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How the UEU works

One of the biggest things with the new Enhancement  units is the power which they deliver; it’s a punch that will bring the Soul to her confirmation of her own existence; it is designed to do so. This system allows the freedom of the Soul from the physicality.M. Keshe

In our lives up to now, we managed to suppress the existence of our Soul for so many lives; and at the end, each time we died, because the mind enforced a distance to the Soul to a point where she was not able anymore to support the existence of the body. The new UEU has the capability to overpower the mind and give the natural and original power of the Soul back to her- at least for a moment. And at this moment “you will see a tiny splendid light in the center of our being; for the first time you will see your Soul inside yourself! (M. Keshe).

The UEU works in a way that she directs more energy to the Soul; so the Soul becomes more powerful than the mind and the latter cannot overpower her anymore. In this moment, the whole system of the person has access to the unlimited power of the Soul. Thus the Soul will be able to satisfy the needs on the level of the soul of physicality, which in turn will satisfy what the body needs.

It is like you see your mother in a dream and she gives you your favourite food. Now you not only enjoy the physical taste of the food, but you also feel the enjoyment and satisfaction on the emotional level. And this is the chance you have now with this Plasma technology. It’s for you to become detached from the matter state. M. Keshe

This quote is pointing us towards how to better understand the process to materialize our wishes: we know already that we have to stand on the ground where our wishes are already fulfilled, then we have to imagine all the sensations that are produced when the wish is fulfilled. Now we can render our wish still more powerful simply imagining our happiness and satisfaction that comes with the fulfillment of the wish. Let’s look at the example of “praying for rain”: we start with the trust that rain will come; we feel our feet in the soft, wet mud, we smell the scent of the rain wetting the dusty land; and now we allow ourselves the happiness and joy that comes with “dancing in the rain”!

Everything is about FIELD INTERACTION and not about this and that GaNS, coils and so on. In enjoying the physical sensations as well as the emotional joy connected to the wish fulfilled, I am giving the 2nd component to materialization:

Universal Energy Packs + Our Wish/Input + Our Environment = Fullfillment


Detachment is an indispensable help in this process. As long as we are not detached, other entities can syphon off our energy or at least distract us from our path.

Example: if we are about to create a wish and have managed to dwell in that feeling of satisfaction and joy – and suddenly along comes a trigger that upsets us and we get angry. In a split second we are not only taken out of our space of enjoyment, which is the right condition to fulfill a wish, but we already forgot all about the process and are completely drawn into the trigger. So if we want to be able to live in both the worlds (enjoy the physical dimension with it’s love and enjoy the light of the Soul dimension), we have to learn detachment!

If you can be detached as I am, you will reach the point to only be attached to one thing – and that’s your Soul and the destiny which your Soul has set for you.” M. Keshe