Where our freedom lies

These teachings of the recent past, show us clearly the correlation between the our freedom – also on the physical plane – and the knowledge we have absorbed and integrated and not only accumulated like a stupid computer. The more we understand our creation and the creation of everything in the universe, the more control we have on our reality.

And we all have since ever all the knowledge of the Creator in our Soul because: “I have created everything in the image of myself”. We can only access and use knowledge that we were able to integrate to make part of ourselves. Or more accurately: the knowledge that we could manage to become part of. Unless our mind becomes the Perfect Servant of the Soul – we have no access. A shift of identity is required from the body-mind-system to the Soul. And we cannot DO this shift, we can only listen more and more to our Soul – through the feelings and emotions inside our body – and discover at some point that our identity has shifted from the physical me to the Soul!

It is the freedom of the man to understand the true process of creation and life.” MT Keshe

Light on the path of MT Keshe

M Keshe shared with us that he worked since the age of 8 to come into grips with gravity. Later on, in the university, he made his desire his profession. And then when he was around 40 it came to him as a sudden enlightenment and he thought “How could I manage not to see this for 40 years! It’s so obvious and so simple!

You don’t need to study because it will come to you when the time is right, when you have matured to the point.” MT Keshe

A precious hint for us to accelerate our own process to wake up – to enjoy and be grateful for every bit of the knowledge of the Creator that we can assimilate. And most of all – trust the process. We cannot force our enlightenment in any way. Simply because the Creator, the collective consciousness is the active part and we are the receptacle. Knowing that we are already enlightened on the fundamental level and that the moment when our enlightenment condenses on the material plane is the exact point when it fits the process of our maturity as well as the divine agenda.