​How to connect with the Creator

​The Creator is permanently connected to us

If we talk about connecting with our Soul or the Creator, we should keep in mind that the direction of the line of communication towards us is always open. The Creator showers us with his light all the time. If the line is not open, it is because of us, our mind to be precise.

Once we are open, we can feel the projection of informational light; it allows us to harmonize all our fundamental structures and all areas of our life. The following image represents this:

It is the Creator’s light passing through our fundamental structures that creates and recreates our physical body constantly. This extremely powerful and dense light is attenuated by the mind so that it can condense into the matter of our body.

Being the material part of the Soul, the body also contains all the information that the Soul has. At the same time, as our Soul is part of the Soul of the Creator, we are at the same time directly connected to the Creator. By perceiving the informational light, we allow our body to become what it has always been – eternally young and healthy.

Therefore it is the lack of informational light that causes our body to become sick, old or die; and healing consists of sending more informational light to elements that aren’t how the could and should be.

We can allow divine informational light to penetrate our consciousness/mind to make its way unaltered to our body. The body will immediately react to this light because it is made of it. The simple act of perceiving this light, helps our body to remember it’s original form to return to it.

Understanding the eternity of our body gives us the certainty that nothing can touch or harm us – this is what we call the Point of Invulnerability within our consciousness. The discovery of this point can have an extremely positive impact on our health, our freedom and our integrity. The discovery may not happen on the spot, it may take time and persistence to get to it.

​The Practice

This practice is meant to help us feel our alignment with the Creator and discover the Point of Indestructibility. You can do this practice by guiding yourself through 3 simple steps. You can memorize the steps and follow them in your practice, but it may be easier to record your voice that guides you afterwards. The path is easy to remember:

Here are a few details to help you understand the process

  1. Active relaxation
    Get into a state of active relaxation by centring yourself and doing what is right and good to relax, yawn, stretch… observe your breathing… feel your heartbeat… perceive your entire body simultaneously… balance your feelings with your attention… balance the energy flows that flow through you.

  2. Enter into your inner self
    Direct your attention to your chest or any other place of your body that you feel is a good place to enter into yourself. With each out breath, sink a little deeper into your interior.

  3. Perceive your fundamental Structure

    1. Your Soul
      When you have entered your inner self, feel your Soul. It can appear as a pure and intense blue light, or as a kind of inner freedom or an opening of the heart. Perceive your body and at the same time also perceive your Soul. Let yourself sink deeply in your Soul; feel the infinite love it contains.

    2. The Creator
      Now disregard the matter of your body in order to feel your Soul more deeply. You remember that your Soul is part of the Soul of the Creator? So, when you are in contact with your Soul, you can feel that the Creator is right next to you, in the same space of infinite love.
      Feel the Creator, projecting his informational light into your Soul, your mind, and your body. Wherever you are and whenever you remember it, you can feel the Creator’s light shining on you, you can feel His presence at your side.

    3. Your Eternity
      When you feel that your Soul is part of the Soul of the Creator, which is eternal, you understand that your Soul, too, is eternal. You feel your own eternity, you feel that this love has no limits, that this peace and this harmony are eternal. It may be something new for you, but it is completely natural. You are coming home.
      Now feel that your Soul and the Creator wish to transmit the awareness of eternity to your physical body. Feel how your body is permeated by the informational light that is now omnipresent in you; it has always been there and will always be there. Every second of your life, your body is reconstituted by this light.
      Feel this light as precisely as you feel your body. You feel that it is the condensation of this divine light that has created your body and everything else in the world. Feel with pleasure how your body is luminous with the light of the Creator.

    4. Your Point of Invulnerability
      By deeply feeling the eternity of your body, you will sense the Point of Invulnerability in your consciousness. You discover that your body is as eternal and invulnerable as your Soul and the Creator. Feel his presence at your side. Feel His love that envelops you and is always there.
      Now you know that, whenever you need, you can come back to this place inside you, your home and enjoy His loving presence. The light of the Creator is always with you, and you can feel it at any time.

The true value of technology

What is the fundamental purpose of technology?

Technology, as seen by the Creator, serves only to support man in his evolution.

The Realization phase

Can you imagine that one day, when our body will have evolved in a way totally unimaginable today, then we will need no other technology than this physical body?

Mr. Keshe, Grigori Grabovoï, Anastasia and the Masters tell us that when we will be realized, we will be totally autonomous from our environment. We will no longer need to feed ourselves even though we will be able to do so for our own pleasure, we will no longer need to breathe either, we will be able to move in all spaces and in all times at will, and we will materialize each of our constructive thoughts instantly.

In order to gain this autonomy, we need only two things:

  • to structure our consciousness so we will always be thinking, speaking and acting within the Universal Principle
  • to be humble enough to see that we are not the doers, but it is the Creator who works through us

The Transition Phase

The status quo

When we think about the future of technology,, we think of artificial intelligence, robotics, trans-humanism, but also of all those waves that are harmful to our health, of addictive screens for our children, of the electronic chips that we already want to implant under our skin. In short, the word technology doesn’t sound reassuring but sometimes even life-threatening!

In our society, everything is upside-down. Religion, which originally is a means to connect with the Creator, has become an instrument of domination. Sexuality, a sacred communion, has lost it’s divine essence. Orthodox medicine sees the human being as a mechanism and only treats symptoms, instead of looking for the real cause of the diseases.

Yet everything is divine… everything was created by the Creator. On the fundamental level, whether it is religion, sexuality or technology, everything is at the norm. Our Soul sees everything in a pure and loving way, but it is man’s unstructured consciousness that distorts these events and turns them into instruments of coercion.

The Transition

We are living now through a phase of transition from duality to realization. Right now we has not yet recovered all our extrasensory capacities, our independence from any environment. At this time technology can be used to facilitate our life but without, of course, slowing down our evolution. That is to say, technology is not supposed to do in man’s place what it is right for him to do in order to evolve. The difference is subtle but very real.

It reminds me of raising children. The term Education describes very well what we are doing to our children; and it doesn’t say what we should be doing. Perhaps it could be replaced by Supporting someone in his evolution. When a child learns to walk, the parent lets him do it, occasionally holding out a finger for the child to hold on to, to gain confidence in his first steps. The role of the parent is to make the child autonomous, while supporting and guiding him, but not doing things for him. “Teach me to do it by myself”, is one of the key phrases of the Montessori philosophy.

This is exactly the only role that any technology should have. Even when we look at the existing technologies, they are doing things for us but at the same time they remind us of what we are able to do when our consciousness is structured enough. They are poor substitutes of our true abilities: the cell phone does not replace our ability to tele-communicate but reminds us of it; the car, the plane, the boat do not replace our ability to teleport but remind us of it; good food on the table cannot replace how the universal energies sustain us but remind us of them; faster and faster computers do not even come close to the speed of treating infinite volumes of information by our structured consciousness but they remind us of it.

But since some years, real technologies are emerging, such as PRK-1U or UEU. They are not replacing our capacities – on the contrary, they have even been developed to support us in this transition. The same goes for the Plasma Tools; in the health sector for example, they are meant to be self-healing tools, helping us along the path of our evolution.

At the present time, humans still need technology simply because it gives them the illusion of saving time. It is true they appear to save time on the surface, however the ultimate time saver is the structuring of his consciousness.

If, for example, I need to say something to someone and that person is on the other side of the country, then using a cellphone instead of hiking to him will save me time. But I’d save even more time and gain independence if I’m in touch with anybody anyway and the other gets what I want him to know right away – without me even doing anything!


AI and Trans-humanism

Artificial Intelligence and Trans-humanism promote the use of scientific and technical discoveries to improve human performance. This looks appealing. They claim that they can help man to live healthier and longer.

How do you do it? They propose robotics and nanotechnologies to compensate for human deficiencies. We know that all deficiencies appear as soon as we move away from our Soul, as soon as we create a distance. This distancing compresses the supply line between body and Soul with the consequence that the body won’t function so well anymore. AI technologies will try to compensate for a deficiency, by replacing the malfunctioning body part by a electo-mechanical device. They try to make the symptoms disappear, without looking for the root cause of these deficiencies.

If all deficiencies are compensated by an electronic gadgets, we no longer think of structuring our consciousness to become what we are destined to be – co-creators with the Creator! All deficiencies are an alarm triggered by our Soul to wake us up. Stopping the symptoms without looking at the cause, is like turning it off the fire alarm without taking care of the fire.

Now we understand that artificial intelligence and trans-humanism actually prevent our evolution.

Our Soul via our consciousness provides us with extrasensory abilities which allow us to materialize a reality to the norm, without having to resort to any kind of matter-only technologies.

But if man does not reclaim his capacities, and if during this phase of transition he maintains his dependence on machines, it is quite possible that he will be overtaken and actually enslaved by AI and trans-humanism.

Any human being is capable of creating from his thought. Any human being is capable of harmonizing any situation, any event by his thought and by his vibrations. He absolutely does not need any additional artificial intelligence to improve it, but he needs to become aware of his abilities and to develop them.

Two scenarios

We are in 2030 and you are going home. If you are someone who has not sought to evolve spiritually, you may have microchips implanted under your skin that will allow you to open your door, turn on the light, pay for your purchases, diagnose yourself medically, open your fridge, etc. If one day you owe the government money, this artificial intelligence simply disables your chip and you can’t do anything more. You can no longer buy food, you can no longer use your phone or computer, you can no longer start your car or even open your door. You are at the mercy of artificial intelligence. How does that make you feel?


We are in 2030 and you are home. You have very much developed all your abilities, you are able to understand others without having to talk to them, you are able to teleport yourself, you eat only for pleasure because you no longer need to feed yourself physically, you live eternally healthy, you vibrate with unconditional love on a permanent basis since you are able to materialize all of your Soul’s wishes. Isn’t your life nothing but joy, peace, harmony and abundance on all levels?



Another example is about telomerase. Telomerase is an enzyme that keeps the telomeres, responsible for the perfect replication of our DNA strands, healthy. Intact telomeres guarantee high fidelity cell replication, thus preventing or even reversing the ageing process.

If we have a normal environment at all levels, i.e. both in our diet and in our psycho-emotional or spiritual environment, telomerase is abundant inside our body – it disappears when environments degrade.

Isn’t this fabulous? It means that if we learn to live correctly within Universal Principle of the Good for All, we will take care of ourselves and our environment, which naturally increases the telomeres and we will no longer age.

However, telomerase synthesized in laboratories costs a fortune and does not give us eternal life – there is no pill that can replace consciousness! The only efficient way to immortality is by keeping up the discipline of structuring our consciousness and loving the Creator– it’s free and it’s fun!

The Parallel Realities

From quotations by Grigori Grabovoï

Observe how the creek cascades down the mountainside, see the snow melts. Then close your eyes and try – using your imagination – to recreate the same images. You will see that your representations do not differ much from your visual images.

This means that for our consciousness an image from the outside world received through our eyes is completely equivalent to an image generated by our inner imagination. Which one is first? The inner image or the outer image?

As long as we operate more from the unstructured part of our consciousness, our belief systems create an expectation of what we will see with our eyes; and our eyes will confirm this. Our unstructured consciousness acts as a filter – we don’t see what doesn’t correspond to our mostly unconscious expectations. In this sense, we don’t see what’s on the outside, we only see what our consciousness projects.

We know that an unstructured consciousness is too weak to manifest anything as a physical reality – only a structured consciousness can do that. This means that what we see through our eyes connected to an unstructured consciousness is unreal: we see what we want to see and disregard the rest.

The scenario changes completely when we operate from a structured consciousness, then we are stronger than the collective belief systems and can consciously project what we want to see – and we will see it.

The same applies of course when we look at our own body. We can now understand that our body is not distinct from our consciousness, because it comes from our consciousness: with an unstructured consciousness, we imagine our body and then check in the mirror that this is so. We understand now how our Soul is continually building, creating and recreating your physical body.


With a structured mind we can, on the other hand, consciously create the world around us. With each look an important amount of informational light coming from our Soul through our eyes overrides the collective consciousness and is thus able to create the perception of what we want. And perception equals reality.

When you look at or observe an element of your world, you can do so unconsciously or consciously. When you do it consciously, you transfer your knowledge from second to second of you to another element. We can call this process: creation. Creation is happening all the time. That is, when you act from your structured consciousness, you create from a space-time of eternity. Thus it will be possible for you to reconstruct, at any time and without the slightest effort, your physical body as it was composed at any moment of your existence.

This creation, eternal re-creation, is none other than life. Build, create objects, all based on the same principle of eternity. Build worlds, create joy. Create wheat, bread, your tools.

But don’t make destructive divices; everything outside of the Common Good cannot become a reality; it can only become the illusion of a reality. Even in – so-called inanimate objects – the Creator and consciousness manifest themselves. Stop these devices if they represent any danger.

Instead, reconstruct or recreate a sick body in its original state. Resurrect the one that is gone. Prevent death wherever it occurs. You are the Creator and, as such, act with respect for planet Earth. Treat with respect everything that you create – for it has a Soul like you. Be respectful of all that exists, and remain in harmony with every living being. Always act with respect for your peers and in harmony with yourself. Grigori Grabovoï

The Equation of Predictive Control of the Future

The original teaching is is french; you find it here.

This extraordinary equation will allow you to normalize the present by predictive control of the future. This technology is based on the structuredness of time in past-future-present. So when there is something in your life that is not perfect in the present and that will produce more of the same in the future, then you can normalize it by conceiving a normalized future.

The System of Time

The normalization of the present from the future is based on the links between the past-present-future. It can be said that the present is the consequence of what happened in the past and the future is the consequence of the present event.

This means that in fact every one of our actions, whether they are words, thoughts or actions, all are conditioned from events in the past and will have consequences in the future. We also know that on the fundamental level – where the objective reality lives –

  • All the elements of the universe have already been created by the Creator in an impulse of Love.
  • Each element was created with an infinite number of possibilities.
  • The decision which possibility will materialize in each moment depends on the attention we direct to it.

This means that each event exists in its totality: past-future-present. Depending on the structuring of our consciousness, we can see this totality through our clairvoyance. In fact, the system of time explains why and how clairvoyance and predictive control work.

The Coordinate System

Every event or element in the world has not only the 3 spatial coordinates of orthodox science, but 4 coordinates more:

  1. The 3 spatial coordinates (latitude, longitude and altitude) allow us to place any element inside the 3D space.
  2. The 3 temporal coordinates determine the location of the element in time: present, past and future time.
  3. The 7th coordinate is called reaction of the object, which is the perception of the event via our consciousness. The perception depends solely on the degree of structuring of our consciousness. Here lies our freedom to influence and change reality. A present not to the norm will become a future not to the norm either. According to the system of time, explained above, the easiest point for us to intervene into reality, is the most dynamic part of time, the future. By visualizing the future at the norm, it will diffuse its informational light on the present to bring it closer to the norm as well.

The predictive control equation

The two systems, that of time and that of coordinates, serve as the foundation on which Grigori Grabovoï built this beautiful equation of predictive control of the future. It is taken from his patent: Methods of disaster prevention and devices for its implementation. The Russian letter ”Π” corresponds to the ”P” of our alphabet.


For the math pros, here’s the solution to the equation and what I understand about the mathematical plan.

In other words: the normalization of the future grows exponentially if the normalization of the future is done in the divine space of thought and combined with the normalization of the present.

This formula is extremely powerful and can change in an instant situations that seemed really impossible to change.

”We are talking about the fact that you can create a special condition through your consciousness that gives it the ability to change matter.” Grigori Grabovoï.

He gives an example of the effectiveness of this equation in his book. By using this equation a book that had been put into a fire of 1000ºC, did not burn.

Today this formula is part of a global disaster prevention protocol and is widely used to control fires, earthquakes, cyclones or other natural disasters. It is even more effective when practiced in a group.

Grigori Grabovoï’s seminar, from which this equation is derived, is given in Russia in a standardized manner to firefighters, rescue groups and workers involved in safety and rescue. Moreover, this equation has already been successfully used to prevent a comet from hitting the earth and to avoid the catastrophic meltdown of a nuclear power plant in Bulgaria.

I really advise you to try it for your personal goals – you will be surprised by the results.

The Practice explained

To explain the practice with the predictive control equation, we will use an example. A child drops a match on dry ground during a very hot summer and the forest next to the house catches fire. How do we normalize this disaster using this equation?

The practice is done in four steps:

  1. The normalized future, G1 in the equation
    Establish a future through visualization where the negative event has never happened. We can imagine this future in complete freedom, it may very well be totally unrelated to the negative present.
    In our example, we can visualize the forest one month later: it is well and thriving and that implies that it has never caught fire.
    This future at the norm is determined in the equation by G1.
    You see G1 in three places in the equation (G1(G1))=K1i (G1(Π)).
  2. The normalized present, K1i in the equation
    Visualize other options that can replace the situation we need to transform. The K1i represents the variables of our present. We will therefore imagine variations from the present to the norm that would cause this event not to have occurred.
    In our example we can imagine that the child never played with matches but with the doll; or that the match was extinguished when it fell to the ground and the fire did not start; or that the fire started but on a very small surface and did not cause any other damage.
    By doing this we give more informational light to this possibility of the event. This increases the probability of the positive event occurring. At the same time the negative event is dissolved.
    This is represented by K1i in the equation (G1(G1))=K1i (G1(Π))
  3. Our infinite space of thought, the P in the equation
    Everything in the universe is connected to us on the fundamental level, by an infinite network of informational light. This network lies in, what we call: our space of thought. It is where we change the future and the present.
    We know that the power of an action of our mind increases significantly if we do it with all our attention. To be able to put our attention into the space of thought, we must first know that it exists and become familiar with it; that is what this step is for.
    We know that our space of thought is an element of our divine consciousness. To visualize and feel the space of thought, we can imagine it around our head like a horizontal veil with our head in the centre. The veil extends horizontally all around our head; it extends like waves in all directions around our head infinitely.
    The space of thought is represented by the letter Π (P) in the equation (G1(G1))=K1i (G1(Π))
  4. Focus on the entire equation (G1(G1))=K1i (G1(Π))
    Concentrate on the formula for 15 minutes and simply consider that the negative event could not take place. In other words, you dwell in the confidence that understanding the equation gives you all the power to avoid any negative event. You can also focus on your alternatives and let your consciousness work in that direction.

The Practice

Return to a state of reality control. You do as you wish to establish it: breathing, heartbeat, feel your whole physical body, feel the power of the group.

Connect yourself to the importance of our task as we will work on bringing the current world situation around Covid-19 up to the norm in terms of truth and harmony among all people. Our common goal will be that only truth exists in this world and that it is known by all. Since knowledge liberates, we want everyone to discover, learn and know the universal laws, to be able to begin or deepen their spiritual journey so that we all live in a world that is perfect and harmonious:

Truth, Understanding, Harmony, Love for All

Write down this equation on a piece of paper since you will concentrate on it afterwards for 15 minutes.

Now connect to the fundamental level of reality and visualize, imagine, feel, perceive the new world at the norm in this harmonious future.

  1. The normalized future, G1
    Imagine different visions of the splendid future that we all will be living in at the same time – a world where truth, understanding, harmony and love reign.
    At the same time focus on G1 in the equation.
  2. The normalized present, K1i
    Now imagine visions of the perfect present; the opposite of what is happening now. For example we can imagine that there never was a virus or that there was a virus but the situation was treated differently or that the world we live in is always at the norm.
    Since none of the institutions of our societies is to the norm, it is easy to find other possibilities: how it would be, if all human beings made their personal and spiritual development a priority; or how it would be if we had chosen other kinds of governance, or no governance at all?
    At the same time focus on K1i in the equation.
  3. Our infinite space of thought P
    Now visualize and feel the space of thought all around your head. You may imagine it as a veil at the level of your forehead, which extends horizontally all around your head like waves which extend to infinity. Feel the expansion of the space of thought more and more.
    In doing so you connect to your divine consciousness and all the informational light it contains. You transmit this informational light to the future and the present of your choice to intensify it so it can manifest.
    At the same time you focus on the letter Π (P) in the equation.
  4. Concentration on the whole equation (G1(G1))=K1i (G1(Π))
    Now we’re going to focus both on the 5th medical profile device and at the same time on the equation we wrote down before. Always keep your objective in mind: Truth, Understanding, Harmony, Love for All


Our Physical Form

The Value of our Body

The physical body is the part of our trinity that acts on the material plane; it is also a fundamental structure of the human being. Unlike other schools of thought, we consider it as important as the other three.

It is not only a vehicle for the Soul – it is the reflection of the Soul. Our body is the interface through which our Soul can interact with the elements of the material world. To do this, the Soul sends an idea to the mind. The mind, if it accepts it, materializes it through the intermediary of the thought, the bio-signal. Once manifested the Soul will begin to perceive and explore it through the physical body and the five senses and her consciousness.

The body is the extension of the Soul manifested in matter. As such it also contains all knowledge that the Soul has. This means that we can trust it in any and all of its functions, such as maintaining its state of health or its diet/digestion. And we don’t need to interfere ever. Anyway all of our vital functions like breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, digestion – all are not controlled by our mind/consciousness. If they were, we surely would be already dead…

It is through the physical body that our Soul can interact through our consciousness with all the elements of reality. Our physical body has a fundamental importance because through its vibrations, it harmonizes its entire environment.

It also allows the Soul to evolve more rapidly than if it were not incarnated. It is in our physical body that all our fundamental structures interact. The importance of the physical body has been greatly underestimated.


During the phase of duality and the phase of normalization or transition, we evolve through reincarnation.

Why can’t we live all in one life? And why do we have to die?

Because our collective consciousness believes in disease, aging and death. That’s all; there is no other reason.

And it is also true that we do not live through the same experiences by being a monk in Tibet, a mother in Belgium, a prehistoric man or a knight in the Middle Ages. In our current state of consciousness, we believe that we only can go through these different experiences in subsequent lives.

On the other hand we have to integrate the same experiences in the same consciousness. We have all been man, woman, black, white, murderer, submissive or oppressor, etc. And we all went through the same experiences. In this way we should be able to drop all prejudices and racism. But sorry, the believes of our collective consciousness did not adapt. So finally it should be much better to make all our experiences in the same eternal life, so we don’t forget that we have already been the one we judge!

Moreover, when we are realized, when we come out of this phase of duality and enter this phase of unity, we will be able to capture all this information by clairvoyance without having to die to access it, and we will be able to live all the experiences we have to live in the same life that will simply last forever.

What’s our Destiny?

Our destiny can be seen as the sum of all the experiences we make in a lifetime. Our destiny in the normalization phase varies according to the degree of structuring of our consciousness that we have reached.

For example, in the phase of our life when our Soul is forced to use illnesses to show us how we are not aligned with it. These illnesses may appear to us as our destiny, especially when we do not listen to our Soul, obliging her to keep up the diseases as a part of our internal GPS! But as we structure our consciousness, Soul needs to resort less and less to produce diseases to correct our ways on the matter level – so our destiny changes.

This type of destiny is linked to our little personal story that only becomes apparent in the phase when we live in duality with a poorly structured consciousness. Later when our consciousness is fully structured, when we have left duality to live eternally in unity, at that moment our true destiny will be revealed: to work alongside the Creator to co-create beautiful worlds!

The Resurrection

During life in the transition phase, resurrection is the other side of reincarnation. It is a technique that can be used during our time in duality. Once we are in the phase of unity, we will have Eternal Life – so no need!

As the will of every body is sacrosanct, we cannot resurrect a person, we can only transmit the informational light of resurrection to her and her mind will then decide whether to use this light or not. Usually people who are resurrected have already reached a significant degree in structuring their consciousness.

The goal of resurrection is eternal life in the physical body. Having eternal life we will be invulnerable. And this state seems to be the only effective way to escape the new world order and at the same time the only way to make this evolutionary step that we are experiencing right now individually and as a species.

Consciousness and Control of Reality

The Reality

The physical reality, what we consider objective reality, does not exist in itself. It is in fact the projection of our consciousness, individual and collective. Remember, the Soul creates the mind, who, using consciousness, co-creates our physical body and the entire universe at every moment. The whole universe is recreated at a rate of 1017x/sec. This is so fast that our physical perception is not able to capture it. Therefore we live the illusion of a static reality while it is changing and transforming at every moment.

Our physical body as well as every other element of the universe, is created from the fundamental rays or unspecific energy packages, interacting with the bio-signal of our consciousness in the earthly environment. Everything is first created as plasma on the fundamental level. Plasma can be condensed into informational light on the transition or energy level. And the informational light is finally condensed into matter on the physicla plane. Each element of the universe is a co-creation of the Creator and Man; therefore it is perfect; it radiates in all its informational light.

But often, especially at the beginning of the structuring of our consciousness, we are not able to see the creations on the fundamental level; the filters of our consciousness do not allow us to do so. We see less light, less perfection, less the norm.

When we talk about reality we are referring to two things at the same time and it would be good to differentiate between them:

  • Objective reality exists on the fundamental plane where our Soul and the Creator lives
  • Perceived reality exists on the material and energetic level; it is determined by the collective consciousness.

Perceived reality is a projection of consciousness, while objective reality is the co-creation of humans and the Creator. Therefor we can say:

No humans – no reality

And there can be no life since reality is the connection between our consciousness and life.

No humans – no life.

No observer – no world

This assertion may seem a bit anthropocentric to some, but the human really has a special place in creation since he is the only one who has the same attributes as the Creator, so he has the power to co-create reality with him and, above that, he is also able to create creators in his likeness.
This does not mean that animals or plants are inferior to humans. Everything in the world has the same informational value. It just means that they do not have the ability to materialize reality through their consciousness.

There is another notable difference between humans and the rest of creation. Humans are perpetually evolving and they evolve by themselves; while the evolution of any other element in the universe, such as an animal, mineral or a plant, is triggered from the outside. Hence animals and other elements of reality can only be eternal when the human who creates them, atteins his eternity and passes it on to them, too.


We could compare the mind with the material parts of the computer, the consciousness with the software and the person who uses it with the Soul. The way the computer works depends on the material condition of the hardware part but also on the software. If our software is too old, not updated for decades or corrupted by viruses, then our computer will malfunction. That is to say, that a consciousness cluttered by non-consctructive collective belief systems, gives us a mind that can only provide us with distorted views of the Creation. A structured mind (our divine consciousness) uses the newest, most secure and powerful software – will present us with a world exactly as perfect as the Creator has created it!

How to structure consciousness ?

The consciousness of a realized being is 100% structured, the mind is perfectly aligned with the Soul – her perfect servant!

As long as we are living in the phase of duality and transition, our consciousness is in the process of being structured. Each life we are structuring our consciousness more, but we forget a good part of it each time we are reborn. So it would be good for a smooth, harmonious and continuous evolution, that we wouldn’t have to die anymore. This indicates that death is actually not a reality but a limiting belief.

Our consciousness comes in two parts – the individual and the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is compsed of the perceptions of all living beings. There are several groups of collective consciousness. We can belong to several of them at the same time; the peole of same country, our neighbourhood, all human beings, all living beings on Earth, and all living Souls in the universe.

The collective consciousness

The collective consciousness is the perception that all living beings share. Like our individual consciousness, one part of it is structured and the other part not yet.

The structured part of the collective consciousness is what the Creator sees, what our Soul sees. Everything is perfect and to the norm. All of the natural elements fall into this cathegory; that’s why we never hear somebody talking about “an ugly landscape” – all landscapes are beautiful.

And the other part of the collective consciousness, which is in the process of being structured, contains all its limiting beliefs, conditioning and judgments. We are still subject to it because our individual consciousness is not yet structured enough to resist it’s lure.

The collective consciousness is an average of the perceptions of all the consciousnesses that compose it. And since this average is based on a very large number of perceptions, it appears being immutable, stable and therefore real.

When you toss a coin, for example, it will fall on the flip side or the face side. If you throw this coin a small number of times, then the result will be random. But if you throw this coin a very large number of times then the ratio of heads and tails will be be approximately equal. The higher the number of perceptions, the more stable the average. Since the number of consciousnesses that make up the collective consciousness is very big, the collective perception looks really stable.

This perceived stability is the base of the myth that there is a reality that exists by itself, unchanging and independent of us. This stable perception gives rise to the laws of science: thermodynamics, gravity, etc. Subsequently we have the impression, that we have no control over this perceived objective reality; but in reality all we have to do is change our perceptions in order to change reality.

The belief that we cannot influence reality in a direct way, will make us afraid of it; falling ill, having an accident. To overcome this fear, we will scientifically study this reality to find the rules of how to escape inconveniences or how to be successful. But we forget that the perceived reality is a projection of our unstructured consciousness, and therefore, if there are “rules” they will be flawed!
As soon as we have remembered and reactivated our perfectl clairvoyance, we will see that the whole of reality is changing at a rate of 1017/sec. That means we can change the reality 10-17x/sec.

When, for example, Grigori diagnoses a person by his clairvoyance, he can see the state of her body changing constantly and often in a very significant way. However, if the same person has done an X-ray examination of her organs at that time, the screen will show a stable image. The fact is that the machine gives a reading, corresponding to the beliefs of the collective consciousness; it cannot track the actual changes.

Here’s a little story. Let’s imagine that the world originally contains only three people. The three people decide to define things in their world. Together they manifested blades of grass and now they had to decide what color to give them. The first one materialized a green blade of grass, the second one considered that a blade of grass must be red; and the third man made it blue. So in their collective consciousness, the color of the grass kept changing all the time. Then two of them agreed that the grass is to be green; they constituted a majority and subsequently everybody started seeing grass as green. That’s the power of collective consciousness – everything counts in large amounts.

The collective consciousness is not a problem in itself, it is its unstructured part that can be very limiting. So how can we free ourselves from what hinders our evolution? If the structuring of our individual consciousness is more important than that of the collective consciousness, we are no more subject to it’s limitations.

And, being part of Humanity, we also have the possibility to directly influence the collective consciousness as well. The non-constructive parts are usually unconscious – hence their power, they act without being observed – so it is crucial for our evolution to infuse the consciousness with more and more awareness. The more we are conscious in every event of our daily life, the more Humanity will become conscious.

At his point it is important to understand that the “power of consciousness” is not a question of quantity but quality, a question of the bigger field strength. That is to say, there can be two people of one opinion and ten people of another, if the consciousness of the two people is much more structured than that of the ten others, then the collective consciousness will follow the will of the two. And that’s great news! It will only take a small number of individuals with a very structured consciousness, to bring the whole of humanity back to the norm. And here are many groups like this today: all people with a developed spirituality, the Keshe Family and Grigori’s evolutionaries.

Dynamic and static consciousness

Perceptions that are perceived in a stable way over time are called the static areas of consciousness: “It’s like this and no other way”. . On the other hand, dynamic phases correspond to perceptions that are not fixed, and they also correspond to our individual consciousness; especially when we think that “Everything is possible”. Dynamic consciousness is accessible to change. The present moment is at the intersection of these two perceptions; it is therefore dynamic, it can be modified. When our divine consciousness is well developed, our consciousness will be dynamic otherwise it contains more static phases.

Our perception

Reality is the projection of consciousness. For a person, one part of his reality is shared by all and another part is individual; each of these can be structured and not yet structured. Everything on the fundamental level, is at the norm. What is projected by our consciousness, on the other hand, is not always. Only a consciousness at the norm can produce a reality at the norm.

It’s a bit as if we were in a play where we are at the same time actors, spectators, directors, scriptwriters and the audience. And this whole play is staged by us for us so that we learn to evolve.

Our whole life, our whole personality, serves us to have experiences on the matter level.
In the duality we are in the little story; when we come out of the little story, we can move on to the Great Story, which corresponds to the phase of realization in eternity. That is to say : everything we experience at the level of physical reality – which can seem very real and very difficult at times – has no objective reality at the fundamental level. At the fundamental level, there is only the Creator, the Soul, and unconditional love.

If our consciousness is not yet structured, we may experience disturbing energies or feelings on the transition level and elements manifested on the material level. But all this can only happen in our perception. In reality – on the fundamental level – we can only create perfection together with the Creator; and this on all levels. However, we may not be able to perceive them as such. Creation is only possible through a structured consciousness; in other words, only the structured part of our consciousness can create or manifest.

Therefore any defect can only appear in the perception of what we have done. So, whateveer we do is always perfect, we only may not be able see it as such. Any flaw can only appear in our eye. In order to bring our eye to see our perfection, we need to structure our consciousness, to be closer to our Soul and the Creator!

Ordinary Thinking and Bio-Signal

Our mind is a receiver of thoughts. We do not create thoughts, we only receive them. This is reflected in our language – we don’t say “I made a thought”; we say “I got a thought”. If we are not the transmitters of thoughts; then where do thoughts come from?

They come, as any other perception, from the collective consciousness. If they come fromt he structured part, we hear the Creator’s voice, the Soul’s voice or our intuition.if they come from the unstructured part of the collective consciousness, we percieve them as limiting, non-constructive “entities”.

A constructive thought speaks to the structured part of our consciousness while a non-constructive thought tries to solicit our engagement by addressing the unstructured consciousness.

All of this happens primarily on the energy level. When we are in a meditative state, we can observe the coming and going of thoughts like clouds in the sky. At this time we do not give our energy (identification) to the thoughts and they pass as they came.

In order to motivate an action on our part, a thought needs more energy; it is dependent on us to invest our energy, to buy it.

An unstructured consciousness will buy a lot of non-constructive thoughts and this has the effect of perpetuating the state of an unstructured consciousness. A structured consciousness will only pay attention to constructive thoughts.

A structured consciousness is able to use a constructive thought to produce a Bio-Signal in order to obtain a constructive result or manifestation. The Bio-Signal can be seen as a light wave emitted by our consciousness. It is the densification of a Bio-Signal that allows the normalization and materialization on the matter level.

This proves that thought leads to physical manifestation and consciousness influences the objective and the perceived reality. Changing thoughts changes reality.

In order for a thought to influence reality, it needs to become Bio-Signal; the conditions for this are:

  1. The person is in an adequate spiritual state
  2. The tought addresses the Common Good.
  3. The mind is sufficiently structured to produce a Bio-Signal.

This implies that parasitic thoughts and all non-constructive thoughts are not creative, that they cannot materialize from consciousness. So, what about all the bad things in the world?

We cannot materialize non-constructive thoughts; but we can imagine to materialize non-constructive thoughts. And we can induce others to also believe in the materialization of non-constructive thought. That will make our non-constructive project look more real – but it will not make it more real!

Technologies to Structure Consciousness #I

Taken from “31 days with Grigori Grabovoï” by Hélène Laporte. I will propose you one technology at a time; and I strongly suggest, if you understand french, to follow the month long course on internet created by Hélène; you find it following this link.

Initial Centering

This initial centering should put you in a position of relaxed awareness: your body is relaxed, your mind is not busy with anything, you are awake and available. If you have your own way to generate that state within yourself, use it. Decide for one way to do it and then use the same method all the time; it makes the process easier.

I invite you to centre yourself and do what is right and good for you, to relax.

Yawn, stretch.

Connect to your breath. Feel the air coming and going in your nostrils and lungs.

Feel your heart beating, feel the blood flow throughout your whole body.

Perceive your body all at once. Feel your feet, your legs, your trunk, your head, your upper limbs. Connect to your entire body at the same time.

Balance your emotional and energetic state with your intention.

Deepen your body’s state of comfort.

Choose your event

Choose an event to normalize (something in your life that is not as you would like it) or an event to materialize.

The Sole of the Right Foot

And now, concentrate on your right foot, especially on the sole of your right foot. When you feel your right foot, it anchors you to your physical body. You don’t have your head in the stars, you are in the here and now. It is through the sole of your right foot that your Soul connects your physical body, the Earth, and the universe. In a way, from that point, all of creation takes shape.
At the same time, try to continue to feel your whole body.

The Climax

If you can be present at all three things at the same time, do so; if not, follow as you can.

And now, while maintaining your consciousness at the level of your whole body and your right foot at the same time, visualize in addition and at the same time, an event that you wish to harmonize or materialize.

Visualize this event happening in your life. Feel the feelings that occur when the event occurs in your life. Feel the joy, love or harmony you will be in when this event occurs.

When you are present at all three things, you generate a lot of informational light. Your consciousness can transmit this informational light to the event you are thinking about. This light will spread over the information of that event and help it to materialize or normalize.

The Quiet Exit

Now fix some feelings to integrate them. That is to say, perceive the sensations of your body after this practice, the clues that tell you about the validity of your work.

Now you can quietly leave the practice.

I wish you a wonderful day.

What is Love?

Facebook post by Mélanie Paul

Julie Ullman asked children at different ages what love was for them; the answers she received were broader, deeper and more comprehensive than anyone could have imagined.

Rebecca – 8 years old
“When my grandmother had arthritis, she couldn’t bend over to paint her toenails … So my grandfather does it all the time for her, even when his hands also had arthritis. That’s love. ”

Chrissy – 6 years old
“Love is when you go out to eat and give someone most of your fries without them having to give you any of theirs. ”

Bobby – 7 years old
“Love is what’s in the room at Christmas if you stop opening presents and just listen. ”

Nikka – 6 years old
“If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend you hate.”

Mary Ann – 4 years old
“Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you’ve left him alone all day. ”

Lauren – 4 years old
“I know my big sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and has to go out and buy new ones. ”

Karen – 7 years old
“When you love someone, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you. ”

Julien – 4 years old
” Our next-door neighbour was an elderly man who had just lost his wife. When I saw the man crying, I went into the old man’s yard, climbed onto his lap and sat there. When mom asked me what I had said to him, I answered, “Nothing, I just helped him cry.”

The Transition from Duality to Unity

The evolution

Do you remember the three phases of human evolution?

We are each individually and as part of Humanity on the evolutionary path from duality to Unity. The 3 phases of evolution do not really follow each other chronologically but are rather superimposed; we oscillate between the 3 phases to finally settle for eternity in the phase of the realization of Unity.

But in order to realize the change, we must already be able to understand the total paradigm shift, which will affect all areas of society. To start the transition we need visionary people who can see that as long as we do nothing, nothing will change; but the moment we resolve to change our consciousness, everything changes. It’s us who have to play the role of the guarantor of the evolution, because of her capacity to control reality.

We can recognize the degree of control of reality as it will be reflected by the collective consciousness that determines what we perceive as reality. That is to say, we can check how far we have come by looking at which institutions of the society have already gone through a paradigm shift.

At the beginning of normalization (structuring our consciousness), we may very well see only very little change, or changes that are not stable; because the structuring of our consciousness is not yet stable.

The structuring of our consciousness means getting closer to our Soul, listening to her, understanding and following her. The Soul does not speak in tongues, it communicates through images and emotions, through the “little voice within us” which is called intuition.

At the beginning of the transition the intuition is weak or even absent; as we almost only rely on the so-called material reality and disregard the imagination of our Soul. But the further we go along the path of structuring, the more we will experience the equivalence of imagination with material reality. It is a question of being patient and persevering!

And let’s not forget that we work simultaneously on the individual AND the collective level. Being part of Humanity, in structuring our consciousness we intervene directly in the collective consciousness that manages our perception of everyday reality.

The structuring of our consciousness will quietly establish the foundations for the perpetual and harmonious development of all. We will all evolve, each day a little more, together with all the elements that make up the world, including the Creator, perpetually, in joy, love, peace and harmony.

To evolve is to perceive new information, to respond to it, to integrate it, to digest this information in order to derive a new, more adapted behaviour. Then acting with this new understanding, feeling the reaction of our environment to this action, adjusting our behaviour thanks to the perception of the reaction of our environment.

The cycle of perception-response is explained by Plasma Science through dynamic positioning: each element of the universe is in interaction with each other element; in each interaction, the element must find the point of balance with the others. And since the number of elements is infinite and each element is alive and in perpetual motion, there is never a static point of equilibrium, but it will be eternally dynamic.

At every moment, we are richer with the new information we perceive. Each change in us generates a repositioning in relation to others. This evolution has no end, it is perpetual and harmonious.

The phase of Duality

Outer Duality
In duality, we are two, we are all separated from each other and separated from our environment and the Creator. In the duality we perceive reality as something that exists independently of us and over which we have little or no control.

In duality, the others can easily become enemies, someone who wants to take what I have or harm me. And we may judge challenging situations as directed against us. This is the non-constructive part of duality. The constructive part opens up when we try to see in every event that represents what we don’t want, the information of what we do want!
But duality is also the phase of coexisting in the world, which we inhabit together. This context allows us to experience our divine qualities. For example, we can help who is in distress even though he seems separated from us; and in doing so, we experience generosity, empathy, compassion, sharing. Experiencing our divine qualities in duality actually helps bringing us into oneness, sharing and cooperation.

Inner duality

Living in duality is characterized by the separation on the outside, but also by the separation inside of us: from our body, Soul and the Creator. The inner separation distorts the perception of reality.

The acceptance of separation makes us believe that reality exists independent from us and we have no control over it. This creates fear and a host of other negative emotions. For example, loneliness, guilt, competition, individualism, mistrust, resentment, revenge, oppression, submission, sadness, anger, pain, dissatisfaction. And then of course, the feeling of lack. From this comes greed, avarice, aggressiveness, jealousy. The combination of fear and the feeling of lack is at the origin of wars.

Ignorance of the Laws of the Universe

While we live in duality, we remain largely ignorant of the laws of how the Creation, the universes and especially our being works. Ignorance leads to aberrations, unnatural actions and it subjects us to the limiting beliefs of the collective consciousness, such as the belief in the inexorability of aging and the disintegration of the physical body, and of course the belief in the inexorability of the death of this body.

The same ignorance is at the root of fantasies about what man commonly calls evil and which has no reality of its own. A bad action is simply the consequence of man’s disconnection with God and with his Soul.

All these experiences and feelings generated by duality have only one goal – that man may become aware of their non-constructiveness and may then deliberately turn to his divine and constructive qualities.

The phase of Oneness

Individual = collective responsibility

Now that we have learned more about duality, let’s look into the phase of realization of unity. In this phase, Man acquires fundamental knowledge. Each will find by himself the elements necessary for his spiritual development. It is an apprenticeship that requires the continuous acquisition of new knowledge, and at the same time to apply it in a totally personal way in one’s life in order to integrate it. This requires individual empowerment and a willingness to search for oneself.

But we will also realize that we are part of a greater whole, which includes all the elements of the universe; that mean every step we do brings the whole universe also one step higher.

Each element of the universe has consciousness and emits the informational light through which it interacts. Any change in one of these elements thus produces in a certain way a change within all the other elements and structures.

In this phase, we become more and more aware of how the universe works, reality is created and controlled, and how we function as a human beings. This is the famous “Know thyself”.

At this level we become aware that the reality is only a projection of our own individual and collective consciousness. The realized human being is no longer afraid of anything because he knows that it is he who creates everything and therefore it’s he who can modify it at any time. The feeling of guilt gives way to that of responsibility. The human being in the process of realization can no longer accuse the other since he understands that he is responsible for absolutely everything that happens to him and that the other is only a mirror of himself. And since he knows that he can materialize any element of the universe, that he can even influence the course of time and that he has an infinite source of energy within him, he is no longer afraid of lacking anything.

We learn how the world was created by the Creator, how it is created and recreated at every moment. This helps us to get rid of one of the greatest misunderstandings, one of the greatest myths of our history: the myth of the existence of an objective reality that is independent of human consciousness. Such ideas call into question the real origin of man, and deprive him of his true greatness by denying his divinity.

On the level of Unity, the other is seen as a part of ourselves, helping us to evolve. So we treat others with kindness and respect and no longer react on them. Violence no longer makes sense when the other is seen as a part of ourselves – to hurt any body only means to destroy ourselves. This is the final guarantee of World Peace.

Our relationships are no longer motivated by lack or desire but by abundance – what a joy it is to share all this with the other without asking for anything in return, just for the pleasure of offering!

On the level of health, curative medicine will exist little or no longer, because diseases are only messages from the Soul to tell us how we oppose it. When everything is in balance within ourselves, there simply is no possibility for disease or death.

When our consciousness is in direct contact with our Soul, it hears her messages perfectly and it receives all the indications to be able to make the most informed choices at every moment. As a result, the thoughts and words spoken and the actions taken are always right and aligned with the Good of All.

In this phase, everyone will be in his or her place and will do exactly what he or she came to do on this Earth. We all have a precise life mission, our Soul has desires that it wishes to fulfill and that is the reason we are in a body. When we are in our life mission, and I can tell you about it with full knowledge of the facts, we feel that all the events line up to help us accomplish our tasks more easily. Life helps us and we are driven by eternity. Under these conditions, we work with pleasure and passion. Within this framework, the tasks to be carried out evolve perpetually, which allows us to renew ourselves so that we never stagnate and get bored. We accept with joy and gratitude our place next to the Creator!

And our intelligence finds its true meaning in the prognostic control. The prognostic control will play a fundamental role in tomorrow’s society. Man, thanks to this clairvoyance, will be able to perceive future events and normalize them, if necessary. He will be able to anticipate potentially unfavourable events and harmonize them through the concentration of his biosignal, so that any event will be favourable to him. The prognostic control will also allow him to hear the Soul’s wishes more easily to materialize them. This clairvoyance work with informal knowledge, a deep understanding of emotions and images. All these qualities allow the society to manage different important tasks to guarantee eternal life. Our societies will finally become living organisms, and not more machinations to abuse power.

So when will this phase of eternity begin?

It depends; it depends on us. Either we let things happen without trying to control reality, in which case we will be subject to the rhythm of the evolution of the collective consciousness, which is very slow. Or we decide to move things forward by structuring our consciousness so that the rhythm of progress is no longer that of the collective consciousness, but that which has been decided by our Souls and by the Creator jointly.

On this path we will bring all events back to the norm and we will bring us back to the norm. We are going to do some of this normalization voluntarily, and others will seemingly happen by themselves. Since all the structures in the universe are interconnected, when we normalize one event in our lives, it has a positive impact on all the others. And while we work on a particular event and as a result of that, we realize that other things have improved, in other areas of our lives, that we haven’t even thought about.

So, yes, of course, we need to be active in this transition to the New World, but at the same time let the process go on. It’s a subtle balance between doing and being. Between action and letting go. As our clairvoyance develops, what is to be done becomes more and more obvious. The important thing is always to have confidence in oneself and in the process.

The actual transition is inevitable, because the phase of Unity exists in the future of the Creator and because it facilitates the evolution of the Universal Community.

Collective Consciousness

The collective consciousness is the sum total of the perceptions of all the consciousnesses that compose it. And we know, thanks to the experience of the 100th monkey, that when a certain number of individuals of the same species raise their level of consciousness, then the whole species takes advantage of it all at once and makes a quantum leap, that is, a spontaneous rise in consciousness, without having done anything particular for it. Since it is not the number, the quantity but the intensity, the quality that is responsible, we do not need to wait for more than half the population to make the collective consciousness reach the tipping point. When a number of individuals raise the level of their individual consciousness, it raises the level of the collective consciousness by successive quantum leaps. A good example is Jesus, who all by himself lead to the collapse of the Roman empire and the advent of the dark middle ages.

This implies that even if most of the people cannot implicate themselves in the work of evolution themselves, they will nevertheless benefit from the elevation of the collective consciousness. Their overall level of consciousness will rise and they will have more and more spiritual aspirations and positive repercussions in their lives without having done anything for it.

So it may come to pass that the whole of Humanity will wake up on the early morning of March 21, 2021 – enlightened. Those who could not collaborate in the transition will be very surprised; and those who did co-create it, will finally see the fruits of their intentions.

The Soul and the Sun

Denise Wilson on Youtube

This parable, in the form of a tale, allows the spirit and soul of young and old to travel through consciousness. Everyone will hear what they can, according to their understanding of perception, tolerance, forgiveness… If the heart tells you so, share with me your own understanding of this tale and what it tells you 🙂