All Diseases are curable

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Imagine someone who has some sickness when they’re little and doesn’t like it and wants wellness and who reaches for good feeling thoughts and lives happily ever after. So the desire that was born out of their childhood illnesses and their subsequent alignment with well being holds them in a place where they ask and it is given… they ask and it is given… they ask and it is given…they ask and it is given… They are on an ongoing basis of creating wellness. There are a lot of people and if you are not one of them, you may not be aware of their existence.

So you say: That’s not so interesting because they’ve sort of always been well.

Well, what they did was, they didn’t let the gap get too big between what they wanted and what they were living. The animals on your planet really demonstrate that.

So you say: But I want to meet someone who has a very severe fatal illness and I want to see them heal themselves.

Well there are examples of those also, but it’s much harder for them because first of all they had an unconscious vibration going on for a long time that was in opposition to what they wanted; there habitual thoughts turned around illness and not wellness. That’s why the illness happened.

Wouldn’t you agree that it is much easier for someone to just stay in good thoughts, offer good emotions and vibrations that will turn into well being; than someone who has to move all the way up from really bad thoughts and bad emotions to a little better thoughts and emotions to a little better feelings all the way up to good thoughts and feelings that eventually turn into well being?

It’s a lot easier to create wellness from a place of feeling pretty good than from a place of fatal illness. So when the doctor says that what you’ve got is incurable and that there is no way out, you have to be a very strong person to even project your thought away from this pronouncement especially if it is made by a person that you a priori believe! If you believe the doctor, you cannot get away from his pronouncement and you will die. So it’s far better to move up the emotional scale long before you are pronounced terminally ill.

If you’ve got two vibrations going on: what you want and what you believe, the Law of Attraction is amplifying both of them, so the stakes are getting higher and higher and higher…! And eventually, when you are not closing the gap and becoming one with who you really want and are, what’s gonna happen is your symptoms of discord are becoming more evident:

  1. First there a bad emotion
  2. Then there is the sensation of pain
  3. Then there is the manifestation of disease; that you would call “the lump growing” or the “car running over you”. The manifestations keep coming to indicate to you where your vibration is.

We will tell you something that feels good to know: there are people who develop illnesses every day and, because it isn’t diagnosed, they get refocused and get out of it and back into alignment and no disease ever manifests. That happens really a lot but you may not be aware of it, because it’s not viral on facebook.

What we notice as we look into the medical profession today, we see doctors and scientists literally scaring people to death with their pronouncement of diseases, with their diagnostics of diseases that are incurable, when we know that there is not any disease that is incurable.

You can always get to where you want to be from wherever you are, if you point into the direction that you want to go and continue to move into that direction. Really move in that direction and do NOT take another test… do NOT read the paper with articles that somebody just died who had the same conditions as you… do NOT become disheartened by someone who was a great guru and died of something…

If you really really really want something and it’s really important to you like life itself, and you do not believe that there’s any possible way of achieving it, then your emotion becomes one of incredible despair. What diseases would be a vibrational match to that?

We want you to get a handle on your vibration while you are feeling good. And doctors cannot cure what is the result of YOUR vibration – the only one who can do something about your vibration is YOU!

Yes, you can treat the disease if you need to; but we want you to treat the vibrational discord; and it isn’t until you get to the vibrational discord that anyone will have a healing experience.

We’d like to zap you all with worthiness and if we could, you’d be stop being sick. There is not one reason in the world for any of you to be sick.

But we watch the little ones being born, feeling so good about who they are and almost every day of interacting with those who have forgotten how valuable they are, the little ones are little by little taught their own diminished value, you see? When you come you know your real value and you’re born into an environment that seems to foster your lack of attention to your value – that’s what causes you to be sick!

You’ll NEVER feel the same about FOOD after this

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What’s your take on vegetarianism?

Some of our favourite cows are that; and then there’s that misguided lion we’ve not been able to convince him otherwise.

I am a believer in supplements but now I’m just wondering whether I can do without them, because I still believe that I have a pretty good physical condition.

Let us ask you another question: do you believe in food?

I believe in food, yes.

Then supplements are the same. Will they do what the manufacturers promised? If you believe it – dirt works the same way, huh?

If the action of using supplements makes you feel better, it’s a good action. In other words, it doesn’t matter if someone says you should tie a dead chicken around you neck and carry it with you; and it sounds like a good idea, do it!

How damaging are alcohol and tobacco to the human body?

Your physical body has the ability to acclimate. On a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being very bad and one being inconsequential, we would say that alcohol or tobacco either would be about a 5 and we would say blame would be about 99.

All clear!

There are people in our society, nutrition experts, saying that these foods are bad for you and these foods make you have diabetes or cancer; and that there are good foods.

We want to say to you bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla in other words: none of that matters, not any of that matters.

And there I was. I didn’t want to eat that green stuff, I just wanted a donut. Will it help when you bless the donut so that it won’t feel so bad in my body?

We can bless your donut all you want, but unless you are in the vortex while you eat it, it will do no good!

Here we are in your physical body. And I really like my physical body and I want to do the very best that I can for it. So I’ve gone to hundreds of seminars, and I’ve studied nutrition just about every way. Now I know all about the best nutrition and food I know all about raw foods, i know all about cooked foods, I know all about vegetarian only and vegan and everything.

Now I’m trying to do the very best for my body, now I’m trying to find the perfect market, where I can buy the perfect food. But now I have to understand where they got the food from, how they grew the food, what the people who grew the food were thinking about the food that they grew. Had anybody sprayed something on this food, did anybody pee on the food? How old is the food and where is the food in? And we say: just kill me now!

But what your really need to hear is this and only this: Hello, it’s nice to see you. You are a lovely person. You are worthy; the source within you adores you. You’re pure positive energy! Get in the vortex and have a nice day – good night!

Alzheimer’s explained

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Q : It’s a little bit difficult for me because my father is dying of Alzheimer’s.

A: We would say it in different terms: My father is making the transition from physical to the non-physical and Alzheimer’s is the tool he uses in order to make it possible and easy.

Q: He is probably having a okay time; it’s my mom I’m worried about.

A: See, you trained each other to worry more about what the other want than what you yourself want. And that’s why someone has to resort to something like Alzheimer’s when they get ready to go!

When you spend a lifetime trying to please others and not attending to your own connection with your Soul, you can get pretty burned out. So over time they can get more and more disconnected, more unhappy and uncomfortable in their physicality. And then they begin consciously or unconsciously a steady withdrawal of attention. That’s what Alzheimer’s is.

And we can say that no-one can withdraw attention from something without turning it to something else. So where do the Alzheimer’s people turn their attention to? They turn their attention inward; they are beginning to listen to that inner voice. And to them the call of Source feels pleasant, that’s why they’re so peaceful in their withdrawal. And that’s why they are sometimes so agitated when you insist to bring them back, because they found this place that is much more comfortable.

Your mother would probably say: “I need you to be here in my life; I can’t stand the idea of you leaving me!.” Feel the entrapment of that. When you hear this and you really love that person and you really want to make them happy – and then there are these things that you can’t control, like you can’t stay in your body forever. So your father made a brilliant move, he prepared his inevitable transition in a very soft way for his wife.

But your mother is experiencing the awful condition that her beloved husband is withdrawing. You love your mother very much, so you feel her suffering. This suffering is nothing like what’s in your vortex; so looking at it tears you apart, so you have to find a way not to look at this reality – and that’s what Alzheimer’s is: finding a way of distracting yourself from the thing that is tearing you apart.

Maybe we should call this the Art of Alzheimer’s instead of the Art of Allowing?

But people with Alzheimer’s are often agitated? that’s because the people around them are determined not to let them have their withdrawal of Alzheimer’s and that’s making them frustrated. Your father found a way to make himself feel better and your mother can’t bear it, so she does everything in her power to try to get him to be more like he used to be. Then he gets frustrated because he can’t be like he was before. Then your mother gets even more frustrated… you see this is a CHAIN OF PAIN. And this CHAIN OF PAIN can only be broken by someone who is able to stop and think: I can’t make anything better until I feel better. So what can I think that’s going to get me feeling better?

What is death?

“They call Man dead, Vladimir, when he stops breathing, but that’s not the case. Man dies the moment he stops being useful to others and is no longer in charge of anything.”

Anastasia, book 5, p.168

What is death really like?

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Question : I would like to know what we experience when we transition?

Abraham :


The relief of releasing resistance and control. It’s a glorious, exhilarating and satisfying experience. And then you begin focusing right away on where the leading edge is.

Where do you think the leading edge is? It is right here. You have re-emerged in the non-physical but you are still a vivid part of what’s going on here on the leading edge. Your attention is focused to what’s happening to the things that you were interested in before you made your transition, but it’s focused without resistance. It’s like getting on with your life without resistance. It’s like being aware of everyone you knew with no resistance. It’s like going through the list of your contacts and loving all of them. Remembering all of the good times and feeling appreciation for everything. You are regaining your footing about who you really are.

It’s not about resting or slumbering or making plans for the next reemergence in the physical realm – it’s about reemerging the in the physical world immediately from your clearer, non-resistant point of view.

The energy that is you will come again and again and again into the vivid, tactile, see-it, smell-it, hear-it, taste-it, touch-it version of you that you are enjoying so much. We would like you to feel that, to recognize that.

Each life experience that you put into the vortex, is what you prefer most and each time you come forth, you come with those intentions. Yes! But the tricky part here is that when you are asking from your physical mode when you are not receptive, you may be worried about something – often from that perspective you might be asking for something that is easy, compatible, without friction… you keep a low profile – really out of fear. But from the non-physical mode you will be asking for something that is fun, exhilarating, that really makes you gain momentum. Do you feel where we are getting at?

Just know that in every case there is intentionality , value and purpose and that nothing ever goes wrong! For anyone!

Chronic Fatigue

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Question : I’ve been feeling this fatigue quite often, like not being enthusiastic and passionate. What does it mean?


It means that there is a contradiction in your vibration, you have resistance and you are focusing on things, your Soul is not focusing on; that means you are pinching yourself off of your resources.

On the other hand the receptive mode is a replenishing mode. You have your vortex filled with everything you ever wanted, the manifestation of which would keep you busy for 30+ lifetimes; and your Soul is standing next to it, calling you towards it. And when you don’t go, when your thoughts are literally calling you away from it – then there is a tug of war: 5 of you pulling one end of the rope and the other 5 of you pulling the other one. If you are equally matched, it is really exhausting!

The good news: you wouldn’t be exhausted if your inner being weren’t calling you, because there’d be no struggle. So it’s about letting go of what’s bothering you. We now want to talk about meditation because it helps you let go of the struggle. It is easier for you to just watch your breathing and your thoughts and not identify or dwell in them than it is to have pure positive thoughts. You cannot change a negative thought into a positive thought all at once but you can quiet your mind if you care about it.

Remember that as soon as you are bothered by something, immediately and automatically you are asking for an improvement. Remember that your Soul is honest, she knows what you want and is calling you towards it. Remember that life is supposed to feel good. Do little steps: whenever there is a thought that doesn’t feel good, you improve it a little until another thought comes that doesn’t feel good and you improve it a little…

One way to help you do this is finding other words that describe your negative emotion. If you say for example ‘discouraged’, we say ‘disconnected’; if you say ‘angry’, we say ‘disconnected’; anything you offer, we say ‘disconnected’ because it’s all the same thing. It doesn’t matter what words you use, in all the cases you are disconnected; you are not receiving, you are not replenishing.

Then later in the conversation, you ask ‘what’s the remedy for discouragement and we say ‘its meditation’… what’s the remedy for anger – it’s meditation, what’s the remedy for being disconnected – it’s meditation!

Constant thinking about what is, will hold you in what is; meditation shifts the direction:

  1. Thoughts of what is come to your mind
  2. Now you make a deliberate effort not to buy this thought, instead you just observe it
  3. Now you get a little more quite
  4. Another thought of what is comes into your mind
  5. Now you make the deliberate effort not to get entangled in it, instead you just observe it: it is there and you are there
  6. Now you are a little more quite…

Here’s what is going on while you meditate: a thought comes to your mind of something that you don’t want – immediately a rocket of what you want goes off… while you just watch the thought, and get not entangled into it, you create a space, a space that allows you a little bit more to listen to your Soul who is calling you to what you want all the time. It is exhausting to keep the tug of war of your resistance going – you got to go where your Soul calls you to!

It’s not the missing manifestation that is keeping you depressed and fatigued; it is the thought process that is keeping you from true thought power, it’s not letting the thought energy flow through you. Once you let the thought energy flow through you, it will give you everything that you ever asked for. Your Soul never calls you towards something that you haven’t asked before.

Fatigue doesn’t mean that your power went away, no, it’s always ready for you – if you only let it be for you! Here is what happened since you were born: whenever you saw something that you didn’t want, immediately a rocket of desire went off and you have been accumulating all those rockets of desire in your vortex and your Soul is beckoning you towards it all the time. The vortex kept on growing in energy and momentum. And now most of you are not ready for it because it’s got so much more momentum than you. It’s like this merry go round which is turning faster and faster with every wish you make; that if you would try to jump on it right now… your momentum is so slow compared to it, that it would bounce you right off! So you have to take little steps; and that’s what meditation and constantly looking for better thoughts are for.

How to heal eyes

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Question : I need to heal my eyes, I have a wet macular degeneration. Can you please talk about that?

Wikipedia says: Wet macular degeneration is a chronic eye disorder that causes blurred vision or a blind spot in your visual field. It’s generally caused by abnormal blood vessels that leak fluid or blood into the macula.


When you living something unwanted you are launching requests for the improvement automatically. Your vortex is full of all of that. Now you have to find a way of softening whatever believe that you have that is preventing you from receiving all you want.

Here’s the best example of how to do this softening: When Esther moved from California to Texas, she had to apply for a new driver’s licence and undergo a vision test. She could not read the line in the apparatus… the clerk said that there was no problem, she just had to get a prescription from a doctor for new glasses and come back to do the test again. Esther then said: “No, I don’t want to do this… Abraham, can you read this?!”

So we just tilted her head differently and encouraged her to take a deep breath and then she focused and she read the line!

This was a really good experience for Esther because she knew it was the same eyes with different beliefs. She had changed her vibrational stance and consequently her manifested reality changed immediately, you see.

That’s what healing is.

When you sit before Jesus for example and you are dripping your illness, he does not see you illness. He is unconditional in his awareness of you. He is not focused upon the conditions that had manifested but on your vibrational countenance. He does not allow himself to see the conditions of your illness; instead he unconditionally focuses on who you really are. And one who is connected to the stream is more powerful than millions that are not; and you illness simply cannot abide in his vibration. And then said: “Go forth and tell no-one”.

Because if you go and talk about it, somebody’s gonna say: “Oh you went to that crazy healing person; you’ve got to face reality! This is reality!”

In reality, reality is only a temporary reflection of a habit of vibrations that you have. You can change, if you will stop focusing on the condition that doesn’t let you change the vibration.

Can you hear that?


Can you do that?


But it takes some practice; you are gonna practice being unconditional.

Let’s go back to your eye problem: you want to fix your eyes so that you can feel self-sufficient, sure, capable and free. This is the practice – you list the words that describe your feelings that will be there if the conditions had changed; or better still write them down… this will already change your feeling, change your vibrational stance. Than you have come to the point that you already feel the feeling that would have come when the condition had changed; but now you are already feeling it and you didn’t need the condition to change in order to feel it!

If you need to see better in order to feel freer, you’re not ever going to get there from wanting to change the conditions so that the reality will be pleasing to you. How is that working out? Of course you can run to so many doctors and have them performing changes on your condition: laser this off, insert this, fill you up with this substance… But you can do that only so long because eventually you would reach the dead end. That’s when the doctors are at the end of their capacity and give you the terminal diagnosis.

Then, and only then will you do what you really need to do: You create your own reality by conjuring within yourself an emotion that feels good to you no matter what it takes to do that. And when you do it consistently, your life will respond to your point of attraction which you have total and utter control over. Yes!

Yes, you can reverse the signs of aging

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Question: If you are an elderly person, say 85 years old with the physical appearance that goes with it… is it possible to become young, the appearance you had in your 20ies if you focus and feel young?



It is not only possible, it must be! It’s more about how you feel than about the thoughts that you are habitually thinking. You should care so much about how you feel, that you choose your thoughts based on how you feel and not based on what is common. Even if that would make you a little misunderstood; some people may think you are a little nuts.

We are telling you that your body will absolutely follow the rhythm of your mind. So here are the two things that are required:

  1. Caring about how you feel.
  2. Willing to think thoughts that are a radical departure from the thoughts that most people think.

You have to get a new plan of how you view age. You can do that in various ways:

  • you can base your age on another, much slower time scale…
  • you can fix your age on a spot and do not celebrate your birthdays from then on…
  • you can give your birthdays to your child until she passes you…
  • you can take off years for good behaviour…

If you do follow any or all of those techniques, you will soon loose track of your age, you will loose track of your relationship with your own age. Re-evaluate every year how old you want to be and adjust your thinking to that age.

Make it easy for yourself and pick the age when you felt most comfortable and secure, most vital and active. And then demand of yourself vibrational compliance with that feeling. And your body will maintain that indefinitely!

You have to be a very focused individual who thinks the thoughts that you choose rather than the thoughts that are pressing in around you. You have to develop the attitude rather quickly that you do not care about what others think.

Ignore your body issues – feelualize!

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Question: “I want to visualize the healing better. How can I have a better influence on the healing capacity of my body;?”


You are trying too hard to define everything through your physical reality. You have trillions of cells in your body, so the process of communication of the cells of you body is endless!

So you could rather look at the vibrational reality, the vortex of creation, where the larger part of you is; where your creation has already expanded, where the manifestation is already in place. If you are in the vortex you are tuned in and turned on, you are aligned with what you really are – if you are out of the vortex, you are not aligned with what you really are. The closer to the vortex you are, the better you feel; the longer you stay in the vortex, the easier it is to stay in.

We want to say to you, that each of these trillions of cells are all individual consciousness; and each of them is in the vortex. They are like a flock of birds where all the birds move as one bird, because they are tuned into the broader perspective. All your body cells are completely tuned in to what’s happening on the vibrational level. So when you don’t interfere with worry or pushing against or introducing thoughts that cause resistance, then you allow the cells of your body to take their direct communication from Source. And under that condition your physical body thrives.

That’s why we tell you: don’t try so hard; don’t try to figure it all out! When you look at where you are, you slow down where you want to be, you keep it from coming as quickly as it would. We remind you of your first word: ‘I want to visualize…’ – we want you to not visualize but to feel your way, thought by thought, word by word, statement by statement, conversation by conversation… leaning into the direction of the vortex and watch what happens. All the things you can wish for are already manifested, only you don’t look into the right direction. The moment you get in the vortex, you will see them right away.

That’s why we want to take the issues, you’re living with and play them way way way down; and take the issues that make you feel good and play them way way way up. You come to us and you only have one thing in your mind: your issue and this is the only thing that you want to talk about – your issue. BUT we say that’s the last thing that you want to talk about, your issue, because that will keep you out of the vortex. Talk about anything that will get you into the vortex; get in there and practice the feeling of it. Take anything that will make you feel good, that will bring you into the vortex. Once in the vortex you can think of anything… if it is your issue – the vortex will spit you out right away! Then you take anything that will get you back into the vortex and trying to resolve you issue, will have you spit out again!
But slowly
you will become aware that it’s not your job to clean up you issues – it’s your job to ignore your issues!

And if you ignore them long enough, they are not part of your vibrational frequency anymore; consequently you will not get emotional indicators of them anymore (bad feelings and disease). Everything you can ever feel is just an indicator of the frequency of your vibration, if your thoughts are serving you or not. So if you shift vibration, your indicator has to change, because it is only an indicator. You cannot stop thinking about that thing you want to stop thinking about, because then you are still thinking about that what you don’t want. You can only shift your attention to something that you like thinking about, that makes you feel a little better. Rather than visualizing, you could feelualize; empathize with all that makes you feel a little better.

How to get rid of tinnitus

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« How can we get rid of this constant ringing in the ears? »

Abraham : « Well, tell us first why you want to get rid of it? »

« Because I hear it all the time and it is bothering me. »

« Is it of itself bothering or does it bother you because you think it is an indicator of something wrong »

« Right now I hear it and i feel that if i didn’t hear it i could hear better. »

« What if it’s energy that you are hearing? »

« I would feel good about it »

« When you are hearing something that you are not listening for – what’s uncomfortable about that? »

« Nothing »

« There are so many different frequencies in our environment today; and it is possible that you might be picking up on that. You are a vibrational transmitter and receiver and you live in a vibrational universe. The Tv is full of advertisements on tinnitus and how to get rid of it – they all are based on the assumption that there is something wrong with it.

When we were in your physical shoes we would begin an emotional grid, starting from the outside and working our way from the specific to the general – it would go something like this :

I am hearing a sound.

I am going to call it a vibration. I am sensing the vibration and I am translating it through sound that I can hear.

I don’t quite know what to do with it but I want to relax into it. If it is something that has any benefit to me, I want know what it is and I will listen to it. If it’s something without any benefit for me, I want to let it go. But in any case, I like it that I am sensitive to vibration. And I don’t even mind that I can translate the vibration that I am sensitive to through sound because it’s a logical thing to translate vibration through sound.

Now just rest with that for a little while to make it something that you are not pushing against; neither something that you are embracing completely; but something that you are accepting as logical and therefore alright.

As you begin to relax into it, you may notice that the frequency of it feels different: in the okeyness of it you raised your vibration to match it and as you raised your vibration, now it doesn’t feel like discord, it feels like accord, you see?

The real and only cause of cancer

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We live in an expanding Universe, whatevery you give your attention to, is expanding. So if you look at something that you want and you include it in your vibration; if you look at something that you don’t want (cancer), you say ‘no’ to it you include it into your vibration. So if you are giving your attention to the cancer you don’t want.

Once a manifestation occurs, most people cannot help but looking at the manifestation.

That is why diseases progress so dramatically once a diagonis has been given.

So the key is not to look at the cancer and try to destroy it with your thoughts – you can’t, you only create more. The key is to look at things that make you feel better when you look at them. There is no-one, no matter what the severity of their illness is, who could not move from illness to wellness, if only they know how to tap into the wellness, the good feelings that are offered to them.

People don’t get cancer because they think big awful thoughts, people get cancer because they have habit of complaining; complaining about a spoild dinner or being stuck trafic and so on. If the majority of their vibrations are about complaining, about not having what they want, the Law of Attraction will just give them what equals their point of attraction, not matter what these things are. Law of Attraction doesn’t give you what you want – Law of Attraction gives you what you are vibrating; Law of Attraction responds to your vibration that is indicated by the way you are feeling! So don’t worry, if you have something going on and you are not cleaning it up, it will get bigger!

To get out of this habit of negative thought, try to find the best feeling thought you can in this moment – don’t start with big things, start with little things that are easy to turn. Most of the time it is easier to think about something else than to find a better feeling thought about the experience that you are having right now (about something that you don’t want). You can either feel a little worse or you can feel a little better – you can control how you feel – you cannot control how the universe works (that’s the job of the Universe manager : Law of Attraction).

You can use any manifestation of what you don’t want to get to the feeling of the thoughts that led to this manifestation. For example you get the cancer diagnosis and now you can check how this diagnosis makes you feel.
Then look into your day to day thought process and identify when you had the same feeling, what thoughts brought you the same feeling. Then you have it : these thoughts, that give you the same feeling as the cancer, have led to the manifestation of the cancer.

Once you have identified the thought habit, which is the cause and the indicator of the manifestation, you can shift the cause – think better feeling thoughts – and the indicator has to shift and the manifestation as well.

So it’s super important to see any disease as an indicator of something that can be changed by you.

Beware of healers!

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Question : “We know from science that almost all of our body cells regenerate themselves in a relatively short time; I know people who have chronic diseases, or nerve damage from an accident so will never be able to work again. So how can we vibrationally create the perfect cells to regenerate the damaged body part?”

Abraham :

O.k. lets look at a physical body with all it’s trillions of body cells; all our cells are pure positive energy instinctively working for their own survival and well being.

It is the body cells that are the first to summon the life force from Source and that is precisely the reason that doctors pronounce us alive or dead. Cells are summoning and Source is answering; and works in all the details. When any body system is affected by a negative influence, is pushed a little out of balance, the cells will immediately adjust and request what is needed from the invisible energy (Plasma, Source) to reinstall balance.

BUT there is another influence very decisive in the process; and that is the influence of the mind. Mind interferes with it’s vibrational attitude or mood into the otherwise smoothly running collaboration of the cells.

So in any healing process, the mind has to get out of the way to allow the cells to receive what they’ve been asking for.

Any healing starts with the premise that well being is the basic nature of the body; then doing whatever it takes to keep yourself from interrupting the self healing process that each cell knows so well!

You know that when you are inhibiting well being, you will be feeling negative emotion. This is the indicator that you are inhibiting, that you are building up resistance. So it is crucial that you do your best to feel as good as you can.

Even sending your energy or light or healing powers to specific parts of the body, will mostly not work, because what happens when you focus on a specific part of the body (that is sick)? Well you focus on what’s wrong, so your efforts are counter productive. You funnel more energy to what’s wrong; you generate greater contradiction in energy.

So a healer who is really helpful, is the one who helps sooth the client into a place of allowing the answering of source to what the cells have been asking for.

And here is one of the most beneficial phrases to help any healing process :

« Well being should be yours and your cells know exactly how to ask and what to do. And if you could completely get out of the way and trust, you would become well again because the cells know what they need and they are asking directly from the Source of life and they will receive it if you’re not in the way. »

« But how do i do that when i hurt? Or when somebody gives me a label that frightens me? »

We say : « You gotta separate the two journeys – you can have the illness and feel hopeful and you can have the illness and be afraid »

You can find soothing words for yourself like hope, trust, faith. You can find a healer or a doctor that puts up the Dog and Pony Show that is just right for you, that will give you the hope and the trust and the confidence. Anyway when you feel sick or hurt, this is a contrasting experience hat will give birth to a louder and clearer desire than has ever emanated by you before. Whenever you believed in the rightness of a surgery or a herb or a hypnosis or whatever… you relaxed, you trusted and you could then allow the cells to heal themselves.

Your body has the resources to heal itself under all conditions

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iAll physical sensations are just about how your energy is flowing through your experiences. In fact all physical illnesses start with a negative emotion. Because if your energy is flowing freely within the experience you have, there is no resistance; there is no contradictory energy from your side flowing against the energy of the experience. On the other hand, if there is resistance, the flow of your energy is impeded and the first sign that this has happened is a negative emotion. If you don’t pay any attention to this, if you are not sensitive to it, then the negative energy will manifest in physical symptoms of illness. So negative emotions and symptoms of illness are always only indicators; indicators that you’re having thoughts that do not serve you.

Symptoms do not have any power over you, indicators don’t have any power over you – at any moment, if you can stop and relax in it instead of pushing against it, your body will right itself. It really, really will.

While we watch humanity, we can clearly see that illness really gathers momentum right at the time of diagnosis. Your doctor may say: “When we can catch your illness in the subtle first stages, we can…”. But we can finish their sentence: “… we can parlay them into a full blown illness!” You can take a completely healthy person and scare them into any illness, just by talking about other people’s illnesses. Listening to them you will begin to push against your natural well being, contradicting your energy. On the same line of thought, as the science of medicine evolves, it produces more and more illnesses, just by shining their spotlight on what you don’t want; and then embarrassing you into going in for a testing.

A good way out of this dilemma is when you respond: “I have a healthy body and under all circumstances my body has the resources to right itself. It is not about some illness jumping from the outside into me, it is about me holding wellness out by pushing against all kinds of things. I don’t get ill because I focus on diabetes, cancer or Alzheimer’s – all doctors and nurses are doing that all they long every day; they don’t get sick because they don’t worry about them. I get a disease because I find things to worry about, because I find things to push against, because I feel guilty and I blame and I get angry. When I do this, I disregard the guidance system in me that says: “Hey wait, you don’t feel good, you don’t have thoughts that serve you”. Disregarding or not being aware of my inner guiding system, I will listen to this healer and that doctor. And the moment anybody convinces you of the slightest inappropriateness in you, they have pointed you in the direction of potential illness.

The feeling of loving your self and the feeling of worthiness are equivalent to health; and it is the feeling of ‘oh I have done wrong’ that is illness. If you don’t love you as source energy loves you, you got resistance going on that is going to show up in some kind of way.

One of the most terrifying things in your house is Tv and Newspapers, because they are trying all day to frighten you into a behavior that will give them money.

We want you to think about illnesses and catastrophes in the same way you think about condiments on your sandwiches: some people like them, some people don’t… it’s an option and it’s not bigger than that… you don’t know what you are talking about: your statistics and your reasons are not about energy flow – but I know about energy flow and so I am immune against anything that you are talking about. And I can tell in all the subtle early stages, whether I am flowing against it or towards it. I don’t need your tests or your diagnosis or your cures.

When medical science will finally discover that what they are looking for is the cause for the illness not the cure for it. The cause is always vibrational; and once you know that the cause is vibrational, you always have the cure!

The cure is always a shifting of vibration. But you cannot shift it all at once, you cannot change the way how you were thinking and feeling at once. That’s why you have to make peace with where you are. You only can feel your way forward, you can look at the pointer, which is inside of what you don’t want, pointing towards what you want. You can follow that pointer again and again and again, until your point of attention, your point of attraction shifts to another place and gets established there. Immediately the Law of Attraction fill flow all that you want towards that new point of attraction. Maybe that passes from fear to anger, because in anger you are more in your power; but once you get it that anger doesn’t serve you either… then you can laugh at what you were afraid in the beginning; not laughing mockingly, laughing lovingly at their misunderstanding, like a mother laughs at her child sometimes – because you are invincible.

On health problems

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If you have a physical health condition, it has the tendency to dominate your vibration and this is how you maintain the state of disease, because you are so observant.

The first indicator that your vibration isn’t serving you, is a negative emotion. If you overlook this indicator, your soul needs to speak up a little louder, and a physical condition may arise – a disease may manifest. But this disease is also just ONLY an indicator.

‘But I think I can cope with that’.

We will give you an example what ‘coping with it’ means: you take some Novocaine so that you can sit on the hot stove. You will be able to cope now… You don’t really like the odor but you are coping… it doesn’t hurt like it did before the Novocaine, so you can hold on for a while…

If we would be in your shows we would stop coping and get sensitive; we would really, really, really, really get particular about negative emotion – and pain definitely is a negative emotion. And we would guide our thoughts so that negative emotion ceases; consequently we would get a different indicator, because physical condition is just an indicator of chronic thought.

But if you don’t guide your thoughts, you will always come back to the present indicator: Yes, I hear you but I’m here and I don’t like it… yes, I see but I’m here and I don’t like it; yes, I understand… but I’m here and I don’t like it. You reach for another thought and it brings you right here, where you don’t like it… and you reach for another thought and it brings you right here, where you don’t like it…

When your body produces a disease, an indicator showing you that your thoughts and vibrations are not serving you, then you say: well now it’s really hard to change because I have this physical manifestation.

We say: Let’s just call it what it is: We love you very much, but you do sloppy thinking, lazy thinking. Law of attraction doesn’t give you very much leeway, because Law of Attraction will bring you more thoughts, experiences and meetings that fit with your point of attraction.

So it takes effort in the sense of a deliberate decision on your part to find another thought to get off the subject of where you are and feel your way forward. We give you the ‘Best Word Game’ to do that:

    1. Breath in and give us your best word which begins with the letter A and breath out… one single word that you feel is an inside the vortex word.
    1. Breath in and give us your best word which begins with the letter B and breath out…
    1. Now a word that starts with C
  1. Up to Z

While you do the exercise, feel the words, the quality of the words, how the words make you feel. You have to focus because the words may not come easy. That’s a very valuable period of time because you deliberately searched for positive feelings… and gradually your mind changes, it finds another place and you become clearer, better.

You could have gone the easy way explaining what’s going on in terms of manifestations; instead you felt forward; and you did it long enough so that your vibration shifted, so your point of attraction is no more in the place that it was when you started – you moved it! Now that you feel a little bit more hopeful or euphoric is an instant indicator that you moved your vibration. And now the physical condition has to move, too. The physical condition has to move to meet the new vibration.

Now the question is:

Did I move far enough that I can hold the new vibration?

The answer:

Probably not… you have to do that a few times… until you move and hold… you move and hold… you move and hold… until you have established a new set point of attraction.

About healers and healing

The original video is here ; the first paragraphs are taken from this video,

This is for all of you who are in the helping professions, healers and doctors. If you want to be helpful, you sometimes forget that the people that you want to help are also receiving the flow of non-physical energy, assistance and understanding. Now as a healer you might want to get into that flow to direct it to the person you want to heal; forgetting that this flow is already waiting to reach the person, waiting that the person lessens their resistance.

So the only thing a healer really can do is soften the resistance of the person that does not permit the healing.

In this sense the healer may want to work with the person on their belief system that doesn’t allow the healing or well-being. But a far bigger consideration is the belief of the healer that the person has a resistive belief that isn’t helping them. Because as long as you have the belief that they have beliefs that aren’t helping them, you can’t help them either.

If all the patients were in the same place, receptive to the process of letting their systems process themselves, then doctors and healers were not required at all. But as this is not (yet) the case, healers and doctors can see themselves as bridge builders.

If the patient is not thriving and does not understand why but wants to… then what you have is a situation where what they have been living has caused a focused desire, a point of attraction within them that is currently nowhere near vibrational harmony.

Now as you as a practitioner offer your particular dog and pony show it happens sometimes that your show puts them in a place of greater willingness to be receptive. So when they are now more in alignment and they are still willing to play with us, we would give them a clearer version of our dog and pony show:

We will never assert that any healer’s or doctor’s action may not be causing the allowance of the well-being in the patient, but we promise you that it is always and only about that allowance. Our intervention caused you to soften your resistance and allow the well-being that would have been there otherwise anyway. Everybody wants to be well, no-one would deliberately choose illness. And the fact that they are not, makes them believe that there must be something apart from them that’s causing it. However, all organs in the body know perfectly well how to maintain their balance as long as they are not being denied access… by vibrations of resistance that hinder the free communication between what the cells want and what the universe is answering.

Now if you say to a person that they need to adjust their vibration in order to be well; and they have never in their life even thought about vibration, they don’t even know that they are vibrating… it may take some time for them to understand that their emotions are indicators of their vibration… then sometimes a deliberate action suggested by you, may let them experience something which causes them to offer less resistance… which allows the cells to continue to ask and the non-physical energy continue to answer… so they come back into balance…

Scientific studies show – especially in the context of the placebo effect – that it doesn’t seem to matter what type of medicine (naturalistic, plasmatic, ritual, pharmaceutical, etc) is administered. The comment denominator that seems to matter is the believe of the patient that what he is receiving is the best! So whatever it takes to assist someone in allowing what they really want to happen, is appropriate and efficient; so you have to tailor your dog and pony show to what the patient can and want to believe.

That’s why the most successful doctors and healers are those who are able to adjust their dog and pony show – and Law of Attraction helps. In other words: you decide that method ‘X’ is the right way to go and you get focused and set up your clinic so you can be the facilitator of that method ‘X’, then Law of Attraction brings you those people who are most likely to receive wellness through that process.

And there is no shortcut like: why not simply provide joy based (psycho-)therapy?, because not everybody is ready for that. Often people are only ready to accept that all is determined by thought and vibration only when they have tried everything else and failed…

All so-called negative experiences (like illness) are contrasts that give birth to new desires. When you came into that body, you wanted the new contrasts because you knew that each contrast experience will give birth to a new desire within you – now if you get to feel the exhilaration of a new desire, you will understand that this is life! The contrast gives birth to new desires and ideas; and when you find the vibrational harmony with it, you will watch the Universal forces assisting you to manifest and you can continue your art of eternal living happily ever after.

Repeat this for 30 days before eating and see what happens

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Eating too much… overweight… addiction… diet… health…

We want you to find a way to make peace with food – all of you!

If you want to control your behaviour – it is a difficult path, because you will be oriented towards action, towards control, towards the physical aspect of the thing.

If, on the other hand, you manage to go before taking action, to addictive behaviour, then we won’t need to control it. It’s the easy way. It is first simply to align your vibrations with what you want and then from that alignment you continue with an inspired action. Then there will be no sense of deprivation. You just have to want to raise your vibration to the level of what you really want.

Throughout your life you have had relationships with food, with clothes, with your appearance. You have launched so many rockets by your desires – that they have made your body what it is right now.

Do you know someone who doesn’t put a lot of effort into it and receives plenty? And do you know anyone else who works really hard and doesn’t get much?

If the answer is’yes’, you will agree that vibratory alignment is much more important than our actions! The results we can obtain are not justified by our efforts but by our vibratory alignment.

The first step is to tell and live your story in an authentic way without fear of being judged, your story as you want to live it.

Then it is necessary that you cultivate the confidence that your body is your friend; that your body is a wonderfully sophisticated and efficient factory that knows exactly what it is doing. When this confidence has become a certainty, your body will naturally take you into a vibratory balance. Don’t give your energy to thoughts that sow doubt, thoughts like:’it’s not the right thing’…’this food doesn’t have enough of that’…’or too much of that…”.

You really only eat for 15 minutes per meal. Use the same time before putting the first bite in your mouth to find your alignment with the meal. You can say or think something like this:

For this meal I have the fortune to have plenty of food choices. I like to remind me that my body will simply be content with anything and everything I choose. 

I cannot make a bad choice. I love to remind me that my body know exactly how to transform this food into the energy that is needed to keep my body healthy and beautiful – I trust 100% in the ability of my body!

Healing yourself

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The general problem with healing is, that it puts emphasis upon what’s wrong. If you could distract yourself from illness, then you could reclaim the ground that you were standing before falling ill. But the ground before the illness was still a resistant place because it was on it’s way to illness. So you have to step further into less resistance in order to stop the progress of the illness.

Resistance is the only thing that is disallowing the wellness.

Once the wellness is disallowed and the illness is in place, you can’t help notice the illness.

But there can actually be benefits in getting sick: the benefit of illness is that a stronger desire for wellness is born out of it. There are those who get sick in the early days of their life only to discover their passion for wellness. Once they are able to ride the rockets of their desire for wellness, now they live much more healthy lives than they would have been if they haven’t got sick to begin with.

Far too much is made of the idea of illness.

So instead of saying ‘I will be the one who heals my illness’, we would say instead ‘I am one who encourages my wellness; I am leaning towards wellness – I am not pushing against illness’. People fight the war against cancer, AIDs and all those things, because they think if they push hard enough – these things will go away… But when you give your attention to anything not wanted, you just activate the vibration of it and you hold yourself into it longer, you see? The key to anything you don’t want is to withdraw your attention from it.

In the context of illness, you have to find something that is more appealing to think about than being sick. That’s easier said than done, but we tell you that you can go from anywhere you are to wherever you want to be if you just take it in bite-sized pieces.

For example you could let your desire not be for health but be for feeling good right now. Then you keep letting that be you dominant intent: to feel as good as you can feel right now, no matter how bad it looks.

I want to find the thought that feels the best that I have access to’… it could be a whole lot better but I don’t have access to a whole lot better right now – so I’m gonna make the best of this’… if you are determined to make the best out of this, you move a little step further… then as you are still determined to make the best out of this, you move another little step further… and before you know it, you are wherever you wanted to be.

And there can be many things as steps on the way: a voodoo doll, a chicken tied around their neck, a plasma protocol, a pill – every time a reclaiming of wellness occurs, something happened that made you feel better and therefore release the resistance, which was the only thing keeping you from full wellness.

We would change our vocabulary.

Instead of saying ‘I am sick today’, we would say ‘ I have an epidemic of resistance going on within me that is a byproduct of the negative thoughts that I have been thinking’.

Instead of saying ‘I am hoping for healing’, we would say ‘I am reaching for better feeling thoughts with the belief that the better feeling thoughts that will produce the vibration that will allow the wellness that would be there if I would not be beating the drum of resistance’.

Rather than saying ‘I am hoping for an improved condition’, we would say ‘I am hoping for a thought of relief’.

Instead of saying ‘I am hoping that my physical condition will improve’, we would begin saying ‘I am trying really hard to feel life-giving rage around the subject that I am feeling dis-empowered about; and I’m looking forward to the tantrums that I am going to throw on my way to wellness’.

Until you decide that you’re in control of the way you feel, then you’re powerless to change anything in your experience. And once you discover even one small time that you can feel better just by choosing the thought that feels better – then you are on your way, back in power. Now there’s no place where you can’t go. No sickness will ever have it’s grip on you again!

We would rather that you have some deadly disease that you say ‘No big deal… I can turn around and walk right out the same door that I walked into… I am not afraid of this because I know how I got here… so I don’t go to the doctor in fear of what will be discovered… I know I’m in charge.’

So no more healing.

Just reaching for thoughts that feel better – and then healing is the natural by-product of that. And again we want to say there is no condition, no matter how dire it seems, that cannot be released from your experience. There is no such thing as a fatal illness – we’ve never known anyone who died of an illness; we’ve known a lot of them who died of the fear of illness.

Fear is that feeling of powerlessness and a disconnect from the resources that are the healing that you are talking about.

Jesus is said to have been a powerful healer and the reason that he was is because when he looked at you – no matter what your current temporary state of physical condition – he did not allow himself to behold it. Instead he saw you as he knows you to be in your wellness. Because he saw you that way so powerfully, your illness could not abide in his vibration. It just wasn’t a place for it there. His vibrational signal was so powerful that your vibrational signals were overwritten for a while. And then he said: ‘Go forth and tell no one’. Because he know, if you went home and talked about it, that talk would take you right back into the resistance that was disallowing the wellness to begin with, you see?