The new painpens

From the Brazilian teaching april 7, 2021

Pain pen, plasma fields

The present Painpen which you produce with the nano-coated material has at the same time a part that is weaker in gravitational, and another stronger in magnetic fields. As the painpen is made of nanocoated copper coils, you have the matter state of pure copper inside the wire itself, which from plasma point of view is weaker. The magnetic field of the painpen is weaker than the energy of the pain in the body. So the pain, which has a higher energy will deliver its energy to the painpen which which will absorb them through the nano layer into the weaker fields of the copper inside the Pen.

That is the same process as the depletion of the energy of the Corona virus by the liquid plasma of 1Cup1Life.

It takes the pain out, so that the body can repair the damaged cells; because the pain is a barrier for cell repair. But you might have to use it 2 or 3 times, because as the cell repairs it creates its own pain, and the painpen can take that out too.

Current and frequency

The understanding of the technology has always to be on the basis of the interaction of plasmatic fields. On the field level, the plasma fields of the Gans of the body, there is no alternating current, only direct current; everything is in the motion of the magnetic fields, and this is what has to be understood. When you work with the plasma, only consider the plasma interaction. Do not try to translate it into the matter state. On the fundamental level of plasma there is only the plasma current, which could be likened to DC. Plasma current is a pure pulsating energy; it has what we call a heartbeat. We actually detect life by intrinsic movements like heartbeat, pulsating cells, breathing rhythms, menstruation cycles. So life energy as such is pulsating.

Life is generated by a plasma current with a heartbeat, which creates that pulse of a plasma. This is the fundamental work of the body of the man. You have the flow of the magnetic fields in the body with a heartbeat, which creates a sequence of fields in alternating field strengths.

The pulses in the continuous flow compress the magnetic fields, which causes them to interact with each other, creating friction and release of energy. Let’s say we have two elements of the same force, like two blood cells – in the unpulsed situation nothing would happen because there can be no interaction when both elements are balanced in the same force. A pulse, which compresses the magnetic fields of the two elements in different ways, will create a situation where now they are similar but not of equal strength and consequently they interact, exchanging energy.

This is how the physical heartbeat, the blood flow and so many others vital functions are created and maintained. This is how we release energy to wherever it is needed throughout our body through the lymph flow. That’s why when we stop the heartbeat, the life stops; not because the blood is not pumped anymore but because the pulse of life is gone.

This is the fundamental change in understanding, or the difference between the matter state and the plasma state. And the body of the man is in the plasma state. The Earth works in a plasma state. The Sun works in the plasma state, and it continuously radiates, but through the heartbeat decides what strength it’ll release in different directions at a given time.

Different painpens

Each batch of Pain Pens which has left KF are different. For example, the painpen specifically released to process inflammations. Many people who have pain do not realize that, there is a pain and also inflammation. So if you get rid of the pain, but not the inflammation, then the pain comes back. Or if you get rid of the inflammation, but energy of the pain has been left in the environment of the inflammation, and if it stays for a long time, then it creates a secondary inflammation.

You will feel the effectiveness of this new inflammation painpen immediately, especially through the Gans inside.

New aspects of the painpen

Graphene, especially C14 carries properties which have been unknown up to now.

In certain cases, we produce graphene, but it depends how you have created the nano material. The combination of the interaction of the fields of the graphene and the Nano Cu very rarely lead to creation of C14. Its actually the iron (Fe) which is more likely to create the C14. Because if you if you connect, or multiple 4 elements of C14, (4 x 14) you get 56, which is Fe.

Part of the structure of the plasmatic condition of our blood is hemoglobin (which contains Fe), and it has the capacity to absorb energy directly from the cosmos through the C14, at 56. This is why you don’t need to eat material food.

C14 in the cosmic way, is the carrier of the cosmic rays in a specific combination, and in interaction with the plasma of the Fe in the body of the man, will increase the absorption of the cosmic rays. We know that one of the reasons mankind will change his blood when he goes into space, is due to the presence of Fe, and its subdivision to C14. This is how we know that man in the depth of space will not die, even though our amino acid (AA) combination might change. It’s through the interaction of the C14, and the Fe composition of the blood, that man will survive without any Oxygen or any food in the space.

Painpen Generator

The pain pens could also be used as a generator for electricity; but of course that had to be a special painpen geared towards the field strength of a light bulb. Right now pain pens are designed towards the field strength of muscle and nerve tissu – to use it for generating power we would have to redesign it to that purpose.

Chronic pain

You have to understand why you call it chronic pain, and what’s the reason for it to occur. If you understand where the pain is, which muscle and where in that muscle; many chronic pains in the body have to do with a specific tissue in the body.

When it comes to chronic pain you have to understand the cause, the reason, the position and the interaction of the fields in that position, so that you can make the right patch. Otherwise it doesn’t work, because the Gans’s that you have in the patch doesn’t have a connecting link to interact with it. You haven’t got the right material in your patch.

Cellular regeneration

When the magnetic fields as a plasma are created in an environment, the environment will keep the memory of their original strength. When the cell in the body loses its energy the cell regeneration will be done in reference to this memory. Now the use of Gans can restore the cell’s strength back to the value which it is supposed to be; and the environment will register this new value. This is how the new plasma technology works. The reason on the physical level why the cells become weaker and weaker, is because the last cycle is always remembered by the environment and that is what gets replicated. This is how we get old. And this is how the cell becomes old and needs to be replaced.

Now with the new T we change this process, and hold on to the strength, which is remembered in the environment of the cell. So it doesn’t matter when the cell is produced again in that environment, the next cycle, the next week, or the next year, the new standard for cell replication will be set by the Gans material.

The Gans materials will bring back the original strength of the cell, that it had at the point of its creation. This is how we will change both the expired cells and the damaged cells, by reproducing them back to their original strength, and not to the strength of the damaged ones, the way it was before the Gans’s were introduced.

So the GaNS can feed back the informational light of a cell in her perfect state at the norm. So when the body wants to replace the cell, it will be replaced to the norm as well.

Space Travel

Observing the nights skies, we may see more and more appearances of strange light structures. They are in fact “spaceships” and “motherships” that can carry many races of the Universal Community on their travels to explore the Universes.

The image above shows these extraordinary, spaceships. They are more like “worlds” than ships and they move at a speed beyond our comprehension. And to understand the life on board of these ships we have to recon that the time rhythms we have here on Earth, are part and parcel of the environment on this planet – in deep space there is no time. So the people who become passengers of these ships, stand still for thousand of (earth-)years. These ships, arrived at a destination, stand still and mimic the shapes of stars and planets and take the time to explore in detail all the different worlds they encounter.

The moment we have achieved Peace on Earth, we can and will also become passengers on these ships, we will be shared the knowledge of other races as we are sharing ours. And because conventional time does not exist, and just one stop along their journey may take 3000 years, we have to make sure that we don’t die in the process to be able to enjoy and learn together with our new brothers and sisters. Even to get to know all the other passenger on board, it may take us several hundred years!

So to be able to qualify and participate at such a project, we need to go through a rapid evolution of our science in terms of comprehension of the Universe. But even more important, we need to get our ethics up to the universal standard – the biggest challenge in this is to stop feeding ourselves by killing other life forms.

And of course we have to learn to peacefully coexist within our new family; we have to learn and understand their behaviours and cul tures. At the same time we have to abandon all racism, nationalism, speciesm – in fact all labels that separate us.

The picture on the left shows the two fractions of humanity right now: one white racist cop is taken on video as he kills a black man intentionally – and an American knowledge seeker reacts to seeing this video with elevating the Soul of

the US cops so they help to create Peace in the world.

Therefore the Keshe Foundation and all its linked organisms, UC, EC, core team and language communities have to act as One Race, without any separatist agendas. But also on an individual level, our perception and behaviour needs to reflect our unity in the service of the Universal Principle.

Technology of Humility and Maturity

Space Travel

Here is how travelling in space without a material vessel works: we have to be able to produce the field of the desired destination and then be in a weaker position so that the field of our destination attracts us: You create the heart beat of the moon in the heart of the man and man will become part of it; and being part of it, he simply will be there.”

Elevation of the Soul

Just keep in mind, that when you are elevating to the Soul of someone, that you never know if the Universe has created this rendezvous so you can elevate somebody else’s soul or this other person is there to enlighten you? So the position of humbleness and maturity would always accommodate this uncertainty. We could actually visualize the elevation of the soul as a collective movement:

I elevate your soul so my soul gets elevated in the wake. In other words: I am giving to receive more in order to be able to give more…

Awaken the Heart-Brain Coherence I

By Gregg Braden

One of Charles Darwin’s collaborators and fellow scientist, Alfred Wallace, discovered that nature only gives the things we need when we really need them. Like the ability to warm up when we live in a cold climate or the ability to see in the dark when we have no light. This is how Alfred Wallace expressed it himself: “Nature never over-endows a species beyond the needs of daily existence” (Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection, last chapter, 1870).

This may be a correct observation of species in the animal or plant kingdoms. However, the human species seems to be gifted. Humans did not originate from the very long evolution from apes to Homo sapiens to Neanderthal man: at the time of our appearance, we were already what we are today. From the beginning, our brains were 50% larger than those of the closest primates such as chimpanzees or gorillas. And we always had the tools of language and speech, opposing thumbs and fingers, and an extensive and advanced neural network at our disposal.

We actually are not coming from apes, in our pristine origins we were already endowed with everything a fully developed Human represents.

Especially the last mentioned quality, the extended neural network, gives us abilities that no other life form on this planet possesses.

Since the 1960s, we’ve been doing heart transplants on average 5,000 a year; we thought we knew everything about the heart. But in 1991, something very interesting was discovered about the human heart:

 We have about 40,000 highly specialized cells in our heart, called Sensory Neurites. Sensory Neurites are typical brain cells, except they are not in our brain! And it is amazing that the man who discovered these cells at the University of Montreal is named Andrew Armour. “Amour” is the French word for love. He called the cells he discovered “the little brain of our heart”.

Now these cells are independent of their sisters in the brain; they think independently of our brain cells and they feel independently and they learn independently. So we have an intelligence that functions completely separate from the brain. And these two intelligences can be harmonized in a very precise way: The Heart-Brain-Coherence awakens our special abilities.

 But before we get there, let’s take a look at the reality of these sensory neurites. After a successful heart transplant, sometimes the recipient may have different personality characteristics or emotions that he or she didn’t have before the transplant. There is a very poignant story of a little girl in the Midwestern United States who received a transplant at the age of 8 from another little girl who had died at the age of 10.

Almost immediately after the transplant, she had a recurring nightmare. Almost every night, the same nightmare. When a psychiatrist spoke to her, he immediately recognized that her nightmare was not a dream but a memory.

So the question arose: Who does this little girl remember, night after night? So they called in a forensic artist to whom the little girl could tell all the details of her memory-dream.

In her dream, it was always night, she was in a dark forest running away from a man. She was very afraid of him, she was in panic. Suddenly she stumbled and fell, the man caught her. He attacked and killed her while talking to her.

This information was given to the forensic expert who drew a ghost portrait of the man. The portrait was given to the police who started a search for the man. It did not take long to find a young man who, during the first interrogation, collapsed and confessed to the assault and murder of the little girl. And during the interrogation the man used the same words that the little girl remembered from her memory-dream.

Now, all this is only possible if the little girl’s dream was actually a memory, a memory that was kept in the heart of the killed little girl and was accessible to the second girl who had received that heart as a transplant.

Our heart stores memories in a different way than our brain and it also speaks a different language.

But the heart and the brain are not entities that must be separated forever. In fact, they can harmonize, they can tune with each other to the point of being one: this is what we call Heart-Brain-Union or Heart-Brain-Coherence. In this union, the brain and the heart are connected by the extended network of neurons. And this is in fact the greatest quality that differentiates humans from all other living beings.

In our ordinary life, we live simultaneously on two levels of existence: the level of the heart and the level of the brain. They rarely mix; we live on the brain level during our working hours, we live on the heart level when we share quality time with our beloved.

Human cultures are differentiated in that way. In the education of children, for example, some societies give preference to the heart and others to the brain. The school system of our western culture gives priority to the brain, logic, linear thinking, while others, especially indigenous cultures, cherish the emotional and intuitive side of the heart more.

The Maya see the indigenous cultures as the Condor tribe and Western and technocratic cultures as the Eagle tribe. The Mayan prophecies tell us that at this point in human evolution, the two tribes, the Condor and the Eagle, will merge together or our species will perish.

What does it mean in our lives to harmonize the heart and the brain?

When we harmonize our heart and brain, our thoughts and emotions, that is when we reach our super potential, that is when we reach a very high speed of thought. When we enter a room, for example, every detail of the room and everything in it can be recalled by heart-brain coherence; whereas our mind alone will remember only a fraction of this information.

The Heart-Brain Union gives us access to what we would call Super Learning; but also to extraordinary states of Deep Intuition. And our body interprets Heart-Brain Union as Healing and as Love.

In the images you see these typical brain cells inside the heart; the larger body, or node, is called a neuron, while the connectors are called neurites. 

During a state of harmony between the neurons of the brain and those of the heart, the interconnection network is active; this state is called Heart-Brain-Coherence.

 In this video clip we can see what happens when the network is active: you see how neurites expand to connect to other neurons, while others disconnect – forming a very active and dynamic network. The networking process doesn’t happen in an hour or a day; it usually takes 72 hours or 3 days to establish a new network.

These neurites develop in response to our intention: Every impulse of good emotions such as love, appreciation, compassion or gratitude triggers the creation of a new neural network. This special type of intention is often described as: Fake it ‘till you make it; that means you anticipate with your feelings (heart) the effect this new experience will have on you as if it had already happened.

You can actually trigger heart-brain coherence deliberately by using the positive emotions mentioned and your inner visualization. This is a guided meditation that will facilitate the process, which will be described in the next chapter.

Awaken the Heart-Brain Coherence II

Today we are learning about a potential we have, which is called deep intuition and the way how to awaken it by the union of our heart and our brain.

Intuition is a very fast information processing based on gamma brain waves, leading to a definite result. It is a very powerful knowing coming from the heart. Intuition tells us exactly what’s right and what’s wrong for us. But we need to be very clear that this information is coming from our heart and not from somewhere else like from our brain.

In our culture women have a more direct connection to their heart and intuition. Scientific experiments have shown that women know within 180s/3min whether a person they meet has the potential to be her life mate or not. But this power in women as well as in men is hampered in our culture by the opposite force which is doubt.

But here some indicators to determine whether it’s your heart speaking to you; usually when your heart speaks it is:

  • brief
  • concise
  • in one sentence
  • without any justification

When the heart-brain Union is established, our brain works in gamma waves. The Cherokees have a word for the power of the heart; it’s called Shante-Ishta. We can describe the meaning as: the single eye of the heart that doesn’t judge right or wrong. It can detect the truth without judging good or bad. When your Shante-Ishta is open, your brain functions in the gamma state. People experience the gamma state as anti-depressant, healing and as if it breathes life into our sensory perception – everything feels different. Gamma waves have a frequency of 0.1Hz.

Now here is the technique that will enable the heart-brain Coherence, to gamma brain waves. This technique has been synthesized from indigenous knowledge and scientific experiments by the HeartMath Institute:

  1.  Find a comfortable space to sit or lie down for a few minutes without being disturbed.
  2. Shift your awareness from your mind to your heart by gently touching your heart center with your hands in a way that is comfortable to you.
  3. Slow down your breathing to maybe 5 seconds in- and 5 seconds exhale; whatever is comfortable for you. Slow breathing naturally happens when we feel safe; you are telling your body that you are safe. Feel as if the breathing is coming and going from your heart.
  4. Feel the feeling that creates the heart-brain coherence. Here are keywords that will do the emotional shift; they work almost for everyone:
    • Appreciation
    • Gratitude
    • Care and Compassion
  5. After 3 minutes, repeat with your inner voice: “Isn’t it wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” for 2 minutes.
  6. Take some deep breaths, come back in the present moment and open your eyes.

When you can generate any of those feelings or a combination of them while your breathing is slowed and you feel as if your breathing comes and goes from your heart – now you are creating the heart-brain coherence and you are triggering the neurons to make new connections. Of course the more you do this exercise, the stronger the heart-brain connection will become. Typically only 3 minutes of doing this exercise will trigger the immune system and other hormonally controlled systems for 6 hours!

New Understanding

In so many ways all of your knowledge seeker possess already the knowledge to do create the same units yourself, as the UEU and the ones that will follow.” Carolina

In part of the teaching today I will start opening a new dimension which you all know, but you have to understand it. Knowing is different than understanding. As I always said to mu children: ‘When you comprehend, you don’t need to remember’. This is the key with the teachings from now on. You will be amazed how much all of it you know and you will be amazed how much you thought you didn’t know, but you know.” M. Keshe

How Feelings shape our Reality

By Gregg Braden

Step 1: All things are connected

The father of quantum physics, Max Planck, actually said that the matter we see in our world, doesn’t exist. He said that the stuff that we think we are made of, doesn’t exist. The world that we see, doesn’t exist the way we believe it does. He said what we see as matter is here because of the existence of what we call conscious and intelligent mind. These are his precise words. And he followed that statement by saying already in 1944, that this mind is the Divine Matrix of all matter.

I was trained as a scientist; and in my training there was never an allowance for the possibility that this Divine Matrix, a field of intelligent, non conventional energy could exist. We call it unconventional because it doesn’t work the way electricity or our broadcast energy works. And perhaps one of the reasons it has taken so long for science to catch up is because our scientific equipment is not build to detect this kind of energy.

As a matter of fact, in the last 100 years science has missed the mark twice in terms of their explanation of how our world works. And we are still paying the price for where science got it wrong essentially. But now it’s coming full circle and it’s being corrected.

The first place that this happened was with the belief that the space between things is empty. The famous Michelson Morley experiment performed in 1887, was interpreted that the was no connection between existing entities and there was nothing between matter particles. So for over 100 years it has been believed that everything exists separated from everything else. What’s happening to one place doesn’t have any effect on anything else.

And now we know that these assumptions are flat wrong: there is something in the nothing and we do have the ability through our hearts, by what is called Coherent Heart-based Emotion, to detect and even create fields in our body which will radiate out beyond the limits of our body into the environment. These fields represent the if you will the quantum soup of all possibilities; and though the emitter which is our heart we can choose one of all the quantum possibilities to manifest as our reality.

 And what makes it so significant in our lives is the fact that through this field all matter appears to be connected. The word that science uses for this connection is called “entanglement”. Entanglement means that when something happens in one place in this field, the effect can be detected everywhere else simultaneously; be it in another room next to us or it can be half way around the world.

There is an experiment that describes Entanglement very well. Scientists took twin particles of the stuff our world is made of, two identical photons, particles of light. They separated them into two; so both entities had the same properties. And with a specialized device they could fire these two at the same time in opposite directions inside a fibre-optic cable: 7 miles for one particle in one direction and 7 miles in the other direction. When the particles reached their destination they were then 14 miles apart. Whatever they did to one particle at a given moment (changing it’s charge or spin rate etc), the other one acted like it just had the same experience at the same time. Both particles had the same experiences as if they were still together even though they were physically miles apart.

This experiment is so important, because it is demonstrating to the scientific mind what the ancient indigenous traditions have always said: Everything is always connected, even though it may become separate and distant from where it was originally, it’s always linked – like children and parents.

Step 2: Matter is an aspect of Plasma

When I was in school, we were taught that we live in a physical and mechanical reality, made of atoms; and our atoms would look like little solar systems: things in the middle, called the nucleus with other things orbiting them like electrons.

Now we don’t look at atoms anymore like things orbiting around things; we now look at them as concentrations of energy in space and time; we look at them as fields or Plasma. We know now that on the atomic and sub-atomic level, there are no clear cut, solid things.

Now where this gets important – and this is already in the standard physics textbooks – is that, when you change the field of energy that the atom lives in, it changes the atom. You can change that field electrically or you can change it magnetically. There are terms for these effects: the Zeeman effect, the Stark effect.

Well this may sound technical and not relevant, but look at it this way: our hearts are the strongest bio-electrical and magnetic field generators in our bodies. Our heart generates stronger electrical fields than our brains. They generate stronger magnetic fields than our brains. Our hearts are 5,000 times more powerful in magnetic fields than our brains.

Every moment, every day, your heart is having a conversation with your brain. The heart is creating a field of energy about five to eight feet (2 to 3 m) diameter. This field of energy can be measured in ways that make it very useful to us. The Heartmath Institute has designed equipment that helps us to measure the field every moment. Your heart is constantly sending signals to your brain, telling your brain what kind of energy to send to your body; but it is also sending out fields into the environment around the body.

So when we create thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, compassion, prayers of forgiveness in our hearts – these are the words we call these experiences. But to the Universe, we’re creating electrical and magnetic fields in here that are known to change the stuff out there. And through the fields everything in the Universe is linked. It’s not that our feeling changed something in the 3D-world like by magic. Rather our feelings are emitted as magnetic fields into the Universe; and these fields in turn determine the manifestations in our physical world.

How detect Plasma Fields?

Plasma has no frequency because it is not part at all of the matter state, not even in a subtle way. If we want to measure plasma fields, we would be able to measure the Soul.

But this question arises quite naturally out of a deep entrenchment into the matter state. We know that our “modern” science, which has been developed since the 18th century, is solely based on matter. So the instruments, it was able to develop, can only measure quantitative differences in the matter state. We can detect the percentage of chemical additives in food stuffs, but we cannot detect the quality of the vegetables or if they taste good or not.

Why do we want an instrument to measure plasma fields?

Because we have no way to detect them otherwise?

This situation reminds me of our “addiction” to cell phones. Cell phones are the means we have developed for telecommunication. Their medium of transmission are micro waves, which are harmful to living beings. The cell phones themselves and their use is expensive. Their production needs rare earths whose production is very harmful to the environment. Cell phones live on average only 4.7 years. All these aspects indicate already that cell phones are the wrong way to go.

We know that all living beings including Humans are capable of telecommunication – we only distrust our abilities and our laziness makes us think that it is easier to buy a iPhone than learn telecommunication. We only have to remember our natural faculty of telecommunication, communication with our soul: it’s faster, absolutely no cost and healthy!

When we are able to do this, we will, as a side effect, also be able to detect plasma fields with our feeling – this way of detection will be immediate, more precise and absolutely free, too! Anyway we have no choice because telecommunication is a matter of Soul.

We could say : the same can only be detected by the same. The detection of fields passes through our Soul and there is no long term need for a technological detector because we are able to feel them.

But there is another particularity of the Soul detection of fields: each of us has a different soul of physicality, a different mind; that’s why we all have different perceptions. Just as we all see a red rose differently according to field strength of our mind (soul of the physicality). We share the same Universal Soul, but our individual soul of the physicality has it’s own colour and field strength. And the perception of light or colour comes out of the interaction between the fields of the perceived object and our own.

There are many ways to transit from our physical senses to our feeling:

  • before you go to a rendezvous, feel if the other will be there
  • when the telephone rings, feel who’s calling
  • when you get a present, guess what it is
  • when you meet someone, feel how she or he is before you ask her

The Power of Human Emotion

By Gregg Braden; the other video is here

While visiting a tibetean monastery, he found a very old version of the gospel of Thomas; a version that has not been edited by the priesthood and the church. We could say these are the original teachings of Jesus. He was teaching those around him the power of Human Emotion to enable them to do the same “miracles” as him. In ordere to use this power we have to speak the language that the Universe recognizes.

All religions tell us that there is a field of energy and tht we have the language to use that field.

  1. What we call prayer is not asking for alms. Prayer is Feeling.

  2. We must feel as if our wish is already been granted

The first verse is # 106 from the Nag Hammadi Library version:

When you make the two – thought and emotion – one, you can say to the mountain to move away and the mountain will move away.

When you can marry your thought and your emotion into one single potent force, that is when you have the power to speak to the world. When the two – thought and emotion – become one in our hearts, we create the feelings in our bodies.

This is so important that it has been recorded three times in the same gospel; here is the second verse is #48:

If the two make peace with each other in this one house, they will say to the mountain to move away and it will move away.

The house is you; you are the house, you are the temple. The two again are thoughts and emotions.

So how can we do this, bring the thought and the emotion together?

The official Bible quote Ask and you shall receive , answers this question. We all know that there are people, including ourselves, who ask and ask and ask and nothing happens. Because the asking is not done with the Voice. Please, please bring this to my world – this is not asking. To ask in the correct manner, we must speak to the Field, to the Divine Matrix, in the language that the Matrix recognizes. The Field doesn’t recognize our voice – it only recognizes the power of our heart! We know already that our heart is the soul of the physicality, the mind; it emits magnetic fields. And the Universe recognizes these fields.

So when you create the feeling in your heart as if your prayer is already answered that creates the field force that will bring the answer of the Universe to you.

Ask and you shall receive is explained in the following way in the King James Bible, John 16, 23, 24: Whatsoever he asked the Father in my name, he will give it to you. Hitherto have you asked nothing in my name. Ask and ye shall receive that your joay may be full.

The editors took out the two sentences that tell us how to ask. Here is the original, unedited version: Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer, be enveloped by what you desire tht your gladness be full.

It says to ask without hidden motive; that means to ask without judgement. Ask without thinking of the right and wrong, ask without the doubting mind – ask from the heart.

It doesn’t say to utter words; it says to be surrounded by what you desire; you are feeling as if your answer has already happened: if you want the perfect relationship in your life, if you want the healing in the body of your loved ones, feel the feeling of what it is like as if that has already happened, be envelped by what you desire. Because that is when your thought and your emotion become ONE. You think the thought of the healing in your loved ones and you feel the love of that thought; they become one and that is the language that the Universe recognizes. Neville Goodall says the same thing: You must make a future dream a present fact by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled to come from the place, that is already happened.

Here’s an example of the Chigong practicioners healing a bladder tumor iin less than 3 minutes. Look at the video footage about it here. The practitioners did not judge the cancer as wrong or bad or right or good; there was no judgement; they accepted that tumor as a possibility, one of many possibilities. They didn’t say Bad cancer, you must go away! They had no judgement, no hidden motive. Instead they said that now they are going to choose a new reality by feeling as if the woman is already healed. The only words they uttered where repeating the syllables Wassa, wassa; wich translates into already done. And when they got exiced they said Mei, mei, mei which means Now, now, now. Not a year from now or next week, but now! And her body responded, it must. Physical reality must respond to the language that it understands.

Many people are concerned by this question: How is it possible that something that happens inside of our bodies, in our thoughts for example, can possibly have an influence over what happens beyond our bodies, in the world around us?

Maybe the best way to answer this questions is by a story:

“I live in the high desert of the northern New Mexico, about an hour from the nearest neighbor. In the early 1990 the high desert of northern New Mexico was in a severe drought, the worst in over 100 years.

A native friend of mine, David, called me and asked me if I would like to join him in a ancient place for a prayer of rain? I hadn’t to think twice and agreed with joy. However, I was not prepared for what David showed me that day because I had the expectation that I would see some chanting, some dancing, some kind of ceremony – and that’s not what I saw at all!

We hiked across 130,000 acres of the most fragrant high desert of sage and arrived at this ancient medicine wheel. David took off his shoes and stepped into the center of the medicine wheel. He turned his back to me, closed his eyes and held his hands in a prayer mudra for a few seconds… then he turned and looked at me and asked me if I would like to go have lunch with him!

I was shocked and said to him: “I thought that you are gonna pray for rain; and I didn’t see you do anything?” And this is the key of the story: he looked from inside the circle right into my eyes and said: “No. If I had prayed for rain, as you think, it could never happen. Because the moment we ask for something to happen, we have just acknowledged to the Universe that it does not exist. We just affirmed and confirmed that very thing that we were praying to change.”

I said: “If you didn’t pray for rain, what did you do?”

He answered: “When I closed my eyes, I felt the feeling of what it feels like when it rains in our pueblo village, I smelled the rain falling on sand, and I felt my naked feet in the mud after a big rain. And i gave thanks for gratitude and appreciation for the rain that has already happened.”

Then we went for lunch in Taos and when I went home, I saw the huge black clouds coming in from the Sangre-de-Christo mountains. By nightfall it started to rain and it went on during the whole night and a big part of the following day; it rained so much that the fields were flooded and the roads were flooded. I phoned David to tell him about the huge watery mess. He fell silent for a moment and said: “That’s the part of the prayer, the ancestors could never figure out; they could bring in the rain but they couldn’t tell it how much rain to bring…”

Later i listened to the weather man on the Denver Colorado Tv as he described how the jet stream was coming across the West, through Wyoming where it dipped down in the Colorado and down into New Mexico and made a little turn and came right back up, right over the place where the rain had happened. And the weather man stepped back and only said “hm” because he hadn’t seen anything like this.

Understanding and Plasma

Understanding comes from the interaction between a stronger plasma, the Universal Soul with a weaker plasma: us. The closer we want to get to the Universal Soul, the weaker we have to be. This of course refers to humbleness. We have to approach the Source of understanding with an empty cup. The arrogant who come with a full cup of “I know” put themselves in a stronger position and no interaction can happen.

To the Universal Soul we are in fact the “children”; in exactly the same way as we in the beginning of our lifes we have been children to our mother and father. We were dependent and we were o.k. with that. It is the job of children to imagine and to make wishes and to fine tune them during the never ending process of manifestation. The actual “doing” is the job of the Universe, the Law of Attraction. It really feels important that we take the position to mainly sit back, imagine and feel things through and not be concerned howsoever by the doing – we are not the doers in the Universe, we are the enjoyers.

Remember the death and ressurrection of Seth in the “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”: Seth was an old man suffering a lot from arthritis; he helped the group to copy the ancient tablets of the temple. He was very helpful and became dear to everybody in the group. So big was the shock when they found him one moring lying dead in his monk’s cell.

They called the Masters to ask them if they could not bring him back because they loved him so much. The Masters replied that they are lucky indeed because their love for Seth could actually bring him back; especially so because their has been only one single misuderstanding in him causing the great mistake (that’s how they called the death of a person): his only error was that he believed that he was responsible for what happened, that he did the things happening in his life and around him, that he was the doer…

So the Masters went to the other side and the next morning Seth awakened as from a sleep, appearing 40 years younger without any trace of arthitis and happy as a clam.

Man looks in the dimension of reality to understand his own what we call stupidity.” M. Keshe

The new Understanding

The new Knowledge is more powerful than the physicality: add to the knowledge and always look at the positive. If you create enough positive, whatever negative there may be, does not even count.

The knowledge is not about how to fly – it is about the Ethos, it is about how to become a member of the Universal Community. Furthermore the actual evolution is not about how to change things, so they suit us – but rather about how to move and act with the Good for the whole Universe in mind.M. Keshe

This last sentence is not to be misunderstood in the sens that we must renounce our personal wishes and preferences, but to understand that following the Universal Principle to do what is Good for All, includes all that will suit us – with patience.

When Humanity will become part of the Universal Community, she will be faced with a major challenge of how to act within the Universal Community. What will be our job and how should we fulfill it? I think it will not be very different from the job we have here on Earth, where we are guardians and we fulfill this job by constantly fine-tuning our happiness and gratitude about it.

Is your love so big that you become a ‘spaceship’ for many other Souls? That is the point of the Universal Community; to become the vehicles for those who’s speed of thought is not yet fast enough to comprehend and be free; to elevate their Souls.

In the same way, following the circuit of the KF conferences, the weekly teachings don’t come anymore from one place but they come from every part of the planet. The teachings coming from a particular place on the planet are connected to the language and culture practised in this country. On the Soul level the teachings cover many aspects of the human family. In other words, in each country the teachings will have the flavour of this particular place.

This shows that on the knowledge level we are already One Humanity and One World. The knowledge has already spread so far; it did even reach indigenous people in Brazil, wearing a Plasma Bracelet.

All the Magrav systems, reactors and star formation we all have made, are interconnected. Many people will think that they have been created to save energy while in truth their purpose is to make the connection between the physicality, the mind and the Soul. “In so many ways we have used the greed of man to get him closer to his Soul”.

Please check for yourself whether you have made or bought a Magrav: take some time to write down how you and your family, the animals and plants around you behaved a year before you acquired the Magrav. And then write down how they behave now after some time after the installation; think also about your proneness to diseases, your learning capacity… “You looked for the power in the wire – I looked for the power in the soul of the physicality (mind) of the Man”.

On a more global level what is needed for Humanity to enter the Universal Community is the end of religions and the end of war. “Man will stop worshipping the same idols that keep him in bondage the moment he understands that he is the creator of himself as he is part and parcel of the Universal Soul. So the temple of the Creator can only be inside Man”.

There is another tweak to getting closer to our Soul: once we are there we have different choices. On the level of the planetary Soul aspect, whatever we do and wherever we are is controlled by our love for the planet Earth. If, however we are identifying ourselves with the Universal Soul, we are part of the Creator and we can act as the Creator – what has formerly been called “the hand of God”.

Finally let’s recapitulate how the bigger plasma always feeds the smaller plasma: the green field coming out of the bigger plasma enters the smaller one and feeds it.

Inside the smaller one now a field of a higher order is created which feeds back into the bigger one (red line). In other words “I give you in the strength you need” and you having received this create inside you a field of a higher order, that fits my field and in this way you become a feeder to me, too”.

So who is the stronger and who is the weaker – who feeds whom? It looks more like a interactions of exchange of dynamic equality.

Field Strengths depend on us

By Carolina

When we talk about the field strength of the systems we are creating, we have to understand first of all our own field strength and how to build it up within ourselves, because our own field strength will decide on the field strength of any system we are creating.

Through the soul teachings you receive this understanding.

Our field strength can be without limitation in it’s potential to go outward. You have a field strength that is acting upon what you create within your GaNS containers. The strength of what you produce depends on your understanding how much and where you release your fields strength.

M. Keshe explains: “Our message is very simple, man himself is part of the Creator, and this is the bottom line and the essence of our teachings. When you are part of total, you are the total, you carry the essence of it. It’s you who decide to what limit you want the essence to manifest itself. When you look at the totality of yourself, you have to be impartial to every aspect, be it, the way you’ve been brought up, the way you were educated, because by being impartial you don’t need to defend position and, consequently, you don’t waste energy, but you add it to the energy of what you have learned.
Knowledge is sharing part of the Soul of the man who gave you the knowledge. This is what man has not understood up to now. When you read something from Einstein, when you read something from Edison, when you read something from Tesla, when you read something from da Vinci, when you read it, it’s just a computer storing knowledge, but when you comprehend it, it becomes part of you and thus it changes you.

How to integrate the new technology

A question from a Knowledge Seeker in the Plasma Reactor Group: M. Keshe, you talk about a new technology and that we should develop projects with the new technology in the new think tanks – how can we possibly do this if we don’t even know what this new technology is about?!”

M. Keshe’s answer states first that this new technology is not about “doing things” it’s about understanding how the original plasma technology in terms of nano-coating and GaNS work on a much deeper level. He talkes about “collective fields”; an expression used in the promotion of the UEU. The KF states that giving out recipes to copy the unit would be counter productive, because at this point in the evolution of the technology it is vital that each of us really absorbs and integrates the deeper understanding of how the Magrav and GaNS work. All tools developed by the Plasma Science are in fact representations of how the Universe works. Mr. Keshe asks us:

How many of you have managed to create a system that carries a Soul? Forget about the nano coating and the GaNS, look at the fields of the plasma, the energy that is created!” M.Keshe

It seems that the understanding of the new technology may be blocked by old belief systems – or rather a disbelief systems – that ignore and conceal the existence of the Soul, which is the centre of all as well as our prime mover. If we cannot put the Soul where it belongs, at the centre of our being, we will not be able to integrate this new technology. Until and unless we understand the energy of the Soul, Man cannot enter into space. For instance if we understand the connection of the Soul with our body, we have all that we need to know about how to tap into the universal energy (Plasma) to cover all the energy needs that we have on the material plane. Many man in the past have achieved this.” M.Keshe

Our solar system is the exact representation of Man; the Soul of the Man being the Sun and the soul of the physicality being the Earth.

Thus looking at the solar system we can better understand the workings of our physical body: the solar system is made in the same way and of the same structure as the body of the Man. And we can also look at our body and understand the solar system more deeply.

If we compare the Soul to the Sun, the soul of the physicality and the heart to the Earth, the kidney to the moon, we observe that the moon controls the tides, the moving of the waters. In the same way the kidneys control the waters of the body via their interaction with the heart and the central force, the Soul.

We can also compare the body of the Man with the dynamic systems we developed: the vertical blood circulation replaces the rotation of the reactors in these systems.

The above picture show us how the Universe works. Energy packs coming from the centre interact with the inertia fields of a given environment to create manifestations. In the image above you see the creation of a plant in the terrestrial environment and the creation of a moon-being in the lunar environment.

In the past we have used matter to create GaNS and then we could use those GaNS to create other matters and energy. This creates a cycle that remains bound to the matter state: Matter-GaNS-Matter… this cycle is of lower strengths.

If the interaction is on the level of higher strengths, it leads to the creation of souls, if it is of the lower strength, it leads to the creation of matter.

Now we are at the crossroads: we can either choose to go the matter way (use GaNS in reactors to create (gold-)matter as it has been done by Peter from Austria) or we go to the higher energy level, we become “Man of the Universe” with the same capabilities as the “Masters of the Far East”. On the higher energy level we can decide to “spontaneously” create whatever is appropriate.

The problem with many of us is that we want to be living in the matter state world but understand the universal world – that cannot be done. From the lower matter state you cannot see and understand the Soul level.

The space travel on the slow thinking mode requires machines using external fuels while the space travel on the high speed thinking mode simply uses the energy of the Universe. That is something that all the other cosmic entities like planets, moons, stars and so on do since the beginning of time.

As we have learned that understanding something deeply changes who we are. That’s why sharing and understanding the knowledge is so crucial. If we would choose not to learn more, we’d remain as we are on the matter level. If, however, we choose to understand the new – what we could call Universal Technology – the new knowledge would change us. We would move up to the other level or dimension of existence; the same level as the Universal Community. And this is also about the confirmation of our existence; on the slow speed level we only can confirm what exists with our material senses – which is a very narrow selection of reality – and we will never come to know our Soul, our true Self. On the high speed level we confirm our existence purely on the energy or Soul level.

There is a good equivalent for all this today:

  • On a very low speed level, we identify ourselves with what we wear; we cloth ourselves with the symbols of our standard of living. When these cloths should be taken away from us, we become nothing.
  • On a slightly higher level, we identify ourselves with our body/mind; when these are taken away from us by Parkinson or Alzheimer, we cannot do anything anymore, we are worthless and slip into annihilation (death).
  • But on the high speed level, where we ARE our Soul, we control our body/mind just like our cloths.

So the choice between the high speed and low speed thinking world decides also on the power we have: whether we are a hapless victim or a Creator. The transition from the low speed to the high speed thinking world is not done by learning in the precise meaning of the word but rather a remembering. We all know that the harder we try to remember, the less is the possibility that the memory comes back to us. But if we evoke similar, joyful, empowering memories, or if we simply feel good, the chances are much higher that the memory will come back to us. That means we have to do two things at the same time:

  • avoid any effort or strong wanting at any cost
  • get yourself into better and better feelings = speed up your thoughts to the field strength of this memory that we are complete and all powerful for the sake of all.