Why do trees loose their leafs in winter?

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The view of Plasma Science basic

The tilt of the Earth is responsible for the seasons in regions away from the equator. The regions of the earth which experiences winter, are hit by the rays from the sun indirectly at this time of the year. This change reflects in the intensity of the sun rays but also in the intensity of her magnetic field.

So the creation of nitrogen at this boundary interaction will have a different field strength. And as the plasma of C, O and H are created from the plasma of nitrogen – these will also have different field strengths according to the seasons

  • The plants absorb different fields at specific times of the year – same as humans.
  • The field strength of what the plants need matches the field strength of COHN that is created in our atmosphere. Plants know this as it is linked to their DNA/RNA; they will only interact with those of a certain strength.
  • Deciduous trees loose their leaves in winter because the field strength of the O, C, N that the tree was using to create CO2 has changed; they cannot absorb these field strengths, so they shut the leaves down.

In short, trees loose their leaves because they cannot entertain their plasmatic metabolism during winter.

The view of the Science of Eden, adding to the knowledge

We see trees losing their leafs, we see birds losing feathers and man hair. We know, however that there are trees that don’t lose their leafs as there are men who don’t lose their hair.

We know that there is an objective reality, the reality co-created by the Creator and us; in this reality everything is to the norm: trees, birds and men are forever young with a perfect health.

And there is a perceived reality, with is the objective reality distorted by our collective belief systems. When we see birds losing feathers and men hair, that is only because of nonconstructive beliefs like: All living beings are born, then they grow old and finally they die.

And of course any science, even Plasma science, if it is biased on collective beliefs, will explain and rationalize the perceived reality – and of course it will find good and valid reasons. Still we can say that the perception of falling leafs shows a lack of knowledge. Of the universal law that everything will be in an eternal harmonious development as long as we don’t interfere with our nonconstructive belief systems.

So the lack of knowledge doesn’t pertain to the Plasma Science but is our responsibility. It is the Creator whispering in our ear: “Why did the tree loose all his leafs? Do you like it? Can you imagine a tree growing without losing any leaf? Forever? Can you imagine the tree forever healthy and vigorous; growing up instead of growing old? I gave you imagination and intuition so you can complete our co-creation by sharing your eternity with the tree.”

From Matter to Plasma

The new teaching phase is based on the 3 books first published by MT Keshe. Which are now available on amazon.com :

  1. The Universal Order Of Creation Of Matters: Book #1
  2. The Structure of the Light: Book #2
  3. The Origin of the Universe: Book #3

The 3 books show the sequence of creation in the reverse direction:

Principle Rays from the Creator Transition through light Creation of Matter

in other words: The infinite love of the Creator has sent out a ray of light through the universes, so He can manifest himself as Man.” MT Keshe

We are the Creator. The knowledge we are developing, using and transferring, is His knowledge. The Creator creates creators. That’s why there is no end to the process of creation – the process of creation is an eternal harmonious development.


We are not actively involved in the proper functioning of our body. Each cell has the intelligence to find it’s right position and functioning in the whole of the organism. But if our body gets hurt, we register this and we take care to repair the damage, to heal this part of our organism.

Let’s look at this a little closer.

As every cell of our body is able to function perfectly well in the organic whole of our organism, the same intelligence (the soul of the physicality) enables him also to heal any damage he suffers. Our body never needs our personal involvement – on the contrary he needs our “dis-involvement”, he needs us to get out of the way so he can heal himself.

The very fact that our body gets hurt or sick, is already a result of our involvement. As long as our “free will” is residing in the realm of our unstructured mind, he can only re-creating our body in a form that is not to the norm – diseased or damaged.

We recreate our entire reality 1017x/second; every moment we create a new reality. This is either done unconsciously by an unstructured mind, which reproduces the collective beliefs that recreate over and over again a world that is all but paradise – a world of suffering. But we can also create our reality consciously by a well-structured mind that creatively and harmoniously recreates the eternal Good for All.

How do we create our reality?

It is our attention. To whatever we pay attention, on whatever we focus becomes our reality. The Attention/Law of Attraction mechanism is not only very powerful but also very sensitive. It is active 24/7 at a refreshing rate of 1017x/second!

Let’s say we meditate 3x/day for 15 minutes. During our meditations we focus on Peace and Abundance. But for the rest of the day our attention goes to conflict, competition, scarcity, never having enough and other facebook type issues. The result of this:

  1. We exclude the time we sleep. Because when we sleep our mind is at rest and is not engaged in anything. We are not creating events in the reality.
  2. 6% of our reality will be to the norm, because we have focused for one hour on constructive thoughts which will generate events to the norm in our reality.
  3. 94% of our reality will not be to the norm, because we have engaged in non-constructive thoughts. (Of course these figures will vary from person to person – to make your own calculation!)

Let’s take an example, you trip and twist your ankle. So you say, “Oh, that’s it, I twisted my ankle; I had something important to do tomorrow; I will not be able do it, etc.” Thinking this you are focusing on the negative; you are crystallizing this possibility. Instead you can redirect your attention and say to yourself: “Everything is fine. My ankle is fine. I’m healthy, how wonderful! “

Our attention has to be switched immediately. Buddhist say that we have 3 seconds to switch away from a non constructive thought, otherwise is has become too strong for us to leave it. While the mind will be busy imagining the event to the norm, he is too occupied to interfere with the body connecting to the Soul and restoring himself to his original, perfect condition.

Redirecting your attention means that you send your informational light to the possibility of your choice, thus giving it more energy and raising its possibility to materialize. Even if the desired result is slow to materialize, don’t give up, it will work. If you connect to the fundamental level of reality to pick up the informational light and transfer it to that event, it can only work, it is mathematical!

When I say “mathematical” I refer to the equation of universal energy: E=V*S. The more we are able to process a large volume of informational light at a fast speed thanks to our consciousness, the more creative Energy we will produce. And beyond a certain strength of creative energy, we will perceive this reality not as informational but as physical.

What is happening in the world right now is a situation that concerns a lot of people, and therefore a lot of consciousness, it takes a very large volume of informational light to change it. The new world, which we are materializing, already exists on the informational level and every day through our practice of reality control, we transmit a little more informational light to help the process. And after passing beyond a certain threshold of informational light, the new world will become perceptible to everyone. But it already exists at the fundamental level – it’s just a matter of time and our perseverance.

So I really invite you every day to defocus from any negative situation and focus only on the situation that we want to see materialize in our reality. It is our decision, it is our consciousness that decides.

How the Creator normalizes reality

Looking at our contemporary world, the Creator sees the whole of the human world gone crazy – humanity seems decided to kill itself physically and psychologically.

But the Creator knows that His creation is dynamic and intelligent, that it can repair itself without any problem. And He uses Human beings as His interface to intervene in the world on the material plane. He perceives the need for normalization of the human race. This perception appears simultaneously in the mind of the Creator and in the Soul of man.

We receive it on the emotional level; we feel disturbed by the present situation of the human race. Now we can either keep our attention on the nonconstructive situation which will do two things:

  • by feeding the bad wolf we contribute to keep the present nonconstructive situation in place
  • by being attached to the nonconstructive situation we enter the cycle of fear-obedience-revolt

We can also deliberately turn our attention to what we wish: to re-establish our social situation back to the norm.

We are at the at the end of an era of humanity which is a new beginning. Humanity moves from the dimension of physicality and the fear of existence to the dimension of immortality and understanding the creation of the Creator.

On the individual level we have to ask ourselves the question: Do I need to hold on to everything I have in the physicality or do I use everything as a tool to elevate the others – knowing that we can only make that step in our evolution as One Humanity.

And the other question is: will man be so kind to himself to take that step?” MT Keshe

Asteroids and Meteorites

This is what phys.org has to say: An Asteroid is a large rocky body in space, in orbit around the Sun; a Meteoroid is a much smaller rock or particle in orbit around the Sun. If a meteoroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere and vaporizes, it becomes a meteor, which is often called a shooting star.
All meteorites come from inside our solar system. Most of them are fragments of asteroids that broke apart long ago in the asteroid belt, located between Mars and Jupiter. Such fragments orbit the Sun for some time–often millions of years–before colliding with Earth.
Meteorite falls may have been the source of cultish worship. The cult in the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
or the Black Stone set into the wall of the Kaaba has often been presumed to be a meteorite.

We know since ever about their existence but what do we know about their purpose, their message? For conventional science they are just mineral debris.

Plasma Science adds to the knowledge explaining that they travel the spans of the universe as plasma fields; unhindered and free they can come from other galaxies and universes. Once they enter the magrav fields of for example our solar system, due to it’s inertia, they will condense into the matter state. At that point they are able to interact on the matter level with the elements in our environment.

They are not just dead rocks but they are alive; in this sense they are aliens. Suspending their physical body, they started their journey from a distant place. And when they arrived in our solar system, their Soul wished for a physical body to be able to interact with our 3D world. As they created their body way before entering into the Earth’s atmosphere, they choose a mineral body, knowing that the transit of matter through our atmosphere will create a lot of friction and heat which an amino acid based body couldn’t survive.

Some of them have chosen a body that melts and gasifies during the transit of our atmosphere, becoming a shooting star appearing for two lovers in a hot and silent night and vanishing.

Some other shooting stars are actually reaching the surface of our planet and here they can mingle with other minerals, their brothers and sisters. They become of the great collective mineral Soul of the planet, enriching her, changing her, evolving her.

The same fate may also happen to us when we travel the depth of the universe and suddenly we perceive the wish of a little girl to see a shooting star – and we are gladly fulfilling her desire. Or, wanting a break from the (hyper)active human incarnation, we are happy to become part of the mineral people of this planet. Then we know from our own experience that “Even a stone has a Soul”.

So it is much more important to understand the message, the informational light they carry – instead of only analyzing their chemical composition. They don’t come accidentally into our solar system on fall on the surface of our planet. Especially considering that when they pass the atmosphere due to the friction on the matter level, they will appear as shooting stars – and all our ancient cultures have paid special attention to these events.

They are souls traveling the universes and their mission, the wish of their Soul, attracts them into the fields of the Earth. Interacting with the inertia of our planet, they take the physical form of a mineral, which can survive the physical passage through the atmosphere without evaporating and loosing the physical form again. They joyfully announce their coming as a shooting star. Many of us belief that making a wish while we are seeing a shooting star in the night sky, will make our wish come true. That means that shooting stars are linking up with certain people on an emotional or soul level.

But it may be even more fun to just be open, connect via our divine consciousness with this passing Soul, give from our Soul to her Soul so she can take what she needs and be open to receive the informational light from her in return. The informational light we will receive will most probably go far beyond rational informations like chemical composition etc. And just assimilating this informational light, we will grow a big step towards the Creator and our own eternity.

And then when we find a meteorite and hold it in our hands, we may be able with our Bio-signal to help her release or deploy her life form on the amino acid level as well. Then we will be able to be and communicate with her.

When M Keshe looks at a meteorite, “to me every hole, crack, surface, colour etc has a meaning; it is like looking at a face, all the shapes and textures tell me about the being inside.” MT Keshe

We all know how a steppe or a desert can spring to life overnight, when the right conditions come for the seeds that are buried in the ground! The enhancement units have this technology embedded in them; when we put a meteorite into it, the system creates the right conditions for the life form, and we will be able to see it.” MT Keshe. With the help of the universal enhancement unit or our Soul, we can create these conditions. The universal enhancement units can create each and every condition of any universe and, at the same time, prepare ourselves to the same conditions so we can interact with these beings. And when we succeed to make them visible to us in their environment conditions – will we welcome them, give them from our Soul and be open to learn from them?

This new knowledge sheds a different light on how we perceive the beginning of life on this planet. It is as possible as anything else, that the first seed of life came from distant universes – or more precisely from the centre of the Unicos, the Soul of the Creator -, at exactly the moment when the right conditions for life to sprout and spread appeared. Voilà!

For you a million years is a span of time you can hardly grasp; but for the Souls of the universe, perhaps the being inside the meteorite, a million years is just a glimpse.” MT Keshe

Let’s put this quote in the context or the meteorite: we see a mineral. Plasma Science teaches us that minerals are also alive; so they will move but their movement is so slow in our perception of time, that we are not able to perceive it. This is what D.H. Lawrence called “The wonderful slow flowing of a Sapphire”.

Our physical perception of movement in time is very narrow: we cannot see a stone move and change shape – it is too slow; and we cannot see the movement of all elements as they are recreated 1017x/sec – which is too fast! But if we can’t see it yet, that doesn’t mean it is not existing. If we keep on believing a rock is “dead matter” that only shows our ignorance and dependence on the narrow window of perception of our fleshly eyes. Holding a meteorite in our hands, we are holding a living being – we may be conscious of it or not. In fact we will become fully conscious of it as soon as we have structured our consciousness enough.

As M Keshe tells us that there in fact many universal Souls living amongst us. Upon their arrival on the planet, they have taken on a physical form “just like us” – not to appear “alien” and being able to have real interactions with us. They adopt the form which most likely pleases us in order that we can accept them; and when we “like what we see” we are open and have no fear. But our collective unconscious, fed by the powers that be, have attributed offensive body shapes and aggressive behaviour to the aliens, to keep us in fear and not learning the truth about our life in this universe.

Within the context our joining the Universal Community and travelling space in general, we have to learn a lot, so we don’t behave like the famous “elephant in the china shop”. The more “alien” cultures we are able to meet, the more we learn about their cultures, the more we will know what hurts them and what gives them pleasure; and the more we will learn about ourselves, too. And that will of course widen our horizon and enhance our humility – two good things to make our life here more beautiful and pleasant for all!

We see how assimilating more universal knowledge will help us grow into the divine beings that we really are; because all true knowledge is with the Creator, the more we learn, the closer we come to Him. And depending on to which degree our consciousness is already structured, we can use our clairvoyance to learn where the life form inside the mineral came from, with what purpose and why did they choose this particular form to become physical on this planet.

Universal Knowledge

Who is running your life really?

Current science tells us that we use only 5-10% of our brain. To be more precise, the percentage applies to the mind and consciousness and not to the brain. Here’s why:

Each cell of our brain is 24 hours a day, from the moment of creation until even after our death, always working. How do you think each cell renews itself every 28 days by itself? How does it know the right time and the exact procedure of its renewal?

As all the cells in our body regenerate, the oldest part of our body cannot be older than 9 years. So why do most of us, when we look in the mirror, not see a 9 year old child?

It’s is not our body who is responsible for this but our consciousness; more precisely the unstructured part of our consciousness that harbours all the non-constructive collective belief systems. Our consciousness will say: “I know that I am 50 years or 60 years old, because I remember my past”. So the cells that would carry this information, what we call it cellular memory is already dead for 40 years.

Now we understand that memories are nothing but fields without tangibility. They exist on the energy or transition level and they are controlled by our free will – or should we we say: they control our “free will”. The programs of the collective consciousness are continuously playing; we could say that they are engraved like music on a CD, therefore they seem very difficult to change.

Our consciousness controls our body – if it is the structured part, our body will be eternally young and perfectly healthy; but if the less structured part rules, our body cells reproduce themselves in an imperfect way, so we become sick and finally die. Our consciousness is the “software” our mind (soul of physicality) works with. The same programs and memories recorded in our consciousness make us believe in a continuous identity and prevents us from seeing that we are changing at a rate of 1017x/s.

If the unstructured consciousness is prevalent, we may see that the collective beliefs we carry control everything; that, as these belief systems come from the society we live in, we are controlled by our society.

But fortunately there is another part of us, that is even stronger – the Soul. She is the most powerful and wise part of us, however she gives total freedom to the free will that resides in the mind/consciousness. To get access to the unlimited powers of our Soul to normalize any situation in which we do not feel good, we only need the permission of our free will.

When connected with our Soul we can make any change on the physical plane instantly. If our skin is black and we live in a racist white society, we don’t have to hide, submit or defend ourselves – we can appear white the next moment!

So how do we get out of the prison of conditioning? There are many, many ways; I’ll just mention three:

  1. The teachings of MT Keshe and Grigori Grabovoï about how the universe and everything in it – including us – works
  2. The progressive structuring of the mind/consciousness using the evolutionary technologies offered by Grigori Grabovoï
  3. Technologies that raise our consciousness in general, freeing it from the conditioning of society. The Work of Byron Katie or Tibetan Buddhist Tracking are good examples.

Tibetan Tracking

This technology has been developed and used by Tibetan Buddhism. It is a very simple and efficient technology if we want to defuse non-constructive belief systems and stop them running our lives.


You need a small note book, which is called “3x/day book” and a few minutes of your time to write into the book.


  • Choose something you want to change like a bad habit; overeating for example.
  • Three times a day – conveniently just before you eat, so you won’t forget – you sit down alone and write in your book. These moments are called “Tracking”. You are tracking how you did in regards to what you want to change since the last entry.
  • Write only facts, no emotional or other evaluations. Before lunch you would write something like:
    “For breakfast I ate an omelette sandwich and drank one cup of coffee”
    Do not make emotional or other evaluations – just pure facts; so don’t write something like: “Again i ate three sandwiches which is too much!” or “I couldn’t stop myself from eating a few snacks between breakfast and lunch!”

How to evolve most easily

Spring is already here, subtle and powerful at the same time, and the wonder of it is as great as ever. Our bodies feel its presence and growth with joy, all our senses are exhilarated.

Do you see that, no matter what happens in the world, the seasons come and go and spring always returns. It does not care about the conditions, the environment or us. It does not wonder if it would be better to postpone its arrival or if it will disturb. It is unchanging and fundamental. Spring is an example for us to follow.

Just like spring, we simply shouldn’t think about the limitations that the collective conscience and the external circumstances would like to impose on us. We should rather start from the fundamental level of reality, from what our Soul (and the Creator) wishes, from our vision of the future; all this corresponds to our Soul mission.

And then we can ask ourselves what we really need to achieve our objective and control reality consequently in order to materialize all the events necessary to achieve our project.

This sounds simple, and it is simple. We can help the process using this numerical sequence of Grigori Grabovoï:

Everything is possible in this world 519 7148

When our consciousness develops and reaches a level of concentration greater than that of the collective consciousness, then the matter level – and with it society – will submit to our thought and we become the conscious co-creators of our reality.

Nuclear Plasma Science and Technology

Habitually we would approach Plasma Science by trying to understand the phenomenons of the world in a rational and logic way. Let’s take the example of splitting a neutron into a proton and an electron; a process which will form another atom.

In conventional physics a neutron splits into a proton and an electron in the following manner:

Mass of the neutron = mass of the proton + mass of the electron

Plasma Science doesn’t talk about mass but about energy. It correlates the atomic mass with energy. The atomic weight of CO2 is smaller than CuO and therefore the GaNS-CuO has a higher energy level than GaNS-CO2. When we split a neutron into a proton and an electron, which form another atom in plasma state, the energy of the new entity is bigger than that of the original plasma neutron. Here is way:

  • Energy of the Neutron = field strength of the neutron + interaction with other elements (absorption and giving to the environment)
  • Energy of the proton/electron = field strength of the of proton + field strength of the electron + both elements interactions with the environment

During the splitting process the electron and the proton will first appear as light (energy) and condense afterwards During this transition they briefly appear as light. This corresponds to the 3 stages of the materialization of plasma: Principle (Neutron) – Transition (light) – Matter (atom).

The energy of the new atom needs also to be bigger because more energy is required to hold the electron and proton together inside the new entity. Furthermore the two constituents of the new entity retain their “individuality” and at the same time create a new “identity” as a new atom. Consequently now there are three entities which entertain interactions with all the other elements of the universes.

We can verbally describe these processes but to put them into an exact mathematical formula is quite a challenge – I doubt whether there are computers powerful enough to do that!

How to access universal knowledge

But there is another way to understand how the universe works. When we learn something we can follow the conventional way of learning: we stay basically who we are and accumulate knowledge in a rational way; we store this knowledge in the head.

The other way of learning is by assimilation; it is completely different: we do not focus on a certain volume of information that we want to “get”; and we are open to change who we are. Instead of accumulating knowledge, we try to become the teacher or the source of knowledge. The moment we achieve this, the moment we become the teacher, we have the same access to the same knowledge as he. In the context of Universal Knowledge, we try to become the Creator and the moment we become one with Him, of course we’ll be as omniscient as Him!

There is a complicated and long way to understand universal knowledge via our rational mind – understanding Nuclear Plasma Rays, their nature, their interaction and how we can control them. And there is, very fortunately, a much simpler way: We only have to go in, to find the Creator in the centre of our being and immediately we have access to the same knowledge and power to create as Him – because we are created in his image! He has never forgotten about us, but we have forgotten about Him. He is never far from us, but we have moved away from Him by conflicts, by wars and by simple separation valuing our egoistic interests more than the Good for All. MT Keshe

Along the way towards the Creator, we have to fix a very old wrong decision: we now have to unify the age-old separation of matter and spirit; unify the matter based science with the spirit based religion.

As it is not possible that the Creator “descends from the Heavens” to be on the same level as us – no, we have to take the step; we have to descend from the ivory tower of our ego, become so humble that the Creator feeds us to bring us up to his level. The more we learn from the essence of the Creator, the stronger our connection of gratitude to Him becomes. In other words, the more we learn from Him, the closer we get to Him.

This is shown as a double spiral: the magnetic force moving out from the center (dark green arrow) and the gravitational force moving into the centre at the same time (light green arrow). The closer we get to Him – the stronger our magnetic force becomes, the stronger our Bio-signal, the more potent our informational light. And at the same time our gravitational connection to the Creator grows proportionally with the magnetic field strength. Our power develops hand in hand with our growing love for Him and the peace we find within the Creator.

The Creator doesn’t have universities; there are no universities in the universe, there are no degrees – anybody can receive ultimate universal knowledge by the simple way of giving unconditionally and learning that by giving unconditionally you expand your capacity to receive more.” MT Keshe

The Creator functions in the same way. By creating his creation He has created the magnetic fields; at the same time the magnetic fields have created their opposite, the gravitational fields as the evidence of His presence and as the counterpart of magnetic fields in order to enable interaction.

With magnetic fields we create what gives us more pleasure to live – via the gravitational fields we take what the others have given out in their creation.

Each element in the universes is connected to each other element via this network of giving and taking. It is alive and intelligent, it is a being in itself – we have formerly called it the “Holy Spirit”. The Creator thus is a converter from magnetic to gravitational; and so shall be the Soul of man and any other entity. This unconditional giving and trustful receiving is the eternal motor of the expansion of the universes and the eternal and harmonious evolution of All. This play of giving and taking is happening in the frame of detachment – in giving we hold nothing back; and we are always grateful to receive… even if we don’t understand it right away!

This is a small fraction of true love, the essence of the Creator” MT Keshe

On our path to the union with the Creator our motivations will change, too. What is being created will not be chosen by personal desire, but by what gives pleasure to our Soul. And our Soul has no agenda, she is finding blissful fulfillment enjoying the agenda of the Creator. And his sole agenda is satisfying the feeling of the observer.

And there are no limits: a couple likes to create a child; he likes to have daughter, and he will see a daughter; while his wife likes to see a son and she will see a son. Because in essence we see the dimension of the Soul, the satisfaction of the Soul in the dimension of the physicality. And there comes the collective consciousness into play; that is why there are human societies where the gender is decided by the totality of the society, what all want to see.

In the womb of the mother gathers the essence to the Creator to manifest itself as a physical entity.

In the centre of every existing element there is the Plasma, the Principle or the Soul; in that center is the essence of the Universe. The universe has a simple structure: the smaller you are the more powerful you are to create; the bigger you get, the looser the plasma, the closer you get to materialization. The smallest bubble is the Creator and the biggest is the earth.

It’s not the strong who decides – it’s the weak

Céline Wang #ksw288

Today I teach you my knowledge, my understanding. It will be one of the most beautiful teachings. Up to now I have taught you the knowledge of Man; now I will teach you the knowledge of us, what we know, how we know; and how Mankind – in time – will reach us. We put the hand out of friendship and love; and with it we receive love. And with that love we teach. The knowledge is very different, but we will use the language of man, so man can understand, will be able to relate to it, to be part of it.” M. Keshe

It is not the strong field that dictates the position of the weak, it is the weak confirms the distance to the strong.

We need 3 fields to manifest anything: the Principle (Universal Energy Field), the Transition (the Purpose) and the Matter (Environment). In order to get to a manifestation, we need to combine the 3 fields into one unified field. This unified field arises in the conversion system that we call “the Soul of the Man”.

So you only need one unified field to create everything you need. With a unified field you can create the point of interaction. So any single magnetic-gravitational field force is, in fact, the source of life of anything that exists. The unification of the fields means to bring the 3 fields into the same range or structure of force, so they will interact.

Depending on where you are, you create the condition of this environment with one field. If you are on earth, you create the condition of earth; if you are on planet zeus, you can create that condition.

The Universal Energy Fields or Rays come from the centre and move towards the periphery of the Unicos, interacting with the fields of the environments they pass through. This interaction with the environmental condition creates a feedback, but it keeps the two rays. A third ray interacting with them can lead to the manifestation of any entity at any strength.

In the body of the man, this point of interaction is called the soul of the man. So as our Soul absorbs the fields of the universe, at the same time sending the feedback of it, man can manifest himself in any dimension anywhere in the universe. The Soul is the focal point of it.

We can compare this with a garden hose throwing water against a wall. A part of the water is reflected back from the wall. That’s how we know that there is a wall. At the same time, the wall retains some of the energy of the water and sends some of it back; the wall dictates what goes back and what is absorbedThe soul of the man is that wall. She only needs the light, the rays from the centre of the Unicos (universal energy fields, or the field of the Creator); and through the interaction of them with herself, she can manifest herself as any entity anywhere in the universe. If the universal fields are absorbed in the strength of the universe, they create a universe; in the strength of the soul of the man, they manifest the man. It is as simple as that. At the bottom line there is no difference: the Creator is us, we are the Creator; we are all and all is in us. Now you understand why the earth is a nursery of the universe. The soul of the man is the same as the soul of the star; she creates her own planets, her own living entities, and her own dimensions – in her image!

Now your job is to understand this conversion system to be able to use it. The Soul is the reflector of the Soul of the Creator. There is nothing in between the man and the creator. Except the lack of our understanding of our own potential. The stars, the galaxies and everything in between our Soul and the Soul of the Creator comes out of the interaction of the fields in relation to the condition of the universe (environment). And as there is no “space” between the Soul of the Creator (centre of the Unicos) and our Soul, our Soul is the Unicos.

Then do we need the spaceship? To travel within ourselves?

But in order to receive the rays and fields of the Creator, we have to take the position of the weaker plasma. Do you see the beauty of it? As the strong has to feed the weaker, it is not the strong who dictates the position of the weak, is the weak who gives the confirmation to the distance of the strong; it’s the weak who dictates the positioning.

When we become weak enough, the Creator has to put the whole energy needed to balance us, to take us to his level, so that we become one, so we become part of the One. This is why the “holy scriptures” say that “man has been made in his image”. And also everything around us is also perfectly “made in his image”. So

One-ness cannot be attained by any effort

Oneness is a natural consequence of our humility.

This is how the creation comes to about.

When the light, the energy, the fields of the Creator come to enlighten the Soul of the man, in giving so much, the soul of the Creator becomes part of the Soul of man; and they become One. This is how the universe expands. As the energies and the fields of the Creator move further, in their interaction create a new dimension and then the new universes in this new dimension. This is how the creation comes to about. This is the true essence of the creation.

Creating a planet is like creating a village, a town and a city. Man started with founding a village, expanded it as far as he could. And the population kept growing and we were not happy with that one village, what did we do? We started a new village. And then the villages connected together and became cities. And then this town grew into a land, a nation,a planet and a universe.

You see the same on the micro level: we start with one electron and one proton. And in field interaction, they are adding together, it becomes hydrogen, helium and the rest. It’s always growing, growing towards more complexity. If we look at the solar system, we see the same: the sun with field radiation and interaction with the environment led to the creation of the planets.

Now one step deeper: we have learned that we are a creation of the interaction of the sun with the earth. We are part of the Creator, part of the sun, part of the earth – in short everything is made in the image of the Creator and all the universes and everything in them are part of this One-ness. So did the chicken come first? Or the egg? Did the creation and soul of the man come first, or the soul of the creator? Or is it all in fact the same?

What’s a Rainbow?

A rainbow is created by the interaction of the gravitational-magnetic fields of the Earth in respect to the atmosphere. As the field strength of the planet changes, the colours of the rainbow and their proportions change.

So the colours are really expressions of the emotions of the planet. The confirmation that “there is no life on this planet” but “Mother Earth is alive”.

Universal Knowledge

All that we need on the material plane is a shelter, the creation of material and life, transportation of things and us through time and space, telecommunication, energy, food and healing. We now have to learn that all of the above can be provided by the interaction between different plasmas.

The interaction of plasmas of various field strengths is the same for everything; it does not matter where and how it occurs. We will now be learning how the Universe works so we can have an active part in it. This englobes and goes beyond “Deep Ecology” and all the spirituality and religion we have developed so far.

We live in an Unicos composed of an infinite and  growing number of Universes; and each of them is growing constantly in complexity. There is no fuelling system to supply each component with energy nor is there a central brain that controls and coordinates all that.

So how is it possible that all this is running so smoothly and harmoniously on its own?

There is no need for a central control because each part and particle in all the Universes is in constant contact with every other part. And via this contact, each particle is constantly establishing it’s position of equilibrium in respect to every other part.

But what is the prime mover of this dynamic, global homeostasis of everything?

Love is the splendid co-creation and the joyful contemplation for all.

The Universe “around us” is since ever working in the way we are only now discovering with zero-time communication, teleportation, creation of life and material etc. And it’s our Soul by whom we are joined into the same dance. In order to use these abilities consciously, we only have remember, we only have to look how the Universe and Mother Earth do it. As our Soul positions herself in respect to everything, we have a connection to everything – including the Soul of the Creator, the Universal Soul. But in order to make this highest connection work for us, we have to get our field strength up to speed with that of the Universal Soul – and again we are on the step of the same door…

This means that we really don’t need any machines to be able to do whatever we want. Look at the movie “The beautiful Green” by the french film maker Coline Serault: you will see that the people of this planet do not live in houses, do not use money, do not grow food with the sweat on their brow and do not give birth to their children under pain. In the past we have been lead completely astray by so called scientists who, in fact, did only want to satisfy their little egoistic personality, like Edison, Einstein, Hawking.

It has been our gravest error that we allowed these incompetent people to dictate our understanding. Understanding cannot be forced on anybody, understanding comes from what we can feel.” M. Keshe

Remember the trinity we are made of: Soul, Mind and Body. Via our Soul we are connected to the Universal Soul, the Creator of all and everything; in our Soul we know everything. Our body is part of the Universe and it works in exactly the same way as everything in the Universe works; so in our body we know everything as well. We can call this knowledge the Universal Knowledge. The only part who has been heroically defending it’s ignorance is the mind! When we put our identification to either the Soul or the body, we will reach to the point where we remember, the point where we become part of the Universal Community.

We know also that the access to the Knowledge presupposes that we are in complete alignment with the Universal Principle. As long as we choose to be egoistic – as an individual or as a nation – we don’t allow us this access. Therefore only the nations who are committed to Peace will be able to achieve flight, zero-time communication, free energy and the rest. If you are not on the level of the Universal Principle and Peace, you may not be able to even understand this.

Now there is a very important question:

Remembering and having access to the Universal Knowledge what is our role, what is the role of our Soul in the structure of the totality of creation?

What would you expect?

One question for all the Keshe Family: What would be the first thing you would say to your Soul, when you realize, you have managed to communicate with it in the dimension you live in?

Would you expect to hear its voice? Or would you expect to feel its emotion and convert it back to your understanding, so that language is no longer needed? Then you may ask yourself: Is this not the way I used to talk to my Soul when I was in the womb of my mother?

Seed for thoughts !!!

Then, now knowing this, what would you change in your life to accommodate both your Soul and the soul of your physicality (mind) to live in harmony? When you will have managed to do this, then you have entered the dimension of universal communication with your own Soul and the Soul of all those who live across the Universe. In the world of universal language there are no Yandex translators as we have here in this chat.” MT Keshe