Universal Knowledge

All that we need on the material plane is a shelter, the creation of material and life, transportation of things and us through time and space, telecommunication, energy, food and healing. We now have to learn that all of the above can be provided by the interaction between different plasmas.

The interaction of plasmas of various field strengths is the same for everything; it does not matter where and how it occurs. We will now be learning how the Universe works so we can have an active part in it. This englobes and goes beyond “Deep Ecology” and all the spirituality and religion we have developed so far.

We live in an Unicos composed of an infinite and  growing number of Universes; and each of them is growing constantly in complexity. There is no fuelling system to supply each component with energy nor is there a central brain that controls and coordinates all that.

So how is it possible that all this is running so smoothly and harmoniously on its own?

There is no need for a central control because each part and particle in all the Universes is in constant contact with every other part. And via this contact, each particle is constantly establishing it’s position of equilibrium in respect to every other part.

But what is the prime mover of this dynamic, global homeostasis of everything?

Love is the splendid co-creation and the joyful contemplation for all.

The Universe “around us” is since ever working in the way we are only now discovering with zero-time communication, teleportation, creation of life and material etc. And it’s our Soul by whom we are joined into the same dance. In order to use these abilities consciously, we only have remember, we only have to look how the Universe and Mother Earth do it. As our Soul positions herself in respect to everything, we have a connection to everything – including the Soul of the Creator, the Universal Soul. But in order to make this highest connection work for us, we have to get our field strength up to speed with that of the Universal Soul – and again we are on the step of the same door…

This means that we really don’t need any machines to be able to do whatever we want. Look at the movie “The beautiful Green” by the french film maker Coline Serault: you will see that the people of this planet do not live in houses, do not use money, do not grow food with the sweat on their brow and do not give birth to their children under pain. In the past we have been lead completely astray by so called scientists who, in fact, did only want to satisfy their little egoistic personality, like Edison, Einstein, Hawking.

It has been our gravest error that we allowed these incompetent people to dictate our understanding. Understanding cannot be forced on anybody, understanding comes from what we can feel.” M. Keshe

Remember the trinity we are made of: Soul, Mind and Body. Via our Soul we are connected to the Universal Soul, the Creator of all and everything; in our Soul we know everything. Our body is part of the Universe and it works in exactly the same way as everything in the Universe works; so in our body we know everything as well. We can call this knowledge the Universal Knowledge. The only part who has been heroically defending it’s ignorance is the mind! When we put our identification to either the Soul or the body, we will reach to the point where we remember, the point where we become part of the Universal Community.

We know also that the access to the Knowledge presupposes that we are in complete alignment with the Universal Principle. As long as we choose to be egoistic – as an individual or as a nation – we don’t allow us this access. Therefore only the nations who are committed to Peace will be able to achieve flight, zero-time communication, free energy and the rest. If you are not on the level of the Universal Principle and Peace, you may not be able to even understand this.

Now there is a very important question:

Remembering and having access to the Universal Knowledge what is our role, what is the role of our Soul in the structure of the totality of creation?

What would you expect?

One question for all the Keshe Family: What would be the first thing you would say to your Soul, when you realize, you have managed to communicate with it in the dimension you live in?

Would you expect to hear its voice? Or would you expect to feel its emotion and convert it back to your understanding, so that language is no longer needed? Then you may ask yourself: Is this not the way I used to talk to my Soul when I was in the womb of my mother?

Seed for thoughts !!!

Then, now knowing this, what would you change in your life to accommodate both your Soul and the soul of your physicality (mind) to live in harmony? When you will have managed to do this, then you have entered the dimension of universal communication with your own Soul and the Soul of all those who live across the Universe. In the world of universal language there are no Yandex translators as we have here in this chat.” MT Keshe