Esther Hicks calls ‘Abraham’ the group conscience of the non-physical dimension: “We are who you are, you are the cutting edge of who we are. We are infinite intelligence. We are the purest form of love you have ever experienced.

Abraham – who are you?

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We are the expanded version of who each of you are; and we are the pure essence of that expanded version. We do not hold any of your concerns but we benefit from your living them. We are not stunned by the questions you have but we ride on the stream of your answers. We are not bothered by your problems because your problems have inspired the expansion of solutions.

We are as broad or as deep as the question that you ask. We can only be as wise as your wisdom, as loving as your love, as smart as your brilliance. We cannot be more than you allow us to be. All that your appreciate in us is a pure reflection of who you are, because you could not get it from us if you were not it.

There is a bright love for you here and – as always – we remain eternally incomplete…

Feeling is the Secret

By Neville Goddard

Neville Lancelot Goddard (1905-1972) was a profoundly influential teacher, and author. He didn’t want to be seen as a meta-physician, nor be associated with any ‘ism’ or ‘New Age’ teaching. Goddard wanted to illustrate the truth intended in the Biblical teachings, and restore awareness of meaning to what the ancients intended to tell the world.

All things exist in the human imagination. And everything you see as an objective reality, was first produced by imagining. For example someone wanted to go to the moon; he first had to imagine it. Everything in the world first has to be imagined and then executed.

The intelligence to actually do it will come, but you have to conceive it first. If you dwell in it as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming so.

If you want something practical, you can check out for yourself what I’m proposing now:

  1. First have an objective; you must have an objective. Ask yourself: “What would I like of life?” Don’t be ashamed to name it.

  2. Now you have to make the objective your very personal wish. That is the way to success, to appropriate it subjectively. How do I appropriate a state subjectively?

  3. You make any objective your own by feeling it in all the possible ways you can.

Well suppose now, this very moment, I wanted a rose. But there isn’t a rose in the room. Alright. But I want one. My objective is to hold a rose in my hand. I appropriate the objective by imagining as detailed as I can that I am holding a rose in my hand. I apply so much of my attention and feeling to it until i can actually feel it. I try to feel what it would be like if I held a rose. How light is it… how hard of soft… how does it feel different from holding an Easter lily?

If you can actually separate holding a rose from any other flower in your mind’s eye; if you can distinguish between different objects; then you can begin to feel, begin to sense, begin to smell a rose.

What does this whole exercise do?

Well, it will make you get the rose in the physical reality. Someone will think of you and send you a flower. And it’s going to be the rose that you are actually feeling and touching and smelling right now in your imagination.

It works that way.

Money has also an odour. It’s unlike any odour in the world. It’s more fragrant to the miser than the most marvellous perfume in the world. If you put a money bag to his face; it’s like putting roses to mine. He loves it. He can smell money. He can feel it. Money has a distinct feel about it. I can put a twenty dollar bill in your hand and ask you to feel it; and then put another piece of paper in your hand and you can tell the difference. There’s a difference; they don’t feel the same.

All this is part of the inner Man, the Soul; that all things are possible to Him.

Try it until you have the evidence that reality works that way. Then it doesn’t matter what the others will tell you. If they laugh at you; so what? They laugh at everyone who has an idea that seemes out of what is considered “normal”. They laughed at the idea of going to the moon. Well now it’s an accomplished fact. There are still those who won’t believe it happened you know. You can present them with all the facts in the world, and they won’t believe it.

So tonight take a goal. Make it a lovely goal. Either for yourself or for another. For any time that you exercise your imagination lovingly on behalf of another, you are mediating God to that other, you are elevating his soul.

  1. Bring a friend before your mind’s eye. Represent him to yourself as the man or the woman that you would like them to be. And don’t tell them.

  2. Just imagine that they are talking to you and telling you the most marvellous news about themselves. And you congratulate them on that good news and go your own way.

  3. Believe in the reality of that imaginative act. It may happen tomorrow; it may happen a day after or a week later, or a month later. It has it’s own appointed hour, and it is ripening, and it is going to flower. So don’t be concerned. Leave it alone and it will come to pass.

So this is what I mean by feeling is the secret. I catch the feeling that would be mine if I were what I want to be.

I don’t have to touch something; it’s the feeling I’m speaking of. What would the feeling be like if she were well? And then you catch it, just as though it is true. You always go to the end and stay there. You always imagine ahead of our evidence. So, go to the end, and feel the end.

And then dwell in that end, even though reason denies it and your senses deny it. You turn your back upon the doubters, your senses and your reason. And then you walk as though things were as you want them to be. And living in that assumption, it slowly hardens into fact. Even though at the moment of the assumption it was denied by reason. An assumption though false, if persisted in, will harden into fact.

So you learn to assume, and learn to persist in the assumption. And it will come to pass.

We are dealing with the invisible substance of things, and we have to cultivate that habit of mind by which we shall see and feel the reality of what we want. We can understand that we are mentally manipulating the only substance there ultimately is: Plasma.

We must therefore regard our mental creations as spiritual realities and then implicitly trust the Law of Attraction to do the rest.

What Fear is telling you

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Q : I am not afraid of someone coming in the night to attack me, I am not afraid about the economy or worried about money – I am afraid of another broken heart, to feel bad again.

When you feel that fear, what does that tell you about what the source within you knows about you? Fear is present when your thinking is opposite to source, when you are not in the receptive mode; so what must source be thinking at the same time that you’re feeling fear?

While you’re submerged in fear, Source is thinking: You’re stable, it’s working out, don’t you love having guidance? When you feel fear, your thought is screwed up – it’s that simple – you’re not thinking a valid thought. Of course you can line up with all the people on the planet because there are certainly a lot of fear mongers who will take you down the fearful trail on every subject in the world… but want you want to do, what you must do, what you are born to do is to line up with source!

When you feel fear, that ONLY means that your thought isn’t lined with source. But sometimes the momentum is so strong that you cannot just letting go of this thought. This momentum is given to you by the Law of Attraction that caters more of what you offering to you. But when you go to sleep or you watch a movie that really grabs your attention – at that moment the thought subsides. And when you wake up in the morning or when the movie is finished you have a choice to either pick your fear up and continue it or let it go on sleeping… each time a little more; until it doesn’t have any hold on you anymore. When you go to bed you cans say to yourself: Tonight I will sleep and all momentum will stop and when I waken in the morning I can start wherever I want to.

Just don’t entertain the thought of fear by talking about it to other people, by relating all kinds of different things – you’re just going to keep it active. While source tells you: Whatever the fear is, forget it and come back walking beside me.

In other words fear is the inability to control your vibrational frequency, to keep it up on the level of source. You cannot control your vibrational frequency because you don’t practice it! Your fear thoughts and vibrations are your second nature, and you want thoughts of trust being your second or better your first nature, then you have to practice them.

With alignment to source, you have clarity, you have guidance, you have fun, you have flow, you have rhythm. But if you follow the path of most resistance, like the overwhelming majority of you does, because:

  • that’s how you get your marks on the chart

  • that’s how you can compare yourself to others

  • that’s how you can say: I am strong and brave and determined and willing to do what it takes and willing to pay the price

And all that is contradictory to who you really are my dear! The ONLY thing you have to do is get into the receptive mode: what can I think about that feels good when I think about it? Just decide that you want to feel good and let the path of least resistance reveal itself to you. Any good vibration will turn into a thought; you are not even creating your own thoughts, you are only the preparer of the vibration to receive the corresponding thought.

The 22 flawed premises of our live on Earth, part 1

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  1. We are either dead or alive, non-physical or physical
    We are simultaneously non-physical source energy while a part of that Source energy is present in this physical body and there is continuous vibrational relationship between these two. The emotions that you feel are the indicators of how well these two aspects are aligned.

  2. My parents know better than I do what’s right and wrong for me because they were here long before I was born
    Your parents have put nothing into your vortex; and its only your relationship with what is in the vortex that represents the success of your life. Therefore what your parents wish for you is really irrelevant to why you have come and what you are about.

  3. If I push hard enough against unwanted things, they will go away
    Anything you give your intention to, becomes bigger. The harder you push against something that you do not want, the more your vibration of what you don’t want is activated within you and the less likely it is to go away.

  4. I’ve come here to live the right way of life and to influence others to the same
    There is no right way of life. You’ve come here to create which is perfect for you as has everyone else.

  5. Because I am older than you, I am wiser than you; and therefore you should allow me to guide you
    Wisdom does not come from age – it comes from alignment. An old fool lives a life of resistance against what is in his vortex. A young wise enjoys the perfect flow of alignment with what he has put into his vortex.

  6. Who I am began the day when I was born into my physical body.
    I am an extension of who I really am – an eternal vibrational being. I have been here long before I achieved this physical personality and body.

  7. With enough effort and hard work I can accomplish anything.
    Effort does not accomplish anything. Effort is pushing against resistance which begets more resistance. My success comes when I let go and allow myself to be the vibrational match to what I have already created. It is the releasing of effort that is more likely to bring me what I want.

  8. To be in harmony with another we have to want and believe the same things.
    It is not possible for you to align with what is in someone else’s vortex. Your job is to align with what is in your vortex; this is your path to accomplish who you are and what you’ve come to live here. When you are in alignment with your vortex, you are more likely to align with another who is in alignment with their vortex.

  9. The path to my joy is through my action.
    The path to my joy is through my vibrational alignment with that which is joyful. In other words, it is not about what I do but how I feel and what I think and how I’m vibrating. Hospitals are full to the brim with people who are trying to take action to compensate for a vibration that’s out of whack – it never works.

  10. I cannot have everything what I desire, so I have to give up some things that are important to me in order to get others.
    That’s a belief in shortage: I have to give up freedom to have money or I have to give up freedom to have a fulfilling relationship. In the Universe there is no shortage. If I have the ability to desire it, the Universe has the ability to deliver it.

  11. If I leave an unwanted situation, I will find what I’m looking for.
    You cannot get to where you want by walking the path of what you don’t want. If you see something unwanted, that’s active in your vibration. When you go somewhere else, you take you self and your active vibration along with you. If you want a different manifestation, you have to find a different vibration first. Feel your way and the manifestation will follow!

The 22 flawed premises of our live on Earth, part 2

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    1. There is a finite amount of resources that we’re all dipping into with our wishes.
      Resources are not a invariable fact; our wishes create the resources. All those rockets of desire that each of you is constantly firing up, create larger and larger resources. So there is no end of the abundance that is flowing as long as you sync vibrationally with desire – that’s what evolution is.

    2. There are right ways and wrong ways to live.
      Everybody gets to choose and there are no two who are living exactly the same way. Only remember that Source is standing inside your vortex looking at how to manifest what you want – never giving any attention to where you stand. When you sync up with the way Source sees your life, your life will be as rewarding and exhilarating as the view that Source has about your life.

    3. There is a God who, having considered all things, has come to a final and correct conclusion about everything.
      The work that you are doing here makes the one whom you call God joyously expanding.

    4. While you are still in your physical body, you cannot know the true reward or punishment for your physical actions.
      There is neither reward nor punishment. There is only Law of Attraction amplifying that which you vibrationally are. Who you really are is so extraordinary; but it is only in the absolute absence of resistance that you will be able to behold it fully. In the physical realm, you may come close; but it is only in the non-physical that resistance is so absent for you to be able to see who you really are.

    5. By gathering data about the manifestations or results of the way people on earth have lived or are living, can we effectively sort them into absolute piles of right and wrong.
      Sifting through the manifestation only gives you evidence of where people have held their attention; sifting through the vortex brings you to the culmination of all things wanted.

    6. Only very special people, like the founder of our group, can receive the right message from God.
      Everyone is an extension of Source energy and everyone has equal access to the energy of Source; you just have to find the vibrational frequency, and it is yours.

    7. By ferreting out the undesirable elements in our society, we can eliminate them.
      You cannot push against anything and eliminate it. The more you push against what you do not want, the more of that which you do not want, occurs. You get what you think about, whether you want it or not.

    8. A good relationship is one in which the dominant intention of each person involved is to find agreement and harmony with the other.
      The best relationships are those where people involved have a dominant intention of syncing up with their individual vortex and their inner being. When two people who are in alignment with who they are, come together, they have a magnificent relationship. On the other hand, if you want to please the other and you sacrifice your alignment with what’s in your vortex, then you come to resent them.

    9. When I focus on things of a physical nature, I am less spiritual.
      In reality everything that is physical is an extension of that which is Source. So all that which is right here physically manifested all around you, is the most spiritual, god-like, aligned, leading edge expression of that which is God. Source is the God in everything.

    10. It is my job as a parent to have all the answers so that I can teach those answers to my children.
      Nobody can have the answers to the questions of anybody else. Each of you is, by living your life, putting your questions out and creating your own answers and no other one can lead you to it.

    11. I can criticize successful people and still achieve my own success.
      When I praise success whenever I see it, I’m in alignment with the success that I seek for myself and I will see it. When I criticize success whenever I see it, I am not in alignment with the success that I seek and I will not see it manifesting in my life.

Timing is everything

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The right moment is everything! To meet the wrong person or situation is like saying: I know that the radio plays my favourite song at 8 pm, but I turn the radio on at 8:07

We really want you to hear this: ‘Timing is none of your business!

Here is why:

First it’s not you who is the radio station playing songs.

Second: in your life you put so many things in your vortex and as you put these things into your vortex, every one of them matters to you and every one of them now is gathering cooperative components. Every one of them is making arrangements with all the others to create rich and fulfilling experiences And everything that you put in there is a cooperative component to everything else that you put in there. They are interacting with each other to create the rendezvous: people, thoughts, situations that you can meet. They are constantly working it out. This is a very very very complex process.

Now imagine yourself to get in there and move those pieces around, because you want to control what is happening, because you want to place them in the ‘right order’… what you’re doing here is just messing things up.

Just step back – instead of you trying to move the pieces around, you better trust that the cooperative components are becoming cooperative with each other; that the web of life is being woven. You have to learn to trust the Universe to let things happen!

We’ll give you an example for this: Let’s say you are on your way to a rendezvous point, maybe a lover or financial abundance, you name it… and it’s really important for you… so do all you can, you almost make a physical effort towards the rendezvous… you are constantly showing up at the rendezvous points – but the money isn’t there, the lover isn’t there…

The reason for that is – and we so want you to hear this – because your timing was off! If you are doing, doing, doing – you cannot feel, you cannot feel when the right moments is there for the rendezvous point! A rendezvous point is not a bus stop that sits there waiting for you! It’s a rendezvous point – that means both of you are moving!

If you love music, you know how timing is so important; that in a great musical piece the timing is inspired every single moment! If you’re agitated, your timing’s off, if you’re irritated, your timing’s off, if you want to make it happen, because you’re used to make things happen, your timing’s off. You are conditioned to make things happen by actions and words rather than with vibrations and centeredness.

You want to be in that relaxed state, where ideas flow easily into your mind, like tea into a teacup. Feel your way instead of thinking your way to places, to rendezvous. There are no more important words that will ever be said about anything: just relax into where you are and make the best of it.

Talking with your Soul

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If you want to talk to your inner being, you have to be close to it… otherwise you will get someone else! And of course you will detect the closeness to your Soul with your emotions, how you feel.

You can have a clear dialogue with your Soul. But you have to be ready for it; you have to raise your vibration so it stays longer and longer on the level of what you want; in other words, that the absence of resistance stays long enough. Then the Law of Attraction will increase the momentum of your vibration significantly. At that moment the path from your vortex into your now-reality is open. There is nothing that we could recommend more highly!

You can practice the change of vibration. Just observe and collect data of how particular thoughts will trigger a higher vibration and how other thoughts will trigger lower vibration. If you hang in there more and more, you’ll get acquainted to feel thoughts and you will learn to intuitively know how certain thoughts feel and what vibrations and what results they will bring you. The more you practice this, the more you can go up the emotional scale easier and easier.

Be careful not to be hard on yourself if you don’t succeed to be on a higher vibration – don’t fret, it just makes it worse!

How to come into grips with emotions

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It would be such good thing if you could just make your list of things that you want and take each item one by one and stop, take your time and analyse for yourself what is the feeling of that.

When I have that, when I live that, when I am that, when that is my experience – what does it feel like?

What does the vibration of security feel like? What does the feeling of homecoming feel like? What does empowerment feel like?

Then in your day to day life, when you come across the same feelings, that you have acknowledged in this exercise, it will stand out in a more vivid way. So you can say: Yes! That’s it! Then you revel in that feeling for a bit longer and that really is all that deliberate creation is; it is practising the vibration, practising the feeling that you have when what you want is manifest.

The more you practise this, the more easily these feelings will come. Why? Because the Law of Attraction says: Ooh you feel like that – here’s a little more of the same! Law of Attraction is bringing you how you are feeling! If you are having feelings that suck, you can think: how can I feel differently? How can i gain control of the way that i feel, because that decides about how i am going to live?

We want you to be a little bit kinder to yourself; we’ll give you a hint: remember that 2 or 3 year old, that you are wanting to control; because clearly they’re out of control, they are so happy all the time and irresponsible and they throw fits when they don’t feel good. Treat yourself like that one.

You can also look at what kind of people you want to help: people who are complete novice to this particular skill or do you want to help anyone and uplift anyone? We think you would help someone who is in the street bleeding but you would scold someone into better behaviour, when you see them negatively expressing. That is what you do to yourself. So the most kind way that you could treat yourself is soothing yourself into alignment, look at the places that are going well, look at how you are doing well and the Universe will sooth you more!

Then throughout the day thoughts, people, sensations, situations and co-creation will appear that feature you as the recipient and the centre of something that feels really good. Like this you will develop the awareness of ‘I felt like this and this came back to me’ and ‘I felt like that and that came back’… so you will learn that how you feel is the indicator of what is coming next.

All that you can ever want is already out there, only you don’t see it when your eyes aren’t tuned to that frequency. As you learn to cultivate the feelings of what you want, these feelings will become habitual and there you have reached the point to expect that what you want will come to you. Then you can say for the first time with confidence that ‘I am the creator of my reality’, because I am the thinker of my thought and more importantly ‘I am the feeler of my feelings’! I like to think and to feel and derive results, you see?!

You are conditioned to see the results coming out of your actions, we want you to get your results out of your alignment. We want you to attend to your feelings first – practice them all day every day. And then begin watching – not for the manifestation (you see this is the tricky part) but the feeling. The manifestation will come naturally. You see you can even feel good in a place where there is no manifestation at all of what you want – you can use the power of your mind. And right then you will experience the freedom that you think the Dollars will bring you! Already!

Your real life will oscillate between calm – content and enthusiastic – excited.

Is it possible to manifest supernatural abilities?

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First of all the concept of what is natural and what is supernatural is not based on reality but on socially conditioned judgments. I remember Jesus is reported to have said to his disciples when asked how he’s performing miracles :

« I don’t perform miracles; I only know the Laws of the Universe more profoundly than you. So as you reach the same understanding of how the Universe works, you’ll be able to do the same things as me – and more! »

When your turn your thought towards what you want, you turn your vibration towards the vortex which contains all you want including the way to manifest it. As you are able to stay longer periods with what you want, you get more used to that higher state of vibration and you are able to interpret with more specifics. It starts with an emotional rendezvous, then ideas begin to occur to you, you get into communication with broader perspectives. This rendezvousing will continue to evolve until you are rendezvousing with material experiences and people from inside the vortex.

The vortex is not a non-physical place; it is most of all a non-resistant place where physical things can manifest. Once you interpret this vortex visually, now it begins to manifest. It’s there already, it’s done already, you only have to translate it into something more tangible. The material reality and the vibrational reality are not different realities, the material reality is just the visual interpretation of the vibrational one. If you are inside the vortex, once you offer the same frequency as what you want, you do your visual interpreting from inside the vortex, then things will begin to manifest because they are the confirmation of your alignment with it.

So what you call ‘doing supernatural things’ are just the simple things that you will be doing once you are more inside than outside the vortex; in other words, once your vibration is more at the level of what you want. If, for example you want to change your DNA, remember that in this vibrational reality, just your exposure to your body is causing you to ask for improvement and the improved free body is already there in it’s pre-manifestation.

If your body is healthy and it falls sick or if your body is sick and it gets healthy – don’t you think something has already changed big time? Or if a body weighs 70 lbs and then it weighs 170lbs- hasn’t something changed big time? What more prove do you need?


“How do I get to align myself you supernatural powers if I don’t know how that feels like?”

  1. Accept it as something natural and not supernatural

  2. Don’t try to prove something to others who are outside the vortex

In both cases you accept and take in the resistive energy of the skeptics and naysayers; then this energy becomes yours and hop! you’re out of the vortex.

You do it out of your pure desire to do it and your lack of care of anyone’s response to it but your own alignment. And remember, you cannot bring the comparison of what is close to it or you create the gap that doesn’t allow it to manifest.

If you can be the one who is reaching for the alignment with it rather than the manifestation of it until you become familiar with it. Like you become familiar with appreciation, so that it just feels like the next logical step… then it will be the next logical step! What could be a giant leap in the evolution of mankind could be just the next logical step for you.

Hard work only gets you a slightly better mediocrity

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Thought and vibration are one and the same. And a practised thought is a practised vibration that equals a point of attraction. And if you keep it up for a little while, then it becomes the reality. When you maintain a thought or a vibration without introducing resistance, momentum becomes more and more and more….

One pretty efficient way to practice the vibration of what you want is imagining the details that you would like to unfold. It does feel good. It gets you more into the vibration of what you want.

Sometimes you think that in order to get your vibration in the right place, matching what you want, you need to think about your goal, and talk about your goal. That is not identifying what you want – you did that already! You don’t need to remind the vortex, your soul or the Universe of anything – they have already lined up all to be flowed towards you – they are only waiting for your vibration getting up to speed with all of that. All the thoughts of all the details are not created by you; they are flowing towards you from the vortex. That path to whatever you want has already be defined – you’re just wanting to put yourself into a place where you can receive it, you see?!

Your job is a lot simpler than you think ! it’s not your job to sift and sort to make sure you get the right thing – you did that already. it’s not your job either to convince anybody that you are deserving it – you are already deserving it because it is in your vortex.

Your job is to chill.

Your job is to find ease.

Your job is to quiet your mind.

Your job is to make lists of positive aspects.

Your job is to do listen to new impulses and to follow them.

Have you noticed already that the path to what you want is not the most direct path – but rather something like a scenic route that will give you more nuggets on the way?!

Life is supposed to be fun for you – you’re not supposed to work you way into the success you have already requested and they have already been granted to you. Your job is to play your way into success, to allow your way into the revelation of them!

That’s the direct opposite of what you heard your whole life, isn’t it?

Work hard. Keep you nose to the grindstone. Be diligent. Be virtuous. Work hard.

This way all you’ll get is a slightly better level of mediocrity. But if you’re wanting to experience the leverage that creates worlds, if you want to be one of theses masters, that you revere, you have to deliberately turn yourself away from old habits of working hard…

How to design your future with accuracy

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You live in a vibrational Universe and you always get what your are thinking about. That means you can get what you want, but you have to be consistent with your soul. In other words you got to stop talking and listen to your soul.

You initiate everything with a thought of desire > then soul steps in and it is her job to supply all the very enjoyable intermediary thoughts that are the way towards manifestation > then you enjoy all these new thoughts that soul sends you > that raises your vibration to the level of your desire > and then it manifests!

Your soul never becomes impatient, your soul will never yell at you. Your soul knows what you want and what your path of least resistance is for you to get what you want. So the question is, how are you going to get yourself in a position of listening? You’ve got all these thoughts that are powerfully emanating from you, so that you are drowning out your ability to hear. In order to hear what’s coming from your soul, you have to stop the chatter that is coming from every place else.

You have to quiet the physical world for a while. 15 minutes a day is enough! 15 minutes of meditation, of just watching what passes in front of your awareness, without grabbing at anything, simply watching like you would watch clouds passing through the clear blue sky.

You live in a busy and noisy world which has very very few quiet places; everything around you is always busy; so you have to deliberately create that quiet space.

Your inner being knows exactly this magnificent bright world that you want to create and that you will be going to love as it manifests. But we want you to love it even before it manifests – and that’s really a key. You have to stop looking at the evidence that defies the bright and new, because when you look at the evidence that defies it, then you don’t allow it to manifest.

The moment that your mind is still, your soul can tell you what it knows: she will tell you the next thought that is likely to get you where you want to be. For example Esther was searching for her golden pen and she couldn’t find it because she was constantly thinking that it was lost… but once she put herself into a state of listening, her soul gave her the thought to look for her perfume bottle… and the golden pen was right beside it in her purse, entangled in the lining… so she reached into her purse for the perfume bottle and her hand came out with the pen… Why? Because her soul knew where it was; it she never stops showing you the new and improved.

So when you meditate, you quiet the chatter of your mind, so you have an opportunity to hear and to receive an impulse of what your soul is offering to you. But you have to know that your soul is only offering you the path of least resistance thoughts. Sometimes one of these least resistance thoughts seem to you as so far off, not even being related to what you are looking for! So you don’t think you’re getting a message that is helpful – even though you are! Are you hearing this?

As soon as you launched a rocket of desire, you soul takes it and immediately channels a steady stream of resources towards you – so you might enjoy the evolution of this desire the most… not how you can get to it fastest, not how you can get rid fastest of this problem… but how you can enjoy the unfolding of this desire the most!

The Art of Allowing

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The Art of Allowing is the Art of Not Resisting. To learn this art you start by paying attention to how you feel in order to guide yourself into the alignment with your own desires. This takes practice because sometimes you may not be able to clearly see the path of least resistance; you may see many paths and the all may look the same awful or the same good – so you ma not be able to make the difference; you may question your ability to know.

We think it’s because you are a little sloppy with your vibration; you don’t really pay attention to how you feel until you are on the hot spot where you have to make a decision: ‘Do i go this way or that way; to i stay in this relationship or do i go; do i keep the job or do i quit?’

The first steps on the path to learn the Art of Allowing is a thought path and a feeling path but not an action path. So when you want to practice this path, don’t make any strong decisions for at least 30 days. So that you have the time to get a sense of what the path of least resistance really is about.

Most of you know how the Law of Attraction works:

  • you think of something and

  • as you think about something it becomes a vibration and

  • as you are offering this vibration, you invite this in your experience.

If you think about something that you want, you include it into your vibration and if you think about something that you don’t want, you include it into your vibration. The way you feel is the indication of what vibration you offer.

Now we’d like to give you a piece of really advanced know-how.

Whatever you’re offering vibrationally about any subject is the path of least resistance!

So even if you are on a negative rampage, it is easier to stay on the rampage than to change the thought. So finding the path of least resistance really is a path of discovery of the way you feel and the why you feel that way.

Here’s example. You are driving with your car to a place and you know the way how to get there. You have a friend sitting next you who in a very directive manner wants you to follow his direction. So you say: ‘O.k. i know the way but for peace’s sake, let’s go your way’ and secretly you think ‘I hope we get lost’.
The whole day up to this moment, you didn’t pay any attention to what you really wanted. Because if you true intend was for having a nice drive, the path of least resistance wouldn’t feel like ‘I hope we would get lost’. The path of least resistance wouldn’t be about the fight of who is right. If you had during this day been activating your appreciation of life, your appreciation of relationships and your appreciation of the ways the Universe is showing you the way – then the path of least resistance would have been very easy; you would have felt the path of least resistance like:

I love that i know to find my way and

I love this person, i love to honour this person and

I wonder to what surprise this change of way is leading me.”

If you were in this state, maybe you would go the way proposed by the friend, maybe not; but in any case the path of least resistance would be more obvious to you.

So the path of least resistance is the vibration that is the most activated. Actually it wouldn’t really matter which way you would go because the universe would still yield to you a path of least resistance, where you would – with love in your heart – discover things you’ve never seen before or things that you have been wanting in another context. The physical action that is happening is not important at all – because no matter where you turn, you will find the fulfillment of your wishes or the more frustration, depending on your vibration!

So all cooks down to this:

The path of least resistance is the path that is known to you by the way you feel; it’s not about which way you go… it is only about to feel good… it’s more about choosing the things that you can feel good about than it is doing these things… it’s sort of to let the doing take care of itself… doing just sort of opens before me, obvious paths begin to unfold before me… my real work is my moment to moment to moment to moment choosing of the thought that feels best.

So you have to practice turning to good feeling thoughts for quite a while before the path of least resistance in terms of action becomes obvious.

The secret about reading the signals

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We want to talk to you about how it is possible to have a response to life that was not conditional on outside conditions because that’s the only way to deliberately expand into something different. This is a vibrational universe and you are a vibrational emitter of signals in every waking moment. So if the signal that you are emitting is in response to something that you are observing on the outside that you do not want, then you continue to prolong it and it gets more and more heavy, because the law of attraction continues to bring you more and more of what you don’t want… to a point where you may have the impression that thoughts are thinking you and that you have no choice…

But you do have a choice and that’s what unconditional love is – unconditional tuning to source: you are setting the vibrational tone first and we promise you, that when you are consistent at that, the universe’s response will be consistent, too.

If you focus on something and you don’t contradict it with a countering thought, that thought has more power because it’s pure. You know even from your material science in your time-space reality, that it’s resistance that slows things down.

Every thought that you think has the potential to be resistance-free, or what we call allowing. And the way you fell is the indicator of which it is: you feel good means that your are allowing; you feel bad means that your are resisting.

We are now telling you something that we have never told before, but you will understand it easily because in the depth of your soul you know it already…

You are more than the clumps that are sitting here (body); you are more than the personality that you know as you (mind) – you are source energy extended into this time-space reality. Before you came into this body, you were source energy, pure, positive, non-resistant energy. You were only love and appreciation – no judgment, not pushing against anything. And all this you are still in your non-physical aspect. So you are what you may call God or Source projecting itself into this physical form. And your intention was this pure positive energy which means love, worthiness, knowing the value of self, powerful positive expectation of the joyful life that you would be living here in this perfect balance.

When you were born into this experience you had no judgment about those who are living differently than you; and no judgment about the environment into which you were being born. Only this powerful trajectory of well-being – that’s who you are.

You came as a creator delighted about the variety of life that would cause you to launch yourself further into what you thought is wonderful life. As live caused someone to be rude to you, you immediately launched a rocket to be nicer.

The you as source energy has been around a long long time before you have projected it into that body. You are in fact God, or Source that projects itself into that body. You are this powerful trajectory of well-being coming into this time-space.

Once into that space you usually don’t stay in that state of total appreciation and non-judgment. You started a comparative dance induced by your relationship with the variety of life. And you knew all along that this variety of life would cause you to constantly refine ‘what is well being?’, to refine it further and further. So what you call a wonderful life is a process. A process of you exploring this world. Every moment you experience something that you don’t want, you compare it with your trajectory of well being and right away you launch another more clarifying rocket – say : someone is rude to you, that immediately launches a rocket of ‘nicer’. In this way you added to your trajectory and you become more sure, more clear, more specific of what a good life looks like now. Whatever experience you make of what you don’t want, this just makes it more clear of what you do want. Every experience makes it more clear who you are. In other words you become more and more and more. This is your evolution; and that is the universal evolution. And the soul in you is reveling in that evolution.

How ot achieve instant manifestation


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You accomplish instant manifestation when you :


Give up the intoxication with the manifestation. And let the conjuring of the emotion be the manifestation that you are looking for.


But then you say : What about the pile of money and the car and the lover???


And we say : They almost come… they almost come… but when you make your emotion conditional upon it’s coming – it can’t come! Because your emotion is tied to the absence of it.


Then you say : How can i tie my emotion to something that isn’t yet???


And we say : Because you are smart, you have the ability to do that… sometimes you have to be more general; something along these lines : I understand how the Law of Attraction works; i saw already things coming quickly to me; I trust in the universal laws; I get it that when i am in a bad mood, things don’t go well for me and when I’m in a good mood things go better for me.
I am the first to admit that i cannot yet very well control my mood; I am willing to admit that my mood does affect what comes next. That’s a general statement and a very powerful first step, isn’t it?!


What do you respond when you meet somebody in the street who asks you : What you want?


Mostly you are thinking about STUFF and material CONDITIONS : a new car, a pile of money, a better job, nice holidays, a perfect lover, tralali tralala. You almost always think of something other than your emotions over which you have complete and immediate control!


We tell you that if you accept the reality that what you really want to be the creator of is the emotion that you can conjure no matter where you are within 10 minutes – and we are not kidding you!


When you conjure a pleasant emotion within 10 minutes when anything is out of whack for you, you will show yourself the power of your point of attraction.


We will tell you in a stronger way than we ever have :


We want to show yourself OUR point of attraction! Because you are not in this alone!


You weren’t alone when you came and you’re not alone now! We are not talking about the crowd around you – we are talking about the fullness of source energy who is present in you now and who has a powerful point of attraction.


So you have two points of attraction :


  • the source within you, in other words : who you really are, your soul – and
  • what you see as you in this situation right now


Take the following situation : source energy loves the person in front of you and loath the person in front of you. You see the vibrational difference between these two points of attraction?


Now Law of Attraction is not choosing. Law of Attraction is responding to how source feels and it is responding to how you feel. And because the two are within you, you feel tension, and that’s what negative emotion is; the indicator of discrepancies in your frequencies.


Now we want you to know that this non-physical part of you, the source energy within you, your soul WILL WIN! And you can tear yourself up pretty good in the process but eventually you’re gonna crawl and then there will only be one vibration within you.


Are you accepting the two point how Law of Attraction is responding to you? Are you accepting that when you are in alignment with who you really are, there is only one point of attraction and the tension, the negative feeling will be gone?


If source is always right here, fully present, straight forward, at the leading edge, powerful now where you are; if source is right here with you – won’t you want to release any resistance, so you can allow this one point of attraction? We put it before you this way because we want to convince you!


If you will all the alignment with source so you can allow yourself to be the receiver of all you want right here and now. If you can allow to conjure the emotional manifestation in the 10 minutes we are talking about – the details are coming to fill in for you fast in order to complete YOUR representation of what instant manifestation means to you.


Because you never meant just to feel good about the car you don’t have; you never meant to feel good about the love who is not yet in your arms… you always meant : I want my lover in my arms; I want my car in my garage; I want the money in my bank account. You didn’t come here to sit on a cloud and just OM… you came right into the details of all of this delicious beauty.


Now after all of this we ask you again : What do you want?


And now you can say : I want to be the fullness of who i am; i want to be the allower of all that I am, i want to be one with source energy within me.

The Path of Least Resistance

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If you desire something and you believe in it, that feels good; then you are in that eager, optimistic, good feeling place. If you desire something and you don’t believe in it, then it doesn’t feel so good – does it?

And so many people fit through life trying to settle for the believable and then they just get all resistant because their life keeps producing new desires within them – that’s what their nature is. So when a new desire happens – and it does all day every day – then you have to figure out how to keep up to speed with it. You have to figure out how to give more attention to your desire than to the current reality that’s causing you to doubt it: you worry about it. Doubt and worry are the emotions that come when you think about something that you don’t want; they arise when you giving your attention to something that is contrary to what you want and contrary to who you are.

We want you to clearly understand that:

  • you are the creator of your reality and you do it through your focus

  • you have much more ability to focus than you have been applying up to now

  • the reason why you don’t apply your focus in a way you could is because your are confused

  • the reason why you are confused is because in most cases you have lost sight of your own guidance system

  • you hardly ever allow yourself to follow the Path of Least Resistance

You are Source Energy, you came into this body as a powerful creator with a lot of momentum; and that momentum has carved out a path – a Path of Least Resistance; safe for the resistance you throw on your own path.

We have this powerful desire that when you have finished reading this, you understand what the Path of Least Resistance means and how to get on it.

Some people, when they hear the words ‘Path of Least Resistance’ they think, it means: “Oh you want me to be lazy, you want me to do what’s easiest for me?”

And we say: “Exactly”.

And then you say: “But wait, I’ve been trained not to be that way, I’ve been trained to knuckle under, to give it all, to push trough, to persevere; I’ve been trained that if there isn’t pain there isn’t gain…”

So we say: “How’s it working out for you? It makes you tired, it’s wearing you out, it makes you not so nice to be with… there is an easier way, a way that has more momentum, it’s the Path of Least Resistance. It’s the path of who you really are, it’s the path of true desire.”

Here’s how you get on the Path of Least Resistance:

Everybody has his own path. That’s tricky because you’ve got your nose on other people’s paths, you care too much. You use criteria other than your own guidance system to understand what you path is – you are action oriented. We want to tell you that that’s the hard way.

However, you got guidance that knows the path to everything you want. Your inner being, your soul knows where you stand right now in relationship to whatever you want; and knows the path to it. There is no right or wrong path, there is only a joyful, effortless path or a resistive long hard path. You cannot see the Path of Least Resistance because your are not a vibrational match to it. You need to be in the receptive, joyful, optimistic, effortless mood and then your vibration matches and you see it.

Follow with us just a little bit because once you get this you will leave this article with so much less resistance than you have ever experienced before and things will begin flowing to you much more easily. The Path of Least Resistance is not a dogmatic, fixed rule – it is more like tweaking at every step on the path; it is constantly adjusting your steering to what looks like the least resistance at every given moment.

For example you may want enough financial resources to do what you want to do:

You want money – then you think that you don’t have the money right now to do everything you want – now you have just thrown some resistance on your trail.

You want money – to trade chickens or furniture or trading services does not seem the Path of Least Resistance because these are not portable, so you want money, that looks more like the Path of Least Resistance.

You want money – and you believe that you have to work for it. You go to work and you receive some dollars. That looks like the Path of Least Resistance. But then there are things in your work you don’t like. When you focus on that you start activating resistance along your path and you put yourself in a really hard place. You want to work in order to get money but you don’t want there to be hard time. That seems to be a hard choice…

We want you to understand that you could smooth out that path out for yourself more than you know! Look for things at your work that you like. The more you do that the Law of Attraction will show you more and more things that you like also; so your path gets easier and easier.

Another example: Esther was with a family she likes very much. She was seeing the two kids squabbling at each other and she thought that her Path of Least Resistance was to get right out of there and go home… but then she thought that she didn’t want to hurt their feelings by leaving abruptly. So here choice was:

  • hurting their feelings or

  • hurting her feelings

So Ester did what she usually does: she hurt her own feelings; and it was easier under the circumstances – she chose the Path of Least Resistance. But then she started to smooth out her path by thinking that she would observe this squabbling scenario with different eyes; with the eyes of least resistance. So she watched the little boy antagonizing his older sister; and Esther thought, ‘if I would be the elder sister, the Path of Least Resistance for me would be to just quit and go to my room’. So she watched but that was not the choice that was taken – instead the path of more resistance was preferred… retaliation, more words, more poking, more seemingly deliberate antagonism.

But Esther is on her Path of Least Resistance, because she’s found a way to be there and not be out of sorts, because now she is observing something that she really wants to understand.

Meanwhile the little girl is getting more and more frustrated, her resentment is growing and she wants to involve her mother who as well stepped onto the path of more resistance. Now Esther thought, that if she was the mother, she would go to her room: ‘I would not make their Path of Least Resistance mine and try to do the impossible… to sort our their problem’. However the mother, after trying to keep herself emotionally out of the game, jumped right into the middle of the path of more resistance… and Esther thought, ‘oh that’s really getting good… I’m starting to understand this Path of Least Resistance thing much better now:

It is really important to think of the Path of Least Resistance at an early stage of any action or conversation otherwise you will just habitually get sucked into the game and you won’t be able to get back on your Path of Least Resistance that easily.

Everything starts with a vibration which by the Law of Attraction will escalate into a manifestation. And the first thing that it becomes along it’s path towards manifestation is a thought, because thoughts are manifestations. You receive the vibrations on an unconscious level and you are translating them into something that is meaningful to you; that’s how vibrations are turning into thoughts and how thoughts turn into things. That how creation and evolution of everything really is. You are the creator molding the clay with your focus.

Stop being patient and develop your sensing powers

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« I launched the rockets of desire and it’s not manifesting yet… »

We want to tell you that ‘manifesting’ means that you are translating a vibration into something that is tangible. Instead of saying ‘it is not manifesting yet’, we propose you to say :

I am not in the mode where I can see it coming’

And the reason why you can’t see it coming it’s because you’re looking through believes that blind you – even though there is evidence that it is coming. It’s like you travelling in your car for a thousand miles to the city where your friend lives. And while you’re travelling you don’t see the goal because you have not arrived yet. But you don’t worry, because you know you’ll get there; you can witness that you are getting closer. Yes, you can use your eyes, all other senses and your mind to SEE how the manifestation is unfolding gradually!

Human beings are so stubbornly fixated on the goals that they are completely oblivious of the beautiful path towards them. They want to see the total manifestation before they admit that they are on the way towards it…

In fact we want you to develop another sense; instead of wanting to see, to hear, to smell or to taste the end result – we want you to sense that it is there, we want you to sense it’s existence. This sensing it, in the beginning may be hoping for it – which is a lot better than doubting it. And pretty soon it will become big enough that you’ll be on the trail of it.

And we want to tell you also not to be patient, because patience means tolerating not being in the receptive mode :

I asked for it and it is given but I’m not letting it in and since I’m not letting it in, i have to learn to be patient about not letting it in…

And we say : Why learning to be patient about not letting it in? Why not letting it in?!

And you say : Because we can’t see it

And we say : Well, just look a little more, look a little more carefully for it.

Remember the corn analogy – you plant the seed and you don’t stand over and say : where’s my corn? You know how corn is growing. And while it does unfold in the seed and sends little roots down and a little sprout up – both of which you don’t see – you just don’t stand there but you go and do other things that are important to you. You relax into the knowing, that it will come, you are expecting it to come.

Besides patience is not a positive emotion – patience is putting up with something that doesn’t feel good. So if you working on developing patience, you are working in the wrong direction, you’re keeping your restistance up. We don’t want you to be patient, we want you to be optimistic, eager and to feel good!

But if you sense something coming into manifestation before you hear, see or touch it, that’s not patience – that’s acknowledgement, that’s knowledge, that’s clarity.

It’s like saying : Oh yes, I’ll go on a vacation with you, provided we can just be there because I don’t want to have to go there. Don’t make me go, I don’t want to go, I don’t want to spend all that time going, I just want to be there.

And we say : Really it’s the journey that it’s all about. Until you begin to enjoy the journey, you miss the point. Because we know for sure, if you could think of something and have it right away, you would take great delight in the first 100 or so of those experiences, but then you’d become really bored of no journey. And by the way the forming of the desire is gradual, too – you creating and refining your desire gradually and then you see it gradually come into existence – that’s the journey – that’s where the fun is!

There is no use to find out why you are suffering

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We really want to remind you that we are here to help you restore your conscious awareness; you have forgotten that you’re supposed to feel good. If you are not in this zone of well-being, your attitude of suffering distances yourself from your own guidance system. Too many people have indoctrinated you – and you have accepted their false premise – that suffering has virtue.

Can you quibble with us or anyone about the difference between a feeling of love within you and hate? Can anyone say, that he prefers the hate? It just feels good to be loving and to be satisfied. It just feels good to feel good. Hatred separates you from source, negative feelings put you light years away from who you really are.

It’s very simple: feeling good is your guidance system. When you dwell long enough in good feelings of appreciation, love and satisfaction, a new feeling will emerge – you will feel so appreciated, so worthy, so loved and helped by the soul. Once you get that going again, you will never return to that depletion in suffering.

Your words are important: if, in this context, you talk about ‘recovery’ or ‘getting over it’ or ‘forgiving’– what vibrations are you offering? “Oh, I’m recovering from this horrible disease, which forced me into this and that and I couldn’t do this and there was no that…”. Recovering is all about what you don’t want; you are actually amplifying what you don’t want right now… so find new word… words like : forward looking, happy-ever-after, satisfaction…

There is no use whatsoever in looking to find out how you got there in your misable situation, how you got there and it’s not your fault. We’re saying that it is your fault, because nobody is vibrating for you, nobody is thinking for you, nobody else is your point of attraction. But you have guidance that is reaching for you all the time and you must find a way to tune to it, to be receptive to it. It is not a rational journey, it is an emotional journey – you have to feel your way to it. Everyone has his unique path which will never be the same as anyone else’s. If you want to help someone, the only way is to show them how you’re on your path; and how do show that you’re on your path ?

You are satisfied.

You are not struggling.

You are not searching.

You’re not defending.

You are not paying a price.

You are joyful.

You’re tuned in, tapped in and turned on.

You got great timing.

You are in the flow.

You are getting good ideas.

You’re living magic.

We’ve been conditioned to act

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Question: I am in the receptive mode and I’m feeling really good; is it necessary for me to take action to make things happen?

The answer to that is: no.

It is not necessary to take action because Universal forces are lining things up. However, you will be inspired to act – but it won’t be your action that makes it happen. Let your action be the way you enjoy what you are doing; the key is to act when I feel inspired not because I need to. Don’t act out of need but only out of want. We really don’t want you to act, we want you to be in the receptive mode and find thoughts that get so big that you can’t refuse the insipriation of them anymore.

For things to happen, you just follow and enjoy ‘momentum’. Momentum is a thought, an idea without contradiction. For example you want to do something and you just dream about it, in other words you enjoy the momentum – zero worry, zero effort about the momentum. The momentum is the path of least resistance between where you are right now and the manifestation of what you want.

7 Questions that matter

For your entertainment/elevation, here are the answers that Abraham has given :

What question would provide a significant and new contribution for living to our fullest and how would you answer that question?

Is it possible to be happy all of the time?
And the answer is YES.

If animals could talk what would they say to us that would make a difference in our lives?

Lighten up and leave me alone.

Why do people laugh?

People laugh because of the element of surpise and the reason that they are surprised is because they think they already know everything and so they don’t allow room for a new clarification to flow into their experiment.

How did Jesus heal people?

Jesus understood the receptive mode; so when you stood before him dripping your illness – he saw it not. It is just a practice, a sustained practice of the receptive mode until there was no room for doubt in his vibration – that’s all. His knowing of well being was so dominant that disease could not abide in his vibration.

How does God perform miracles?

A miracle is the Laws of the Universe responding in their normal way. You call them miracles because you don’t believe they’ll happen instantaneously; if you would believe, you would call them normal life experience.

If you use the tag ‘miracle’ you create resistance because you make it rare, you make it unlikely, you make it doubtful to you. The reality is: you’re supposed to get everything you want and your consciousness is pointing things in the corresponding direction; it’s co-creating with source energy.

What is the ultimate equalizer amongst all of humanity?

The equalizer is love, which equals alignment. You bring it about by just being it, living it through the clarity of your example.

What needs to be done for the survival of all living things on our planet and to bring all people together as one community with the same goal?

Nothing has to be done – the planet is always in a state of joyous celebration of live, which is much more than survival.
To unite people under the same goal would be the gratest mistake because if you take the variety out of this fantastic constrasting experience – evolution and life would stop…

Knowing that we’re always been creating our own reality for over million years, is there any advice you have for me on reinventing banks, governments, medical and educational institutions in the service of freedom, growth, joy, love, magic and wonder?

Your personal experience of corruption, confusion and discordance has put all the components of what you want into the vortex; and you just have to be in the receptive mode to get them and to use them; you and others. If you don’t care who gets the credit then you can accomplish sooo much!

How can we read the Akashic records like Edgar Cayce?

If you believe that the Akashic records are in the vortex, don’t try to read them all at once, be in the receptive mode and let what you are ready for flow to you at the perfect timing.

The worse it gets, the better it gets?

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Haven’t you noticed that …

the worse it gets, the worse it gets for a while

until you come to your senses;

and the better it gets, the better it gets

until you fall back into your old habits?

We’ve been saying to you for a while that this is the time of awakening, the time of greater contrast, the time of launching more rockets, the time of more answering, the time of more energy flowing, the time when you can thrive in enormous ways if you line up with the energy that is creating worlds and the energy that is a vibrational match to who you are! And if you don’t, you don’t thrive. That’s why the rich are getting richer, the poor poorer, the well better and the sick sicker.

If you move against the current that you have summoned and that has been coming for all this time, it doesn’t work out very well for you. And he first signal that you are doing this, is the negative emotion that you feel.

Let your quest be every day to care about the way you feel and you begin to train yourself into better and better and better feeling thoughts and little by little you will come into vibrational alignment with who you really are.

It’s like when you go from one city to another, you don’t feel fear about getting there, you believe that you can do it. But on the other hand, when you are sick and you want to be well, often you don’t understand that this journey is first and foremost a vibrational journey – you have the choice, you can be in a body that hurts and be hopeful or you can be in a body that hurts and be fearful. The difference between the vibration of hope and that of fear is the difference between recovery and staying sick. You create an endless stream of diseases out of your resistance to wellness.

Law of attraction is responding to you who wants something and also responding to you who keeps beating the drum of not having enough; Law of attraction is responding to both parts of you and you have a tug of war going on. So negative emotion is split emotion and positive emotion is aligned emotion looking in the same direction. We want you to look at the world through the eyes of your soul, the eyes of who you really are. When you look at someone and you love them, you’re seeing through th eyes of your soul, when you look at someone and you hate them, then you’re not and there is discord.

Humans say: “How could I not hate that behavior!”;

and we say:

We’re not asking you to look at something that’s awful and feel good about it; we’re asking you to turn your eyes to something that causes you to align with who your are.”

If you are in a thought quandrum, it is the hard way to try to think your way out of negative thoughts – it is far better to meditate and raise your vibration so it can attract more suitable thoughts.

Accept Yourself and The Universe Will Make Miracles Happen!

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When we look at you, we acknowledge that you are doing extremely well, you’re living good lives – compared to other humans around you.

But comparatively speaking with what you could be doing, you are living mediocrity, you are scantly beginning to discover the excellence that this time-space reality holds for you, you have not even begun to tap in to the vibrational escrow that you have personally amassed here, you have not begun to live…

only because you do more observe what is,

instead of thinking about where you want to go. ..

As you begin to train your mind to focus on things you want rather than the things you got, you will guide yourself rather by feeling then by so-called facts, the things you hold to be true. And you may even feel virtuous expressing facts as THE TRUTH.

But there are a lot of things that are true, that you don’t want!

And we say to you that, if you keep on beating the drum of the things that are true and that you don’t want, you keep creating more things that you don’t want and that are true. The wonderful thing about the Law of Attraction is always consistent and leaves you always the freedom: you can choose to be miserably in bondage of what is already or float joyously in delicious abundance toward splendid creation.

When something wonderful is happening, acknowledge how it feels and acknowledge also that what was leading up to it, felt the same and take the credit for it:

I did that!

The same for the contrast: When something happens that you really don’t want, feel the manifestation of it; and then you remember other things that you’ve been thinking that felt the same and you announce to yourself and to anybody who listens:

I did this!

Now your recognize the thoughts, your thoughts that led up to everything – to what was wanted or not wanted. It is important to make the feeling connection between your thoughts and the manifestations: when anything happens that feels really good or bad – go into it and reach for recent thoughts that evoke the same feeling and say to yourself :

I saw this coming.

Expectancy is about being aware that this behavior, these habitual thoughts brings forth this experience. We want you to begin to expect the manifestations that come from the patterns of thought. Before there is any manifestation, there is strong, long, steady, consistent thought about it. We want you to direct your thoughts – there is a direction towards what you want and a direction towards what you don’t want.

You are the only person that can know what’s best for you. Anybody else can only know what’s best for him or her every single time. If you go to the car dealer and ask him, what would be the best car for you, he will tell you which car would be the best for him to sell to you. The same with counselors, doctors or the dentist; they can and will offer you only vibrational interferences because they are not you.

In most of the cases this ends up as a deception; you will resent whatever they told you; because if you are not a vibrational match to what you’ve been asking for – it can’t come! No matter how precisely you have followed the advice given. No other person can give you accurate guidance because you have a built-in guidance and it works like this:

You come from the non-physical and the larger part of you remains non-physical, your soul and your emotions. And here in your physical experience you have a constant expansion of desires. You are uniquely perfect, you are personally perfect, you are personally appreciated and Source delights in responding to your unique requests that are born out of your unique life experiences. Every of your unique desires is a unique part of the expanding universe.

So you are uniquely asking and your soul is now standing in vibrational alignment with what you have asked.

Lets take the example of global warming: When you see something that is of concern to you, immediately you ask for improvement, and immediately the rocket of desire shoots out of you and source energy is on the case. If, on the other hand, you are watching global warming, you are beating the drum of it, you are holding yourself with millions of others in resistance to the improvement that you’ve asked for. So you have the choice to perpetuate what is, what’s true but you don’t want it, or to ride the rocket of your desire and thrive.


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When you mention the word acceptance, we wanted to put the word ‘feeling worthy’ because we would like all of you to be accepting all that good wishes and positive intentions that we constantly float towards you. And we can’t figure anything more wonderful then you being in the receptive mode to allow all of this to happen.

In the beginning we have called that ‘the art of allowing’ now we call it ‘the receiving mode’. We want to be clear about what is it that you want to accept: Acceptance can be applied to self and to what is. We want you to accept the well-being that abounds and we don’t want you to spend too much time accepting conditions that are not wanted and therefore practice a vibration of something that you don’t want and therefore introducing resistance to something that you want.

There is nothing more important for you

to accept all the blessings,

non-physical assistance

and understanding

that we are flowing towards you.

The importance of meditation to get what you want

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Life on Earth is the leading edge of everything that you are about and that we are about.

If something is really important to you, you have more challenge and worries in it than you have positive expectations. If this is your case, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you believe that there is a vibrational reality that contains what you want?

  2. Do you believe that your inner being, your soul, knows what your path of least resistance is to the unfolding?

  3. Do you believe that your inner being is giving you clue after clue after clue – all is just bouncing off of you? Because you are so worried, that you don’t hear it right.

What we are really talking about here is, that you don’t have confidence in your being able to hear clearly the important messages from your inner being. Be patient, this ability to hear your soul clearly is evolving over time.

We are really wanting to offer the laws of the universe as they are to you and the ways for you to accomplish your readiness to benefit from them by your knowledge of these laws so you can consistently be in a satisfying right place at the right time.

Here is how reality works: you get what you’re thinking about if you want it or not. By thinking thoughts you create a vibrational atmosphere that makes you conducive to the receiving of things like that resonate with your vibration or thoughts.

Here’s how the law of attraction works:

  1. Step. The biggest part of creation happens in the experience ‘ I know I don’t want that – I want this’; to know what you want is the phase of creation – creation happens here. This is all what YOU have to do.

  2. Step. The creation is born as a vibration; the vibrational reality is where your inner being is. This is what your SOUL has to do.

  3. Step. You gotta get into the receiving mode by preparing yourself vibrationally so that you are receptive to the ideas coming from your inner being This is about un-doing. You can get there by one or more of the following:

    1. make lists of positive aspects of the situation you’re in

    2. do rampages of appreciation

    3. look for reasons to feel good

    4. find the best feeling thought that you can find in any moment

    5. move up the emotional scale :

      1. if you feel despair, reach for revenge

      2. if you feel revenge, reach for anger

      3. if you feel anger, reach for frustration

      4. if you feel frustration, reach for hope

But by far the best preparation that you can offer is quieting your mind

because if your minds gets slow, resistance gets slow; when you stop thought, you stop resistance, when you stop resistance you are in the receiving mode.

Every day sit for 15 minutes and watch something that is not interesting at all like your breathing, the flickering of a flame, or any sound etc.

When you focus just a little while on something like this, your mind becomes a clean slate and all thoughts cease. In this moment the inner being is the only thought that is thinking and that’s the only thought that is thinking or creating your vibration; so your vibration is that instant aligned – instant bliss! Now you are no more competing with what your inner being know about what you want and how to manifest it because you’re in the receiving mode.

Now you can feel a rising impulse coming from your inner being.

If you have the willingness to follow that impulse even if it feels illogical because it came from your inner being, then you’ll have the wonderful experience of the payoff. Just feel now how your understanding of this vibrational reality is evolving…

The law of attraction is about timing; timing is about impulse and impulse is about responding in a timely way – this is what you have to practice. You are all doing already because you are here, you are alive and not run over by a truck. But you could tune up your ability to respond a little more. So you could begin to enjoy the satisfaction of trusting that you know when you’re tuned in.

By practicing you will gain confidence in the impulses and you ability to follow them.

By practicing you will begin to feel guided.

By practicing you will begin to feel worthy.

By practicing you will begin to feel sure-footed.

By practicing you will begin to feel invincible.

By practicing you will begin to know that anything that you can identify that you want – is yours. And that if it hasn’t come yet into manifestation, then you know that you’re not finished identifying it. If it hasn’t come yet, you want more step1 experiences in order to fill it out. Its all part of the creative process.

If you say: ‘… but I can’t see it, I can’t feel it, I can’t touch it and therefore it is not satisfying to me’, you remain stuck in the material plane, you look at the past.

But if you can manage to find excitement in the vibrational plane, in the way how the manifestation comes about, the miraculously and endlessly surprising ways, then you will learn to see it as a vibrational creation. We are telling you that nothing that is not in the vibrational realm can appear in the material one. If you are not satisfied about the creation in the vibrational realm, it will never get to the other side to be materialized.

You have to feel the satisfaction about the creative idea.

You have to feel the satisfaction about the impulse.

And then watch the the cooperative universe… and then you can notice how what you want begins to show up in your experience.

Take the bull by the horns

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How do you create your own reality? How do thoughts turn into things?

You have to be a match of what’s in your vortex; you have to set your receiver to the frequency of the transmitting vortex. Instead of being so fixated on the outcome, just enjoy the process of never ending becoming.

You have noticed as soon as you get something that you have been wanting, there’s always already something else; so there is always going to be a gap between you thinking it, you giving birth to it and it gestating and coming into full manifestation. You are never going to be standing in a whole pile of everything you wanted all around you – because that is not the nature of eternal beings – there is always going to be something new that you’ve asked for, that you’re on the way to.

And it’s the ‘on the way to’ that’s life; that’s the leading edge, the present moment, the happening ground of creation; and we are all focused there with you.

Now when you stop pouting about what’s not happening to you and you take your own bull by the horns and you acknowledge that you are the creator of your own experience and you let the energy that creates worlds flow through you. Now you are tuned in, tapped in and turned on! Now you are living life the you’ve been intended! Now you are in the state of eternal conscious becoming.

I saw it

I wanted it

I wasn’t aligned with it

I felt better

I focused my mind

I felt ease about it

I allowed it to happen

It happened

It happened

It happened

Things are always working out for me

This is the way you are meant to feel.

But much of the world – instead of looking for that sweet spot, finding it and reveling in the creative process most of the time – are looking at the results of what others have done. So they’re sifting manifested stuff into piles and complaining that somebody else’s pile is bigger, completely missing the point of creation and offering their attention to it in the action form instead of the thought form which would be really appropriate.

You are following?

So much action applied after the fact of a sloppy creation, trying to compensate for this sloppy creation through action and then failing – that’s what most people are doing. Instead of getting ahead of it and thinking the thought that will allow it to be!

If you are looking at what is right now, first of all you are looking at the past tense; but if you are caring about the way that you feel, now you are tending towards what’s actively going on, that’s what you wanted so much, that’s what you came here for so much!

Instead of looking at what’s already manifested from past thoughts, you got be in on the turning of the thought into the thing.

You’ve already chosen the way you want the things to turn out and now you’re in on witnessing the universal forces assisting you, agreeing with you, supporting you, mandating you, blessing you, you see? As soon as you see that you have a wish – sit back and look; look how God, Soul, Source, Existence goes about to manifest your wish – be wondering!

We are all eternal beings. Its time for you – instead of proving your worthiness – to just feel worthy; – instead of trying to explain what went wrong – just let it go right; – instead of worrying about the stuff that’s not happening – focus on the stuff that is happening. And the stuff that isn’t happening, will start to happen if you focus on the stuff that is happening.

There isn’t anything that will cause you to feel more worthy than to have wanted something you don’t have:

Do you know that there is as much movement in you moving from doubt to believing as there is from something turning from a thought to a thing? The big movement is in you moving from doubt to belief or from doubt to just not thinking about it, because if you are not thinking a thought of doubt, it will prove itself to you and you will believe it!!!

Move your attention

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Fear is a sign of opposition; a powerful desire that looks in the opposite direction. Did you hear what we said? When you look in the opposite direction of your desire – it is inevitable that you feel fear. So do not try to control fear, but take care in which direction you look.
You can do this by changing your attention: removing your attention from the subject that goes against the current of your desire. If you can’t do it, you can meditate.
As you meditate, you observe your thoughts and emotions like clouds passing before the blue sky of your consciousness. When you observe your thoughts, you can no longer identify with them, you can no longer invest your attention and energy. Then you withdraw your energy from the opposition, you stop increasing the momentum of the opposite and the momentum will fade due to your inactivity. Meditation is a form of inactivity.
Objects opposed to your desire – we call them’contrasts’ – actually do nothing but bring you back to your desires:

All injuries cause healing.
All anger causes stronger desires.
All hate causes love.

That’s how the world works, that’s vibrational reality. This is more real than the material reality that you find outside you and in which you believe like a slave. We tell you againand again:

What you think is, is not; the present moment with your desires is the only reality.

So the realignment with your desires is not done by effort, is not done by’doing’. No, realignment is done by stopping what you do to maintain resistance. It’s about not doing. You are the person who introduced the conditions that make you refuse the realignment, the answer, the solution, the benefit, the abundance, the clarity…

What memories can I go through in my past that will benefit me?
What thoughts can I have about the future that will benefit me right now?

These questions can open the way to your soul and allow realignment.

It is so easy to manifest instantly!

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An instant manifestation takes place when you offer no resistance; when you think of something free of attachment, deliberately.

“Deliberately” is a word that tastes good; it means there is not one engine that goes there and the other in the opposite direction – but where there is just one focus – and it’s something you can do.

You can easily deliberate by a thought that does not concern you, a thought that is not related to what is important to you; that is, a thought to which you have not added resistance. If you start the experience with a thought that is important to you, immediately you create engines that force in the opposite direction, you engage in a contradictory conversation with yourself, because you fear not having what you want.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with something in which you have not invested much thought, you are only contemplating it – there you can experience an instant manifestation. An instant manifestation shows itself as another thought, then another, by people you meet, by experiences and finally the thing you want. Like everything else, the manifestation is a process: it is announced many times before it finally arrives in its totality, it will build gradually…

I give you the example of a ‘standby’ ticket

A woman would have loved to attend a seminar in Chicago but she didn’t have the money to go. A friend offered her a plane ticket on standby. So she goes to the airport towards the boarding gate. Only she couldn’t board because the flight was full. She was waiting to go at the counter on the next flight, but he too was full and she could not leave. She was not discouraged and remained optimistic. She called her friend and asked her what she could do?

Her friend advised her to go to the airline’s service counter and ask if she could go to Chicago through another city like New York, where there might be more flights and more chances… what she did. The woman at the counter asked her where she finally wanted to go – she said ‘Chicago’. The woman took a minute to check and asked her if she would check in for a flight that was leaving for Chicago. The answer was ‘yes’. When she boarded the plane, she realized that she was the only passenger on board – because it was a transfer plane transfer for a new air crew… she was entitled to a private plane!

She knew what she wanted and stayed open to all possibilities… the better it went, the better it became.

Instead of saying: I want to go but it doesn’t seem to work – she said: I want to go, something will come up, things are always coming together for me, so don’t worry – I expect to go…

The manifestation happens at any time when there is a desire and an absence of resistance. How long it will take for the resistance to dissolve is up to you. But when you hold a desire without resistance, the manifestation is ready for you and you are ready for it.

So you better know where you have resistance, you see? Look at what manifests itself for you and how you feel about things.

In other words:

Don’t look at what you don’t want,
don’t focus your attention on what you don’t want,
don’t worry about what you don’t want.

You will receive what you think – whether you like it or not!

Then observe the correlation between what you feel about a thing and its manifestation; so you can adjust your vibration frequency to anything you want.

Your soul knows exactly

  • where you want to be in relation to anything AND
  • where you stand with regard to the permission of what wants to manifest AND
  • the perfect path of the slightest resistance to remind you from where you are now to go where you want to be.

And this perfect path of the least resistance is the most fantastic and delicious holiday excursion you could ever imagine!

However, whatever you want, you want it because you expect to feel better if you have it. If we could convince you that it is in the thought of the fulfilled desire that you could feel better and not in the action of having it… learn 2 fundamental things:

You have the confidence that you can always demonstrate anything you want.

It is in the way to the manifestation that the juice of life is! you don’t have to get to somewhere… because there is and there will always be a new desire, then another, another, another etc….

Ask with feeling, not just with words

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You took this physical incarnation not because you needed it, but because you wanted it – to experience this visceral and tactile feeling. You are still the Creator and live more on the vibratory (plasma) than on the physical level. You know that the manifestations will take place to support your thoughts; or that your thoughts will be transformed into manifestations by the law of attraction.

We are happy to tell you that the cycle “Desire > Thinking > Vibration > Manifestation” is what you call “Life”.

That is, by thinking, feeling, vibrating and demonstrating, you have the opportunity to learn to think more deliberately – to “refine” your thinking towards the event, so that it can be what you wanted or thought more and more precisely. In other words: you have the possibility to bring your vibration to the height of your desire.

The awareness of this mechanism allows you to live and observe what you get according to your thought/desire; you can then simply modify the thought or desire to better get what you want. You know that your thoughts and their manifestations always correspond, again and again. So you are able to offer a vibration that will manifest itself and that is all the fun!

So you are the creator by your intention and God is in charge of the manifestation in this magnificent co-creation. You do not have the ability to control manifestations directly through thought or decision. But you can control the manifestations through your vibrations, if you understand that it is your emotions that drive the manifestations.

Emotions are also your inner GPS; it measures your degree of alignment with your soul; and you know that you cannot have a happy ending to an unpleasant journey. You know that it doesn’t make much sense to look to the future to realize your desire… but just put yourself in the here and now and make sure that you feel the best you can.

You can look at everything that is going wrong right now and be depressed… or you can see the one thing that is going well in this chaos – and then, all of a sudden, you have aligned your vibration with that one thing that is going well. From there your alignment changes. When you have a good alignment, you can only attract the field of other things that are going well.

So it is really crucial to take care of how you feel – happy or sad.

And even if you found just one little thing that works in a disaster pass; if you could move your vibration (emotion) only a little bit, the law of attraction would increase it further and the course of your life would change…! Imagine the consequences if you gave your undivided attention to your feeling of the moment (happy or sad)…! The only thing that matters most in your life right now is your emotional state; and what others think about it, is really, really, really, really unimportant.

No matter what happens to you, you know that you have the freedom and power to do the best or the worst.

Is the drum you are playing right now in harmony with the drum that your source, your soul, is beating?

Pay attention to everything that makes you feel good; and tune into it more and more because it is your source, your soul and your purpose in life. This is how you rise, expand and grow.

If, on the other hand, you focus on the manifestation of what you want, and the manifestation delays a little because of your vibratory resistances, you could quickly lose patience and feel discouraged: “ah, it doesn’t work”…. That’s why it’s wiser to look for what’s better right now (to improve your emotional state) than to wait impatiently.

When you go from one city to another, you know how long it takes you, you don’t worry, you just make the journey…so why don’t you reflect the same attitude towards your desires?

And you also know that sometimes the distance between two emotions is simply too great for you to bridge. So, if you are depressed, going from this state directly to gratitude is not possible most of the time. You must place stones between your current state and the goal… maybe it is revenge, anger etc. that would allow you to regain some of your power – even if it does not please your entourage or spiritually to your self-esteem…

The Deepest Question

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Question: “Why do dogs are getting bugs in their eyes when they put their heads out of the car window? »

Abraham: “Tell your friends that you have asked the deepest question that has ever been asked. You give us the opportunity to give you the answer we expected. It is as follows:

What you call “evil”, we (vibrational beings) call “contrast”. An’evil’ is a judgment that in turn creates resistance in you. A’contrast’ is an integral part of an image, of a whole – it is no longer an opposite, but a complementary one. The dog, having no judgmental mind, takes the bibites in the eye as a contrast to the immense pleasure of “flying with the head out of the car window”. For him, this contrast is a small price to pay in comparison to the euphoria of this tour of freedom.

And that’s exactly what you felt when you made the decision to enter this physical existence. That’s exactly how you felt when you realized there would be contrast. You thought it would be worth the effort.

Turn what you want in a game

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We never talk about the strength of the’no’ because it does not exist.

A soft and tender focus brings almost instant results. But it is not the tenderness of the focus that does this but the absence of resistance, the absence of contradictory thoughts. You invest so many thoughts in things that are important to you and these thoughts introduce a lot of resistance to the process. One could say that the more important your desire is, the more you are afraid it will come true. The more you want something, the more you look at the materiality that shows you the absence of the manifestation. You’re acting like Lot’s wife. Your gaze towards what is contradictory to what you want and you look so often in the direction of this contradiction.

You offer an avalanche of conversations that are resistant by nature and often you don’t know it. How do you know if you’re doing this? Simple: you see that the demonstration is not happening.

And usually this does not happen if the focus is soft and tender.

The other side of the problems and responsibilities and gambling; if you turn something serious – such as a Revenue Quebec audit – into a game, the resistance rate will drop. And you can see new ideas that come to you and with these new ideas you can look in directions that you can’t before – to see the manifestations of what you want. It’s a question of seeing…! The more you recognize the positive aspect of everything that comes to you, the more of this kind will happen.

The game of ignoring reality

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You are above all a vibrational being. You can look at the world from two different perspectives:

of your mind which goes where you put your energy (thoughts, words, attitudes, moods…) from the point of view of the soul. It is used by the source (vortex, soul) in you. Your source exists (long before you were born) and has been expanding ever since; it is eager to assimilate the terrestrial environment, all possible plasmas. Then it grows and evolves from each vow, desire or request you make.

Why are you here?

You are on Earth to grow, to evolve, to absorb

You are here to rejoice in all that is!

Your emotions clearly show you if you are aligned with your soul: if you are happy – there is no vibrational difference between it and you; you are not building resistance; life flows fully through you, your creativity is active, you have the right reflection at exactly the right time, your body cells benefit, and everything that happens to you happens to you, happens through this lucky door.

As soon as you introduce any resistance, you do not allow yourself this open door.

For example, if you are sad because your lover has left you, it is not because he has left you that you are sad, but you are sad because:

With this person you have created a relationship that perfectly reflects and represents who you are, what you want and what you deserve. And then you lost it, using the other person’s behavior and the current state of your relationship as an excuse to move in the completely opposite direction of who you are – and that’s why you’re sad.

Your negative emotions are ALWAYS a sign that you do not allow yourself to be yourself.

Each negative effect shows you exactly where you stand in relation to yourself.

We fully understand that for you it is the most normal thing to observe the reactions of others around you and to react according to them. But we would like to suggest that you be more proactive than reactive. Look – for everything you don’t want, there is the exact equivalent of what you want, your desire – so follow it!

Don’t force things to happen; wait with confidence

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At any given moment you have the choice of being more or less close to where you really want to be; and this distance is determined by your vibration. You want to be where the manifestation of your desire is located. We also want the demonstration to be yours, but there is a problem: The demonstration can only happen if its manifestation is not important to you… Do you know the Endless Story? Towards the end Bastian who lives in the material world must unite with Atrejus, who lives in the fantastic world; the only way for him to do so is to cross a mirror without wanting to!

All you want is already waiting for it to manifest in your wormhole; the only thing missing is to be on the right vibrational frequency. It’s exactly the same as when you want to listen to a radio station. The song you want to listen to is already played; all you have to do is tune your device to the station frequency.

Your device is sending and receiving at the same time: if you want something, you send it; if you expect something to happen, you are in reception mode. So it all depends on your experience in putting your device in reception mode.

We would very much like you to hear the following: If you really become an expert at putting your device in reception mode (in order to be able to convert everything you desire from instant to instant (from desire to thought to manifestation), then your great desires that you cherish so much, become irrelevant because you are already living good moment after good moment after good moment, after good moment….. at the very least you could find yourself in the middle of a situation that represents the absence of the manifestation of your desire – and you still have a glorious time!

“But the majority of you want the demonstration and now want it”…

Like you, we also want the manifestation of what you want, but that is not what we are looking for most. What we are looking for most is that your valve is open, that you are always in receptive mode. So if you are wondering when the manifestation of your desire will take place, or where you stand in relation to the manifestation – this question keeps you away from that manifestation.

Why? Why?

Because you are focused on the absence of what you want to see happen.

The only thing that doesn’t allow you to be where you want to be is your consciousness from where you are.

Example: a person had given a wonderful gift to Esther…an iPad…and unfortunately she misplaced it… she thought she had left it in a certain place, but could no longer find it where she imagined it. She searched for it and searched and searched and searched and searched… in her office, there is a cupboard with 9 drawers of dies full of things. This wardrobe is behind the door because she doesn’t always like to see her mess on sight.

She looked in each of the drawers a hundred times… without finding it… and finally had to give up. And since then she has been telling everyone, “I lost him. I don’t know where I put it. I really looked everywhere I thought it might be, but I can’t find it. »

It’s only about six months later… when she has completely forgotten the iPad and is no longer looking for it at all; she just has a desire: “Oh I would really like to have an iPad… at the same time, she opened the bottom drawer – and here it is! So her assumption of course was that someone had to hide it without her knowledge, because it was there, very visible, where she had looked again and again and again and again and again and again…

The iPad was always in sight and it’s a big iPad, which looks like nothing else, it’s just big. Esther experiences that a thing is lost because the thing is not where she first looked. And then looking in so many places where it probably wasn’t… she finally decided he was lost. And this belief has become very strong, much stronger than his desire to find him. OH INTERESTING!

Actually, she didn’t really need it. The moment she lost it was the moment she was preparing for a trip, she already had her suitcases full and heavy. So she decided not to bring the iPad.

So what constitutes the majority of your beliefs?

You look, and you believe what you see.

You see your credit limit and you believe it. Physical reality is so believable, because you translate everything through your physical senses only.

Someone who believes in something that is not yet manifested is generally considered illogical, delusional:

Hey, you have to face reality! – I don’t face reality, i create it!

Most people recreate the reality they face! In other words: they face it – they recreate it… they face it – they recreate it… they face it – they recreate it…

In this way you create beliefs so powerful that – even if something is right before your eyes – you don’t even see it, because you are unable to see something that contradicts the dominant vibration you offer.

So how can we change what is?

  1. you have to stop looking so much at what’s there. Every time Esther noticed that’I can’t find it’ she made her iPad less searchable.
  2. you have to stop looking. Remove your attention long enough from the belief (that the object is not there) for it to become inactive; for the belief to be suspended
  3. the smallest desire that is activated under the condition of suspending this belief, will lead you to the desired manifestation.

So the problem of separation from what we want is not a question of space or time – the problem is vibrational! So as the problem is about vibration, the problem is about emotion: then what separates you from the manifestation is only determined by your emotion – how do you feel about your desire? If you say, “I’m happy about this,” you’re on the threshold of its deployment. If you say:’I am sad, impatient, worried about the thing’, you are far from it!

Do you know what percentage of the conditions are already in place before you can see the demonstration? Almost 100%! All you can desire is already 99.99% manifested… but you can stay in this tiny space of 0.001% for eternity, without seeing the manifestations. This 0.001% is just the tuning of your device.

Tell yourself that for two days!

The original video is here

When you observe, you have the opportunity to see events happen, because you expect them to happen. An expectation is at the same time a desire and a belief; we are not talking about effort. It is not the effort that makes things or events manifest, but our expectation.

But how can we expect something that has not yet happened?

It is important to see the demonstrations, the material world in its context. Everything that is manifested belongs to the past; the present moment is reserved for everything that is in the making. So find a way to place the material world in its own category, that is, the past. Everything that has already been manifested no longer matters, no longer needs your active vibration – it is a chewed gum that has lost all its flavor.

What is becoming is what is desired. That’s what needs your active vibration. Your desire is your vibrational reality. In the manifest reality there is no action, no pleasure, no energy or life!

So how can we look forward, how can we not focus on what is, even if it seems so irresistible?

We like to seduce you to no longer face reality.

Anything you want will happen, just because you will feel better if you have it. So for only 2 days, ask yourself the question: what emotion do I want to experience? Then remember this desire often; you can say it out loud; for example:

I want to feel the emotion of falling in love!

Anything that can happen can only do one of two things: either increase your desire or satisfy it here and now. Probably you will not feel well in the face of the growing desire, because you are not able to rise at its pace: your desire is growing, and you… you remain small by looking at what is missing… your desire is growing, not you… your desire is growing, not you… your desire is growing, not you…

If you could look away to see that:

“Yes, it hasn’t manifested itself yet, but I want to see if I couldn’t smell a little of his perfume already?”

Once upon a time there was a young eagle that, having left the nest perched at the top of a very tall tree, flew away for the first time.
So his mother calls him, calls him, calls him, calls him, calls him, calls him, calls him, calls him, calls him, calls him, calls him

She didn’t leave her perch; she didn’t go to get it; she didn’t say, “Where are you? What took you so long? Didn’t you hear me? »

No, she’s calling calling calling calling

That’s what the wormhole does: it calls you, calls you, calls you, calls you.

And if you don’t answer his call, you will feel negative emotions.

But if you answer his call: then the sensations will be of the order of exultation, invigoration, enthusiasm, love, appreciation.