Our job in the Universe

What has not been considered up to now was the field forces of the environment. Only looking at the system and disregarding the environment was actually responsible for all the limitations of our systems – even to the point that sometimes they didn’t work.

Each and every system will work differently in every environment. So in order to create specific effects you have to create forces in your system that, in their interaction with the given environment, will yield the desired effect.

This is very important to understand: the Universe is super complex and it functions very well on it’s own – without any human intervention. The Universe works inside the Universal Principle: all is geared always towards the well being of ALL. So it is a very wise ‘security measure’ of the Universe to allow only actions that do not disrupt the environment but enhance and evolve it. Look at it this way: the Universal field forces (Principal) coming from the Creator are unspecific energy packs, which can be turned into reality in interaction with the field forces of a given environment (Matter).

So we are not the feudal masters of the universe subjugating all else under our will or thumb. No, our job is actually to feel what is necessary for the evolution of the Universe and wishing just that. This explains the saying of wise guys like Jesus that you can only wish what is already there on a vibrational level! That means our wishes, the Transition, when they come from the head and are disconnected from the living reality, will have no effect – but if they come intuitively out of the present moment – to make it more fun, to make it more loveable, to evolve – they will supply the transitional force to tune the Principal energy packs to the force of the Matter environment. “You are the toy in the hands of the environmental conditions.”

So the purpose becomes very important: why are we doing what we are doing? What is our purpose? Remember Je Tsongkhapa who says that we could always ask ourselves if the action we want to pursue is for the good of ALL or just for the little me?

The KF has conducted Plasma experiments in agriculture in Mongolia this year and the harvest was significantly bigger But the teams complained that they never saw so many birds in the area and they of course were enjoying the harvest, too. They measured the harvest and found double or tripled volume; that means that the birds where eating so much that, without them, the harvest would have been six-fold! The conditioned greed led even the researchers complain about the birds, not understanding that the plasma interacted with the environment to create abundance for ALL – not only the for the ‘crown of evolution’!

You are what you wear – wear well!

We have learned that our Soul together with the mind decides which form the physical body will take in a given environment. The physicality is a chameleon it takes whatever form has been decided upon: The same Soul in the dimension of the brain of a monkey creates the body of a chimpanzee; in the size of the bird, she becomes a pigeon. It’s you who decides how the soul is covering itself according to the environment of his manifestation. On a plasmatic level it’s only a change of salt to change the physical manifestation.

Historians claim that Africa is the cradle of Humanity. That means we are originally all black guys and girls; and only because we wandered off into other magrav environments that the colour of our skin has changed – we are still blacks with a white make-up.

In America racism flares up in both directions: the white mob is beating the blacks up and the black mob the whites. With the power of the Soul, we could be able to change the skin colour of people. Imagine, what we could do! When we see a gang of white trash raping a black women, we could change the colour of her skin this very instant… then the woman would suddenly look like the sister or the mother of the rapist… imagine the shock! I think these guys will be healed for ever from violating helpless girls. Anyway race and colour have no meaning in the Universe.

In another example: a white man marries a black women and they have a child who is white – that’s not because of the ‘strength’ of the white man but because of the love of the black woman: “I love you, so I create the same as you for you”.

Who can commit suicide?

Suicide is the separation of two souls, the Collective Soul from the soul of physicality – against their natural timing; in other words: against their will.

Can your body decide to commit suicide?


Can your Soul decide to commit suicide?


It was the Soul who chose to enter in order to experience the thrill of the physical world.

So who decides?

It’s the same story over and over again. What we call the ‘soul of physicality’, Osho calls it ‘body mind system’ – it is a system composed of the body and the mind. The mind is what we call our personality, our ego, etc. Our mind can be in alignment with the Soul and the result will be a happy, thriving and satisfying life – or the mind can be in resistance to the Soul, which will lead to a life of insecurity, negativity, anger, anxiety. Such a life may degrade to a point where the same mind decides to separate the physical body from the Soul – just to shut it up, to no more hear her constant calling ‘come, come, yet again come’.

Remember in this context that what we call ‘mind’ is not only our conscious mind; it can be largely unconscious. For example anybody – asked whether he is compassionate and altruistic – will answer ‘of course I am compassionate and altruistic’ ; at the same time this person will never sign on to the Universal Principle that ‘We are here to serve and not to be served’… we just never thought about it… we are so busy all the time that we never really look… it was just unconscious, our regular bigotry.

Our Soul always wants to live in the Universal Principle and our ego never wants. This creates a gap, which may widen and deepen to a point where the ego decides to pull the plug…

The Language of the Soul

Everything in our universe is Plasma and Plasma is gravitational-magnetic fields. Conventionally they are measured in Tesla units (1 tesla = 20 000 x earth’s magnetic field). All entities in the universe have a magnetic field that can be measured. But all thins also have a soul and consequently have their proper magnetic field strength. We remember the image of the spiral which explains the plasma; the center representing the highest field strength and the periphery the weakest. On this image we see the same ‘hierarchy’:

  1. Our soul

  2. The soul of the Earth

  3. The soul of the Galaxy

  4. The soul of the Universe

  5. The soul of the Creator

You see that all these souls are arranged on the same spiral line; that signifies that all these different souls are not really different but just different aspects of the same collective soul, the soul of the Creator or the ONE-SOUL. All individual souls are therefore just different aspects of the One-Soul.

On the level of plasma, this seems evident; however on the material level we see each and everything and everybody as a discreet, separate entity. This atomistic view reflects in our languages. The languages which have arisen on this planet separate us; each of us is born in a certain culture with a certain language; and we don’t understand the languages of our neighbors.

On the other hand we know that babies communicate – first in the womb of the mother with the mother and when they are born with other babies, none of them speaking any language. They communicate beyond the physical language, they communicate by the soul.

On the soul level, all living beings can understand each other because they have the same soul. And we can feel the soul of the planet. The soul language is the universal language.

Your soul is the mirror image of the soul of the creator

extract from 204th KSW, Dec. 28 2017 @ 1hr12min.

Mr. Keshe is very very very poetic for a nuclear engineer! I had to reformulate his contribution to be able to understand it and to share my understanding with you all – I think this is a seminal text for he talks about the hub where we and the Creator meet.

Here it is – I highlighted the sequences of Mr. Keshe:

You don’t need prophets or gurus to be enlightened because you are already filled with the light of the Creator. Once you recognize this, you become the Creator of the light yourself.

Your soul is the mirror image of the Soul of the Creator.

That means that the Soul of the Creator is reflected in all of us, each one in his-her own beautiful way.

And that mirror is the physicality of the man.

We in our body are the reflection of the Soul of the Creator. If we wouldn’t be there, would the Creator ‘see’ his Soul? If we in our body are the reflection of the Soul of the Creator, the latter is in fact all there is; we are not an independent entity ‘on our own’ – were are the reflection; we do not exist ‘outside’ of Him. That is to say that we are one with the Creator, we do the wishing and He does the manifestation. The Creator without Man would not create, he would just dwell happily in his contentment – Man without the Creator would be wishing without ever getting a manifestation. To see the Creator as a God separate from us is a bad fallacy. This whole beautiful world is the co-creation: the creator-part contributes awareness and manifestation and we contribute interest and desire.

It depend how you tun the angle of that mirror. That how bright the light of the soul of the man will shine.

Yes, of course because we have a free will, we can resist awareness, deny any interest, repress any desire – and the manifestation will be the exact equivalent of our resistance: a bad trip!

That’s all.

The more you become aligned with the correct what I call ‘path of Life’, the more the Sun is in line with the sun of the soul of man and shines the same as the light of the Creator. The correct path of Life is not following some doctrine (of some prophet or guru, haha) or to renounce the physical world – the correct path seems to be the alignment between our thoughts (interest+desire) with awareness and the divine manifestations: our thoughts aligned with our desires+interest aligned with awareness lead to the manifestation of exactly what we want.

I made Man in the image of myself.’

How can the Creator create us – without our desire to have a physical form? It seems to me that the Creator and the reflection must be there since beginning-less time…

From 230the KSW today he adds: And then you say: is God within us, are we connected to? – you are made of it, you are part of it – is you who have denied your own existence. Don’t ever doubt in your own existence and the connection of the Creator.

nothing to add…

You need the mirror to see the image. And you need to have a mirror which is the physicality of the man to understand the position and the conduct of the soul of the Man in respect to his physicality and the soul of the Creator.

Yes, we can exactly check our alignment with the Creator in any moment, when we look at our emotions in the physical existence.

Blessed are those souls who understand.