Practice Abundance

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Do you have any idea, how many experiences of abundance you have called to you and that you are not allowing to flow with the ease that is possible? And do you know the one reason why?

Because you are fixated on the observation of what is and you let the absence of what you want dominate your vibration; and this vibrational field holds you and what you want apart:

I want it but i want it right now and the not having of it has me upset.”

You are the creator of your own reality, nobody else is. You are the thinker of your own thoughts, you are the perceiver of your own world, you are the attractor of your own experiences, you are the maker of your own life. You are the magnificent genius creator who came into the is physical body with the express intent of mixing it up , of looking around and identifying what you want, of achieving vibrational harmony with it and then taking glory watching with reverence and appreciation the components of your creation come into place – one by one. This in some cases surprises you and in every case delights you.

But you can’t live your life without those like us benefiting from your exposure to your life. The thrill that you have, is our thrill that you are interpreting. But when you feel bad, that is you interpreting the absence of us; which is in reality your pinching yourself off from the vibration your source.

Do you understand that everything has a vibrational frequency? Do you understand that your manifestation that will soon come has a vibrational frequency? Do you understand that, if – before it manifests – you achieve vibrational harmony with the frequency of it, then it comes to you faster?!

So what would the vibrational frequency of abundance feel like? It would feel like EASE, it would feel like FREEDOM TO CHOOSE, certainly. It would feel like EAGERNESS and CLARITY. The vibration of abundance feels like FRESH AIR, like a CLEAR PATH. It feels UNLIMITED, ALWAYS FLOWING.

Lets say you are standing in your perceived manifestation of not enough and you can focus on something else that feel like fun, that feels like fresh air or a clear path, or unlimited or always flowing – except money, because that in you mind is always associated with not enough, with worry and anxiety. If abundance is important to you, then take money out of the equation, because there is so much other abundance around you, that you can tune yourself to the frequency of it. Choose one of the abundances and describe how they feel like.

Then ask yourself why do you want this type of abundance, what will it bring to you? By exploring this path you will get yourself into the vibration of that what you want. And it makes it’s way to you in so many different, live-giving, fun ways. But you have to practice the vibration of it… you have to stop focusing so much on what is, that it dominates your vibrational patterns and you don’t get what you want. You have to start focusing on who you really are and how you want to feel!

  1. Make a list of everything you want.
  2. Then take each item one by one and analyze for yourself what is the feeling of that? Not what does is look like but WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE?
  3. Then stay there and revel in that emotion for a moment.

Then you practice the frequency of it longer – and that is really all that deliberate creation is. And the good feelings will come easier the more you practice. Why? Because Law of Attraction says: Oooh you feel like that, here’s a little more!

it’s about being a little bit kinder to yourself!

Money coming in and money flowing out

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Money is a means for exchange.

Money is like an energy package.

Money is like air – it’s coming in and it’s flowing out. So you can take pleasure in breathing it in and you also may take pleasure in breathing it out.

The air example is a good example because it shows how holding on to money and hoarding it actually hurts you. So if you regret that money is flowing away from you, it is like holding your breath… this is a very big effort on your part which you can only sustain for so long. You can hold your breath only for so long… until you will faint or fall asleep. Unconscious you release your grip, you release your resistance and your negative momentum will subside… and hopefully you will not pick it up when you wake up again!

One more thing: when money flows from you and you take the stance of you not knowing when and how it will be coming back, you focus on the absence of money, on the absence of what you want. And that is resistance just like holding your breath. The thought of not knowing when and how money will come back to you reflects your not knowing the law of the universe.

Worse still, it may reflect your fear that the money will not come back to you. At this moment you focus on the lack of money – consequently money will stay away from you. Not because it is not given to you, only because you resist it coming back to you. It is already out there for you and really wants to get back to you but you look in the direction where it is not, in other words: you turn your back on it.

So what to do?

When you catch yourself being in the resistance mode – remember the hand

The thumb is pointing up and the index is pointing forward. Here’s what they are pointing out:

The hand with the curbed fingers is what you are looking at, what you don’t want.

The thumb points towards meditation – just watch your breathing in and breathing out; when the resistive thought come back, register it and go back to watching your breathing in and breathing out…

The index is pointing towards what you do want; every situation that you don’t want is a pointer towards what you do want. So follow your finger and think about what you want in order to create the vibration that will materialize it.

Remember your pointing fingers – a very useful trick to lessen our resistance!

Learn to create money without action

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Here’s how the universe works : a thought is a vibration, a practiced thought is a practiced vibration, which is a point of attraction, and when you keep it up for a little while it becomes a manifested reality. And thought and vibration is where you put your emphasis. You focus on something out of the vortex and nothing will change at all – you can sit and focus in the vortex and your life will change magnificently – THE POWER OF YOUR MIND IS THE ONLY POWER THAT MATTERS.

‘that matters’ means also that which is able to translate thought into matter 😉

So to say ‘just focus and doing nothing’ is far from the truth because focusing is the only REAL action that you can do.

If you think that in our world, if you want money, you can either steal it from someone or you offer some value for people so they will want to give you money for it… you start off on flawed premises:

The most important flawed premise is that value only comes from action. Who gets to define that your work hour is worth $20.00, someone else’s $200.00 and still another persons gets $200 000.00 an hour? A few hundred years ago you traded shells, skins and some minerals; later all was measured against the gold standard (which was $35.00 an ounce). History shows that value is not a consistent, not an objective and not an unchanging standard.
But there is a value that is consistent, objective and unchanging – the value of the alignment with your vortex. That actually is the only value that is of any benefit – the alignment with this energy that creates worlds – how do you value this in terms of money? Wellness cannot be monetized, it is not pile-able, it is available in infinite abundance to everybody. The vibrational abundance is realized by some and denied by others, but they’re all doing it to themselves – there is no big pile of resources. Who was paid for the creation of this planet spinning endlessly around the sun? Or look at the conception and birth of a child – who can take CREDIT for that?
So your stealing or trading platform for abundance is not based on anything real and is it not serving anyone.

It’s never about action, it is always about alignment with your dream, alignment with the real resources. Look around you: the people who are working the hardest in terms of action are receiving the least and the people who are working the least are receiving the most – how do you reconcile that?

Most people will say, that this sucks, that this is unjust; and they want to take the cake and split it up again… after some time another revolution will take the cake and split it up again… it does not matter how many times you split that cake up, it will never move to the destinations intended by the cake splitters. It will always move into the vibrational places where the Law of Attraction puts it. In our physical world the cake always goes to the 1% while the 99% complain; the cake always goes to the 1% because they are up to the vibration to get it. In other words, you cannot orchestrate it through action because it is a vibrational attraction – it’s all about allowance.

When you say: people want money so they can be free and creative, etc. We say: people want alignment which will bring them money and the rest. What you want is to be in love, is to take a walk and feel your heart soaring, what you want is music to move through your body, what you want is to be alive and brilliant… so what you want is alignment and all the other stuff is irrelevant. And when you go for alignment then all the other things have to fill in around you. This is the Law.

All what you want (money, abundance, relationship, peace etc) is already created, all you have to do is to hone in on that signal; and you can tell when you’re honing in because you’re feeling better, you’re feeling lighter, you believe, you just know that life is good and you’re stable. Then any of your action will support your knowledge of well-being; you are tuned in and you won’t cease to act because you are inspired by the energy that creates worlds!

What to do when you can’t pay your bills?

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A woman shared : « I started a business which became very successful; a friend of mine invested in it to expand it – and it flopped. Now, I can’t even pay my bills; I am feeling the pressure from my friend for having squandered her money, I feel guilty and my life is hell. »

Abraham’s answer : You can’t get where you want to be (feeling o.k.) as long as you keep on looking in the direction from where the bad feelings come. We say to you that you don’t have to look in that direction so that it doesn’t have to control the way that you feel.

We will give your one of our favourite analogies. When Ester first went to San Francisco and saw these steep uphill streets… they just look like a roller coaster down there… and imagine putting your vehicle at the top of the hill and taking it out of gear and taking all the breaks off and then just deciding that you’re just gonna nudge it a little bit from behind to see what happens. And you know what’s gonna happen… it’s gonna get going… gravity and inertia and momentum are going to have their way… and it’s gonna go faster and faster right down into the bay… This is how your habitual negative thinking works, this is the rollercoaster of your resistance.

You realize that this outcome is not what you really wanted – so you could have gone before the car while it’s just barely beginning to gather momentum and starting to move – it would bump you a little and it would stop!

Or you could be down there at the bottom of the hill trying to stop it before it falls into the water – but it’s harder to stop the more momentum is has.

The entirety of your vibrational attitude is based upon what you are looking at right at this moment.

Now let’s go back to your business example : You have to get out from under the influence of fear and guilt and you cannot get out of it by wishing that it hasn’t happened – because it has. This is like standing at the bottom of the street in San Francisco wishing that the car won’t plough over you – it will plough over you, such are the laws of the universe. You have to get out of the influence of guilt and blame and get into the influence of exhilaration about your business. You have to decide what will be dominant – whether it is the influence of success or the influence of worry ?

So what are you gonna do? What do you do when you’re standing right in the middle of it? Wouldn’t it be nice to start all over again because then you know better?

Well here’s the truth of it all :

You are always starting all over again in every moment!

You’re new unto the universe in every moment!

You can establish a new point of attraction in every moment!

You could meditate and clear your vibration and be new like you were in the very first place. But most humans don’t do that; they get new and get old again; they get forward looking and then they’re looking at the past again.

When you tell us that « I feel guilty ». This sounds almost as if you were making an unequivocal statement that the universe needed to adjust to… and the universe is responding to that!

So a better statement would be :

« I feel guilty but I don’t mean to »

« I feel guilty and I wanto let that go »

« I feel guilty and I know the disadvantage of feeling guilty »

« I feel guilty because of my old habit; and I produce now habits. »

« I feel guilty but guilt is not natural to me. I know what guilt is : that my opinion is different that the opinion of my inner being… my inner being is aligned with the success of my business and I am aligned with worries. So this guilt doesn’t feel good to me; I feel guidance that this spot is not helping. So I am not wanting to continue to think that thought as much anymore. So I am going to look for other things; I’m going to look for other areas of satisfaction in my life; I’m going to look for so many other successful things in my life so that the guilty feelings just don’t have enough air time within me!

You cannot get to the new place while you’re talking about what is! You can get there very fast if you get yourself feeling satisfaction about a desire within you even if it hasn’t manifested (yet)! We want your mind to accomplish an emotional respons of satisfaction and then you’ll see it.

YOU ARE THE CREATION – NOT YOUR BUSINESS; the business is just the excuse you use to create YOU. That’s why if the business is not working, it feels like YOU are failing.


This trick can bring you a lot of money

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…as an example: you want money abundance, you want to be a millionaire. If you want to be a millionaire when you see that you are not…this thought creates resistance to the manifestation because if you see that you are not and BELIEVE your eyes, you no longer create the manifestation of not being…the vibration you offer at this moment is the vibration “I am not a millionaire”, which is the opposite of what you want.
By stating this, you are more precise than your current vibration is able to support. At times when you feel this tension, step back and say something more general, such as:

  • I have the potential to have everything I want. (There is no resistance in that)
  • Every day I get better. (There is no resistance in that)
  • I can already feel an improvement. (There is no resistance in that)
  • I know the universe is abundant. (There is no resistance in that)
  • I know that this process works.
  • I know I’m getting closer to aligning with what I want.
  • I like the idea of abundance; I like to find signs of abundance in my life experience – not only financially, but also abundance regarding my clarity of mind, well-being, physical energy, beauty.
  • I understand that all abundance does not come all at once – I love this current of abundance that shows itself more and more at every moment.
    I like to know that I am the creator of my own reality; I like to be able to dream big; I like to know the energy that creates worlds, my own ray and those of all others is gathering to assist me, that I can see that’my work’ is simply to relax and allow it to happen. I don’t want everything to happen at the same time – in the same way that I don’t want to eat all the meals for the rest of my life today… I like to enjoy desires as ideas, fragments of manifestation… I like to see how abundance springs up in my life in so many different ways… I can’t wait to know what will follow!
  • I like to know that everything is always good for me. I like to feel my ability to understand. I like to understand the Laws of the Universe.
  • I am delighted with my guidance system. I like this moment tells me that I know that the calm I feel in that I am exactly on the right track.
  • I feel the cooperative Universe, that it is around me and that it participates with me in this co-creation. I like not to need to know the “how” of the things that will manifest themselves – as I don’t need to know all the turns of the roads I take to go on holiday…

Do you see how easy it is to just recognize the things you can recognize? Do you feel the vibrational frequency you have created without forcing anything, without trying
to understand everything, without any effort?
Perhaps you can now understand that it is not the manifestation of your desires that fascinates you, it is not the final point that attracts you, but rather this joyful journey, which is continually unfolding on the path of what you think, of what you desire. We want to tell you that something even more than you think you want, is the journey to achieve what you want.
It is in your interest to rejoice in the journey – because you will never get anywhere! The sooner you make peace with the fact that you are a process and that you will never reach the end. point – the sooner you will find happiness!