GaNS-CO2 new details

by Joseph Becker

He achieved an ample production without electricity. The boxes are already working over a long period of time and there is no wear out of the nano-coated plates – no CuO GaNS appears. The reasons he gives :

  • the CO2 production boxes are in a CO2 environment, there is nothing else like other GaNS or copper parts.
  • The nano-coating of the copper plates was done by :
    • dipping the plates in cold caustic and let them dry
    • treating them with steam coating and let them dry
    • rinse them in demineralized water

The little bottle in between the boxes is filled with the same salt water. On the left of it is the Zn plate on the right the Cu-np plate – no GaNS formed which he interprets that the fields cannot pass the C-H-bonds of the plastic containers (recycling 5, polypropylene).

He stopped the production when there was almost only ZnO GaNS production, mostly under the Zn plate and very little CO2. So he put new plates in the same container and new salt water of course. Immediately there was mainly ZnO production. This means that we have to use always a new container if we want CO2!

In the following experiment he wanted to make a GaNS-CO2+ZnO specially for plants. So he did not use NaCl in the water but MgCl – the outcome was a greenish GaNS that he could not determine what it is. To get what he wants, maybe he needs to use the NaCl with a little bit of magnesium salt (MgCl or MgSO4-epsom).

Ricks Experiment

Rick has found a gadget called ‘Toroflux’, a woven metal toy that has many educational and acrobatic qualities 😉 … especially in the context of Plasma Science!

  1. When collapsed the toys have the shape of rings and there is really no interaction between them.
  2. When you tap them, they spring to life and you see that they form the energy lines of a torus.
  3. When you turn each one in the same direction, then they repel each other.
  4. When you turn them, however, in opposite directions, they move very smoothly and easily together like a pair of gears.
  5. The most astounding thing is that you can take each one in a hand and move the hands together – then they will merge into one sphere!