Emptiness & Detachment

Taken from a talk held by Geshe Michael Roach: The Body Immortal: Instructions for Stepping Into A Body That Touches the Entire Universe, Part One. You find the original video following this link (only in english)

Geshe Michael’s teachings are based on the Kamala Shila commentaries on the Diamond Cutter Sutra du Buddha; a key teaching on emptiness.

What is emptiness and what it isn’t

This articles tries to explain how emptiness is the foundation of the world and how the comprehension of emptiness is a technology to control reality in and by itself.

When we say that everything in the world is empty, it does not mean that everything is non-existing or an illusion. It only means that we live in a perceptual universe where every object can only appear in our perception. Whether or not anything exists outside our perception, really doesn’t matter because we have no way to find it out.

That everything is our perception coincides with the saying of M Keshe, that everybody takes from the teachings according to his intelligence; and this applies as well to the absorption of the knowledge into our being and finally the way we perceive the world we live in, our reality.

Careless driver and unfair boss

Let’s use an example to make the concept of emptiness more clear: Peter works as a clerk in a company.

One day on his drive to work, another car cuts into his lane and he has to slam on the breaks not to hit the car. “You f*****g idiot! Did you win your license at the lottery, dummy?! F**k off!”.

A few days later, Peter is called into the boss’ office. The boss’ wife is also present in the room. The boss criticizes him in unequivocal terms that he finds him sloppy at work to a point where he sees himself obliged to lay him off, if he doesn’t come to his senses and delivers punctual and efficient work. Instead of giving him a chance to share his point of view, he dismisses him back to his work place.

Peter is shocked and leaves the room very angry. Back on his desk the woman working opposite of him, asks him what happened and his only to eager to vent his anger about the unjust boss, who is so unfair and only seeing his capitalist interest and not the people…

I think we all know events like these.

According to the law of emptiness, here is what’s going on:

  1. Every element in the world is empty, every element is only a canvas on which we project our perception. And the projection of our perception depends on how we treat others. When we are acting with love and care, we will have pleasant and happy perceptions – when we act rude or violent with others, our perceptions will create suffering for us.
  2. The way we act is like a seed planted into the collective (un-)conscious, where it takes some time to mature.
  3. Once it is ripe, we will see the same treatment, we gave to others before, happening to us.

So our life works like the script of a movie, in which we are the play write and the main character; while the Law of emptiness is the producer and director. In our example Peter by insulting the driver of the car cutting into his lane, planted the seed that later brought him the perception of the unfair boss. When we go a step further back we know that already the careless driver is the flowering of a seed that Peter planted before, maybe when he got angry at his kids because they weren’t obeying him.

As long as our consciousness is poorly structured, we don’t know this. We – just like Peter in the example – believe that the careless driver and the boss are existing on their own and assault him for no reason at all. He doesn’t know that with every action we take (thought, word or act), we are writing the script for our future. This ignorance – as the Buddha calls it – creates the downward spiral, the vicious circles of a life in misery.

The way out of ignorance is knowledge

The way out is not to see the unfair boss as an illusion decide to not become angry anymore – we all know that that’s not possible. The only way out of ignorance is knowledge. If we deeply understand that the boss is an empty screen on which we project the movie that we commissioned to the collective consciousness; if we deeply understand this, we will not become angry, because we will not continue the vicious circle, because we want to create a life of happiness for us and all the others.

This is a great work of detachment, which is the master key – according to M Keshe – to reach a state of harmony with our Soul.

The good for all does the trick

M Keshe told us that in order to support the foundation in the context of the recent fund raising, he contacted with his Soul the Souls of particular people, who could potentially very much help the process. Then, when he called them later by phone, they all told him that they already had a feeling pointing them in that direction.

M. Keshe said that when your wish is to help others or the total of humanity, it always works out. Because the Souls work on the same level for the same purpose.

Why does it work like this?

Because each one of us is first and foremost part of the new Humanity. Humanity is the “container” of the collective consciousness which is responsible for our collective and individual perceptions. So when our motivation is in line with the good for all, then we follow the path of reality – if our motivation is following particular goals, we separate ourselves and consequently our wish or intention is much weaker, as it is not supported by the collectivity.


It was already curious, that I wanted to include a chapter on emptiness already last week. And suddenly in this week’s Knowledge Seeker Workshop, Azar brought up the example of our life being a film projected on a canvas… !

Process of creation

Transforming GaNS

What happens when we turn what we produced as amino acids and GaNSes into a vacuum condition? A vacuum condition is the plasmatic environment inside our body. We get the structure of the human cell. Amino acids in the plasmatic condition will interact with the fields of the other micro systems of the body and naturally morph into what is needed by the body at a particular place. Inside the body nothing can actually exist which doesn’t fit the conditions of the particular environment. That means every little micro system is dedicated towards the eternal harmonious development of the macro system – this is what we call Homeostasis.

The Fundamental Plasma

The creation of the body starts with one cell, which Plasma Science calls fundamental plasma. The Science of Eden calls it the Divine Cell.

The fundamental plasma is the beginning of a new life cycle. The fundamental plasma interacts with the magnetic fields inside itself and outside of it, creating other plasmas. All these plasmas have a common denominator – the Soul in their centre, which always keeps the connection to the original fundamental plasma. Each new life cycle starts with a fundamental plasma and all the plasmas behave in the same way.

The fundamental plasma, we could say, is the Creator who, in the process of creation, divides Himself into the Soul and the body of the creation. And since that first creation the creative process goes on eternally through the creation of every element and event in the universes.

A nagging question

Religion and science are plagued by an eternal question:

If there would have been anything before the Creator, the Creator wouldn’t be the Creator.

To assume another Creator behind the Creator, is a dead end because it leads to an endless circle of “gods creating gods”.

And there is another big problem: when the Creator created the creation, there must have been an environment into which placed the creation?! And as this environment is part of the creation, it cannot be “beyond” nor can it be “before” creation! A universe could expand if there was nothing where it could expand into!

It is very difficult for us to find an answer to this question, because since +8,000 years we are completely entangled in the matter level and duality – the only place where the answer to our question cannot be found!

As long as we cannot find the answer to this question, we have not yet gained the full understanding of the creation and consequently, we won’t be able to “see like the Creator, to feel like the Creator and to create like the Creator”; which is what we are meant to do!

The way out of the dilemma

The Science of Eden tells us that “The Creator created everything in an impulse of Love”. The second part of this affirmation contains the help we need: the impulse of Love. If the Creator and the creation are fundamental Magrav fields, then their interaction is initiated by what connects them. We know that the connections are not static wires but living, dynamic connections.

In the last weeks teachings we have identified the links as C14. In this context C14 has to be understood not as a material isotope of carbon, but on the plasmatic level. C14 makes the connection between everything – a living dynamic connection, a connection of giving and taking, an interactive, feeling connection.

And we know as well that every element in the universe has a characteristic field strength which is not an abstract static number but a characteristic dynamic feeling! Now it dawns on us that this C14 – the connectivity of everything on the fundamental, non material level – is nothing else than Unconditional Love.

The creation happens first on the fundamental level and then, in slowing down the magnetic fields, they manifest on the material level. As times and space are characteristics of the matter plane, it looks like as if the fundamental plasma of the creator divides into further fundamental plasmas, which initiate the creation of the endless chain of fundamental plasma events. This looks like there was the original point of creation – but only on the matter level.

But on the plasma level there is no time and space, everything happens simultaneously “all the time”; and the moment the Creator created the creation, He created himself, too. The Creator is the creation; and the creation is the Creator. Hélène Laporte tells us that we are “real pieces of Love floating in a soup of Love”. And this soup of love is dynamic and thriving – it is the desire to create.

And since the beginning the Creator has never been alone. Forget about the myth that he created the heaven and earth, and then oceans and land and then plants and animals and finally man! That’s nonsense. Human beings are part of the Creator; we are his eyes and hands. So all creation is a splendid co-creation between the Creator and us. We are as much inside and part of the Creator as the Creator is inside of us.

The paradigm shift

Let’s make it clear again: the Soul-Space-Travel is not anymore about going from one place to another – but it is the process of creation. When we Soul-travel, we recreate ourselves as “passengers”, we recreate the “destination” and we recreate the environment within which the creation is taking place. This is the greatest paradigm shift man has ever made!

To facilitate this evolutionary step, the KFSSI is developing a new flight system “who’s simplicity will shock the generations of scientists to come” (MT Keshe). Using the new units we will not ask the question “what does the unit do for me” anymore, but we will explore and experience “what we can do”. “To use the new flight systems, we have to be on the level of the Creator. The new flight units give you the knowledge of the Creator. You process it, you understand it and by doing that you open a new dimension of existence for mankind.” MT Keshe

Maybe the “simplicity” M Keshe is talking about is the simple space of love in which the Creator creates. Once we enter the space of Love, we swim in the ocean of love, then we see what the Creator sees, we feel like the Creator feels and we can create like Him.

And the way the new flight systems are offered equally to all, creates the same creative effect proper to the Creators creation. Other scientist will understand the principles and develop the systems further – because it’s alive and dynamic. In this way the universal units will belong to the whole of Humanity!

End of another eternal debate

Who is first the body or the Soul?

Being at it, there is another eternal debate in both science and theology about the moment an embryo has a Soul and is to be considered a living human being. In many legislations abortion is no problem during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Because we have decided that before the 3 months the baby has no soul…

In mosaic judaism, the origin of christianity and islam, there isn’t even a Soul, there is only the live-giving breath of God that makes a lump of clay into a moving thing. And that pseudo-soul disappears when the person dies.

Our collective (un-)conscious is full of non-constructive believes of the kind, because when human beings believe that there is no Soul, they will never conceive that they are part of the Creator – and priests and politicians can eternally exploit them.

The children of Mithra

Plasma Science, however, teaches us something entirely different: the conception is a splendid co-creation between the parents and the Creator. Then the newly created Soul decides upon the time and conditions of his/her incarnation. And after that the children of Mithra remain eternally connected to the Soul and the Creator; nourishing themselves directly from the universal energies and being able to suspend and re-create their bodies at will – and their bodies are always in perfect health.

We are able to conceive our children via our Soul once we fully comprehend the knowledge of the Creator, given to us now via MT Keshe, Grigori Grabovoï and others. According to M Keshe after 2-3 generations (between 2072 and 2097) the Soul-Birth will have become normal. The change will not happen over night, because the modification of the collective consciousness may take time. By using the enhancement unit, however, parents will be able to conceive a child on the Soul level right away.

When a child is conceived, he has the memories of the father and the mother because he is forever connected to them. But he is also a new, independent Soul on his own. The children of Mithra will also remember the creation of their own Soul, which will probably be much more important to them then ancestral memories. Their identity will naturally remain with their Soul and not with their personality.

Who do you think you are?

All this points to what we identify with, to who we think we are. Conventionally we identify ourselves with our personality or mind. And what we call mind is called in Plasma Science the soul of the physicality. The soul of physicality is the collective soul of all the micro systems of our body; our organs, cells and body parts. But it contains also all the micro organisms in our intestines, bacteria, viruses and so on. Our mind generally excludes these from our identity together with all the micro systems we take into our body when we breathe and eat.

To construct our identity on the basis of our physical body or our mind is quite problematic; this has been researched a lot by the Tibetan Buddhists. Here is an example for their reasoning concerning our identification with our physical body:

So you say that you are your body”


How do you keep your body alive?”

Well, I eat and drink. The sandwich I eat and the orange juice I drink; they keep my body alive; they become the cells and energy of my body.”

But these substances come from the outside, they are not you. Then you ingest them and they slowly become part of your body. Can you pinpoint exactly how and when they become you?”

There is another example of the difficulty to identify ourselves with our body in the wisdom of the American First Nations:

When I lose an arm or a leg, I go on living. When I lose half of my lung or my stomach, I go on living. When I have no air or no water or no sunshine – I die. So what is an essential part of me?!”

Considering the fact that we are composed of a virtual infinite number of micro systems composing the macro system of our body; and an even greater infinite number of micro systems foreign to the body, we actually have to admit that we are not one but a multitude. And thinking little further along that line, realizing that we have connections to all the elements of the universe and the Creator – we have to admit that we are not a single individual but WE ARE ALL.

The same vision presents itself when we look in the other direction, the macro system of Humanity of which we are micro system. Again we are part of a crowd. And when we say crowd, we are not referring to a few hundred or a few thousand people, but we are looking at virtually infinite numbers.

My friends think I am crazy

Its funny how another knowledge seeker comes up with the same question to M Keshe that we were discussing in the last multiplication!

Jefferson from Brazil asks: “Since I learned and talk a lot about Plasma Science, many members of my family don’t talk with me anymore and they avoid me. What can I do to elevate their souls, because I love them so much and really want to help them.”

There three essential things to consider. And the three things are related:

  1. Patience
    Each person has his own rhythm or time – each of us is probably not born with all the Plasma knowledge and we took our own time to wake up to it. If, during the time when we didn’t have the knowledge we have now, somebody would have tried to convince us of this new science – we would most probably have also reacted in a negative way – because nobody likes to be convinced, right !?
    And the KFSSI is shortening the need for patience: they work hard to bring the Plasma Science to the attention of people worldwide, to make Plasma Science mainstream, to create an international awareness for it. As M Keshe puts it: “Very soon they will come to you, they will adore you because you are advanced in the new science already. As Gandhi said: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Right now, we are in the last stage, just before Plasma Science will become a fashion. Iit is interesting to know that the Belgian King/Government bribed Fox News with millions of euros since 2012 to have them block everything “Keshe” from all of their channels.
  2. The Universal Law that every being is absolutely free.
    This means that even the Creator who is Love, will not and cannot force anybody. As He is unconditional love, He wants the best for every one. So he offers his help. But he absolutely respects the will of every body. If His help is refused, He will be “sad” and patiently continue offering His help.
  3. We are one on the level of the Soul.
    “I freely give from my Soul to your Soul – take what you need”. This doesn’t invalidate the free will, because the person needs to listen to his Soul, but it kind of amplifies the little voice of the Soul, thus giving Her more chance to be heard.

And of course the fact that we live in a perceptional universe plays a really important role. The more we elevate the souls, the more we influence the collective consciousness in a positive way – which of course results in a change in our reality.

So: “Never try to convince, that is a waste of time – let them come and knock at the door of your house” MT Keshe

The physiology of death

We have learned that the Soul is encaged by the soul of physicality who uses the blood circulation in and around the brain to create the cage for the Soul. This cage has two functions: one is to contain the Soul inside the body, to keep the Soul connected to the body and the other is to dominate it. In other words, the mind (soul of the physicality) uses the essential function of containment of the Soul to make a prison out of the containment.

Now when a person grows old, the blood circulation becomes weaker and more irregular and that of course has an effect on the containment. It is the relation of force between the Soul and the blood circulation that creates the containment. So when the field force of the blood circulation becomes relatively weaker, the field force of the Soul becomes proportionally stronger; up to a point where the cage can’t contain the Soul anymore. And this is the moment of the separation of the Soul from the physicality – or what we call death.

We can compare the connection between the Soul and the body with a rubber tube that connects the Soul to the physicality. Through it the Soul supplies the energy to the physical form. Part of that energy is used to maintain the confinement. When the resistance of the mind to the Soul creates more and more tension on the rubber tube. So it stretches and becomes thinner and as a result the energy flow to maintain the containment weakens. And when this restriction goes beyond a minimum value, the containment collapses and the Soul is disconnects from the body.

This process may be accelerated by the fact that the soul of physicality, when it recognizes that the confinement weakens, it gives more of its own energy to the Soul.

And after the separation, when the person had led a good life, the Soul goes up like a shooting star, the seed for a new creation – not necessarily confined into the body of a man but, in another dimension, taking the form of a star, a galaxy or even a whole universe.

I made man in the image of myself, because with him I become the man, I become the creation and expand my physical form forever beyond any limits. And this is the secret of Life. MT Keshe

Understanding death

Lets start with the example of slaughtering animals for our food. A bull gets slaughtered in Australia, cut into pieces, deep frozen and send to different parts of the world. All that is happening on the matter plane.

On the other hand, we know that the when the Soul creates a body, every organ and cell of the body builds up the collective soul, the soul of physicality. In this way all elements or micro systems of the body stay connected to the originating soul. So if we eat the steak in the US or the goulash in Poland and give a bone to our dog in Germany; with each body part of the animal we are connected to his originating soul. And of course the same happens when we eat plants.

But what does that do to us?

On the energy level, we take the fear and the agony of the animal in and it becomes part of us. And in the same way we add our own agony to the soul of Humanity, the universe and the Creator. All this is happening on the perceptional level of course – on the fundamental level nothing is affected by this. But as the reality we live in, depends on the perception we have of it; and as our perception depends on the beliefs stored in the collective (un-)conscious – taking lives for food maintains a world of suffering for our selves.

However, neither the Soul nor the Creator suffer in themselves, but their compassion makes them feel for us – like a mother is touched by the suffering of her child.

We could call this “spiritual pollution”. When we are spiritually careless, we actually behave like people who have a picnic in a beautiful park or at the sea shore and we leave pile of trash behind and wait that somebody else cleans up behind us. Being ecologically conscious people, we act responsibly on the matter level; but now we have to climb a step higher on the evolutionary ladder and cultivate the same attitude on the spiritual and energetic level – we are now learning how to take care for the planet and Humanity on all the levels beyond the matter as well !

We can make it easy for ourselves

Here is what buddhists explain about our death: When we leave the body, the latter starts composting first and then our mind with all our memory disintegrates as well, giving off all the memories into the mind stream. Here they remain detached from our personality; but each one of them has its own characteristic field strength.

When a new being is born, it has also a certain range of field strengths. And some of the fields in the mind stream which fall into this range are attracted. Thus they become part of a suitcase full of similar memories or issues. The more memories are channeled out of the mind stream into the suitcase, the stronger the issue becomes. As it becomes stronger, it will attract even “more of the same”.

This suitcase is originally not personal. But it will become personal because parents, family, teachers etc will insist that all of these memories are part of the personality of the child.

Above that, the more negative, incoherent fields we attract, the incoherent and dispersed our consciousness becomes. The more baggage we carry, the more time and trouble we will take to structure our consciousness and to feel our oneness with all of Humanity. Therefore this, too is finally a question of detachment. If we don’t take the memories personal, our own suitcase is empty; and it’s much easier for us to deal with “memories of someone else”. So if we become more knowledgeable and more responsible on all the levels of existence, we can actually make this evolutionary step more and more easy!

But let’s remember that what we propose her is NOT about another new commandment à la Moses. It is more about to direct our attention towards “How can I become a lover to serve and not to be served”. And of course we find an additional help in the assimilation of the knowledge of the Creator. Because the more we understand the creation, the more we will NATURALLY change our behaviour: We don’t litter the beach because we love a pristine environment for ourselves and for everybody else. And we don’t litter our perception of reality because we do want to see ourselves and all other beings living in Paradise !

The ball is always in our court

Therefore, with this knowledge we become responsible for what we carry and transfer to the collective consciousness, because this will co-determine our collective and finally our personal perception of reality. All comes back to us. In a way this teaching gives us the scientific explanation of the buddhist’s Law of Karma – everything we think, speak and do will come back to us! This is the reason why M Keshe insists very much on “Think good, speak good and act good”; because we can say that our deepest purpose in life is to be useful to the Global Good, to live fully the principle of homeostasis.

So whenever we remember, we could check our thoughts, words and actions to find out if they are really useful for the whole, for the elevation of all souls. This is a process of awareness, a process of observing that “oh I am glad that I can observe right now that I have been able to follow the attitude to do everything for the common good – or not”. The key here is just watching without any emotional implication, without any judgement – the Tibetan buddhists call this “tracking”.

We become more alive and present if we are Not following commandments – static rules of conduct, instead we feel in any situation what would be the most splendid thing to do!


Now we understand that there is really is no such a thing as death in the sense of a final stop. There are many points of transition in our life. In a way this suggests a continuity of what we call “Self” – but this “Self” is not and cannot be our personality, as our only continuity is as a Soul!

And of course when we allow the death of physicality, we leave a pile of compost loaded with all kinds of environmental poisons like heavy metals and such behind us. That’s why the modern reasoning to have cemeteries is to limit the environmental impact of our dead bodies to a certain area.

Following this reasoning, it will more responsible to reclaim our eternity in the physical body, thus not only preventing all the negative impacts on the environment but, more importantly, we are far more useful for the evolution of Humanity and the Creator when we don’t die, when we don’t fall for the “great mistake” anymore!

The only cemetery left to man should be in the memory of the others who came in touch with that man. And nothing more and nothing less.” MT Keshe

The truth about resurrection

Growing up into detachment

The knowledge of the Creator is not a certain volume of information that has to be passed on to us in order that we remember the wisdom and powers we always were destined to use. The work for us starts right after the reception of the knowledge – when we have to integrate it into our system and into our daily life. The knowledge has to become part of us like the blood that runs in our veins.

One major part of this process of assimilation is the shift of identity: once we truly comprehend our creation and our identity with the Creator via our Soul, we will all experience a shift in identification – we will naturally become detached from our body-mind-system, which is also called our personality. And we will identify ourselves more with our Soul instead.

The moment we reach that state, we will experience a joy and freedom, we have never felt before!

When M Keshe speaks about detachment he does not mean that we renounce the worlds with it’s material pleasures. Neither does he mean to renounce the body. It actually is not at all about any renunciation – it is all about letting the knowledge of the Creator sink so deep into our being, that it transforms us from a separate body-mind into a Soul being, unified with Her Creator.

What I teach you is not theoretical – it is what I have been trough myself.” MT Keshe

At the age of 12 Mehran Keshe was able to dis-identify from his physical form; to just observe what his body did the whole day long and how it acted out, so to say, the script of the Soul. This detachment is the ability to observe our self without reacting automatically and unconsciously, because we identify ourselves with our personality.

We know the ways of the body, we know how to move in the material world – now is the time to learn about the ways of the Soul. And this path, we can only walk alone, on our own. There is no messiah or guru to take us by the hand. Once we have started walking that path, we are already messengers for our fellow men to invite them to join us and also “GO IN”. That’s what M Keshe, M Grabovoi, M Osho, M Tolle and all the others are doing.

What would be the correct way to be a messenger? What is the correct way to help other people? We hear our friends and also ourselves say: Yes, I try to spread the message, to share the knowledge, but often people don’t want to listen, they are not interested, they are not open, they are narrow-minded and closed. And then I get into arguments with them and lose my feeling of solidarity, closeness and oneness.”

Yes, that is happening very often. The Dalai Lama shows us a way out of this dilemma: To educate our children, is helpful to know, that they will not listen to our words, they will look at how we live. It’s not our words but our example that will teach them.

We know also that people that met with us, will very likely not remember, what we talked about; they will remember how they felt in our presence. And that is exactly the key. Our teaching is not repeating the words of M Keshe and M Grabovoï. Our teaching is the light we shine into the hearts of the people we meet.

Even the Creator does not impose anything on anyone. He just is. And his presence will, when we are open to it, seduce us to come close to Him and learn by feeling and direct transfer of information from Soul to Soul. So the easiest and only efficient way to multiply the knowledge is not to become Blah-blah-Gurus, but to radiate the light we have received and which has changed our life.

Then we are shining like a sun equally on anybody in the universe and we are not concerned anymore if our light is received or not!

The vision of Easter

In the christian religions we celebrate eastern in this week. The conventional meaning is that the Messiah, M Jesus, died on the cross to redeem our sins. That wasn’t his intention. M Jesus wanted to show us, that a life only on the matter plane will inevitably lead to death. And on the other hand, when we have the knowledge of the Creator, we can leave the body and rise from the cross as the Soul, that we are. For that we have to go in, to that place where our Soul lives and from there we can do anything without being forced to anything on the material plane!

In a way M Jesus showed us the transmutation from the matter plane to the Soul, who creates the magnetic field of a new body, and then back to the matter plane – and all that without any effort, just being grateful that this path is totally available for us to use.

Up to now we could only learn this by mysticism, now – thanks to the Plasma Science and the Science of Eden – we can learn it in a scientific way. Which is much more appropriate to our contemporary state of mind. Now we begin to understand that we can be that M Jesus and resurrect our selves.

And we do it already when we dream. We fall asleep as our regular body-mind-system and inside the dream we are having another body and find ourselves in are in a particular situation. We are living trough experiences and then when we are waking up, the situation and the body change back again. The transitions are immediate, pain- and effortless. Understanding the dream process, we learn that dreaming actually IS the transmutation process from the physical plane to the Soul level and back. We are already doing it every night, but we were not aware of it.

The new Messiah is coming

He’s called Mahdi in Islam

Wikipedia knows this: The Mahdi (Arabic: ٱلْمَهْدِيّ, romanized: al-Mahdī, lit. ‘The Guided One’), is an eschatological messianic figure in Islam, who is believed to appear at the end of times to rid the world of evil and injustice. He is said to appear alongside the prophet ʿĪsā (Jesus) and establish the divine kingdom of God on Earth.

This year the advent of the new messiah is proclaimed by the islamic and jewish religions. Conform with the unfounded beliefs of the collective unconscious, everybody now waits for another miraculously powerful person, the messiah, to appear.

Yet, he will not come. He will not come because he changed his mind – he will not come because we misunderstood the message from the Creator: the new messiah is not a single hero but the whole of Humanity. The new messiah is all of us. Most probably we could even say, that this time the Creator doesn’t send a messenger because he decided to come himself! What we call The Creator is Humanity. And as a Humanity we are the father-mother of all other beings of this wonderful planet and beyond.

And once this understanding has settled inside of us, we see that each of us can become another universe. As we are the co-creators, the new universes will be our embodiment.

The new Humanity will change the collective (un-)consciousness, kicking out all the religious rubbish of the past and replacing it with true knowledge. And in the wake of it our perception of the reality we live in will change, too – and we will finally be able to see the paradise we have been living in since ever!

And of course this new messiah cannot be sacrificed and killed on the cross. Neither can he be used as a rock to build another religion upon.

Another Peace in the puzzle

When we think about peace we see the end of war between nations etc. Yet, as for all things the reality we live in, it really isn’t only about the outside – but the inside. The root cause of all the wars and conflicts is inside of us: the conflict between the mind and the Soul; the separation of the physicality from the Soul. So in fact, the Mehdi, the messenger, is YOU. No one can teach you, you have to find it yourself. As I said, I can take the horse to the water, but I cannot force it to drink. You need to be thirsty. The thirst has to come from within! MT Keshe

And of course, as we are connected to each and everything in all the universes, reaching enlightenment for ourselves will also elevate each and everything in all the universes. In this sense we are are becoming the messengers for all of the worlds. – But don’t bother about that 😇.

Grow beyond “Do Gooders”

Up to now we have been “good people” when we went to the church, temple, mosque or synagogue every Sunday or when we give charity to a beggar. All that is on the material level. And it is good, if it is sincere. But now we have the possibility and the responsibility to grow beyond the matter level: this evolutionary step asks us to extend our attention and intentions beyond the physical plane and operate mainly from our Soul on the universal level. For the Good of All:

I give freely from my Soul to all living Souls. Take what you need. I am present.”

Now that we are part of the Universal Community, we can give on this level and we are connected now with all the Souls of the Universal Community – thus our radius of action became much larger!

And with our radius extended, we ourselves become larger as we approach our natural position next to the Creator. We become shining stars of informational light, we shine and co-create splendid worlds. We incorporate the Creator:

“It is clear that the Creator is human, for he created man. Therefore, the maximum and truly salutary manifestation of the Creator is his own personification as a human being and his life as a human being. In this way the Creator can pass on knowledge to all, just as one human to another.”

Grigori Grabovoï

Before we gave some pennies to a beggar; thinking that “now I gave and I can receive more”. But now we discover that we can normalize the reality so that the phenomenon of beggars becomes impossible.

Beyond space travel

The Universal Enhancement Units have not been developed to heal some ailments or the get us easier from one place to another – they help us grow into the visceral understanding that each of us is firstly part of Humanity and our job is being the body of the Creator.

So we don’t have the mission to conquer the universe anymore but to conquer the power of our own Soul! It’s not going to the moon or planet Zeus – it’s all about going into our own Soul.

Who is the Creator? The final part?

Grigori Grabovoï writes in his book about resurrection on page 264:

“It is clear that the Creator is human, for he created man. Therefore, the maximum and truly salutary manifestation of the Creator is his own personification as a human being and his life as a human being. In this way the Creator can pass on knowledge to all, just as one human to another.”

Covalent bonds part 2

M Keshe started the workshop with a question: “Now we know about the fact that our Soul creates covalent bond with all the other elements in the universe, do you feel that? For example when you take a walk in the forest, do you feel the exchange you have with all the trees, animals and plants?”.

Now that we have understood rationally the knowledge of the universal interconnectedness of all elements, we need to complete it within our emotional body. When we are in a natural environment, our body and our Soul connect right away to everything and start interacting – while our mind, the soul of physicality, is wandering off into shopping centres and tv. But if we manage to deliberately redirect our attention from the mind into the present moment, we feel right away how Nature, which is to the norm, nourishes and elevates us. These feelings are the manifestation of the interaction between our system and the elements and events that surround us. In nature the informational light is stronger and this opens us up to give more to receive more.

This is yet another reason to expand our day-to-day consciousness to include the emotional plane. For this we have just to remember – as often as we can during the day – to put our attention and try to feel the connections and interactions we have with the elements and events that surround us.

And the Enhancement Units trigger the same process. They diffuse more informational light on our mind and personality which elevates them to the level of the Soul – thus we open up and give more to receive more. They position us next to the Creator and their sole purpose is to bring back to us what we had forgotten in the past 8000 years.

Once the mind enters in to close close contact with the Soul, it starts to correct everything from it’s past. A continuous process of normalization in synchronicity with the Soul is started.

We can read about the same effect in novels, where the bad guy falls so deeply in love with the good girl that she changes all his ways. Then he suddenly sees that he does not need to play the tough guy to get attention or to commit crimes to get to the resources he needs.

We can also experience the power of covalent bonds for example when we swim in the ocean and we see a school of fish. How come they never touch or collide with each other but move as one big collective fish. And we could in the presence of the school of fish or birds in the sky, experience our own understanding of the covalent bonds: when the school moves away from us, that means we are not in synchronicity with them, but when they stay and let us be part of their movement, we are “like a fish in the water”, connected in synchronicity, sharing resources and environment. This means on the plasma level, that we could create the field strength of the fishes and take the position of the weaker plasma (asking to be accepted as a part of them).

You are so busy absorbing the knowledge and you don’t take the time to assimilate it.” MT Keshe.

Life is Love

We know that everything in the Universe has been created in an impulse of Love. Now if we want to change or create anything in the Universe what should we do? Obviously use the same method as the Creator: LOVE.

He did create everything with a thought that he pronounced, thus giving it the first material form, a direction for the materialization as an element on the physical plane. The thoughts of the Creator are the same as ours, only more powerful, they are Bio-signals, which condense immediately into a material event. It is far more accurate to associate Bio-signals with feelings and emotions than thoughts, as they can process a much higher volume of information as rational thoughts.

That is why emotions are of primordial importance. And not all emotions are equal; as we have shown in the last newsletter, positive emotions are much more powerful information processors than negative ones – with Love being the supreme, most efficient structure. She is able to process all the information contained in all the universes 10-17x/second.

So it is really not a coincidence that right now all the civic movements that try to defend our freedom on the matter level are based on Love. It seems we have collectively learned that it is not urgent to “stop this or that government” or to “stand up and fight for our rights” – the real urgency is to remember WHO WE REALLY ARE. Like Hélène Laporte from the Science of Eden tells us: “We are real pieces of Love floating in an ocean of Love”. The moment we remember and stay connected to Love – the un-light-entities, that wanted to take over the world, loose everything and disappear. On the fundamental level they lost already long ago…

Covalent bonds

We, humans, are not only social beings but first and foremost part of the collectivity called “Humanity”. We are not only permanently connected to each other but also to our collective Humanity Soul. And these connections or bonds are Love. We have an example for this in matter state chemistry – it is called Covalent Bond.

Wikipedia explains: A covalent bond is a chemical bond that involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms.(1) These electron pairs are known as shared pairs or bonding pairs, and the stable balance of attractive and repulsive forces (2) between atoms, when they share electrons, is known as covalent bonding. For many molecules, the sharing of electrons allows each atom to attain the equivalent of a full valence shell, corresponding to a stable electronic configuration (3). In organic chemistry, covalent bonds are much more common than ionic bonds. (4)

  1. Strong bonds are created by sharing a direct environment and resources
  2. What chemistry sees as the balance of attractive and repulsive forces is seen on the plasma level as the balanced positioning via the magnetic and gravitational field forces.
  3. Sharing of resources – giving and taking – results in a stable configuration. Everything in creation aspires to stability, because it corresponds to eternity, the main characteristic of creation.
  4. Organic chemistry is the branch of chemistry which deals with living things. That means Life is build on covalent bonding – sharing resources, environments and each others’ strengths.

But for covalent bonds to appear, we need the input energy, field strength or informational light. The atoms of hydrogen and carbon, which exist in our atmosphere, don’t spontaneously appear as CH4. To bond into the new molecule methane, they need additional energy inputs. This could be biological processes (anaerobic digestion) on the matter level or the addition of a higher magnetic field strength on the transition or fundamental level.

And the actual amount of more field strength decides on the level of materialization. “Would I melt you with the increase Love1 or heat you up by increasing the temperature of the room2?” MT Keshe

(1) The highest field strength or informational light triggers an event on the Soul level – Love; (2) lower increases lead to materializations on the physical level

Covalent bonds are a good metaphor for love relationships but they describe also very well the so much sought after harmony between the mind-personality (soul of physicality) and the Soul. “Both these entities co-exist and their interaction leads to the creation of Man”. MT Keshe

Comprehending this, our mind may finally discover: “Wow the Soul and myself, we are sharing the same wish, the same desire to enjoy this beautiful 3D world and to use this enjoyment to evolve eternally! We want exactly the same in life! So why for heaven’s sake should I ever resist Her?!”

Almost needless to say that same metaphor applies to space travel, too. We want to visit this marvellous, far away star and we know that the star has the same longing to interact with us. This creates the covalent bonding, enabling the materialization of the meeting.

Emotional Field Strength

Physical manifestations are created by the interaction of the field strength of the wish of the creator with the fields of the environment (inertia). Field strength refers to the quality of feeling and emotion we focus our attention on.

  1. If our field strength is too low (non-constructive feelings and emotions 😟), there will be no interaction and nothing happens.
  2. If our field strength and emotions are strong enough 😀, interaction with the environment occurs which leads to the manifestation on the matter level according to the window of possibilities permitted by the given environment or inertia.
  3. If our field strength and emotions are even stronger 😍, then we can – so to say – override the window of inertia and we can appear as we wish to.

Corona Virus

The covalent bonds can also applied to the Corona and other viruses, allowing us to understand them more. We know that viruses play a major role for the evolution of all the living elements in the universe. Therefore the Corona virus appeared right in the beginning of our current evolutionary step. The Corona created right away a covalent bond with us, humans. And the level of interaction between the virus and us is very much dependent on the field strength that we could manage to meet him:

  • A weak field strength (matter stated linked emotions like fear 😟) positioned the interaction on the matter level – we got infected and learned the message “the hard way”
  • But if we could manage a higher field strength (joy, peace and most of all Love😀 😍) which established the covalent bonding on a high level – we could get his message without the need to contact the virus on the matter level.