Why are we upright?

Because every organ, cell, molecule and atom of our body is inside the overall homeostatic Magrav positioning system. And as this system is dynamic, it automatically adapts to all the movements we perform.

The same is also responsible for the fact that we don’t disintegrate into molecules, cells or organs when we fall.

The Heart Brain Coherence

In her latest practice, Hélène Laporte has introduced the “Heart Breathing”, a technique that is based on the Heart-Brain-Coherence technique developed by Gregg Braden and.

It goes like this:

  1. The Heart. We imagine that the air enters through the place in our chest where the heart is located. To feel it more clearly, we can place our hand on this area. With each inhalation a balloon under our hand inflates and with each exhalation it deflates.
  2. The Heart of the Soul. It is situated at the right side of the chest, on the other side of the physical heart. Breath in and out through this point.
  3. The Infinity loop. Then imagine the infinity symbol with one loop going around the heart and the other around the heart of the Soul. At the crossing between the two loops is the window to the Soul.

Thus we can breath into our heart and into our Soul at the same time, thus activating the so called heart circuit which has it’s own nervous system and brain and with which we activate intuition more than rational thinking of the head brain.

It is suggested to use this breathing technique as often as you remember throughout your day – it keeps the window to our Soul open!

How do we use our fingers?

This article is based on a post by Alain Issalis in the facebook group PLASMA-LAURENTIDES

Grigori Grabovoï tells us that “Your consciousness expresses itself through your body and your hands”; and Mr. Keshe in his teaching on the Earth Cup is affirming essentially the same thing.

Conventionally we use our fingers as parts of our hands to “do things”, to “manipulate”. This shows our attachment to the material plane and to doing. Plasma Science and the Science of Eden show us that our fingers are much more like antennas through which we interact with reality; with our fingers we give and receive informational light. Each finger is connected to a particular sphere of our reality.

The Indians call the gestures we can make with our fingers “Mudra”, which means “gesture” or “seal”. Thus from birth to eternal life we practice a mudra, as we constantly have our hands in a certain position. Life is constantly changing but our habits and especially our beliefs often make us not follow the changes but maintain a rather rigid attitude which can show in a rigid positioning of our fingers. With age the fingers can freeze in a mudra because they reflect our rigidity.

So the position of our fingers reflects the state of our personality (soul of physicality) – or our attitude towards life. Moreover, our hands often accompany us while we speak – the more emotional our speech is, the more expansive are our gestures.

You see this with the hands of older people: They are often with fingers bend inside and the hand turned backwards – a resignation retreat inside and orientation to the past? They use practically only the index finger and the other fingers bent. People with this limitation are often aggressive and cantankerous.

Here is a table to show the parallels of different interpretations of the fingers.

The unchanging elements of our reality

This article is taken from the 17th day of the month (31-Day Challenge with Grigori Grabovoï multiplied by Hélène Laporte).

“Focus on the unchanging elements of your life that make up your external reality. These elements that have always surrounded you, such as the mountains, the sun, the moon, the stars, the constellations, etc., they are all part of your life.

Focus on one of these elements and at the same time keep the desired event in mind, and the universe will set in motion the actions necessary for its manifestation in your reality.

In Grigori Grabovoï’s seminar on the control of time, we learn that the older an element is in a certain sense, the more stable it is on the informational level.

Every element in the world has a static phase and a dynamic phase. The dynamic phase of an element is the phase that is most easily changed by thought. The static phase is the informational part of the element that is already stabilized in time and therefore much less easy to change.

For example, it is easier to treat a sprained ankle with a numerical sequence than to move a mountain. The ankle sprain event is more recent and therefore more dynamic than the mountain event.

When we focus on a stabilized element of reality such as the sun, a planet or a star and at the same time on an event to be materialized, we thereby transfer this stability to the event and condense its informative light.

We see that all elements of the world are words through which the Creator speaks to us. Elements with a great static phase thus point us to eternity in the world and thus help us discover and feel our own eternity.

Our perceptions also have a certain stability – depending on the consciousness underlying the perception. The world of duality confronts us with unstable perceptions, and it is the degree of structuring of our consciousness that determines the stability of our perception. In other words, there is nothing stable on the material level because stability is found on the fundamental level.

We moved from Quebec to Guatebuena this year. We now live in San Juan la Laguna on the shores of Lake Atitlan, surrounded by ancient volcanoes. We have the impression that we live in a very stable environment: The mountains do not change their shape, the level of the lake rises and falls in the rhythm of 50 years, and there are only two seasons that follow each other regularly: the rainy season and winter; but also the people – you do not have the impression that they change, and their year is marked by two festivals: Easter and Christmas.

We are as if surrounded by eternity, where almost nothing changes – and that gives us the feeling of living in eternity. And I believe that remembering the elements that have a stable phase can be very helpful and reassuring in the fast-paced world of North America and Europe!

But even if we don’t live in remote rural areas, we can find elements in a stable phase, such as the sun, the stars, the wind, etc.

Elements in the remote areas of our consciousness are more stable

The events or elements in the distant areas of our consciousness have a much higher static phase of reality than the elements in the areas close to our consciousness. That is, our unstructured consciousness has very little control over them.

The static phase of reality is stable because it is difficult to change by our consciousness. The dynamic phase of reality is the one that we can easily change through our thinking. It is easy to add misinformation to elements that are close to us in reality, but it is much more difficult for our unstructured consciousness to do so with elements that are far away.

Let’s take an example. When we talk to a friend about a topic we know roughly from television and the newspaper, our unstructured consciousness will add interpretations that correspond to our limiting beliefs, fears, and prejudices. In this way, we reduce the information light in relation to that element. However, when our friend talks to us about something we know absolutely nothing about, our unstructured consciousness has no control over it and therefore cannot add misinformation. Thus it cannot diminish the information light of that element because it is in a remote area of your consciousness. This means that elements that are in remote areas of our consciousness are much more stable and have a higher concentration of informative light. So when we focus on one of them, we absorb more informational light than when we focus on something close to our consciousness that we have probably absorbed with our limitations. For this reason, the more distant in our consciousness the element we are focusing on, the more informational light it will bring to the event we are trying to materialize.

“Go ahead, a path is opening in front of you. It belongs to you. Go forward to meet the Creator and His immortality, go forward to meet your own eternity. Celebrate it. Feel the joy that suddenly bursts upon you, let it overtake you. This joy is the measure of your own eternity, of the Creator’s boundless love and trust. The simplicity of His creation is crystal clear. It is as simple and clear as you imagine it to be. He is creative and loving. He is your creator and he opens the way for you, shows you the way. Follow him, it is the path that will lead you to your destiny.

This quote by Grigori Grabovoï refers to one of the most stable structures we know – ourselves. As co-creators with God, we are as old and eternal as the Creator Himself.

In order for us to understand and experience our eternity, the Creator communicates with us through all the elements of the world. When we open ourselves to communication with the Creator, it becomes easier for us to know which path to take in our lives. He serves as our guide and example, and if we ever don’t know how to act, we can simply ask ourselves, “How would God act in my place?

There is always a harmonious solution for all parties in a situation. We just have to find it. When faced with a choice and considering a solution, we really need to ask ourselves if it is beneficial to everyone. If it’s not, we have to keep looking.

Everything we do to strengthen our contact with the Creator can help us move forward much faster and make our choices more clearly. And to feel the love He has for us is a source of infinite joy.

The truth about the Earth 2

Responsibility and non-destruction

The Earth affects man, and this is the means of communication from the Creator to us and vice versa. Therefore, our development must be in harmony with the Earth. The interaction with the Creator allows us to understand the deep meaning of non-destruction, sharing and the Good for All. We know today more than ever how important it is to protect the environment, now we learn that it is equally important to help Nature evolve.

It is very important for the earth and for human beings that plants grow and animals live. Every creature has a role to play on earth. Wolves, for example, are just as necessary as deer. If we want a wolf to behave non-violently towards a deer and not eat it, then we have to secure its food – through our consciousness, of course. We now understand that at a certain stage of our development we will have to actively take part in the control of nature.

Animals are a reflection of man, and therefore their aggressiveness is simply a reflection of man’s aggressiveness. If man normalizes his aggressiveness, he can help the animals to be completely peaceful with each other, and the carnivores like the vegetarians will become Breatharians.

The wolf will no longer attack a deer because he is not hungry. It is us to show him other ways of feeding; we have to give the animals the example of how to feed only on cosmic rays. It is up to us to create all the necessary conditions. We are here to normalize all aggressive systems and learn how to live without harming other living beings.

Earth and human beings have the same intelligent goal of creating a world to the norm that allows the harmonious development of all living beings. This is a multilevel process. Humans have long understood that their interaction with nature, at least on an intellectual level, such as watching nature documentaries, etc., can have a positive influence, not to mention direct environmental action. Now is the time for us humans to discover our true power and responsibility, to normalize events with our consciousness using the evolutionary technologies. The applications of these technologies are direct interactions with the Earth.

The more aware we are that the Creator helps us in this, the more effectient we will achieve our goals.

Who is directing whom here?

The collective consciousness tells us that man is the crown of creation; he is the only one who has the power to dominate and exploit the rest of creation.

Here are some facts that question these assumptions:

  1. The earth grows with each new resurrection. When the earth helps God and man to resurrect someone, it does so on a physical level because the earth is the thought form of the Creator.
  2. The bones of prehistoric animals exist in certain temporal intervals. For a time they are visible, then they may be undetectable. For example, archaeologists find bones in some areas while nothing is found in others, even though these areas were inhabited by the same animals. Their bones actually disappear from one place because the earth resurrects them somewhere else.
  3. The colonization of the continents is more than mechanical; it is not a simple migration of peoples, but a direct intervention of the Earth in terms of evolution. In fact, it is not the decision of peoples to colonize a new region, but the earth brings people to a certain region because they are necessary for the evolution of that place. This is also true for all other species of animals and plants that live on the earth.
  4. The earth is even able to influence economic structures. We see this in what is called an economic paradox. Especially at the beginning of the 20th century, nations with similar forms of governance did not develop in the same way. It is the earth and not the human being that influences the economic processes.

The process of evolution

The moment human consciousness recognizes the need to evolve within the structure of eternity, the consciousness of the Earth begins to interact with man to move together toward eternity.

To enable the earth to evolve eternally, it is necessary to understand the organic structure of the interaction between man and earth. For example, some ancient civilizations that developed in the middle of a desert had a good method of survival. However, despite this good method, the desert remained in its original state. Why? In order for the earth to develop, human beings must give more than they take from the earth. Therefore, our development on earth depends on our ability to give more to the earth than we take from it. When we give, we’re not only giving to the earth, but also for ourselves. The more we give to the earth, the higher he can develop ourselves.

Let’s take a minute to integrate with the assimilation sequence:

Assimilation 5 4 9 3 1 4 8 3 6 4 8 9

Evolutionary Technologies in Relation to Earth

The word “Earth.”

The word “Earth”, like the word “Love”, has unlimited power to normalize events. To use this technology, we only need to pronounce the word “Earth” by stretching each letter or syllable:


N-o-r-m-a-l-i-z-a-t-i-o-n o-f t-h-e E-a-r-t-h

The earth inside us

This is a simple but incredibly effective technology. We start by imagining the planet Earth to the norm. We visualize it in front of us and with a gesture we take this sphere and gently bring it into our body, for example into our heart. After that we can feel the earth in our physical body.

If we maintain this perception of the earth in our physical body over time, we will be eternal and in perfect health! It is right and good to remember this as often as possible.

The power of this control can be enhanced if we add love. When we feel the earth within us, we can send it all our love in the form of a ray or sphere of love. Love and gratitude. When we send all this love to the earth, we can feel the tremendous wave of love it sends back to us. It is an exchange of love between us and the earth. We can feel that the earth has a soul, a consciousness and a spirit, that we can connect with it, feel it and understand it.

The truth about the Earth

This article refers to a seminar given by Grigori Grabovoï on November 4, 2003.

The Earth makes us live and evolve

The Earth is a place that favours human life; one could even say that everything that the Earth does, all its interactions, are aimed at allowing us to live. Earth is the place where human beings live and develop.

Unconsciously, we take the Earth for granted because we know of no other world and, more importantly, because, according to the Creator’s wish, we are made by the fields of the Earth and the Sun. The earth is closely connected with us and our development. Being eternal itself, it helps us discover our eternity and evolves in parallel with us. On the material level, it is obvious that our body develops on earth in its physical form. But our soul also develops within the structure of the earth; at the same time, the earth consists of the divine part of our mind and our Soul.

The way we perceive the Earth reflects the position in our evolution, the state of our soul.

The unity man-earth

Man and earth form a unity. We notice that the earth has a spherical shape, just like our head.

The earth is the interface that the Creator uses to communicate and interact with man; the Creator manifests in the human mind through the earth; the earth generates thoughts. Therefore, our understanding of the earth and our contribution to its eternal evolution brings us ever closer to the Creator and His divine thoughts. In this way, the evolution of the earth also reflects the state of divine thought on earth.

The simple act of perceiving the earth within us immediately brings us into a state of reality control, and then all we have to do is think of the event we want to normalize so that it materializes. Our intention to work with and for the Earth alone makes the Earth help us. The more we give, the more we receive in return! It is the earth that contributes to our eternal future because our future is its own future.

The difference between man and the Creator

So why does man, who has all the means at his disposal, keep getting involved in systems of destruction?

There is a dissonance between the divine structure and the human structure. Man thinks linearly, one object at a time, while the Creator works on all levels simultaneously. In other words, man lives in duality, while the Creator lives in unity.

For example, man sees the earth as a place to live; then he sees it as a place where he can evolve. This is a linear and logical way of thinking. Man sees the earth as separate from him, while the Creator perceives the earth and man as one. The earth is part of man and man is part of the earth. This sense of oneness alone can immediately normalize our events. So if we learn to think like the Creator, we will be able to bring all events back to the norm.

When we begin to interact with the earth and its elements, we discover our true nature, our purpose in life. From that moment on, we care about the Earth as much as we care about ourselves. In this way, we can also influence our environment in a positive way – because then we are feeling the unity with the Earth, on the structured or d ivine side of our consciousness.

How is the Creator?

When Albert Einstein lectured at the many universities in the United States, the recurring question from the students was:

You, Mr. Einstein… Do you believe in God?” To which he always replied: “I believe in the God of Spinoza.”

Only those who had read the Dutch philosopher Spinoza understood… Spinoza had spent his life studying the holy books and philosophy, one day he wrote:

I don’t know if God really spoke, but if he did, this is what I believe he would say to the believers:

Stop praying and beating your chest! What I want you to do is go out into the world and enjoy your life. I want you to have fun, to sing, to learn… to enjoy all that I have created for you.

Stop going to those cold, dark temples you built yourself and call my home! My home is in the mountains, in the woods, the rivers, the lakes. It is where I live with you and express my love for you.

Stop blaming me for your miserable life, I never told you that there was anything wrong with you, that you were a sinner, that your sexuality or your joy was a bad thing! So don’t blame me for everything they told you to believe. Stop rehashing sacred readings that have nothing to do with me.

If you can’t read me at dawn, in a landscape, in the eyes of your friend, your wife, your husband, in the eyes of your son…You won’t find me in a book!

Stop scaring yourself. I don’t judge you, I don’t criticize you, I don’t get angry and I don’t punish. I am pure love… I filled you with passions, limitations, pleasures, feelings, needs, inconsistencies…and I gave you free will

How can I blame you if you respond to something I put inside you? How can I punish you for being what you are, if I am the one who made you? Do you really think I could create a place to burn all my misbehaving children for the rest of eternity? What kind of God could do that? If I were like that, I wouldn’t deserve to be respected.

If I just wanted to be worshipped, I would have populated the earth only with dogs. Respect your fellow man and don’t do to them what you don’t want for yourself. All I ask is that you take care of your life, that your free will be your guide.

You and nature are one entity, so don’t think you have power over it. You are part of it. Take care of her and she will take care of you. I have made accessible all that is good for you and I have made the access difficult for what is not. Do not use your genius to look for what is bad. It is up to you to keep this balance intact. Nature knows very well how to keep it, just don’t disturb it!

I have made you absolutely free. You are absolutely free to create in your life a paradise or a hell.

I can’t tell you if there is anything after this life, but I can give you a piece of advice: Stop believing in me in this way. To believe is to assume, to guess, to imagine. I don’t want you to believe in me, I want you to feel me inside you. I want you to feel me in you when you look after your sheep, when you touch your little girl, when you stroke your dog, when you bathe in the river.

Express your joy and get used to taking just what you need!

The only sure thing is that you are here, that you are alive, that this world is full of wonders and that in all these wonders you are able to know exactly what you really need.

Don’t look for me outside, you won’t find me. I am here. The nature, the cosmos. It is me.”

How do we get closer to our Soul?

Now it’s time for the Man to learn the process and it’s done through feelings and emotions – nothing else. And this is what we are trying to teach. Look at the structure of the brain – we all have it but we never used it. MT Keshe

We have the brain with the Soul at the centre. As long as all the energy from the Soul is absorbed by the brain, you dampen and control Her. But everything changes when you do it the other way: when you feed the Soul from the physicality, the Soul expands beyond the limits of the brain and the physicality.

At this point the brain is still in touch with the Soul but the latter is then able to take over the central control and protect the body. Protecting the body means to recreate him at the rate of 1017x/s absolutely to the norm – that is without the interference of what we call “free will”, the unstructured mind with all his non-constructive belief systems.

We all can make that experience in sleep, when we dream. Then the mental control is asleep and the Soul is free to travel and interact.

Normally the Soul is fed via the physical body with cosmic energies. It works like a magnet where a lot of fields are coming in and going out. But the free will only lets a very limited number of fields reach the Soul to be able to keep Her subdued and prevent Her naturally controlling our life.

This looks like a completely individual problem of consciousness, but it is also a “governance” problem where governments and religions are interested and involved in. This becomes very clear, when we look at the beliefs of the collective unconscious: they are all structured in a way to justify the existence of priests and politicians. One is the middle man between the Creator and us because he has access to God and we don’t. The other is telling us what to think, what to do and how to live because we are unable to decide for ourselves.

This makes the access to the Soul level a radical act. The knowledge we acquire and assimilate about our creation and the functioning of the universe makes us aware of many existential things:

  • We are the only ones responsible for our lives.
  • We are created in the image of God; we are co-creators with Him; we are essentially ONE with Him. Our innermost being is the Creator. There can be no middle man.
  • On the matter level we have allowed structures to develop which keep us ignorant about our selves, our Soul and our lives; structures that mostly prevent thinking for ourselves. The more we come closer to our Soul, the more these structures lose power.
  • We have been educated to belief that the matter level is the only reality there is; and that we have no power to influence it. The more we learn about our power to control the reality we live in, the freer we become from the bondage on and of the matter level.

“We all go to the church, the temple, the mosque and the synagogue and pray to see the Creator. But it is us who have imprisoned our Soul – the only way to the Creator” MT Keshe

So this process is not a rebellion against governments and churches – it is learning how we are the prisoner and the warden at the same time. And the comprehension of this knowledge IS the liberation. Fighting a lie won’t help, on the contrary – only understanding helps.

We are most grateful to the Keshe Foundation and the Science of Eden to help us on the way!

It’s all a question of trust and openness. Our free will decides on our trust and openness. This problem becomes very clear in the example where someone bumps into us on the street – if this person is a lamp post, we insult us for our unawareness – if this person is a stranger, we insult him for his unawareness – only if this person is a friend, do we greet him with a smile and hug him or her.

It all depends on the trust that we can manage to our Soul!

It is the work of the KF to allow the man in his physicality to meet his Creator through the dimension of his feelings and emotions.

Then when this man falls in love with his Creator, that man can be what and where he wants to be at any point in space and time.MT Keshe

The elevation of the Soul means to make the soul of physicality, the mind, the free will so humble that he wants to enjoy the Soul and her beauty. And it doesn’t work by thinking we are humble – we have to really be it. In other words, if we only play as if we are in love with our Soul, we only pretend and there is nothing… in reality we have to get out of our own way!

In the tea cup example fo the Zen master, we empty our cup so it can be filled by our Soul.

Don’t look for elevation – look for humbleness.” MT Keshe

Anita Moorjani: I am resurrected

From a video on youtube

On February the 2nd, I went into a coma and the doctors basically said that these were my final hours. The tumours I had, some of them were the size of lemons. I had had cancer for four years and it had metastasized so these tumours were all over my lymphatic system. So from the base of my skull all around my neck under my arms my breasts all the way down to my abdomen. And i had fluid in my lungs so every time i lie down i would choke on my own fluid. I wasn’t absorbing food so i became basically a walking skeleton. My muscles completely deteriorated. I could no longer stand up or walk so I was in a wheelchair and i was so weak that i couldn’t even hold my head up.

i was in a lot of pain and on February the 2nd I fell into a coma and the doctors said that these were my final hours, because now my organs had shut down. And my husband and my mother were obviously very distressed. As i was in the coma, what was unbeknownst to all of them was, that I was completely aware of everything that was going on around me: I could hear and see and feel everything that was happening. I could feel everything the doctors were doing; they were poking needles into me and putting in iv tubes and things like that and my husband was by my bedside holding my hand.

Not only could i hear what they were saying, it was like i could feel what they were feeling. I was completely empathic to what they were feeling. And i could see and hear things that were beyond the room. that my physical body was in and i realized that i could even see my physical body. It was like i felt that i had become separate from my body and it felt incredible.

It felt just absolutely amazing! For me it was like the first time in years that i felt so amazing and so pain-free. The pain was gone and i felt light and i felt like i was really free and expanded. I also felt something which i can only describe as a feeling of unconditional love. I know the word love has been overused but it’s the only word i can think of to describe what i was feeling, because it was like a euphoric kind of feeling.

I felt like i suddenly realized that i don’t have to do anything to prove myself. I don’t have to do anything to feel that i deserve to be loved. I was loved just because i existed. I don’t remember ever feeling that way ever before in my life. Now i was no longer attached to my body.

And here i was feeling this really incredible feeling of just like that i had a purpose that i was loved and i was worthy; that’s what i felt.

This was happening to me in a hospital in Hong Kong by the way. And i was aware that my brother who was in India, was rushing to get on a flight to get to Hong Kong to see me before i died. And so in that awareness i felt i needed to stay alive at least he got until he got to me, because i knew that if i died before he got to me, he would be completely distraught and broken. So i knew that i had to stay alive at least until he got to me; at least until he had a chance to say goodbye.

As i went deeper into the experience, i reached a point where i had the choice of whether to come back or not, because i reached a point where i encountered my deceased father. My father had died 10 years prior and i felt that he was there to greet me. And he wanted me to know that it wasn’t my time. But even though it wasn’t my time to die, i still felt i had the choice. I could still choose to die if i wanted to.

I wanted to stay there. I didn’t want to come back. Being in that realm was so much better than being here, simply because i felt so incredible and here i had the sick and dying body. So i couldn’t see any good reason to come back into this body because i was suffering, my family was suffering. So i really wanted to stay there.

But in that time i also experienced an incredible level of clarity, It was like i understood; i just completely understood how it was that i came to be at that point, in that hospital bed in that moment. Lying there, dying from end stage cancer. I actually understood how every choice and every decision that i had made in my life in every moment in time had led me to that point. And i could see it.

In that awakening i felt as though my father said to me: Now that you know this truth, you need to go back and live fearlessly.”

And i understood that. Now I also understood that if i went back, my body would heal. After that experience, after actually dying and coming back, i don’t follow any dogma or any kind of religion or spirituality because it’s like now i know.

i know that i’m a spiritual being. We all are. Every single one of us. We are. We don’t have to work at it. I don’t have to keep working at it or trying to be more spiritual. I already am. There’s nothing we need to do.

So that’s completely changed for me. What actually happened is that in that moment that my father said that “now that you understand the truth go back and live your life fearlessly”, it was i would say in that moment that my eyes actually opened.

I mean so much happened. I was in a coma for about 34 hours; but so much happened in that time, because time is not linear. There it’s like everything was happening simultaneously. And wherever i put my awareness there i was. So it was all happening at once and i felt that it completely changed me. I absorbed so much; it’s like walking into a room or a situation of something that you’ve never seen before and finding out the truth about something you could have never imagined. You can’t unknow it; you can’t go back and undo it. And it always stays with you.

And so it has actually changed my life. It’s changed who i’ve become from that point on. At first i didn’t want to come back, but my father also said to me that i have these gifts waiting for me.

The way we communicate as well is not through language, the way i’m communicating with you right now. Here we use words; we string them together in linear time in linear sentences, but in that realm… It felt like… because we don’t have our bodies, we don’t have vocal cords. It was like my father’s essence and mine we just merged so i knew exactly what he wanted me to know. And so i put words to it but it was like i just completely understood what he wanted me to know.

And he wanted me to know that i had suffered up until this point and even though i didn’t have to go back to my body, if i chose not to go back i would be missing out on the gifts that were now waiting for me.

So i understood that now if i go back, i won’t be living a life of suffering anymore because of what i now knew. So i started to open my eyes. And of course my family, who were right around me: my husband was sitting there holding my hand; my brother had just arrived from the airport; my mom was there. And of course they were thrilled that i was opening my eyes.

But i was still of course very very weak with all these tubes, and i weighed about 85 pounds, and these open skin lesions… So i started to open my eyes and my family was thrilled and then they called the doctor and i greeted the doctor by name, i said you know “good afternoon Dr. Chan” He was surprised i knew his name because he only started tending to me after i went into the coma. So he said: How did you know my name?” And i was surprised he asked that question because to me it just kind of seemed normal. I just said: Aren’t you the doctor that came in this morning?” And i told him the procedure of exactly what he’d done. I had been choking and he had stuck a needle in my back and removed fluid from my lungs. And he said But you were in a coma when i did that; how do you even know i did that?”

That’s when it started to transpire with everyone that something had happened and when he left the room, i said to my husband: Isn’t he the doctor that said to you that i won’t even make it through the night; that these are my final hours and my organs have shut down?” My husband Danny said:How did you hear that? He didn’t even say that in this room; he said it down the corridor!”.

So it slowly started to come out that something had happened. What shocked the doctors was, that within four days the tumour shrunk by 70 percent; and then within three weeks they couldn’t find any trace of cancer in my body. And in five weeks i was released to go home from hospital.