Can the Ascension of the Earth be prevented?

These are the two latest newsletters combined into one and, lovingly, edited a tiny bit ❤️.

Dear friends

The Earth has decided on her soul level that she wants to return to her original state. And that can’t be prevented. You can’t stand in the way of a planet – you just can’t.

But there are people who are megalomaniacs and believe they can. But of course they are wrong.

The Earth is changing and the un-light forces know that, and they’re doing all they can to turn everything around and steer it in a completely different direction, but that’s not going to work, because the Earth doesn’t want it and because a great many people are waking up who do not want this either.

I’ve said this before, but certain things can’t be repeated often enough. There are a lot of loving beings who have been watching us for a very long time and who have also helped humanity again and again. Humanity would have destroyed itself long ago.

But humanity is still here. Humanity is part of the Earth and she has the same ability to preserve herself; and we have help…

When we feel powerless, we hope that someone else will come and provide the solution – will save us, as it were. It’s perfectly normal to have this hope in moments when we think we don’t have the solution ourselves.

What we simply shouldn’t forget is that every person affected by a situation is also part of the solution at the same time. Just the fact that we have incarnated ourselves proves that. And our individual uniqueness makes us precisely the tool of the Creator for that precise moment at that particular place we find ourselves in. Each of us is an essential part of the solution – this is what we call “the mission of our life”. Of course, there are people who seem to have more influence on the matter level than us, but on the Soul level an innocent, small child can have more power than a Bill Gates!

To contribute our part to the solution, we need to remember that we all have the power. Because as soon as we feel powerless and say: “I myself can do nothing, M Keshe and Grigori Grabovoï are going to solve it all for me,” we give away our power and the part of the solution that we ourselves have within us. It’s important that we reclaim our power and take the responsibility of the solution that we are.

Your Christina

Living our vision

The latest newsletter from Cristina von Dreien; you can find the original text following this link. This time her text has been severely edited with love by aviram to reflect the knowledge multiplied by the Science of Plasma and the Science of Eden. 🥰

Dear friends

We are creativity. The way we think, the way we feel and the way we act determines how we use our creative power how effective it is. In our spiritual divine home we are all loving beings – we know we can trust everyone.

Here on the material plane of the Earth, it’s not quite like that. There are also un-light entities who have no Soul, no consciousness and no love. They only exist on the matter level. They are non-constructive images that don’t have a life on their own. They are not co-created with the Creator but only mental offsprings of deluded people. As they have no life on their own, they are like vampires and their appearance depends on the energy we give to them. We shouldn’t trust these entities; they are here to increase the enslavement that already exists on the Earth.

Their area of attack is a poorly structured consciousness and an unconscious mind.

Based on the understanding of emptiness, the perception of the un-light entities is already a mental image, that is coming from treating other people unkindly – perhaps manipulating them; or perhaps when we had an attitude to satisfy our personal desire even if that meant the suffering of others.

So if we don’t want the un-light entities to succeed with their plans, the solution clearly is to simply ignore them; and not giving them any energy. Moreover we raise the good energy counteracting them by being specially kind to other people or even help them to satisfy their desires even if we have to go out of our way for it. And of course we can consciously say that we don’t want it, we can consciously decide with our creative power that we don’t want that reality. And then, having done that, we can focus on what we ourselves do want – a perfect and peaceful world to the norm.

And that is our biggest and most important task here and now: to nourish our positive vision and to live it more and more in our daily lives. To do this, it helps if we meet up with like-minded people physically or in spirit.

Yours, Christina


Text by Christina von Dreien sur facebook A little bit edited by aviram😇

I am not in this world to judge the mistakes of others. I just want to bring light and peace to people. Then the non-light will dissolve by itself.

In my opinion, there is only one Love. Love is limitless, unconditional, endless and indiscriminate. Love is infinitely present in the universe, a primordial substance which is the basis of all that is.

Love is the self-organizing intelligence that is always present inside everything within the universe. The universe is filled with an energy dedicated to the immaculate clarity called love.

This divine energy drives itself and is able to counteract what we consider to be negativity. The divine spirit is the source of all being; it forms and materializes the light energy. Simplified, one could say that this wonderful Earth was born from a very creative thought. The divine intelligence and the sensitive and palpable consciousness existed long before the emergence of the Earth.

Consciousness is the driving force of all creation. It has created matter, antimatter and innumerable universes. The planets of our solar system, the stars and even the empty space in between, everything is filled with life and consciousness. Three-dimensional life, existence on the matter level, is universally considered an exception, not a rule.

The troubles of today is not the fight between the light and dark forces: only the light exists; the non-light has no reality; it only exists because we give it our energy. And the very high frequency of unconditional love simply shows that the non-light isn’t there at all. Just like tiniest flame proves the non-existence of darkness.

We can develop our maturity to love unconditionally even to the point that we can love something that does not love us. In this way, we give the non-light the opportunity to transform itself into light. Only by reacting to the non-light with dark thoughts, do we give it strength and life.

In our innermost being, we are all equal. No one is further than the other, no light is brighter than the other, and no task in life is more important than another. We are all divine beings living here an experience as human beings, not human beings becoming divine beings. All humans are creative beings, the only limit is imposed by ourselves. Genius is our heritage, free will is our power, and the play of our soul cannot be surpassed. The essence of life is felt as love, appears as beauty and sounds as truth.

We have no goal to attain – we don’t need to become divine, because we have always been. Everything is present in each of us since ever. It’s just a matter of remembering it. Being immersed in our small luminous core, we have no more words…

🌟 Yours, Christina🌟


Newsletter of Christina von Dreien

Dear friends

The situation on the Earth at the moment is really strange. It often seems so strange that we cannot imagine how things can possibly turn out well. That’s no wonder, because with our not fully structured consciousness, we’re simply not able to see everything. We lack information and this makes us doubt.

If our consciousness would be well structured, we could see from a higher perspective, that all will be well in the end. However it’s not necessary to know, HOW things will turn out well. So we can only take the best next step. This can sometimes be difficult for us, because we’re entering the unknown and our mind may find this frightening because he can’t stand not knowing.

Especially If we’re not connected to love, if we are not in our heart, we don’t feel trust, we feel the need to control things too strongly. That’s why it’s important for us to connect with our hearts in such situations. Because only there can we find trust.

On the other side, our soul can see the future and our spiritual team can do that, too.

There are different timelines for each element or event in the universe and we are on one of these. In fact each event has an infinite number of time lines; and by the choices we make and the way we react to things, we either change timelines or stay where we are.

Our spiritual team and also other light beings can see from their level of consciousness what the future will look like if a person reacts like this or like that because their consciousness is more structured as ours right now. So they also know whether things are going to work out in the end or not; and they see that, if we direct our attention to a world where everything is perfect and to the norm, we are actually creating the perfect world for all of us and all will turn out well in the end.

It depends on all of us.

Your Christina

If there were no hope

Quote from Christina’s new book “The Disobedience of Love

People who hold the light are like burning candles. Their light does not diminish, if the room they’re in becomes darker. The darkness of an entire room cannot extinguish the light of a single candle. It’s the same in the case of light workers. If there were no hope for the Earth, we light workers would not be here at all.”

Overcoming division

Newsletter of Christina von Dreien; a little bit edted by aviram 🤗.

Dear friends

Many of us are already more awake – not just a few thousand, but millions around the world. If enough people wake up, everything will change for the good, for good.

As I see it, the reason why this has not happened yet is that, although many of us are already more awake, we’re not moving in the same direction.

We are not united, we are divided. Even when we claim to be awake, we are still fighting each other because we value our opinion for more than they are – just an opinion. When we identify with our opinion, we can’t agree and are therefore unable to move in the same direction. But none of us has 100% of the truth!

There are, for example, some who say the Earth is round. There are others who say the Earth is flat. And there are some who say that this or that organization is to blame for it.

We should know that many divisions are deliberately created by the unlight forces – it’s just that we not aware of it. Often we are so preoccupied with what divides us that we are unable to see what unites us.

But there are moments when it doesn’t matter what my neighbour thinks – moments of love. When we are connected to love, other things become more important, more important than our opinions. For example, finding ways of living together in peace and treating each other with love and respect.

So on a small scale, we can start to change things. When we remember more and more to connect our selves to love. then we naturally create an oasis around us. We hold the light; and that’s already worth a lot.

If a many people around the world do this, it will make a tremendous difference. It is our love and our light and our unity that will ultimately bring the unlight forces down.

Your Christina

A short exercise

Newsletter of Christina von Dreien

Dear friends

All the fear now present on the Earth, which is spread through all kinds of media and is affecting many people, cramps us. If we’re cramped, we’re not able to open our consciousness to the Divine. We’re not able to connect our consciousness with what we truly are.

Then, we’re also not able to feel our love and intuition at all.

That’s why it’s so important to rid ourselves of our fear.

The problems may still be there, but we can always solve them much better if we have access to love and our intuition.

But it’s precisely this ability to access our intuition that we don’t have if we’re living in a state of fear. Because then, we’re so cramped that there’s no room for intuition, and we’re not able to think clearly either. It’s not possible for us to find good solutions like this.

We can only perceive our inner guidance if we’re truly open.

To get out of being cramped, there are various things we can do.

One of these things is to focus our consciousness on our light body.

  1. First take a few deep breaths.
  2. We then imagine that we’re completely filled inside with light. The best thing is to practise this over and over again in moments when we are relaxed, so that we can do it more easily when we actually need it.

In our light body there is no fear, and therefore fear must become less if we direct our consciousness to our innermost being, where we’re only light and love. This is because our feelings follow our thoughts.

This is something we should always remember, practise, and try to feel.

Your Christina

When we wake up

Newsletter from Christina von Dreien

Dear friends

W hen we wake up, it’s actually only a remembering, not a learning or development. For me, development means that we’re at a certain point and then we move to another point, and on the way we become something we weren’t before.

But it’s not like that when we wake up. We don’t become something we weren’t already. We simply remember. Because we already are what we truly are. We don’t have to become it.

The only thing that separates us from our better self are the layers that we have put on ourselves, for all kinds of reasons, in this life and in our past lives. When we dissolve these layers, we come closer and closer to what we truly are, in our day consciousness as well.

We simply remember.

Your Christina

This is our task now

Newsletter from Christina von Dreien from February 19, 2022

Dear friends

There are many people on the Earth who are caught in their fear. Because of their level of consciousness, they’re not able to overcome their fear.

But we can get out of this state of fear if we’re aware that there is a way out. Many people don’t know that and can’t imagine that it’s possible.

But many people who have woken up are able to get out of this state of fear. This is where our responsibility lies, because if we can escape fear, we have confidence to do beautiful things, like helping others and spread light.

We are here to hold the light, irrespective of what’s happening in the world.

Of course, it’s easier to do that when everything’s fine and peaceful, but that’s not how things are right now. That’s why it’s all the more important that we hold the light anyway.

It is easier if we know that we’re not alone. There are many people all over the world who are awake and hold the light. We choose to take a body at this time to be able to bring more light on Earth. Everything begins with our consciousness.

But we can’t force anyone to wake up, but we can be an example. Some people understand, others just don’t. Because all of us have a different level of consciousness.

There are many people who are waking up now and carrying the light. More every day. And that’s our task.

The new responsible Humanity 319 481 919 617 819

Yours, Christina

Love and disobedience

The original video, Christina’s Lovestream #11 from February 2nd, can be found here. A little bit edited by aviram.😆

Our life is very much determined by whether or not we are connected to love, to our heart and to our soul. Depending on this, we behave differently and have different tolerance thresholds.

Nowadays, many of us are disturbed by the so-called “measures”, that governments impose on their citizens in almost all societies in the same way. We understand that these measures could only be introduced because the majority of us have not been connected with love for a very long time.

Connected to Love, we cannot do anything that harms others and we cannot allow it to happen – but our modern societies do many things that harm others. And many people think “this is normal”.

We can see that the people who are connected to love behave differently from those who are not. And when most people in our society are no longer connected to love, they see the behaviour of those who are connected to love as deviant.

What the majority of us believes is creating the collective (un-)conscious. It is a collection of unquestioned belief systems, which determine our perception; and our perception determines our reality. Thus the majority decides which behaviour is acceptable or not; and all non-compliant people are marginalized and discriminated.

But the truth is, that all people are made of the stuff we call love. With some we feel it more, with others less. And no matter how many unfeeling layers someone has accumulated into their emotional protective armour, their core is still love. The abstract, unfeeling layers cannot touch the true core of love – they can only cover it with a layer of grime. Then the person sees everything distorted or simply sees less.

Inhibited Love : 219888 412 1289018

But it is not that as soon as we live in societies, we are bound to become cold and unfeeling. We know that in the distant past of humanity, there were societies where the connection of the individual with love remained intact. Anastasia, for example, describes them as the “Vedic Societies”. In these societies, people had not yet forgotten who they really are and lived in harmony with each other and with nature.

Today we don’t have a direct memory of these conditions, however, but deep down we always had the desire to live in paradise. We can only wish what we know. It is an emotional knowing, a knowing of our Soul that sometimes bubbles up into our day-to-day consciousness. It seems that this information is stored in our cells, in our DNA and RNA.

More and more of us are now waking up, triggered by something not right in our societies and also something wrong with our selves. And we naturally find that the connection to love is missing. And now more and more of us are reconnecting with love more and more every day.

The oppression, that we have seen in the last two years, has been there for much longer, but we didn’t notice it because we thought that it was normal. And many of us think that if the governments would only lift the measures again, we could get our lives back…

However, when we look honestly at our past, we see that we actually never had a fulfilling life because our connection with love was weak or non-existent! So it is the disturbing situation which triggered the awakening of so many of us – and that is something good!

There is always something good in everything. But one can see that only if one is ready to see the good; if one believes that there is the good; if one is – at least a little bit – connected to love.

The “good in everything” reminds me of the “glad game” from the movie Pollyanna, which you can find here. This game is about being able to see the good in everything that happens to us. And little Pollyanna has become a master at it…

And if we can see the good in everything, then we also have the opportunity to do something to make the good becoming reality. Just by turning our attention away from what we don’t want towards what we do want – we contribute to the good materializing. Especially when our wish is for the Good for All.

In this way we change our consciousness, our perception and our reality. And simultaneously we influence the collective unconscious. This then also benefits all people who are not yet waking up.

And there is even more: through the normalization of our present, we also redeem our “family line”, normalize the past. And when in the past more people are connected to love, the present crises has become impossible!

To get to know all this puts us in a really wonderful situation: We don’t need to go anywhere, we don’t need to protest, we don’t need to resist the government, we don’t need to do anything. We don’t even need to discuss with those who have not yet awakened. We only have to redirect our attention inside and reconnect to love.

And, because we are connected to all other elements in the universe, we know that even the smallest change we manage to make, will inevitable cause all the other elements to reposition themselves accordingly.


Knowing what our heart beats for

Newsletter from Christina von Dreien; a little bit edited by aviram


We are not all the same. We all have different talents and areas where we can inspire others or even help many people. That’s why every one of us is needed. If everyone is in exactly the right place for them, where their Soul wants to be, then we are all like individual pieces of a puzzle that together form the beautiful world where we all are supposed to be living in.

Our Soul guides us to this right place; She designs our path of life. Many people wonder if they’re following their path and many people are already following their life plan without knowing it. And there are of course many who consciously walk their path. Here is the numerical sequence that helps you find your Path of Life 59879814951

If we realize that we’ve taken a turn that doesn’t feel right, we can always get back to our true path; just by our intention. We can also ask our Soul or M Keshe or Grigori for guidance:

Listen to your Soul 59806129131988

Telepathic connection with Grigori 3 582 295

Connection with the Creator 11 981

We are dynamic beings living in a dynamic universe. Therefore our path of life is not fixed like railway tracks. We always have the option to do something different. That’s why it is good if we keep asking ourselves what it is that we really want and then think about how we can move in that direction.

As soon as we know where we really want to go – what our heart really beats for – help from our Soul, the Creator and our spiritual helpers will also become stronger. We’re often guided without knowing it. But as soon as we’re clear about where we want to go, the impulses will come at the right place and the right time

Yours, Christina

See the Divine

January 2022

You can find the original newsletter form Christina von Dreien following this link.

Dear friends

When we are connected to our heart and when we feel love, then it is natural for us to help others, to have compassion and an understanding for other people and for ourselves.
The intention behind the current measures etc. is to separate us even more from these natural things. I say “even more” because, as I see it, many people must have already been separated from love to some degree even before these measures came into force. If this had not been the case, it would have been impossible for such measures to have been introduced in the first place, because they do not reflect what human beings are by nature.
Because by their very nature, the core of the human being is love.
Our soul is based on love. That’s why souls look so beautiful. Sometimes I’m allowed to see people’s souls. In these moments, I’m always enchanted. Souls look so beautiful. It can’t be described in words.
We should learn to see this beauty again. For everything that is ensouled has this beauty. We should maintain this knowledge and the ability to see it, in the present times as well.
It’s up to us how we bring the light here to the Earth. But what we absolutely need for this is to turn our eyes to the divine.

Your Christina