Aviram’s Question on the Shielding Effect

Thank you very much M. Keshe for helping us to get up and walk.

Some years ago during experiments with dynamic reactors, the shielding effect has been shown: at a certain rpm rate the sound of the reactor’s motor and the sound of a radio, both couldn’t be heard anymore. How can we create the same shielding effect without using reactors but only using the power of our Soul?

I know that babies can sleep in a very noisy environment; how do they do it?

Babies, the younger they are, the closer they are to the Soul because they haven’t yet been filled with the collective beliefs that will gradually unstructure their consciousness. Therefore for them it is easy to just let the attention turn towards the Soul and the material world with all the noise etc will disappear.

We are no more babies and most of us have lost their innocence, our minds are poorly structured. But there is another path open to us: dreams. Understanding dreaming helps us understand how the Soul functions: in the dream state, the Soul is less confined by the Soul of physicality/mind, she can move freely.

In the so called waking state the free will inside the mind controls the body. Most often the mind has our perception engrossed in the matter level. The Soul has less access and is, so to say, confined in her container, the blood flow around the brain. She is like a bird in a cage.

In the dream state the Soul of physicality “sleeps” thus giving the Soul more freedom to be; we are in a position detached from the matter state. On the mind level, we give our attention to the noise; when the Soul gains strength during sleep, our attention moves out of the mind on the Soul level – where we don’t hear the noise anymore.

In a dream the Soul extends beyond the boundaries of the physicality and then she is able to communicate with another Soul. But this line of communication can also be directed inside to cover the whole physical body and thus controlling it.

When we extend the field of the Soul beyond the body’s boundary, all what is happening outside the body’s limits is blocked out – unless you want to feel it through the strength of the Soul wants to connect to it and includes it.

If you can extend your Soul beyond the body, you won’t hear the noise of the physicality anymore, but the Soul’s voice because you are inside the structure of the Soul. Similarly, when we are inside the structure of the Earth, we don’t hear the noise of the Solar system; and vice versa: when we are tuned into the fields beyond the Earth’s fields, we won’t hear the noise on the matter level.

Your consciousness creates your perception and your perception creates your reality. So when you extend your consciousness beyond the physical body, you won’t get any signal from the physical level. It is as if the matter level may still be there but there is no interaction with it, we are not aware of it.

From Death to Deathlessness

Message from a Mother in Russia

Dear Person reading this letter; I ask you to hand it over to Mr. Mehran Keshe. It is very important for me. With gratitude, E.D.

Hello dear Mr. Mehran Keshe. Le me tell you a little about myself. My name is E.D. I am 54 years old. I was born and live in Russia, in the City of Volgograd. I am an architect by education. My only and beloved daughter Maria, who was 23 years old, died during a surgical operation. The whole world has faded for me, life was divided into “before” and “after”. I suffer a lot. The firth year has passed since the tragedy, but I cannot accept it. All that interests me, the whole meaning of my life, is now to understand the true structure of the Universe and life in it.

Dear Mehran, i understand that you are a very busy person and, most likely, you will be surprised at my letter, o maybe you will not read it at all. No one can answer my questions, because people either a religious doctrine or do not believe in anything at all. Not so long ago, I accidentally met with your concept of the structure of the universe. Everything you talk about is very close to me and responds to my heart. I also think that it is simply impossible to live the way we all live now. This is a complete impasse and degradation leading to destruction. You have come to unravelling the biggest mystery – the origin of human life. Please answer the mother who knows no rest, what is there, beyond and will we still live? Will I meet my daughter? Why do we live? What is the meaning of our appearance in this wold? I would be very grateful if you answer me. Unfortunately, there are no books of yours in Russia. And how wonderful it would be. I want to share with you: I myself made plasma water based on your lectures. Unfortunately, I do not speak English and it is a little difficult to get information through an automatic translator.

You and your team are doing a great job to save life on Earth. Thank you very much. What a happiness it is to realize that there are people who think not only about their own skin and money, but also about the development and prosperity of all mankind, who have risen above everything petty and secondary. People really need you. There are a lot of unhappy mothers like me who have lost their children; they suffer a lot and want to know the truth about life and death. How much better our life would be if we knew this truth.

I wish you and your team health and wellbeing.

Best regards, E.D..”

Buddha on deathlessness

Buddha was staying in a village. A woman came to him crying. Her child, her only child, had suddenly died. Because Buddha was in the village, people said, “Don’t weep. Go to this man. People say he is infinite compassion. If he wills it, the child can revive. So don’t weep. Go to Buddha.”

The woman came with the dead child, crying, and the whole village followed her – the whole village was affected. Buddha’s disciples were also affected; they started praying in their minds that Buddha would have compassion. He must bless the child so that he will be revived, resurrected.

Many disciples of Buddha started weeping. The scene was so touching, deeply moving. Everybody was still. Buddha remained silent. He looked at the dead child, then he looked at the crying mother and he said to the mother, “Don’t weep, just do one thing and your child will be alive again. Leave the dead body of the child here, go back to the town, go to every house and ask every family if someone has ever died in their family, in their house. And if you can find a house where no one has ever died, then from them beg something to be eaten, some bread, some rice, or anything – but make sure it’s from the house where no one has ever died. And that food will revive the child immediately. You go. Don’t waste time.”

The woman was happy. She felt that now the miracle was going to happen. She touched Buddha’s feet and ran to the village which was not a very big one, very few cottages, a few families. She moved from one family to another, asking. But every family said, “This is impossible. There is not a single house – not only in this village but all over the earth – there is not a single house where no one has ever died, where people have not suffered death and the misery and the pain and the anguish that comes out of it.”

By and by the woman realized that Buddha had been playing a trick. This was impossible. But still the hope was there. She went on asking until she had gone around the whole village. Her tears dried, her hope died, but suddenly she felt a new tranquility, a serenity, coming to her. Now she realized that whosoever is born will have to die. It is only a question of years. Someone will die sooner, someone later, but death is inevitable. She came back and touched Buddha’s feet again.

Story source: The Book of Secrets, by Osho

Are we immortal or not?!

Nobody has ever lasted through the whole time of creation since the beginning, except the Creator. So it seems natural that we go through the death/rebirth cycle.

At the same time we know that in the moment of death, our Soul is liberated from the confinement of the body. In each process of death, our Soul leaves this dimension to enter a bigger dimension. It is like we are the water in a glass; at the moment of transition, our glass is poured into a bigger bowl of water – together with many other glasses (Souls that also make the transition). The process of being integrated into bigger and bigger dimensions is going on until we reach the dimension of the Creator.

Is this evolution only possible through dying? Is there no way we become gradually aware of bigger and bigger dimensions until we reach the dimension of the Creator?

It looks like MT Keshe is speaking from the point of view of duality and matter level. He is speaking about the evolution of the soul (of physicality) out of the matter level into the fundamental level, out of duality into the realization of unity.

The evolution of the Soul of the man never ends, because the Creator as well is eternally evolving. We are moving together with Him, unless we have lead unethical lives and didn’t give anything back to Mother Earth.” MT Keshe

During our transition out of duality, at each point of death, the way we have lived, how we have used our talents will decided wether we move towards a higher dimension or not. Wether we will disintegrate into diverse energy particles scattered throughout the universe or enter a new dimension to create new galaxies.

Separation from the loved ones

On the physical plane we are definitely separated from a person who dies. On the fundamental level, in the dimension of our Soul so separation has ever happened or will ever happen. How can there be separation when there is no space? So, yes, we will see all we have loved and known again. We will be able to meet our grandmother who died when we were only 6 years old.

Actually we can never be separated from the ones we loved, once we have been connected to them, we will always be; the connection cannot cease. Now we understand that our very wish to connect to them, prevents the connection because our wish is based on the belief that we are separated and there is no connection. It’s like you cannot open a door that is already open!

it’s you through your suffering that creates the separation; so never morn!

Instead pray for them, give to them from your Soul and tell them that they can take what they need. And one day you will meet them again, one day they will come back.

Don’t go looking for the physical connection, go and find the connection with the Soul.

Never try to reach out to another Soul – always give from your Soul, elevate their Soul, so that they may find Peace and then wait that they will come to you out of their own free will.MT Keshe

By the way, when we dream of someone who has passed to another dimension it’s proof that we are connected.

On the fundamental level we have been, are and will be eternally part of the Soul of the Creator; but during our transition out of duality towards the realization of unity, we can have the valid perception of a path which brings us closer and closer to the Creator – and we can walk it.

One day the man will become wise that there is no death, there has never been death. If there was death there could have never been a creation, because the Creator would have never existed.” MT Keshe

The Creation of the Soul and of the Man

Sylviane Burzala Fanigliulo-Wednesday, January 6, 2021– on Facebook

On December 30, Mr. Keshe was invited on an Italian channel, Radio Visione 11.11. The theme was the meeting of Science and Soul.

Where is the Soul?

Every man has a source inside himself, the Soul. It is the center of his life. It controls all vital functions such as respiration, pulse, blood pressure, digestion etc. It is the source of life. It could also control all “voluntary” functions – but the power of decision in these areas remains with “free will”. The Soul is like the sun has a solar system; the sun’s rays cannot be diminished but obstructed.

The interaction of the fields of the sun with the environment of the galaxy creates the solar system with all the planets. In the same way creates the Soul in interaction with the Earth’s environment all the organs and other parts of the human body.

Just as we cannot have a solar system, without having the sun in the center, we cannot have a physical form, when the source, the Soul, is outside. The Soul of man is inside the structure of man. And its interaction with the Earth’s fields, and the Earth’s environment, creates man in his physical form. The seat of the Soul is at the intersection of a line between the two ears and the other between the third eye and the back of the head.

The knowledge that Soul is within us gives us full responsibility for our Soul and our own conduct. In a way, Soul is the representation of the Creator within us. Since the Creator created us in His image and gave us free will, He gave us full responsibility for our lives. Without free will we will be in the same situation as plants and animals that cannot decide against Global Salvation, the Creator’s will.

Therefore, we have the ability to use our bodies and their capacity to think, speak, and act on the material plane freely. But these physical abilities are only weak reflections of our extrasensory abilities, such as omnipresence, omniscience, or omnipotence. These are only available to us if we are close to the Soul, perfectly aligned with Global Salvation. As long as our free will decides to follow a selfish path, extrasensory powers will not be available to us.

To live our full potential – in the image of the Creator – our conduct must follow the Soul, the Creator. In a way, every day is the day of judgment for man, now that man knows that his Soul is within him.

With his Soul, man has found his line of communication with the Creator and all the other elements of the world within himself. Therefore, man no longer needs anyone to tell him how to control and direct his Soul – we have thus reached the end of all religion.

Creation of Soul and Body

According to the conventional understanding our existence begins when the egg and the sperm meet. Each of them has its own Soul, but when they come together, they create a new common Soul, which they both share.

But according to information from Plasma Science and the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, the creation of new life happens differently – almost everything happens before physical conception when the sperm melts into the egg:

The Creator, in a impulse of love, has already created everything; each of the elements with an infinite number of possibilities. In this creation everything is already contained, of course also this “new life”. Then at the right time, two loving souls wish to manifest another soul in an act of co-creation with the Creator. This co-creation sends a great deal of informational light into the couple’s set of possibilities, and their wish at the precise moment of co-creation determines which of the possibilities will manifest.

Subsequently the force of the plasma field, the Soul of the egg attracts the sperm that corresponds to it. And the rest is known because it happens on the material level.

Now the new Soul absorbs more and more energy from the mother’s womb and the environment. And it divides and creates more cells, each with a Soul. And as the number increases, a new central reference point is always created, with which all are in balance and communicate: the collective Soul.

Then, these different Souls, in interaction with the new reference point, will build the human body, arms, face, brain and the rest; and the whole will give the structure of the human body.

And the interaction of the flow of blood fields with the fields of the Soul of man, within the brain, leads to the creation of emotions. And this is how Life is created. That is why we feel our emotions in the brain.

The blood is a control system for the dynamic plasma fields. It creates a confinement to hold the Soul inside the body. That is why, when man dies and the blood flow stops, the Soul of man is free to take a new position.

The Life after this life

And depending on the level of strength, acquired by the Soul during her period of Life on Earth, the Soul then becomes the seed of another planet, another star, somewhere in the Universe. After physical life, when our Soul leaves the body, it takes a new position in the Universe, to become the beginning of a new Sun, the beginning of a new Life.

Now we understand the purpose of the birth and creation of the Soul. We become a source, a Sun, a new Life, through Creation. We are the seed for the creation of new life.

If we have not really taken the opportunity to prepare ourselves to create a new universe, if we have not given anything, the structure of our consciousness is so weak that it is not sufficient to create new life. At that point the unstructured consciousness will decompose like the body by transferring his fragments into what the Buddhists call “Mind Stream”. And the Soul returns to the Creator.

In physical life, we create children. When our Soul frees itself from the physical body, in the depths of the universe, it becomes the seed of a new sun. And eventually, it becomes the Sun. And then it creates its own solar system. And with it, it will create its own existence. It will become the Creator of new lives in the dimension of its strength.

On Earth, on the material plane, we try to give the best to our children, so that they will have a fulfilling life. On the Soul level, what do we expect from our procreation? What your Soul carries, will be part of the creation of new lives.

So, if we show a bad conduct in this life here, what do we hope that our Soul could create in space, through the world of the Creator? So we have a very great responsibility to our Soul through our conduct: what we do here is is what we bring into creation afterwards.

In a way, the earth is a nursery for new Souls, new seeds for spaces throughout the universe. Life never ends. The interaction of the fields never ends. They convert from one to the other. In the world of physics, we talk about energy conservation. In the work of the Creator, we talk about the conservation of magnetic fields. They pass from one energy to another – it is an eternal process that takes place independently whether we share the collective belief of death – the great fault – or not.

Punishment for non ethical behaviour

Punishment is totally a human invention; punishment doesn’t exist in the Universe or in the Universal Community. The members of the Universal Community understand how the Soul works in respect to the soul of the physicality/mind and the body. Now let’s take a closer look to understand our situation better.

We live on three levels: the fundamental level of the Soul, the transition level of the mind and the physical level of the body.

On the fundamental level only our Soul lives, she cannot behave in an unethical way in the same way as the Creator cannot do this. On the matter level, the body – taken for itself – cannot be unethical either, because he is an extension of the Soul sharing her qualities and knowledge. So that leaves us with with the transition or energy level where the mind lives; and he is the only one who can – due to his “free will” – behave unethically.

But the mind is not independent, he is part of the trinity, of our fundamental structure. He is the creation of the Soul, just as we are the creation of the Creator, endowed with the magnificent two: freedom and responsibility. This means the mind can deliberately disobey the Soul and the universal ethics, and such a behaviour has direct consequences on his relationship with the Soul.

The Soul only lives on the fundamental level within the Universal Principle, the Good for All; we could say that the Soul is in a way unmovable within the Universal Principle. The mind, due to it’s free will can move.

We said that the mind is created and maintained by the Soul. This is possible through the connection between the mind and the Soul, through which the mind receives guidance, knowledge and energy to sustain his existence and to do his job – to maintain the existence of the body, which the Soul needs to be able to enjoy the 3D world.

The connection between the Soul and the mind is like a rubber band. We know that the Soul cannot move from the mind, as the Creator cannot move away from us; but the mind can. The further the mind moves away from the Soul, the more tension he puts on the rubber band, at the same time restricting the flow of knowledge and energy. And at some point the rubber band cannot sustain the tension any more and snaps. That is what we call “physical death”.

The universal Soul teachings that we receive right now from M Keshe are in fact already deposited in our Soul from the point of our creation; M Keshe is in this context the messenger pointing us to the knowledge that we can only find inside our Soul. So it’s the degree of closeness to our Soul which decides whether we get the teachings or not.

The aim of these teachings is to make us remember our birthright: to be divine co-creators of splendid universes, to be omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient and eternally invulnerable.

That means, if the mind does move away from the Soul through unethical behaviour, he barres himself from reclaiming his birthright.

It’s like sitting handicapped in a wheelchair and seeing another man running freely, enjoying his walk throughout the universe. And he looks at his legs but he cannot move them, he cannot be part of it. So the biggest “punishment” in the Universe is being handicapped of love – seeing a man loving a woman, seeing a mother loving her child, and being excluded from it, not being able to love. You cannot participate, you cannot give what you know is in your position. Love is the only attribute of the Creator. So it’s you who is the only judge of your own conduct.” M Keshe

To sum it up: if there is any punishment, it is you punishing yourself by barring you from the capability to love and enjoy.

And of course any person who becomes aware of her misconduct, sincerely regrets and tries to change her ways, changes the whole situation. As we have seen, the Soul is not interested in “punishment” or “consequences” – the sole interest of the Soul is the change in the state of mind, that the person wants to come back close to the Soul.

However, in the wake of this change of state of mind, the two Souls involved in the misconduct (the predator Soul and the victim Soul); both have to find a new balance between themselves. And this can take the form of a process which takes time and may be gradual. When all goes very well, in the process of change and finding a new balance, both the Souls can be elevated and then they see that the whole scenario was actually for the benefit of both of them.

Elevation of the Soul

I understand that “Elevation of the Soul” refers to the soul of physicality/mind. Simply because the Soul is equal to the Creator and therefore does not need to be elevated. Elevation of the soul of physicality or the mind means in essence to change the hyperactive monkey to a perfect servant of the Soul. To help this transmutation , several ways are open:

  1. The Wishes of the Universal Council
    “I freely give of my Soul to all Souls in existence, take what you need. I am present.”
    This is not a magic formula, neither is it a catholic prayer. If it is done automatically, it won’t have any effect. We have to feel what we are doing all the way: how we do it, how we feel when we do it; we also have to feel the interaction that it creates.
  2. Grigori Grabovoï’s practices
    The scope of the mind is expanded to such extends that the monkey has no chance to resort to his habitual judgment and blaming strategies.
    These practices are similar to the Sacred Dances of Gurdjieff.
  3. Osho’s Meditations
    Osho has tailored many of his meditations to the restless, western mind. Especially the dynamic meditations help to throw out our mental garbage so we can become silent enough to sit down and meditate.
  4. There are many other techniques aiming in the same direction.

It is important to me to mention that the elevation of the Soul in terms of the Keshe Foundation and Grigori Grabovoï goes further and beyond simple meditations to quiet the mind – they intervene in the individual and collective consciousness, thus changing our perception and our reality.

Universal Knowledge

UEU as planetary systems

Next step will be the display of a complete solar system, with many planets, each turning in it’s own direction and following it’s own orbit. This will be the replica of a real world solar system. As we can create a real 3D working representation of a solar system, this will enable us to pinpoint any point in the universe where we would like to travel. Once we can “see” the point of destination, we can be there instantly.

The UEU is in an oval shape; there is a reason for it. In fact all the elements of the universe are in that oval shape. They are not circular. A circular shape would indicate a static system whereas the ellipse indicates a dynamic, moving system. Our sun is not static in the galaxy but is moving inside it and the galaxy moving itself. One side is taking in the pressure of the whole environment while the other emits the magnetic fields.

When we look at the image from NASA of our universe, we see more elements on the periphery; because there is more interaction of the universe with other universes on the periphery. The same we will see when we will be able to explore the boundaries of our own solar system – as you see on the image, there are more elements on the boundary, too.

Let’s take the example of the new UEU-health; it will have to spheres: one is the Soul of the physician and the other one the Soul of the patient or volunteer. The latter will be interacting on the fundamental level, the level of perfection. The wish of the Soul of the physician will enlighten yours and this interaction will show within the structure of the physicality. You will receive what is acceptable to you to elevate the soul of physicality/mind. I wonder, how many of you will be strong enough to carry the strength of the Soul to elevate your physicality and with that wish you enter the dimension of the Creator.” M Keshe

We will elaborate on this quote in the following chapter: Consciousness and Control of Reality. These new UEU, to be released in January, will not carry any control or other computer technology, even lighting will be missing.

Change of collective consciousness

This technology propagated through the new UEUs will bring about the quantum leap for humanity. The power of these units in conjunction with the effort of many of us avant-garde people who are structuring their consciousness, can bring the tipping point of the collective consciousness which is responsible for the perception of humans on the matter level. Then we will all wake up having totally forgotten all of our misconducts of the past, opening up our arms and being to the new day, where we all will shine with the pure light of our Soul.

See the Fields and not the Reactors

Over and over M Keshe reminds us to not look at the magravs, reactors and GaNS, to not look at the matter support but to look at the fields, the active agent, the content of the material systems. 
This is an important step, because in order to understand the teachings presented since last week (KSW356), we need to bring ourselves into a position to see the fields and not the material supports. We still use GaNS to bring the universal field forces into a condition that they interact with and for us.

The rotating little sphere shown in the last teaching (KSW356) was powered by the central sun in the centre of the big sphere or bowl; it showed it’s moving positioning with the help of the reference point, the sun in the centre. Now we will replace this central sun with our Soul.

In this way the fields or the soul of the little sphere will are produced in the interaction of the central sun with her environment. Then it will be our wish whether the little sphere will present herself in a material form for us to see and enjoy.

We have the field environment of this planet (red hatch), within which the fundamental rays (energy packages from the Soul of the Creator) are interacted with by our Soul (the sun); this interaction leads to the creation of the little sphere (blue cross hatch).

It will be our wish that will lead to the manifestation of what we intend: movement, matter or life.

And of course the big question still remains: how can we structure our wishing faculty that we will actually be able to make the required change appear in the palm of our hands at the end of a dinner with friends in a restaurant.

In our example the Soul sees the object of her wish through the eyes and the soul of physicality (mind) creates the cash to pay for it.

The Vision of the New World

Objective Reality

If we introduce the concept the impossibility of annihilation and that everyone must be resurrected and that every life must be eternal into the collective consciousness, then it will happen exactly that way. Because when such a belief becomes part of the collective consciousness, then it will become stable and begin to be perceived as the objective reality.

That’s why we act as a united Humanity; so that all we do provokes changes in our individual perception of reality and also in the way our race perceives reality. And once we have passed the tipping point, the collective consciousness will be entirely structured as well – and we will all see the same perfect world at the same time.

If we understand that man was created for eternal life and that no one should die in principle, if every person considers eternal life to be natural, life will become natural, and physical reality will be exactly like that. Since the image in our structured consciousness forms the physical image. This is how physical reality is created. This is the way to create truly happy eternal life.

The Resurrection and Eternal Life

Resurrection is the restoration of the physical body after death. Right now our consciousness recreates our physical body at a rate of 1017 times per second. Why wouldn’t she be able to do it again after the physical body has died?

When man resurrects his body after death, his body will be perfect and healthy. In addition, the resurrection allows him to return with all the knowledge of the life he has just left and all the knowledge of his previous lives. Resurrection is therefore an extremely powerful tool in the evolutionary process of humans. Resurrection and eternal life in the physical body, allows man to evolve indefinitely in the phase of realization. The reincarnation was the process adapted to the phase of duality on the material level; it is no longer adapted in the phase of realization where it is replaced by eternal life.

Seen by the Creator, man is eternal. And so our task now is to reveal this knowledge about the Creator on a larger scale in order to make man aware of the true meaning of eternity. In view of this, the resurrection is seen as a return to the understanding of the eternity of the world. Resurrection is seen as the manifestation of the universal harmony of the world.

In the depths of one’s heart, every person knows that the universal resurrection of the dead is yet to come: man, once created, cannot be annihilated because he is an integral component of the whole world. And by creating the eternal Soul, who in it’s turn creates the body, the Creator created an eternal body as an eternal part of the Soul.

Why is it necessary to give priority to the physical body and make it indestructible? Why is the task now to increase this knowledge about the Creator and make man aware of this true definition of eternity?

Well, because if the body can be destroyed, it is used as a means to blackmail. Physical violence and the destruction of the body can be used as a threat. If the physical body is indestructible in every way, blackmail becomes absurd: prison, execution, starvation, poisoning, etc.

Violence and death can’t be used for punishment either. This creates the real foundation for everlasting peace on earth.

Now, when there is a conflict between peoples or countries, force is often used to solve the problem. Most of the time, the biological death of the enemy is used in order to avoid getting to the root of the problem. This leads to the avoidance of the problem and its resolution, the refusal to go to the real causes. The current priority must therefore be given to render the physical body indestructible. In the wake any means or tool of destruction will simply become meaningless.

We must therefore enter a new path, that passes through resurrection and eternal life. In doing so, man will be able to ensure in a truly harmonious way his inner and outer development. When all external stress and oppression has ceased, then man will realize that the Creator and the entire Universe are there to help him and his development all the time. This will enable him to give real value to his life, which will become joyful and happy.

When we look closer at ourselves, we see that we already have a lot of “eternity” in us: our thoughts are eternal; and with them everything we think, say and do is eternal in nature.

The light of eternity is constituted in such a way that man reproduces it, recreates it. And the more this light diffuses towards the external reality, the more we look through the eternal eyes of the Creator, the more we will become how many aspects of our world are eternal.

The more we are able to perceive eternity,

the more we will become aware of our own eternity.

When we are structuring our mind, our thoughts will be more and more charged with informational light and become powerful bio-signals. We will see that our thoughts begin to produce the light of eternity, then we will of course want to increase the volume of light radiated to the external reality, and to direct our thoughts to eternity, and to the technologies of eternal development. This is what we do when we transfer this information from eternity through our thoughts to the other elements of the universe.

We begin to consider eternity as a phenomenon that can be perceived in our organism when we learn from biology that all our physical cells are recreated or renewed every 7 years. Additionally we have learned that the refreshing rate of our complete body is 1017x/sec. Now we see that all our tissues by their nature are already eternal. And by considering the whole organism in the same way, we see that it is eternal.

We can then extend this awareness of eternity to the entire reality from those elements that you feel eternal in your organism. At this level of consciousness, the different tissues of your body radiate a silvery luminescence in the direction of generalized eternity for all.

The urgency of eternal life is not simply a logical quest, but it is also the expression of the total essence of man, coming from God, the Creator, who is eternal and it is therefore his wish. Man’s eternity is God’s eternity and man’s organizational structure.

Man and the Creator

When we come into direct contact with our Soul, we simultaneously come into contact with the Creator. This contact occurs when everything is done with the Universal Principle or Global Salvation in mind. When our first task is the contact with the Creator, Global Salvation, then the remaining tasks become very simple. If you enter the state of the Creator, you can act very easily, never being overworked.

Simply put, you think, speak, and act like the Creator. When we begin to live this way, the Creator and the entire Universe come to our aid. Then all events align themselves in multiple synchronicity. We feel that we are in our life’s mission and that life supports us in this direction. Everything becomes simple, joyful, harmonious. Also when we are hesitating, when we don’t know what to do, we can wonder how the Creator would act…

Our current transformation, the Corona Challenge, takes place precisely in the perspective, where man is united with the Creator. Man begins to become like the Creator, which means he is not differentiated from Him in terms of the reaction of the outside world. If man’s consciousness is well structured, then the material plane will react to man’s thoughts in exactly the same way as to the Creator’s thoughts; the material plane will gladly obey man’s wishes.

It is very important to combine our actions with those of the Creator; there shouldn’t be any difference between Gods work = Man’s work. In this process the moment will come when we feel that we are an integral part of the Creator.

The human is made to create and harmonize. Therefore, the teachings at the present time will naturally promote Global Salvation (Universal Principle), harmonious development, resurrection/eternal life, ensuring conditions for the eternal harmonious development of all elements of reality according to the Creator’s purposes.

If our consciousness changes, the whole world changes

When our consciousness is more structured, the outer and inner world will be perceived in a fundamentally different way. The state in which we are ordinarily in can no longer be the same. And during the process of structuring, our state of consciousness constantly fluctuates within certain limits that correlate with the level of our development at this time.

Of course, it can happen that our ordinary state of consciousness suddenly changes to a relatively high state of consciousness. At this point, the person experiences something similar to what we call “Samadhi”, an ecstasy, an incredible feeling of joy in life. It is in fact impossible to describe this state in words, it has to be experienced. Through true spiritual aspiration, deep understanding and regular sustained practice, we can reach that level where we will always be in high states of consciousness.

In fact, the difference between our actual state of consciousness and our full potential is so enormous that a person actually moves to a different level of existence. For one must keep in mind that the human body is a system, capable of infinite self-improvement. And it is difficult to imagine man at present at his full potential. When we put the enlightened ones on a pedestal: Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Eckard Tolle, Osho, M. Keshe, Grigori Grabovoï – we make ourselves believe that they are special, that their position is unreachable for us – so why bother trying?

Check it out whether you are trapped in the same idolatry; and remove it right away!




The interaction between the Soul and the soul of physicality (mind) creates a light which we call emotion.” M Keshe

Emotion of Vision

We have to be able to create enough fields in the direction from the soul of physicality to the Soul so that the barrier of amino acids in the brain of the man does not exist. Then in your whole body you’ll feel the emotion of the Soul. It’s not about the interaction between the two souls but the goal of this teaching is one single emotion for both of the systems. Then both of them can work together to produce in unison the perfect body for any given environment in the universes.M. Keshe

Our physical senses

Outside our planet, in deep space we cannot use our senses, because we are travelling with our Soul, our body suspended. And also meeting with our brothers and sisters in the Universal Community, our senses and the information they deliver are of not much value. That’s why we have to access the corresponding emotions in order to orient ourselves, communicate and have fun.

Even if we know the emotions of presence, position and knowledge, we may not be able to see, what they refer to. For example one person may be able to see the Soul as la light, while our mind is not yet that structured to perceive it. Even on our earthly material plane, we may be “blind to certain things” or these things will be “in our blind spot” – in these situations we cannot see certain things because our collective beliefs, the filters of our consciousness, will not allow us to.

All we can see

Now lets take an even closer look: our eyes perceive what we can call pixels (A) as information from the matter level. And our mind with our consciousness interprets the visual data to synthesize a mental image or a perception (D).

We know that for our consciousness visual data from the material world (A) has the same reality value as imagination (C). But there is a third source of information: all elements in the universe have a Soul, they exist on levels above and beyond the matter level. And our consciousness can perceive information from any element on the energy level and the fundamental level as well (B).

If we want to see what the Soul sees, we have to go beyond the matter level, on to the energy or fundamental level – and what our Soul sees will only appear in the form of light. In the beginning, our mind may not be able to decipher the information, but our Soul can. So our consciousness needs to open itself up to this realm of perception, if it wants to participate.

The eyes are also functioning as a bridge between the Soul and the physicality. This bridge is used when we remember our dreams. When we dream, our Soul interacts with another Soul. The Soul transfers the information of that meeting to our eyes; and through this channel she has access to the physical brain to translate and synthesize them into recognizable images. We access these images when we remember our dream the following day.

The same pathway is probably used by the Soul in near death experiences when people have physically died on the operation table and then their consciousness moves out of their body to the ceiling and they can perceive as clearly as with open eyes what’s going on in the operation room and sometimes even beyond that space-time event.

Vision of the Soul

Now we know that the Soul perceives everything by emotions; a container which can contain and transfer huge amounts of information. She can sent those to the filter of the mind which translates the emotions into visual information, just like in a dream. But the translation has losses, the result will not contain everything.  And sometimes we cannot understand our dreams: we see the images and don’t have a clue how to interpret or understand them. At other times we even may have a clear (non visual) memory of what we just dreamt – a very vivid feeling or emotion – , but we are completely unable to communicate it – even though we still see it! That means our Soul is doing what she is supposed to do but we are so far from her or so unaccustomed to her language, that we don’t understand.

We cannot recognize what we don’t know and we cannot see what we don’t know. It is, therefore, crucial to know more in order to understand and to see more.

So following this teaching and our practices to structure our mind, we may see more and more exceptional things because these teachings open our mind to new dimensions; and our Soul is already excited to use this new freedom.

Remember also that the Soul only understands emotions; that is why a happy feeling is the condition as well as the confirmation of a wish we have made. When we dwell in the feeling that we will have when our wish is fulfilled, that’s when our wish gets so charged that it will materialize.

M. Keshe relates that he sees people on two levels simultaneously: he sees the physical, wilful appearance and he sees the Soul; so he will perceive the difference between the two if there is one. He can see when a person is lying, but he cannot even state this to the person, because he is only an observer, a pure witness – he will not interfere.

It is a token of maturity to be able to see on the physical level and the Soul level at the same time; and as such it is a great tool to structure our consciousness.

We will not see just one Soul at a time but a multitude of Souls, it will be like looking at a firework. And we may ask ourselves the question: “Why have I been blind to this for so long?” And it is possible that on the physical plane with our amino acid eyes we see a group of suffering people.

In the emotion of vision we can see the presence of everything in it’s whole spectrum, while with the physical vision we can only see the small section allowed by the strength of the amino acids, a kind of biased tunnel vision.

The emotion of vision is also important in space travel by the Soul, where we learned that with the Soul we can go/be any point we can see. It is then the maturity or structuredness of our consciousness which will decide what we can see with our emotions – and go there if we want.

Emotion of reaction

Emotion of Knowledge + the Emotion of Vision = Emotion of Reaction Emotion of Reaction

The emotion of reaction allows the physicality and Soul to engage or to get involved in something or not. If I see myself in a position where my presence and my knowledge may create danger for me or for others, so I move out of that situation because of my vision. This discrimination can signal danger but also “too beautiful” visions, that may be far too strong for us, so we blind ourselves to it, because our emotion of vision protects us.

So in either case, the emotion of vision (attractive or repulsive) in respect to our emotion of knowledge will decide if we would like to physically manifest in a given situation or not.

We can see already that the emotion of reaction may limit our freedom if it is powered by collective belief systems or it may expand our freedom to the point where we see that we are eternal beings enjoying an eternal world!

How the Creator is created

The Soul of the Creator is made from the collective of the Souls which he has created and which led to his creation.

It takes billions of years to create a star from the interaction of two fields, creating a new plasma which, in interaction with all the other field, creates the first atom; which in interaction with all other atoms create molecules… then dust and then, millions of years later: finally the star is born. We do the same thing in 9 months in the womb of the mother; that’s what the Soul is, that’s what the Soul is able to do.

Enlightenment does not change the brain – it only gives more power to the program that is running.
M. Keshe

Emotion of knowledge

Feeling the Knowledge

The Soul is the storehouse of the knowledge of the Universe and beyond that the storehouse of the knowledge of the Creator. We don’t need to go to school, we only have to grant ourselves access to the Soul and immediately we are what we call omniscient. And the access to our Soul comes by the structuring of our consciousness.

As we are not born accidentally as a Chinese, African or European; it is the Soul who decides the inertia environment where our body will take shape, thus determining the race and conditions how we grow (up).

The Soul also contains all the time lines, all the force fields of time according to which our physical and mental development is happening. The Soul intrinsically knows at what age to start communicating, at what time to open the faculty of abstract thinking to the mind and the consciousness. It looks like that the Soul in the natural development unhampered by the unstructured mind, modifies the consciousness (provides new software) of the child so it can enter the various phases of his development. That is to say that the Soul knows what she knows and provides this knowledge to the mind via a natural expansion of consciousness.

So the emotion of knowledge comes into play. At a certain age we become intrigued to know why we get wet playing in the rain, why rain in winter falls in snow flakes and so on. We are not satisfied anymore with observing facts; a new source of pleasure opens up to us: the pleasure of knowing what happens behind the things we observe, what are the forces behind the appearances that bring them into being and makes them move.

This new desire is understood by the Soul; in fact it comes from the Soul, it is planted by the Soul as a grain for new alleys of discovery of this splendid 3D world. When she sees that the wish is received she adds the knowledge to satisfy this new desire. What happens on the side of the mind/consciousness is that the child starts being intrigued by a new part of the world: “oh I wish very much to explore how this works” and immediately he starts using the respective software, already provided by the Soul, to satisfy this new desire.

The phase when the child asks why this and why that is very important; and the child will know right away if the answer that it is given is sincere and adequate or not; it feels if the knowledge of the answer is correct, usable and helpful – this is the emotion of knowledge.

We said that the Soul is the storehouse of all the relevant knowledge, so the parents and teacher do not have to feed answers to the child but to show them the way where to he can find his own answers inside himself!

Emotion is a huge container of knowledge

in earlier articles we have already elaborated the different containers of knowledge with language being the poorest and images and emotions being the most dense ones.

This finds its parallel in the fact that language pertains to the rational mind and the material level while emotions and images belong to the transition and fundamental level. The Soul does not talk nor does she understand languages; she transfers and processes infinite amounts of knowledge via images and emotions.

One of Soul’s preferred channels of communication is Intuition; and intuition, as we all know, works with emotions and images.

Intermediary Fun Fair

Once we have gained access to the infinite storehouse of knowledge in our Soul, as the latter is ONE with the Soul of the Creator, we will find ourselves on the same level as the Creator having access to the same knowledge and being able to the same creativity which can bring forth Universes.

In the beginning we may find a lot of pleasure in trying things out: how would it be if I was blond and had blue eyes? How would I feel if I stay as long as I wished under water or how would I sleep suspended floating in between branches of blossoming cherry trees? We will be able to try everything out; as long as is doesn’t go against the Universal Principle.

But then, slowly slowly, we’ll get used to our new abilities and knowledge and most probably stick to the physical shape we are born with; because our Soul had created our body in this particular shape because it was the most appropriate to live OUR life – in the sense of getting the most pleasure out of our experiences and of course in the sense of being at the most appropriate place to serve the totality of existence. “Serving the totality of existence” means “helping the totality of the world to get the most pleasure out of their experiences”!

There is no sacrifice in the conventional sense, no giving up our own interest for the sake of others or an ideal. But there will be a lot of sacrifice in the original sense: the word sacrifice comes from Latin and means “making something sacred”; so if I sacrifice myself, I am making myself sacred! In this sense we will flourish by being part of the elevation of the Souls of all beings.

Evolution of Knowledge

Even if we use the expression “storehouse of knowledge”, we do not mean to say that the Universal Knowledge is limited. It isn’t; it is part of the creation that means it is infinite as creation itself. And as the splendid co-creation of the Creator and Man is able to create creators, the process of creation is not only infinite and eternal but it goes all the time beyond itself:

We see it clearly in regards to the knowledge. We receive knowledge from the Soul of the Creator. Knowledge is free. We share it freely. And by the very process of comprehension and sharing what we have understood, the knowledge passes from the Soul of the Creator through our Soul. During this process we naturally will add the glimpses we get in the process. In this way the mentioned storehouse of knowledge is instantly and constantly expanding. Knowledge is expanding constantly and it is changing – and will never be the same. And it cannot be otherwise because the universes themselves are expanding and everything in them is always changing!

When we gain the knowledge, we share to elevate the others. And when we learn this – it doesn’t matter in what field of science, in what field of knowledge or understanding – then we have become the true knowledge seeker. Within this context it is the role of the Keshe Foundation to bring mankind closer to this truthM. Keshe

Question from Alexander “How can we achieve freedom from physicality right now?”

It’s all a state of mind. It’s how we define and how we operate within that mind. The beauty of the new cycle is that we live in the dimension of the Soul and we choose to enjoy physicality when we wish to. The choice is yours.” M. Keshe

Using knowledge

Understanding or knowledge can be used in different ways. Usually we use it to accomplish what we want. We have learned that everything on the material plane manifests through the Law of Attraction, which transforms the energy packets coming from the centre of the Unicos with the help of our consciousness into material forms. The decisive element in the process is obviously our consciousness – if it is unstructured, the manifestations will be the potpourri of contradictory phenomena that we see around us. If, on the other hand, our consciousness is structured, we will live forever in a joyfully perfect world.

Parallel to a structured and unstructured consciousness, there is constructive and non-constructive knowledge. Fortunately only constructive thoughts and knowledge, coming from a structured consciousness are able to directly influence reality. So the most effective and beneficial use of knowledge is the control of reality.

The Control of Reality

We in our world

The world is built by the creator in a way that is both simple and complicated at the same time. Simple, because a very young child can live in it successfully. Complicated, because reality contains an infinite variety of objects, a variety of shapes, colours, sounds, smells, etc.. In addition, all elements of reality are connected to each other by universal informational connections; each element is interacting with each other element to find it’s balanced position.

So it seems the world is complicated to understand with the rational mind but simple to live in. As we are part of the world, it is easy for us to control the world with our consciousness. The control mechanism of reality is divine, it was created by the Creator, and it works continuously. In order to use it, man must know it and learn how to use it. To learn how to control reality, we don’t have to recreate it, we only have to adjust our reality control instrument. Our control instrument is the mind with it’s exploitation system called consciousness. The more we are able to structure our consciousness, the more we start building our life in accordance with the Creator’s intentions.

Consciousness is our tool

We have said that it is simple to control our reality. In the context, the term “control of reality” has an unambiguous interpretation, it means “to make any event evolve in a constructive direction”; that is, in the spirit of the Universal Principle as the Creator has intended it. It is like we live with all the universes inside a sphere and we can simply, with our little finger, change the whole inside and outside of the sphere – our thoughts can change the world.

It is important to understand that our consciousness does not differentiate between something we see with our fleshly eyes and something we see inside us; for our consciousness material reality and imagination are equivalent. This is a fundamental principle. So if we think about something, while being in the right frame of mind and if our consciousness is structured enough, then that thought can materialize and change the course of events.

Consciousness is the structure that allows the Soul to control everything on the material level. Through consciousness, we can control the external reality as well as the internal elements, such as feelings or emotions for example.

For the longest time humanity believed that we were limited to a very small radius of action on ourselves, others and the environment. Hypnotized by the collective consciousness, we had become accustomed to our impotence. It is time now to rediscover our infinite potential.

In the past we believed that our power of control was based solely on what we could do on the material plane, so the efficiency of our control has been unstable and uncertain. Now that we learn to base our control of reality on consciousness, we will be able to create whatever we want. Any event can be transformed into a favourable event when we learn to increase the strength of the magnetic field of our thoughts. The approach to structure consciousness is the foundation of Grigori Grabovoi’s teachings aiming at global salvation and harmonious development for all.

How to structure our consciousness

So how do we do it?

We start by putting ourself in the right spiritual state. A little meditation, a re-connection to the body, to the breath. It’s very simple, simply being in contact with oneself, being aware of oneself. The more you practice, the more this state will come naturally. Until it becomes permanent. There are many ways to enter into the state of relaxed awareness. Here is a simple and efficient one proposed by Hélène Laporte:

I now invite you to centre yourself and do what is right and good to relax.

Yawn, stretch.

Connect to your breath. Feel the air coming and going in your nostrils and lungs.

Feel your heart beating, feel the blood flow throughout your body.

Perceive your body in one impulse. Feel your feet, your legs, your trunk, your head, your upper limbs. Connect to your entire physical body.

Now balance your emotional and energetic state with your intention.

Deepen your body’s state of comfort a little more.

This relaxed awareness connects you to the fundamental, informational level of reality. In this high vibratory state, where your thoughts are necessarily luminous and in harmony.

Once you are in that state, all you have to do is visualize, feel or even simply think about the event to normalize or materialize and let the state of relaxed awareness diffuse it’s energy on the event. It will infuse or charge the event on the energetic plane with love, light, peace and harmony.

This technique of controlling reality will become quick and simple. We will receive the confirmation if our effort to normalize or materialize was successful on the level of emotions – we will feel a great sense of harmony, love, joy, peace or presence for example. Controlling reality only requires that we introduce our own spiritual element into the event and thus produce more harmony. The more our spirituality is evolved, the more structured our consciousness is, the more powerful will be our control of reality.

It is as if you add light to the event and thereby reorganize its light structure. You can perceive this on an optical level, or you can feel a change in your body’s sensations or the appearance of a new state of being. You can visualize the event at the normal level or simply introduce light into it and let it do the work. There are an infinite number of ways to do this.

We change the world and it changes us

All the structures in the world are interconnected. The consequence is that we don’t have to think about all the things we want to change in a given situation. The moment we change one element and it normalizes everything else will follow. It’s very simple. This is so because everything in the world is connected to everything else; so when we normalize one element, it changes position so to say; and all the others will follow. It’s like being in a kind of spider’s web, sending light to one side and the whole web lights up at once!

When we focus on an element existing on the matter level being in a state of relaxed awareness with a structured mind, we actually synchronize matter state reality with our thoughts. That is, we transform reality so that it takes the form of our thoughts.

Our consciousness is created by the Creator in His image. Therefore, our consciousness is constructed in such a way that we can materialize any object of reality that we need. To do so, we just have to form a constructive idea exactly how the Creator does it. And thus, infinite perspectives will open up for our creativity.

Of course, we can use these control techniques for personal life, but imagine the repercussions when we use them on a collective level to better the life of the whole of humanity!

The world is made of interconnected structures. Changing one of these structures causes all structures to change. Perception and awareness are part of these structures. So by changing our point of view, we change our perception and interpretation of the event and thus reality. The point of view changes depending on the degree of structuring of our consciousness. For example, if we see a car accident, we either tell ourselves that it is horrible or we don’t react with a judgment and send a normalizing impulse. That means we are actually changing reality by changing our point of view.

This also explains why, by raising our individual level of consciousness, we raise the level of the entire collective consciousness.

The tipping point

The structuring of consciousness means its real accumulation but also the increase of the density of information, the increase of the mass of data in a certain volume. Such a concentration of consciousness can have considerable consequences. When in the evolutionary process of the person, the concentration of his consciousness in a certain volume reaches a certain value, the world is overturned: the mind takes back its natural and original place; it becomes again the most perfect servant to the Soul.

This “mechanism” makes sure that nobody can abuse the world for the sake of his personal benefit, power etc. Because the mind only reaches this ultimate power when he submits to the Soul, that is to the Creator. So there can be no reality to someone trying to dominate others for his personal benefit – however he can life in this illusion and make the others believe in it, too. A lie doesn’t become true even when millions of people believe in it!

At the same time the structure of the world changes and now it is no longer the world that determines the structure of the person but the person himself who sets the tone. At this point we start to live the true purpose of our life, we start to life the life of being created in the image of the Creator.

When the density of information contained in our consciousness is greater than that of the collective consciousness, then the collective consciousness no longer limits us; then we are free from collective believe systems.

As soon as the force this field of consciousness becomes stronger than the field of matter and becomes independent of the latter, man becomes untouchable and indestructible. Man’s thoughts, words and actions will become the essential, primary element, and all other material objects will become secondary elements. And this will be the next level of our evolution, where man begins to create his reality without limits, he is no longer subject to the laws of matter, he takes back his place as co-creator.
Because controlling reality happens beyond the material level, at the fundamental and energetic level, nothing from the material world can touch us. We can therefore work at a distance in space or time.

Trust the process

The structuring of consciousness and the subsequent control of reality will quickly become our basic tool, allowing us to immediately normalize any situation, even in an emergency. But when we begin to control reality, our consciousness may not be focused enough to stabilize the outcome.

At that point we will have results, but they will not last. Or we have partial results. For example, if we work to normalize a disaster, we may not completely prevent it, but we can reduce its impact on life. So we need to continue working until we stabilize the result. If we have the impression that it is not working well, it is simply that our consciousness is not yet structured enough to have very efficient results. We must continue and persevere; the moment will come when we will get there. It is inevitable.

On our way to control reality, with a little practice and time, we will be able to feel whether our consciousness has reached the level of controlling reality or not; and we can adjust accordingly.

The “negative” work

There is, so to say, a negative part of the work to structure our consciousness. We have to learn how to get around information that is not at the norm. We have to learn not to give any attention to anything that is not at the norm. The concept of curing a disease with this technology, for example, simply asks us not to consider a lack of knowledge that caused the disease.

This is something like circumvention in a very concrete, even spatial sense: the part that is not normalized is positioned in a particular place. If you know this, you simply must not enter that space with your attention or thinking. If you don’t feed elements that are not at the norm with your attention, it cannot materialize for you. Why not? Because the Law of Attraction only materializes the things that we have directed our attention to.

If the Soul is in control, it sends the pre-thought that the mind through its structured consciousness transforms into structured thought that then generates a materialization to the norm. If, however, the collective beliefs take over, they cause deformations. It is therefore right and good not to analyze or even think about what is not to the norm; we shouldn’t care at all about it. What we should do instead is sending immediately an impulse to control reality and move on without worrying about it. Here’s an example: you are walking around and you see a hole in front of you. You recognize that it is a hole that you will fall into if you are not careful; and immediately – without even thinking about it! – your feet walk around it.

It’s also true that you can’t work with a negative; you can’t force yourself not to see or not to think about something. But we can cultivate the reflex to emit a normalizing bio-signal as soon as we are confronted with an event that is not to the norm. With time and confidence in the process, our constructive impulse will slowly replace the old reflex to feel the attraction of crimes, catastrophes, etc.

It is like putting the inharmonious event back on the path to eternity. Everything that gone astray, we bring it back to the centre. We put it back on the right path and we send light. The farther we are from the middle path, the more knowledge, the more light is needed.

To allow an event to be normalized, our consciousness must constantly project it to the norm. The negative event itself can help us on the way: each event that is not how we would like it, contains this negative information but it has also another side to it: everything we don’t like tells us at the same time what we do like. So we have the choice to either look at the dark side or the bright side. We have the choice where we direct our attention to. We simply eliminate the possibility that something bad may happen out of our consciousness; and keep only what we would like to happen.

In fact, when we are well trained, along with the problem comes the solution and we begin to normalize the situation instantly, as soon as it happens.

Why it works

We can see that everything in the world has a particle and a wave nature. And everything is decided on the wave side and the particle side just follows. Now we know that we have to create a resonant light wave, a bio-signal with our consciousness, in order to interfere with the wave side of the events.

In other words, it is a question of the speed of processing information, a questions of the speed of thinking. For healing to occur, for example, the speed of processing information about the state of health must be faster than the speed of processing information about the state of pathology. All we have to do is address the wave side of the dis-harmonious event, i.e. the pathology, to bring it back to normal. Then, once it is harmonized, the particle side must follow the changed wave.

Normalization process

Normalizing an event does not mean replacing it by a new one. We know that all the events in the world have already been created by an impulse of love in the co-creation of the Creator and Man. They are always to the norm and are called “original prototype”. They exist on the fundamental level and can be seen from the material level as possibilities. Each event is created with an infinite number of possibilities. And it is our consciousness that chooses which possibility will be materialized by the Law of Attraction. And the rate for refreshing reality is17x/sec.

This original prototype contains the informational light that can be transmitted by a structured consciousness to an event to be normalized. In this process the informational light functions as a stencil that superimposes the normal state of an event on a current event that is not normal; and normalize it in this way. Numerical sequences work exactly like that.

Emotion of Presence

Normally we wouldn’t think of “presence” to be an emotion but if we take a closer look, we may find that

  • we clearly feel whether we are present or not
  • it is clearly an indicator for our alignment with the Soul
  • it clearly is an indicator of whether our consciousness is structured

While the more common emotions are mostly connected with events on the physical plane, the emotion of presence happens when our mind is on standby and our Soul takes the lead!

In the English language we have the word “awareness” which indicates the same state: we are not caught by collective belief systems, emotional triggers etc; so we can just be present to what is without any judgment; a pure watchfulness without any personal implication whatsoever. In this state our consciousness is structured and our perception is objective, untainted by the subjective filters of an unstructured consciousness. Habitually man uses the emotions to control the Soul, that’s where the problem is. But with the emotion of presence it’s a different story.M. Keshe

What is a dream

Normally we think of a dream as something unreal, an illusion. Plasma Science tells us that a dream indicates an interaction between our Soul and the Soul of the person we see in our dream: when we sleep, it’s not all our parts are sleeping; neither the Soul nor the body, only the mind sleeps. So during that time, the active part of the mind is suspended and the interaction of the Soul with another Soul is captured by the passive part of the mind. That’s why we can remember dreams.

But as we remember the dream in the so called “waking state”, then the active part of the mind with the consciousness takes over again and can distort what the passive part captured. Of course the more structured our consciousness, the more we will remember the original interaction between the Souls.

Dream and Soul Travel

The moment our consciousness is structured, it will not superimpose unconscious beliefs on the interaction between the two Souls. At that time we will remember the objective part of the interaction between Souls. At the same time we will be able to interact with any Soul of any “body” that we may encounter in space on the objective, the Soul level. We will also be able to perceive the conditions of where we have arrived in space and our Soul, even without the implication of our rational mind, will adapt our body in real time to the new living condition; so we stay perfectly adapted to where we are at all times.

This will change our whole civilization because the same adaption process will follow even the minutest changes in our environment – here on earth or elsewhere – to adapt our physicality right away to be always in a perfect and enjoyable physical condition. Artificial heating, lighting, energy for transportation, etc – all this will become obsolete.

And there is another bonus in structuring our consciousness; when we understand the interaction between two Souls, we can purposefully dream say of any Soul we wish and we will actually meet her!

Actually while we live our “tunnel vision” life, our Soul is in interaction and communication with everything there is – only we are not aware of it because of the tunnel vision; our unconscious beliefs filter most of it out. The Soul is always in charge in the background; so when we say “oh I just happened to be there when this and that happened” the reality is that the Soul took us there so we could learn something.

Emotion of Position

Here on the physical plane we orient ourselves by sight or deferred orientation devices like a GPS. These technologies are not usable in space. However the Soul has the possibility to perceive the structure and strength of interaction with other entities, which gives her the possibility to pinpoint the actual localization. Our wish to be in the presence of a certain person, is of a higher field strength than the physical manifestation of us and her. Anyway the coordinates where someone is are only relevant on the matter plane. So it is the field strength of our wish that will get us to the Soul we long to see.

The emotion of position, even if it is largely unknow n to us, is quite frequent in the animal kingdom. One example is how lionesses hunt antelopes: each lioness knows exactly where to position herself around the flock of antelopes; then they wait and suddenly they all move towards one single target. All that happens silently; none of the lionesses is seen communicating with the others to coordinate the hunt. They simply know their individual position in respect to the position of the other lionesses and the antelopes.

We see the same in a flock of birds or a school of fish; when hundreds of them move as one single being. Especially migrating birds like geese: they know where and when to meet the others and then each one knows her place in the flock and they move as one – nobody leading of controlling the movements.

Or how do birds find the exact tree where they nested in the previous year back when they return? We thought that they follow the magnetic fields of the Earth. But these fields are constantly changing, only the tree stays in place; so it seems that the storks are connected to the Soul of a particular tree to come back to him.

We also find a positioning system in our feet and the inner ear – the first is responsible for the balance of the whole body, the second for the positioning of the head. The foot, the little toe more precisely, is the great balancer. It decides about our body proportions, of where our masses, muscles and organs are placed and our upright position. And these positioning systems work completely independent of our wilful implication – the perfect alliance between body and Soul.

Hands and fingers

Our fingers are our antennas; we use them to absorb energy from the universe much faster than in any other physical way. Their shape and position decides what energies are absorbed and how these energies need to be converted. We also emit energies in a pointed way.