The phenomenon of a vacuum can theoretically appear on three levels: generally it appears on the matter level and signifies a space without matter. On the transition level, it would mean a space without energy. And on the fundamental level a space without fields.

Theoretically it is possible to create a zero matter state vacuum, or absolute vacuum. The more intense the vacuum, the more easy the interactions we have on the plasma level, because the flow of fields is not obstructed by matter particles.

On the plasma level, however, a vacuum of magnetic fields is virtually impossible to achieve because it means the absence of fields.

Carbon 14

Conscious dreaming

We are a Soul moving through space and time via our physical body. Our Soul dwells on the fundamental level beyond space and time. In our physicality the Soul is contained inside our body like in a cage, controlled by the mind. The control is only relaxed while we sleep and dream and when we experience physical death. Both in deep sleep and death we are unconscious.

The new teachings open a third possibility, enable us to open the cage consciously. We know from our experience of sleeping, that the Soul always finds Her way back into the containment each time before we wake up. We absolutely trust our Soul – otherwise we would be afraid to fall asleep! This trust is so natural for us that we could actually use it to give the control of our life consciously to our Soul.

If we can consciously give over the control of our physical life to the Soul, we can open the cage and let her free – because we are convinced that She will not leave us. And she will actually recreate the physical body with the containment as per her needs.

We do trust during sleep when the mind is absent. Now, to use the third way, we need to expand the existential trust into our waking consciousness – we have to know that the temporary suspension of the body is possible and can be trusted because the Soul will recreate it again. We have to have the certainty that the transitions are safe and secure.

This looks the same as conscious dreaming; dreaming with open eyes.


To fully understand the temporary suspension of the body by the Soul, we have to know how the Soul, the mind and the body communicate and use the same channel.

The three parts of our trinity are connected in the same way as all the elements of the universe so they can interact. But how does that communication work? What is the communication protocol? What is their common band width?

The micro systems inside the human body are all amino acid based. And within the amino acids, C-O-H-N, it’s the carbon (C) that serves as the channel of communication: the isotope of C12 is the communication line on the matter level, C13 on the transition level and C14 on the fundamental level.

We can maybe better understand this with the Magravs we made. The efficiency of a Magrav depends mainly on the characteristics of the nano coating, connected to the lower energy level of the matter state energies (C12) or the higher level of universal energies (C14).

Our trinity uses the same lines of connection. The interaction of the Soul and the soul of physicality uses C14. The soul of physicality interacts with the body using C13. And the interactions between the body and the other elements of the universe on the matter level uses C12.

Ramping up the Magravs

In order to change the connectivity of our Magrav we need to modify the nano coating; we need to elevate it from the C12 to the C14 level.

How can we do that?

Fortunately we don’t have to redo the nano coating all over again. Anyway the transmutation from C12 to C14 corresponds to the elevation from the matter level to the fundamental or Soul level. This elevation is not done by manipulations on the matter level; we rather need to position ourselves on the fundamental level to achieve the elevation.

To be able to raise the Magrav on a higher energy level, we need to be on that higher energy level ourselves. In other words, we can only pull it up to where we are and not push it up higher than our position.

On the C14 level, the is the Magrav to the norm and it will work on his full capacity for the Good of All. Already when we are giving from our Soul to the soul of the Magrav, we will elevate the energy connection and subsequently the energy level. We need to access the knowledge of the Creator to manage this because that’s how the whole universe and all its components work! Here is one suggestion of how we can practically do this; of course anybody can find or develop her of his own technology:

  1. We put ourselves into a state of mind appropriate to control reality; active receptivity.
  2. We can use for example the technology of the 4th day of the 31 day challenge of the Science of Eden: Concentration on a mineral element to work on the Magrav’s nano-coating.
    Now visualize an element of the mineral world through which you wish to perform your reality control. Connect with this element deeply, feel its original prototype, its fundamental structure. Bathe in its light. Also feel its specificity, its unique fragrance, its brilliance.
    You can visualize a sphere around it. This sphere contains all it’s information; it’s a sphere of informational light all around the mineral element.
    Feel your unity with this element. It is part of you and you are part of it. You are exchanging information.
    Now visualize the Magrav that you wish to normalize. Imagine it in the informational sphere of the mineral. Let the light of this element spread over your Magrav and literally illuminate it.
    Then move the Magrav into your own sphere of control, into a sphere that you create about 50 cm in front of your chest.
    Let the light around the Magrav intensify further. You are now greatly accelerating the speed of materialization of the Carbon14 in your reality. Hold this concentration for a few moments.
  3. Fix some feelings and you can quietly get out of the concentration.

Additionally we can apply the following numerical sequences:

Energy 818918888841498 – General measure of different types of motion and interaction. Energy is one of the essential properties of matter.

Life energy 519417 819 14 – Universal cosmic life energy.

Telepathy 519489 491848 – Transmission of information at a distance, without using the means of communication known to science.

Help via a telepathic connection with Grigori Grabovoï 3 582 295

Trinity everywhere

Our skin has 3 layers, so does the envelope of every organ, so does also the galaxy and the universe.

  • The outer layer is to insulate the inside of our body from the outside so the interactions taking place inside the body are not interfered with by what is happening on the outside.
  • The middle layer is the interface between the outside and the inside. The field strengths in this layer are within the range of outer fields, so interaction is possible.
  • The inner layer contains all the elements inside of the layer and ensures their proper functioning.

Space travel

The same layering structure applies to the galaxies and universes. This is an important information for space travel. We have to access the intermediate layer where the links to all the other elements and spaces outside the galaxy are. To travel on the Soul-level, we have to generate the fields of the intermediate layer. In this dimension we will “see” all the places inside and outside our galaxy and – via their links – the “path” to reach them.

The elevation to this level happens by the transmutation of C12 to C14. C14 has a higher energy level that enables us see the universal links and connections.

And of course our rational mind is neither supposed nor able to do this for our Soul can do that “with Her eyes closed”.

If the structure of the galaxies, universes and everything in them is the same as the body of the man, then we understand Grigori Grabovoï’s teaching better when he says, that everything in the creation aspires the human form. I think he does not refer to the physical form with 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 head, etc – but he has the structure of the system of a living human being in mind. Then, together with us, every element in the universe aspires to match the words of the Creator: “I made you in the image of myself”.

And if the universe has the same structure as our body, the universe is our body and we can travel the universe like a blood cell travels the whole body!

The process of creation

So this intermediate layer is also crucial for the creation of everything, including the creation of life: the Soul of the mother, the father and the Creator, in their splendid collaboration, use the energy packs of the universe to create the Soul of the child. If the child’s soul wishes to use a body, he creates first the intermediate layer of the body according to the given environment. And from there on the inner and outer layers build themselves up into the whole body with all the organs.

Feeding ourselves

The layer structure of our skin also explains more in detail how we absorb cosmic energy to sustain us. The intermediate layer has all the connections to the outer universe. Once the correct field strength is established in the intermediate layer, the amino acids are created on the surface of the outer skin, which attract and absorb the energy packs from the universe to channel them inside the body to the places where they are needed.

The new medicine

Conventional medicine with surgery etc are about to become obsolete. Not only have we learned that the body is an intelligent dynamic system, who can, if the mind doesn’t interfere, very well take care of himself. In the sense that he can normalize any diseased or malfunctioning organ because he knows the original prototype and can very quickly remodel the organ to this prototype which is to the norm.

What is this original prototype?

It is definitely not a static image of the perfect body stored away in some akashic library. It is rather a dynamic structure; it is the perfectly functioning body as a macro system assembled from perfectly functioning micro systems – everything harmoniously functioning under the principle of homeostasis. Each micro system from the organs down to the atoms, electrons and protons, are constantly interacting with one another to keep their position of equilibrium to each other. And the overall principle of homeostasis – which is another word for the Good for All, or the Universal Principle – makes that all the interactions have their common goal in the perfectly functioning macro system.

And we don’t forget that the macro system in our example, the human body, is at the same time a micro system of the whole of Humanity, which is a micro system of the totality who is the Creator.

So that means that there is not static image or plan. It is the intelligent interactions of each part within a system with the whole, which creates the intelligent, dynamic structure, what we call “original prototype”. This structure will immediately act to correct any, even so tiny, malfunction in the body back to the norm. So diseases are simply impossible, once our mind is in harmony with our Soul.

And in the last teachings we have learned that the mind – by default, automatically – rectify all that has gone wrong or has been done wrong in his past, once he enters that harmony. This is to say that he will repair right away all that is not to the norm inside the body. Including your finger cut by a wheel saw or your surgically removed kidney. And the body doesn’t have to really do anything. The body is not an entity who sees herself as separate from the cells that constitute her; the body is the living totality of all she is composed of. That’s why it may be more accurate to say that the removed kidney re-creates herself because the environment of her place in the body contains already all the unilateral links from every element around it. And each of these links searches his covalent bonding partner – thus re-creating the lost kidney. It is as if the missing kidney is a vacuum that every element around it wants to fill.

Magrav Energy

Plasma tools are designed to generate a certain percentage of C12 to work on the matter level; for example the GaNS-CO2 that we all know and use. But they also produce C14 which is the connector to the universal energy. Not only in terms of feeding us but also in the direction of making energy in abundance available. The Magrav systems are designed to work in that manner.

More on C14

C14 is the plasmatic form of C12 on the matter plane. Plasma Science is not interested in producing C14 in the matter state, but as an energy or plasma. In the universe C14 is an energy transfer agent. It works as a constant balancer as it can receive, give and maintain at the same time.

In physical terms we can say that the C14 has a free electron on the outer shell which behaves like a hydrogen, an energy carrier. Via this electron, the plasma is connected to all the other elements int he universe and it can travel the spans of the universe looking to complete it’s covalent bonds. In the Plasma Physics the C14 is the medium that links every element with every other in the universe.

Carbon in the body behaves like a C14 because everything below the outer skin in our body is in a GaNS state. And as the constant balancer it can make available all the energies needed for the body to produce anything that he needs.

How to protect ourselves from things that aren’t good for us?

In our daily life we often don’t know right away if something is good or bad for us. We seem to have not the ability to sens this directly; so we use gadgets or techniques to help us to find out. Pendulums are examples for an external tool and kinesiology using our own body. “Can I eat this food, is it good for me?” or “Should I participate in this project or not?”. If the test yields a negative answer, we will reject the element as bad for us.

All these techniques like kinesiology, pendulums etc work as amplifiers for our emotional body. We use them because we are right now not yet able to trust our affective system and our Soul to give us all the answers that we need. The techniques in as sense make the interactions that our system has with another element visible.

These techniques are valid and efficient because they are referencing our emotional system, the communication line between our Soul and the Souls of another element. They are valid technologies because they are pointing towards our hidden potentials – clairvoyance in this case. We will use these technique only up until we will be able to hear what our Soul says. Once our mind can permit our Soul to take over and manage our life, we don’t have to act, because our Soul is already doing all that is necessary right away – she will create the fields which will make any interaction with an unneeded element impossible or she will immediately release what we don’t need.

Furthermore when we use these technologies, we come from a space of “non trust” and bad world” where we have to constantly protect ourselves.

Plasma Technology has a very different approach. Here we come from the fundamental level, where everything is to the norm and we can naturally live in an atmosphere of trust – automatically and by default our Soul is constantly repositioning our system so events that are not perfect for us, won’t happen. But we need to be able to let Her be !

On the Plasma level there is nothing neither good nor bad. In every moment there are things that our system needs and things that it doesn’t. And naturally our body will take what he needs and give away what he doesn’t for others to use.

We see that in the world of Plasma, the concepts of “good or bad things” and the concept of “waste” are non existent, because there is only the constant flow of energies and elements towards the point of demand.

Battery and Plasmatic Containment

The most used alternative energy system is solar energy. As the energy transformation from light rays to electricity only works through daytime and fair weather, we need to store the energy for the times when it cannot be created. For this purpose we use batteries.

Plasma Science has another approach. All the existing natural systems are able to contain their energy. Our solar system for example contains its energy within its boundaries and the sun contains its energies inside its field shells. Unlike batteries which are static, natural systems are dynamic; they contain their energies within and by interaction loops.

When two or more elements are of a similar field strength, they interact with each other. And their interaction is a constant giving and taking. The same interaction is also positioning the elements in an equilibrium to each other. The sun and the earth determine their balanced positioning by giving and taking from and to each other; and this same interaction contains the energy of both within the boundaries of their loop of exchange. Thus containment in Plasma Science is a natural byproduct of the interactions in the covalent bonds, exchanging resources and environment.

The future of how we nourish ourselves

You find an introduction to the understanding of Plasma Science of Feeding and Breathing following this link.

We know that our system assimilates 80% of it’s energy needs directly from the universal energy packs. And what about the 20% remaining? Do we have to cover them with material food?

Not really.

Anastasia relates an inscription on one of the most ancient temples in the world which says: “Eat like you breath”. What does that mean?

We have learned from Plasma Science that our respiration isn’t the transfer of oxygen but instead we are using nitrogen in it’s plasmatic form. We split it up inside our lungs into carbon and hydrogen. Carbon binds with oxygen to be breathed out as CO2; and hydrogen in it’s plasmatic form is the energy carrier, small enough to penetrate the lungs’ membranes into the body where it is locally used to create all the energy forms and elements that our body needs.

Voilà the 20%!

The magic of the CO2 box

  1. The CO2 box is composed of a zinc and a copper coil immersed into a simple saline water solution.
  2. Once installed, the components created the field force of the soul of CO2. But there was also a thin layer of amino acids forming on top of the liquid.
  3. The soul of the CO2 is connected to our Soul; transferring our wish to create the Plasma of CO2 for a special purpose – for example to make patches for our mother to ease her arthritis pain. Through this channel enters the field strength of the purpose we designated to the CO2 box. The amino acids are the interface that the soul uses to absorb the free energy packs from the universe which subsequently are condensed into the GaNS of CO2.

Throughout his teachings on GaNS, M Keshe often mentioned that our body really is the most perfect CO2 box. After a day of activity, before going to bed, we take a shower and wash off the dirt that has accumulated during the day on our skin. This dirt is greasy and needs soap to be cleaned away. This dirt actually isn’t dirt at all but the same amino acids that float on the surface of the CO2 box.

From his teachings on feeding, we know that we take 80% of our energy needs directly from the environment and only 20% from the food we eat. The amino acids on our skin are a witness of this process. The Soul – via feelings and emotions – creates them on the skin in the same way as on the surface of the CO2 box: by Her wish. We all have probably already experienced the interplay of emotions and our feeding habits: when we are in love, we don’t need to eat that much…

We create specific amino acids via our emotions, which serve us as an interface to absorb cosmic energy directly and channel them into our system. The level of the field strength of the amino acids is proportional to the quality of our emotions. The absorbed energy packs from the universe are then converted inside the body to any specific material needed anywhere in the body. That’s why Eskimos, who only eat meat, can generate all the other elements needed for a balanced diet within their body. And the same is true for vegans and breatharians.

And of course there is the free will, personality, mind, ego or what we call the soul of physicality. Even if the amino acids and everything is in place to absorb 80% of the energy from the cosmic environment, we anyway eat material food at 100% because our collective (un-)consciousness dictates that the 80% automatic energy supply from the universe is science fiction and you need to eat real food to sustain yourself- basta!

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But, as all life on this planet is amino acid based, the latter are also essential for GaNS application to cure diseases in animals and the various applications in agriculture.

It is not a coincidence that M Keshe gave us the CO2 box right in the beginning, because carbon is the connector, it creates the link between everything in the universe and us – the position of the Creator. In the realm of planet earth it is lower force Carbon-12 in the universe beyond it is higher field force in the form of Carbon-14. And as we have already pointed out, we determine with the quality of our emotions whether the amino acids establish the connection of C-12 to satisfy the needs of the body or C-14 to elevate the soul.

And the magrav systems we built have the conversion system from C-12 to C-14 integrated into them – we only didn’t understand that yet…