Mozhan teaching = Soul teaching

Shared by Stefania, UC italian.

MT Keshe has trained the first Humans in Space, using Plasma Technology! This method of travel using plasmatic Magravs protection for motion for the future space systems is to be called the Magnetically Originated Joint Habitation And Nutrition (MOJHAN) system. The training was offered from May – July 2017

Stefania was part of the group and she shared in last week’s 1Nation1Race her experiences.

During the training, nobody was allowed to take notes or use any other device for recording. It was the first extensive teaching on the Soul level – nobody needed to worry if he didn’t understand everything right away. The participants were told to just relax; the puzzle pieces would fall in place in their own time.

And there were strange experiences; for example during a relaxed evening walk with a co-student, Stefania suddenly felt that she understood everything (satori); at that moment she looked at her arms and hands – they had turned blue. This perception was confirmed by her company. Later M. Keshe commented on this: her energy must have shifted from the mind (soul of physicality) more towards the Soul and that changed the filter (the brain is the filter attenuating the Soul’s energy in order to materialize the body), which had the effect of changing the colour of her skin.

When we are trying too hard or think too much, these kind of experiences cannot happen. When we use our will power, we give proportionally more energy to the mind and less to the Soul. Bit if we can relax and trust that the Soul knows perfectly well what she needs to do, then we “trust the process” and our energy/attention naturally flows more to the Soul. This favourable state has a tendency to happen more easily when we generally are in a happy mood – and less when we are worried. Because the feelings of happiness, joy and love are orbiting closer around the Soul while feelings of doubt and fear are on the far side from the Soul, closer to the material realm. So making feeling happy the priority in our life is the key… and all else will naturally fall into place.

We can see the truth reflected in our language: at times we express our happiness by saying that “we feel so light” and when we encounter a person who is deeply unhappy, we say that “this person really is heavy”. That is to say, that when we are feeling really light, we could fly…

This and similar experiences during the training made it very clear to Stefania, that the ability to trust the full process and not to worry was and is the path to come closer to her Soul. She understood that rational or mental understanding will not get her there. If you look at it: just “the will to get it” is the aggressive counterpart to the absolute trust of a small child.

She also understood that the very form of the Mozhan training as a retreat, helped the process: all the participants were in an immersive situation. For the time of the course, they were removed from their “normal life” with all the worries and concerns and obligations. Freed from the daily worries, they were free to “go with the flow”. In this example the physical structure of the course was like a confinement, a lock-down. The structural disconnection from the demands of the daily life, freed up the mind. We can actually generate the same freedom by deliberately not to listen to the demands of “our daily life”; or how M. Keshe calls it: “don’t care about the matter level – look at the fields”.

Another important point: M. Keshe taught us that if we want to materialize anything, we only have to create the condition for it. With “condition” he is not referring to material conditions like metal plates, GaNS, etc.; I think he is referring to the conditions inside of us:

  • Is the purpose of our materialization aligned with the Universal Principle?
  • Are we aligned with the process of materialization? Do we not contradict our wish?

So the conditions are not concerned with the “how to do things but with “who is the doer.

Furthermore we remember all creation has 3 components:

  • the Principal (universal unspecific energy packs)
  • the Transition (our attention/intention = this is the condition)
  • the Matter (the environment in which we find ourselves)

The first and the third conditions are constant, we have no influence on them, they are given. Only the second condition is a variable, open to our contribution.

At the moment you let go of everything – you’ll have everything.” Stefania

During the training she noticed that the borderline between dream and reality often became blurred; she often was unable to judge if what she experienced was “real” or “a dream”. This situation occurs naturally when we are in a situation where our dream becomes a reality. We all want our dreams to become true, but do we have the guts to let a dream become realy real? Or are we too much hooked into the material reality.

At the end of the training M. Keshe instructed all the participants how to fly with the Soul. They had to prepare and then at the appointed time they had to sit in a star formation – 3 were sitting on small chairs on the ground and Stefania was sitting on another chair on a table. Soon she could feel how her legs and arms became very light, her heartbeat changed and her body started levitating; but then her body tilted to 45º to the side and went back down on the chair. Then again the lightness and lifting, the tilting and coming back… it became very clear to Stefania that the moment her body levitated, she couldn’t let go, she couldn’t let it happen, so she stopped the process. She prevented the force that came up through her to continue naturally up and out through her head; but she resisted the process and the energy couldn’t go straight through her but went out from her side as tilted her body 45 degrees.

She learned from this that the only obstacle to her flight was her fear, which is a lack of trust – we need total trust, that the Soul can manage all, that we can let go totally and trust her!

We have to really work on our trust and our ability to let go right now, to be prepared to be able to live through the situation when the real thing comes.
All that is easier than you think.
Fear is connected to a lack of understanding and everything that happens reflects your understanding – or your lack of it. Stefania

The Mayans our future?

From the book “The Book of Destiny” by Carlos Barrios

When reading the chapter: “The Unknown Story”, I was baffled of how the description of the author resembles what M. Keshe tells us about our future. He teaches that our future is about to start when we relinquish our addiction to control everything by our mind and give over the management of our lives to our Soul. Within the trinity of our being, the Body is the space of manifestation, the mind/soul of physicality is the servant and the Soul is the master.

The Mayans inhabit a large area in Central America from Mexico to El Salvador. They are a very old culture who’s origins may go back to the times even before the age of Atlantis and Mu. The Mayans believe that they come from the constellation of the Pleiades; next to them a black hole has been found. All the different tribes name their origin Tulàn, which means “Paradise”.

In Essence the Mayan culture is based on harmony and equilibrium, following the natural order of Mother Nature – in others words the Universal Principle. Their culture is based on the famous Mayan Calendars, according to which we have just started the era of the 5th sun JOB AJAW, a period of 5,200 years starting on December 21, 2012.

I’d like to present you the original text of the chapter in Carlos Barrios book entitled “Unknown Story” (with small edits; our comments are in blue):

The wisest beings were created at the dawn of this humanity. Their gaze encompassed the whole of  Mother Earth, they had no language as such but transmitted their thoughts and visions by means of images. Their strength and power were limitless. Their thoughts were the thoughts of the Creator and heir essence was his essence, the Great Father, Heart of Sky. Nothing was unknown to them except death. At that time all human beings, wherever they dwelled on this beautiful planet, have been just as magnificent walking on the face of this beautiful Earth.

These are our pristine origins; we did not evolve from monkeys but came from origins much more evolved than our cultures today: we came from the Vedic People, how Anastasia calls them. We were created in the image of the Creator and had all his aspects, qualities and powers.

Then we fell from these heights because of our misconduct on the material plane…

However their descendants’s hearts became filled with pride and vanity. They were so arrogant that they believed they had the right to use of the rest of creation to satisfy their personal desires and whims. Since they had no respect for anybody else; what could our brothers the animals, the wise trees and the water creature expect from them? What’s more, what could Mother Earth or the Creator expect from them?

Pride made such beings believe that they were as great as their creators and soon they forgot their makers. Thus, Heart of Sky called upon the Creator, the Maker, the Shaper, and the Giver of Life. After consulting, the gods decided to limit the power they had given these beings.

This was not a punishment; it was a consequence flowing out of the Universal Principle. It is the harmony with the Natural order that keeps the totality of creation alive. When harmony is not respected, a “higher power”, the Soul, will intervene and put everything in its place.

The council of gods thus agreed to mist the eyes of human beings, and their sight today is limited; no more can they see the images with which the rest of creation communicates; it means that they cannot use the language of the Soul anymore. The gods closed the humans’s ears so that they can only hear what is near; no longer can they hear the sounds of the Universe. They have lost their intuitive strength; their power is only material now. And they do not see the purpose for which they were created.

Before they knew everything except death – now they know only death, but are oblivious of everything else. And all these opinionated discussions in the media and amongst friends are senseless, because we have lost our framework – why we are here.

The world arose because the Creator/Soul liked the idea. Reality came about in the magical space of NAJT, or space-time. For better understanding we can compare Najt to a 3D printer. It doesn’t really create anything, because all that is manifested exists already on the Soul level as a potential , idea or thought. If we live in accordance with our Soul, we all have the ability to give shape to the manifestations of energy, or Plasma. When we lose this innocence we are born with, we lose the ability to manifest and our lives become entangled in unconsciousness; and that is when we become fragile and mortal.

With all their powers having been taken away from them, humanity was lost; so the Creator send out the first Grandfathers: B’alameb’, B’alam K’itze’, B’alam Aq’ab’, Majukutaj, I’ki’ B’alam.

They came also from the Pleiades and were great wise man, visionaries, and incredible wizards. They had retained all the qualities of the original human beings, that we have lost due to our arrogance. Their homeland became our homeland, their traditions our traditions, their legacy our way of life. They taught us everything because the place where they came from is Najt, where reality occurs. When they came to our world, they were disoriented, as if lost outside their reality. They longed for their place of origin and their dignity but they were sent bye the Great Father to have descendants and populate the earth in order to remember their Creator and Maker.

These grandfathers founded the Mayan Culture to teach everybody how to come back into the Universal Principle thus regaining access to all our original powers. To help prevent another downfall, the Mayans lived ever since as a theocratic society and their social order and individual orientation was coming out of following the different calendars: you were born under a particular sign, which determined your path through life; your family and the society around you knew this as well and did everything to support you in your path.

Yet, it happened again…

The evolutionary step that we are part of today is not just for us. This evolution is for the whole Universe – a new beginning and a new life for all. Now the scientist is equal to the prophet; we will replace religions with science. Mankind will see itself as being part of one creation and one unified religion. I expect this to happen somewhere after November this year.

Mankind has become part of the Creator, not in terms of the physicality but in terms of the Soul. Let’s see where the Soul of the man goes and where the Souls of the Universe comes in to elevate the Soul of man. Now the Soul of man is weak and the fields of the Soul of the Universal Community are strong and will elevate the Soul of man. M. Keshe

This Fact will change your Life (and the World)

By Ziad Masri; we present the transcription of the video here. It is a simple and clear statement that also confirms the way of working on the Soul level, chosen by the Universal Council.

Who is ready to transform the world?

Albert Einstein said: “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

What he meant is that the physical world is an illusion. Like a movie projected on a screen – if you get upset about a character in the movie and you jump up and beat his image on the screen… you only disturb the others in the audience. The hidden truth of reality is that this is a universe built on pure energy – pure consciousness. It only appears and feels solid because that’s how our brains are programmed to perceive and sense it. Yet this consciousness has no physical boundaries. It is intimately interconnected everywhere.

But despite this knowledge that has been written about in countless ancient mystical texts, and proven time and time again by modern science, we continue to behave as if it wasn’t true. We continue to use the old paradigm model of a physical universe when trying to change the world and fix it’s problems. Fight against poverty. Fight against environmental destruction. Fight against animal cruelty. Fight against corrupt politicians. Fight against injustice and hared. And yet we don’t realize that our very fighting is helping to perpetuate these problems!

Because we live in a purely energetic, consciousness-based universe. And when we fight against any problem or injustice with anger and resistance in our heart, our consciousness is literally seeding the energy field for humanity with negative contracted energy. So while you may seem to be help on the physical front, and what you’re fighting for may appear improving, there will be no real, ultimate solution because the energetic seed you planted will be alive. And it will unite with other energies of it’s kind from around the world and enforce the manifestation of new problems. Because that’s how reality actually works = consciousness literally creates physical reality.

Your state of consciousness, along with everyone else’s on the planet, is what is creating our planet’s future moment by moment. So it’s not really important what you are DOING but what you are THINKING or more so what you are FEELING!

But – because we have been miseducated and misinformed – often we don’t understand this simple fact. And we are fighting for a better world on the physical front, while our underlying consciousness is serving as a blueprint for more injustice and more problems to be born into the world. And it’s a vicious circle that won’t end until we all wake up to the truth.

The truth is that no amount of fighting and protesting and campaigning will create real, lasting change as long as there’s anger and hatred and resistance in our hearts. We’ve been down this futile path for endless centuries. One problem solved and a new one springs in it’s place, necessitated by the negative energy that solved the first one.

When will we realize that there has to be a better way?

Well that better way was actually proven to us four decades ago, but no one took notice. In 1978, a scientific study was conducted on a group of 7,000 meditators who meditated for 3 weeks in a state of love and peace. What happened next was absolutely stunning: it was discovered that during this period,

  • the global crime rates dropped by 16%!
  • Global suicides and car accidents dropped.
  • Most astonishing of all, there was a 72% decrease in global terrorist activity!

Stop and think about that for a moment!

The entire world literally changed because of a group of mere 7,000 meditators = 0.00009% of the world population; who stayed in coherence in a higher state of consciousness. A state of love and peace. And this result occurred precisely because we don’t live in a physical universe. These powerful waves of love and peace were felt subconsciously by the entire collective consciousness of humanity – simply because we are already One – if we know it or not. These meditators affected mass behaviour without people even realizing it!

So it’s time for us to wake up to these truths about our reality. It’s time for us to drop the old paradigm that tell us the world will change by fighting for change. And it’s time to embrace the new paradigm that empowers each and every single one of us to change the world in a real and lasting way.

Through the incredible power of our consciousness. There are no limits to our power when we align to a more truthful view of the world we live in. The love that we feel in our heart is an actual power that we have. It’s literally the most powerful force on Earth. This is not a cliché = we’ve just been conditioned to believe that it has no real effect. But we’ve seen that it’s power is absolutely world-changing. And one person – YOU – has unlimited amounts of it to plant as seeds in the collective consciousness.

So let’s start this very moment. Close your eyes, open your heart and send love to the world. Feel the peace and let your consciousness abide there. Every single second that you do this literally re-writes our planet’s future with a new energetic blueprint. And then if you’re meant to take some physical action to help the world, it’ll be spontaneously inspired by love and will be infinitely more powerful that that which is fuelled by righteous anger. Love can lead to courageous, assertive action. It does not mean being passive. And even without physical action, you’re helping to change the world on a foundational energetic level that actually creates reality.

You are the superhero and saviour you’ve been waiting for.

No Evolution without understanding Emotions

What really are Emotions?

On the level of our body, it’s the interaction between the Soul and the physicality which creates emotion. And this emotion has been the biggest problem for mankind. In fact positive emotions like love, kindness, compassion and joy are no problem at all. The problem is negative emotions like anger, hate, fear and boredom.

Emotions can be understood and dealt with in two ways – they can be perceived as coming from the outside world towards us as a reality beyond our control. So we are their victims; and our responses are automatic reactions – flight or fight. Here is the sequence or the chain of command of how our perception triggers emotions which force automatic – and mostly unwanted or destructive – behaviour patterns on us:

  1. Our mind is focused on the outside, material world. We perceive this world as having a reality on it’s own; the outside material world exists by and though itself.
  2. Anything happening on the outside is perceived as happening to us. We are fundamentally victim of what is happening in the material world.
  3. We automatically take everything coming from the material world personally; we judge everything as confirming or threatening our personality.
  4. The automatic judgements trigger negative emotions, which are believed being real and justified.
  5. The emotions provoke a routine series of automatic reactions.

During this whole sequence of events, we never check if anything of this is “true”; we actually never check with our interior if we would want this course of events. If you look at it, in reacting, we don’t LIVE our live, we are on auto-pilot, we are in a hypnotic trance. We only to be interested in “being right” and completely forget about “being happy”…

But emotions can also be understood as coming from inside of us; as the language in which our Soul is trying to communicate with us, trying to tell us where we stand in relation to her: in alignment or in misalignment. In the light of this understanding, the negative emotion do not ask any judgment or reaction from us. They are simply messages from our inner GPS telling us that we are currently on the wrong way. This vision creates a totally different sequence of events:

  1. Our mind is focused on the inside, we are much more interested in how we feel than in how to be right, how to win. Now we perceive the world as a theatre scene staging so to say the message of our Soul. In this sense the outside material world does not exist by itself but is a projection of what’s going on inside of us.
  2. Anything happening on the outside is only showing us how we have left the way towards happiness. Consequently we are in control of what is happening in the material world. We know the world will change if we change our emotions, meaning if we respond to the message of our Soul GPS with a course correction.
  3. We take the things coming from the material world much less personal; they are like the teacher during driving lessons tells us to drive differently.
  4. Now we still may feel negative emotions but they don’t trigger reactions anymore.

Now we know that emotions are our GPS which continuously tells us in real time where we are in respect to our Soul – in alignment or misaligned. Our Soul is always living inside the Universal Principle: I am here to serve All. Therefore misalignment happens when we, as our personality or mind, decide not to follow the way of our Soul, because we have a personal agenda. And as the Soul will never touch our personal freedom, it will not interfere with our personal agenda; because our Soul cannot follow personal interests. So actually our personality/mind is moving away from the Soul; and this is how the gap between our Soul and the soul of the physicality (body/mind system) is widened.

Our inner GPS will first make us aware of a misalignment by giving us negative feelings. When we decide not to listen, she turns the volume of her voice up and makes us feel pain. When we are still not heeding, she will give us symptoms of chronic diseases. The connection between the Soul and the body is like a rubber band. It can only be stretched that much befor it snaps. While we are not listening to our Soul, the rubber band gets stretched more and more until it snaps – the sad ultimate result being the physical death. We can call the physical death the “ultimate acccident”; it happens because we are resisting our Soul to a point where She cannot support the connection with the soul of the physicality anymore.

We have to learn to deal with our emotions because unsatisfied emotions keep the Soul hostage to the physicality; and when we are able to satisfy the emotions, they will loosen their grip on the Soul and let it free. And of course the first step to satisfy the emotions is to understand them for what they are. In other words, while we don’t understand emotions, we think that we must control our live via our personality/mind . How could we trust our Soul when we are not sure that she exists at all? Without the Soul “ruling” our life, we live in a delusion, in something like a hypnotic state – we don’t really live.

We have seen that by understanding emotions for what they really are, we will not only diminish their power over us but also have the possibiliy to change them. Emotions on physical level make us reacting automatically, but by understanding them we can escape being controled by them because we can see them for what they really are – messages form our inner GPS. Right now this seems to be the sole alternative to freeing the Soul through our physical death.

The Soul is much more powerful than the soul of physicality; but she will never touch our “personal freedom”. And using this freedom we can decide to turn our back to the Soul and the Universal Principle; the Soul will not stand in the way, but she will not move the slightest from the Universal Principle, but we are moving away from the Principle and her, creating a widening gap.

In this sense the mind has created such a heavy blanket on it that the Soul cannot escape. You can lift that blanket by either changing the blood circulation around the brain or by diminishing the strength of the emotion by understanding them; in both cases the Soul will be taking over the physicality.

What we have seen so far is the control of our system from the physical, or body/mind side; but we can also intervene from the Soul side. Then the emotion itself becomes so strong that it will block the physicality. In the example of the racist cop: if he ever comes to the point to understand his emotions; the same emotions charged by the essence of the Soul will block his action or his physicality will heavily suffer. Research on soldiers that have gone to war and killed, even if they brag about it afterwards, live a very horrible life after.

It is very easy to change/control the emotion – ours and those of others – a kind word or a kind touch, can bring back a lot of Peace. And once you are on the level of the Soul, you can reach anyone directly on the same level; you kind of sit in the Soul of a person and you know what he is going to say even before the actual words come out of his mouth.

Therefore we have to learn to be good at LIVING. To understand that better, maybe the following investigation could be helpful: Every morning when we wake up, we could ask ourselves:

To be good at LIVING means that we should be good in all the 4 challenges. And it is our lover or spouse who has to be the referee. If our lover answers all of the questions with a positive checkmark, then you have become a peaceful person and the Universal Council can create a peaceful nation with you.

Or you lie next to your wife, husband or children and just in your thoughts and feelings, be in the state of : “I adore you”. If they move closer to you or they make cuddling sounds like “hmmmm”, then you know that you are close to them and you don’t need to speak anymore, because you are connected on the Soul level.

Another exercise is the Touch-less Touch: Connect to your Soul and think of a person. In your mind reach out your hand and touch that person ever so lovingly. If they feel touched, you have learned the strength of the Soul beyond the matter state.

This part of the Soul teaching is supposed to bring us out of the life of a low animal (entirely on the matter level) up to the level of a real Human, the Soul level.

There is a tribe in Africa where everybody lives inside the Universal Principle. They are born as a boy or a girl but it is only around the age of 12-14 when their gender is finally decided. Choosing the gender happens on the Soul level – she needs to be happy with the choice, so she can follow unconditionally the Universal Principle. She needs also to be happy with the choice because she needs to be in a balanced position with other Souls so all are in Peace.

In the above example the tribe is in a situation where there are less girls than boys; then one of the boys will naturally become a girl from that moment on to bring the balance. Or the mother of a child died and the child has no mother anymore, one man will change into a woman to be able to “replace” the mother and re-establish the balance in the tribe. Everything is considered and happening smoothly when the Souls take position and “manage” the physical life.

Plasma Science can help

We can actually use the Cup of Man to learn about our emotions. The Cup of Man is designed to be the second entity for us to interact with. It is the sandbox in which we can learn how to become familiar with the interactions and the resulting emotions; getting to know their meaning and strength.

To do this, we use the GaNS of Cup1 and Cup2 in dynamic reactors. As we can control each reactor and his strength individually to watch the changes in the interactions and the resulting feelings. Using this setup, it will be easy for us to not to take the emotions personally, because they are provoked by the interaction between the Cup of Man and us: We turn the speed knob of the motors to change our emotions. This Universal Cup of Man will teach us how to give over the control of our lives to the Soul.

Emotions as a means of communication

The emotion resulting from the interaction of the physicality and the Soul is in no way different from the interaction that we can have with others from the Universal Community: their Soul interacts with our Soul and this creates the same emotions. The recognition of interactions is the same in all dimensions.

The interactions between different beings gives a message to the Soul of what is the intention or the wish. And this message is in the form of an emotion. We can see how our Soul reacts and from there understand the emotions coming out of it.

We can see now that emotions are the interface between the two parties, that both understand: The fields flowing out of the Soul of being #1 interact with the fields flowing out of the Soul of being #2 create an interaction, giving us different emotions. Or the same happens within our own system: here it’s the interaction of the flow of the blood (soul of the physicality) with the flow of fields from the Soul that gives us different emotions.

Double Core Reactor for Elevating the Soul

From 172nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“Make a batch of 100% LP-ZnO and a mix of 80% LP-Zn20% LP-CO2. Put them into a dynamic reactor and let it run; don’t expect an interaction. Let it elevate the souls of the man across the planet. You know how turning on a candle in the corner of a dark room, dispels instantly all darkness?

Now you can see the power of the GaNS and the power of the interaction of the fields across the world with CO2 and ZnO and elevate. Do this in a very nice way to take the fear from the people because they show their fear in the physicality. Add a touch of LP-MgO to it and you connect the emotion to the physicality and you have no fear. The emotion is already elevated. Handle it scientifically and you walk out. Those who have the fear will understand. We bring the fear of God into the life of the kings and their courts.”

Through Emotions towards the Soul

Our life is a phantasmagorical fabrication

By Eric Baret, “The Rite of the Green Dragon”, Almora Editions

It is not the trauma that prevents us from living, the event does not matter, it is how we deal with it. Any trauma immediately after the event transformes itself into a memory; it becomes an image, a thought. And a memory is very volatile and totally unreliable: every time we think about it, we change it.

We believe we need to suffer. “How can I live when my wife has left me? How can I live when I have cancer? How can I live when this, that?”. It’s a story. The event doesn’t matter. You base your life on thoughts that justify depression: “…but still, I have the right to be depressed when you see my father, my grandmother, when you see my life! “. We always try to justify our suffering, we fight for the right to suffer; that’s what human existence is all about.

It’s very difficult to admit that. If you are told, “There is no justification for suffering, it is your own creation”, of course, it is hard to hear, but it is even harder to live in that believe. So sooner or later, you have to hear it and realize that when you no longer pretend to suffer, you are free. In an instant, there is no more psychology, no more history. There is nothing more to accomplish in one’s life, nothing more to become, nothing more to avoid.


From Public Teaching in Portuguese, 29 Mai 2020

The Plasma Science definition

The definition of Plasma Science can be seen in the following schematic:

  1. On the left side we see the situation of truth: on the level of the Soul (upper sun) the interaction between the Souls of A andB convey the colour green and the same colour shows on the level of the mind/soul of the physicality(lower sun).
  2. On the right side the interaction on the Soul level is red while what person B tries to communicate it as green.

Only the mind can lie; the Soul is absolutely unable to lie because she has only one motivation or agenda, the Universal Principle. The mind, however, can have a hidden agenda, trying to pass something that is “a red light” on the Soul level as a “green light”. So only the mind can create a different colour.

This resembles very much to how buddhists explain lie and truth: I speak the truth when i try to convey the same image, I have in my mind, to the other person. The latter will see the same thing. I lie when i try to create another image than I have in my mind in the mind of the other person. So lying is not at all related to an abstract concept of truth but to the intention of the one who speaks.

Now the Cup of Man, as we know, is our reference point, because she cannot – just like our brothers and sisters of the Universal Community – lie. When you meet another Soul and she likes you, then she will choose a physical manifestation that pleases you. That is the same as Buddha predicted for all the future Bodhisattvas (these are people devoted to live inside the Universal Principle), that they will appear in hundreds of worlds simultaneously, helping beings. In each world, they will “choose” a physical form which pleases the one they want to help. That of course is not actually “their choice” but it is more the person in need who determines the physical form because we are more likely to listen to someone who’s appearance is appealing to us.

On the other hand, if someone is full of negative energies and desires, he will of course appear as a horrible monster; and nobody will want to have anything to do with him. And thats one point where lying comes in; when we want to appear nicer, holier, more intelligent and more loving as we are in reality. That means meeting other people from the Universal Community requires that we really know ourselves so we can be totally transparent and show only one colour.

While we live in the habit of eating by killing or being motivated by the lust for power and material gain, then the Soul will still say : “I love to meet and love this new friend unconditionally”. But the mind on the physical level will pretend love and whatever else in order to get what he wants as a gain. And this creates another colour; and this is death for the man.

That’s why we gave you the Cup of Man; to make sure that get enough practice that everything is of the same colour.” M. Keshe

Inside ourselves, it looks like this: an emotion is the result of an interaction between the Soul and the physicality. For example the mind wants something and the Soul gives the corresponding emotion in the sense that the emotion will reflect if the intention is in alignment with the Universal Principle or not. If there is alignment, the emotion will be positive, if not, it will be negative. Even if the feedback of the Soul is negative the mind can still go ahead, ignoring he GPS message, and pursuing what he wants. The whole physicality will follow the decision of the mind and not the message of the GPS or the Soul.

In reality that should never exist, there should always be the same colour and not any lie. The mind should always naturally and joyfully follow the Soul. The Universe is permeated by trust; the trust that allows us to put always everything on the table, to hide nothing, not to lie. We all see the same and we all behave the same.

Look at the picture of the US cop killing the bl ack man, look at his face: it is not distorted by a fit of hate or rage, it rather reflects a rather insecure guy with an attitude of “I am doing my job”. We see no emotion except fear maybe. That is exactly the attitude we need to change in ourselves: we need to be in contact with our emotions. That maybe very difficult because the upbringing in industrialized countries is almost solely based on rationality, power, competitiveness. We should always look for the gap where we can feel what we are doing or what we want to do. When we have an emotional connection to what we think, say or do, we will be shown right away by our GPS if we are on the right track or not.

Make it perfect II

Birthing Children

When people today create a child, they just go ahead with intercourse or test tubes and then their pregnancy is an accident, there is nothing well planned or refined around it; and then they fall in love with their accident.

The Children of the Universe are well planned in all the details, the minutest field in the interaction to the creation is considered and refined until the perfect child can be conceived. Before the creation every detail has to be in harmony with everything in the Universe.

And when we make our Cup of Man we could proceed in the same way: before doing anything, we should stop and take some time to think and feel about

What do we want to achieve with the Cup?

How is the harmony in the work environment?

How do we feel right now?

Are we conscious of the fact that we are creating a Soul?

What do we want to give to this Soul to make it strong and alive?

How will this Cup be connecting with all other Cups around the world?

How this Cup will find Peace and become part of us?

In taking time to think and feel, “You give to receive and you don’t steal to possess. The Cup of Man, like the Magravs, they are the most perfect creatures of your Soul: give them so much love that they just keep on growing and growing and wanting to give – if you just want to take from them, you’ll stop them right away. Otherwise you put anything which is part of your messed up personality in there; only to complain afterwards that “it doesn’t work”…” M. Keshe

So we have to take our time, be patient, and perfect the cup on the plasma level by giving it the best feelings and thoughts we have; nourishing it. And when the cup is already done, we don’t need to despair or do it all over again: when the cup hasn’t been done in a perfect way, you can repair it; because now your Soul is the stronger plasma and can feed the weaker plasma which is your Cup to bring it up to your level.

Your partner is your Cup of Man

I told you many times, your partner is your cup, but you don’t understand. Go and see what you done wrong to him or her and put it right; then you don’t need to make a cup and find a partner who is perfection to you.

When you don’t work slowly everything up to perfection, that means you have no respect for yourself or anything else.” M. Keshe

Cup of Man in Dynamic systems

Let’s say you run the 2 dynamic reactors with 2,500 rpm; because the have the same speed, they will have the same field strength or – in other words – the same force of their souls. This will show that the center gap of both will be the same.

If we stand in front of the setup and with our Soul we say “I love you” and mean it but our mind doesn’t agree, the force of the Cup2 reactor will shrink, which can be seen as a smaller vacuity at the center. Then you see that your physicality is not following your Soul.

And to compensate for this shrinking, the centre gap or Soul of Cup1 will grow. This creates more distance between the Soul and the mind; and the rubber band gets under more pressure. If your partner is not the Cup of Man but another Soul, this means that you are not trusted; and they remove their Soul in greater distance to yours. This distancing is the greatest “punishment” in the Universe.

Here’s the explanation of this “punishment” in the view of Plasma Science Positioning. Every entity has a gravitational (G) and a magnetic component (M); and all entities are always in a perfectly balanced position to each other. This is seen in the upper part. The lower part shows what happens when the center has shrunken:

  1. The gravitational field of the first entity has become smaller
  2. Consequently it’s magnetic field gets bigger.
  3. But this change will also provoke a change in the other entity: the gravitational field will grow and the magnetic shrink which is consequently widening the gap between the two entities.

This widening of the gap can be felt between us and other human beings or inside of us between our Soul and our mind. Our upbringing is partially responsible for this: whenever we want to conform to rules, to group pressure, to our neighbours, friends and family, to society, we give more importance to the outside world then to our Soul. Whenever we think we need to be in harmony with the outside world, the gap to our inner being grows. If we don’t find balance inside the material world, we will experience fear which forces us into the reactive mode. The functioning of the status quo has become more important than our happiness to a point where thought about our happiness doesn’t even enter our consciousness anymore.

The obedience to our society has in fact replaced the wish of the Creator and the agreement with our Soul. Our endeavour to fit into the society, we break the commitment of our Soul, to serve, to follow the Universal Principle. We are told that not paying taxes is stealing from the society – while at the same time we steal from our Soul paying for armies, weapons, and the interest of banksters. By keeping man away from our Soul, he could do whatever he wanted with in the realm of the physicality: lying, stealing, manipulating, killing…” M. Keshe

The most efficient way to keep us away from our Soul, is preventing us from feeling what we are doing, making us unconscious of our Emotions and keeping us away from using our inner GPS.

This new phase of teaching wants to help us understand and change our crazy behaviour. The understanding of emotions will unify our emotions under the Universal Principle and the Soul; and this will give us back our divine power, put us on the doorstep of paradise on Earth and the glad acceptance into the Universal Community.

Towards the Soul on the path of Emotions III

We have learned from using our inner GPS that the more negative an emotion is, the further away we are from the Soul; and the more positive it is, the closer we are to her. Consequently the best path to approach our Soul is the most positive of emotions: unconditional love.

Rising in Love

Love has to be an unconditional sharing, a blossoming, like a rose flower that shares its fragrance without any expectation. It is unconditional love without any attachment and expectation. It is pure freedom. Love should come out of your silence, awareness, meditativeness. It is soft, it is unbinding; it is giving freedom to each other, more and more.

Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. By and by love ceased to be a relationship, it becomes a state of being… Not that you are in love – now you are love.” Osho

Can I create Peace and Freedom?

By Azar, UC farsi

I can’t create Peace in the same way that I can’t create freedom.

I can fall in love and I can rise in love. I am in love. When we rise in love, everything else disappears. There is no more right and wrong. There is no more black and white. There is no time and space. There is no more ugly and beautiful. You don’t care anymore what you eat. You don’t care where you sleep.

All you care for is to be able to give to your lover; you are ready to give your life to just become a part of him. It is like the sunshine, it is everywhere, it shines on you and you can shine back. With that love comes Peace. With that love comes Freedom. With that love comes detachment.

When you are in love, the body heals. When you are in love, the sense of belonging doesn’t exist. When you are in love you don’t see races. When you are in love, there is no nation. When you are in love, there is no man or woman. When you are in love there is no limitation.

Whoever you are; wherever you are, rise in love. Let love be your shelter. Let love be your medicine. Let love be your freedom. Let love be your peace. No one can take away that love when you rise into it. We are in that space where all that exist is love and peace and freedom.”

How to be in love

We all have been in love in our life; we know how it feels. And we know the effects of being in love so beautifully described in the text of Azar. However it seems, we are not able to stay a very long time in love, we, so to say, fall out of love again.

Then the question: how to rise back into love?

Here are some indications:


The more love you give, the more you get.” M. Keshe

Rather than thinking how to get love, start giving. If you give, you get. There is no other way. People are more interested in how to grab and get. Everybody is interested in getting and nobody seems to enjoy giving. People give very reluctantly—they always go on watching to make sure they get more than they give—then it is a good bargain, good business.

Love is not a business, so stop being businesslike. Otherwise you will miss your life and love and all that is beautiful in it. Business is the ugliest thing in the world and existence knows nothing of business. Trees bloom and the stars shine; it is not a business and you don’t have to pay for it. A bird comes and sits at your door and sings a song, and the bird will not ask you for anything. He has sung the song and then happily he flies away, leaving no traces behind.” Osho

Put your love and awareness into everything

Put your love and awareness in the small things. Then cooking or cleaning become sacred; they become worship. It is not a question of what you are doing; the question is how you are doing it. You can clean the floor like a robot, a mechanical thing; you have to clean it, so you clean it. Then you miss something beautiful. Then you waste those moments in only cleaning the floor. Cleaning the floor could have been a great experience and you missed it. The floor is clean now, but something that could have happened within you has not happened. If you had been aware, not only the floor but you would have felt a deep cleansing. Clean the floor full of love and awareness, luminous with love and awareness. Make your life more and more luminous with love and awareness; let the candle burn in each moment, in each act. The cumulative effect is what enlightenment is. The cumulative effect, all the moments together, all small candles together, become a great source of light.” Osho

Act as if you are in love

If you want to be in the state of love, just play it. Do as if you are in love. Try to live the effects, that normally would come out of being in love. By living the effects, you invite love back into our life. Do it sincerely and it is bound to come.

When you have fallen in love, love could disappear again, because it was induced by the outside. Now when you recreate the “being in love” yourself, you induce it from the inside; you created it and this love will not disappear again.” Buddha

Love and do what you want

By Saint Augustin

Duty without love makes us relentless
Responsibility without love makes us ruthless
Justice without love makes us hard
Truth without love makes us critical
Intelligence without love makes us cunning
Kindness without love makes us hypocritical
Order without love gives a narrow mind
Honour without love makes us proud
Possession without love makes us miserly
Faith without love makes us fanatical
Life without love is worthless

Love and do what you want
If you are silent, be silent out of love,
If you talk, talk out of love,
If you correct, correct for love,
If you forgive, forgive out of love,
Have in your heart the root of love;
From this root, nothing bad can come.

Rediscover Emotions through Non-Violent Communication

Developed by Marhall Rosenberg

We are born with the full capacity to use our emotions to navigate through our life; however, especially in industrialized cultures, we learned many forms of life-alienating communications like judgments, evaluations, comparisons, etc.; all of which perpetuate the vicious circles and perpetuate violence. In this chapter we like to show you a path from emotional slavery to emotional liberation.

The above images shows the 2 ways we can interact: the OUT-mode (a-e) of automatic reaction perpetuating a violent world; or the IN-mode (A-D) of using our emotions as the GPS to a more fulfilled and happier life. The critical point is the the black dashed line separating the two modes of life. It can be very difficult for us to maintain the IN-mode, especially when anger is triggered. However there is a technique called Non-Violent Communication (NVC), that can help a lot to resist the temp tation to react violently and remain calm and centred on our emotions.

The NVC focuses our attention right at the point b/B, where we have the perception of something, which would normally provoke anger followed by a violent reaction. The NVC enables us to perceive the situation differently, thus preventing anger and reaction. We are never angry because of what others say or do, the cause of anger lies in our thinking – in thoughts of blame and judgment.

The NVC teaches us not to listen to the thoughts that another person may throw at us, but to to hear our own deeper needs and those of others. This language reveals the awareness that all human beings are only trying to honour universal values and needs, every minute, every day. Instead of keeping us in the grip of the mind with his thoughts, believes and judgments; we deliberately choose to focus on the emotions or feelings that are alive in us and the others.

The process of the NVC is happening in 4 steps:

  1. We recon what we are observing
  2. We become aware of the emotions that are triggered by what we observe
  3. We discover that the emotion points to a need that has been met or not
  4. Finally we request something from others which would enrich each our lives

Driving Lesson Example

The interaction and relationship between the mind (soul of  the physicality) and the Soul is very eloquently demonstrated by the example of a driving lesson. Our mind is the driver and our Soul is the instructor; the car is the physical body and the traffic is the environment. Where you are finally going is determined by the instructor/Soul. You may not even be aware of where you are going because you are so busy with shifting gears, accelerating and braking, watching the cat, the red light, pedestrians, traffic signs and other cars.

By the way for each driving lesson the instructor picks you up at your house and brings you back after the hour, hoping that you have learned something in the meantime. A driving lesson doesn’t take us anywhere, it only wants to teach us how to be able to “manage” our physicality in her terrestrial and other environments – to the perfection that the instructor has himself!

And let’s remember that the student, one day, will become another instructor.

The Voice of the Soul

Why do we always have to hear something with our ears? Why don’t we trust the emotion of the Soul? Why do we always have to be in the dimension of the physicality? Do we really have to hear, to feel or to see it in order to believe it?

Maybe at this time we don’t need to think but we need to love more and by this we will understand how to elevate the Soul.

M Keshe

The Human Condition

We have a physicality and a Soul. And the Soul is the collective soul of all the souls of the parts we are made of; and each of them being the collective soul of the collection of elements they are constituted of. At the same time there are the Souls of Mother Earth, the Sun and many others which lead to our creation. All these Souls are connected and are continuously interacting and positioning themselves to be in a state of equilibrium with everything else. 

This is one dimension of our condition.

The other is found on what we call “time” continuum: our actual position is due to what all our direct and indirect forefathers did. Every action, good or bad, on the material level has a consequence on the Soul level, because it leads to a repositioning of our Soul in respect to all the other Souls. And acts of the people closest to us, our direct foremothers and -fathers, codetermine our actual position.

We are living a double destiny:

  • On the Soul level we are fulfilling our destiny and responsibility as a constituent of the Universe.
  • At the same time we are fulfilling the destiny of our lineage – the part of the conditioning of our soul of physicality (mind).

Up to now both lineages are largely unconscious. With the Plasma Science, we are just beginning to learn about this. There is a big difference if we live this double task unconsciously or if we are being lived by our conditioning, never really take care to evolve. Imagine if we can activate our consciousness and love to a point where the evolution of the Human race becomes a conscious process! Then we will be the co-creators of our evolution. Then we don’t need Corona viruses to push us up to the next level. This will open so many new levels of life and understanding that are right now unimagineable. And this transition to evolve consciously takes much time.

In this way life on planet Earth is a preparatory school to make us capable to spawn other magnificent worlds throughout the Universes – what for? Just to give pleasure to the ones who live in them and who enjoy them.

Consciousness may be found in all parts of the Universe, but Love seems to only come through one channel: Earth. This makes us very special for the Universal Community.
But for us
Love is so much part of our everyday life, that we hardly pay any attention to it. We are oblivious to the fact that we are carrying the greatest gift that Humanity will make to the Universal Community.

In this context, the elevation of our Soul is supposed to bring us to up to the level where we consciously and lovingly take our place and responsibility in the totality of the Universe. And when the collective Soul of Humanity elevates, the Soul of the Planet will change, too.

Just like we use patches to take away pain and diseases in the human body; in the same way we are encouraged to use the Plasma Technology: We our spraying and pouring GaNS everywhere and with all the reactors, Magravs and star formations knowledge seekers have made around the world – with all this we have put patches on Mother Earth to rid her of pain and diseases we have inflicted on her.

Additionally: for the first time in human history, we don’t work on the matter level (by revolutions) to change the unfortunate condition of mankind, but we chose to use the Soul. The effort of all of us to elevate the Souls of the heads of our nations and governments, our perceived enemies and our own, combines into an energy that elevates the Soul of Mother Earth, because we are forever connected to her as her children.

How to open the Portal to Abundance

Taken from “The Life and Teachings of the Masters from the far East” by Baird Spalding and public teachings by M. Keshe from the Knowledge Seeker Workshops.

What is the greatest attribute of the Soul and the Creator?


Just think: we all know exactly what love is – yet we cannot explain it. It is beyond the mind, it belongs to the realm of the Soul; that’s why we can feel it but not explain it.

The Tree of Life is located in the midst of the paradise, the very depth of our own Soul, and the rich, abundant, the most perfect and life-giving fruit that grows on it, is Love.

Love is the greatest healing force in the world. Love never fails to meet every demand of the human heart. With the right understanding and use of love, the entire world can be healed. With seeming magic touch she redeems the wounds, disharmony, ignorance and mistakes of mankind. In the following variations on the poem of Saint Augustin, the “magic touch” of love becomes very clear:

Variations on the poem by Saint Augustin

Love makes duty a pleasure.
Love makes responsibility worship
Love turns justice into compassion
Love makes truth innocent
Love makes intelligence intuition
Love makes kindness a way of life
Love makes order natural
Love makes honour a gift
Love makes us share our possessions
Love turns faith into knowing
Love makes life blossoming

Love and do what you want

Love is the energetic, emotional or motivational part of the Universal Principle. Love is the portal through which we perceive the world – both inside of us and outside. At every moment we have the choice:

  • to use the Matter Portal (left) through which we enter a world ruled by anxiety, boredom and resentment; or
  • to use the Love Portal (right) through which we enter a friendly world of contentment and abundance.

With love the mundane becomes sacred; without love he most magnificent jewel is but a dull piece of mineral.

Love constantly wants to flow into the Soul of man as all that is good; creating the happy feelings of proximity of the Soul. If it is not disturbed by man’s discordant thinking, love annihilates every appearance of disharmony or ugliness which disturbs our peace. It is the very pulse of the world, the heartbeat of the universe. If we live inside the Universal Principle, we are constantly charged by the current of Love.

If you need or wish anything, lightness or courage, strength or health or comfort, don’t complain “I don’t have this and that” and don’t demand “Please give me what I am missing”. Remember that the Soul or the Creator always and only gives you on what you direct your attention: if you have shortage or lack in your mind, she will give you shortage and lack. So don’t pray with a beseeching and groveling attitude, but with the understanding how the Universe works – knowing that the help you need is already yours, if you don’t contradict it. Knowing that the Soul stirs desires or wishes in us to make us aware of how the Universe and our life can be made richer. Feeling a need is not the indicator that something is missing. Therefore the very thing we want, is already provided and waiting for us – we only have to become aware of it and express our wish.

Did He not say, “Before you call I answer and before you even spoke a word, I heard already”?

Never doubt.

Abundance is your birthright. Know that in the invisible realm, on the level of the Soul, where we all live and move and have our being, there is every good and perfect thing that man can desire, waiting to be made visible in manifestation.

To love is to release the Soul’s abundance, her unlimited storehouse of golden treasure. If we love we cannot help giving, and to give is to gain, and the Universal Principle is fulfilled. By giving without any thought of receiving, we give with unconditional love, it is impossible to avoid receiving: You give more to receive more only to give more.” M. Keshe

If we want to infuse whatever we do with the spirit of love, we have to put our awareness, our intention and our full attention into our every action. This works especially well with people; relating with emotions and attention opens the channel of love between us and another person. In a way the more we invest our undivided attention, the more our mind or personality gets out of the way. Thus we become an open channel through which our Soul, the Creator, can freely flow and create.

To give our full attention and awareness is not a “doing” in the conventional sense of the word; it is what Zen Masters call the “Wu Wei – the effortless effort”. When we trust and have the Soul take full control of everything that needs to be done in order to materialize our wish, then the powers, capabilities and abundance of the Soul are ours; just as we have the abundance of air, water or vitality already. There is abundance for all and no-one needs to be wanting in the presence of the Soul.

This concept of abundance lifts the mind far beyond the bounds of material limitations. Consequently, in order to understand abundance, we have to let go of all thoughts of material things in particular. This concept is so large and absolute that it will not permit any limitation or thought of detail. To understand this abundance, we have to dis-consider deliberately the material plane and revel in the innocent joy of perfect freedom of the Soul level.

However, we have to pay attention not to abuse this freedom by neglecting the responsibility that comes with it: our Soul holds us responsible that our every thought, every word and every act confirms the Universal Principle: We are here to serve; and all we think, speak and do shall be for the good of All.

We cannot attain this freedom in an instant; we have to prepare our selves in minutest detail from within. Just as every petal of a flower is perfected in every detail within the bud; only when the perfection is complete, the bud bursts open and the flower unfolds in it’s beauty.

The greatest part of this preparation is to corrode the hard shell of selfishness before we can enter the realm of the Universal Principle. This corrosion doesn’t happen by renouncing and repressing selfishness, but by understanding more and more how the Universe works. All repression is done by will power and our will is intimately connected to the ego. If we repress anything in us, it is like compressing a spring – the more you compress it, the more strength it gathers and there will come a point where we will not be able to hold it down anymore and it will spring back worse than ever. If, on the other hand, we understand the Universal Principle and see how even working towards it already gives us a lot more happiness, we pay less and less attention to selfishness. We actually learn how working for the good of All yields all the good we want for our selves at the same time; simply because we are part of All. This learning to trust more and more that our well being is being cared for already is the strongest corrosion to soften the hard shell of selfishness.

The Universal Principle is immutable, beneficent and good. When we live in conformity with it, it becomes the very soil on which our health, our happiness, our peace, success and any attainment will naturally grow. If we abide fully in the Universal Principle, no evil can befall us. That is the reason why all the murder attempts on the family of M. Keshe failed. We will never need to be healed because in proximity of the Soul, most of the diseases will simply disappear – as predicted by M. Keshe within the next few years.

This ever present abundance beckons us continuously. As long as we remain unconscious of it, the beckoning appears as deep homesickness which never can be cured with anything less than a clear consciousness and understanding of our Soul. We see people ever shifting from one thing to another, hoping they will find satisfaction or rest in some accomplishment or in the possession of some thing. We see them pursuing and gaining these things only to find themselves still unsatisfied. Some fancy they want houses and lands; some, great wealth; and some, great learning. We see also people who, reaching the final stage of their bodily life, keep on mumbling I need to go home now; please take me home, please!”

Nothing on the physical level can give us any final satisfaction, only becoming one with our Soul can. So it’s not actually us deciding to approach our Soul, it is our Soul beckoning since the day we appeared. And finally we are listening and giving in…

Once reached, we have reclaimed our birthright and life eternal is ours.

The Science of Fulfilling Wishes

Based on the “Life and Teachings of the Masters” by Baird Spalding, the Soul Teachings of M. Keshe and The Power of Human Emotion by Gregg Braden and Nevill Goodall.

We probably all think that wishing is easy, any small child can do it. But do we generally get what we are wishing for? The answer is probably “no”. The reason? Because we are living in a technologically and scientifically developed industrial society – and we have forgotten how to live like “Alice in Wonderland”. It starts with a question we all may have:

Can a wish be fulfilled as soon as it was expressed?”

The answer is YES but only if we follow rules or a science that is not the science of our technocratic society but the science developed by a guy who walked the Earth 2000 years ago and went by the name of Jesus of Nazareth.

Finding the right word

There are many words to designate the same entity: God, Soul, Existence, the One, Source, the Creator. They all describe the different aspects of this “entity”. When you choose a name, the latter should fulfill these two conditions:

  • the name should be free from negative connotations (like an angry and jealous god who makes you feel guilty) for you and
  • the name should make it easy for you to project your love on it

Two quotes from the Sufi mystic Rumi about “the Beloved” point in this direction:

Then I looked within my own Soul and there I found Him— He was nowhere else.”

(from: In the Arms of the Beloved)

I am only the house of the beloved, not the beloved himself:

True love is for the treasure, not for the coffer that contains it.

The real beloved is that one who is unique, who is your beginning and your end.”

Mathnawi III, 1417-24

Preparatory Work:

In order to be able to efficiently make what we wish become a reality, we have to understand a few things and prepare our selves accordingly.

I am Soul

“In the centre of my being, that’s where I find you, my Beloved. I recognize that You are my origin and my life, the Mother-Father of all. You are omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. You are wisdom, love, and truth. You are the power, substance and intelligence of which and through which all things are created. I am one with You. I am allowing You to use my body and mind to express yourself in and through me. You are the beginning and the end, you are all the good which I can express.

Beloved, please guide me in wanting to manifest that which will be of service to all.”

Where the wishes come from

Everything we can wish for, is already existing on the Soul level. It is available to be manifested on the matter level to suit and advance the evolution of the Universe. It is an unlimited storehouse of possibilities.
The Evolution of the Universe is promoted by us and our wishes. Each of our wishes wants to make our world still better and more enjoyable. But our wishes are not coming from us but from our Soul. We do not create wishes, we receive them.
The Soul is the prime mover. She plants the wishes in our mind and animates them, so we can become aware of them and visualize their perfect fulfillment. As every seed begins its growth underground in the quiet and in the dark, so do our wishes take form in the silent, invisible realm of the Soul to be manifested on the matter level when the right moment has come.

Working in secrecy

“My Soul, you have planted a wish in my mind. I enter my inner space and shut the door. Quietly and confidently I visualize the wish in my mind: I see it in every detail. I see it in it’s perfection. I remember that it is already fulfilled on the Soul level. No act or thought of mine will deny my understanding of it’s fulfillment because I trust this with my mind and my body.
I thank You, Beloved, for giving me Life, Health, Strength and Eternal Youth; Love, Wisdom, and Understanding; Harmony, Happiness and Abundance – all I need to bring about what is good for All.
It is easy for me to wait now for the perfect manifestation of my wish. I am full of gratitude knowing that on the Soul level my wish is already granted.
I understand that, if a wish doesn’t seem to become visible on the material plane, that the fault is within me and not with the Soul. I will go on; I know it is here. My faith will be rewarded; my faith will become knowing.
And it is a joy for me to know that the Soul has fulfilled every good desire of my life. Because I can always take from her opulent supply, I can give whatever I have to help all the other beings; all that I have I am ready to give.”

The Science of Wish Fulfillment

  1. Our wishes should always be for the good for All
    This is the Universal Principle. If we are working for the benefit of All and we know that we are part of All, we’ll be taken care of as well.
  2. Your prayer is granted when you pray with the knowing that you’ll receive it.
    Every wish has to be expressed in the right form. A wish is a form of prayer, which, in it’s right form used by Jesus, is always answered. It is scientific and follows a fixed law.
    If we know positively that whatever we can ask for is ours already, then we are working in accordance with the law. The fulfillment of the desire means that the law is fulfilled; if the desire is not fulfilled, then that means we have asked in the wrong way.
  3. Love the Beloved, with all you heart, with all your mind, and with all your strength. Go deep, deep down within —not with fear and doubt, but with a glad, free, thankful heart, knowing that that which you need is already yours.
    The deeper you go inside of your self, the further away you move from the outside material world. At the deepest point of your inner being, you are undistracted and independent of the outside material world. There it is possible to get the atonement, the “at-one-ment” with what we wish for. We have to be One with what we wish; to understand and see the reality of what we wish. We have to be holding on to this understanding and never deviating from it, even if the whole world seems oppose it.
  4. We, as a person, do nothing by ourselves; it’s the Beloved who does it all. We have to trust this totally without any doubt – ever.
    We are not the doers in this Universe; we are the wishers. The uttermost we can do is being open. Open just like a hollow bamboo, allowing the Beloved to do His work through us. Anyway we cannot completely trust “our personal” powers, because they are small and wavering; they cannot be trusted. So it is easier to trust the Beloved, because he is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. And if we can open up completely, trust the Beloved without any doubt, then there is no limitation to His power and all things become possible. The power of the Beloved is as big as we allow it to be.
  5. Use positive words in making your request.
    Conceive precisely what you desire; don’t settle for anything less than perfect. Then plant this perfect seed idea in your soul and let it grow. Ask for example to manifest health and not to be healed of a disease; ask to manifest harmony and abundance—not to be delivered from inharmony, misery and limitations. Never ask that the negative (misery and lack) be removed, because then you focus on the negative and the Creator always gives you what you focus on. If your focus is on misery and lack – you’ll receive more misery and lack. While you are waiting, just fill the seemingly blank spaces around you with the thought of the Beloved and infinite Good; and remember the word Beloved is a seed and it needs to grow.
  6. Leave the whole management, the how, when, and where to the Beloved. Your work is merely to express what you want and to be grateful that it has been given.
    All the details of how to manifest anything is the work of the Beloved. Remember always that He does the work and He knows the right timing. Only the wishing is our part; so let’s become Masters of wishing.
  7. Keep the thought of the Beloved’s abundance always in mind. If any other thought comes, replace it right away with that of the Beloved’s abundance and be grateful for it.
  8. Always ask in secret and never ask for the same thing a second time
    Asking for the same thing over and over signifies that we don’t trust that it is already given.
    Let’s not worry about the result; but just be grateful that the work is getting done, that the Beloved is working for, in and perhaps through us. We can be sure that we are receiving that which we desire, because we desire only the good for all. Do this in silence and in secret. Pray to the Beloved in secret, and He will reward you openly.

When the manifestation has happened and everything is complete, we will see the whole process as one of our greatest treasures. We will have proven the law to ourselves and we will realize the power of our word spoken in trust and gratitude. We remember that the Beloved has perfected His plan. He is continuously pouring out, lovingly and lavishly every good thing that we can desire. And He says; “Try Me and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessing there will not be room to receive it.”

The example given by the Masters is about the creation of ice. We have added the view of Plasma Science for more clarity:

  1. Form a mental picture of the ice you desire, hold it in thought just long enough to get a clear and precise image.
  2. Remember that every creation needs 3 components:
    • the Principle which are unspecific energy packs coming from the centre of the Unicos
    • the Transition which is the wish planted in and by our Soul
    • the Matter which is in most of our cases, the environment of planet Earth

The first and the last are given, only the second (Transition) is a variable; depending on it’s input, the output changes.

  1. Drop the image entirely and look directly into the Principle Plasma. Know that it is part of the Soul/Creator and, therefore, part of you. In that Plasma is everything you need; and you can never deplete the supply. Everything that has been created came from this Plasma, whether it has been done consciously or unconsciously.
  2. Now visualize the Plasma as one central particle and imprint your wish on it. Then lower it’s vibration until it becomes ice. All the atoms surrounding the first one will hasten to obey your wish. Their vibration, too, will be lowered until they will adhere to the central particle and in a moment you will have ice. You do not even need any water for that. You need only the idea.

Jesus – a success story

We are in no way different from Jesus. We know that we have all these things within ourselves that Jesus had. Jesus tried very hard to have all of us see this. How we do love Him! We not only love him for having shown us how to reclaim our birthright just like himself.

Jesus never allowed himself to dwell on the material plane after his illumination; he always kept his mind and thoughts on the level of his Soul. Thus he could see his Soul perfectly controlling the material body. In this way he did all he did, not because he was in some way different from us. He had no greater power than all have today. He did these works because this same divine spark, which is implanted in every child born, was fanned into a brighter flame by his own efforts in holding himself in conscious communion with his Soul, the source of all Life, Love, and Power.

Jesus was a man the same as we all are today. He suffered, was tempted and tried, just as we suffer because of temptation and trials. We know that during his life in the visible body, Jesus spent hours of every day alone with his Soul. We know that, in his early manhood, he went through the same what we are going through today. We know that every man needs to master the material plane, the fleshly desires, the doubts and fears, until he comes to the perfect recognition of the presence of his Soul, this `Father in me,’ to whom Jesus ascribed the credit of all he was able to do. He had to learn as we are learning today. He was obliged to try over and over again as we are doing. He was obliged to keep going just as we are – even with clenched fists and teeth and saying, `I will succeed, I do know the Soul lives within me.’ We recognize that it was the Soul within which made Jesus what he was, and therefore we are able to attain just the same.

We know that he went through all this only to lead us to the understanding of the Soul; the way out of misery, sickness, and trouble. He wanted to teach all of us that the same Soul lives in all and loves all. Nobody that follow Jesus’ life and teaching closely can help but love him. He is our perfect elder brother.

If we sell our birthright, if we disregard or treat with contempt the Universal Principle, we are turning our backs on our Home and wander off, as did the prodigal son. In fact we cannot leave our home, we can only think to be away, live in this illusion.

And being in a remote place, all the peace and plenty the abundance of warmth and cheer of our home doesn’t matter anymore. Then soon we feel tired of the troubles of life and become homesick, with shaky steps we try to make our way back home. People who have spend the majority of their conscious life away from the comforting presence of the Soul, our home, they may, when death approaches, constantly re-iterate that they “want to go back home now”…

The road back home can be one of bitter experiences or it can be a joyful letting go of all material things. Everyone has to follow his own way and there is not only one way to gain the understanding and the knowledge – there are as many ways as there are people. With each step we will grow stronger and bolder until we will no longer wobble nor hesitate. Our uncertain beliefs will become stable knowledge. More and more we will look within ourself for guidance; then in your awakened consciousness we will realize that home is here. In the centre of our inner being is the divine omnipresence in which we all live, move, and have our being. We breathe it with every breath and we live it with every heartbeat. We could say that we are breathed. And it is not a coincidence that by default all essential body functions are removed from our will and mental control – for if they weren’t, most of us would already be dead…

We don’t need to go to any guru or master; we need to go inside yourself, because our home can only be found there. And we need to go alone. However, all those that have travelled the path before us, like Jesus, can help us. And they are really wanting to help us where we are right now. We only need to call them and they answer before the call is even finished. They stand and walk beside us every moment. Only we have to elevate our Soul, to raise your consciousness, to be able to see them and to know that we walk beside them; then we will not hesitate or wobble. They are always holding out their hands to us, saying, “Come to me and I will give you rest. Raise your consciousness to our consciousness and see, you stand right where we are, above all mortal limitations, abundantly free.”

Peace, health, love, joy and prosperity are here. These are the gifts of the Soul. If we entrust our life to our Soul, no harm or evil can touch us. Think about it: how lucky are we to live in a time where there are so many enlightened beings around us! How lucky are we that there is even a M. Keshe who did not come as a guru but as a nuclear engineer. During the process of “civilization” our minds have become complex and sophisticated; and often they cannot be satisfied with “believe this or that”; we need to understand. And the Knowledge Seeker Workshops do exactly that!

The Soul is in the very center of us. It is not really accurate to say that “we have a Soul”; in fact we ARE first and foremost the Soul, temporarily inhabiting a body to be able to enjoy our adventure in this earthly 3D world. As soon as we are aware of being a Soul, there is nothing to make us tremble or despair, nothing to make us fear.

The same power is in us that is in Jesus; this power is called the Mantle of the Spirit. When we understand this, there will be no decay, no disease, no accident, no death for us; nothing that can take our life in any way. We can draw this mantle so closely around us that nothing can penetrate it, nothing can touch us. Even if all the destructive agencies or forces ever created by man may be directed at us; we will stay unharmed. And even if by any chance our physical form should be destroyed, it would immediately return. This is an armour better than any armour ever designed by man and we can use it at all times – because we are the child of the living Soul.

Jesus, having recognized this, could have saved himself the Calvary experience. Had he wished to use his power, his enemies could not have touched him. He knew that he had the power to overcome death but he wished to show all of us that we had the same power. Moreover he saw how entrenched we are into the material plane; so he chose the Calvary way, the way we could see; and seeing, we would believe. He also wished to show that letting the Soul take control had so perfected his body that, should His enemies take his life and place his body in the tomb and block it with a great stone – still his Soul could roll away the stone and raise his body. Jesus could have taken his body and disappeared but he chose to show that, when your body, mind and Soul are in close harmony, no material accident or condition can destroy it, not even the taking of the life by another. Maybe that is the reason why all the murder attempts on M. Keshe have failed!

After the resurrection his body was so highly developed spiritually that it had become invisible to our normal, amino-acid eyes. So Jesus was obliged to raise the consciousness of those around him, to elevate their Souls to a plane where they were able to see him. When the women came to the tomb the next morning and found the stone rolled away and the grave was empty, even they did not see him until he had elevated their Souls to the plane where they could see him. Then later, when two of his disciples were on the road to Emmaus, Jesus approached and conversed with them, yet they didn’t recognize him until he broke bread with them. At that time their Souls were elevated to the plane where they could recognize him. Then the separation of people happened as some started to understand and many others could not believe because they had not yet attained a level of consciousness or strength of the Soul, where they could perceive the underlying spiritual meaning.

For the ones who understood, the veil of mystery drawn by man’s material perception was removed: “And the veil of the temple was ripped apart from the top to the bottom.” The consciousness was attained that death had been overcome; and with it all man-made mortal limitations could and would be overcome. All this by elevating our Souls to the plane on which they can no longer be seen and, therefore, do not exist. If this consciousness is loved and cherished this is bound to happen.

We know that only a few of you will go on and do the real “work” to get close to the Soul. Others make a good beginning but it soon requires too much exertion to surmount the first wall of materiality. They find it much easier to drift with the tide and they drop out.

We, what you call “Masters” have all lived in the visible, mortal plane on this earth; in fact, we have never left the earth. We are now invisible only to those that are limited by their material consciousness. To those who’s Souls are elevated, we are always present and visible.