Seeing with the hands

Teaching by Jalal.

Some yoga traditions say that your hands are extensions of your heart/soul of the physicality; that’s why we use our hand to caress beloved ones or to bless someone. Most people have asymmetric hands; one hand is slightly smaller, it is more receiving (gravitational) and other is bigger, more giving (magnetic). Usually for right-handed people the right hand is giving and for left-handed people the opposite. The left hand is more receiving because it has a weaker plasma field; that’s why it receives more.

In the context of Plasma Science you can use your hands to detect otherwise invisible fields. This is a series of exercises that you need to cultivate over time, practising regularly for short periods of time.

It may be a good idea to sit quiet for a while before you do the exercises; for some people it may be helpful to have their eyes closed so they can easier concentrate on their feelings.

  • hold your hands with the palms facing each other; wait until you feel heat or tickling or anything else
  • then move your hands closer together and feel what changes
  • then move your hand wider apart and feel what changes; you may feel that at a certain distance you feel your hand being pulled together and at another distance you may feel your hands being repelled from each other
  • then experiment with approaching your hands towards different entities: a machine, a magrav, a plant, GaNS… and recognize the feeling

Spirituality- your wish

Your wish is your command… How can we achieve sufficient power to our wish that what we wish becomes reality?

  • Your wish needs to be sincere; you cannot live with hate and show sincerity outside because your soul will not carry it.

  • you cannot stop a conflict between to nations or within one nation (society, group, etc) directly – you have to stop the conflict inside yourself; you have to use your emotions in the right direction: the more you move away from conflict, from division, from the need to confirm your existence.