Liquid Plasma dosage

The way I work is HOW MANY DROPS. One drop of gans works millions times better than 30 ml of gans. But you don’t see it. Man has to have something big.

In the cases I was called to save lifes, I used drops. Because if you give in ml, it’s too much, the stomach can’t digest it. In spoon feed, you introduce small amount of plasmatic fields, as in a way of containing the process to give life. You can’t give the sick body the steak to eat, but they accept this a food.

How medication works

First of all medication works on the material level; and we have to understand the details of how they are absorbed to evaluate their efficiency. All ingested medication follows the same pathway inside our intestines as the food we eat:

  1. it is swallowed and in our stomach it dissolves and it separated into its energy and matter components.
  2. The matter part is composted going through the intestines with the aid of the bacterial flora which covers the internal intestine walls.
  3. Only the energy part (Plasma) migrates through the walls of the intestines and enters the lymph system from where it is “called” to different regions of the body where it is needed.
  4. In these regions or in the blood, the body re-materializes the energy into the matter state and the medication does what it is supposed to do.

The Plasma Science add to this knowledge by opening another path to process diseases. As any medication is only absorbed as energy (Plasma) – why not administer medication in the form of energy (Plasma) right away and spare the body the trouble to dissociate and reassemble it?

The next image shows GaNS under a very strong microscope; we see that the GaNS is structured in exactly the same way as many cellular agglomerations in the body are. It actually looks like the human bone structure.

That means that with the GaNS technology we are able to induce a certain structure inside the body; we can for example grow or change tissues without surgery – just by “showing” the body the healthy structure so he can remember and rebuild it copying the GaNS structure. On the medication level, we don’t need material medication anymore as we can with interact with particular regions inside the body directly on the plasmatic/energy level.

The holes you see in the images are in fact magnetic field gaps that the GaNS particles have created in respect to each other. And its these magnetic field gaps that dictate the structure of the tissue to rebuild.

These structure also resemble very much pictures of galaxies like the pink one shown in the image below.

Processing Diseases

M.Keshe relates that the majority of the doctors who work with the Plasma Technology don’t get it right, because they don’t yet understand how it works. They may hit the point by chance… but how come, when he applies the knowledge, he gets it right the majority of the time, 90%, 95%. “I get it right because I work understanding the transfer of energy and most of the time the tools I make are just a gimmick because my Soul has already given to the Soul of the patient.” This is the monkey show to get the patient off his mental resistance to his own well-being.

Our doctors and physicians have to give from their Soul and not from the dimension of giving (material) things or remedies.

Today we have to learn the working of the GaNS in it’s true essence; which is plasmatic and immaterial. The Baha’ullah says that even a stone has a Soul and we have to understand the strength of the soul of that stone to become hat stone. If we are dealing with a man, we have to understand the totality of the emotion of the man – the Soul part and the mental part- then we can elevate his state. There is a fault in most of our knowledge as human beings, that we mix the two together and we don’t get the results.

Micro-organisms are our friends!

By aviram

I found a quote in the books of Anastasia by Vladimir Megré which shed a different light on the role micro-organisms play in our life. The quote is from a little girl, named Dashenka that can communicate with micro-organisms, befriends them and get a lot of valuable new knowledge from them about our happiness in relation to our physical health:

You know, the ‘little ones’. They are everywhere around us and inside us. They are good. Kostia (her brother) calls them bacteria, or micro-organisms, bu I’ve got my own name for them, a better name – I call them my ‘little ones’ , mu ‘goodies’ . They like that name better. I play with them sometimes. People pay hardly any attention to them, but they always try to do good for everyone. When Man is joyful – they feel good too from the joyful energy; when Man is angry or hurts something living – a lot of them perish. Others rush in to replace them. But sometimes the others don’t manage to replace the ones that have died – and Man’s body becomes ill.” Anastasia, book 5, p.73

TransPlasma Cups connects your soul

We cannot take for granted that other beings in the universe understand our gestures and they are probably far from knowing physical language be it the spoken word or body gesture. So how do we communicate with them? And vice versa how do we determine what we take from them; to make sure that no other entity deprives us of our energy?

Maybe we can understand more when we remember the GaNS production : We started off with a simple copper wire which represents our body. Then we nano-coated it, to finally make GaNS. The GaNS at the end of the process represents the soul. In our recent history we have focused a lot on the material plane, now to be able to tackle the situations we will meet in space, we will have to focus on the soul. The soul will actually be our sole means of communication in space – from soul to soul.

So again the question arises: “How do we get into contact with our soul?”

An easy and beautiful path to the soul opens to each of us when we go to bed and are about to fall asleep. Just repeat for yourself: “I love you my soul; i live by you, i love through you and i adore you.” In this way you establish the connection to your soul which will expand and firm up during the night. The next day, be open to all kinds of surprises that you’ll have 😉

Or another way opens when we understand a little bit more the workings of the TransPlasma Cup: we surrounded a container with many different GaNS and we placed over it fruits and other things we like. When we filled the cup with distilled water, we understood up to now that the fruits etc transferred their energy and information into the distilled water. But we learn that many more things happen that we were not really aware of:

  • we vitalized the otherwise dead water (distilled)

  • our presence in the process made that our own energy, our own soul has also been transferred into the water as well

  • so every time when we drank the plasma water, we drank as well the essence of our soul, thus reinforcing the connection between our self, our mind and the soul.

Concerning this last point, it is crucial how and if we understand this: are we open to create a feedback loop between our soul (transferring itself into the water) and our physicality (drinking the water) – or do we create a wall preventing us from understanding and using the feedback loop?

When we consciously and without any resistance (doubt or skepticism) drink the plasmatic water which has been conditioned by the soul, we feed the soul through the physicality, by the physical act of drinking. So the soul can give more and feed the body in it’s turn.

“I hope, when next time your drink your GaNS waters, that you enjoy what you drink!”. M.Keshe

Then we could find a way to transfer our soul into the Magravs and the Reactors. And then we can also put a little sphere into the water of the TransPlasma Cup to collect all these fields into it. Once we have convinced us of this connection, we will have the Oasis system, that will give us all we need when we need it, without us even having the need of putting a conscious wish out.

And just like we got the taste and the feeling of the orange by the TransPlasma Cup, now we get the feeling of our soul, we will be more able to connect to our soul and then we come closer to the moment when we can be sustained by the soul, when we can travel by the soul and change our body according to what suits us best in the environment where we want to appear – in space or on this planet.

Then it will be the decision of everyone whether he or she wants to mainly live in the dimension of the soul or in the dimension of the physicality. In the sense that now we think that we have a soul inside of our physical body. When we live through our soul, we may think that we are a soul in the first place using a body in our given environment.

What if the pacebo effect isn’t a trick?

By Gary Greenberg (édité par aviram)

The placebo effect, the phenomenon whereby suffering people get better from treatments that have no discernible reason to work — to call it “fake medicine,” and to add that it probably works because “people like to be cheated.”

Give people a sugar pill, they have shown, and those patients — especially if they have one of the chronic, stress-related conditions that register the strongest placebo effects and if the treatment is delivered by someone in whom they have confidence — will improve. Tell someone a normal milkshake is a diet beverage, and his gut will respond as if the drink were low fat. Take athletes to the top of the Alps, put them on exercise machines and hook them to an oxygen tank, and they will perform better than when they are breathing room air — even if room air is all that’s in the tank. Wake a patient from surgery and tell him you’ve done an arthroscopic repair, and his knee gets better even if all you did was knock him out and put a couple of incisions in his skin. Give a drug a fancy name, and it works better than if you don’t.

You don’t even have to deceive the patients. You can hand a patient with irritable bowel syndrome a sugar pill, identify it as such and tell her that sugar pills are known to be effective when used as placebos, and she will get better, especially if you take the time to deliver that message with warmth and close attention.

But as ubiquitous as the phenomenon is, and as plentiful the studies that demonstrate it, the placebo effect has yet to become part of the doctor’s standard armamentarium — and without a clear knowledge of how it works on a chmical level, doctors can’t know when to deploy it, or how.

What makes our research believable to doctors?” asks Ted Kaptchuk, head of Harvard Medical School’s Program in Placebo Studies and the Therapeutic Encounter. “It’s the molecules. They love that stuff.”

Aided by functional magnetic resonance imaging (f.M.R.I.) and other precise surveillance techniques, Kaptchuk and his colleagues have begun to elucidate an ensemble of biochemical processes that may finally account for how placebos work and why they are more effective for some people, and some disorders, than others.

The hypothesis Kaptchuk had formed over the years: that the placebo effect is a biological response to an act of caring; that somehow the encounter itself calls forth healing and that the more intense and focused it is, the more healing it evokes.

She and Kaptchuk attended a talk in which a colleague presented evidence that an enzyme called COMT affected people’s response to pain and painkillers. Here their observations :

  • high COMT rate weak response to placebos

  • high COMT rate less influancable by intervenants

  • low COMT rate strong response to placebos

  • low COMT rate very influencable by intervenants

Her findings take their place among other results from neuroscientists that strengthen the placebo’s claim to a place at the medical table, in particular studies using f.M.R.I. machines that have found consistent patterns of brain activation in placebo responders. “For years, we thought of the placebo effect as the work of imagination,” Hall says. “Now through imaging you can literally see the brain lighting up when you give someone a sugar pill.”

It suggests that placebo and drug do not involve separate processes, one psychological and the other physical, that add up to the overall effectiveness of the treatment; rather, they may both operate on the same biochemical pathway — the one governed in part by the COMT gene.

New Health approach

We are at the verge of a new approach to health: up to now we treated someone who is ill by intervening directly with his/her physical system (surgery, pharmaceutical) – the Plasma Science has changed that approach totally. Plasma Science does not interfere with the human body, but only with the environment; it changes the environment from difficult or not healthy to an environment that supports the body in a healthy manner.

Let’s remember the example of the Plasma Oasis created by Tom Salas and his mother in Dominica; they succeeded in changing the environment of the garden with different GaNS in such a way that the hurricane ravaging the rest of the island of Dominica, spared the garden entirely. If we want to travel into space, we need to be able to do the same thing – creating a life supporting environment wherever we are.

And… we have to be very ethical about this… for example if we want a parrot, we have no right to capture one and take it with us (as a prisoner), but we can create it on the soul level, leaving it the choice to appear in a physical form or not. We let the soul of the parrot decide on the life of the parrot. The changes to the environment of a patient are working in just the same non-intrusive way – the soul of the patient always decides what and how to accept from the environment.

New approach to Health

Everything that appears on this planet is appearing inside the conditions on this planet – inside the interaction of the fields of the sun, the earth and the rest of the universe. And everything created on this planet it positioned according to the specific gravitational magnetic field in the different areas of the planet. That’s why for example we find copper mines in certain areas only, and mineral oil in others.

The same applies to the positioning of the organs in our body. That’s also why all animals have the same organic structure in the body. This means that the gravitational-magnetic conditions on this planet dictate certain ways how to take energy in (food) and how to get rid energies that are not needed anymore (elimination) :

  • the lungs are the space for the exchange of gaseous substances

  • the digestion system with liver and kidneys/bladder take care of the solid and liquid substances

  • the skin and other membranes tranfer ‘emotional’ substances

Evolution on this planet has has shaped the bodies symmetrically : two lungs, kidneys, ovaries, two legs, arms, etc.

The motor who produces all these forms and functions, is the trinity :

Soul (principal) > Mind /emotion (transition) > Body (matter)

The interaction between the three may be called ‘psychosomatic’ : The interaction of the soul with the mind creates the conditions of the body in the given environement. More precisely the interpretation of the mind/emotions of the given environment determins how the energy of the soul will manifest on the level of the body (disease or ease).

Consequently you can treat diseases in a psychosomatic way or you can change the environment.

The TransPlasma-Cup for example, will tranfer the energy of an orange that you put on top it into the distilled water inside the cup. In this case mainly the information of the orange gets transferred and a little bit of it’s taste as well. Now if you prepare the water inside the cup to have the same salinity (content of minerals in proportion to the content in water) as the orange, you will transfer ‘everything’ – when you drink the water, you will feel as if you chew an orange…

The same applies to the use of the Transplasma-Cup in the medical treatments : you have to take care that the salinities match. So you need to know the salt content of every organ in order to prepare your patches with the same salinity.

The human body contains around 0,4% of NaCl. But there are many other salts. In fact the salts dissolved in the water are the environment within which all body organs are created and within which they function. Each organ or body part has its special salt in its special concentration. You can find the correlations of minerals to body organs on this webpage.

If you treat cancer or alzheimer or anything, the treatment will change the condition in no time if you use the LP or GaNSes with the right salinity proper to the organ.

The neutron development will help you a lot, because Neutron-GaNS delivers such great amounts of energy that the body will take what he needs in seconds and the condition will be gone.

For example to treat kidney stones, make a GaNS from the urine adding LP-CO2+ZnO+CH3 into the patches and after 2 days the stones are gone. Actually to make the GaNS of the urine will deliver the information of the right salts in the right proportion from the body to the GaNS. For heavy cases you use a ratio of 3 to 4:1; for very intrusive cancers you can use 10 to 20 : 1 ratios.

You only need to use it once to let the body’s own system kick in and work the rest to remove the condition.

Another example is Giovanni’s treatment of Naomi’s foot joint which was blocked by salt deposits so she couldn’t move it anymore and had a lot of pain. He made patches with 1p Urine + 1p LP-CO2; and squeezed all the air out to prevent fermentation of the urine. He put two patches on top of the foot and half a patch under the foot (ratio = 4:1). He left the patches for 24 hours. The next day the physiotherapist couldn’t believe that Naomi had no pain anymore and her joints could move like healthy joints.

In the future we don’t need to transplant organs from a donator to a person who has lost a kidney of example : we only have to create a specific environment to iniate the growth of a kidney (a specific shape and salt content). When we can do that we are very close to create new life – a whole new body…

We can profit from the work of conventional medical science who already found out which salts are connected or necessary for which organ and in which concentration. For example Mg for the brain. Actually the womb of the mother functions in the same way; it contains all the gravitational-magnetic fields of every organ and structure of the embryo. Then it is the environment for the new life to take shape.

The baby in the mother’s womb on the other hand is taking it’s energy from the mother’s organism but also huge amounts directly from the environment in which the mother lives.

Health- plasmatic tips

  • Coil or tube units create an environment to help us to target an organ

  • Use the breathing device not for lungs only but also to clear emotions from the targeted organs. People are still dealing with emotions: 99% of the diseases are psychosomatic. M.Keshe: “You will heal people in seconds if you get rid of emotions”. The help you created is aimed at the mid-brain, the thalamus and hypthalamus that control the emotions. We ahve trapped the emotions in. We have to open de the door to let them flow. ZnO opens this door.

  • Patches create an infinity loop by equal sized of the same LP with different concentrations (example: diluted to 30 or 50%). The amount of GaNS per unit of treated area is important. Sandwitching the affected area between 2 patches; use them for 1-2 hrs, 2-3x/day.

  • For drinking and spraying directly on the skin, use only LP (GaNS water). In tubes and patches GaNS can be used directly.

  • Put the specific patches for the diseased organs.

  • The patches sometimes work instantly sometimes take a longer time to work.

  • For early symptoms (headaches, sore throat, etc) spray LP-CO2 round your hair line, on your forehead, front and back sides of your ears. The pain can go away within minutes. Additionaly use a bit of lemon juice in your mouth; rub a drop of lavender essential oils under your nose and 1 drop together with LP-CO2. Rube your hands with LP-CO2 to protect against frostbite

  • GaNSes are used effectively by creating cleaning and curing action in the diseased area through the infinity loop, formed by attraction-repulsion between various GaNSes.

  • For muscle tissue fibre dammage use LP-CuO spray, followed by CO2+ZnO; spray the first on one side and the other on the other side; you can add amino acids. You can also spray the GaNSes on your mattress. Heavy cut wounds can be healed similarly.

  • For muscular atrophy in the neck use a spongy support with: 3p LP-CuO + 3p LP-CO2 + 1p LP-CH3+ZnO.
    Pic: spongesuppoetry

  • For femur- and hip joint regeneration: 2x patches with heavy mixture of CO2+bone+eggshell+Mg+hémoglobine; 2 patches with a light mixture of the same

  • Pain, migrane, hematoma, spray area with PL-CO2+amino acids

  • epileptic attacks and heamatoma: with attacks accompanied by convulsions make the CO2 and ZnO with postassium (K); add MgO

  • for brain haemorrhage use PL-CO2+ZnO+CaO) patches

  • Anaemia: cover the major joints (knee caps or hips) with CH3+CO2 patches with a little amino acids and ZnO

  • Leukaemia: if the cause is emotional give PL-CO2+ZnO: 3 tblsp 3x/day; you may add Ca and Mg – never use CH3; find the damaged femur area (pendulum) and apply your patches there

  • auto-immune disorders: Put patches of CO2+ZnO,+CuO on both sides of the femur, knee and ellbow

  • autism: 4p PL-CO2 + 4p PL-ZnO + 2p CaO + a touch of amino acids; take 3-4 tbsp 3x/1day. Place a patch of it for 1-2 hrs/night under the pillow to elevate the brain and raise production of brain cells. Do NOT give CH3! Make a breathing tube and a tube helmet with 80%CO2+20%ZnO.

  • Anorexia: take 2 tbsp 3x/day of 4pLP-Mg+ 4pZnO+ 1pCO2; make a drink with 1drop of PL-P + 1drop amino acids + 2 drops LP-Mg

  • Suicide prevention: take 4pLP-ZnO + 3pCO2 + 2p CH3 at 2-3tbsp 3x/day. Use breathing tube and tube helmet with 80% CO2+20%ZnO

  • Altzheimer’s: is the result of painful memories in the past: use 50%LP-CO2+50%Zn drink it 3x/day; let person inhale plasma fields from the same mix and spray the body with the same 3x/day. Bring up sweet and happy memories; bring them in contact with persons they like and trust. Stimulate whatever is positive for them. For the head use a large patch with 80%LP-ZnO+20%CO2 inside the pillow for the night.

  • Burned skin: use the Plasma-transfer-cup over a healthy skin part as to transfer the structure of the healthy part into the water, that subsequently is put over the burned skin. Spray also LP-ZnO+CuO+CH3+amino acids on the burned area a few times a day.

  • Eczema: comes from the effort to attract attention: drink 50%LP-CO2+50%ZnO and spray the same frequently on the skin during the day.

  • Kidney recovery: high concentrations of LP-CO2+CuO with a little ZnO over the kidney and a lower concentration of the same in front of the body; wrap them tightly. Do NOT use CH3. Do it for 6-15 days.
    You can also take the infos from the healthy kidney with the Plasma-transfer-cup ; drink from the informed water or make patches. +50%ZnO 3x/day.

  • Feeding: put a large patch of LP-food+CO2 to the back of the stomach and a CO2patch in the front

  • Addiction: breathing plasma reduces urge for drug addiction. Add LP-CO2+ZnO+ammonia drops into the breathing device.

  • Hair loss: LP-CO2+CH3; spray 3x/day

Plasma recommendations

By Günay Apak

Application – 1

3 times per day, mix (2 -3 lt) CO2+ZnO Gans Water into a bath tub of hot water.
• Immerse the whole body and the head into this water.
• Stay in the tub for at least 1hour 2 to 3 times per day. Discard this water.

Application – 2

Place bottles filled with CO2+ZnO Gans into the bathtub; let it activate the water for at least 30 min.
• Don’t discard this Gans. Use it repeatedly.

Application – 3

It is not easy to apply. But in the absence of a health unit, in addition to application of CO2+ZnO Gans patches to the problem areas, Mr.Keshe recommends this as an effective method.
• Depending on the prognosis, continue this treatment for 15 to 30days.

This method is employed to apply the effects of CO2+ZnO plasma to clean the emotional effects together with the physical ones.

Blood tests which must be made. Cancer patients are urged to get the concentrations of the following ions in their blood:
• Fe (Iron)
• Cu (Copper)
• Zn (Zinc)
Application if blood contains more of a metal than needed
Depending on the blood tests, to normalize the metal in excess, it is recommended to use an ’Infinity Loop’.

Explanation is that if the metal excesses are not eliminated, the «seed» of the cancer formation can’t
be destroyed and problem shall relapse. It is possible to eliminate it by Magnetic – Gravitational attraction method, using an infinity loop.

Preparation of Copper ‘’Infinity Loop’’

  1. Get a standard multi-strand copper cable and strip the insulation to obtain the copper (2.5 mm2/AWG 14 section area is very suitable)

  2. Cut pieces, join their ends and produce circles of the size you wish. Twist them to give
    them infinity sign (∞) shape.

  3. Nano coat your loops with cold caustic solution. Your Infinity loops are ready.

If blood has high iron content, patient must carry , an infinity loop made of iron wire. If blood has high copper content, patient must carry , an infinity loop made of copper wire. If blood has high zinc content, patient must carry , an infinity loop made of zinc wire.

According to the teaching of Mr. Keshe, to accelerate healing, all patients are recommended to use CO2+ZnO Gans water breathing tube.(Dr. Rodrigo Design).

ATTENTION! – Patients must NEVER do the followin

  • Never use CH3 Gans water on Cancer Patients.

  • Never use CuO Gans water on the lung and head area.

  • In special conditions, expert doctors may employ special applications. Don’t use all the applications that you read or hear. Search and analyze. It is hard to rectify your errors.

  • Important thing is to use the correct Gans at correct area at correct concentration; do not mix a multitude of Ganses.

  • Never use Lead, Silver and Mercury Ganses for health purposes, unless advised by an expert

Dynamic Healing Tubes

By Manuel Ferriz

is a version of the recent healing device based on tubes of Dr. Rodrigo Vildósola.

I fell in love since the first time… so I looked for a way to make it easy for those who have limited means, but at the same time providing some creativity. Thank you Rodrigo Vildosola César Díaz, thank you, thank you Joan Aragay Tusell and of course thank you mr keshe.

Let’s go to the heart:

6 Tritubos (each in its interior contains 2 Tubes with different diameter gans). If you have any questions about how to make a tritubo you can consult the post:

2 Zones: 3 TUBES 3 Tubes Superior and inferior. Each group of tubes are connected to each other and depend on their respective bombs of gans, of those who sell in aquariums for 18 €.

Therefore 2 bombs moving two types of gans (zno2 for the area high and low for the Co2). The rest of gans rests in his tubes so static.

The Base is a center table from IKEA (step os all links below)

The columns are cardboard tubes of 5 cm in diameter and 2 mm thick which can be found in materials world (web version of service station) for 2 €.

The supports of the cylindrical tubes are tweezers sujetamanteles that come in sets of 4 units for 2,9 €.

The rest is patience and setup. Soon you step a video of how I did it with photos details and measures of the tubes.

Also I will post how is the experience of my first days using this curious machine since they are going through a fairly positive feedback on this type of treatment…

Hugs senses and peace for all!