Enlightenment equation

How we (blindly) see it:

100% of the energy we need comes from material food (=killing)

What’s going on in reality:

80% of the energy we need comes from the environment

20% of the energy we need comes from material food (= killing)

The 20% prevent you from being enlightened; get rid of them and you will be totally independent from anyTHING.

Dealing with emotions

Certain emotions like insecurity and fear may prevent us  to be close to the Soul and to feed oneself beyond the matter state. In the following image you have

  1. the Soul at the centre,

  2. the brain and

  3. the blood circulation which transports emotions

  4. the kind of emotions we have are detected by the interaction between the Soul and the soul of the physicality; depending on where the two blue arrows meet, you will identify different emotions: the closer this point is to the Soul, the more positive the emotion, the farther the worse.

If you have not reached the position where limits of your Soul include the physicality, the only way to change the emotions from bad to good, is by deliberately changing your focus to a subject that is more likely to give you better emotions; or meditation (watching the emotion as you watch thoughts).

If, however, you get in alignment with your Soul, the fields of the Soul expand so that they include the physicality. In this position you won’t feel emotions because there is no interaction anymore. In fact, in that position, there can only be one emotion, the one closest to the Soul and the best we could ever feel: unconditional love. At this level the physicality does not count anymore.

Elevation of the Soul

You need to carry the Soul of Mankind if you want to elevate your Soul. In other words you have to love humanity so much that you’d do anything and everything for her. In other words, you have to live inside the Universal Principle: I am here to serve.