The Edge of the Universe

When Adam asked God: “Where is the edge of the Universe? What will I do when I come to it? When I myself fill everything and have created everything I have conceived?”

“And God replied to His son, replied to us all:

My son. The Universe itself is a thought, a thought from which was born a dream, which is partially visible as matter. When you approach the edge of all creation, your thought will reveal a new beginning and continuation. From obscurity will arise a new and resplendent birth of you, and it will reflect in itself your Soul, your dreams, you whole aspirations. My son, you are infinite, you are eternal, within you are the dreams of creation.”

Anastasia, book 5, p.158

The big picture

By M.Keshe

Our message is very simple, every human being is part of the Creator, and this is the eventual understanding of the teachings. When you are part of total, you are the total, you carry all the essence of it. It’s you who decide to what limit you want the essence to manifest itself. When you stand and look at totality, you have to be impartial to every aspect, be it the way you’ve been brought up for example, because by being impartial, you don’t need to defend your position. And not defending a position you don’t spend energy, but you add to the energy from what you have learned.

It would be great if you could understand that the Soul who is sharing knowledge, is sharing part of his Soul. When you read something from Einstein, when you read something from Edison, when you read something from Tesla, when you read something from da Vinci, when you read it, it’s just a reading; but when you understand the reading, you’ll receive part of the Soul of the man. That’s how you elevate yourself via knowledge. And then, if you can use it, you have elevated yourself to his level. A lot of people don’t understand this.

Enlightenment is part of the field of the Universe. It’s you who decide how, at what level you get enlightened. Please try to understand the whole knowledge, it makes it easier to teach. Don’t be motivated by trying to achieve something, learn to understand the totality. As the saying goes: “You can attend a class; this doesn’t mean you’re gonna learn anything.”

How to wish

By aviram

The evolution of the Universe happens by co-creation. Co-creation is done by two actors : the Creator, Source and Man, two sides of the same coin. Man does the wishing and the Creator does the manifestation.

So, our wishes are the motor of the evolution of the universe. We do not ‘make a wish’ we receive the wishes from our soul into our conscious mind. All we have to do is say ‘yes’ to them and then get out of the way so that the manifestation can happen.

‘Getting out of the way’ means to maintain our wish in our mind and to not entertain thoughts that go in the opposite direction.

‘Getting out of the way’ means to completely trust that Source will manifest what we wish for; it also means not to put up any resistance to the manifestation. Lets look at two phrases to illustrate this :

  1. Somebody saying : « I love the thought that everything will be provided so that I have the ability to do what I have to do when I have to do it ».

  2. Somebody else saying : « I need to have abundance in my life, because my bank account is empty, i don’t know how to pay my rent, I see other people can buy whatever they want! ».

The first sentence has no resistance; the second sentence has only the little passage in blue without resistance while the red part is all about resistance, all about what I don’t want.


from the workshop 1Nation1Planet1Race4Worldpeace #58

« I love you my Soul, I live you and I love with you and I adore you. » (M.Keshe)

« I wish that all duality induced disputes be removed everywhere ofa ll times.Now. » (Peggie)

« I wish to elevate myself so that i am able to elevte the souls of other invovoled in the leadership of the planet Earth. » (Rick Crammond)

“We gibe freely from our soul to support he first ladies, for them to support heir world leaders in achieving the path of world peace.” (Carolina)

“My wish is that evry language find all the support to share with all the language commnities and thirve integrating universla ehtos oaal the way. Elevating the sould with unconditional love.” (Ursula)

“I wish all beings in the universe seen and unseen be happy and get rid of their suffering.” (Claudia)

“We wish for the teams htat are working on the spaceship development to take from our soul as much as they need to elevate to manifest the spaceship.”

Stop nourishing that what you do not want

Your reality is created by your vibration or the energy that you put out; the quality and the form of your vibration is determined by your thoughts. The manifested reality constantly needs to be sustained by your energy – otherwise it will cease to exist. So if you are dedicated to fight for peace for example and your thoughts the whole day turn around this battle against war, you create and offer a vibration that matches war and not peace… that means you are really supporting war by fighting it… if you want it or not! This reminds me the saying of the 60ies :

So what to do? If you want something to cease to exist because you do not want it, don’t give it ANY energy – that means first and foremost : Don’t think about it – ever! Rather think toughts of peace, beauty, love… call up memories of those vibrations.

If you see yourself unable to do that, you just sit quietly and watch something uninteresting like your respiration. If you see yourself drifting away into war-thoughts, just notice and come back to watching your breath flowing in and flowing out.

The power of our wishes

In previous bulletins we have already stated how our collective wishes actually do change what happens on a global scale : we described the transition of Togo from a country on the verge of a civil war to a the first country that grants to it’s citizens a basic income. We mentioned also the transformation in Corea from the verge a nuclear war to a solid peace movement.

Flint (co-moderator of the Keshe Foundation) pronounced his wish in august 2017 in regards to the military endeavors of the US:

“My wish is that military personnel and associated weaponry and equipment located anywhere in the world from all the branches of the US military, are recalled back to the United States and decommissioned or converted for peaceful applications only.
The military budget is applied in a transparent manner to educte and serve all beings inhabiting the United States of America and its territories to serve as peaceful teachers thusly elevating the education and well-being of all Humanity.”

Today, June 12 2018, President Trump declared on the summit in Singapore:

“No more ware games. They are too expensive. We will be stopping the war games, which will save us a tremendous amount of money. I think it’s very provocative”, Trump told reporters. Under the circumstances we are negotiating a complete deal, it is inappropriate to have war games. Number one, we save money. A lot. Number two, it is really something they very much appreciated” – D.Trump

Our wish for world peace should be directed at all representatives that do have the power to make a change…As the earth still has too many heads of state that we could remember all their names, it is proposed that we address each and every head of state by a pseudonym “Hyperactive Children”.