This is how our ascension looks like

Our physical shape depends, as we have learned, on the characteristics of the environment we are in. As the Earth is part of the galaxy and the universe and the UNiCOS and the Creator, we have connections to all these levels. Now it depends on us – on how evolved we can be – what level we can access.

Each level of connection will open up the capabilities connected to that level. For example as long as we are confined to the energy of this planet – largely by our ignorance – we can travel only on this equivalent speed: like airplanes, cars and donkeys. When we assimilate the connection to the galaxy or the universe by assimilating the corresponding knowledge, we enlarge our radius of vision and speed considerably. When we reach the level of the Creator, from which we are actually coming from, there will be no need to travel anymore because we’ll have access to His omnipresence!

On the other hand do we need more energy to access each higher level. And energy is knowledge or comprehension. That means the more we learn the higher the level we can access.

When you use the flight units, it’s the understanding of the soul of physicality (personality) together with the Soul, that will decide which level you will access and on which speed you’ll fly. There is no limit for the man – except the limits that he puts on himself! Your level of comprehension is your messiah in reality! MT Keshe

Each of us will follow the teachings of both M Keshe, Grigori Grabovoï and others according to our intelligence, as M Keshe puts it; according to what we can assimilate. Assimilation is not an effort, it is more an allowing, a receptivity, an openness. So it’s a question of our openness, the willingness of our free will to let more and more knowledge penetrate us. It is finally a question of how much we are subject to the non-constructive believes of the collective unconscious – and this finally is a question of whether we have knowledge/energy enough to elevate the collective unconscious and to become more and more independent of it.

Now, if you understand this teaching, you knowledge seeker will have a bigger problem that you ever thought: now you become your own messiah. Now what is your Soul telling you and how much can you accept, which fields of the universe you can tap into to create the pleasures of life within the dimension of no-physicality?” MT Keshe

We saw how each of the levels of reality is associated to a higher level of energy and a higher level of comprehension – but each of these levels is also associated to another level of feeling. Feelings and emotions are created by the interaction of the Soul with the soul of physicality or personality. The more we rise through the different levels of reality, the greater will be the range of feelings that we’ll perceive. And the less negative emotions, closely associated to the matter level, will appear. So we will emotionally grow up in this process of ascension until we’ll reach the emotional level of the Creator where there is only Love, the structure with the absolute highest potential of processing informational light.

It’s a question of giving and taking. The more you can give from your Soul, the higher you’ll move up – the less you give, and the more you take, the more heavier and energy-less you become.” MT Keshe

We always want to be closer, but we don’t realize that we are part of the closest. We don’t live on different levels (dimensions); we are the (co-)creator of all the levels.” MT Keshe

However, some of the levels may not be accessible to our perception right now, because we haven’t yet the energy or comprehension to access these levels. It’s a question of consciousness: our conventional, little structured consciousness is basically confined to the matter level, only because we believe that reality is matter. As soon as we are opening up to spirituality, we get to know our divine consciousness, which is completely structured and to the norm; the consciousness we share with the Creator. Then and there we get to know that matter is only one form in which reality can be perceived.

The trick of the enhancement units

On another note: just visualize the appearance of more and more wellness centres around the globe, and each of the centres equipped with a multitude of the different enhancement units. We know that all these units and centres will interact with each other, amplifying their fields, enlarging the radius of their efficiency. Now we can see how they will finally create a plasma dome of balanced fields (the personality in absolute harmony with the Soul and the Creator), which will have a tremendous effect on the whole of humanity. And because all these units are to the norm, they will have a huge impact on the structuring of our collective unconsciousness.

Now it dawns on us how much the KFSSI spaceship technology and the Evolutionary Technologies of the Science of Eden and all the others that work in the same direction will speed up the evolutionary process Humanity is going trough right now!

Many of you will be enlightened just entering these fields.” MT Keshe

Better be ready to die if you want to use the Flight System

The only thing man can take with him on his travels in deep space is the memory of what he had back on Earth. Even if you could take a suitcase with your favourite shirt and cake with you – these things were manifested on the matter plane because of the magrav field environment of the Earth and your emotions. On the point of arrival you can’t have these things because the new field environment is not allowing it.

In our lives on Earth we love to feel and we love to touch and be touched, but on the point of destination the sense of being touched and the feelings will be different – you won’t be able to touch and to be touched the way you are used to.

Many of you will be disappointed, because there is nothing in the suitcase of the physical dimension of Man.MT Keshe

It’s true on the first glace, we all want to travel completely free everywhere we want. But, taking a closer look, we understand that the possibility of the journey depends on our detachment from the material things we are used to live with on Earth. From a certain point of attachment, we wouldn’t even want to go.

Maybe you have talked about the Soul Flight and the Universal Body Enhancement Unit to people who did not follow the teachings of Plasma Science and the Science of Eden; you may have noticed that all that you talk about goes way over their head. Simply because they are not ready for it – they lack understanding.

And then there is the questions of ethics. If someone is living a non-ethical life and only pretending to work for the benefit of All – he enters the unit and after few moments, the doors open and the man is still standing there as before. Then it is obvious why the system cannot work for him – if you pretend, you are not where to pretend you are, so the system cannot see you! Now he cannot hide anymore… in this sense the UEU flight units are also a test of whether we are living a life according to the standards of our Soul or not.

To make it really clear: we will only be able to use this technology if we are detached to a point where we have no fear of dying. We see that our detachment has to be so complete to include physical death. When we die, we cannot take anything with us – no matter how much we’d love to! The exact same thing happens when we use the flight system. Now we can see that the question: “Would you like to travel by your Soul?” is completely equivalent to the question: “Are you ready to die?” The state of complete detachment form the physical body is reached when the personality is mature enough that she can release herself from the dimension of the physicality.

Plasma Science describes this situation as Perfect Encapsulation: where all the Souls of all the components of the physical form, all the collective and individual souls of physicality will move inside the Soul (B). This is the situation where the physical form is suspended. In the situation where the physical form appears, all the collective and individual souls of physicality will protrude out of the sphere of the Soul (A). Isn’t it curious that the model of the corona virus resembles very much this situation – as if the corona virus wants to tell us something by his very shape!

Incidentally it happens that people who wanted to buy a ticket to fly to the moon on June 6, 2021– and they didn’t get one… why ?… because they were not ready for it. “It doesn’t really matter what you want – the real question is: is your soul ready for it, did your soul mature enough?”.

In a sense, to use this new technology, we already have to be evolved enough to at least really desire the situation the UEU will help us experience – the perfect harmony of our Soul and our Soul of physicality (mind, personality)!

Now we understand the UEU is a portal of evolutionary technology through which we can enter into the new world. But like all the other doors (Corona and so on), we need to be in a position where we answer the question ARE YOU READY?! with an unconditional and resounding YES !

Plasma Light Space Travel 5

Re-materialization of our physical form

What’s the role of the DNA in the process of space travel by Plasma Light? It took the the DNA thousands of years to adapt the physiology to the changing conditions on the planet. Now with the space travel there is a very good chance that the re-materialization of our body at the point of destination requires a completely different body, and consequently a complete change of our DNA – and all that within micro-seconds.

You might have guessed the answer – our soul of physicality (mind, personality, ego) needs to allow the Soul to take charge of all the details, because She is the only part of us who is able and equipped to do it.

The new and modified Enhancement Unit works in this direction – it contains two systems, one superposed to the other in order to create the condition where the field of the Soul is free to extend beyond the limits of the soul of physicality. The body of the human being is placed inside the field of the soul of physicality. This is the recreation of the situation we all have lived in while we were in the womb of the mother.

If we look at it, the outer perimeter (blue line) re presents the Soul while the pink line stand for the fields of the soul of physicality. So the human body is inside the fields of the soul of physicality which is inside the fields of the Soul. In other words: the soul extends her fields beyond the fields of the soul of physicality. So the new systems mimic the perfect balance between the two. The person who enters the system will experience a situation where his soul of physicality (mind, ego, free will) is in perfect harmony with the Soul. The way the system works is called Elevation of the Soul by M Keshe.

Even though the system creates a situation or event where we can experience what happens and how we feel when we surrender to the Soul, still it completely respects free will: first of all you have to decide yourself to go into the unit and then you have to allow the system to touch you.

While experiencing the elevation of the soul, the person has of course access to all the capabilities tied to it – he can travel with or without the body and materialize and normalize elements and events.

Can the technology be used to harm?

Absolutely not.

Why? Because the only part of us which can conceive of harmful actions is the soul of physicality, mind, personality or ego. And as we have learned the only way we can transport, transmute and materialize things is when the soul of physicality humbles himself to permit the Soul, the Creator, to take over the control of the reality on the material plane. The Soul can only act within the Good for All. Consequently a human mind thinking up a stratagem to harm others for the perceived benefit of oneself, barres himself from the access to this evolutionary technology.

The biggest problem for you is to contain, to be able to contain the Soul of the Man and the soul of physicality together that they cannot create the condition of becoming free of each other and cause what we call ‘death’ on this planet but to keep both of them in harmony.” MT Keshe

According to M Keshe, the prerequisite to access and use this technology is to have the soul of physicality in harmony with the Soul. The Soul is per se in perpetual harmony with the Creator; so the soul of physicality is the only part that can fall out and disturb the harmony which otherwise is our natural state, the norm. In other words we need to adjust our free will whenever we are feeling that we have fallen out of happiness, whenever we have fallen away from the Soul.

Gathering the fields together, to be as ONE is more important than to achieve transportation and transmutation. Collective consciousness of the field’s balance becomes part of the process of Humanity of the future.” MT Keshe

Here we have it ‘black on white’ – to make the evolutionary technology work for us, our soul of physicality, our free will needs to be ONE with the Soul, who is already ONE with the Creator. And this oneness needs to be the reflected in our collective consciousness: this moment is reached when it has become natural for us to be the extension of the Creator; when we want nothing more than serving Him or the whole!

When you come to the exhibition centre, don’t look at the systems what they can do for you – look at the opportunities that they represent to learn more and how you will be able by learning more to move closer to the Creator.

We have worked in the past weeks to develop systems, that will entice you and sow the seeds of the development within you. Don’t copy them but think about it what opportunities they carry for the benefit of All. MT Keshe

The KF will show the two Universal Enhancement Units, the horizontal and vertical one; and they will be placed in a particular position to each other: the horizontal unit represent the horizontal people (animals and us) while the vertical one stands for the vertical people (plants). By positioning ourselves between the two, a new life, a new kind of intelligence will be created.

From the teachings of the Cup of Earth for the horizontal and vertical people, we have learned that each of the two reigns have their own special position in relation to the Creator and the earth. While the soul of the vertical beings is directly connected to the earth, the direct connection of the horizontal beings takes place through the body. Thus, the configuration of the plants favors the soul; she always has the stronger fields. While the human body-mind system is relatively independent – it’s here that we find what we call “free will”.

When M Keshe speaks of a new life and a new intelligence in this context, he probably means that when we enter the Universal Enhancement Unit, we feel the absolute harmony of body and mind.

Soul travel to the exhibition centre in Linz?

Question: Can we travel with our Soul from say Australia to an Enhancement Unit in Linz or do we need two units – one at the start and one at the destination?

Both are possible. It depends on you” MT Keshe

Space travel explained by the Science of Eden

Grigori Grabovoï talks in his book “Resurrection and Eternal Life are now our reality” also about space travel and it is very interesting to hear the point of view of the Science of Eden on this subject! The quotes from his book are in blue.

Man is both the outer world and the inner world

Man has this specificity that he was created in the image and likeness of God. He is both part of the physical body of the Creator, and therefore of the creation, and at the same time he is the co-creator. For this reason, the information of the inner world of man corresponds exactly to the information of the outer world. All the sages of this world have been saying this for a long time. What is inside is identical to what is outside. There is also the famous saying: “Know thyself and you will know the universe and the Gods”.

One could even say that every object that has the same information inside and outside is man. On the basis of the analysis of the development of the world, it can be added that all objects develop towards man. As a rule, the whole world aspires to man, to his form, and to his principles of reaction and development.”

You remember that the world materializes by and through man’s consciousness. And therefore, every process in the world tends toward man. The human structure is found in the infinitely small; but also in the infinitely large. The Unicos is the physical body of the Creator and the physical body of Man. The body of the universe is in full formation; what scientists call the “expansion of the universe”.

What follows is particularly interesting:

Let’s take cosmic travel. Everything is related to the image of man, his form, the work and interaction of his organs. If we know how the blood circulates in the human body, how its heart and the whole organism work, we will be able to build vessels that will move according to the natural level of space movement. We are at the level of development which is essentially characterized by a perception of the molecular structure of the universe. In this way, we can interpret the results of astronomers’ observations, but if we accept such an approach, we can immediately tell how to organize a cosmic flight.

If we take a very small blood particle, which is currently in the area of the foot, some time later, thanks to the circulation of blood, it will find itself in vessels at the level of the heart, and this without any effort on our part. Its displacement has taken place because the particle is within a living organism. Our Universe is also a living organism, but very large. The analogy we have used allows us to understand that a cosmic vessel does not need any propulsion. All you need to do to make a cosmic journey is to place the ship in the bed of the respective channel, that’s all.

This vision of space travel is based on the identity of our physical body and the universe. Not only can blood particles travel with ease and without any effort or propulsion throughout our body; we can also effortlessly reach any nook and corner within our body and mind with the help of our imagination or clairvoyance. And because of the structural and physical identity we can travel the Unicos in the same way and speed as we travel inside our body.

Then, in some time, the ship will be in the desired place. If we examine these matters even more deeply, we will see that our ship can find itself instantly in another galaxy. At a certain level of his spiritual development, any man, if he wishes and without a ship, will be able to move to any point in the universe.”

Plasma Light Space Travel 4

Space Travel and Death

When we perceive physical death, our Soul goes back into the Soul of the Creator and in this way becomes part of new entities in the expanding Universes. That is happening when we have given more to the Earth than what we have taken from her. In the opposite case when we have been more a drain than a fountain, our energies disperse in the universe as unspecific energy packs. We’ll be like “dust unto dust”.

In Plasma Light Space Travel (PLST), the soul of our physicality has not chosen to cut the connection between the body and the Soul, but to only temporarily retreat within the boundaries of the Soul – which in other words is the permission of the soul of physicality to the Soul so She can extend her fields beyond the limits of the body.

It’s all about the two states A and B in the above schematic. A represents the situation where the Soul is in charge of the physical form; B when the free will doesn’t allow the Soul to manage the physicality, because he believes he has to be in charge.

How to cope with “This is not me”?

When we use the PLST technology, we will re-materialize our physical body in a way that it will be adapted to the characteristics of the new environment at the destination. Only the configuration A allows for this. And in this situation it will not be our personality, ego or free will to decide on the shape of our re-materialization but the Soul. Our re-materialization needs to fit the wish of our Soul (which in the end is the wish of the Creator) and at the same time the requirements of the environment where we are appearing into (which in the end is again the wish of the Creator). Our re-materialization like any other of our actions should be contributing to the harmonious eternal development or the Good for All. The same applies of course to the original impulse, to our wish to go to this particular place. Even if our destination is not spatial by social – when we want to meet with other Souls – then our manifestation will suit the needs and likings of the beings we’ll meet.

It reminds me of Buddhas vision for enlightened Bodhisattvas: “You will be Buddhas on your own accord. You will appear in countless worlds simultaneously with the wish to help. And your appearance will correspond to what the beings you help like – you could be a man, a woman, a child, a dog, a smell in a spring breeze… anything the person in need will love most”.

All this is fine as long as we have a well structured consciousness, then we will want what our Soul and the Creator wants. But when we are very attached and identified with our ego or personality, we will be very much surprised because we will not be able to accept the shape of our re-materialization. “This is not how I look like! This is not what I wanted!”

If we are unprepared the re-materialization could resemble waking up from a long coma, where we are confronted with a reality that has no story explaining it: perhaps there has been a severe accident leading to the coma; in which we had lost an arm, your legs are paralyzed, we have lost our memory and don’t know the people who come to visit us…

What can we do to help us living through this? And how can we prepare ourselves?

There are several ideas that could help:

  • We could train ourselves to shift our identification from our body mind system to the Creator. We could try to live as if we are the arms, legs and mouth of the Creator; so He acts, speaks and thinks through us.
  • We could watch our common reactions, watch how always the same personality pattern are triggered. Just watching, not doing anything about it. The watching will bring about a dis-identification with who we think we are.
  • We could cultivate more openness, to feel new ways of feelings. Normally I know I will react like this; but what if I change this, how will I feel?”

Fortunately there is much help in the very of the process of PLST and resurrection. It is built into both of the processes. Each of them will only work with a structured consciousness where our identification is with our Soul and not with our body or our mind – I am the Light of my Soul”. And ways of communication, like language, culture etc are also taken care of as our Soul has already all the knowledge needed. Because through Her we are connected to everything in the universe.

Our Soul in the palm of our hand

To a question about vaccines, M Keshe gave the following answer.

The KF did some experiments during their time in Barreta, Italy some 5 years ago. It is also referenced in the books of “Life and Teachings of the Master of the Far East”:

Jesus recognized that the one in Christ Consciousness knows no limitation. He then, in Christ Consciousness, looked to God as the source and creator of all and gave thanks for the power and substance right at hand to fill every want. He then broke and distributed, through His disciples, to those in outer need until the need was supplied and there remained twelve baskets over.” 1

After breakfast, when we arose from the table, one of my associates started to pay for the meal. Emil said, “You are our guests here,” and held out to the lady in attendance what we thought was an empty hand; but when we looked a second time, there was just the amount of money necessary to pay the bill. We found that our friends did not carry money with them, neither did they depend on others for their supply. When money was needed, it was right at hand, created from the Universal. 2

The palm of our hand is actually the centre of the soul of physicality, which can enter into interaction with the Soul to create a light. And this light is the transition state towards the materialization of any other element.

You can visualize the Soul as a sphere of clear silvery light that is placed in the palm of your hand; and because the Soul is in the palm of an outstretched hand, it is at the farthest point of our physical boundary, thus her fields go beyond the boundaries of the physicality. And we can access our divine powers.

On the matter level, we use our hands to perform actions; we handle anything with your hands. When we place our Soul into our hand we give the control of our actions over to the Soul; and she has the power to materialize anything we may need.

Prophets are shown using the same gesture; they are holding their hands above their head with the same effect. They are holding out their hands to the Creator. They receive the knowledge of the Creator which operates through the Soul of the man creating the light in the palm of the hand.

The palm of our hand is the space where the antennas of our fingers, our connection to the all the levels of reality come together. At the same time, the shape of the palm of the hand is like a receiving vessel.

For the experiment to succeed, we have to hold out our hand with the right purpose. Not because we want something but with the complete knowledge of the purpose of becoming the light – to become the light of the Creator.

Once the light appears we can amplify it by curbing our fingers towards ourself; in this way we contain the light of the Soul and can use it for materialization or transportation for example. By directing your hand in a direction, it reflects the direction of the Soul in the cylinder of light and prepares the actual teleportation.

In this way, by holding out our hand, we can receive and feed ourselves with the energies of the universe directly. Man has to learn not to use his hands for killing in order to feed himself, but, understanding the hidden powers of his body, he can access and use the universal energies directl y through his hands.” MT Keshe

1Book #1, page 16

2Book #1, page 33

Plasma Light Travel 3

Space travel and Ethos

For many people – even for many of us – the teachings of the Keshe Foundation and the Science of Eden are at times difficult to understand. And there is no need to stress about it. “We from the Keshe Foundation are sowing the seeds for the generations to come, so our children and grand children will be able to understand the knowledge of the Creator and live in a Peaceful world”, says M Keshe.

We are already in the midst of one of the greatest evolutionary steps for Humanity. And we can trust the process. Anyway when M Keshe speaks about Plasma Light Space Travel, and Grigori Grabovoï about Resurrection – they both are talking about the same thing. Plasma Light Space travel suspends the existence of the body, transmutes it to Plasma Light and restores the body at the point of destination. Resurrection restores the physical body after what was formerly called death. As there is no limit to the restoration of the physical body, both processes are pathways to help us find eternal live in the physical body.

It’s all about eternal life in the physical body – that’s why we can call the transition we are going through – the greatest step mankind has ever taken. M Keshe, Grigori Grabovoï and others, each of them has his own particular way to multiply the knowledge of the Creator. Consequently each of them will be heard by like minded audiences. Technically minded people will be more attracted to the Keshe Foundation and spiritually minded people to the Science of Eden.

The condition why the Evolutionary Technologies, proposed by both, are efficient and work, is that they must be used for the Good for All. Incidentally the Good for All is also the aim of the evolutionary step, Humanity is taking right now.

We can only do it as ONE HUMANITY. And we can only reach the goal as ONE HUMANITY, all together – not one after the other. There cannot be any so called elite that will reach first because they have more talent or power or are better – we’ll reach all together. However each of us can speed up the process when we engage and devote our energy it to the elevation of human collective consciousness.

Turn away from physicality

This phrase is often used by M Keshe and Grigori Grabovoï. But not only by them. Many self new age Gurus with repressive theologies use it and if you look close enough most of the world religions, too. What they call it “renouncing the world”, is a misunderstanding as old as religions. And of course it is due to the lack of knowledge.

If we look at it from the perspective of the Creator: How could I ever want you to renounce the body and the world that I have created for you?

So turning away from the level of physicality does not mean, renouncing the body and worldly pleasures. But we can see that humanity has been in the grip of a deep dependency on the matter state for a very long time. When we look at conventional science, the existence of the Soul or consciousness is still not accepted. We are led to believe only what we see with our fleshly eyes or on Tv.

When Plasma Science and the Science of Eden talk about turning away from the matter state, they always add: and look at the fields, develop your clairvoyance and so on. Both are suggesting that we need to let go of logical thinking and develop a new sensitivity – which is based on feelings and emotions, rather than logical and sensory data.

We’ll become shape shifters

We have already learned in Plasma Light Travel, we temporarily suspend the appearance of our physical body, to rebuild it on the point of destination. The recreation of the body is the result of the interaction of the fields of the Soul with the soul of physicality in the inertia of the given environment. Depending on the field strength we operate on, we have different options:

  • We can let the Soul determine the most adapted physical form for the new environment. On the moon that would be no respiratory nor digestion system, because we would assimilate energy directly from the universal rays. On the other hand we would be much denser to compensate for the weight loss – so we could walk, run and jump just like on earth.
  • We can decide to keep our physical body as it is and build an individual micro atmosphere complete with the gravitational field we are used to, around us.
  • Or we can simply not take a physical shape at all.

So we will be shapeshifters. And it’s very reassuring to remember that we’ll be able to do all of that only when we have structured our consciousness to a very high degree. We need to reach a stability of our thought flow and attention where we can hold one wish for a sufficient time until it will condense in one consistent shape. Imagine you decided to appear as an intelligent, soft, open and loving man before the Soul of your mother.

But right after your decision, you remember walking down the st reet and someone spat this ugly yellow green mucus out in front of you. You are so disgusted and your attentions stays with this ugly blob because you can’t get it out of your mind – now how do you think you would appear? We can be very grateful indeed for this safety circuit implemented by the Creator to protect us from ourselves!

Difference between gravitational and magnetic fields

Traditionally, we differentiate magnetic from gravitational fields. Even in plasma science we consider the fields coming out of the north pole of a plasma as magnetic and the fields going into the plasma by the south pole as gravitational. Up to now we understood that the difference between the two fields are relative to our point of observation: the magnetic field coming out of one plasma becomes gravitational as it enters the south pole of another plasma.

But reality is even more complex. When we look at the effect of a magnet on iron dust particles, we see the magnetic and gravitational field forces as black lines. But we see also gaps between theses field lines. These gaps are created by the opposite fields. The gaps between the magnetic fields are gravitational and stronger to nourish the centre of the plasma. Then there also gravitational fields entering via the south pole which are also feeding the centre. In this way the centre receives more to give more…

When we make the difference between magnetic and gravitational fields, we see an arrow; that suggest that we see fields as linear as opposed to circular, what is more corresponding to the reality – it’s always about giving and taking at the same time.