The Cup of the Creator

… reveals the secret of creation.

How to transfer energy from the plasma to the matter state; or in other words how to condense informational light into matter. This is the preparation to the June 6, 2022 when we need to know how to transmute, transport etc. Here is the way how to create anything, how to transmute GaNSes into living cells, for example:

We used to hang the uncoated copper plate vertically into the set up for GaNS production; now we position elements horizontally as well.

  1. Start with the central part of the Cup of Universe: the nano-coated copper and zinc coils; add the iron coil (the coil shape creates multiple fields at the same time).
  2. Connect the following entities horizontally between a vertical nano-coated copper coil and a vertical nano-coated zinc plate:
    1. an uncoated copper plate (plates create only one single field)
    2. a nano-coated copper plate
    3. an uncoated zinc plate
    4. a nano-coated zinc coil
    5. the key ingredient: galvanized element as a coil
  3. Connect the following elements between the vertical nano-coated copper coil and the vertical nano-coated iron coil:
    1. connect another nano-coated galvanized element to the nano-coated copper coil;
    2. add iron coil to it
    3. add a nano-coated iron coil and connect the other end to the vertical iron coil
  4. Connect the following vertical elements between the vertical iron coil and the vertical nano-coated zinc coil:
    1. connect a nano-coated zinc coil
    2. connect a half nano-coated and half uncoated copper coil
    3. connect a nano-coated iron coil
    4. connect an uncoated iron coil to the nano-coated zinc coil

Along each line connecting the vertical coils, interactive fields are forming. The blue circles show the interactions, what we have created:

  1. this circle shows the creation on the matter plane, CO2 for example
  2. this circle shows the interaction of the soul of physicality
  3. this circle shows the energy source for the whole

Then of course you can vary all the elements and connections – according to what you wish to create…

In the centre will appear the most amazing thing – the soul of the new life (blue sphere).

And then you can connect the upper end of the nano-coated copper coil to the bottom end of the iron coil and the bottom end of the nano-coated zinc coil (green lines). This allows you to dictate the strength of the Soul you want to create. Each Soul has its own structure or strength; the Soul of a stone, of a human being or of an electron are all different in a sense. This is actually done by the amino acids, which are created along the different horizontal parts of the setup. They determine by their interaction the field strength of the soul to-be-created (red circles and lines). You see that they are all connected to the Soul in the centre.

You don’t need to add salt, because the fields create the right salt condition within the set up.

In the future man doesn’t need the copper and the zinc, because he will know how to created and work with the field of the copper and the zinc directly. Our body knows it already and works with it; and even an embryo grows in this way with exactly the same knowledge.

Soon mankind will understand this and mankind will create a condition to access and use this knowledge. To this understanding you need to add many other knowledges. You have to have the feelings and emotions of every connection”. MT Keshe

This setup is creating the outer environment (inertia on the matter level) as well as the inner environment (inertia on the field level); and in between the two is the body of the man who uses the interaction between the two environments to manifest what we want to create. It is the ability of the divine consciousness to determine the specifications of each element in order that their symphony will create the des ired result.

Then you can make many many Cups of the Creator and play with their positioning in order to create different material elements.

The next step is inevitably to recreate the Cup of the Creator with only the corresponding GaNSes. And this will bring us really close to recreate the cup again by only using fields.

Knowledge seekers with MT Keshe have made the ice experiment: they created fields – without using any GaNS – into a cube with water and then they froze the water. As a result we see the field lines that have formed in the ice block – just like in GaNS experiments done earlier. This experiment is proof that you don’t need the physicality to create elements on the matter level.

By all we know up to now, the soul within the ice cube is not a separate soul in the true sense of the word. We talk about different Souls or Souls with different strengths or structures for the sake of more ease of understanding. In reality, on the fundamental level, no Soul is separate or different. There is only one Soul, the soul of the Creator.

In teachings of the recent past we have learned that the inertia of the environment, which determines the spectrum of possible creations in a given space-time, is in fact the Soul of the Creator. That means that all creation is the result of an interaction between the Soul of the Creator and the our Soul. And we cannot really talk about an interaction here because the Soul of the Creator and ours is ONE and the same.

The whole of the process of creation can be shown in concentric circles or spheres: the Creator is the sphere at the centre; the soul of Man around it, the soul of physicality around both of them, the soul of the environment around the 3 others.

Remember that this is not a hierarchy. The Creator does not dictate to the Soul, to the mind and the environment to provoke the materialization of an entity. Its a process of homeostasis: each outer layer is connected to the inner entity just like the cell of the kidney for example to the organ of the kidney; we could say that they live in a symbiotic relationship. They naturally go with the flow and do not resist – their free will wants what the inner layer wants because that is how they get most joy, love and self realization out of it.

Explanations from book 1

Meheran Keshe explains these processes in his first book; here is a brief summary by Mark House (Golden Age of GaNS). The summary has been edited by aviram.

In this book, nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe explains in a very logical way that the initial fundamental building blocks of the universe find their origin in a cosmic magnetic soup that contains an infinite number of magnetic fields of different strengths. In this soup, magnetic fields of similar or equal strength can meet, interact and entangle into larger dynamic spherical packs. The interaction between different dynamic packs leads to the creation of gravitational and magnetic field effects and properties in their given environments. Due to the differences in their magnetic fields, each spherical pack will possess a different strength, in one order of magnitude of the three basic levels of reality:

  1. Principle, Soul level, fundamental level, informational light
  2. Transition, Energy level
  3. Matter level

Every element present in these three levels of reality are made of magnetic fields; they interact with each other, resulting in a larger collective integrated system called the Initial Fundamental Plasma, or the Neutron. As this plasma naturally decays it generates the plasma of the proton and the plasma of the electron, both of which still contain the trinity of the three states of reality in the original plasma.


The Creation of a cell

Presented by the Science of Eden based on the teachings of Grigori Grabovoï

Today we are looking at the process of materialization of a cell by our Soul and the mind together with our consciousness.

If we focus on our divine consciousness by following the process of creation, we can materialize new cells to the divine norm. A single cell to the norm can spread the norm to dysfunctional organs and to the whole body to harmonize it and bring it back to full health.

Here is how it works:

  1. We descend into our Soul
  2. We feel our physical body, our divine consciousness and our Soul simultaneously.
  3. Then we position ourselves at the junction of our personal consciousness and the divine consciousness and we can witness the materialization of a cell to the norm. The cell we will see will be three dimensional of course and may not look like the ones you have seen in anatomical books.

In practice we will start with a heart cell. The advantage is that you can feel the love in it more easily because of its particular location. And you know that feeling the love helps to have much more effective results. After you can use any type of cell for the same process. Of course, in this action too, we are accompanied at all times by the presence of the Creator, for our Soul and the Creator are one.

“Understanding what the norm is for a single cell allows us to understand what the norm is for the whole organism. Because all the elements of all the universes are interconnected, it is enough in principle to declare any single cell to the norm of the Creator to normalize the whole organ, the whole body and of course the whole world. That is why, when we speak about real improvement of health in accordance with the totality of the universe, we say that the process of improvement of health also concerns the harmonious development of the universe.” Grigori Grabovoï

The Practice

  1. Preparation, getting into a state of active relaxation
    Settle down comfortably. Perceive the physical body in a single impulse. Balance the emotional and energetic state. Feel that the mind is at your service. Feel the space around you and feel that there is no real separation between your body and the rest of the world, that you are one with it.
  2. Go back to your respiration: with each exhale imagine the limits of your body dissolve; and let yourself slide into your Soul deeper with each exhale.
  3. Perceive the light of the spirit – silvery white and very dynamic all around your body.
  4. Add the perception of your divine consciousness around the body. It shines towards the outside world but also towards the inside of your body. This light is light golden and very bright. Perceive that the light of the divine consciousness converges with the light of the mind.
  5. The junction point between these two lights is at the level of the chest. See or feel a heart cell forming. It has a very particular luminosity.
  6. See or feel the light of this cell spreading throughout the heart and the whole body throughout the whole universe to normalize all.

Now fix some feelings to integrate them.