The New Credo

Variation on a Post by a knowledge seeker from Brazil

Can you accept that all the circumstances and events in your life have only one purpose: to make you live the truth that you are? Everyting happens to make you discover who you are and live your truth. Accept even that sometimes you reject something because you don’t understand it yet. The more you can accept that, the freer you will be!

This is the end of all the beliefs.

This is the end of the search.

This is the end to suffering.

And remember, beloved, to not believe anything and check everything for yourself.

It’s so simple!

Plasma and Quantum physics

Theodore asks: Quantum Physics say that an observer observing seems to have an effect on the matter state; would it be correct to see the observer as a projector projecting intention into the matter state? M. Keshe answers “Of course, because that’s what you want to see, so you crate the intention of seeing what you want.”

We have also learned that the intention can be of various strengths, weak or strong; and that their force decides on the chance for manifestation. Now we could think that we have to concentrate a lot on our intention – either by clenching our fists and teeth or by repeating our intention incessantly like a mantra. That will not work. Why? Because our very effort is based on the belief that our wish will not come true (all on it’s own); a belief that contradicts our wish!

We have the best chance to see the manifestation on the matter plane when we get to be in a place where we expect the wish to manifest. When we expect something to happen, we don’t harbour any contradictory beliefs. It is obvious for us that it will happen.

And of course when we expect something to happen, we don’t perform a “Reality Check” all 5 minutes to see whether it’s already happened or not. Because the reality check as well is based on the belief that it’s not happening (all on it’s own).

M. Keshe comments on the subject: “Man has got to stop confirming his existence in the matter state and build trust in his true existence on the Soul level because we are Vibrational Beings!”

You are about to create your reality

You are the Creator.

Create your new reality slowly, exactly like you want it to be.

You only have to change your reality and only your reality.

Make sure that nothing worries you. Don’t let yourself get distracted – continue in a trustful way to elaborate your creation in your vision and calmly construct it in it’s totality.

Focus on what you want exactly. Become totally neutral and indifferent vis-a-vis all so called ‘news’ wherever they may come from.

You are the creator of your reality.

That is why your mind and your emotions must move forward in silence through the fields that you’re about to generate. Keep your environment very clean and of a high level of vibration. Trust the process. Please don’t be distracted by all that is happening in the world.

Through this process, you continuously add new field forces which exclude all negative or low vibrations. They simply won’t be able to touch you anymore, while you are in your NEW POSITION as a CREATOR. You will be in wonder about your own creation.

With all my heart, Carolina Keshe

Morning Meditation

Right after getting out of bed, step in front of a mirror. Look into your eyes. Feel the connection. Pronounce your first name and add:

“… I love you my Soul, I live by you, I love through you and I adore you!”.

Appreciate what you see and give yourself a splendid smile.

Evening Meditation

In bed, just when you are about to fall asleep, think:

While I sleep, I share the energy of my soul to elevate the souls of whoever needs it. I am a wo/man of Peace and I give from my Soul to come closer to the other Souls. My soul belongs to Humanity – and Humanity has found Peace now”.

Feel the Peace after having finished this exercise; this confirms that your wish is received.

Elevating Souls

You can say this internally whenever you are not in harmony with another person:

“It is my wish that the Soul(s) to whom I am speaking now, will receive my energy. I am not alone; by my soul I am connected to all in the Universe. All together we wish for Peace in the world. And there is Peace.
I give from my soul without condition as much as they need to enable them to find their own way to create Peace in the world.”