We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.

Albert Einstein

The sweetest Guide to your Soul

The Ringing Cedars Series, Anastasia, Book 8.1, page 176ff

Here is the description of the kin’s domain project developed by Anastasia/Vladimir Megré to carry Humanity across the dark force’s window of time. In the context of M. Keshe’s Soul teachings, this project is a wonderful way to understand the Soul teachings on a non-rational, non-intellectual level:

Every willing family is offered free of charge one hectare of land for lifetime use with the right of inheritance for the purpose of establishing on it their own kin’s domain. The produce grown on the domain, as well as the domain itself, is not subject to any form of taxation.”

There is nothing more important in our life right now than to return the Earth to its original flourishing state.”

The adaption of this program will lead to the following results:

  1. Significant improvement of the environmental situation: each family domain typically will plant 200 wild growing trees, 2,000 shrubs, hedges and berry bushes and 50 fruit bearing trees.
  2. Restoration of soil fertility: family domains use natural technologies like perma- or plasma-culture instead of chemicals; which on the long run will depollute soil, land and air.
  3. A solution to the question of providing high quality produce for the country’s population. Look at how the Dacha movement in Russia could already in 2003 supply 70% of the nation’s food production.
  4. A significant (2x to 3x) increase in wages across all sectors of the economy without risk of inflation and a reduction of prices within the country on all forms of merchandise, leading to a reduction in social tension.
  5. Immediate improvement of the demographic situation and in the general health of the population, including it’s rejuvenation.
  6. A solution of the nation’s problems of bribery, corruption, gangsterism and terrorism.

The following are quotes by Vladimir Megré.

 “The hectare of land I have in mind and Anastasia speaks about, is much more than a mere hectare of land. It is a space through which you may be connected to the Universe. All the planets of the Universe will react to this Space and, consequently, to you. They will be your friends, assistants and co-creators.

In terms of the laws of nature, look what happens to an ordinary flower – a daisy, for example. The daisy is inseparably connected with the Cosmos, the planets and the Sun. The flower opens it’s petals when the Sun comes up, and closes them when the Sun goes down. They are at one with each other, in harmony with each other. Not even trillions of kilometres or light years could break their connection; they are bonded together – the great Sun and the little earthly flower. They know that only together can they be creators of a great universal harmony.

But every single blade of grass on the Earth reacts not only to the Sun. It also reacts to the other planets. It also reacts to Man, to the energy of his feelings.

 “And now imagine that you have this space, this hectare of land; on which you have begun to create, based on a particular level of consciousness or spirituality. Every plant will react to you with love, and these plants, as living beings, are capable of collecting for you all the best energies of the Universe. They collect them and offer them to you.

Plants grown conventionally – not for Man but for money -, already start to decay once they are harvested, because there’s no energy left in them. They are incapable of feeding Man’s Soul. So if you don’t have your own hectare of land, there’s no way you’re going to find food worthy of human consumption. There’s not a disease which cannot be cured by the Space of Love, a Space you have created with your own hands and your own Soul.

In the past we said that people are the children of God. The world of animals and plants, the air and Space around us – these are also His children. And everything taken together is nothing less than the material embodiment of spirit of God, the Universal Soul.

“Man after all has been created to populate other worlds. And this will come about only when Man understands and beautifies his own Earth. The way to settle the planets of the Universe isn’t technical at all, it is psycho-telepathic. Man has to become consciously aware of what constitutes the true beauty of the Universe.

“And what is a hectare of land? Is it a place where Man must work by the sweat of his brow? NO!!! it is a place where Man shouldn’t work at all. It is a place thought which Man ought to control the world. On his family domain, Man will transform his little piece of land on our large planet into a flourishing garden. And if millions of people do this in a whole lot of countries, then the whole Earth will become a flourishing garden and there won’t be any wars, because millions of people will be completely engaged in a grand co-creation.

Adjusting the Bible

When you cut yourself in the finger and after a few weeks the skin that the cut had removed has grown back as before. How did the skin know that the cells to replace are finger cells and not kidney or scalp cells and how could it restore the lines on the skin?

The view of conventional science

Conventional medicine says that it’s the DNA who does it. BUT the DNA is the same in all the body cells?! So how can the finger cells know that there is a repair shop for a part of the skin of the finger at hand?

The view of morphogenetic resonance

Rupert Sheldrake, a British biologist, postulated a morphogenetic Universe (MgU). This Universe exists only on a non-visible level; it contains everything that exists in the material Universe (MU) in it’s plasmatic form.

Since the creation of our body, the original remains unalterable in the morphogenetic Universe while it’s material copy started it’s life in the material world. The material copy is subject to disease, accidents, growing old and death.

The healing of a cut works in this way: the cells of the material hand compare themselves to the original in the morphogenetic Universe, detect the differences and rebuild themselves until they have again become identical to the original and the wound is healed.

The view of Plasma Science

Plasma Science does not require another Universe. It explains the creation as well as the replacement of specific body cells in this way:

  • Each cell of the body is created by the interaction between the Universal fields, fields of our Soul and mind and the given body environment
  • The environment decides what will be possible to manifest within it’s limits.

The finger is part of our hand, which is part of our body. So the environment of our hand decides that only skin-of-the-hand-cells can be manifested inside the environment of the hand; and not hairy scalp cells. Then the Mind attenuates the fields of the Soul to match the environment and – voilà- new skin cells are being created that match exactly the requirements of the environment, the particular part of the finger. The fields of the environment act just like moulds that a sculptor uses when casting a bronze sculpture for example. Each mould can only be used to create one specific sculpture.

There is no Creator

The model of creation promoted by the new Plasma Science, does not mention a Creator; and there is no reason for it either. Plasma is intelligent and the interactions of Plasma fields are sufficient. There is Creation but there is no Creator, Creation is enough unto itself – it doesn’t need any outside agency.

The moment you accept an outside agency to bring about creation, you fall into a vicious circle: the reasoning of all religions is: how can existence be there if it is not created by someone? If you accept their reasoning, the question arises who created the Creator? And if the Creator can be there without being created – then existence can be there without being created as well.

Maybe it would be more accurate instead of using the word God or Creator, to use words like godliness or creativity or co-creation or consciousness…

How to peak into the soul level

The way you go to sleep is by lowering the rhythm of the body. This opens like a window in the physical realm and the Soul can shine through and see further: it can see other places or it can see the truth within the Soul of another person. In this space your body will even be nourished by the Soul.

Try to understand how you go to sleep, what brings the condition of sleep. In some African tribes the man go out hunting and gathering and the women stay at home for preparing food and taking care of the children. In the ordinary waking state we take care of the physical realm with all it’s needs (we go hunting and gathering); during the night we take care of the bigger jobs, the work of the Soul (we are feeding).

The Soul is always ready to feed your body, but your mind didn’t care about it and wanted the body to be fed with physical food. The mind tries to confirm it’s existence in the matter state while the Soul with all consciousness lives in the vibrational state. The two of them are in perpetual conflict; which will only end when they get to coexist; when they interact. The place where this interaction can happen is the blood, the carrier of our emotions. Emotions that belong to the matter state are insecurity, doubt, misery – and the emotions in the realm of the Soul are certainty, clarity, love, enthusiasm. When the self, our identification, moves up from the body-mind level to the Soul level, we will naturally move from bad feelings to good feelings. The moment of change comes when the mind sees the power of the Soul and compares it to the power of the body, when we feel good we are close to the Soul, if we feel bad in any way, we are resisting our Soul…

If we look at the physical body cells, we see that for them there is no sleep time and waking time. Our Soul is like a magnet, she always radiates her fields, never stops; so for her, too, there’s no sleep. That leaves us with only one entity: the soul of physicality or the mind seems to be the only one who needs sleep. If I remember sleep deprivation experiments correctly, the negative after effects are mental and not physical…

Our second birth

When we travel into space, suspending our physical form, and we take a form once again when we arrive at our destination – are these transitions between physical and non-physical form like what we experience here on Earth in dying and being born? Can we, before we go someplace else, open a window and look at the new dimension already?

Unconsciously we do all that when we fall asleep, when we dream and when we are waking up – so why not do it consciously? In deep sleep and dream states, the fields of our physical form are being handed over to the Soul. In this very moment the soul of our physical form separates from our Soul. That is happening to people who have a near-death experience where they see their body on the operation table but they have no connection of identification with it any more. So it is a new birth in a way even though it is not so dramatic as the emergence out of the mother’s womb; it’s not a transition, it’s more of a sudden change. Like the change between the moment you are asleep and the next moment you are awake.

That gives us an interesting perspective on suicide: in suicide and space travel, we cut the link between our body and our soul; in space travel suspending the body is temporary whereas in suicide it is final. We consciously, willingly suspend our physical body in order to travel to another place in the Universe or to escape a disaster – when we commit suicide, we want to escape an unbearable situation. The first is a conscious and deliberate act; in the second we are desperately overwhelmed by suffering or fear.

Actually acquiring the ability to suspend our physical form, makes us ultimately fearless, which renders suicide entirely obsolete! It is like living two lives simultaneously; and being able to switch between them at will.

Now that we see that the ability to suspend the physical form is to be likened to a near-death experience, then we understand that this ability cannot be achieved by control, because control is the action of the mind. It can only be achieved but by ‘non doing’; through trusting that our Soul knows exactly what to do. That means the command of our life has to handed over from the Mind to the Soul – it’s all about trust. In the image on the right we see that what we call ME has to shift from the realm of body&mind to the Soul.

We can call the ability to suspend the physical form ‘shape shifting’. In the words of Plasma Science this ability requires that we reach a certain positioning where our fields together with the fields of the environment of planet Earth permit the transition. A transition that is not final, like the actual physical death but reversible. We have learned that the way to do that is influencing the blood flow so that it can release the ‘bird out of the cage’ and call it back when needed.

It seems we can influence the blood flow by our breathing: we can either direct the breath into our lungs and the energy goes to the body – or we can direct the breath into the area where our Soul is and the energy goes directly to the seat of the Soul. In fact there are may yogis who can do that, they slow down their breathing and their blood flow and they can suspend in that way the vital functions of their body or even disappear.

As the ability of shape shifting is intimately linked to the Ethos: moving our identification from the body/mind system to the Soul means shifting form pursuing the small egoistic happiness to the pursuit of the Happiness of All – the Universal Principle.

All this demands for a new technology, we could call it ‘Technology of the Soul’ that is neither based on material devices nor on Nano particles and GaNS. This new technology will be entirely based on the elevation of the Soul – elevation of the Soul in an environment of World Peace!

The process described above is already going on; it is irreversible. This is great news: This technological revolution is inseparable from our evolution as a race as well as an individual! For once there is a technology that cannot be used to put man against man, to exploit living beings and the planet.

In this context the Keshe Foundation has released new technologies to major corporations around the world in regards to communication, medicine, food security, energy security – all under the umbrella of ‘Technology in Exchange for Peace’.

If you want to see where we are going with this in a light and humorous way, take a look at the film “The Beautiful Green” by Coline Serreau)

How to live our life in space?

At this time, we have not understood enough of the nature and working of the magnetic fields and we largely don’t know how the magnetic fields of the Universe interact with our body.

We have learned that our Soul is part of the Soul of the Creator, or the collective Soul of the Universe. An Iranian poet put it this way: “My soul is part of your soul and your soul is part of my soul; and in that essence, collectively we make up the Soul of the Creator”. Via our Soul we have access to everything in the Universe. In other words, on the soul level we are inside the Universe as the Universe is inside of us. This Oneness if you will is also reflected on the physical level as our brain is the exact replication of the control system of the Universe. The sun controls the solar system just like the brain controls the organs and cells as well as their distinct processes (movement, digestion, blood circulation, croissance, etc.). But the sun is not a whimsical personality controlling the solar system like a feudal king – the solar system is functioning under the one and only law, the Universal Principle. This law makes it that every part of the solar system is working for the good of all of the solar system but also the good of all of the galaxy and all of the Universe.

Now we can liken our physical body to the solar system, where the sun would be our brain and all the planets and asteroids are the cells and organs of our body. As in the solar system, the sun does not need to exercise a direct control on all the heavenly bodies, like the organs of our body, they all know exactly what to do and when to keep the whole organism running smoothly. However, the brain/mind has the power to change everything for the better, for the mind may – through ignorance or fear – not see the benevolence of the Universe and then decide not to act for the good at all, but to follow harmful beliefs… it is therefore mandatory that we do not allow the mind to play the master but to be here to serve and not to be served.

Entering the age of space travel, we don’t have to learn anything new really, we ‘only’ have to recall the abilities that we were born with and that have been with us as long as we have existed – we only forgot… in fact what we need to do is learn everything concerning our own existence. In the past 8000 years or so we have been living in what we could call an ‘occult age’ where we have been hypnotized into all sorts of lies about our creation, our life, why we are here and where we are going; obscuring the fact that we are magnificent vibrational beings engaged in this splendid co-creation – truly perfect in all aspects of our being!

In our body it is the blood flow which creates the magnetic field which is the containment for our Soul. On the other hand the same blood flow is the conveyor of the emotions, which provide the communication between the environment and us.

This is a good moment to look at emotions and thoughts in more detail: both are containers of information, albeit they are very different. Let’s take an example, we are trekking through a dense forest, far from civilization. Suddenly a grizzly bear appears in front of us. Immediately our brain switches from thoughts to emotions: there is fear and the impulse to run for our life.

In our emotions, the informations are super condensed – a huge quantity of information can be processed in a very short time. So when we wanted to unpack the information that is contained in the emotion of fear seeing a bear, we will get a really long list of individual thoughts: this is a bear, it is wild, I don’t know what it will do to us, is it friendly or inimical?, it is much bigger than me, will I be able to outrun it?, are there other bears?, in which direction should I run?, I have a backpack – should I throw it away to be able to run faster?, is there a possibility to hide and be sheltered from the bear, should I run or would it be better to back off slowly?, should I not look at the bear?… this is just a small part of the total volume of thoughts that are compressed in this single emotion of fear. Emotions contain much more information than thoughts and they can be processed so fast that they enable us to jump into action at any moment.

Though there is a difference between ‘knowing’’ and ‘being fully aware of’ something. ‘Being fully aware of’ is not just to ‘know’. It is to feel with one’s whole being – body and soul – a multitude of phenomena, the purpose of each Divine creation, as well as His system. (Anastasia, book 6, p.141)

In our example, we took the emotion of fear, but any emotion has this immense capacity; so wouldn’t emotions be a far better learning tool than thoughts? We learn faster and deeper through intuition, emotional contact to a master than through the mental contact with a teacher in front of a class. Besides the communication on the collective level is only via emotions and images!

The brain/mind can work with both of the containers: thoughts and emotions. The brain, our physical communication organ, is made of different GaNS. The fields of these GaNS are able to tune the fields of the Universe with the fields of the terrestrial environment and the fields of our body/mind/Soul system.

We used the GaNS waters since the beginning of Plasma Science in our health applications. Why does Liquid Plasma work so well? Liquid Plasma is water transmuted into the GaNS state. Material water already has an incredible capacity of storing information. Masaru Emoto showed this with his crystal photographies of water containing various emotions. The GaNS water has a much higher magnetic charge which create bigger gaps between the particles – thus more storage space in it’s 3D structure. GaNS water brings the memory capacity of material water to a much higher level. That is why, when we drink GaNS water in our health applications, GaNS water does not work on the physical symptoms, but on the agent that creates the symptoms.

In the example of osteoarthritis, the person with the disease can no longer walk, because the joints hurt too much. We find calcium in the joints which creates pain. The Emotional Mental Filter deposited Ca in the joints instead of the bone structure. The Mind did this because it is focused on fear, the fear of asserting itself in the outside world: “It is dangerous to show yourself as you are in the world, you hurt yourself!” The belief of the mind is focused on fear. When GaNS water is given to this person, the GaNS lifts the person’s soul. In the image below we can see the soul surrounded by different layers of emotions: the stronger ones (joy, love) are close to the soul and the more we move towards the periphery, the weaker the emotions. The soul with its different layers of emotions is like an inflatable balloon.

The person with osteoarthritis in our example is focused on fear. When given GaNS water, the balloons are inflated and therefore the safety/joy layer replaces the fear in the person’s focus: he or she then has the opportunity to experience a respite from the fear. GaNS water inflated the balloon, it actually transferred emotional energy to balance the part of the system that was emotionally unbalanced and therefore developed symptoms of illness. The GaNS water nourishes the unbalanced part, it fills its lack and then the Mental filter can renounce the symptoms of the disease. This is exactly how the Universe works and this is what we do when we “elevate our soul”. To be honest, we do not necessarily need tangible GaNS to transfer emotional energy, because we can also transfer plasma fields directly from our soul.

The only way we can get our power back

We have learned that our brain together with our mind is the filter which acts in two directions (first image): it attenuates the fields from the Soul in order to create our physical body. But it acts also as a filter or transformer between the outside environment and the Soul. In both cases the mind system has to tune itself to the field strength of the environment and at the same time is has to scale down the energy fields from the Soul to the same level. It’s quality as a filter becomes quite obvious when we observe that no two people, who are living in the same environment do not create the same reality. The difference between the two realities derives from the different beliefs that the two persons entertain in respect to their environment as well as their self (second picture): if you love who you are, if you see yourself as worthy and strong, you generate a healthy body; if you see yourself as unworthy, deficient, unable, etc you will generate a depressed or sick physical form.

If you believe that your environment as hostile and competitive, you will live in a hard, challenging and nonsupporting reality; but when you believe that your environment is kind and supportive to you, you generate a reality that suites and soothes you.

If your Soul has the power to manifest your body here in this physical realm, it has the power to manifest you in any part of the Universe. When we talk the creation of our physical form, it is not limited to this body, we are carrying, it includes also the reality around us. That means we create both our body and the reality that we are living in by syncing our brain/mind system to the Soul. When both are aligned, our power is unlimited.

How to sync our mind to our Soul?

We find some answers to this question in the books of Anastasia (The ringing cedar series by Vladimir Megré, Book 6 p.94ff): it seems that in the beginning of our existence our mind was aligned to the Soul. The christian bible describes this era as the life in paradise; Man was one with the Creator and shared all his powers and his joy. In this era mankind had a level of sensitive knowledge allowing it to create and maintain the paradise they were living in.

Paradise lasted as long as Man did live according to the Universal Principle, wishing only the best for all, being here to serve and not to be served. Humanity left paradise the moment they put their little self interest higher than the good of all; the common good was replaced by self-interest and kindness by licentiousness and power over others. This shift took away what Anastasia calls the ‘purity of thought’ (being motivated by the Universal Principle, the good for all). This impurity is accompanied by an insufficient culture of feelings and thought – we need to dull our feelings in order to maintain the lie that our self interest supersedes the Good of ALL.

Subsequently all individuals of the humanity lost their ability to create in the expanses of the Universe and mankind was led into the era of dark occultism, out of which we are trying to emerge right now. Occultism combined with opportunity and knowledge at the highest level create a dissonance which always led mankind into global disaster.

This was repeated many times over billions of Earth years… Now we have passed the end of the Occult millennium. Now it is up to everyone to take stock of their purpose, their essence and where the mistake was made. We should help each other in mentally retracing the course of our history int he opposite direction and pinpoint the mistake. The the era of joyous life on the Earth will be ushered in – an era such as no one has ever witnessed before in global history. The Universe is anticipating it with bated breath and great hope.”

So we have to find ways to come into alignment with the Soul, we have to learn again the language of the Soul and become familiar with it’s strength and abilities. So it all is a question of knowledge. But this knowledge can not be imparted on a black board or in a book, it is not even a knowledge which is the same for everybody – everybody has to decipher it for himself as everybody has his own unique Soul, he has to find his own and unique path to his Soul. And this is of course a question of our individual intelligence and openness. Remember that intelligence is a consequence of kindness.

We have a very efficient instrument that helps us on our way to the Soul – our internal GPS. As Anastasia told us above, that the ethical impurity drags along an ‘insufficient culture of feelings’. Dulled of anaesthetized feelings go along with the impurity of self interest. Our Soul always feels what is right and responds with giving us joyous feelings. But when we are thinking, speaking of acting in our self-interest, we resist our Soul and will get negative feelings. That is our infallible internal GPS!

The feeling of negative emotions tells us that we are in misalignment with the Soul; pain, symptoms of disease or accidents tell us that we are not aligned with our Soul. When we feel good, happy, secure, enthusiastic, loving, joyful, we are close to our Soul. Our inner GPS is always guiding us towards our Soul. What we can do is to really use the GPS; to consider first of all our emotional state and disregard the input from the outside world as well as our habitual, conditioned thoughts.

This is a movement from the outside to the inside, from matter to Soul, from the mundane to the spiritual. This movement will gradually shift our attention away from the need to confirm everything on the matter level (looking in the mirror and seeing that we are still looking sick; checking the electrical bill to see the economies in electricity).

Above that we can try to feel the soul of the planet, the soul of our beloved, or our child so we don’t need the confirmation on the material level anymore… in this way, slowly slowly we can get access and used to feeling on the soul level. When we say I love you , we confirm our existence on the soul level. This phrase means: I give everything of myself to you in the dimension of the Soul and you can take what you need from me; and that is exactly what the Creator does in the Universe.

We know already that once we have reached the contact to our Soul, we are simultaneously in contact with the Universal Soul, the Soul of the Creator. And because all things have a Soul and are in this way part of the Universal Soul, we can reach all things from inside the Universal Soul. And as there is no time neither space on the level of the Soul – there is no distance in time or space that could separate us from the manifestation of what we are wishing.


Universal Magnetic Fields

Since decades we play with magnets; now we come to understand that magnetic fields can only show themselves in respect to what a given environment permits. What is magnetic on this planet may not be in other environments. Up to now we have focused on the production of GaNS, energy and chance movements; and we have not achieved continuous flight because we did not consider the magrav fields of the environment neither the universal fields – we only considered the magnetic fields that we have created with our Plasma tools. In other words we always looked what the system we made, produces (red arrow) and never looked at what it is taking in (what’s coming from the universal fields and the environmental fields, grey arrows). Now is the moment where we need to focus on these invisible things to get to a deeper understanding of Plasma Science and Technology.

We have already learned that when we dream, our physical dimension is switched OFF and our Soul travels the non-physical dimension showing it in physical images. In other words: when we dream our body is OFF and our Soul plays with vibrational experiences that the mind then translates into physical images. Consequently, when we want to travel in space or have zero time communication, we need to consider and use the Universal fields.

The Universal fields are everywhere, we are in them all the time, we cannot be separated from them. Our physical system creates the blood flow which contains the Soul; when we change the rhythm, the pressure and the flow of the blood, the containment releases and the Soul can move freely – that is what happens in the dream state where the body is so relaxed that our heartbeat and our blood pressure, both slow down and release the Soul. The Soul then roams the vibrational universe. This is the interaction of the Soul without containment with the universal fields. The mind is still there only it is not preoccupied entirely with the material world; so it can translate the Soul’s vibrational experiences into tangible language (pictures, sounds, smells, feelings).

That means that travelling through the Universe is using the universal field forces without containment and then – when the destination is reached – using the mind (soul of physicality) to translate everything back into tangibility.

This whole process is only possible if the mind is in tune and in balance with the Universal Principle. This is the frame in which it will be possible to overcome the physical dimension, the physical containment – when we disregard personal interest which is the confinement and focus on the Good for All. It’s us who are entangled into the matter state – and it’s not the Universe which is elusive! We need to let go! Of our little, confining self into the reality that we are part of the Creator and the Creator is part of us – us the Creator are one and the same. It is maybe possible to understand this logically. That is a good first step in the direction to really understand it with every fibre of our being. The path is joy and happiness, the emotions most close to our Soul. “I made Man in the image of mySelf”.

Let’s look at the same thing from the other side: we move through space by suspending our earthly physicality; when we arrive, if we want to create another physicality according to the possibilities in the new environment, we will have a body that will first feel like it’s not ours. We can control it but it feels like somebody else hand is moving. That will happen if we stay identified with our present body or personality. Therefore in the process we need a lot to identify with our Soul (who is impersonal) and disidentify from our body and personality.

Even if we are some place and there is no physicality, or we don’t want to take on a physical form, we still can feel everything that is going on: in this dimension everything happens as interactions of magnetic fields only, but our mind (soul of physicality) translates all these interactions and field positions as feelings, thoughts, images even. Actually that is what we are doing here on Earth in our physical bodies as well.

A reassuring and funny side note: even when we cannot personally attend the famous 12 conferences, that doesn’t mean we are excluded from the knowledge – when we move deliberately into the realm of the Universal Principle, we are one with the Creator, and M.Keshe and all the attendees are one with the creator – so we will know everything they say and know… AND… we will not have to learn anything there because we have already understood the totality!

The participants of the conferences will move very rapidly on the Soul level and they will be able to share very efficiently afterwards what they have learned with all others – beyond words? On the soul level?

Therefore it’s not that we have to link up with the universal fields, we have to understand that we are the Universal Fields and move with them to wherever we want to be; and we can choose any dimension for manifestation.

If we don’t succeed to get there, it’s only because of lack of confidence and understanding…

The systems we built do the same. For example the star formation has created a free plasma and this free plasma is the connection to the universal fields.


Going beyond Nano Technology & GaNS

We have now completed the first phase of the plasma science teachings going from matter to nano particles to GaNS to Fields. We went through all these steps to create matter, energy and movement.

The next phase of the teachings, starting today, will bring us beyond this cycle. The Universe doesn’t work in this cycle. In the Universe all is created with magnetic fields on a purely plasmatic state. This phase of teaching is the logical consquence of our endeavors to travel in space because – once in space – we have no water, salt, copper, etc to derive what we need from fields created of nano particles and GaNS– in space we only depend on the gravitational magnetic fields that are present. We now will have to learn to understand them in order to use them to make everything we need.

All there is are Magnetic Fields

In our explanations we will use the expression ‘point of creation’; this refers to the creation of anything: matter, energy, motion… In order to reach the point of creation, you always need 3 field forces (the arrows A,B and C). Just as the 3 layers of our skin create the respective organs in our body. These 3 fields have to have a common denominator in their strength to enable them to interact.

  1. One of them (the arrow A) represents the Plasma component that we call Matter. This is the state in which we have worked so far producing nano particles and GaNS.
  2. Arrow B represents the field forces of the Universe; we can call them Principle. In order for us to come into grips with the field forces of the Universe, we have to understand how these field forces interact with the matter state; the interaction between A and B. If you look at the situation on our planet – without the fields of the Sun nothing can come into manifestation.
  3. The arrow C functions as the connector between Principal and Matter, between the matter state and the universal fields. We call these fields Transition; in the system of the human being the Transition fields are called Soul. The transition has to create the common denominator between the Principal and the Matter for the manifestation to come into existence. At the point of creation, one new single souls is created out of the interaction of the two; and this soul will will move into manifestation.

How to catch the Principle?

We have learned that the Fields of the Universe originate from the Soul of the Creator who is a the centre of the Unicos. Remember that we are talking here on a pure plasma level; completely beyond matter – where there is no matter, there cannot be space neither time. So the centre of the Unicos is also all around us, everywhere; and the fields of the Universe do not really travel from the centre to the periphery – they, too, are everywhere. Therefore there is no distance and no time between the point of interception, the appearance of the field, and the point of manifestation – it is instantaneous. The Universal fields are everywhere at the same time. So there is really to question of intercepting the fields of the Universe, but simply to let them deploy their energy.

We know that we are created by the interaction between the fields of our Universe and the Earth; so we can see everything that is created in the same framework. But we may not be able to see things that are coming from another Universe. However, all things, also entities from other Universes, are coming from the Soul of the Creator. In this sense we will be able to see them, too, as soon as we have a better access to our Soul.

Between the Soul of the Creator and our Soul there is something like a chain of command.

The path from the Soul of the Creator to our Soul goes through the Soul of the Universe, the soul of the galaxy, the soul of the solar system, the soul of the Earth and finally reaches our Soul. This sequence is the line of the common denominators: the Soul of the Creator being the Principle, all the souls downstream represent the Transition, because each of them creates his own series of manifestation. Along this funnel of transition we can see the conditions of the existence for each dimension: all that exists in the Universe comes from the light of the Creator. All within a galaxy is determined by the fields of the Creator as well as the fields of the Universe… until down to our soul who is determined by the Soul of the Creator, the Universe, the Galaxy, the Solar System and the planet Earth. As the fields determine the manifestation, they remain part of the new entity; so the solar system is an entity in it’s own right but at the same time it is part of the galaxy, the Universe and the Creator. Everything is part of everything, all is merged into Oneness.

Of course the funnel of creation does not end with us! Beyond us there are cells, elements, atoms,… – shown as little red dots. Now we know that in the Universe there are no straight lines; everything moves in a circular fashion. So the chain of command is not a linear process which will end somewhere in the subatomic realm, in the red dots… On the subatomic level, the entities are so small that they can only contain the Soul of the Creator – and the circle is closed; they have come back to place they started, the Soul of the Creator.

Even though Universal fields don’t really travel, let’s assume for the moment for the sake of better understanding, that they have the shape of a line, a straight line. But when they come into contact with any matter on their way, with any structured environment, any interaction – a frequency is introduced.

The straight line is supported by the fact that the fields of the Universe are mono-energetic, in their gravitational as well as magnetic aspect. The ‘no-interaction’ parts are plasma states, the ‘interaction’ parts are matter states. The interaction occurs when the plasma field goes through a specific environment. We can say that a certain environment induces a certain frequency or vibration into the universal field; the interaction of both of them will determine what matters or energies can be created.

The universal field (Principal) interacting with the field of our soul (our intention, the Transition) will create what we want inside the given environment (Matter) – be it on the Earth or on planet Süss. We can call this process Co-Creation.

Let’s look at the co-creation in detail:

  1. We make a wish.
  2. We are living in the environment of the Earth; the environment (Matter) determines the scope of what is possible to create – on Earth in this example.
  3. The universal fields (Principle) are everywhere. Their interaction with our Soul (Transition) delivers the outcome or manifestation according to our intention.

That means we can create on Earth everything that is possible on Earth by the interaction of our Soul and her intention with the ubiquitous universal fields.

The translation of Intention/Thought into manifestation is done by the Law of Attraction. The latter amplifies our intention into manifestation. This will work very well as long as our intention is focused on the single point of what we want; without the distraction of contradictory thoughts… (read these articles to learn more about the Law of Attraction).

Cooling of the Universe hoax

Keshe Plasma Times, April 2019

The development of heat is not an intrinsic part of the creation of the Universe, but the variations in field interactions are. What contemporary physics call the ‘cooling down’ is in fact the reduction of magnetic field strength that leads to the creation of new matter. We have learned that Plasma slows down when interacting with the inertia of a specific environment so much that it can collapse into the matter state and become tangible.

Heat can only be produced by the interaction of a magnetic field (of the sun for example) with the inertia (of our planet) – and not with it’s gravitation.