Dr.Klaus’ New Universal Health Unit

The health unit consists of rotating dynamic cores. This system is designed to be flexible in respect to different body shapes and sizes. The rotating cores are mounted on articulate arms which can be positioned along horizontal and vertical axes. Each reactor can be unplugged and removed also. Each motor is individually controlled in direction of revolution and speed (2000-3000 rpm). The 4 reactor unit seen here can be expanded to 16 or any other number in custom versions. The whole unit is CE certified ‘Medical Class 1’.

Of course the heart of the unit are the different GaNS with which the reactors are loaded in concentration ratios of 1:1 to 20:1

The basic GaNS (CO2, ZnO, CH3, CuO) with or without addition of their respective amino acids. Mg, Ca, K, H2 and H3 as well as various food GaNS. The reactors can be ordered pre-filled with specific GaNS and sealed.

The basic unit is 4,900.00 Euros; you can find and order it in the KF store.