The Living Science

For the past centuries, orthodox science has served us well; now that we are in the midst of making a quantum leap of consciousness, we begin to understand ourselves and the world, we are living in, in a different way. Out of this movement of consciousness two sciences have been emerged: Plasma Science, founded by MT Keshe; and the Science of Eden, founded by Grigori Grabovoï. These new offsprings of orthodox science do not define themselves as a new science making the old one obsolete; but as an update to the existing “software”.

Orthodox Science

Since humans believe that they are separated from the world, from their environment, they need to feel that they understand and master it, at least a minimum. Otherwise he would live in fear – the fear of dying, the fear of being attacked, the fear of scarcity – just fear.

Orthodox science responds to this fear by partially explaining certain processes that are part of reality. It reassures man to feel that he understands because he thinks by understanding he has some control. Man believes in science as a dogma and swears by it. But orthodox science is becoming a little bit unreliable.

The main problem with orthodox science is that it is based on only a very small part of reality, that of material manifestation. And this perception is further distorted by the filters of our collective beliefs. We have come to know that reality is not existing on and of itself but rather is a projection of our collective consciousness.

The static zone of consciousness

In duality we have one part of our consciousness that is structured and the other that is not yet structured. The unstructured part contains tough collective beliefs. They seem to be static.

The static zone of consciousness is deeply connected to the material plane; consequently it follows the laws of physics which teach us for example that the greater the mass – the greater its inertia. A feather in the air is easier to move than a train car.

Collective beliefs have a lot of mass because they are the totality of all perceptions of individual human consciousness. The more uniform these perceptions are, the more stable and static they appear to us. As a result we have the impression that our individual perception is not free but forced into compliance with mainstream beliefs. The latter are generated by the equalizing forces of society such as peer pressure.

For example, we all see the sky, we can see the birds and we all realize that birds can fly and we cannot. What we all share as visual perceptions and as laws of operation of this reality looks immutable. Birds fly but we don’t; if we throw ourselves off a building, we fall and die. The stable parts of reality are the static areas of consciousness.

These static areas include all the laws that have been considered irrefutable, such as the laws of gravity, the Newtonian laws of motion, and the laws of thermodynamics. They include everything that we see with our physical eyes and therefore constitute only a very small part of reality.

Orthodox science is based solely on the static areas of consciousness, that is, on what humans perceive in an ordinary state of consciousness and which seems fixed and unchanging. This opened a “reality gap” between what we collectively believe and what we may individually experience. We may see things as unchanging and static, but the world to which it refers, is in perpetual motion, therefore essentially dynamic.

The technology coming out of orthodox science had of course to follow the same tracks: The devices created in laboratories and factories measure only the same small static part of reality. Thanks to technical progress, these devices become more and more sophisticated, but they further rigidify the static part of consciousness.

Furthermore, the laws of orthodox science are based on observations of individuals who have not yet structured their consciousness and therefore these laws only represent the results obtained by individuals using perhaps 1 to 3% of their brain and spiritual capacities.

A good example to illustrate this is Plato’s cave parable. Prisoners who have lived in a cave since birth believe that the shadows they see on the wall represent the whole of reality. They have no idea what is really happening behind them inside the cave, let alone what is outside.

Moreover, orthodox science only considers the three dimensions of the material world whereas we know that reality is infinitely multidimensional. That is to say, the more our consciousness develops, the more we will perceive and have to handle new dimensions.

From the Static to the Dynamic Reality

In terms of dimensions, a point or a straight line corresponds to a one-dimensional space. A plane, such as a sheet of paper, corresponds to a two-dimensional space, i.e. with width and length, and a cube or sphere, will correspond to a three-dimensional space, i.e. with width, length and height coordinates.

Now imagine: You are going to miniaturize yourself, you imagine yourself as a tiny microscopic being living in a one-dimensional space. So, for example, you live on a straight line. Now I place a point in the middle of this straight line. If you think of this point as a partition, then this point will divide the line into two parts and if you are on one side of the point, you won’t be able to see what’s on the other side of the point.

In the same way as if you are in your bedroom, you cannot see through the bedroom wall what is happening in the living room.

But if we now add another dimension, that is, your world is no longer confined to that one straight line but to the whole sheet on which that straight line is drawn, then the rules of your world change, because all you have to do is move around on the sheet, leave the straight line, and see what’s on the other side of the point. And what seemed impossible just before becomes possible, simply by adding a dimension to your perception.

This would seem to be a miracle, when it is simply the logical continuation of the development of human consciousness – an update to the original concept of reality.

“The miracle does not contravene the laws of nature, the miracle contravenes our interpretations of the laws of nature.” Grigori Grabovoï

Orthodox science accepts for true only that which corresponds to the laws it has defined and which are based on the three dimensions of space, which is extremely limiting. When our consciousness is structured, we step back and see things as they are.

Orthodox science presumes studying the functioning of the world, but in fact it studies the projection of the collective consciousness as a manifest reality. And by this very fact, we can say that it does not study reality, but only the projections of it.

The dynamic zone of consciousness

But our consciousness includes not only static areas but also dynamic areas. These dynamic zones represent the submerged part of the iceberg. These dynamic zones correspond to what we can modify by the power of our thought when we are in an appropriate spiritual state. The higher our level of consciousness rises, the more dynamic zones are in our consciousness, that is, we have the ability to influence our reality. Until we become totally masters of it.

Living Science

Orthodox science deals well with the material plane; living science adds to it, expanding its vision to encompass other dimensions of reality. The exploration of living science is a prerequisite for our elevation; our ability to access more dimensions of reality. In this way our evolution is both its goal and its condition. This new science takes into account many more parameters, many more dimensions of reality. Both the static and the dynamic areas of consciousness. And therefore a multidimensional reality.

Scientists, working at the forefront of science, fully understand that theories using multidimensional spaces, that is, spaces with more than three dimensions, must be established in order to explain the phenomena of this world. And the fact that they cannot perceive these spaces seriously limits them. The objective is therefore, in one way or another, to get rid of the limitations in our current perception.

The Clear Perception

The orthodox scientist uses technical means in order to observe the elements of reality and study them; at the same time our physical body is an extremely sophisticated apparatus to capture any information. Thanks to the clear perception, will allow to receive very precise data on all the elements of reality, at any distance, and in any space-time. The clear perception allows us to detect the most subtle sensations of our body-mind system; it develops together with the structuring of the consciousness.

“This approach should be primary and fundamental given the need to overcome the current threat of global destruction and to establish spiritual control over technical development. It is clear that the permanent evolution and accumulation of technical systems risks becoming dangerous if it is not based on the management carried out through human consciousness”. Grigori Grabovoï

The technology of clairvoyance is the main tool of living science. The development of this technology will allow man to take a giant step forward in science. In this new development, we no longer work on the principle of trial and error, but we have the answer, the solution. Clairvoyance makes it possible to perceive any information from any element, at any point in time and space. Clairvoyance will make man autonomous since everyone already has all the knowledge in him and all the answers. And the access to these answers is made progressively as the level of his consciousness rises; as we get closer to our Soul.

This deeper and deeper understanding will allow us, in the transition phase to the new world, to create technologies that will support the evolution of man instead of trying to replace or complement him, like trans-humanism.

The human being is already perfectly complete, technology must simply help him to reactivate all his knowledge. It can support him by performing basic tasks that will allow him to spend more time on his spiritual development. Moreover, clairvoyance is totally non-invasive; for we will obtain information only by reading the informational light emitted by the generosity of the element.

So in practice we will use a combination of clairvoyance, new science and orthodox science. The objective now is the understanding of all the mechanisms of reality in order to allow man to evolve much more easily and quickly by integrating, of course, the theoretical results at the practical level towards Global Salvation.

The use of clairvoyance in science will revolutionize all current scientific protocols. It will allow us, for example, to make a precise, completely reliable and instantaneous diagnosis of any organ of the body, without the need to physically touch that body or even to use any machine whatsoever.

Clairvoyance is there to give us an immediate answer. Thanks to it, it is not necessary to experiment, accumulate data, analyze it, look for laws, etc., in order to obtain an answer, as required by the scientific approach. In truth, this answer already exists somewhere, it is enough to see it”. Grigori Grabovoi

For example, we would like to know the function of an organ such as the appendix. Orthodox science teaches us: The function of the appendix is unknown. One theory is that the appendix acts as a reservoir of good bacteria, “restarting” the digestive system after diarrheal diseases. Other experts believe that the appendix is just a useless vestige of our evolutionary past.

It is clear that nature knows what it is used for, so the answer is already there. One only has to reach out and take it, this is possible with the help of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is a universal means of access to information. One could compare clairvoyance to the Internet. Through the Internet, it is possible to find all available information from anywhere in the world. It turns out that there is a kind of informational field that contains data on everything; the network of this informational light is called Spirit. Man can be compared to an operator who uses clairvoyance to search in the informational field. The speed is so great that the answer comes instantly.

By the way, as seen by clairvoyance, the appendix is an organ that links the brain and the immune system to control our immunity.

“Everything is in our hands. We must always remember a very simple truth: man was born to enjoy a happy life, in infinite fullness”. Grigori Grabovoï

The Basics of Creation

Creation and the Creator

The creation in 1 instant:

The world exists on 3 levels simultaneously: the fundamental level, the transition level and the material level.

Everything that exists, exists above all and eternally on the fundamental level. On this plane everything is one and eternal.

The Creator created all the elements of the universes in an impulse of love. Each element is created with an infinite number of possibilities and eternal evolution.

All, absolutely all in the universe is made of the same structure and created in the same way:

  • The Creator is a trinity, which consists of:
    • The Soul
    • The soul of physicality which is also called Spirit; it is the network of interconnections of all the elements of all the universes. The Spirit is made of Informational Light.
    • The physical body which is the totality of all the universes, of all the elements
  • Man is a trinity, which consists of:
    • The Soul who is an integral part of the Soul of the Creator; she generates
    • The soul of the physicality, which is also called mind/consciousness; it acts as a filter for creation
    • The physical body
  • All the elements of the world are a trinity, composed of:
    • The Soul that is part of the Soul of the Creator
    • The soul of the physicality which is the collective soul of all the components of this element
    • The physical body

The Soul of God is like a large circle that contains within it another circle that represents the Souls of all men. The Spirit is the great pink circle. Thanks to this structure, we see that the creation of the world takes place inside us and that it is the projection of our consciousness to the outside which creates the perception of the so-called objective reality. The external result that we perceive is only a projection outside of what is happening inside.

Man is at the same time the external world and the internal world.” Grigori Grabovoï

Of course, here again, the words ‘inside’, ‘outside’ and so on are part of the matter state language of duality that no longer applies at the fundamental level of reality.

Creation and our physical body

Since creation is eternal and creative and the Creator, in creating us, creates creators, we can see that “creation” and “evolution” are synonymous. Every element that is created has the infinite potential to evolve, but it needs to be aided by the human beings.

The human being is there to evolve and make the whole world evolve around him, alongside the Creator. Evolution on this planet takes places in the environment of incarnation; our physical body is the tool of evolution.

We said earlier that our physical body is made of condensed informational light that is shaped by our consciousness.

The creation of our physical body is based on the Soul’s desire to experience the 3D world, so the super-strong energies of the Soul are attenuated by the mind so that they can condense into physical form. The materialization of the whole world is done in exactly the same way: In the process of co-creation we offer our mind & body to the Creator so that the informational light of the Spirit can condense into material manifestations.

The power of materialization increases enormously when we do it consciously – we can marvel at this capacity of our body. And when we understand and feel that it is eternal and that only the eternity will allow the development to the norm of the entire universe, then we accelerate this process.

“The physical body must participate or co-participate in the process of the creation of the universe, namely in the process of the interaction between the Soul and the mind. …] The eternity of the physical body is a very powerful instrument, often the only one, which allows civilization to really save itself. …] The mind, the consciousness, the physical body of man, God and the physical body of God can act simultaneously and synchronously at the level of the Soul.” Grigori Grabovoï

Since it is the passage of the informational light through our mind and our body that enables the creation of all the elements and events in the world, we need to take care of our mind/consciousness. The more we take care of ourselves, heal our wounds and structure our consciousness, the more we make the world evolve.

In addition, Soul optimizes every action that man performs. It means, in other words, that the Creator is always with us, provided that we act in the direction of Global Salvation. And vice versa: if we take actions driven by personal or special interest, the Creator with all His love and power will not be with us.

Creation and Love

We have said that our body, being the reflection of our Soul, contains all the knowledge and at the same time is the interface through which the Soul can interact with the world on the material level. So how do we transfer all this knowledge to the universe to help it evolve?

It’s not very complicated.

  1. Being in an appropriate state to control reality – active relaxation
  2. Being in a state of love. In this state all the elements of our trinity are connected.
  3. Looking at the object of our attention through the same eyes of love.

We only need to look at an element with love to support is regeneration and healing.

For example, there is a Croatian healer called Braco whose only method is to look lovingly at the people who come to him, and miracles happen every time. Quite simply because the love that emanates from his gaze has brought a part of the consciousness of the people back to the norm.

There was also a four-year-old girl who healed people, and when asked how she did it, she said, “I look at the person and I love them so much that there is no room for anything else.” No matter what technique you use, the method is always the same, it’s love.

If non-constructive thoughts manifest themselves in our consciousness, we can just let them pass through us without impacting us, like clouds in front of a blue sky. If we cannot manage this detachment yet, here is a technique that can help:

  1. STOP! Take a step back, introduce a distance between you and the non-constructive thought
  2. Take your attention away from the non-constructive element
  3. Use your imagination to visualize the same situation being at the norm

Our path then becomes a path of love. And when we follow it, only favourable events can take place and we create ourselves and our reality just as the Creator does; moment by moment, at the norm.

Bi-directional Transfer of Knowledge

As soon as we interact with any element of the universe, we give ours and receive its informational light. It is a mutual exchange. As soon as we breathe, as soon as we think about something, as soon as we smell a flower, we receive informational light, we absorb it and then we send it back. This allows the universe to evolve every moment; and this effect is greatly increased if we know that we are dong it.

Our Soul and the Creator manifest use our body to manifest the world; at the same time they speak to our consciousness through the world. This is a feedback loop, through which we become more and more able to co-create with the Creator.

We begin to understand how important our physical body is because it is through it that the Creator manifests Himself, manifests His vision and makes the world evolve.

If our consciousness is structured and we see Peace on Earth, it is the Creator through our eyes, sees and manifests together with us that Peace on Earth. But if our consciousness is not structured enough and is limited by the wounds of the collective consciousness, then it is these perceptions that will prevail in the creation of our reality. This is why our Soul and the Creator so deeply desire the development of our consciousness so that we can, through our gaze on the world, give a stable, sustainable and perpetual development to each element that composes it.

To feel like the Creator

God feels absolutely everything because his physical body is the whole world. Each element of the world is linked to every other element and the Creator who is its source through the network of the Spirit. For the Spirit is eternal, so is the world.

The closer we get to our Soul and the Creator, the closer our body gets to eternity and the better we feel everything that is happening in the universe. We can infinitely increase the sensitivity of our bodily feeling and thus get closer to how and what the Creator feels. The Creator can process the totality of the information in the network of the Spirit at an instantant; we too will have this capacity for omniscience – it is the gift for the development of our consciousness.

Let us not forget that the Creator works through our physical body. Maybe you have noticed that when you think about an event that you want to manifest in the future, imagining your body inside that event can greatly help it’s manifestation.

Being conscious of our body allows us to greatly develop the logical part of our consciousness. Being conscious of our body also allows us to feel eternity in a realistic way. Eternity is not something abstract, it is present throughout the universe, and it can be felt; it is palpable.

When we connect all our structures, we can truly feel this eternity within us. Some may even see it as a dense, silvery white light. The consciousness of eternity allows us to manifest all we wish for in the entire universe through our physical body, just as the Creator does.

It’s this “matter of eternity” that is collected by the PRK-1U device from the environment and transmitted to the user, who will be able, to evolve much faster.


Rejuvenation Webinar (only in french)

Conventionally rejuvenation is seen as the opposite of aging. We age because our collective consciousness is convinced that it is a fatality, a condition of our existence that cannot be changed. This belief will then prevent the cells from dividing and renewing themselves at the norm or they will renew themselves with defects. This is a downward spiral which will progressively deteriorate our biological rhythms until our body cannot sustain itself any longer and dies.

If, on the other hand, our consciousness is structured, then our entire body-mind system will always be in harmony and there will be no illness, aging nor death. So it is more accurate to consider eternal life and rejuvenation as our natural state and aging as something that is not normal. Rejuvenation is part of our nature as intended by the Creator.

With a structured consciousness, it will be natural for us to re-create a perfectly healthy body00017x/second. The constant recreation will happen automatically because our thought becomes a Bio-signal of light that influences our reality directly. Thanks to this Bio-signal we are able to directly control our outer and inner reality and allow their eternal harmonious development.

The process of rejuvenation, therefore, consists of reconnecting us to the lines of development from our Soul and letting its informational light spread over our body and mind so that they normalize themselves. This process will stabilize eternal youth within us.

But rejuvenation is also a technique to help us evolve as individuals and as a Humanity. Since our individual consciousness is part and parcel of the Soul of Humanity, our own rejuvenation contributes greatly to the evolution of the human race. Our influence on the collective consciousness is still enhanced because the structuring of our consciousness changes our position in relation to the collective consciousness: instead of being subjected to the influences of the collective (un-)consciousness, we will be in a position where we can influence and change it. Thus we have the ability to change the collective perception – how we all perceive the reality around us. One such change could very well be that we no longer see our body subjected to disease, aging and death!

To explain different methods of rejuvenation we have a whole range of approaches. We will begin by examining the most common physical model in the collective consciousness, the physical principle that governs the universe: atoms act at the same time as a wave and as a particle.

The study of the wave character of the universe allows us to explain the method of rejuvenation. We have to find the wavelength of rejuvenation. Furthermore the entire organism is considered to have a wave character. By treating an atom or a body cell as a wave, we put it in resonance with its neighbours. In this way we spread the desired property of rejuvenation throughout the whole organism. Additionally we have to find something that could eternally awaken this particular resonance and that something is human thought in the strength of a Bio-Signal.

In order to rejuvenate our organism, we need to send a light wave to all our our body cells through our thought, our Bio-signal.

Researchers of the Institute of Radio electronics have created a quantum camera capable of capturing the light of thought and it is filmed objectively at the level of the human being’s head; which is considered material proof”. Grigori Grabovoï

One could say that every element in the world has its own frequency. Objects, body parts, thoughts, words, actions, concepts, etc.; each one is at a different frequency. The process of rejuvenation therefore consists in finding the right frequency of rejuvenation and then of connecting us to this frequency and superimpose it on our physical body. This transfer will bring it back to the state of youthfulness at the norm. In order to power our thought up to become Bio-signals, we put ourselves in an appropriate state of reality control, capable of influencing our reality. It is important to stay in this state long enough.

Grigori Grabovoï proposes different methods for rejuvenation:

  1. The PRK-1U dedicated to rejuvenation
    This device is a gift of Grigori Grabovoï to humanity and can be used by anyone over the internet free of charge. It will transmit informational light tuned to the fundamental wavelength of youth; in other words, the unit broadcasts the frequency of eternal youth.
    To use it, you fix the small lens at the bottom right, then rotate it with your eyes from lens to lens in an anti-clockwise direction.
    At the same time visualize yourself in a state where you feel young; this will amplify the effect of the practice.
    Do this exercise for a few tens of minutes daily to get results.
  2. Concentrations on the Numerical Sequence
    Energy for rejuvenation: 91 809 814
  3. Transferring information from when we were young into our present moment
    This is done by connecting us to this state of youthfulness in our past and transferring it to the present: Think back to a moment of grace that you experienced in your youth. A moment of grace is inevitably at the norm and therefore inevitably connected to the state of eternal youth.

The Universal Harmonization Equation

Hélène Laporte’s original video in french can be found here, french only

When we see this equation for the first time, we think ”Oh my God! What a monster! I could never understand such a complex thing – you have to be a mathematician to do that, right?”

But don’t be afraid, I don’t understand it either – on the rational level, but I understand it on the essential level, and you’ll get there, too, I promise!

So let’s go without fear with the confidence of a child.

What’s in the equation

This equation describes in a mathematical way how the control of reality works. It contains all the variables of the process in reality. If we understand this equation, we know exactly how reality control works and we can do it successfully.

To control an event in reality, it is necessary to know all its parameters:

  1. 3x spatial coordinates (longitude, latitude and altitude; this is the inertia of the Earth at the place of the event)

  2. 3x temporal coordinates (past, present and future)

  3. 1x Perceptual coordinate (how we see it; it is variable according to the structuring of our consciousness)

  4. ∞x links that our event has with all the other elements of the universe

In order to perform effective reality control, we would have to take all these parameters into account – which seems impossible!

It is only impossible for our rational mind to treat an infinite number + 7 links; but our mind has much more powerful capabilities. We can process much larger volumes of information if these are represented not by rational data, but by images or feelings. We have learned that we can process all information in geometric forms. This way of processing information is as effective, if not more effective, than processing the discrete bits of information themselves.

All equations are a sequence of defined letter/number symbols. We can replace the letters/numbers by other symbols.

In the equation there are 3 parameters on which we will particularly focus our attention during practice:

  1. The effective control of reality : (g), the Red Star
  2. The coordinates of the event to be normalized or materialized: x, the purple bubble x

  3. The major categories of the links: n, the indigo bubble n

In order for our control of reality to be effective and complete, it is necessary that our individual perception is transformed according to these three mentioned parameters.

  1. By looking at the image of the equation, we extend our consciousness so that it encompasses all it’s components. When we look at the equation we see the number ∞+7 parameters simultaneously.

  2. By simultaneously directing our attention to the 3 cardinal points – the visualization of the event at the norm, the (g), its coordinates the x, and the major link groups, the n – we further expand our consciousness to include the infinite number of major parameters.

Explanation of the factors in the equation

Here is a description of the different parameters of the equation

  • (g) in the equation g(g) = g((f(k(l))*f(k(P)))xn)
    Represents our effective control of reality.

  • g in the equation g(g) = g((f(k(l))*f(k(P)))xn)
    Represents our objective that the control of reality should be efficient in any case, no matter of what is happening in the universe; this parameter will therefore act on the whole environment that is related to it so that there are no obstacles that could prevent the normalization.

  • I in the equation g(g) = g((f(k(l))*f(k(P)))xn)
    Represents our individual perception of the situation; it will change with the structuring of our consciousness.

  • k in the equation g(g) = g((f(k(l))*f(k(P)))xn)
    It is our ability to perceive the event at the norm; this amplifies the effectiveness of our control of reality.

  • f in the equation g(g) = g((f(k(l))*f(k(P)))xn)
    Represents our understanding of the teachings that will enlarge, together with the k, our individual perception even more.

So far the equation tells us that we can take actions which are to the norm in order to resolve a problematic situation just by modifying his individual perception.

  • P in the equation g(g) = g((f(k(l))*f(k(P)))xn)
    Represents the space and time in which our control of reality takes place.

  • the second k and f in the formula g(g) = g((f(k(l))*f(k(P)))xn)
    Represents the expansion of time into eternity and space into infinity. In this way our control of reality will be valid everywhere and in all times.

  • * between the two parts of the right part of the equation g(g) = g((f(k(l))*f(k(P)))xn)
    Represents our perception of the space-time in which the event will be transformed towards the most harmonious solution for all.

  • x in the equation g(g) = g((f(k(l))*f(k(P)))xn) is also an amplification factor; it represents the 7 coordinates of our control of reality: the location of the problem, the temporary interval from the beginning of the problem to eternity (because we want our normalization to last in time).

  • n in the exponent at the end of the equation g(g) = g((f(k(l))*f(k(P)))xn) corresponds to the number of parameters to be transformed by the equation; for the construction of a house we will consider the climate, the location, the soil, the materials, the finances, the available manpower etc. In practice you will ask your Soul to whisper this number, which must be between 1-10, to you.

Instructions for use

You concentrate at the same time :

  1. on the (g) in the equation that represents the result of our control of reality

  2. on the exponent xn of the equation that represents the coordinates of the event everywhere and all time (infinite and eternal)

  3. Ask your Soul to give you the number of the number of your soul.

This is the Best Way to Live

Soul and Consciousness

The projection of the informational light of our Soul on our consciousness allows us to perceive our future and all the events that make it up to the norm; this can help us to always make the right decisions.

In our everyday life, it is our mind that perceives, analyzes and makes the decisions.

The Soul has all the knowledge about future development. When you see the way consciousness expands, you know exactly where it is going and what you are going to perceive”. Grigori Grabovoï

The informational light of our Soul is constantly projected onto our consciousness. The Soul is like a sun that continuously sends its rays in all directions. Consciousness in the world of duality is divided into a perfectly structured and a poorly structured part. We can imagine that the structured part (P1) faces the Soul while the unstructured part (P2) is closer to the material level, to our body.

If we place our attention at the point of connection between our Soul and our consciousness (P1), then we will always make the right choices. You also remember that it is our choices that define the evolution of the whole universe since the universe is created from our consciousness. We are therefore collectively responsible for the proper functioning of the world. And if we make our choices from our Soul, then automatically all must go well.


According to wikipedia, destiny refers to the future history of a human being as predefined by an authority that is considered superior to humans; it is considered impossible for man to escape his destiny. Thus the notion of destiny is thus opposed to that of free will.

The only instance superior to our personality is his Soul. Destiny is then the sequence of all the important events that our Soul wishes to live in this life. As the Soul is omniscient, she always knows the best sequence of events for us because she only knows events that are to the norm.

But we have our free will, which may create some dynamism; at each link in the chain of events, free will can intervene to decide another path that does not follow the Soul’s proposal. The reasons for free will, when it does not want to follow the Soul, are of course coming from the unstructured consciousness, which is made up of collective beliefs, wounds that we have suffered but not (yet) integrated and which make us go through the same dual experiences again and again. Each choice in favour of non-constructive beliefs will reinforce the same choice for the next time – this is exactly what makes us feel trapped in a destiny we cannot escape.

Under this point of view, free will only makes us suffer. Why? Did God, who created us in his image, wanted to make us suffer? No, free will is not to make us suffer – it’s to make us evolve. Free will makes us suffer because it isn’t in his right place. Its job is not to play the master and be in control of our lives – it’s true vocation is to be the perfect servant of the Soul. How can we teach him to change? Through the structuring of our consciousness, free will, too, will experience much more pleasure and this will let it slide effortlessly into its original role.

So if our consciousness is directly controlled by our Soul, then we will follow a destiny, which is much more interesting! At that moment, our consciousness no longer makes decisions based on its limitations but acts according to what the Soul wishes. It is this direct path to our happiness that Grigori Grabovoi calls the Lines of Consciousness Development. These are the Lines of Development because the path that follows the Soul requires more structuring of our consciousness, more personal development. That is to say, the direct path to our happiness is at the same time a horizontal path to follow (from where we are towards the goal) and a vertical path of growing up.

These lines of development allow us to simultaneously control reality in a way that is both universal and precise. By following the life path along the lines of development proposed by the Soul, we will live our destiny in it’s most perfect way.

The more our consciousness becomes capable of following more and more the lines of development proposed by the Soul, the less we are subjected to our wounds and we become more and more free. We then understand that we are responsible for everything that happens to us, absolutely everything: there is no longer any fatality that can stand in the way, no predefined destiny, no karma. We can then begin to act as the Creator does – perfectly to the norm. Then we all do will be correct according to the Creator’s knowledge.

“Following this path seems to be in a sinusoidal rhythm similar to the heart’s: first we go out to pilot the outside and then we return home, inside. This path is also God’s path because God develops harmoniously just like the sinusoidal system of the heart.” Grigori Grabovoï

Human interaction with the Universe

We have said that it is the divine light passing through our Soul and consciousness that builds our physical body and then the whole universe. It is a co-creation of the Creator and the human being. Each of our actions, if they are coming out of our structured consciousness, will help the universe to develop, the whole and each of the elements.

At the moment when the human being becomes aware of it, and sends all his light and love to all the elements of the universe, he receives in return all the love of the universe. That is to say that the whole outside world is helping the physical body of the human being to become eternal. We can feel at that moment how much the universe loves us and how much it wants to help us to evolve very quickly and become eternal. We can perceive that our fundamental structures, the Creator and the entire universe, act in symbiosis. Humans allow the entire universe to evolve, and the Creator and the universe help humans advance toward eternity and regain all of their divine abilities. Isn’t that great?

Every element of the universe, every animal, every plant, every mineral is made up of the same particles of love as we are; and we can recognize the existence of the Soul in every object in the universe.

Humans capture knowledge through their Soul and transmit it to all the elements around them: to animals, plants, and the whole of nature. When human beings start to act consciously and place their perception at the level of their Soul, they will begin to see the connecting links between all the elements of the universe that allow its infinite development. The more he advances, the more links he detects. These lines strengthen, unfold, multiply and form new directions.

The network of interconnectedness constantly grows as we develop. Events that are not entirely favourable will no longer be taken into account since our consciousness knows how to detect them by clairvoyance. We can feel the wishes of his Soul, which directly control our reality. We then perceive what is good for us and the simple fact of knowing it, of perceiving it and of understanding it allows the immediate realization of our objectives.

The Help of the Creator

It is good to know that every constructive act in the direction of the Good for All, undertaken by the human being is supported by the Creator. The informational light of the Creator contains all knowledge, and this knowledge is transmitted to us when we accept it. The Creator accompanies us at every moment, inspires us, and gives every being on this planet what he or she needs in the moment.

The Creator has endowed us with free will to give us all freedom and responsibility at the same time. So He never imposes His presence, knowledge, or wishes on the human being, everything requires our consent. However, our decisions have direct consequences – when we no longer wish to be connected to him, we deprive ourselves of his help.

The human Soul, in turn, enables the development of the Creator’s physical body. For the Creator evolves through the evolution of the world, which is His physical body.

The interaction between the Creator and the human takes place in a more personal way when the human addresses Him in gratitude. This is what we call “prayer”; it unites his mind with the Creator’s mind and allows him to enter into his consciousness. God always responds to our calls instantly. The basis of the universe is thus constituted by the Soul of the Creator and that of the human being. Everything in all the universes develop from this base.