Zero-time transportation

Zero time transportation, up to now was more of a fiction than a reality. But these explanations of M.Keshe can bring this feat more into our reality. According to him you can do that easily with the nano-technology; the spaces created by the nano-particles create a plasmatic ‘box’ in which you can store and send what ever you want.

Remember how you produced nano-layers. A finished nano-layering process yields 30-50000 layers. Nano-layers are black because they aborb any radiation coming from anywhere. Radiation are gravitational-magnetic fields; they will get absorbed within the nano-layers (red square). The envelope or box is made by the 4 nano particles inside the black lozenge. Once packaged, if you tune this package (4 nano-particles) to a specific gravitational magnetic field in another part of the universe – boom – it will be delivered there in no time.

The next step: you take one of the nano-particles, which is a dynamic core and put yourself inside; then you tune it’s gravitational-magnetic field to the one representing your mother’s house and – boom – you’ll be there in no time.

And yet another next step: you replace the man by the soul of the man and the transportation is even more simple and this ‘spaceship’ can take many many souls at the same time.

GaNS- plasma versus matter

Creating food or other GaNSes by copying our digestion, we use HCL (hydrochloric acid). When you work in an acidic condition, you work in the matter state and when you work in a salt condition, you work in a plasma state. This is easy to understand remembering that for example the muscles and all other organs are in a salt condition, not acidic. That’s why we can say that the body’s functions are happening in a plasma state not on the matter state.

So when we have made the GaNS of sugar with HCL (hydrochloric acid) we have gone the matter way.

Under another aspect ‘acidic’ is the same as ‘magnetic’ and ‘alkaline’ the same as ‘gravitational’. When you connect to the hydrogen (H), which is a free plasma, you work in the magnetic or acidic mode. If you make a connection to oxygen (O), you work in the gravitational or alkaline mode.

In space you don’t have acid or alkaline, in space you do the same with the neutron.

Special Important Announcement from Mr. Keshe!

“We are proud to announce that Keshe Foundation China spaceship team has managed to achieve plasma ignition and creation of motion of internal systems through free plasma production. We are recording voices of the system in trying to communicate.”


Rick created a Facebook album with star formations that people from all over the world built and made operational last sunday/monday to support the Chinese space ship launch experiment.

Caroline Keshe shared with us, that for the time being the announcement in relation to the space ship tests in China will be released by M.Keshe in close link with the Chinese Government. We are asked to support the efforts made in China with our intention and our MaGravs and Star Formations. The Wish-MaGrav seems to be an excellent tool to do this! We are also asked to be patient and to trust in M.Keshe and the Chinese Team to handle this sensitive issue properly. If you think about it – the beginning of space travel for everyone is a huge development with unforseeable (great!) consequences.

Summary of the important facts about China

by Ursula Collombier, UC member

M.Keshe points out that there are restrictions with regard to the Chinese authorities. It is an entirely Chinese project, with the full support of the Keshe Fondation, and there is no external party. And we keep our independence. Documents have been signed to this effect a few weeks ago. The Chinese authorities have to be kept fully informed, at every stage of development.

What we achieve is one of the most elaborate systems. It is an interactive system, which is directed by itself, which responds to us, reacts to all of our interventions. It is a very beautiful structure, two systems are employed, and we placed a launch pad, which is in fact, a huge plasma field. We chose one, as being “the mother” and the other “the child”.

Each of the reactors is loaded differently, depending on sound and positioning. We can modify their strength at any time. It’s a new design that’s never been done before. We can guide the speed, the direction. When we touch one reactor, others respond. The system itself decides. Since we have two systems, we see the interaction between the two. All reactors are rotating clockwise.

She’s like the mother, with her child. And the boy is so obedient, very gambling. The mother reacts immediately to what the child does. He has a voice, he’s alive. At some point, pending authorization from the Chinese Ministry, we may be able to show you. It’s exactly like a baby in the mother’s womb. We saw him making noises, he’s talking to us. We don’t understand it yet, but everything’s been searched and considered. There are 4 cameras around; so we can hear and see. We record everything, both internally and externally.

We managed to provoke the light. We’ve got the video footage of the plasma movements. The system decides how it manifests itself. The system doesn’t fly at the moment, but we’ll be testing for it in the days to come.

M.Keshe states that he must be prudent with his answers, to the extent that he must have the agreement of the Chinese government ministry, before revealing or showing images or videos.

Neutron GaNS

The development of the neutron-GaNS technology is prime for the KF because it will enable us to produce any material/energy needed at the point of demand. The production of the neutron comes out of the H1,2,3 production because as we transmute H3 into H2 for example, we release 1 neutron.

A neutron as such is the mother of creation because in it’s decay it produces the proton and the electron of another substanceNeutrons are free energy of the universe, they float, they are not attached to anything. The neutron is the key and the way for any and all aspects of space travel : for example, any place in all the universes has his own magrav signature, it’s own field force. This conveys it a unique ‘spot’ on the map. If we generate such a special signature, we can be there in no time.

There is the speed of light (300 000 km/s), but what is the speed of a magnetic field and then what is the speed of a plasmatic magnetic field (infinite)? That means we can travel in zero time and we can also communicate in zero-time.

The neutrons can be produced in a special GaNS production setup, and they can be generated with the help of GaNS and magnets. But the space, the universe is already full of neutrons, consequently there is also a way to attract free neutrons to suit your needs. One way to to this is transfer of energy-structure-information in the TransPlasmaCup : you put the liquids containing neutrons on top of the cup and the neutrons will be transfered into the water – as much as you like!

But the soul of man has the strength to attract and collect neutrons as well.

The applications are endless :

  • If the neutron is part of your star formation and you wish for water, it gives you water; if your wish is for the magrav field of sugar, it will be sugar.

  • Then you can put one cup, containing the neutrons coming from Fe aside the other one containing the neutrons coming from Al – and you can create a multitude of different materials.

  • Instead of using motors for dynamic systems you can create H from Zn, from Cu, from Fe and from Ni.

  • To treat cancer, you use neutrons of Cu strengh in conjunction of Zn and place the cancer patient in the place of the cup – he will walk away without a cancer within seconds.

  • Klaus took a decorative garden wind mill and fixed test tubes with H, H2 and H3 in the back of the wheel, then he attached another testtube with organic germanium GaNS in the middle and he put a closes empty ball in the front of the wheel. After a few days the ball in front was 1/3 full of water. And he expects the soil to be rebalanced as it was missing germanium.


La façon la plus facile pour atteindre la lévitation se fait avec un caroline core:

  • boule intérieure remplis de 10g GaNS-CH3 et 5g GaNS-Laiton (ou -Al)
  • boule extérieure remplis avec 100g GaNS-CH3 et 25g GaNS-Laiton (ou -Al)
    montant de GaNS extérieur = (montant de GaNS intérieur)2

la lévitation arrive lorsque la bonne vitesse (rpm) est atteinte; à ce moment l’interaction avec le champ magrav de la terre fait le positionnement; l’utilisation de C dans l’ensemble fait la connexion avec l’émotinalité humaine.

Vaisseau spatial

Le thème au fond : avec le nano-plaquage et le GaNS on crée un échafaudage qui supporte le vaisseau spatial – c’est la même façon que les anciens on bâti un dôme; ils ont empilé et coupé des ballots de paille pour construire le dôme par dessus; une fois le dôme était prêt, il leur ne restait qu’enlever leur échafaudage en paille.

Voici la fabrication de l’échafaudage :

  1. Remplissez un grand bac avec un peu de toutes les GaNS que vous avez jamais fait; remplissez le bac avec les PL. Ça représente la ligne médiane de l’univers qui est la source d’énergie qui monte continuellement du bas vers le haut.
  2. Faire 2 réacteurs qui tournent; il vont interagir ensemble et seront contenus et créeront du mouvement.
  3. Autour des réacteurs on place des bobines de magravs.

Cela a créé l’échafaudage; et maintenant il faut enlever l’échafaudage en vidant le bac. Une fois le liquide enlevé, le champs du plasma reste. Ce champs d’une force phénoménale est connecté à votre émotionalité et va faire ce que ce vous voulez.

On le fait depuis toujours : lorsqu’on veut bouger une jambe ou un bras – on le fait par la transmission d’énergie. Vous pouvez même enlever le réacteur et vous auriez une boule d’énergie connectée à vous.

Système à double coeur

Le cadre bleu signifie le contenant avec tous les GaNS.
















L’image en bas montre l’ensemble. Ça peut créer n’importe quoi – énergie sans limites (tW) mouvement ou matière…

L’utilisation es bobines sans plaquage nano se trouve dans le fait que le coprs humain est bien lié au cuivre. Celle du haut et celle du bas. Ces bobines peuvent être badigeonnées avec des acides aminées qui vont toujours rammener votre physicalité.

La batterie est le champs plasmique (au fond du bac). Le prochain image montre une expérience de Douglas.

Et son système installé dans un bac. 3 stacks avec un « caroline core » (une boule avec un tuyau vers en haut) qui y peut tourner librement.

En fait c’est un système magrav avec un cœur dynamique au centre.


Maintenant l’expérience d’Armen : un triple stack avec 2 bobines nano-plaquées et une simple en cuivre au mileu. Le centre sera occupé par un réacteur (core); une boule de cuivre vide.

Le tout sera immergé dans du PL.

La même chose se passe lorsqu’on bouge les deux sphères (une dans l’autre); les sphères peuvent avoir autant de trous que possible, les sphères n’ont pas besoin d’être étanche du tout.

Voici qu’est qui arrive : lorsqu’on mélange les 3 GaNS ensemble dans un contenant, ils créent un seul plasma sur lequel ils se positionnent. Quand on tourne le mélangeur, leur force augmente significativement; ce qui augmente naturellement la puissance du nouveau plasma aussi!






Et voilà ce qui se passe : le core (1) fait rotation et crée le champs (2); mais le caroline core (3) à l’intérieur du premier champs crée aussi un champs (4). Les deux cores ont des fils nano-plaqué sur eux.

La vitesse de rotation du core intérieure (3) va compacter le champs associé; ce qui veut dire augmenter la force du champs. La même chose pour le core extérieur (1); sa vitesse joue sur la compaction (et force) de son champs. En plus le champs extérieur augmente la force du champs intérieur en même temps (« on peut instantanément aller de l’hydrogène au plutonium »).

Ça fonctionne exactement comme les aimants qui s’attirent ou repoussent instantanément et sans perdre leur force.

Le plus grande variation de GaNS sont mis au fond du bac, le plus de force va être disponible pour nous.

Après avoir fait tout ça, on peut vider le bassin et le champs plasmique est encore dedans et connecté à nous par les COHN. Là on peut mettre sa main dans le bec en désirant de l’or et une fois la main émerge du bac, vous avez votre or.