The evolution of the Universal Council

The mandates of the UC

In the immediate future the UC will adopt and exercise two major functions to help the evolution of Humanity:

The UC will take the education from the governments into their own hands world wide. The UC understand education as the facilitation of personal empowerment and the eternal harmonious development of each living being.

The UC has already since a long time a public platform – the 1Planet 1Nation 1 Race for World Peace; you can watch their meetings on youtube by following the link. In the coming time the platform will become a relay where people can send in their problems and questions and the UC will find and supply an answer.

How the UC works

The physical level

The UC will become the ear which listens to the concerns and problems of the people and help them find solutions, help them to find Peace.

On the physical level the working of the UC is structured along language groups. It is completely irrelevant to which nation a person belongs, but it is important to which language groups of the world the person belongs. Consequently each question will be channelled to the UC member belonging to the same language group. When both speak the same mother tongue, the understanding will be deepest.

Under another aspect, the UC as an organism and each of it’s members is completely free, and not answerable to any legal, social, economic or other entity. In this way the UC and it’s members remain incorruptible; and they cannot have a hidden agenda!

The fundamental level

It is very important to understand that the UC works mainly on the Soul level. When a member of the UC receives a problem, he or she will put himself into an appropriate state of mind to control reality. In this state of mind, the evolutionary technologies of the Science of Eden may be used to efficiently control reality in order to normalize a situation which is not harmonious for all.

In this state of active receptivity, he will receive the answer from the Soul. Remember that what we call individual Soul is in permanent connection to the collective Soul of the Humanity and the collective Soul of everything, who we call the “Creator”. So at the end of the day, every solution to any problem will come directly from the Creator. This guarantees that it will always be to the norm; meaning that it will serve the Good for All, it will be in the service of the homeostasis of the whole Unicos.

So the one who has asked the question will be receiving the answer on the Soul level – empowering him to find his own solution to the problem. In this way the free will of every body remains untouched – the person will find his own solution and his peace of mind according to the level of his comprehension and the structuredness of his mind.

Due to their connections, every UC member works simultaneously on different levels:

  • The problem is treated on the level of the individual Soul – the Soul of the member of the UC and the Soul of the one who has asked the question. In this process both Souls will be elevated; both will see their consciousness more structured. Both will see the solution which is good for All.
  • Then there are probably other people who are facing the same or similar problems as the one who asked. So their minds are having a similar direction at the same time. As every connection is interactive, they all will not only contribute via their Soul to the solution, but will also be empowered to receive or find the solution. We could say they get automatically involved because they will attract the same kind of magnetic fields. So many are helped at the same time.
  • Then all this interactions on a conscious level will elevate the collective consciousness by replacing non-constructive belief systems with new, valid knowledge.

Thus the working of the UC is helping resolve problems on a very practical level and at the same time it is raising the individual and collective consciousness of Humanity.

The members of the UC have become the Servants of Humanity, the Servants of the Creator. Their service is unconditional and is offered in the most beautiful way by supporting the Soul of the man so the mind can learn how to live in the most correct way, which is the most pleasant and beautiful way!

If you really comprehend how the UC works, you will see that in truth everyone of us will become a member of the UC. Here on this planet but also as we travel the span of the universe wherever we reach, we will automatically be the ambassador of Humanity.” MT Keshe

The power we have to help our fellow men and to raise the collective consciousness puts us in another position: we are here to give the gifts we have been granted. The talents and qualities we have been gifted with – by birth or by education – they want to be given unconditionally in order to keep them alive. Every new piece of knowledge we have been able to assimilate and integrate, gives us the chance to enjoy the application! In this way, the more we learn to create our reality ourselves, the more we automatically become members of the Universal Council.

This is the process which will bring the reign of kings and popes and presidents to their natural end – as the whole of Humanity and each individual take over the responsibility for everything! What a glorious day this will be, when the idea wouldn’t come to our mind to go to the church or temple, mosque or synagogue because we spontaneously go into our Soul!

We have prepared the Souls of the religious and political leaders and now it’s up to you to support them with your Soul to make the Peace process a physical reality!” MT Keshe

UC presentation I, mai 2020

We the UC members are presenting our progress within the different language communities. The UC principally works on the Soul level and not on the matter level: “We give freely from our Soul to all Souls in existence; take what you need. We are present.”

Our Ethos and the Conduct

We are here to serve, not to be served. Every Soul carries the ability of the knowledge between right and wrong. We the Universal Council, through our own conduct will show the path.

My Soul from the start is like a white sheet of paper. That from the very beginning receives it’s small tasks and challenges. Every talk or test, as small as it might look, confronts me with the choice between right and wrong.” M. Keshe

The Universal Council

The responsibility of the UC is to guarantee that each language on earth and those from other parts in the Universe, which reside on earth are represented by one UC member. All languages have the same right, equal responsibility, equal value and position in the Council. Each member represents the needs and wishes of the peoples and entities who speak their native language, regardless of the geographical circumstances.

Members of the UC are here to support all beings on Earth and beyond to facilitate a peaceful, prosperous future for everybody; a harmonious coexistence on earth and within the Universal Community.

On his path of service, the UC guides to elevate all Souls in order to bring peace to this planet and in the universe as a whole. The essence through servitude and peace elevates the collective Soul of the planet earth and this in turn radiates across universes.

The UC is the bridge between humanity and the Universal Community.

Mandate of the UC

UC, global policies and their execution

The Universal Council is the advisor for:

  • Creating a flexible integration on the different topics on the global platform
  • Setting up and integrating fair internal procedures and team logistic
  • Achieving fair and balanced global coordination structure
  • Advising the Earth Council to build their Constitution

Topics currently in progress:

  • UC, global policies and their execution
  • Protection of Beings and global Peace
  • Relations and communications
  • Creating Abundance
  • Establishing access to education for every individual
  • Access to reverse conditions
  • Humanitarian Services
  • Ethos and Conduct of the Universal Council Charter

Soul level communication

The purpose of the UC is to unite the entire planet and to form a bridge between the Universal Community and Humanity.

The wishes from anywhere reach the UC. He decides on the Soul level and implements the decisions into laws, which will then be given form on the material level by the UC, EC, Core team, language communities, knowledge seekers and the KF.

The UC always maintains a direct line of communication with the Universal Community.

Peace Treaty

The time and the place of the world peace is upon humanity. It is the duty of every man on earth to make sure that the application of the new plasma technology guarantees the peace on earth; that all nations become one nation and all to become part of everlasting peace on this blue planet.

My fellow men, i have done everything possible to share the knowledge of the universe and creation of peace amongst the race of the Man. Now I call on all the Souls to join the Soul of the Creator to initiate and encourage the leaders of the man to become men of peace and SIGN the humanity into everlasting peace on the Earth.” M.T. Keshe, world citizen and founder of the Keshe Foundation.

On the 2nd August 2017, the UC members and the EC members have signed the World Peace Treaty:


In the name of the Glory of God, 6th September 2012, from the beginning of time man’s desire has been to have plenty to eat and a safe place to live where he hasthe peace of mind to develop it’s culture and add to his knowledge about his environment, the universe and creation.

Now man’s intelligence has reached a new level of understanding with which he can replicate and control matters and environments in the same way as it is done in the universe. Those systems can provide him with food, shelter and everlasting energy anywhere and give him the opportunity for the first time to travel the spans of the universe in an environment like the one he is familiar with on this planet.

By using these new systems man will be able to cross his planet in minutes, and this makes the borders a thing of the past, irrelevant and obsolete. But in order to travel in space and to join the Universal Community, he needs to find peace in his own home first.

So what we need as fast as possible, is the total agreement by all the citizens, nations, creeds and religions on this planet in one move – trying to make peace in stages will never succeed. So we call upon all the leaders of the world to gather this year in one location to attend a World Peace Conference and establish a World Peace Treaty by signing a simple act of acceptance. The World Peace Treaty is only one simple sentence to be signed by the leaders of nations and religions and to be sworn to by every nation across the earth on the same day. It reads as follows:

“I/We as citizens of the Earth from this moment on accept to lay down all tools of aggression and war. I/We shall never think about getting involved in or incite war or develop or use any tools or war on this planet or in space, and to this I/We all agree and swear with my/our nation, territory, council, religion, city, town – body and Soul.”

Soul Charter

A true human is a lover of life in all dimensions. In it’s peaceful relationship with the planet and all living beings, humanity becomes aware of her own essence.

All beings possess a Soul and a Soul always seeks balance.

Servitude is the essence of the Soul. Serving is unconditional love; it brings the unity of all beings. Through servitude and peace, we elevate the collective Soul of Planet Earth so she can shine across universes.

The Soul is loving and embraces all. She exists through unconditional love and gives unconditionally.

The Soul is forgiving and knows and remembers all; she is omniscient. The soul holds all treasures and wisdom within herself.

The Soul has the highest order of all strength beyond all else and is everlasting. The Soul is aware of itself as the source of all that is good for herself and for all others.

The Soul is the sovereign by her own essence.

All Souls position themselves by their unique strength in the interaction to be in harmony with all and their surroundings.

The Soul is the creator and protector of the soul of physicality. She is the co-creator of physical life, offering the chance of experiencing the creation of new cycle of life.

UC Presentation II

One Nation Global Guidance

The UC is the bridge between Humanity and the Universal Community. The UC will be the contact point for all humans and other beings living of visiting Earth. The UC is responsible for the interaction with the Universal Community.

The UC will decide how to share new technologies on Earth offered by the Universal Community by providing open source solutions that benefit all.


The UC guarantees that Souls who dwell on Earth will obey the rules of peaceful coexistence on Earth and beyond. From this point onward there can only be peace and harmony at all times.

The council is the true reflection of the whole of Humanity on Earth and in Space.


The responsibility of the UC is to guarantee that each language on Earth of all beings dwelling on the planet, are represented as one UC member. All languages have the same rights, equal responsibility, value and position in the Council.

Each member represents the needs and wishes of the peoples and entities who speak the respective language, regardless of the geographical circumstances.

The members of the UC support mankind and others on Earth and beyond to facilitate a peaceful and prosperous future All within the Universal Community.

The 5 Pillars

  1. Soul
    The Soul of the UC invites every Soul to the charter for, to serve with love and peace for All.
  2. Ethos
    We are here to serve with wisdom, equality, integrity and humbleness.
  3. Unity
    Our essence is the unity of all beings in the path of serving all unconditionally.
  4. Service
    The UC is here to serve each and every Soul in the Universe with unconditional love to express the unity to all beings.
  5. Peace
    Peace is the natural state of all Human Beings. And by elevating all Souls, we bring Humanity to the same, natural state.

Global Policies

  1. UC Policies and Execution
    Setting up and integrating procedures and team logistics to achieve a fair and balanced global coordination structure.
  2. Protection of Beings and Global Peace
    Justice and protection for all beings, no border and signing of the Peace Treaty by all.
  3. Relations and Communications
    Relations and communications are established through the presence and interactions of the UC languages and their supporters, guiding the communities in the new Ethos: living in harmony, freedom to travel, equality and respect of all differences in race.
  4. Creating Abundance
    Creating Peace through the redistribution of social services, true hospitality and abundance of food, shelter and a basic income for each individual allowing the latter to thrive.
  5. Establishing Access to Education
    Education is the right of every single Human.
  6. Access to Reverse Conditions
    Every individual needs to have access to the knowledge of how to reverse any condition.
  7. Humanitarian Services
    In the event of an imminent disaster on this planet or in the Universe, we work with the Soul and elevate Humanity and other Souls, we create the opportunity to support the Souls.
  8. Ethos and Conduct
    Every Soul carries the knowledge and the ability to discern right from wrong. We, the UC, through our conduct show the path.



  • The UC embraces every Soul with an abundance of hospitality and servitude.
  • We welcome all wishes arriving from everywhere.
  • They will be processed in the first place on the Soul level by the UC members. Then by the Core Team, Earth Council, UC supporters, language communities, Knowledge Seekers and the Keshe Foundation.
  • The solutions originating on the soul-level, are manifested on the legislation level and then implemented in the appropriate communities.
  • The technical solutions will be supplied by the Keshe Foundation Plasma Science and Technology.

Decision making Process

Every Being will be respected, treated fairly and equally in all aspects. Minorities are protected, no majority can infringe on their freedoms. Consensus will be achieved through dialogue and the elevation of the Soul. Every decision must be of benefit to all. The Soul will govern every action in a peaceful manner. Bringing peace to the planet and all who live on it must always be our goal. Serving the needs of all is the only way to achieve this. (re. EC constitution)

Once a member promotes a certain motion for the elevation of an individual or a collective Soul, or do something for the good of Humanity, then the other Souls will understand and support this motion through their intention and Soul (“I am present”) and not by voting. (ref. Charter).

Now the UC is now ready to deploy it’s decisions through the local language groups throughout the world. The above images shows the deployment of the wishes/decisions concerning the corona virus pandemic. They shine like stars across the sky of planet Earth.

Voice of the Nations

Reports of past, present and future activities from the language communities in Polish, Farsi, Marathi, Spanish, Maltese, Norwegian/Danish and Italian.

Words of M. Keshe

We have 2 choices.

No government has any knowledge nor technology to control the Corona pandemic – if that stays like this, everybody on this planet will be infected and soon the death-rate will surpass the infection rate. Those of you who thought having survived Corona will die of cancer in the next few weeks or months.

The Keshe Foundation holds the only efficient testing, prevention and treatment technology; she offers the knowledge and the technology for free in exchange for Peace.

So either we let all of you die – we will go through a lot of suffering and then the planet will be depopulated and peaceful.

Or we free the whole planet from the virus in one big sweep. There is only one condition: total and final Peace on the Planet; total and final disarmament; abolishing all corporations that bring suffering to man: weapon industry, pharmaceuticals, banks, food industry, all religions, all kingships… and then we will loose a very small part of our population and the planet will be peaceful.

So elevate the Souls of your world leaders to commit to this Peace process.

This is my way and this is my wish.”

UC Presentation III

Our Vision is Peace

Peace brings everyone in a balanced and comfortable position; they can give and take as much as they want and need. When your mind understands how everything in the Universes work, then he will want to live within the Universal Principle. Living in this way satisfies your Soul and with it the Soul of the Creator, then you have Peace.

The understanding and acceptance of the position of our Soul is the key to Peace. Because when we understand it, we accept it, we are at peace with our Soul. Then all that we create, we’ll be at Peace with others. (M. Keshe)

Peace is the freedom to accept everything the way it is. (UC polish)

Peace is, the trust in your own Soul and the Soul of the Creator. (UC norwegian)

Peace is an immense internal sensation of joy and fullness, and it is a perfect balance with its environment and finally it is a feeling of completeness and gratitude on all levels of existence. (UC arabic)

When I am in balance, I am in Peace. (UC danish)

Peace is when everyone takes and gives as much as they want without caring for tomorrow or a rainy day. There is no peace, therefore, until every Soul is at peace. (UC gikuyu)

Peace and freedom is more than the absence of war and fight. Peace comes from within. Peace is being content with yourself. If you are content with yourself, you spread this feeling and motivate others to be also content. Peace is being happy and joyful. If you are happy and joyful, you spread this feeling and motivate others to be also happy and joyful. So if peace is within you, then others are also peaceful. And if the others are peaceful, more and more are peaceful and finally everyone is peaceful (Uc german)

Peace is the road of freedom. Peace is the road of happiness. (UC french)

What is Peace for you? Please tell us!

Our Mission is Peace

We, as one Humanity, share the same wish for World Peace. In sharing the same wish, we are working together and become like a big magnet. Each of us has the freedom to imagine what she/he can do to make Peace happen and then do it joyously.

UC mandate concerning the military

The military is a world on it’s own that needs to be given a new purpose in the context of the general demilitarization.

Here are the wishes from the 97th 1N1P1R:

We give from our Soul and are present in the wish that each national leader signs the World Peace Treaty publicly in the presence of the citizens; as the official entry of the World into the era of Peace.
We give from our Soul and are present in this wish
that all military personnel are now engaged in service for humanity.

Wish concerning the Original Sin

We give from our Soul and are present in the wish elevating all souls in their own individual beauty, setting them free in happiness and joy. All souls are elevated to the understanding of right and wrong and then they work beautifully with it making the world a splendid garden.

Wish concerning child abuse

We give from our Soul and are present in the wish to create a protective field for the children to help them defend themselves as they connect into this field of love and beauty.
We wish to elevate the souls of those who have been victims of abuse s
o they can free themselves from any suffering. We wish to elevate the souls of those who are judging right and wrong in favor for the wellbeing of the children.

Wish concerning refugees, missing women etc

We give from our soul and are Present in this wish in uniting families with their loved ones.

We give from our soul and are Present in this wish the investigators are successful in resolving and closing all cases and uniting the families in disclose anything formerly hidden.

Core Team, Earth Council, Universal Council, Universal Council supporters, and knowledge seekers.

We are Present.

Nov 26th, 2019

The mandate of the Universal Council

You can find the original document by following this link

Universal guidelines

The soul of each member of the Universal Council must shine like the light of the Creator so that it may enlighten other souls. It radiates the Beauty of the Creator by trying to live all the attributes of the Creator’s Soul. Over time, the creatures of the universe will see the light of man’s soul and without physical form.

The members of the Universal Council are chosen by the strength of their souls in the service of humanity and the Universal Community. They are not elected.

Members of the Universal Council may not register as members until they are announced and registered with the Council.

No member of the Board may speak as a member of the Board to influence anyone; if so, they immediately lose their seat on the Board and a new member will fill the vacant position.

The members of the Council will not be elected but chosen by the strength of their souls in the service of humanity.

The dedication of a counsellor’s soul will be visible through his or her gift to service, not through words or actions.

No member of the council can be accepted by self-promotion (actions, money, words), because other members see the true soul of man and his intentions. Those who try to show that they are better servants of humanity, they have no chance of taking a seat on the council.

A member of the Universal Council may not appoint a new member of the Council, otherwise he/she loses his/her seat on the Council.

The Universal Council is at the service of those who live on earth and in space by these true intentions and not by its words. Over time, human beings will be able to feel and see other souls beyond their physical form and voice.

Man in space will understand his true value and this advice becomes the true representation of man in space.

There will be no president of the council because souls, through their own positioning and service to humanity, will create a council that is always balanced.

There will be no vote because the real intention will always be visible to others. Once a certain motion is promoted to elevate souls or simply to do something for the good of humanity, then other souls will understand and support the motion by their intention, not by voting.

The Universal Council must be the bridge between Humanity and the Universal Community. The Universal Council will also be the point of contact for all those who visit the planet Earth.

The Universal Council is responsible for interaction with the Universal Community.

The Universal Council will be the interface to share new technologies offered by the Universal Community through open source and free for all.

General structure of the Universal Council


“Our message is very simple: Every man is an aspect of the Creator. It is the culmination of all the teachings. When you are part of the total, you are the total, you carry all the aspects and all the essence. You decide to what extent you want the essence to manifest itself through you. When you look at your totality, you will have to be impartial on all its aspects, whether it is your conditioning, the way you have been raised and educated. Then you never need to defend your position. And not defending a position is not spending energy but adding energy to what you learn.

In your understanding, you share a part of the soul of the man who gave you the knowledge. This was not included in most cultures. When you read something from Einstein, Edison, Tesla or Da Vinci, you can just do one reading. But when you make the effort to understand what you are reading, you will receive a part of the man’s soul. That’s how you raise yourself. And then if you can use it what you have learned, you are really raised to its level. A lot of people don’t understand that. Enlightenment is part of the fields of the Universe. It is you who decide the level of your enlightenment in the process of progressing the maturity of the Soul.”

M.T. Keshe in 73rd One Nation, One Planet, One Race, April 2, 2019

As we operate on two parallel levels – on the Soul level (Carbon 14) and on the Fitness level (Carbon 12) – the same is true for the Universal Council structure. Therefore, this presentation is based on these two points of view in order to better understand the structure and functioning of the Board.

Structure of the Universal Council

The Council functions and communicates by the force of the soul; Fig. 1 tries to visualize this.

Universal Council of the 12

The seats of the 12 councillors with their 12 sub-advisors (144 in total) rotate each year. Thus, each sub-advisor becomes a member of the main board for 1 year and vice versa. He chooses his position by the state of his soul and the sincerity of his service to humanity.

All souls of the human race will be the support of the soul of the Council member.

The expansion of the Universal Council

At first, the board operates as a single circle (Fig. 1 – small circle #1), until it reaches 12 members with enough understanding to form a sub-council. When this happens, a second circle is formed (Fig. 1 – small circle #2). When the total number of CU members exceeds 24, a 3rd sub-council is established, and so on.

The members of a new sub-council are not necessarily the last 12 members; it may be composed following the rotation of some existing members of the council or sub-council. For example, some of the members of sub-council #1 may move on to sub-council #2 to balance it. Each circle operates and meets independently and the work of the circles is coordinated by the advisors. Therefore, regardless of the subject on which a given sub-council is working, its progress is reported to the General Council Assembly by the coordinators. Thus, a theme addressed by circle #1 can then, after having been discussed at the General Council, involve another circle in order to facilitate the search for a solution. Each circle may also call on other circles, if necessary, for assistance. In this way, each sub-council contributes to all the solutions and at the same time benefits from the work of all the sub-councils. The scope of the Council’s action is defined in more detail below.

Implementation of solutions

The solutions proposed by the Universal Council are implemented with the help of the core team of the Keshe Foundation, the Earth Council (EC), the support of the Universal Council (UC), communities by language, Knowledge Seekers and the entire Keshe Foundation (KF).

With all of us united as one nation, one planet, one race, we work together through our souls and our unity manifest solutions in the state of matter.

As shown in Figure 2, the Universal Council welcomes each soul with an abundance of hospitality and servitude. We welcome all requests from any source. They will first be addressed by the core team of the Keshe Foundation, the Earth Council (EC), the support of the Universal Council (UC), communities by language, Knowledge Seekers and the entire Keshe Foundation (KF) (outer green circle).

Then they will be dealt with by the members of the Universal Council and its sub-councils (middle, orange circle).

In the future, they will be treated more by communication at the soul level (inner circle, dark blue). The solutions then come from the soul level of the Universal Council (inner circle, dark blue) and materialize at the level of “legislation” (middle circle, orange). They will be implemented in the appropriate communities (outer circle, green circle).

The state-of-the-art event involves the relevant members of the core team of the Keshe Foundation, the Earth Council (EC), the support of the Universal Council (UC), communities by language, Knowledge Seekers and the entire Keshe Foundation (KF). The solutions come from Plasma Science and Technology.

One way to look at Figure 2 is that each circle represents (from the inside to the outside):

The Soul Level (dark blue inner circle; functioning of the nucleus; line of communication across this planet) and with the Universal Community).
Legislation (middle circle, orange circle; the whole structure and decision-making by the UC).
Execution (outer circle, green circle; providing physical solutions; involves the Universal Council, Base Team, Earth Council (EC), Universal Council Support (UC), language communities, Knowledge Seekers, and the Keshe Foundation (KF).

The purpose of the Universal Council is to unite the planet and form a bridge between the Universal Community and Humanity. The line of communication at the soul level with the Universal Community is the purple line in Fig. 2.

The Activities of the Universal Council

Each sub-council meets and operates independently, addressing the needs of all souls. The Universal Council guides the activities of humanity by establishing new ways of communication and integration through the following activities. The Universal Council is currently working on the following topics:

Topics currently in progress:

Mandate of the Universal Council, its global policies and their implementation
Protection of Human Beings and World Peace

Relations and Communications

Creating Abundance

Establish access to education for each individual

Access to reverse conditions

Humanitarian services

Ethics in the Charter of the Universal Council

Each of the above topics is explained in more detail below. The functioning of the Universal Council will continue at different levels in the near future.

Mandate, overall policies and implementation

Create a flexible global platform that can accommodate different topics

Implementation and integration of internal procedures and logistics

Establishment of a fair and balanced global coordination structure

Creation and integration of an Earth Constitution; link to the Earth Council Constitution

Protection of human beings and peace in the world

Justice for all beings, establishing equality for all forms of life.

The first primary goal to serve citizens is the initiation of global demilitarization. Redirect and guide military personnel around the world to peaceful humanitarian services.
Abolition of borders and introduction of a single identity card containing only the name, date and place of birth. The signature of the World Peace Treaty will be mandatory for all citizens and visitors before receiving the new identity card.

Relations and communications

Relationships and communications are established peacefully thanks to the presence and commitment of all members of the Universal Council and their support. They guide the Communities through the new Ethos of the Keshe Foundation.

Live in harmony, freedom to travel, equality and respect for differences in race, colour and origin for all residents and visitors to the Earth.

Creating abundance

Create peace through the equitable distribution of all social and economic resources. Every resident and visitor to the Earth enjoys an abundance of food and shelter as well as a fair income.

Establish access to education for each individual

Education is free at all levels. The beauty of the service experience makes volunteering much more attractive.

Access to reverse conditions

Every individual has the right to have access to the knowledge necessary to reverse any condition. This knowledge is based on an understanding of the relationship between the soul and the material world as taught by Mr. Keshe.

Link to the Testimonials.

“You can get rid of all dependencies; no matter which one, except one: The key dependency, which is integrated into our RNA, the reproductive dependency. Because without it, we don’t exist.”


Humanitarian services through the soul

The Universal Council offers every soul abundant hospitality and servitude. In the event of disasters in different places on this planet or in the Universe, the Universal Council works on the level of the soul by elevating humanity to a level that will allow it to communicate and interact with other souls directly without passing through matter.

This new way of communicating will create the opportunity to provide immediate assistance. This is an important advantage since the distribution of aid, food, shelter, medical care and everything else that is needed often takes too long to deploy materially.

Ethics and conduct, the Charter of the Universal Council

We are here to serve, not to be served.

Each soul has the ability to differentiate between Good and Evil. We, the Universal Council, by our own conduct will lead the way.

“Our soul at the beginning of its existence is a blank sheet of paper. Then she does her deeds; and every act, no matter how small it may seem, is a challenge, a test of our ethics, our choice between Good and Evil.”


How to make a wish and fulfill it

To serve the totality by giving of one’s soul

You are the creator.

Everything in the Universe follows the Universal Principle:

We pursue the Good of the Whole and not the individual good.


We are here to serve and not to be served.

Each benefit for the whole of Life is at the same time to your benefit because you are part of the Whole.

Make your wish and avoid being distracted by what is happening in the outside world. Slowly create your new reality, exactly as you want it to be without being distracted. Continue your creation and build it slowly, with confidence. Deliberately turn away from anything in the outside world and focus on what you specifically want.

Slowly include the people around you. When you are confronted with something that does not correspond to what you want, use this experience to further specify what you want. It is the path of Beauty. Support your creation with an increasingly high and intense frequency. Everyone outside will slowly transform into a new state of higher field intensity.

But – I repeat – do not allow anything to distract you from your path. Become completely disinterested in any information or news from any source.

You are the creator of your reality.

Your mind must be silent so that you can increase the fields you generate as a creator. Keep your environment very clean and high energy frequency. You can use GaNS and Magravs, etc. to keep your environment clean. Keep negative news out of your way.

You will create a new reality – your new reality – that is of a very high field intensity. This intensity allows you to eliminate any negative or lower frequencies, as they simply cannot touch you in your new positioning.

Through love, you are beautiful creators.

Universal Council

Wishes of the Universal Council
We want to elevate the souls of those who have an understanding of good and evil so that they do not inflict any harm on a child. Universal Council
We are creating a protective field for children who are unable to defend themselves. Universal Council
We want to lift the souls of those who have been victims of abuse to free them from all suffering. Universal Council

The collection of the Universal Council of Vows of the last two years with the contribution of M.T. Keshe, the core team, the Earth Council, the supporting members of the Universal Council and other Knowledge Seekers is published in the KF wiki.

The Universal Council, present on the level of the soul, is creating the knowledge necessary for the peaceful existence of humanity. Understanding that we live in the present moment, time has no reality. We are always there serving. Universal Council

“Man comes from the light, operates through it and will return to it. There is no time and there is no space. Man created time to give existence to his mind, his personality. If you have a single atom in a cubic meter, its plasma will fill the entire cubic meter. God is the Creator of all, and man is the converter of some.” M.T. KESHE

Thank you for your presence and for sharing your beauty.

Our Best Wishes

The Universal Council