The Healing Temple

From “The Life and Teachings of the Masters from the Far East”

(A parable illustrating the high frequency level we should maintain to create our reality.)

Located in this village was The Healing Temple. It is claimed that only words of Life, Love, and Peace have been given expression in this temple since its erection, and this made it’s vibrations so potent that nearly all who pass through the temple are instantly healed.

Also the words of Life, Love, and Peace have been sent out for such long time from this temple and the vibrations emanating from them are so strong that, should words of inharmony and imperfection be used at any time, they would have no power.

The Healing Temple is always accessible to those desiring to go there; they could go to the temple as often as they chose and stay as long as they wished.

We were told that this is an illustration of what takes place in man. If he would practice sending forth words of Life, Love, Harmony, Peace, and Perfection he would in a short time not be able to utter an inharmonious word.

Create and accomplish your wishes

Slowly build your vision

You are the creator. The benefit for the totality includes the benefit for you. Try not to get diverted by what is going on in the material world – create your new reality slowly. Make it exactly how you want it to be and don’t get distracted. Just create it in your vision and slowly build it up in full trust. Try to always focus on your creation, on exactly what you want. Don’t even speak about it.

Slowly include the people around you.

Pay attention to what isn’t yet in place or what doesn’t yet correspond totally to your vision and adjust your creation slowly to change everything into Beauty.

Support your creation through a higher frequency and a higher field strength. Keep your surrounding very clean and in a high energy frequency. You can use GaNS and Magravs to keep the surrounding fields clean. All that exists around you will slowly change into a new state of a higher field strength and frequency.

You are the creator of your reality. So, your mind needs to go silent to work through the fields you are generating from within you as a creator. In order to quiet the mind don’t let anything distract you from your path. Go totally blank towards any news or gossip from anywhere.

You will create a new reality. Your new reality is of a higher field strength. Through this process, you keep constantly adding new field forces to your creation. At one point your field strength will be so high that you can remove any negative or any lower frequency; they simply can’t touch the field strength of your new creation.

Through love you are beautiful creators.

How to be the wish “Rain”

There are two conditions for a wish to be accomplished:

  1. The wish should be within the Universal Principle; it should aim at the good for All – We are here to serve the Totality”.
  2. The wish should come from a space within us where it has already been fulfilled. This has been beautifully explained by a North American Shaman: After a long period of drought, he wanted to make rain. So he stood still, closed his eyes and imagined himself being in the rain – he smelled the rain on the dusty land, he felt the drops on his head and skin, he felt the wet mud under his feet. To fulfill your wishes you need to be in the place where your wish is already fulfilled.

We create as the Creator

Man in the mortal concept, on the matter level, is calculating from the visible supply on hand—thinking he had only so much bread or so much supply or so much money with which to buy.

Man on the Soul level knows no limitation. He then, looks to the Soul as the source and creator of all and gives thanks for the power and substance right at hand to fill every want. He contacted the Universal and the only limit to the supply was that all the vessels were filled. The supply could have flowed on until this day had there been vessels to receive it.

Instead of unfolding and creating as God wills us to create, you fold up in your little shells and say, `I can’t,’ and you hypnotize yourselves into actually believing that you are separate entities apart from God. All mortal limitations are but man-made and in no other way should they be interpreted. You simply fall short of your perfect creation or expression. You do not let the Creator express perfectly through you as it is His desire to do.

I can use the law to obtain bread or anything else, just as long as I use it for the benefit of mankind, as long as I am working in living accord with the Universal Principle. We all must press on to the stage at which we can do these things.

It is through the power of our own mind that we are able to realize the power of the Creator. Through the power of thought we can transmute and evolve our bodies, or our outer conditions. It is through the recognition of this power within ourselves that we will never experience death. This is done wholly through man’s power to visualize, idealize, conceive, and manifest that which we focus on.

In the same way we turn anything, that doesn’t look perfect, perfect:

  1. We return it to the Plasma state, from which it sprang.
  2. We hold it in it’s pure, spiritual, perfect state
  3. By holding it we lower it’s vibration until it comes back perfect into outer form or manifestation.

We can say:

I now return you to the great ocean of Universal Mind Substance, from which all things come and where all is perfection, and from which you sprang; now you are again resolved into the elements from which you were created.
I now return you or bring you back from that pure substance as perfect and pure as God sees you and hold you always in that absolute perfection.

We know that in the old consciousness, most of what we brought forth has been conceived by us imperfectly. And consequently the Universe manifested it imperfectly. Realizing the Truth now, we bring forth everything as perfect as the Creator sees it; and everything will manifest perfectly. We realize that the inner alchemist, the Creator within, has taken hold of this and has transmuted, refined, and perfected that which seemed imperfect.

Dean’s question – 2nd speed of thinking

It is an amazing experience for me, that this 90th 1N1N1P4W program followed right up what was presented in the LEADING EDGE last week about the speed of thinking! Dean has put the following wish out:

We/I wish Universes beneath the fluttering of a Dove’s wings create everlasting Peace for Humanity. We/I wish the stream of Plasma Rays from the Central Core reach and elevate all Souls. We/I wish Dimensions hidden from the Man present their Beauty.

Carolina remarked that there is nothing hidden from Humanity.

If nothing is hidden from Humanity, why is it that I cannot see everything?

Carolina’s answer:

When we have the perception that something is hidden from us, it is not because somebody else is hiding it from us, but we are not able to see it – something wrong with our vision.

Humanity has accepted many things that were not acceptable; one of these unacceptable things was subscribing to a one-man-show and following leader after leader for millennia. The heads of the leaders change but the institution of a shepherd leading the flock remained unquestioned.

We are in a constant condition of our energy being drained through frustration, anger, fear; and on top of it we are consuming things that we should not, which is also draining our energy. On the other hand we need a lot of energy to speed up our thinking. The whole system is set up that our energy is constantly drained so we cannot develop a higher speed of thinking.

Our Soul is not able to bring us into a peaceful, high speed condition, because we are consuming the energy faster than the Soul can deliver. We have learned that 80% of our needs are supplied by the environment, the air that we breath; while 20% we take in by material food. But we are actually thinking that we need to consume material food to supply 100% of the energy we need; to a point where we actually loose energy by feeding ourselves. That is because we are not conscious of it. Our thinking is so slow that we don’t even know this. We all ‘know’ how tired we are after a rich meal of meat, we need to take a nap to digest. If you thinking speed is high enough you would figure out yourself: I am eating to get energy, but the way I eat makes me sleep, drains my energy, so I should eat differently.

The same takes place on the mental level: We live our days away with very little consciousness; it is actually exceptional that we are conscious of our thoughts. When we are not reacting on stimuli from the world, people around us, our mind keeps on chattering on it’s own. There is no gap, where consciousness can happen. All this mental reactive activity consumes most of our energy which should be unavailable for the important things. We have learned that with sufficient speed of thinking, we could create paradise gardens throughout the Universe – what we are doing instead? We are earning money and we are watching Tv… we constantly missing the here and now

The system in which we have chosen to live is keeping us so busy with demands and entertainment, that the moment when we go to bed, we are exhausted; we close our eyes and we are gone…

The only way to break this hypnotic sleep walking is by stopping the never ending train of thoughts and take a moment with ourselves – meditation. We create a peaceful and silent space where we give time to our Soul. And it’s then and there when our Soul will expand into our daily life.

Our Soul is our Creator and our best friend, but we never have time for Her. So we have to make space, invite the Soul. But we pretend that we have important problems at hand… the funny thing is that actually the Soul is the only one who can find any solution for whatever problem we have!!!

So we need to deliberately turn away from problems, demands and triggers and turn deliberately to the silent space within, where our Soul dwells. We could even make that our new conscious habit: In any situation, we decide to go inside first and check with our Soul. This new habit will slowly build up the power and speed of our thinking. And then our helping others, elevating their Souls so they can find their own way to celebrate Peace in their world, will be much more efficient.

In other words: everything that happens, everything that we come across has a meaning for us. Are we curious enough to open these doors and have a look?

It happens to all of us: we see a cup sitting on the table, a little close to the edge of the table. Your Soul with it’s little voice is telling you, that the cup’s gonna fall if you don’t move it. You don’t listen. 20 minutes later you or somebody else brushes the cup with his or her elbow and off the cup goes. Then you think “I knew it would fall!” These are the signs you have to follow to get closer to your Soul, these are the little steps to let her take a place in your life and guide you. She is the ONLY valuable guide you can EVER have.

This of course reminds us of our inner GPS that guides us to where we want to be. The GPS tells us every moment that

  • our Soul knows exactly what we want,
  • our Soul knows exactly where we stand right now,
  • our Soul knows exactly the easiest way for us to get to where we want to be.

This is the most powerful guidance. To be able to use this guidance, we have to give up our wanting to control and to do everything yourself. This happens naturally in situations that are completely out-of-control. Such situations are mostly accidents; then you have no choice to let go and let things happen.
If you can acknowledge that, help will be there all the time. At any moment you can harmonize with this broader perspective, because it’s there all the time, because it’s knowing and it’s loving and it’s helping. But you are so funny – you wait until you are in trouble before you ask; and when you ask, you can’t listen because you are in trouble?!
If you cannot learn it the soft way, have more really dangerous accidents.

By the way each one of us is constantly connected to the Soul of the Creator, who is maintaining us with all we need – but, immersed as we are in the matter level, we do not recognize this. In reality we can never be disconnected, but we can live in the illusion, our hypnotic sleep, that we are disconnected and need this and that and the other…

The Speed of Thinking

Article based on Anastasia, The Ringing Cedar Series, Book 7

We may think that the feature that distinguishes Man from all other life growing and thriving on Earth is his capacity to think; but thought is found in animals and plants, too. So it’s not thinking as such but the speed of thinking that sets man apart from all other beings on the Planet.

What is the speed of thinking?

The speed of thinking is based on the quantity of information processed in a certain laps of time. The quantity of information seems to vary with the kinds of thought we use. Rational, logical thoughts are slow; while intuitive thinking processes the biggest quantity of information. We also know that an emotional state of fear creates endless loops of the same thoughts. On the other hand if you are in a joyful creative mode, there is a constant flow of ever new ideas. From these observations we can deduct that the speed of thoughts correlates to the position you have in relation to your Soul: the closer you are to your Soul, the happier and more creative you are; the father away, the more uncertain and fearful you are.

One way to explore the speed of thinking are the Sacred Movements of Gurdjieff: Given very precisely by Gurdjieff as a powerful tool for growth, the practice of movements creates exceptional conditions for transforming the body -mind–machine into a place where the forces of Soul can freely expand, through the development of a certain quality of attention and relaxation.

Each of the movements is very simple but they are put together in a way that they cannot be done automatically, their execution demands undistracted attention. To do opposing movements of different parts of the body (arms, legs, head and voice) in the same time requires a high speed of thinking. Once you have done a series of such movements, a dance, you stop, close your eyes and savour the stillness. This stillness is generated after you have used a high speed of thinking during the movements, but now the speed is still there but without any thought to process.

At the beginning, when Man was living One with everything in paradise – before he ate the apple, the speed of his thinking was equal to that of the Collective Soul, the Soul of the Creator. And it could even surpass it. If Man’s speed of thinking attains the level of the Divine, he is able to create harmonious, living worlds on other planets.

If the speed of thought is so important, why is it that NOBODY talks about it?

When Man ate the apple, he ate from the tree of knowledge between right and wrong, he wanted to take the power to make laws from the divine, so the priests (cabal, banksters, etc.) could rule the whole of humanity. In order to do so the elite had to have a much faster thinking speed as the rest of humanity.

All people living on Earth have a different speed of thinking. A significant superiority in speed of thinking may enable someone to conquer a great many people, even whole nations. Let’s say humanity is given a problem to solve and this would take the whole of humanity 90 years; but one man is able to solve it in just 30 years. That means for 60 years he will be in a position to control and direct the actions of everybody else. He could reveal to someone a correct intermediate step thereby helping him understand quicker, too. Or alternatively he could give out false hints, driving everybody to a dead end, and then later ‘make a discovery’ in front of everybody.

Some 8000 years ago the priests realized the immense power that lies in the speed of thought. They tried hard to accelerate their own speed of thinking – but couldn’t. Why? Because their intention was power of others and this contradicts the Universal Principle. So the only other option was to slow down the thinking speed of the masses. And that’s exactly what their system did. All today’s institutions are designed to help limiting the speed of thinking. Right from the beginning a child is surrounded by primitive, artificial toys; they are man-made and represent conventional human thoughts (for profit). If, on the other hand, a child plays with an animal, especially a wild one, she or he is playing with a natural being, a representation of divine thoughts.

Later they learn that they should not be thinking for themselves but follow the advice of parents, teachers and other people – which slows down their thinking even more! The most important subject “how to think independently” is completely missing from all syllabus from kinder garden, through elementary and high schools to universities; and this is not an isolated phenomenon but the whole world is totally streamlined to cripple every one’s speed of thinking and creativity.

Later adults are immersed in a media soup that dishes out continuously “news” which in fact are never new; governments change heads but the governance remains ever untouched… At the end all people are held in a position where they are “slow to understand”, or “slow witted” and “things take a long time to sink in”, so the system that controls them can remain untouched.

Unless we break free by speeding up our thoughts.


By thinking and desiring the good for others, for everybody, for the whole Universe – the Universal Principle. Instead of being lazy and fearful, we want to be looking for challenging situations and problems to solve. With this attitude we may regain our individual independence. By never interrupting somebody else’s thought process – especially not that of a child -, and by taking great care not to let someone else interrupt ours, we give the importance due to the sacredness of thought processes.

And never to forget the Family Domains: “When the Man takes a morning walk through his family domain, he smiles, thinking about something personal, while at the same time enjoying the surfeit of fruits – not thinking about them, but feeling them. This Man has been eating just as he breaths.

In the times of their pristine origins, Man was living in an environment where all around him were a multitude of fruits with a variety of tastes, berries and edible grasses. But during those first days Man felt no sense of hunger. He remained satisfied with fresh air alone…

One certainly cannot live on the air, man breaths today. Today’s air is dying, and is often harmful to one’s body and Soul. In his pristine origins, Man was born into a marvellous garden, and the air surrounding him did not contain a single harmful particle. Pollen had been dissolved into that air, along with drops of purest dew. Back then Man was not distracted from his great works by any problems of finding food. He was fed by everything around him through the air. This was the way it was all designed by the Creator right from the very beginning, so that all life on Earth should strive to please Man, and the air and the water and the breeze would be life giving, under the impulse of Love. Airborne pollen is alive, capable of fecundation. With each breath a Man would take it in and it dissolved inside, nourishing his whole body, including his brain and Soul. And beyond that the Space of Love can show to everyone openly the truth of the divine order of Creation.

The Edge of the Universe

When Adam asked God: “Where is the edge of the Universe? What will I do when I come to it? When I myself fill everything and have created everything I have conceived?”

“And God replied to His son, replied to us all:

My son. The Universe itself is a thought, a thought from which was born a dream, which is partially visible as matter. When you approach the edge of all creation, your thought will reveal a new beginning and continuation. From obscurity will arise a new and resplendent birth of you, and it will reflect in itself your Soul, your dreams, you whole aspirations. My son, you are infinite, you are eternal, within you are the dreams of creation.”

Anastasia, book 5, p.158

The big picture

By M.Keshe

Our message is very simple, every human being is part of the Creator, and this is the eventual understanding of the teachings. When you are part of total, you are the total, you carry all the essence of it. It’s you who decide to what limit you want the essence to manifest itself. When you stand and look at totality, you have to be impartial to every aspect, be it the way you’ve been brought up for example, because by being impartial, you don’t need to defend your position. And not defending a position you don’t spend energy, but you add to the energy from what you have learned.

It would be great if you could understand that the Soul who is sharing knowledge, is sharing part of his Soul. When you read something from Einstein, when you read something from Edison, when you read something from Tesla, when you read something from da Vinci, when you read it, it’s just a reading; but when you understand the reading, you’ll receive part of the Soul of the man. That’s how you elevate yourself via knowledge. And then, if you can use it, you have elevated yourself to his level. A lot of people don’t understand this.

Enlightenment is part of the field of the Universe. It’s you who decide how, at what level you get enlightened. Please try to understand the whole knowledge, it makes it easier to teach. Don’t be motivated by trying to achieve something, learn to understand the totality. As the saying goes: “You can attend a class; this doesn’t mean you’re gonna learn anything.”

How to wish

By aviram

The evolution of the Universe happens by co-creation. Co-creation is done by two actors : the Creator, Source and Man, two sides of the same coin. Man does the wishing and the Creator does the manifestation.

So, our wishes are the motor of the evolution of the universe. We do not ‘make a wish’ we receive the wishes from our soul into our conscious mind. All we have to do is say ‘yes’ to them and then get out of the way so that the manifestation can happen.

‘Getting out of the way’ means to maintain our wish in our mind and to not entertain thoughts that go in the opposite direction.

‘Getting out of the way’ means to completely trust that Source will manifest what we wish for; it also means not to put up any resistance to the manifestation. Lets look at two phrases to illustrate this :

  1. Somebody saying : « I love the thought that everything will be provided so that I have the ability to do what I have to do when I have to do it ».

  2. Somebody else saying : « I need to have abundance in my life, because my bank account is empty, i don’t know how to pay my rent, I see other people can buy whatever they want! ».

The first sentence has no resistance; the second sentence has only the little passage in blue without resistance while the red part is all about resistance, all about what I don’t want.


from the workshop 1Nation1Planet1Race4Worldpeace #58

« I love you my Soul, I live you and I love with you and I adore you. » (M.Keshe)

« I wish that all duality induced disputes be removed everywhere ofa ll times.Now. » (Peggie)

« I wish to elevate myself so that i am able to elevte the souls of other invovoled in the leadership of the planet Earth. » (Rick Crammond)

“We gibe freely from our soul to support he first ladies, for them to support heir world leaders in achieving the path of world peace.” (Carolina)

“My wish is that evry language find all the support to share with all the language commnities and thirve integrating universla ehtos oaal the way. Elevating the sould with unconditional love.” (Ursula)

“I wish all beings in the universe seen and unseen be happy and get rid of their suffering.” (Claudia)

“We wish for the teams htat are working on the spaceship development to take from our soul as much as they need to elevate to manifest the spaceship.”

Stop nourishing that what you do not want

Your reality is created by your vibration or the energy that you put out; the quality and the form of your vibration is determined by your thoughts. The manifested reality constantly needs to be sustained by your energy – otherwise it will cease to exist. So if you are dedicated to fight for peace for example and your thoughts the whole day turn around this battle against war, you create and offer a vibration that matches war and not peace… that means you are really supporting war by fighting it… if you want it or not! This reminds me the saying of the 60ies :

So what to do? If you want something to cease to exist because you do not want it, don’t give it ANY energy – that means first and foremost : Don’t think about it – ever! Rather think toughts of peace, beauty, love… call up memories of those vibrations.

If you see yourself unable to do that, you just sit quietly and watch something uninteresting like your respiration. If you see yourself drifting away into war-thoughts, just notice and come back to watching your breath flowing in and flowing out.

The power of our wishes

In previous bulletins we have already stated how our collective wishes actually do change what happens on a global scale : we described the transition of Togo from a country on the verge of a civil war to a the first country that grants to it’s citizens a basic income. We mentioned also the transformation in Corea from the verge a nuclear war to a solid peace movement.

Flint (co-moderator of the Keshe Foundation) pronounced his wish in august 2017 in regards to the military endeavors of the US:

“My wish is that military personnel and associated weaponry and equipment located anywhere in the world from all the branches of the US military, are recalled back to the United States and decommissioned or converted for peaceful applications only.
The military budget is applied in a transparent manner to educte and serve all beings inhabiting the United States of America and its territories to serve as peaceful teachers thusly elevating the education and well-being of all Humanity.”

Today, June 12 2018, President Trump declared on the summit in Singapore:

“No more ware games. They are too expensive. We will be stopping the war games, which will save us a tremendous amount of money. I think it’s very provocative”, Trump told reporters. Under the circumstances we are negotiating a complete deal, it is inappropriate to have war games. Number one, we save money. A lot. Number two, it is really something they very much appreciated” – D.Trump

Our wish for world peace should be directed at all representatives that do have the power to make a change…As the earth still has too many heads of state that we could remember all their names, it is proposed that we address each and every head of state by a pseudonym “Hyperactive Children”.