How we evolve

When we express a wish, we are not confirming a new reality; in other words we didn’t invent the wish. Instead we are adding our awareness or field strength to something that is already there to make it stronger. We do not really create wishes – just as we do not create thoughts – but we can link up to them and make them stronger by adding our energy to them. At the same time this mechanism, that we are adding our strength to all those who already support this wish, helps us to act as one group, one race, one humanity, One Soul.

On the same line of thought, M.Keshe in all the recent KSW asks us to trust the process and follow our Soul who will show us the best and easiest way of how to collaborate. Everybody’s input is required to enable All of US to work together – everybody with his/her unique individual talents and capabilities.

This is the beauty: working together isn’t referring to the “communist way” – all under the same central directive. No, it’s about the celebration of joy and the colours we bring by being and working as we are!

Since 10 years M.Keshe is impregnating each of us with his so “infectious” knowledge. Each one of us takes according to his/her intelligence. Once inside of us the knowledge grows according to our preferences and personalities. And finally the knowledge we share is expressed in our personal way, as our own “brainchild” – and not as a boring copy.

This makes the spreading of the knowledge exponential. Besides that the knowledge is also brought into more and more departments of our social, economic, technological, spiritual life, depending on where each individual is working or living. And all this apart from the movements that the KF initiates with various governments and corporations. Everything will speed up the process and it won’t be long that the Plasma Science will become grassroots and then mainstream – both signs that this new science is already part and parcel of the prevailing Zeitgeist.

Carolina added that it doesn’t matter if you don’t see the system, and you don’t know exactly how it works – you anyway get elevated to that level. It is only a matter of time that you will see and enjoy everything that is presented. And that needs of course a great openness of mind – to be able to recognize our new abilities. And remembering that “You are the Creator” don’t allow the “news and entertainment” to slow your speed down. For the time being “1 Nation 1 Planet 1 Race 4 World Peace” is our one and only goal.

Anastasia says the same: All the truths of the Universe, son, and all the information accumulated right from its pristine origins, has always been available to every Man, nothing hidden. Not everybody is capable of understanding it and making it their own, because their life goals and the aspirations of their minds do not correspond to those of the Universe.
You must not worry about information hat is lacking in you. Seek out your dream and know that the whole will be offered to you in full, if the dream that is born within you is worthy of co-creation.”
Anastasia, book 8-1, p.47

We are all called forth individually: “Who will do it if not me? – If not now, then when?”. This whole system of sharing knowledge works in a “pay it forward” manner. We have received everything we need via the KF and M.Keshe and now in applying it and developing and sharing our own ideas, we pay it forward. Carolina suggested an easy and fun way to keep being involved on the Soul level: get a diary and give yourself the pleasure of writing down every day a wish of yours – instead of being upset about something and complaining…

Like this week’s wish contributed by Dan:

I give from my soul freely for the enhancement of joy and beauty at home and in the family.

Dan Oct 29 2019

We are Present.

What is meditation?

Article based on Osho, Eighty Four Thousand Poems

Meditation is a simple process of watching your own mind. Not fighting with the mind, not trying to control it either. Just remaining there, a choice-less witness. Whatsoever passes you simply take note of it. When it is too difficult for you to watch your mind – watch your breathing.

Without any judgment; because the moment you judge you lose meditation, you become identified. When this happens, just come back to watching. Meditation means remaining unrelated with your thought process. Utterly unrelated, cool, calm. Watching whatsoever is passing; like you watch clouds passing in the blue sky.

And then a miracle happens: Slowly, slowly one becomes aware that less and less thoughts are passing. When you are perfectly aware, even for a single moment, all thinking stops. That moment is meditation.

Slowly slowly those moments come more and more; and stay longer. You become capable of moving easily into those empty spaces with no effort. They are refreshing, rejuvenating and they make you aware of who you are, they bring you closer to your Soul.

Freed from the mind you are freed from all ideas about yourself. Now you can see who you are without any prejudice. And to know oneself is to know all that is worth knowing. And to miss self-knowledge is to miss all. A man may know everything in the world but if he does not know himself, he is utterly ignorant.

When we use the word meditation, we usually mean two things: a technique and a state of being. In the above paragraphs we described the transition from the technique to the state of being. The technique consists of ways to calm the constant chatter of the mind in order to find the Peace of the Soul. There are gazillions of techniques available on the internet, workshops, classes and retreats; each religion or new age group promotes it’s own meditation technique. However it’s very important that you find YOUR OWN WAY to silence your mind without getting attached to a particular guru. Then practice your technique until reach the point of silence and peace.

At this point the technique switches to a state of being, from this point onward you don’t DO meditation anymore, you are in a state of meditativeness.

It is important to understand the difference between the two meanings of meditation – meditation is, so to say, a boat that you use to get across the river (of your mind); and once you reached the other side, you leave the boat behind because you don’t need it any more.

How to tackle wrong deeds

 The most obvious way to stop wrong deeds is of course to stop doing them, once you detected it. We have learned that there is no other instance of judgment than our own soul. What has been called judgment day is not a trial at the end of our physical life, it is happening all the time: everything we think, speak and do is all seen by our own Soul. We cannot hide from her.

But our Soul is also not functioning like the hard judge of the Bible, who’s only a copy of our worldly ‘justice’ system. Our Soul is actually without judgment.

Our Soul works more like a GPS than a judge, it’s interest is not guilt and punishment but only only only our well being and happiness! So without judging, she will suggest course corrections: Whenever our thoughts, words or deeds are in misalignment with our Soul or resisting her, then she will right away make us feel negative emotions: fear, insecurity, anger, boredom etc.

On the other hand she will give us the green light, when we are in alignment with our Soul, when we are walking hand in hand with her.

How about wrong deeds of the past?

First of all: the conventional notion of karma doesn’t seem accurate. The experiences of Anita Moorjani, a woman who came back from a near death experience with clear ‘facts’ from the ‘other side’, corroborate this.

If the wrong deed was done in the past, we can still work with the elevation of the soul. According to the Plasma Science, you can always reposition yourself as if there has been no wrong doing. As there is no judgment on the Soul level there is no time neither space. Consequently it doesn’t matter if something happened in the past or will happen in the future. In the present moment, you always have control over everything on the Soul level.

How about wrong deeds of our parents?

When a child is born, it does not only carry the physical resemblance to the parents via the DNA, but it carries also psychological luggage so to say. We have learned how the human body is created and maintained: the fields of the Soul are slowed down by the mind (soul of the physicality) to match the fields of the environment of planet Earth. That means that the mind is older than the body. Now the human mind develops in phases: up to the age of 7-8 it is only impressible, it takes everything in like a sponge. That means that all the emotional and psychological problems of the parents will find their way into the psychology, the mind of the baby – from conception through gestation and through the first 7 years of her/his life.

That’s the way how wrong deeds, misunderstandings etc are transmitted through generations and generations. And the question arises: how to deal with this?

Byron Katie proposes a very efficient and easy way to get to the elevation of the Soul; it is called ‘The Work’: Four simple questions will take your mind by the hand and walk with it until the mind reaches that higher vantage point from where you see that there is nothing to forgive and there is nothing to forget.

There is something very interesting to observe once you have elevated your Soul, if you look closely: the person you have been before and the person after the happening of understanding look like a different person. Like you as a little child were another person than the you adult, than the you as an elder – and if you look even more closely, you are not the same person than the you a moment ago. There is no continuity, we are always changing, we are a flow. The Science of Plasma explains why: in every moment, what we perceive as our self is a certain positioning of our Soul/mind/body relative to all the other entities or Plasmas around us: other people, plants, animals, landscape, Mother Earth, the Sun, the galaxy, the universe. As everything inside the Universe is constantly moving, so are we. Every moment our positioning is adjusted. So it would be unjust look upon our self as a state: Voilà that’s me! – we are rather constant flux defying description because we cannot get hold of it – the moment we think we got it and hold it in our mental hands: it’s already gone!

Like Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher born in 544 BC. said,

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

The power of collective thought

After Anastasia, the Ringing Cedars Series, book 6, p.148ff

In the Vedic Age, 8000+ years ago, a great discovery began to take place – a discovery unparalleled over the whole course of the history of human civilizations on the Earth. People became acutely aware of the power of collective thought.

The thought of Man is an energy unparalleled anywhere in space. It is capable of creating marvellous worlds or weapons capable of destroying the planet. All the things that we see today, without exception, have been created by thought.

Once Man realized the power of collective thought, he found that the could use it to control even the weather, or cause springs to well up from the depths of the the Earth. With thought alone it is possible to grow a flower on the Moon, create an atmosphere capable of supporting human life, plant a garden there and find one’s self with one’s beloved in the that garden in the flesh. Collective thought is indeed powerful – in the whole Universe there is no energy that can interfere with it’s operation.

But, before that can happen, thought must transform the whole Earth into a flourishing Paradise garden first. And that has to be done through collective thinking. Because the reality we see around us is the manifestation of our past collective thoughts. So if we want to change this reality we have to change our collective thought.

One first step towards that change is the achievement of World Peace in our times thanks to the combined thoughts and wishes of all the Knowledge Seekers around the world.

Unlimited opportunity has been given to Man by the Divine Nature. If mankind could only overcome the temptations associated with it and hold all the energies of the Universe, which are within him, in perfect balance, then gardens – a as the fruit of human thought – would appear in other galaxies. And Man would be capable of happifying other worlds just with his thought.

The Force of our Soul

In a conference M.Keshe gave in China about the Soul and how to use her fields to change things in the matter state, there was a young couple sitting in the front row. The young man was trying very hard to concentrate to make the pen on the table in front of him jump. He deployed so much energy that it made M.Keshe laugh.

He told the young man that the souls work is not by effort and magic; that the energy or the fields of the Soul are not deployed by concentration and will power. Both of which belong to the realm of matter. The Soul does not work like the engine of a car: the more you press the accelerator, the more gas you pump in, the faster it will go. No it doesn’t work like this.

In earlier teachings M.Keshe said that you only have to hold out your hand, wish for gold in it, and the gold will appear. By the way this is literally what Baird Spalding describes of the Masters in the Far East. And if we consider that 80% of the energy we need, we absorb directly from our environment – on the soul level -; only 20% comes from what we put inside of us via food. We do not consciously use this condition because we are so engrossed into the matter state that we cannot see the soul state.

In order to remedy this, one first step could be to extend the field of our Soul that it encompasses our physicality. Each one of us has to find his/her own way to get there: How can i encompass my body with my Soul? How can I see my body through my Soul?

You can ask this kind of questions to your Soul and be receptive of her answer. It is very important that we all learn how to do this. The process is not an active effort – it is more an allowing, a letting go. The process is one of detachment.

In this process, we should not look for the confirmation of our understanding in the matter state – checking what we can already do; instead we should enjoy what we have understood and play with it. Another way of going about this is seeing our hands as light; practice this and then extend this light to encompass our whole body. Light is the first step for fields to become matter; when we can see our hand as light, it will be easier to create a certain field in it which will, in interaction with the environment, become a manifestation of what we wanted. According to what we have learned, our wish is first a ‘ball of fields’ of which the environment, we are living in, will dictate it’s manifestation.

If it is difficult for you to see/feel your hand as a light, you can build on the exercise of Jalal: put the palms of your hand as close together so that you feel energy coming out of your giving hand which is being absorbed by your receiving hand. When you clearly feel the field, then move your hand a little bit apart – always making sure that you can still feel the field. The more you will be able to move your hands apart, still feeling the field, the more you are able to expand the field of your Soul. Then, later, you can expand the feeling from only your hands to the rest of the body and beyond.

These things need practice and time.

And your progress learning this is determined by the confidence you can manage; total focus on what we want; total disregard of the material plane and it’s manifestations and total detachment. You can see it like a child plays: a child is totally in it; it feels and lives everything; it does not look for the confirmation in the matter state and it is completely detached from it.

As long as you are attached to the dimension of physicality – forget about it!!!

M.Keshe comments: “You confirm your Soul by the confirmation of the existence of your physical body; now you have to learn to confirm that existence beyond the dimension of the physicality. On this path you will learn that you don’t need the dimension of physical life anymore. Of course there is a chance to experience and learn this at the point of death. The detachment from the physicality means also the detachment from this Planet – then you become automatically a being of the Universe.

It’s just being able to imagine it.”

Seeing with the hands

Teaching by Jalal.

Some yoga traditions say that your hands are extensions of your heart/soul of the physicality; that’s why we use our hand to caress beloved ones or to bless someone. Most people have asymmetric hands; one hand is slightly smaller, it is more receiving (gravitational) and other is bigger, more giving (magnetic). Usually for right-handed people the right hand is giving and for left-handed people the opposite. The left hand is more receiving because it has a weaker plasma field; that’s why it receives more.

In the context of Plasma Science you can use your hands to detect otherwise invisible fields. This is a series of exercises that you need to cultivate over time, practising regularly for short periods of time.

It may be a good idea to sit quiet for a while before you do the exercises; for some people it may be helpful to have their eyes closed so they can easier concentrate on their feelings.

  • hold your hands with the palms facing each other; wait until you feel heat or tickling or anything else
  • then move your hands closer together and feel what changes
  • then move your hand wider apart and feel what changes; you may feel that at a certain distance you feel your hand being pulled together and at another distance you may feel your hands being repelled from each other
  • then experiment with approaching your hands towards different entities: a machine, a magrav, a plant, GaNS… and recognize the feeling

Spirituality- your wish

Your wish is your command… How can we achieve sufficient power to our wish that what we wish becomes reality?

  • Your wish needs to be sincere; you cannot live with hate and show sincerity outside because your soul will not carry it.

  • you cannot stop a conflict between to nations or within one nation (society, group, etc) directly – you have to stop the conflict inside yourself; you have to use your emotions in the right direction: the more you move away from conflict, from division, from the need to confirm your existence.