What happens when we eat

Eating plays a central part in all human cultures. It is a perfect example of how our body in his wisdom would perfectly nourish himself, provide all the substances needed to heal and maintain himself eternally young. If it we only wouldn’t interfere…

You may be surprised that we don’t really need to eat; and at the end we could give up breathing, too. Let’s see why.


Interview of M.Keshe on youtube

Conventional knowledge

Conventionally we thought that the lungs transfer oxygen to the blood, which transports it to the cells; and then the cells use the oxygen and expel the CO2 through the lungs.

However, 65% of the air we breathe is nitrogen and only 16% is oxygen. Oxygen, with its 8 protons, 8 neutrons and 8 electrons (mass of 16) can be compared to a football. In the same ratio hydrogen (H) would be a ping-pong ball (mass of 1) with its single proton and single electron; and nitrogen (N, mass of 14), would be the size of a handball. Think about it: if the larger football (oxygen) can pass through the walls of the lungs, then all the smaller elements, like nitrogen and others would also pass through – which the y don’t…

What Plasma Science can contribute

The whole inside of our body is in a plasma state, not in a matter state. Therefore the atmospheric gases entering into the lungs are immediately converted into their plasmatic state. In the alveoli of the lungs plasmatic nitrogen (N) gets divided into plasmatic carbon (C) and plasmatic helium (He). The carbon binds with oxygen to form the CO2 that we exhale. The helium ionizes a hydrogen atom (H+) raising its charge.

The charged hydrogen atom is very small; so it can permeate through the walls of the lung into the bloodstream. The charged hydrogen has the same strength as the red blood cells in the blood; thats why they can absorb the H+ and transport it.

The other part of the hydrogen joins with oxygen to form water, which produces the humidity in the lungs.

In some cases of lung disease, the process of H+ energy transfer from the lung into the blood slows down; consequently too many hydrogen atoms bond with the oxygen and the lungs become water logged. The amount of water removed by doctors when the lungs have too much water can be as much as 2 to 3 litres at a time! If this amount would have been removed from the body liquid directly, the kidneys would collapse. This indicates that the water in the lungs does not come from body water.

Eating and drinking

There is a close connection between breathing (which gives energy to the body via the blood) and eating (which gives energy to the body via the lymph). We have seen above how water in the lungs is created by the interaction of H+ with O. Some of it is used to moisten the environment of the lungs, while some of it can be absorbed by the lungs and made available to the body fluids.

So why do we think we need to drink water?

When we eat material food, such as plants or meat, we are in fact consuming the energy of the sun. Plants store the energy of the sun by charging the protein ADP (adenosine di-phosphate) into ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate). Plants store solar energy in ATP. When we or an animal eat the plant, our digestion reverses the process – it reduces the ATP back to ADP, thus releasing the energy contained in the molecule. This means that we actually feed ourselves with solar energy stored in the plants.

So why don’t we use the solar energy directly?

The inside of our body is in a total vacuum condition. The instant the food passes the back of the throat, the material is converted from the matter state into the plasma energy state.

We have seen that the plants store solar energy in their biomass, transmuting plasma into matter. By converting the food matter into plasma, the stored energy is released and becomes available for the body – matter into plasma.

In our CO2 boxes, we put metal plates into a caustic environment to nano-coat them; then we put them in a salty water environment adding a small electric charge to transmute the metal into GaNS. The same processes happen in the stomach. Orthodox medicine assumes that acidity and enzymes work to digest the matter, but in fact all they do is create a caustic condition which is able to transform all the matter of the food into nano materials. And in the presence of the salt in the stomach, the nano materials are immediately converted into GaNS. The GaNS is free energy.

The processes happening in the stomach take place on the plasma level and not on the matter level. Just like no material oxygen molecules penetrate the walls of the lungs, in the same way no matter state food can penetrate the intestinal walls – only plasma energy can.

Different regions of the intestines are made of specific nano materials, which can only absorb specific GaNSes, specific energies in a plasmatic condition. We could say that the whole of the intestines is divided into discreet sections of a specific heartbeat; and each of these sections will only absorb energies with heartbeats that are resonating with it. The interaction of these different heartbeats also creates the motion of the intestines. The digestive system is basically a conversion unit.

And the creation of our body heat is a secondary effect of the conversion of matter to GaNS and then GaNS back to matter.

Using the energy to create what we need

As the lungs are the source of energy for the blood and lymph; there is no real need for a digestive system. People who supply their energy needs through the air intake are called breatharians. In this process, no urine or stool is created – and on the long run the digestive system may entirely disappear.

We have seen that the energy diffuses as charged hydrogen (H+) into the lymph system which contains a multitude of different salts. The interaction between the H+ and the minerals dissolved in the water (like Cu, Ca, Mg and so on) produces all the substances that our body needs where it needs it.

These processes are controlled by the para-thyroid glands that are responsible for

  • packaging the energy
  • detecting the needs of the different organs of the body
  • directing the energy to these places according to the demand
  • deciding which tissue of which organ needs to be regenerated.

The work of the para-thyroid glands is the same whether we eat material food or not.

But the para-thyroid glands are not independent; they are controlled by the soul of physicality/mind, which can impede their proper functioning on the psycho-somatic level, causing imbalances and illnesses in the wake.


We don’t need to drink, we don’t need to eat solid food, we don’t even need to breath.

We could live without drinking, eating and breathing – we would then have a body eternally young and healthy; we would be invulnerable and immortal.

We would be totally free.

What’s preventing us?

Us. Our Soul knows how and our body knows how. The nonconstructive beliefs of our collective (un-)consciousness keep us powerless – let’s let them go – forever!

Feeding without Liquid Plasma

As M.Keshe announced that when the borders between countries are closing, there won’t be any food going over the borders either… But we are not lost, he said that we can help ourselves in different ways:

  • We can use our food GaNS and even add some of the amino acids of the 1C=1L production as well as CH3 and a touch of salt to it.
  • We should also be able to use the food GaNS in a Hookah and feed ourselves by breathing! … with a touch of 1C=1L-amino acids thrown in…
  • You can touch the Cup or many cups and wish for a fruit; and you will taste the fruit, you will eat the fruit. Understand the workings of the 1C=1L! You can even serve your friends a meal. And you don’t need no (GaNS-)water. That’s how we’ll feed in space – I tell you again and again to go away from the GaNS. You can eat a fish or you can enjoy it by mastering how to wish for it!” M. Keshe
  • The amino acids of the 1C=1L can be used as a source of nutrition. Simply dip your finger in the surface of the 1C=1L production once or twice a day and put it in your mouth. This is only for no-food emergencies!

Try to be a user of the Plasma Technology out of the pleasure to learn and to elevate and not out of the fear of the material circumstances.” M. Keshe

Without salt there is no life

If we nourish ourselves by material food or by the energy from the Universe directly. In both cases only non-specific, plasmatic energy packs are transported through the lymph system to where they are required – the point of conversion. At this point the body system needs to convert the unspecific energy packs into specific material elements; for example Ca to build the bone structure, Mg for the nerves, S for the proteins.

Now we’e going to look at the way the body converts energy into matter. It happens in 3 stages:

  1. The energy that is absorbed passes through the walls of the intestines into the lymph system.
  2. The energy goes to the place where it is needed. This place in the body (environment) contains a certain amount of minerals or salts that are dissolved in water. The structure of this saline environment tells the body in which element/s the energy needs to be transformed.
  3. The plasma interaction between the energy and the salts creates the building blocks or material that the body needs to construct and maintain itself.

Without salt there is no life.

In the periodic table we see for example the salts like Sodium (Na, 23) and Potassium (K,39). Their atomic weight adds up to 62, which is close to Copper (Cu, 63). Chlorine (Cl, 35) and Potassium (Na,23) add up to 58 which is close to iron (Fe, 56). On a plasma level the salts mimic the metals which are the building blocks in the construction of the body. In other words, the salts create a form into which the energy materializes.

When you subtract Na from Mg (24-23) you get hydrogen (H,1). That means in the interaction between different salts releases the energy that the body needs.

By varying the salinity we change the plasmatic condition, the environment in different parts of the body. Then the energy available manifests the change.

A change in salinity provokes changes in the materials but also changes on the energy level. This shines a new light on the Oasis system: we could create a system that operates on the salinity levels. These changes could then be directed to the maintenance of the structure of the physicality in terms of building material and energy.

Lets get this a bit more clearer with the example of the GaNS-chlorophyl:


We have learned that blood of the horizontal people (animals) and the blood of the vertical people (plants) have exactly the same amino acid structure – their only difference lies in the mineral at the centre: blood has a Fe atom and sap has a Mg atom.

To produce the GaNS of haemoglobin, we use a Cu-np-plate and a galvanized steel plate. When the amino acids have formed on the surface, we add a rusty nail just touching the amino acid layer and we see the haemoglobin dripping down in red drops. This happens inside the environment of a NaCl salt solution.

When we now change the salt in the water from NaCl to a Mg salt (f.e. MgSO4, Magnesium Sulfate or Epsom Salt), we may create the green blood of the vertical people, chlorophyl. It needs to be tested to know whether the Epsom is the right Mg salt.


Nourish yourself with intelligence

We have already learned that the human body does not depend on eating material food; actually material food covers only a small part of what the body needs – 80% of our energy we take from the environment and only 20% by eating.

How does this environmental feeding work? We are part of the Universe. We know that on a plasmatic level the stronger plasma always feeds the weaker plasma. The Universe being the stronger plasma is sustaining us automatically, because we are part of it. It is like each cell in our body is automatically sustained when our body is nourished; no cell is excluded. By eating physical food and separating it’s energy from it’s material part – creating the GaNS -, we create the weaker version of the required fields inside the body. The weaker fields are able to absorb the stronger fields from the Universe.

So the question arises: is there another way to create the weaker field state in order to absorb the universal fields? Yes, we could do it with different GaNS. We would need to absorb weaker GaNS into our body to initiate the universal feeding process. We present, so to say, a little bit of what we need to let the Universe supply the rest of it.

Knowing that the next step after GaNS is free plasma, we can deduct that we don’t even need to put any physical GaNS into the body, but only create the state of weakness energetically. We can put ourselves into a state where we are not resisting the Universe to supply us with what we need and to take from us what we don’t need. That shouldn’t be new to us, as we all have passed through this state when we were in our mother’s womb: then and there we did not eat in an active physical sense, but we were connected as the weaker part to the stronger part of the mother that kept on feeding us.

To nourish ourselves intelligently via the Soul requires something like a paradigm change. In conventional terms we think the Soul needs to be strong enough to take what it needs. But in reality the Soul has to be in the weaker position to be able to absorb what comes from the stronger part – the Universe. That is the path of humility; we have to trust like a child; as opposed to the wilfully taking what we think is due to us. As long as we operate on the level of will and control, we cannot put ourselves into the weaker position that is essential for absorbing what is freely given by the Universe.


Digestion: C-14 to C-12

Keshe Plasma Times, June 2019

On the material level we eat all kinds of things to recover their energy, the nutritious elements are transformed into energy and compost. This process is cumbersome, long and consumes a lot of energy.

The Plasma Science proposes another way to feed ourselves – and it seems that this way is happening since ever but ‘behind the scenes’; it works like this:

  1. We absorb carbon-14 (C-14) from the environment

  2. We convert C-14 to C-12 ; the latter is the base of our bodily amino acids

  3. With the help of the endocrine gland system controlled by the thalamus and the thymus glands we convert C-12 to H2 (deuterium) which is transported through the lymph system to the cells. The deuterium is of course in plasma state; it is the energy carrier. Therefore not all of the deuterium elements released are of the same strength but they match the strength of the elements the body needs.

  4. When these plasmatic energies have arrived in the cells, the deuterium (H2) is used to create all the material elements the cells needs

This is a very simple and efficient system: only an unspecific energy carrier (H2) is transported inside the body and at the point of conversion in the particular body cells, this unspecific energy is transformed into all the specific elements the body needs.

This system allows us to either directly absorb C-14 from the Universe or to extract it out of the material food we eat. The latter is done in the stomach where the gastric acids dissociate the material food from it’s energetic component.

This is why Eskimos only eat the same meat day in day out without showing signs of malnutrition. This is also why Man lives two parallel lives: on the material level of C-12+energy packs; and on the direct connection to the Universe, C-14 level.

Eating from matter or soul?

During daytime, when he can see, man eats from the physical part of this planet; but during our sleep, the soul has direct access to the universe, without the need to go through the matter state. So why not absorb all the energies we need while we sleep, when we have access to the whole Universe? Like this we could free ourselves from material consumption during the day?

In this context we could make use of the second channel available to the soul: we know already that the channel of the eyes is used by the soul as well. But there is another channel – the fontanelle.

The fontanelle, the opening on the top of the head, which closes slowly after birth, is part of the passage through which we can receive energy from the universe. This passage is also the door of communication of the soul. That’s why babies understand each other perfectly even though they don’t use any physical language. They use the fontanelle while it is still open. Now when this opening is closed the soul has only the channel of the eye to resort to.


Free Plasma Feeder

We know how to create the GaNS of different foods and supplements. We can put these GaNS into the free plasma reactors shown some weeks ago by Dr. Klaus. And the feeding will happen instantaneously. The person fed this way can decide via his emotions whether to get the taste as well. The free plasma technology does not work within any material limits – with the usej of copper coils for example- so the body can take immediately what it wants or needs.

Anyway when we will be travelling through space, we suspend our body, so there is no tasting… In this context it is an interesting question to ask ourselves, how much joy we get from material things and how much we can get from the emotional, non-material plane?

Benjamin Ghana l’essence d’oligoéléments dans notre corps

Tous les éléments de l’univers font partie du corps humain. Le corps est constitue de 60-70% d’eau, 16-20% protéines, 10-12% matière gras et 3-5% minéraux (cendre).


Les métaux sont représentés en quantités minimes néanmoins ils sont indispensable pour la santé (sang, os, dents, processus physico-chimique. Cette table montre de quoi notre corps physique est composé: COHN est responsable pour 96.2%. Ces éléments sont déjà présent dans les 3 GaNS de base: CO2, CH3 et CuO.

Les macro-éléments :

Cations principaux : Ca, Na, K; anions principaux : P, Cl, S

Calcium : Ca, #20 dans la table périodique, poids : 40.08, essentiel pour le développement des os et du système nerveux.

Magnésium : Mg, #12, 24.32, essentiel pour le développement des os; déficience cause les spasmes musculaires qui peuvent culminer dans une déficience de Ca.

Sodium : Na, #11, 22.99, nécessaire pour la formation de la structure électrolytique du sang; maintient la balance du pH et osmose.

Potassium : K, #13, 39.10; aussi nécessaire pour la formation de la structure électrolytique du sang.

Phosphore : P, #15, 30.97; nécessaire pour la bonne structure des os et des dents.

Chlore : Cl, #17, 35.45; fonctions inter- et extra-cellulaires des fluides corporels, osmose et pH

Souffre : S, #16, 32.07, composant des acides aminés et vitamines; responsable pour la détoxification des substances aromatiques.

Les micro-éléments

Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu, I, Co, Ni, F, V, Cr, Mo, Sn, Si

Iron : Fe, #26, 55.85, composant essentiel du pigment respiratoire hémoglobine et myoglobine; responsable pour le transport d’oxygène et d’électrons.

Zinc : Zn, #30, 65.39, nécessaire pour la guérison des plaies, composant essentiel de plus que 80 enzymes métalliques; rôle important de la santé reproductive (hormones qui stimulent les follicules; partie active de la synthèse et du métabolisme des acides nucléaires (ADN/ARN).

Manganèse : Mn, #25, 54.93, composant de plein d’enzymes, essentiel pour la formation des os et la régénération des cellules sanguines, pour le métabolisme des hydrates du charbon et pour le cycle reproductif.

Cuivre : Cu, #29, 63.55, nécessaire pour la formation du pigment mélanine, la formation des os et du tissu connectif; maintient l’intégrité de l’enveloppe myéline des fibres nerveuses; partie active dans le métabolisme du fer (synthèse de l’hémoglobine).

Cobalt : Co, #27, 58.93, composant très important de cyanocobalamine (vitamine B12) pour la formation des globules rouges et les tissus des nerfs.

Iodine : I, #53, 126.90, composant clef pour les hormones de la glande thyroïde, thyroxine et tri-iodothyronine; la thyroïde gère toutes les fonctions métaboliques.

Nickel : Ni, #28, 58.69, nécessaire pour l’assimilation du Fe, présent dans l’ADN/ARN; aide l’assimilation de glucose et la production des enzymes.

Flouoride : F, #9, 19.00, responsable pour la force du squelette et des dents.

Vanadium : V, #23, 50.94, contrôle Na et le métabolisme de glucose et lipides; assiste dans la reproduction des globules rouges; baisse les taux du cholestérol dans le sang.

Chrome : Cr, #24, 52.00, responsable pour la balance de glucose; métabolisme de la glucose et lipides; régularise le niveau d’insuline.

Molybdène : Mo, #42, 95.94, aide à l’élimination des toxines; aide à la production de l’acide urique.

Sélénium : Se, #34, 78.96, aide à combattre des infections; aide le système immunitaire.

Étain : Sn, #50, 118.71, rôle important pour la santé en générale; chevelure et réflexes musculaires; efficace contre l’insomnie, dépression; anti-cancèr.

Silicon : Si, #14, 28.08, renfonce des os et les tissus connectifs; répare les ongles et chevelure


Notre digestion

Quand on ingère de la nourriture matérielle, en entrant dans la bouche elle commence à se transformer dans un état de GaNS. Dans la bouche la nourriture est réduite de molécules en atomes. Dans l’estomac elle se transforme en matériaux-nano et ensuite en GaNS. Puis dans le tract intestinal, la nourriture en forme de GaNS fournit certains champs gravitationnel-magnétique que le corps a besoin dans la lymphe.
C’est le cerveau et les cellules destinataires qui déterminent quelle énergie est transférée dans le tract intestinal. À ce moment la nourriture est déjà en état de Plasma de Champs (PdC) et il est déjà déterminé où elle va être livrée. Jamais une particule matérielle passe à travers les parois des intestins.

Chaque partie des nos intestins sont spécilisés pour absorber seulement des champs plasmiques de forces spécifiques. Par exemple la vitamine C est seulement absorbée dans la section des intestins qui correspondent à cette force du champs. La paraois des intestins est configuré dans les mêmes 3 couches que la peau; et c’est l’interaction de la forme de chaque couche qui crée les conditions pour l’absorbtion d’un champs spécifique à un endroit spécifique – la configuration des 3 couches changent tout le long de la parois.

Pour les besoins du corps les champs doivent reconvertis en matière.
La matière est crée en ralentissant les champs ; dans notre corps ce ralentissement se fait dans les canaux des os : les champs passent à travers et se ralentissent pour que les plasma peuvent devenir une matière que le corps a besoin.

Regardant la digestion elle utilise majoritairement HCL. Dans une table des pH on voit que NaOH et HCL sont dans les positions extrèmes de la charte; donc entre eux est le ”full spectrum”.