plasma-position-matiereThe creation of matter corresponds to our ability to manipulate and contain neutrons. These are energy packages that can collapse into protons and electrons – in a specific configuration. This is the determining point which material is created, because all materials differ in their positioning of electrons and protons which corresponds to the positioning in the plasma spiral.

The image shows that the light elements are positioned at the periphery (output); more we go towards the center, the more we encounter the heavier elements. We only know the material elements of the periphery – those in the second circle inward contains elements still unknown to us.

Matter creation

We think that matter is created by the interaction of particular forms of plasma; for example the creation of gold with two reactors containing GaNS-gold and a third reference, a piece of metallic gold. In between the 3 components gold dust appears. But in nature it doesn’t necessarily work like this.

We have learned that the creation of anything needs 3 components: the Universal energy packs, our Soul that has a wish or a purpose and the environment which decides on the spectrum of what can be created. The Universe does not work like chemistry where you need 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen and by adding energy (flame or heat), they combine and you produce water. In reality we have to look at the totality, we have to open our horizon. If we achieved the production of gold with GaNS-gold – that doesn’t mean we always need this particular ingredient.

M. Keshe explains that

Anything will do; you give me hydrogen with another material and I’ll give you a full spectrum; you give me uranium and I still give you the same, because in essence they’re all dynamic. Two rotating cartwheels that in different strengths touch each other. If you angle them right, you can get any radiation and even matter. So simple. Remember, I made gold out of mercury for the Japanese; you can make gold out of carbon.”

This coincided with the observation that the spectrum analysis of GaNS-CO2 showed traces of all materials available on this planet. It’s the conversion of matter to GaNS which radiates energy; then from the GaNS you can produce another matter, because the energy emanating from GaNS can adopt the structure of gold, hydrogen or potassium.

Creation of water

By Sandor Kakasi

  1. Plastic container (ice cream box) filled with water and a 10% sea salt solution
  2. Insert a piece of chicken mesh and a nano-coated copper wire coil; connect the chicken mesh with the copper coil with a wire
  3. Put this box into a larger box, which has been nano coated inside

This wasn’t made purposely for attracting water, but that phenomenon occurred by accidentally meeting the conditions for creating a “magnet” for water. This little observation may be useful as “proof of concept” demonstration for M. T. Keshe’s novel physics theories.

Creation of water 2

By Céline Wang

Plasma technology applied to sea water desalination KSW#156.

The desalination of water is very simple. After interaction with different GaNS we have, clean water to drink. With our technology we can add a few drops of plasma water into the water to change it. This is important because if you create a condition of interaction of the waters to clean the water, there are no waste and there’s a lot of gain in every aspect to collect the minerals and the rest of it, and, this process teaches us a lot.

There is no secret about this. You want to create water, high quality water, look what you’ve done with a copper plate and a Zinc plate. It’s no different than when you put a nano coated copper plate and a zinc plate in saltwater and you create CO2.

Why don’t you repeat the same with a GaNS of water? Get the sea water make a GaNS of it and put it in the water. You should see the level of the water rising. That’s how you produce it. This is how the sea produces water.

Do the test in a water box; seal it, mark the water level – then wait and see.

TransPlasma Cup

In making the Transplasma cup to transfer the qualities and the taste of an orange into water, we created a condition to extract amino acids (COHN) of the orange. The COHN is so to say the vehicle to transfer the soul and the qualities of the orange into the water.

That means that there is no direct transfer of the material taste of the orange. What happens in reality is this: the soul/qualities of the orange have been transferred into the water in the plasmatic form of the amino acids; and the next morning, when we had the desire to taste the orange by drinking the water, the material taste has been created. Actually the ‘transfer of taste’ has nothing to do with the water, it comes about by the interaction of our soul with the soul of the orange. It only happens in the water because we need something material so we can believe or perceive what is happening.

If there is a little bit of salt (NaCl) added to the water the ‘transfer’ is more clear because salt ‘strengthens’ the materialization.

Now; can we do the reverse process? Having the TransPlasma cup with the amino acids – can we create an orange? Yes, in this process the cup is replaced by the Soul. She can create the plasma of the orange. Then another being of the Universe can add his desire to experience the taste of an orange and voilà.

Let’s now look at the whole thing from a different angle.

We have learned that the pumping of the heart (= the soul of the physicality) maintains the blood flow in the head, which, in it’s turn, maintains the plasma field that contains the Soul. This is the situation how we keep the soul in the cage during our waking state.

When we go to sleep the blood circulation is diminished and the plasma field that contains the Soul drops; let’s say from 10 Tesla to 5T. Thus the Soul is less constrained, it is more free. In the sleeping state, the Soul is able to extend it’s force beyond it’s physical ‘cage’. In this state the Soul can release field strengths of persons we know and we will see them in our dream. But it can also release field strengths of certain amino acids for example and thus ‘materialize’ the qualities of an orange. It is important to retain that this process still goes through the brain; that’s why you remember your dream in the morning.

To be able to do all this in the waking state, we have to train ourselves to live in the world of ‘reality’ and in the ‘dreamworld’ at the same time. We can do this via breathing. If you allow through the breathing to raise the amount of energy that goes to the heart and the lung, then the Soul can become stronger in relation to the body of Earth, you allow the dimension of physicality to change and you can levitate.

By the way, this process explains also why we become addicted to certain drugs, because they can open up the ‘cage’ of the Soul chemically and let us experience the dream-world simultaneously with the reality-world – due to the strength of the blood circulation.

Creating the orange is just a metaphor for creating everything that we need by our soul. It is possible to learn this. Many before us have reached there and they were not exceptional ‘sons of God’ but ordinary dudes like us (like the Masters of the Far East in the book of Baird Spalding).

We know that everything is done by the soul and the Soul lives within the Universal Principle – We are here to serve and not to be served. So we deduct that we cannot achieve anything if our motivation is to get something more for us personally – ‘… to be served’. The same in more old-fashioned words: We wish, God makes. That doesn’t mean that we will command God; it means that our wish needs to be in sync with God, in sync with the Universal Principle. All what we want should be in our being of service. As M.Keshe says: “The knowledge has to be understood that it can be applied correctly.”

Production of oil

In the coming weeks the Keshe Foundation will open up the technology for how to produce oil on a large scale without the need for drilling and refining. The plasma technology to achieve this is based on the production of CH4 in a GaNS-CH3 setup – more precisely the amino acid part of it.

Why is Earth blue?

In the upper part of the atmosphere there is a lot of plasmatic nitrogen (N, magnetic), sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl, both gravitational). They are connected via the N with the amino acids (COHN). And all together interact with the gravitational field of the planet Earth to create the colour blue that appears around our planet in space.

The colour blue is also the colour of love; and that is the quality of this planet, that we will carry into the Universal community!

Also the colours in which the stars in the night sky appear comes from the interaction between the element’s plasma in the upper atmosphere and the magrav fields of the core of the star.

Remembering that the colour of our eyes can also change, we know now that when they turn blue, that is an indication that you are closer to your soul. That doesn’t mean that all people with brown or green eyes are spiritually less evolved as the blue eyed ones. Blue eyes are a indicator of your desire to be close to your soul because it’s you who decides to what degree you want that closeness and that determines the colour of the eyes.

The Creation of … everything

The Plasma Science enables us to create anything: energy, matter, zero-time transportation and zero-time communication. We don’t need one special gadget for each purpose – one does the job of everything we want. Before we share with you the new chapter in Plasma Technology, we like to recapitulate what we know so far…

The first step

We have been able to create matter starting from the matter state, nanocoating copper, creating a plasmatic interaction between the nanocoated copper and the other metal plate in a salt solution : the matter we created was GaNS (Gas in a solid nano state), the sediment of different colors at the bottom of the container.

The second step

The we have put different GaNS in different reactors, configured them in a star formation and we could create other matters. Or we used the TransPlasma-Cup which enabled us to transfer the nutritious qualities of food stuffs into water – drinking this water was like eating the food. Both procedures used intangible plasma fields to create tangible, perceptable materials.

But in the universe there are no star formations and reactors?

So here’s the next step: how to use the fields of the Universe to do the same things we did with our GaNS, Reactors and Magravs?

Let’s begin by looking at our own body. The physicality of the man is created by the field forces of the soul in interaction with the environment on planet Earth. Looking more precisely the process starts happening in our membranes or skins. Each of our body parts and organs has an envelope that we call skin. These skins are the direct creation environment for the corresponding organ but they are also later the pathways to feed these organs and body parts.

All our membranes or skins are organized in 3 layers; and each of the 3 layers is in a GaNS-state. This means that the 3 skins interact plasmatically amongst themselves and with their environment. We can therefore say that all organs are created and maintained by the interactions of the layers of the skins.

Each skin is different; there is the skin covering the outside of the body, the skin surrounding the eye, the skin lining the intestines, the skin covering the bones… and these different types of skin constitute the specific environment where the corresponding organs develop: scalp grows hair (differing in thickness, ubiquity, color, etc.)1; kidneys produce urine; lining of the intestines creates a selective membrane for the passage of food in plasma state, etc.

The interaction of each skins/organ with all the other skins/organs in the earthly environment positions each organ inside the overall body, thus making up it’s shape.

1Ps the growth of hair works exactly like potatoes grow: you put a seed in the ground, provide the conditions (water, temperature, sunshine, minerals, etc) and it will grow.

Creating by our eyes

We are much more accustomed to use our eyes than our hands when perceiving our environment. Like our other senses also our eyes are two way channels: they receive and the emit. For example quantum physics have found that the simple fact of observing an experiment has an influence on it’s outcome. Our eyes are the windows to our soul. In the same line of thought, it will be much easier to use our eyes to create anything we want instead of our hands.

By nature we can see plasma or another soul directly but the ‘fact’ that we don’t see these ‘things’ appears because we are wearing blinds, we trained ourselves during the ages to accept only material appearances before our eyes and reject anything immaterial or spiritual as illusion.

Furthermore we learned that the soul creates the human body and in that process the brain/mind acts as the filter of the fields of the soul in creating the physical body. It slows down the soul waves to the level of the physical world. ; the eyes are direct extensions of the brain – so we can create whatever via our eyes, once we have established the pathway between the soul and the eye again.

Matter creation depends on the control of the environment

Anything that is created in material form on this planet depends on the plasmatic conditions that the planet accepts. In other words, any given environement has a particular plasmatic structure, which allows for certain matters to exists and not for others. So even if you would ‘push’ plasmatic fields corresponding to certain materials that you want in the same environment, they cannot materialize because the environment does not allow for it. So if we want to change our material reality, we have to adress the environment.

In the coming months the KF research centers mandated with the production of materials will announce devices with which you will be able to create any material you desire. They work in the same way as we create GaNS : we create a certain enviroment (Cu-nc, Zn-simple, salt water) which leads to the creation of a particular Plasma on a material support – GaNS-C02 in this case. People will be able to test the devices and get the results verified by a lab in Malta.

In this context we have to have a clear image of what ‘environment’ means. In the natural reality the environment of planet earth is a super complex collection of fields of all that is already in existence.

For example in our GaNS production, the end result depends not only on the 3 elements (salt water, Cu-nc and Zn); but everything in the environment takes part in the process of creation : the GaNS production container, the table, the other GaNSes in the room, the magravs… and most important : the vibration of the people in the same environment. Remember that it is the totality of our personal thoughts that create our personal reality and it is the totality of our collective thoughts that create our collective reality.

So it is your wish that can create the condition in the enviroment conducive to the manifestation of the material (or energy) that you wish. Your wish creates the environmental condition that the fields of the neutron convert themselves into the material you wished for. The creation of the condition is the confirmation of the manifestation.

In this context, the purpose for what you want to create (a certain material or energy for instance) is crucial – ‘I want to make neutrons with a copper link so my electric car can charge itself all the time without being plugged into the grid’. Our purpose is important because it gives the direction to the production of the neutrons. We have to make things for a purpose and put it into use – otherwise our intention would be : ‘o.k. i create this Neutron-GaNS and i will see later what i can do with it’; this is the same concept we apply around money – we senselessly accumulate it, hoard it and then finally never use it – the power of intention is nearly zero. Whereas when we have an urgency to help someone, our intention is strong and directed.

A neutron in its decay releases so much energy; you don’t need to take the energy from the electron or proton. The neutron in it’s decay releases so much energy at a bandwith that fits everything.

Experiment :

  • put all your GaNSes into a nanocoated glass container

  • install a magnetical vortex generator

  • fill 3 nanocoated ping-pong balls with distilled water and seal them

  • place the balls into the glass container

  • hold your Qi-ball around the installation and wish for electric car (Karla) battery charging neutrons to transfer into the balls

  • and let the vortex run the neutrons into the balls

This sheds a new light on the understanding of the working of the GaNS patches : we sandwich the body region we want to treat between 2 patches and the dynamic field which they create IS a specific environment which can treat the affected body region. Patches don’t do anything material, the application of patches creates an environment which, in it’s turn, provokes changes in the matter state. We influence the physcality through the field.

… and it could happen by accident, that we create a field condition that may invite beings from the universe to appear… don’t be surprised;)

… and it could happen by accident that the gold you wanted to create does not appear on the table but on the floor in one corner of the room… don’t be surprised;)

In other words it is becoming increasingly important, not to narrow our focus of observation on the planned result (or the absence of it) but be more and more open to what may appear ‘on it’s own’. It’s like a complete new science, a complete new langage we have to learn – if not, we cannot manifest ourselves in other parts of the universe…

Creating water

By Frédérique

1. Experiment

Frédérique was in charge of collecting patches to be sent as a bulk to zone where they were needed. She herself made about 30 Patches of the 4 GaNSes. She put each 30 in one hermetically closed bulk ziplock.

Then she collected the 4 Patch-bulks into one overall ziplock, which she put in a black box. When she opened the box after several weeks she found around 200ml of water on the bottom of the box. She checked for leaks and finding none, she concluded that the assembly of patches had created water.

2. Experiment

She made a big patch (1m x 1m) and a small one; she rolled them together and left them on the table. The next morning a puddle of water had formed around them – again no leak could be detected.

In all the 3 experiments she used patches that did create a dynamic field due to their differential in mass ratio; the interaction between them may be responsible for the creation of water.

La Théorie

creation mat schema

Fabriquer des Diamants

Un fil de tungstène (tiges de soudure pour l’aluminium) enveloppant la tige de graphite va créer de l’or ou. Le tungstène est un des métaux qui permettent au C de prendre l’expansion très rapidement. Il faut nanoplaquer le tungstène et l’utiliser comme élément chauffant autour la tige de graphite?Lorsque le C est dans l’environnement propice il va bondir en taille comme un pop-corn. Il faut l’agrandir le moment le C émerge de la plaque avant qu’il oxyde. La taille du diamant est déterminé par le moment il est agrandi lorsqu’il se détache de la plaque.

It is use of the metal that allows the carbon to expand much more rapidly – this is the property of it – if you can Nano coat the Tungsten and use it as a heating element. When you Nano coat your tungsten and put a current through it and leave it in the water near the carbon electrode you will understand immediately how. The GM field of the wire will pull, and in pulling it gives so much energy that by the time it’s released it has to open up. It’s not heating, but by a plasmatic condition. You have to Nano coat it and understand how you Nano coat it, and you can put different types of GANS on it and you’ll see depending on the proximity how fast you’ll be producing carbon atomic structure loose, that now by adding energy to it, it will blow up. Its like giving the carbon a chemotherapy injection – you give it a massive energy and with that massive energy it expands to its full size.

From my notes copper wire with the tungsten wire wrapped on it outside will create Gold. A graphite rod wound with tungsten wire will create diamonds like popcorn … Is it a rod rather than wire – tungsten rods are used in welding sometimes mixed with Argon or some other inert gas and it can be used for aluminium welding for example… Also tungsten is interesting – available in welding rods with Thorium inside – a radioactive substance – might be interesting to use. The rods can be up to 2% Thorium – 1%, 1.5%, 2% – so perhaps that would be an interesting thing to experiment with…

Tungsten is the heavy element that gives it’s energy to the Carbon molecule/atom to allow them to grow to their maximum – its not heat – its plasmatic energy into the element that has been released as a Nano carbon. Diamond is a popcorn carbon – the more energy the bigger the stone. You can also make diamonds from gold, this is what I did in Tehran – you go to the nearest element field and allow the Nano-atomic gold to be created. With the Tungsten you have minimum 3karat diamond.

To make diamond SP3 Mr. Keshe shared the method to use caustic heat (formic acid?) and then instantly dowse in freezing cold water to simulate the conditions of carbon making diamonds in the earth. 100th KSW.

Réacteur dynamique Armen

C’est un système pour créer des champs magravs pour ensuite en créer de la matière; les résultats matériels seront dépendant du voltage DC et du courant (mA).

Le tout est nano-plaqué sauf l’éxtérieur du réacteur. Le tube vert est remplis de GaNS-CuO et eau saline (10%). armens dynamic reactor

La Quête pour l’Or

gold blueprint

Sur ce blueprint on voit les 2 réacteurs A et B; les 2 réacteurs sont fait en double coeur; le coeur intérieur (CI, gravitationnel) avec un diamêtre de 2cm (balles de ping-pong) et le coeur extérieur (CE, magnétique) d’un diamètre de 4cm. Les 2 réacteurs sont propulsés par des moteurs DC qui peuvent tourner à 7k to 10k tours par minute.

Dans un troisième emplacement on a le réacteur C qui est une simple bouteille de 5cm diamètre en verre remplis de GaNS-or avec de l’eau; ce réacteur ne bouge pas. Entre les 3 réacteurs il se trouve une plaque d’acrylique sur laquelle les particules de matière vont se déposer.

  • Le Ci-A contient 1ml PL-or et PL-sel (hautement alcalin).
  • Le CE-A contient 1ml PL-CH3 avec un peu de particules de GaNS-CH3 et PL-sucre (hautement acide)
  • Le CI-B contient PL-CH3 dans PL-sucre (faiblement acide)
  • Le CE-B contient 1ml PL-or et PL-sel (hautement alcalin) et un peu de PL-sucre (acide)

vous trouvez ici les pdf du blueprint: or_pdf 1 et or_pdf 2


On peut observer que toutes les composants qui sont dans le champs magrav du système vont avoir une influence sur la matière créée; c’est par ça qu’on trouve des eléments comme l’acier, le cuivre, l’aluminium ou le carbone précipité – bien qu’on a seulement placé un contenant de GaNS-or pour faire de l’or. Plus précisément les différents eléments sont crées par l’interaction de tout les champs plasmique dans cet environnement donné; ce ne sont pas les eléments physiques qui font ça mais les champs plasmiques individuellement et en interaction un avec les autres.



Le modèle en haut montre à gauche la génératrice qui, par le matériel lourd au centre (Pb, 1g) émet un champs; le récepteur à droite contient très peu de Pb (1/1000 g). Alors le champs lourd veut nourrir le champs faible et crée ainsi un champ qui peut être exploité pour créer de la matière ou de l’énergie (dans la région hachurée). La partie faible reçoit alors le plasma en provenance de la partie forte; elle le transmet par la suite à travers son matériel nano dans le matériel simple – d’où il peut être exploité


Le mouvement sur la spirale du plasma vers l’intérieur augmente le champ gravitationnel; le mouvement vers l’extérieur. Appliquant des GaNS lourds (Pb) on augmente le gravitationnel; les GaNS légers (CH3) le magnétique.


Gold production with Gans, crystals and intention.
89th Knowledge Seekers Workshop November 26, 2015

Créer de l’Eau

18th kids workshop on water

On peut transformer l’eau de la mer en eau potable avec du GaNS; probablement PL-CO2 qui va précipiter les sels (qui sont présent dans une quantité trop elevée pour notre corps et notre goût?).

Quand nous fabriquons du GaNS-CO2, nous utilisons une plaque de Cu-np et une de Zn; les deux créent une interaction plasmique qui produit du carbone C; qui en interaction avec l’environnement (eau salée) crée du GaNS-CO2. Quand on utilise une plaque de Zn-np et une simple Zn, on produit du ZnO avec l’oxigène dans l’eau.

Maintenant regardez la force du champs gravitationnel de l’eau de GaNS, ou de l’eau; on ne cherche pas dans le champs du C mais dans celui du H2O. C’est à dire: produisez du GaNS de l’eau de mer et posez-le dans de l’eau ordinaire – le niveau d’eau va augmenter! Ce qui est de plus, pendant ce processus, on peut trouver des dépots de N ou de C sur la paroi du contentant! Il est bien de nano-plaquer le contenant de l’intérieur. Comme Zn-np avec Zn tout court vous donne GaNS-ZnO, eau et nano-eau va vous donner de l’eau.

Création de matière

Par partage du KSW 173 @2:30:00

Deux cores doubles (intérieur PL-CuO+CO2 alcalin; extérieur PL-CH3/tritium acide) sont programmé par une intention ciblé sur la création de la matière. Entre les deux boules il y a une bobine de Cu-np.

M.Keshe a suggéré de suspendre les réacteurs afin qu’ils n’ont pas de connexion avec la terre.

Avec le temps (semaines ou mois) il y a du cuivre qui se précipité dans les deux boules.

Beaucoup de kesheurs ont observé qu’il y a des ‘étranges précipitations’ dans leur arrangements pour faire du GaNS… surtout desprécipitations de sel – beaucoup plus ce qu’il y avait dans l’eau. M.Keshe mentionnait que le sel NaCl est si lourd qu’elle attire beaucoup… ce qu’on pourrait faire c’est un arrangement pareille et introduire une fiole de PL-Or dans le contentant avec l’eau saline NaCL entre les deux réacteurs… ou poser un anneau d’or sous le contant?

L’image à droite montre l’arrangement idéal : les réacteurs sont placés en formation étoile – et elle devrait être suspendue. Les tiges de support sont en Cu-np bien sur. S’il est difficile de suspendre une installation, on peut aussi laver la surface avec du PL. L’important est qu’il n’y a rien dans l’état matériel en proximité immédiate.

Comme aviram avec son setup de GaNS-eau-de-mer et GaNS(epsom)-CO2 :

L’arrangement pour faire du GaNS-CO2 à partir de l’eau de mer (Pacifique Mexique) : formation de dépôts blancs sur et la plaque de Zn et la tige de graphite; ensuite formation de ‘cristaux’ noir en cluster.

L’arrangement de faire du GaNS-CO2 à partir du eau salé 10% avec du sel d’epsom au lieu du NaCl : la plaque de Zn se faisait manger et elle tombait au fond; sur la tige de graphite il y a une épaisse couche de blanc ensuite des proliférations importantes de matière grise qui tombait une fois on l’a touché.