keshe:

Feelings with the Soul at the centre (blue sphere) are at the same time the purpose of the set-up and the origin – the created and the creator at the same time. All the other components are matter state components which are transmuted into the plasma state as soon as some of them are nano-coated.

  1. 2 x components to create feelings and the connection to the Soul (green sphere).

  2. 2x components to contain feelings and the Soul (red sphere).

  3. 4x components to compose the physical body (orange sphere).

  4. 2x components providing the energy to sustain the body-mind-Soul-system (yellow sphere).

  5. 1x salt water environment

When we look at these 12 material components, the process of creation looks very simple. But in order to understand the reality of it – what M. Keshe mentions “by the way” – we have to consider also the following:

All the material components “constrain” the plasma flow and interactions into a certain direction. In much earlier teachings about magravs M. Keshe explained that capacitors function differently depending on the way they are set up: when they are installed linear (parallel with entry and exit), the plasma flow will follow the direction determined by us; when they are installed in a circle, they follow the soul of the magrav.

In this way the number of variables grows exponentially with the following characteristics:

  1. The choice of material (Cu, Zn, Fe, etc.)

  2. The state of the material (nano-coated or not)

  3. The shape and the size of the material (plate, coil)

  4. The wired connections between the components

  5. The position of the component in regards to all the others in a 3D space

Finally we have to consider that all elements are since their creation connected to all the other elements in the universe and all these connections run through the focal point, the body of the Human being. This explodes the number of variables to infinity. This system is complete as it contains an unlimited number of possibilities. And we know that, in order to create a specific event or element, we need to consider the all the possibilities or interactions. This cannot be done by the rational mind; we have to use much more potent faculties of our mind and consciousness. To take up the challenge, we need to have the Mind of the Creator, we need to have His power of mind, His speed of processing information, which is precisely 1017x/s.

And here, to my opinion the key quote of M. Keshe:

Your Soul has all this knowledge already! With this, I hope many of you will have a peaceful, restful time. And others amongst the knowledge seekers have just got the cue not to sleep for centuries to find the combinations and interactions of these fields and what they can do. I have given you the key to eternal life in the physicality. Understand the knowledge of the cup and not it’s physicality! MT Keshe