Universal Council

The main task for the members of the UC is not governing but counselling. So they will be advisers to the governments of their respective language in all matters of peace and equality.

Declaration of the Universal Council

based on a text by Mark (Golden Age of GaNS) Dec 11, 2018

All souls are elevating and maturing to a higher field strength. This maturity of humanity respects life. It has become the major purpose to serve life.

The Keshe Foundation is delivering in the purest form and elevation and is providing these solutions.

Humanity all over the world will receive a beautiful gift of quality time with their families through the application of this technology.

Through many years of social media and availability, openness and honest examination, proof and confirmation of scientific correctness to serve humanity for world peace.

Keshe Foundation energy as a focus for all of humanity is quickly advancing and is showing its value entirely in the service of humanity.

Earth Council Constitution explained 1

The original video is hereYou can find the complete text here. We give you our interpretation of the text; please do not just take it for cash but use it to generate your own understanding and opinion! In this meeting the following part has been discussed :

The Earth Council has been created to guarantee, that by giving equal rights to all beings, there shall never be another conflict or war on this planet and beyond, by any and amongst all created beings and citizens.

This means that the Earth Council is meant to take on the ‘governance’ of humanity, once the meaningless separation of humanity in competing nations has been overcome by understanding.

The end of war and establishment of peace will be achieved through the understanding of the potential of all created beings.

All beings are essentially equal because together we share the same soul, which could be called ‘GodMan’. Each of the living beings created therefore manifests one individual aspect of the whole creation, giving his part to this splendid, most colorful Creation. It is only in complete freedom that each individual soul can manifest her potential, her contribution to the evolution of the Universe.

The path forward for peace, must be to bring the understanding that solutions are achieved through dialogue and elevation of the soul of the opponent rather than through degradation or demeaning another’s soul or physical existence. Peace has to be the goal of every move of the existence of every being on this planet. The Council will be the flag bearer of this motion to create an environment where peace can be achieved on Earth.

If each of us and everybody else acknowledges that the very condition of our existence requires Peace, than we all will move always peacefully. We will want to solve eventual frictions by peaceful means like dialogue and elevation of the soul. The Council

Peace, must be the cornerstone of existence, amongst those who are from this planet and/or choose to live on this planet, as well as for those who are from Earth and choose to live in space. Earth has to become the cradle of peace, for the evolution of all races. We, the Earth Council, acknowledge that Earth is a part of the solar system, galaxy, universe and all the Unicos. As such, the Planet Earth needs to become a part of the cycle of creation by supporting the planet and all the beings that live on her to elevate themselves past the current cycle of evolution to a more fulfilling and peaceful existence. We acknowledge Mother Earth as itself a living entity that has her own soul.

Here our understanding of what a living being is enlarged to include all beings on all planes of Existence; it includes also the Earth with all it’s natural ecosystems as living beings. In this way we escape the danger of speciesism – a derivative of racism that regards the human species as the ‘top of the creation that is entitled to dominate the rest’ , while it is in reality just a servant.