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How to release anxiety?

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Q :

I have been struggling with addictions, compulsions…

A :

You have been making your way to better feeling places; you’ve been well intentioned; you have been taking the path of least resistance as best you could. BUT… when the path of least resistance is an action, and your action is struggle, then it leads to more struggle! But when the path of least resistance is vibrational or emotional, then it always leads to a clearing because all your resources are where the vibrations are and not where the conditions are.

First complement yourself for caring about how you feel.


I need to learn to release my anxiety that’s in my mind.


You can’t release anxiety, you have to focus it out. To release anxiety is like sitting on a hot stove and saying: “I need to find a way to not feel that hot stove. Something is wrong with me because I feel it.”

Yes, you don’t want to feel anxiety, but you do want emotional awareness. Look closer: you are focused upon something that causes anxiety but you want to release anxiety. We say you don’t want to release anxiety but you want to refocus on something else so anxiety is not the response. You want to change focus. You want to find more good feeling things to think about. Do it early on: first thing in the morning. Every day you do it, it gets easier and easier.

Let’s also look at anxiety: you have a powerful mind; you focused yourself on a lot of expansion that your beliefs aren’t letting you live. So there is a tag of war going on inside of you that feels like anxiety. You can say it in a different way: I become more than I’m allowing.

Focus is good but what you’re focused upon is not so good; if in your focusing there is anxiety – that only means that you’re focused in opposition to what you want.

We want you to care about how you feel first and foremost and then, from that place of alignment, oh you start focusing into the world in a way that is so productive and beneficial to you and to the world.