The Force of our Soul

In a conference M.Keshe gave in China about the Soul and how to use her fields to change things in the matter state, there was a young couple sitting in the front row. The young man was trying very hard to concentrate to make the pen on the table in front of him jump. He deployed so much energy that it made M.Keshe laugh.

He told the young man that the souls work is not by effort and magic; that the energy or the fields of the Soul are not deployed by concentration and will power. Both of which belong to the realm of matter. The Soul does not work like the engine of a car: the more you press the accelerator, the more gas you pump in, the faster it will go. No it doesn’t work like this.

In earlier teachings M.Keshe said that you only have to hold out your hand, wish for gold in it, and the gold will appear. By the way this is literally what Baird Spalding describes of the Masters in the Far East. And if we consider that 80% of the energy we need, we absorb directly from our environment – on the soul level -; only 20% comes from what we put inside of us via food. We do not consciously use this condition because we are so engrossed into the matter state that we cannot see the soul state.

In order to remedy this, one first step could be to extend the field of our Soul that it encompasses our physicality. Each one of us has to find his/her own way to get there: How can i encompass my body with my Soul? How can I see my body through my Soul?

You can ask this kind of questions to your Soul and be receptive of her answer. It is very important that we all learn how to do this. The process is not an active effort – it is more an allowing, a letting go. The process is one of detachment.

In this process, we should not look for the confirmation of our understanding in the matter state – checking what we can already do; instead we should enjoy what we have understood and play with it. Another way of going about this is seeing our hands as light; practice this and then extend this light to encompass our whole body. Light is the first step for fields to become matter; when we can see our hand as light, it will be easier to create a certain field in it which will, in interaction with the environment, become a manifestation of what we wanted. According to what we have learned, our wish is first a ‘ball of fields’ of which the environment, we are living in, will dictate it’s manifestation.

If it is difficult for you to see/feel your hand as a light, you can build on the exercise of Jalal: put the palms of your hand as close together so that you feel energy coming out of your giving hand which is being absorbed by your receiving hand. When you clearly feel the field, then move your hand a little bit apart – always making sure that you can still feel the field. The more you will be able to move your hands apart, still feeling the field, the more you are able to expand the field of your Soul. Then, later, you can expand the feeling from only your hands to the rest of the body and beyond.

These things need practice and time.

And your progress learning this is determined by the confidence you can manage; total focus on what we want; total disregard of the material plane and it’s manifestations and total detachment. You can see it like a child plays: a child is totally in it; it feels and lives everything; it does not look for the confirmation in the matter state and it is completely detached from it.

As long as you are attached to the dimension of physicality – forget about it!!!

M.Keshe comments: “You confirm your Soul by the confirmation of the existence of your physical body; now you have to learn to confirm that existence beyond the dimension of the physicality. On this path you will learn that you don’t need the dimension of physical life anymore. Of course there is a chance to experience and learn this at the point of death. The detachment from the physicality means also the detachment from this Planet – then you become automatically a being of the Universe.

It’s just being able to imagine it.”

Seeing with the hands

Teaching by Jalal.

Some yoga traditions say that your hands are extensions of your heart/soul of the physicality; that’s why we use our hand to caress beloved ones or to bless someone. Most people have asymmetric hands; one hand is slightly smaller, it is more receiving (gravitational) and other is bigger, more giving (magnetic). Usually for right-handed people the right hand is giving and for left-handed people the opposite. The left hand is more receiving because it has a weaker plasma field; that’s why it receives more.

In the context of Plasma Science you can use your hands to detect otherwise invisible fields. This is a series of exercises that you need to cultivate over time, practising regularly for short periods of time.

It may be a good idea to sit quiet for a while before you do the exercises; for some people it may be helpful to have their eyes closed so they can easier concentrate on their feelings.

  • hold your hands with the palms facing each other; wait until you feel heat or tickling or anything else
  • then move your hands closer together and feel what changes
  • then move your hand wider apart and feel what changes; you may feel that at a certain distance you feel your hand being pulled together and at another distance you may feel your hands being repelled from each other
  • then experiment with approaching your hands towards different entities: a machine, a magrav, a plant, GaNS… and recognize the feeling

Spirituality- your wish

Your wish is your command… How can we achieve sufficient power to our wish that what we wish becomes reality?

  • Your wish needs to be sincere; you cannot live with hate and show sincerity outside because your soul will not carry it.

  • you cannot stop a conflict between to nations or within one nation (society, group, etc) directly – you have to stop the conflict inside yourself; you have to use your emotions in the right direction: the more you move away from conflict, from division, from the need to confirm your existence.