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It’s us, who can fail or succeed according to our own ‘path of belief’.     Mehran T. Keshe

The commandments below are what Moses claims he brought down with him. They came about through the interaction of the Soul of Moses with the Soul of the Creator (our collective soul). Moses  never carved the stones with all 24 commandments, but only with 12. From the 12 that were written down, he afterwards cut by himself 2, remaining only with the 10 which he delivered. He got rid off two more because he could not live up to them 😉

Perhaps these are not really commandments, but qualities that we would have the moment we understand that we are ONE with everybody and everything and God… (aviram)

The 10 commandments delivered by Moses

  1. I am the Lord Your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
  2. You shall have no other gods beside Me. You shall not make for yourself any graven image, nor any manner of likeness, of anything that is heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them, nor serve them, for I, the Lord Your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.
  3. You shall not take the name of the Lord Your God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that takes His name in vain.
  4. Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labour, and do all your work; but the seventh day is a Sabbath unto the Lord Your God, in it you shall not do any manner of work, you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your man-servant, nor your maid-servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger that is within your gates; for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested on the seventh day. Wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day, and made it holy.
  5. Honour your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord God gives you.
  6. You shall not murder.
  7. You shall not commit adultery.
  8. You shall not steal.
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.
  10. You shall not covet your neighbour’s house, nor his wife, his man-servant, his maid-servant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is your neighbour’s.


You can find the collection of commandments here

 There are commandments in all world religions. Why? Because the religions have been designed by the priests to be a tool in controlling and exploiting people. In this sense Marx’s slogan that “religion is the opium of the people” has a lot of truth in it.

Here’s a comparative table of the commandments of 3 of the major religions:

Looking at the table we see how similar they are…

Now let’s look at the commandments without the bias from the religions, let’s look at them as suggestions that may help us getting closer to our Soul. We know already that the Soul is following a one and only law which is the Universal Principle: Everything we think or do shall be for the good of All or We are here to serve. That principle is complete in itself and does not need to be split in so many ways to show us how living for the good of all is applied to each and every sector of our life.

What we try to do here is a reconstruction of the original commandments before the manipulation of Moses. This corrupt prophet has for example deliverd only 10 of the original 14. Of course it is most important that you find your interpretation based on your knowledge of these ‘commandments’; remember that your understanding is not a fixed state but a process!

Last week we spoke about the difference between knowing and understanding; we found that understanding is much deeper to the point that it can change who we are. We can use knowing or understanding to get ourselves having the right conduct.

The path of knowing is for slow speed thinkers. On the path of knowing you have to follow a commandment to be a good guy, to enter paradise or heaven. You don’t need to understand the commandment, you only have to follow it. The commandment asks you to repress bad behavior. It suggests that people who follow the 10 commandments get to heaven in christianity and islam or to nirvana in hinduism or to enlightenment in Buddhism. There seems to be no statistical evidence for this. If you read the life stories of enlightened people, none of them reached that state by obeying commandments.

Repression does not overcome bad behavior – it reinforces it.

Understaning does. On the path of understanding the word ‘commandment’ seems awkward: a commandment (somebody commanding you to obey) on the level of slow speed thinking becomes something like a fact on the level of high speed thinking:

The commandment “Thou shalt not commit adultry” becomes “If you are enlightened, the very idea of adultry doesn’t occur to you any more”. On the low speed level you are constantly fighting against a tendency you have, whereas on the high speed level you simply are beyond. The transit between them is understanding.

You can take any commandment and think it through with your own thinking.

  1. I am the Lord Your God.

Imagine you are in the crowd below Moses who has taken an elevated position. How to would you feel when he says to all of you: “I am the Lord your God! You shall have no other gods beside Me, neither shall you make any idols in the form of anything.”??? – now the cat’s out of the bag!

If you have understood that “God” is an avatar or another word for Source, Universal Soul, Soul of the Creator, the Beloved. If you have also understood that the Universal Soul is inside you; you are part of her and she is part of you, you live in what was called “living in the presence of God. Why would He need to introduce himself to you?

But the atmosphere changes when you reformulate:

  1. You, my Soul, are my mother and my father; please guide me.

The Soul is balancing all out

As we have understood that God is not an entity but a state of being available to all of us. So what we formerly called “God” we now call our Universal Soul. This our Soul is the only judge of our behaviour in the material world. Caroline brought the metaphor of a savings account. The Soul is always balancing out what we are doing on the material plane. She leaves us complete freedom whatever we are thinking, saying or doing.

Yet all our actions have consequences on the level of Reality, the Soul level: whenever we are doing something that is contradicting the Universal Principle, our Soul will balance it out. If our behaviour is ethical, within the Universal Principle, one Dollar is added to our account and when we have been tolerating a lie or lied ourselves, a Dollar is taken away.

The commandments ‘forgotten’ by Moses  😉

XI. Thou shalt not lie

Initially Moses was given 22 commandments. And in the process of running his affair, he delivered 12 and he destroyed the other 10 because he could not live up to them…” (M.Keshe)

Maye Moses was never given anything – it was all a setup to manipulate us in consenting to serve ‘selflessly’ Moses’ desires.

Here are some comments shared by knowledge seekers around the globe:

Richard: “You can’t lie to your Soul”

Mosfeq: “Soul is always there trying to communicate, even in subtle ways; the mind can distort the messages of the soul – and that would be a lie.”

Krasmir: “We have to distinguish between lying to your self and lying to others”

Jalal: “Lying is the path of hell”

Eckmar: “Only telling the whole truth is not lying”

Estella: “Truth comes from knowing. Knowing is connection to the plasma field. Truth comes from inner connection to our soul.”

Carolina: “If you set the others and yourself free, there is no need to lie because there is no need to hide things and motives”

Sandor: “It is easier to catch a liar than a limping dog”

Peggy: “What a tangled web we weave, when we first start to deceive; it costs us way more energy to keep up complicated lies than to live simply in the truth”

Rick: “Look me directly in my eyes, and tell me the truth – the truth is as bright as the sun”

Hassan (after M.Keshe): “Lying means stealing from your physicality what is given freely from your soul for you to elevate”

Aviram: “You tell the truth when your intent is to create the same image in the mind of another person as you have in your own mind. Lying comes from manipulating others into consenting that you fulfil your desire at their expense”

XII. Thou shalt be equal to others and do not consider thyself higher or lower than them.

Pete : We are all made in the image of the creator, so we cannot be higher or lower.

Klaus : Men must face their attitudes regarding women.

Gatua: All souls are pure, thus they are all equal. Only the physical man – one who sees physicality as important – can consider himself or herself superior to others. Those whole souls are elevated understand that all souls are equal, as they came from the same source.

Jalal: A child and an old man have the same source.

Lorinc: Each body is an expression of a Soul in a specific environment. The soul has chose her way to experience. In the universe we judge each other by the strength of the Soul, not the appearance as cloth as dictated by the environment. The strength of the Soul is expressed as a function of how many souls the given Soul serves. In Soul as Soul of the Creator we are all equal and one. The principal is always the same.

Aviram: We are not equal in all levels except the soul – we are women, men, children, animals, plants, small, big, colorful or transparent… our differences make this Universe so colorful and our journey so delightful! Only in respect to our soul are we ONE because there is only ONE SOUL, the Soul of the Creator, who is God inside us.

XIII. The man feeds his loved ones as well as his enemies.

By aviram, Plasma-Laurentides

Have you noticed that this sentence does not say : ‘Thou shalt not do this or that…’ but states a fact : ‘The man feeds his loved ones as well as his enemies’? This seems to corroborate the idea that we are not talking about commandments, that you should follow (blindly?) but we are talking about statements, about descriptions of the man when he lives his full potential.

So what kind of man feeds his loved ones as well as his enemies?

This would be a man or a woman who has no judgment – you are my friend, you are my enemy. He or she loves all the beings equally and unconditionally.

This would be a man or a woman who came to understand that he is only ONE, that he is a Plasma. A Plasma that naturally gives and receives without any condition – like the sun shines on any body. He or she does not have any concept of friend or enemy: he or she looks at any face and sees only God, the Universe, Existence… He or she understands that being a Plasma, one is part of the intricate web of Life, interdependent with every thing or being, giving and taking always freely without any consideration or thought.

This would be a man or a woman who is very clear of what he wants: happiness! And having that direction always in the mind, he will simply not care about others in the sense of what they think, their opinion, their beliefs or how they react or behave towards him… he will surf the wave of unconditional happiness so selfishly… he will take always gratefully and he will give always freely because nothing belongs to him, he is such a smooth canal where everything passes unhindered and nothing ever gets stuck… he is thriving and with him everything thrives!

Hi everybody, we had a power outage this morning so I could not participate in the life broadcast of this session. However, I like very much to share my ideas about the 3 commandments dealt with in this session:

XIV Thou shalt not rape

According to Mr Keshe, all these commandments do not address primarily the physical plane but our relationship to our soul; more precisely the relationship between the mind and the soul. In this line of thought ‘Thou shalt not rape’ of cause means, no men should impose sex on anybody.

But in connection to the soul, it could mean: do not impose the will or your beliefs that your mind may have on your soul. When do we impose the will of our mind on our soul? Whenever we disturb the peace: for example whenever we retaliate a perceived aggression, whenever we want to force our will, whenever we want to satisfy our desires at the expense of others…

XV Thou shalt not judge any other person; neither shall you allow to be judged by them.

When we live in harmony or in synchronicity with our soul, naturally we will not judge anybody and the judgment anybody may have towards us, we will not consider it. Only as long as we live by our mind, as long as we try to satisfy the me, me, me – will we judge others (for our own mistakes and shortcomings) and be vulnerable towards their judgment.

XVI Thou shalt not touch or carry no arms to defend or to kill another

This evidently dissuades us against the intention to solve any conflict by force and violence – it not only doesn’t permit arms of aggression but also arms to defend our selves… what is this ‘self’? If it is the divine soul, we know we cannot be harmed and killed; but if it is the body or our personality (the little ‘me’), then we will always see ourselves being attacked, and we always will be tempted to defend our possessions violently.

And : It is important not to jump ahead of yourself. As long as we don’t have the experience to be an immortal soul, we should act according to the best we can – even if a ‘commandment’ asks you not to use weapons for self defense… I feel it is human to defend your loved ones and your life in the face of imminent danger 😉

XVII Thou shalt be at Peace with yourself, with thy neighbor and any tribe

Again this cannot be a commandement, because if you are not in peace with yourself, a commandment will not change that… but you can be hypocrite about it and pretend that there is peace where there isn’t. So this is definitely not a short-term commandment but maybe a long-term one? We can have the general orientation that we will have a more happy life if there is peace inside us. What does ‘Peace inside us’ mean? Well, when we don’t have peace inside, we have conflict inside, we don’t have one direction, we have many. We do know that we can only follow one direction at a time. Many directions show themselves in our language when we say ‘yes, but…’. We would like to do this, but then we cannot… bla, bla, bla’. So in this sense inner peace comes when we deliberately stick to what we want and stop being bothered by reasons and opinions of others. Considering always that pursuing what we want does not imply any harm to others!

When we follow this ‘discipline’ for some time, we may find that we are clear, quiet, decided, unwavering, firm, enthusiastic, happy. Now in this state of mind it is very easy to be in peace also with our neighbors, and other groups, because we grand them the same deliberate freedom to follow what they want.

XVIII Thou shalt be the the river of life and love.

If we have inner peace, what do we do? How does the life of someone who has inner peace look like? He follows his desires, he fine tunes them, he is in wonder about the way the Universe (Plasma, God) always finds surprising ways to provide us with what we want and to teach us how to desire. A person like this is swimming with great abandonment in the river of life and love to a point where she or he disappears into that river, becoming that river!

XIX Thou shalt not accept any other path except the path of your soul to her creator

We feel that ‘your’ soul and ‘my’ soul and the soul of the Creator are one. Seduced by the habitual separations we make in the dualistic material world, we may imagine that we have a soul separate from the One, from the soul of the Creator. This doesn’t look like a reality but a fallacy 😉

So the path from your soul to the soul of the Creator is actually the path within, the path your mind has to make to get in touch with the soul. And that is not a path in the conventional sense either, because it is not about moving away from where you are to a place where the soul is. The soul is the center of every thing and every one; but our mind can have the false belief that it is separate from the Creator, Existence, the Universe or God. It is just like a child that can only experience to be separated from the mother on the physical level; on the essential level no child can be unmothered or a mother unchilded!

So the path to the soul is not a movement, not a path but a process of disillusionment; disillusionment is not an action but the collapse of an illusion after one had an understanding. The moment we have understood that our soul is the Creator, we simply see that there is no other path. Even before that illumination, we know that the path to ‘our’ soul is so individual that nobody can tell us or guide us – any body can only find the path within himself. There is no possibility of a dogma or a general rule!

XX. Thou shalt serve his Soul… his Loved ones, and all that belongs to him.

Once you have attained the Soul (of us all), you naturally will want to do nothing else than serve the Soul and via that connection of oneness all and everything that is part of her. Because only while having the illusion to be a separate entity, can you have a separate will, can you be ‘self-serving’.

XXI. Thou shalt not possess

By aviram

I will treat this paragraph and the following at the same time, because they belong together: if you can drop possessiveness, you will be detached; if you are detached, you will not cultivate possessiveness.

Let’s look at possessiveness under two aspects: creation and use.

When we create a child it is very evident, that this is not MY creation but a co-creation with the Creator or the Universe. When we create smaller things like a piece of art or a piece of software, we attach immediately a copy right. But every creation starts with a thought, an idea. In the 3 languages I know (english, french and german) we don’t say: I made this idea, but we say, we had this idea, we received it. We are actually just channels through which art, software and other creations flow. There really is no handle to attach possessiveness.

On the usage side: we are 3D beings living in a 3D world and we have to use material means to manifest our talents. Also in this context it is not necessary that we possess what we use – in many ecovillages for instance, the whole group owns the land on which they live collectively and also share cars and other amenities. There is no need to possess.

So why do we have such a strong impulse to possess? Maybe the degree of possessiveness in somebody is proportional to his or her insecurity – the more I feel insecure, the more I need to cover this up by possessing things; the more I trust in abundance (that I will always have everything I need to do what I have to do), the less I will care to possess.

XXII. Detachment

XXIII. Thou shalt believe in one Creator for all Men

It seems to us to say that Man has been created by God, seems not precise enough and a reproduction of childish ideas of ‘God and Man’. We believe rather that Man and God have been ‘created’ at the same time and we can explain this in a very scientific way. Here is our idea about Genesis (based on the ideas of Anastasia):

From book 4 : Co-creation, p.8ff (edited by aviram)

In the beginning there was no matter, there were only living energy elements, plasmas in the dark. They needed no external light source because they shone from within themselves. Each contained everything : thought, feelings and the energy of aspiration. In each of them there were many elements, creative ones and destructive ones; and always one energy dominated. They had no way to come into contact with each other; all the elements were in a constant movement of self creation and self destruction. Each considered that they were alone in space. They had no purpose; they were unable to bring about any long lasting creation – there was only a pulsating stagnation without any overall movement or action.

Suddenly each element was touched by communication – all at once – the resulting complex was Soul, not in a physical body, but the eternal, the sacred. Communication enabled now relationships, purpose, aspiration, dream and desire. Soul by his fervent devotion could bring all sensations and feelings into one movement.

Now the elements asked : « What do you so fervently desire? »

Soul, confident in his desire, replied : « Conjoined creation and joy for all from it’s contemplation. »

« And what may bring joy to everyone in the Universe? »

« Birth. Birth that includes the particles of all elements. »

« How is it possible to unite all into one single whole; all that is constructive and destructive in one single whole? »

« With communication they will interact and find balance with all the others; forming a new self »

« Who can achieve this? »

« Me. »

« But will doubt not tear everything apart? »

« There is also confidence that will balance with doubt and when they are equal, they will make exactitude and beatitude possible. »

« How do you call yourself? »

« I am Soul, I am GodMan. As Man I am desire – as God I am manifestation. I am able to deploy particles of your diverse energies within myself; I shall create and bring joy. »

All elements immediately released the multitude of their energies into him. And each wanted to be predominant, because they got ignited by the fervour of Soul’s desire. And the struggle only subsided when the consciousness arose that nothing could be stronger than the divine desire..

Soul created within himself everything; each element found its position in regards to all the others; and all by their dynamic interrelations found dynamic equilibrium . But all was happening inside his soul; the outside was still dark : no light, no matter. Because of that there was great uncertainty of the outcome; everyone was frightened and removed himself to a distance from the creator. A deadly cold appeared while only He could see all the details of the living creation with himself. And all elements pleaded him to slow down his fervour.

He said : «  I will not betray my desires. » And he accelerated and squeezed all in the center of his soul.

Suddenly a new warming energy appeared and the previously cold and empty space began to radiate with grace. It was like music when this new energy declared : « I am Love and Inspiration. I cannot be part of anything, I yearn to give myself completely to the Soul. » And she filled all empty space with warmth and clarity. The energy of Love interacted with the Creative energy and everything accelerated into a marvellous inspiration.

Soul said : « Now my desires can come to fruition in the most radiant Love! »

And suddenly appeared at the core of the whole Universe the Earth, the center of everything.

XIV. […] *Man will be enlightened with the last commandment at the time he joins the Universal Community.

How can people be ethical when their government is stealing?

From Keshe Plasma Times June 2019

M.Keshe relates some of his experiences around stealing in different parts of the world.

When you travel in Africa you see on the side of the road and streets piles of everything. Melons, plant pots, furniture – but no one touches anything. Because the people understand the condition of peace. When you steal, you have stolen from your soul; which means you take from the soul of the man who has given so much to possess it. He has put his life and soul in it.

On another occasion, I had the pleasure and the joy of walking through forbidden city of China very recently. And I had the pleasure to witness how the correct conduct of a nation leaders creates peace within the nation. There were tens of thousands of people. In a crowded path on top of the stairs I noticed a a beautiful young girl with her backpack wide open. Ipad, laptop, with the zip opened. She was busy with her phone. When I asked her, the girl said: “Nobody touches anything here. The country is safe. I am safe. Nobody will put a hand in my backpack.

Sometimes ago I was standing on the platform of a train station in Belgium to get the train to the south of Belgium. I saw a Belgian unzipping a Korean woman’s backpack and putting his hand in. It’s the nature of the nation. I said to him “What are you doing?” He said “Nothing to do with you, it is not yours what I am stealing is it?

In a nation that has Peace by its nature people have the confidence they can leave everything open. But in a nation where the government is legally and routinely stealing from his citizens, there cannot be confidence. When you have misguided leaders, you end up with misguided citizens. Creating the condition of peace has to come through the leaders: they are the ones who have to provide the condition for peace for mankind.

When a number of you are reaching the tipping point, that the magnetosphere of the conduct of your souls in finding peace, you will reach the others of the same strength across this planet. Then the planet shall glow and it will enlighten the rest of the souls. Then man enters peace for all creatures and not only the mankind. Through the soul of the man you feed the soul of the plant, the fish, the lion, the lamb… It’s only through you they receive the message that they shall not kill.