The Emotional side of Space Travel

Contrary to conventional transport, where we consider only a body that takes up so much space and has such a weight, with teleportation by the Soul we need to take the whole person into account: the body, the emotions and feelings and the Soul of course. In short everything that makes up what we call ‘Me’.

On the other hand we observe in the universe how magnetic rays are changed; how they are bend for example near black holes. We are made of magnetic fields and teleportation works with magnetic rays – we can not only bend them but also break them up and do the whole spectrum of manipulations. So when we fly with our Soul we suspend the body-mind system and we need to reassemble the whole structure at the point of destination. Or in other words the technology has to be able to re-create the body-mind-Soul system entirely.

The GaNS approach

We used the GaNS to help healing damage that the physical body had suffered. For example when we applied GaNS water immediately to a burn of the skin, the condition was reversed rapidly and there were no signs of the burn. Why?

We know from Abraham Hicks and from Science of Eden, that we can prevent the development of symptoms all together. The trick is that we – right in the moment of the injury – see this part of our body as healthy and well. We get burned but right away as fast as possible we stop the normal belief sequence: Fire+Hand=ouch!

Instead we immediately visualize the affected body part as totally healthy, painless and well. That means we change the emotion from “oh no! That hurts! I burned myself” into Ah I am so happy that my hand is perfectly healthy and in excellent shape!”

On the other hand if we don’t don’t interfere with our divine consciousness and let our mind have it’s habitual way – the memory of ‘being burned’ will force the body to develop pain and symptoms.

The application of GaNS water comes a little later; the mind has already created the pain and is about to develop the symptoms. But now the GaNS water also touches the emotions: it creates an energetic situation where the Soul has more access to the body and together they can stop the development of the symptoms because they are totally able to restore any part of the body 10-17x/second. In this context, it would be super good if we would cultivate the habit to feel the effect of the GaNS on our emotional self instead of just waiting for the pain to go away!

This is actually the same situation that we create directly with our consciousness when we replace the action of the nonconstructive memory sequence with an impulse from our structured consciousness.

Both work on the emotional level to remove the cause of the physical symptoms of damage which is the memory coming from the collective (un-)conscious – so at least the pain is stopped and there will be no development of scars. Both are producing an action of ‘calm down the mind’, de-energize the memory so no further symptoms. We know that the feelings and emotions are the communication interface between the Soul and the soul of physicality and the body.

This makes the paramount importance of the emotional side very obvious: the GaNS processing, as well as what Abraham and Grigori teach us, basically decides on whether or not symptoms of damage will occur. That obviously means, they decide which reality will be perceived by us; or in other words – feelings and emotions are creating our reality.

Concerning teleportation, the new flight system will create the same condition of ‘calming down the mind’. Now we understand how we create our reality via our emotions. Changes on the emotional level are changes on the plasmatic level and they will provoke the corresponding changes on the matter level.

To become true gods

So at this point of the teaching we understand that it’s not about copying plasmatic fields. In order to materialize and transport things and us by plasma (Soul), we have to have the understanding of how to manipulate and create the fields of objects and people.

In order to create and use the flight systems we have to be able to create the fundamental plasma”. (Which subsequently will materialize on the matter level)

When we integrate this science into the systems, then it’s not about the body of the man anymore, it’s about man as a plasma, man as informational light.” MT Keshe

We have learned so far the all matter is created by the interaction of 3 components:

  1. Unspecific energy packs from the centre of the Unicos
  2. The given environment
  3. The purpose or the wish of our our Soul/the Soul of the Creator.

In this system, the energy packs and the environment can be considered as constants and the wish of our Soul/Creator works as the variable deciding upon the force of the “fundamental plasma”, the magnetic ray.

Up to now our collective belief systems have forced us to believe that our wish has no role in the creation of reality. We believed that we endure reality in the sense that we only can use our talents to make the best out of an otherwise given situation. Now we slowly come into grips with the fact that we actually – consciously or not – are the creator of the reality we are living in. Inside of us and outside of us.

Here another piece of knowledge from the Science of Eden, that can illuminate this point a little more: we are talking about the force-lines of time that each element is created with. During it’s entire lifespan, the element follows it’s force-line of time. They are comparable to a melody specific to an individual element. Conventionally we thought them unchangeable; like the destiny of the element. But actually they aren’t.

We can influence the direction, force etc of these force lines – as soon as we able to take a position next to the Creator, gaining access to the same powers and possibilities. By influencing the force-lines of time, we can create and change principle or fundamental plasma. And by doing this we are able to control the creation and normalization on the matter level.

So in order to understand and use the technology implemented in the flight units, we need to get us to that place of the divine co-creator, so we can create the principle plasma that in interaction with the environment will condense into matter.

Naturally the force-lines of time of each element are interacting with the force-lines of all other elements. Without our mental interference, the interactions of all elements is to the norm and harmonic. We could therefore compare this interplay with the partitions of a symphony. And in this symphony we are neither any particular instrument, nor are we the conductor but the composer – together with the Creator of course.

This seems to good example because a symphony is not composed by the rational mind – the composer hears the symphony while composing it and his feeling tells him if the chosen sequence is right or wrong.

How to create the balance between the Soul and the Soul of physicality?

This question had been asked by Salomea.

Partially through the emotion of man and detachment and the understanding of it. This coherence comes with a lot of knowledge of the Creator that is given freely to you and you take according to your intelligence” MT Keshe

And to assimilate the knowledge doesn’t need a PhD or any degree, any one, even uneducated by the system, can understand the knowledge because it is freely given by the Creator. Assimilating doesn’t mean accumulating knowledge like a computer; it means that the knowledge you truly understand, changes you, liberates you. The more we want to know, the more we can assimilate and the more we can assimilate, the more we want to know. Its an upward spiral. We can say the possibility to assimilate happens on the emotional level; it is proportional to how much we are based on Love.

The Universal Flight Enhancement Spaceship Unit

This unit can be used to fly physically, but it’s real use is to enable the flight via the Soul. W hen you enter the flight system, you may see a light – this is the materialization of the interaction of your Soul with the fields of the unit – and the proof that the system is functioning.

Remember that the real profound purpose of this unit is that we allow your Soul to be with you in the dimension of the physicality; for you get to know yourself better – that you get to know the Creator better.

The new flight enhancement system is not just for the freedom of the flight – it is for the freedom of the Soul of the Man. So each individual on this planet will have the same opportunity to elevate his Soul to the level of the knowledge of the Creator. MT Keshe

Waking and dream-states

The Universal Enhancement Units create a situation equivalent to our dream/sleep state. In what we call “waking state” the soul of physicality (mind, personality, ego) controls the interactions of the Soul with the body/surrounding reality; and the Soul is like a bird in a cage.

When we dream, the mind with his control is asleep, so the Soul reaches with her fields beyond the boundaries of the body, thus interacting and controlling what we call reality. In this state the bird of the Soul is out of the cage and free to roam and interact directly with the elements she wants to.

The Universal Enhancement units reinforce the fields of the Soul so they will reach over the body-mind system. Or in other words: the system creates an emotional situation where our free will is only too happy to agree to handing over the control to the Soul. And in this state the body is not controlled anymore by the mind but by the Soul. So it can be temporarily suspended by the Soul, for example, for teleportation, direct communication/communion with other souls, etc. Things we may remember from our dreams.

Is time travel possible ?

The question was about the possibility to travel to a point in the past. M Keshe answered the question with a clear “no” on the matter level, because time as a linear function of past, present and future is a mental concept, which may have its value on the matter level but no significance on the fundamental level.

However, all that is contained in what we call past is inside our memory, is part of our “space of thought”. So by accessing a certain memory, we can access all the information about a past event.

Why did god create male and female?

He didn’t. He only created different fields, which later on we called male and female. If he would have created identical fields, there would have been no interaction and consequently no creation. Then we would be dead entities in a static universe. In order to create LIFE you have to have different fields; this is the only way to initiate interaction.

Spacetravel – more details for the 6th of June

As we know the KF offers a trip to the moon and back on June 6 this year. Here are some more details about this trip.

Although the KFSSI Space Flight System is quite small compared to conventional air liners, its passenger capacity is unlimited. It can take as much passengers as there are wishing to travel. How is that possible?

The moment a person enters the space ship, the fields inside the unit will enable the conversion of the human system from the matter level to the fundamental or Soul level. When the passenger agrees to it, his/her body will be suspended and the “flight” will happen on the Soul level.

The agreement of the passenger will make him part of the flight group. This means that his Soul, together with the Souls of his fellow passengers will create a collective Soul. This collective Soul will be acting like the “captain of the ship”. The collective captain Soul is not authoritarian – deciding on the direction and trajectory etc. The collective Soul is composed from the individual Souls who retain their integrity.

Anyway the captain could not never impose himself as on the Soul level everything works only for the “Good for All”. So both affirmations are true: the collectivity of the passengers decides and controls the flight and the collective Soul makes the decisions. And, like the role of the captain, these decisions are not top-down either: they are the natural product of the interactions of all individual Souls with all other elements of the flight, including the Soul of the destination. The group will for example actually fly to the moon because each of the passenger Souls wishes it and the moon as well is happy to receive them.

So it looks like that the whole project of the trip, seen from the passengers, revolves around trust. It seems that all passengers have to totally trust the collective captain Soul. But of course only on the level of conventional understanding, where the collective Soul is perceived as “another entity”, separated from me, to which I have to submit. Fortunately that’s entirely NOT the case – rather we can image the travel crew like a perfect, well tuned symphonic orchestra, were every one is happy to play his part because he loves the musical peace and wants to give his very best for everyone to have an elevating experience. In this case the so called director is the “incarnation” of the vision of each of the instrumentalists. His job is to make sure that each player has the space to give his best! He is there to serve the players as well as the whole audience.

Of course on the Soul level there are other rules – there are no passports and tickets and sanitary passes and all that. On the fundamental level only exist the universal laws, like “each one is joyously motivated to help maintaining the well being and the harmonious evolution of ALL”. The “Good for All” in other words.

It is actually not a flight in the sense of covering a certain distance in a certain time – it is rather that the collective Soul of the passengers will direct her attention to the moon and the whole assembly will be there the same moment.

And now comes the tricky part. Our physical appearance on the point of destination, our “reincarnation” will take the shape and form according to the environmental conditions of the destination; the inertia of the destination. But the environment is not only the physical space with its components. Environments are full of living beings as well!

The Buddha had already a vision of that, when he thought us that, as soon as we will have become a Buddha ourselves, we will appear in a multitude of places simultaneously with the wish to help others. As the environment determines our shape, and our motive is compassion, we will of course appear in a shape that is pleasing to the person that wants our help. That means our destination body will not necessarily be what WE want, but how the Soul we are visiting wishes to perceive us. We will appear as the other sees or needs us.

As our appearances will always be to the norm, we cannot have a shape that is coming out of an unstructured mind, but out of the persons divine consciousness. For example a person maybe very much afraid, needing love and reassurance. In this case we will not appear as a monster but as a loving angel.

Because, on the fundamental level there cannot be evil entities, malevolent bandits or corrupted governments… there can only be blessed peaceful Souls! And as the needs of the people change, our shape will change, too. And that may be happening so often, that after a while we will completely forget what we “originally” looked like!

And there is another twist to it: We can look at what we call environment with it’s inertia as the collective Soul of all the elements of that environment. We know that we are all reciprocally connected to each element of all the universes and specially of the particular environment we happen to be in. The reciprocity of these connections makes it that our appearance will be a mixture of what our Soul wants but also of what all the other Souls connected to us wish.

To appear in different places at the same time does not necessarily lead to a schizophrenic situation; in the sense that there is one “real me” and all the others ar fake mirages. It is not a question of the matter level but a question of how much information our consciousness can treat, or how fast our thoughts are. Our reference point will be always our Soul and she knows and controls perfectly all possible physical shapes.

It is like when we do our practices with the Science of Eden – we can be fully grounded in our body in the place we sit and at the same time we are aware of the voice of Hélène and of a place at the end of the horizon and of the element we would like to normalize or materialize. So in this example we are in 4 places at the same time!

And, as M Keshe told us, there is a possibility for “unreal incarnations” or “unreal appearances”. He said that many of the stars we see in the night sky, are reflections and not the real star. They may be like a fata morgana or a mirage.

Wikipedia explains mirages like this: The optical phenomenon occurs because rays of light bend when they pass through air layers of different temperatures in a steep thermal inversion (warm air layer on top of a cold one) where an atmospheric duct has formed. An atmospheric duct acts like a refracting lens, producing a series of both inverted and erect images.

But these mirages can only be appearing on the physical level. And through our Soul we know that they have no connection to us. So no problem!

At the end of his teaching session M Keshe made a quite strange comment: Tomorrow there is another christmas for the orthodox church. And tomorrow some of you may experience flight through the Soul. There is a reason for it and time will tell”.

You are not alone

The video is here

This story made me cry the first time I read it in Charles Eisenstein’s book, “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible” and every time I have read it since.

Because to me, it is a true story. Whether actually true or metaphorically true, doesn’t matter, because for our consciousness imagination and what we see with our fleshly eyes is the same!

It is time for us to come together. To gather, to rise, to love, to LIVE! You are not alone. I promise you, you are not alone. Thank you to Aldous Massie (@aldousmassie) for the beautiful animations and illustrations and Jon Hopkins (@jonhopkins) for the incredible score of the film, featuring @vylanamarcus.

Here is the transcript story “A gathering of the tribe”:

Once upon a time a great tribe of people lived in a world far away from ours. Whether far away in space or in time or even outside of time – we do not know. They lived in a state of enchantment and joy, that few of us today dare to believe could exist. Except in those exceptional peak experiences where we glimpse the true potential of life and mind.

One day the elders of the tribe called a meeting. They gathered around and one of them spoke very solemnly: My friends, she said, there is a world that needs our help. It is called earth and its fate hangs in the balance. Its humans have reached a critical point in their collective birthing; the same point our own planet was at 1 million years ago. And they will be stillborn without our help.

Who would like to volunteer for a mission to this time and place and render service to humanity?”

Tell us more about the mission”, they asked.

It is no small thing. Our shaman will put you into a deep deep trance, so complete that you will forget who you are. You will live a human life and in the beginning you will completely forget your origins. You will forget even our language and your own true name. You will be separated from the wonder and beauty of our world and the ocean of love that surrounds us all. You will miss it deeply – yet you will be unable to name what you are missing.

You will remember the love and beauty that we know to be normal only as a longing in your heart. Your memory will take the form of an intuitive knowledge as you plunge into the painfully marred earth, that a more beautiful world is possible.

As you grow up in that world, your knowledge will be under constant assault. You will be told in a million ways that a world of destruction, violence, drudgery, anxiety and degradation is normal. You may go through a time when you are completely alone with no allies to affirm your knowledge of a more beautiful world. You may plunge into the depth of despair that we in our world of light cannot imagine.

But no matter what, the spark of knowledge will never leave you; a memory of your true origin will be encoded in your DNA. That spark will lie within you inextinguishable; until one day it’s awakened.

You see? Even though you will feel for a time utterly alone, you will not be alone. We will send you assistance, help that you will experience as miraculous experiences, that you will describe as transcendent. These will fan that spark into a flame for a few moments or hours or days. You will reawaken to the beauty and the joy that is meant to be. You will see it on earth. For even though the planet and its people are deeply wounded, there is beauty and harmony there still. Projected from past and future onto the present as a promise of what is possible and a reminder of what is real.

After that glimpse, the flame may die down into an ember again as the routines of normal life there swallow you up. But after each awakening, they will seem less normal and the story of that world will seem less real. The ember will glow brighter. When enough embers do that, they will all burst into flame together and sustain each other because remember you will not be there alone!

As you begin to awaken to your mission you will meet others of our tribe. You will recognize them by your common purpose values and intuitions and by the similarity of the paths you have walked.

As the condition of the planet earth reaches crisis proportions, your paths will cross more and more. The time of loneliness the time of thinking you might be crazy will be over. You will find the people of your tribe all over the earth and become aware of them through the long-distance communication technologies used on that planet.

But the real shift, the real quickening, will happen in face-to-face gatherings; when many of you gather together. You will launch a new stage on your journey. A journey that I assure you will end where it begins right now. Then the mission that lay unconscious within you, will flower into consciousness. Your intuitive rebellion against the world presented to you as normal will become an explicit quest to create a more beautiful one.”

A woman said: Tell me more about the time of loneliness that we might prepare for it.”

The elder said: In the time of loneliness you will always be seeking to reassure yourself that you are not crazy you will do that by telling people all about what is wrong with the world and you will feel a sense of betrayal when they don’t listen to you. You might hunger for stories of wrongness atrocity and ecological destruction; all of which confirm the validity of your intuition that a more beautiful world exists.

But after you have fully received the help we will send you and the quickening of your gatherings, you will no longer need to do that because you will know your energy will thereafter turn toward actively creating that more beautiful world.”

A tribe’s woman asked: How do you know this will work? Are you sure our shaman’s powers are great enough to send us on such a journey?”

The elder replied: I know it will work because he has done it many times before. Many have already been sent to earth to live human lives and to lay the groundwork for the mission you will undertake now. He’s been practicing. The only difference now is that many of you will venture there at once.

What is new in the time you will live in, is that you will gather in critical mass and will each awaken the other to your mission. The flame you will generate will kindle the same spark that lies in every human being. For in truth each one is from a tribe like ours. The whole galaxy and beyond is converging on earth. For never before has a planet journeyed so far into separation and made it back again. Those of you who go will be part of a new step in cosmic evolution.”

The tribesmen asked: Is there a danger we will become lost in that world and never wake up from the shamanic trance? Is there a danger that the despair, the cynicism and the pain of separation will be so great that it will extinguish the spark of hope? The spark of our true selves and that we will be separated from our beloved ones forever?”

The elder replied: That is impossible. The more deeply you get lost, the more powerful the help we will send you. You might experience it at the time as a collapse of your personal world, the loss of everything important to you. Later you will recognize the gift within it. We will never abandon you.”

Another man asked: Is it possible that our mission will fail and that this planet earth will perish?”

The elder replied: I will answer your question with a paradox: It is impossible that your mission will fail – yet its success hangs on your own actions. The fate of the world is in your hands. The key to this paradox lies within you; in the feeling you carry that each of your actions, even your personal secret struggles do have cosmic significance. You will know then as you know now, that everything you do matters.

There were no more questions. The volunteers gathered in a circle and the shaman went to each one. The last thing each was aware of was the shaman blowing smoke in his or her face. They entered a deep trance and dreamed themselves into the world where we find ourselves today…

(the scene switches from the animation into a TV studio, where Charles Eisenstein and Jon Hopkins sit before their microphones: “Here we are… yeah… here we are, here we are.”

(the scene switches again to your home, where you sit with your family and friends, watching this video.): Yeah, here we are, here we are…

Space Travel and Transportation

The memory of things

On the matter level we transport material entities and at the same time we know what we are sending and receiving. So we are transporting things on the matter level and the memory of things on the transition level. In reality both of them are interchangeable; the memory is equal to the material thing. It references it as clearly as the matter state information (shape, weight, appearance, material, dimensions, colour, etc).

However the material characteristics are on the rational mind level, while the characteristics on the transition level are feelings and emotions. A package of 45cm x 30cm x 15cm which weights 5.8kg and contains an electrical Drill produced by Makita carrying the serial number…. becomes: “I am excited to receive the drill machine, so my work will be much faster and more precise; I chose a manufacturer whose products are durable in time, I won’t have to worry about any malfunction or breaking down; I just love the blue colour of the machine; to have this tool will boost my creativity a lot!…”

That’s why we can transport and transmute things on the matter level, by “snail mail” and instantaneously on the fundamental level as the plasmatic or informational light signature of the thing.

All things on the matter level are composed of plasma or informational light. And all elements are interconnected with all other elements. Each element is a living thing, endowed with intelligence. This connectivity creates a web of Love, a web of informational light, where each part “knows” its relation and position in respect to all other parts.

All elements are also connec ted to us via the Core of Events, which is part of our divine consciousness. The links between the core of events and all the elements are dedicated uni-directional Information Channels in pairs: one channel is coming from an element to the core of events and the other one is leading from the core of events to the element.

Micro- and Macro-systems

Therefore we don’t need to know with our rational mind, that this particular cell is in such and such a place inside the liver and that is the tip of a hair growing in the back of the head… we don’t need to map out our whole physical body in all its details to be able to re-materialize it at the destination of our travel.

Plasma Science teaches us that our body is composed on the lowest level of protons, electrons and neutrons; each of them having a soul. These tiny entities combine themselves in atoms and molecules; thereby creating a collective Soul. Then the molecules combine to amino acids, to cells, to organs and finally to the whole body; on each step of more complexity creating a new collective soul.

Each element being part of a collective Soul strives to maintain the homeostasis of it.

The Science of Eden calls constituent parts micro-system and the bigger part macro-system. These terms are relative: for example our body is a macro-system composed of micro-systems on the cellular level. At the same time can each cell be seen as a macro-system with the different molecular micro-systems.

Each micro-system is connected to the core of events inside our divine consciousness and at the same time connected to all the other micro-systems of the same macro-system. This double connection makes sure that the all the micro-systems know their place and function through their connection to the macro-system they belong to. The homeostasis is the regulatory structure controlling this in the dynamic and intelligent way of living structures. On the other hand do the connections to our core of events allow us to know and influence all the micro-systems.

The DNA and RNA of magrav fields

All information of every existing element is stored inside the structure in which it lives. This works like a plasmatic memory bank or a memory bank of informational light. We could also say that these memory banks are the DNA and RNA of the constituent magrav fields of an element.

As we, too, are elements of the universe, the same applies of course to our body-mind-Soul-system. Therefore the soul accesses the memory when it comes into a new environment. As this memory is connected to all elements of all times, the Soul knows how other elements have managed a physical shape in this environment and thus is able to determine the most appropriate shape based on the real life data of this memory bank.

The magrav memory is emotional

The information contained in the magrav memory bank cannot be handled as discrete informational bits, like a computer – this is way to slow, because the memory capacity is completely insufficient. The adequate medium can only be symbolic and/or emotional.

So when we want to transport elements on the Soul level, we have to use the emotions and feelings used by the Soul to control these processes – they have the highest information treatment level.

Consequently in order to use this knowledge for transportation and transmutation, we need to be familiar with the emotions the Soul uses to control our internal and external life.

When humanity wants to go beyond the UFOs and other flying objects carrying the physical body, transportation and transmutation need to use the emotions of the gravitational-magnetic fields, the emotions of the Soul.

The biggest thing man has to understand is the emotion in relation to the field strength and not to the physicality.MT Keshe

What are feelings and emotions of the Soul?

They are like feelings and emotions on the physical plane. Here we know that feelings can be likened to colours. For example the colour green is calming, the colour red more alarming, blue is relaxing and so on. But we can also directly feel them.

Connect to our Soul

So the next step would be to train ourselves in perceiving these colours; and we will be able to get there by being able to connect to our Soul. We have to learn to recognize the emotions of the Soul. In a way we could say that we have to become literate in the emotions of the Soul.

A good technique to contact the Soul is proposed by the Science of Eden:

  1. We start by putting ourselves in the appropriate state of mind to control reality – a state of alert relaxation (we feel our breathing, we feel our heartbeat and the blood circulating through our whole body, we feel our body as one entity, we equilibrate our emotions and the energy currents flowing through our body).
  2. Now we simply and easily connect to our Soul by our intention: “Now I want to connect to you, my Soul”. With every out-breath we are diving deeper into the Soul.
  3. Then simply and easily we ask our Soul to help us see her emotions and feelings: “Now I want to feel the feelings like you do”.
  4. Then we choose an event and wait what feelings are coming into our perception. We don’t expect anything specific, we are just present to see whatever comes from our Soul.

Detachment from the physical emotions

At the same time, we need to become detached from the emotions of the physicality in order to see the emotional signature of elements and events as the Soul sees them. We remember that detachment is not the same as repression: we allow all feelings to be there, we don’t repress them but we don’t allow them to monopolize our attention. Because oftentimes the physical feelings and emotions – like the ego – take up all the space thus preventing us to access the more subtle feelings of the Soul.

Why can’t we see and hear our Soul? “We have created the blockage not to hear and not to see” MT Keshe. So that means that we just have to relax our not-allowing, we have to let go of our tendency to control everything.

We can maybe better understand the difference between physical emotions and emotions of the Soul in the sense that physical emotions are intimately linked to our ego and personality. They imply our judgment, desire and conditioning as they often come from the unstructured part of our consciousness: we like this or that because it pleases us and we don’t like the others because they make us afraid.

The emotions of the Soul, on the other hand are more like pure awareness without any judgment and other involvement on our part – we simply see what appears. The emotions of the Soul see the other first – unbiased. For example we can feel if the other Soul is in a state of giving or is needing something or that she wants to love us and so on.

Helpful propositions?

Various spiritual schools propose to use special “organs” like the pineal gland and the 3rd eye as stepping stones towards the Soul. “Why would we need to connect to the third eye, if we can access the Soul directly?” MT Keshe and Grigori Grabovoï.

Then how about rituals and mantras; can they help us on the way? “You have to go inside yourself and you’ll see that all you need is already there” MT Keshe. In a sense rituals and mantras come from the middle man between us, our Soul and the Creator. Often these techniques become permanent, preventing us to advance. At the end of the day it’s always only us.

There is a danger with all these “helpful techniques”; that we get stuck with the help and don’t progress anymore because our lazy mind will say: “You know I am doing already what some authority has given me as a help; I do it religiously every day; exactly as I have been told to”. Meanwhile forgetting completely the goal – to remember the oneness with our Soul and the Creator.

Better to go straight to the source – as you have read above it’s easy and anybody can do it!