​Sphere of Joy Technology

Finally, here is a technology for checking out the future through the feeling of joy. It is very useful for diagnosing a future event and normalizing it at the same time. For example, let’s say you have a project in the near future and you want to know if everything will go well.

  1. Feel the joy inside you and place it as light inside a transparent sphere. Be careful not to confuse the feeling of joy with the emotion of euphoria and excitement; the joy should be pure and spontaneous.

  2. Send this sphere towards this future event in one pulse as far as possible, into the unlimited space of the future. This sphere will pass through the event and then return like a boomerang. The joy inside the sphere will not be changed but the shape and the luminosity of the sphere can be.
    It is important to send the sphere far into the future and not only to the moment of the event, because the event will develop further into the future. In it’s development an event that might have seemed unfavourable at the beginning can, after having passed through several stages of it’s development, become favourable.

  3. Check the returning sphere: if its appearance has not changed, then everything will be fine. If the shape of the sphere is distorted or its brightness is changed, it means there are components to normalize in this future event.

I’ll give you an example: you fall sick right before you have to take an exam. It may look like a coincidence in the beginning, but later you may realize, thanks to this forced immobility, that what you wanted to use the exam for did not really correspond to your life mission; and the accident did change your professional orientation completely.

If you had sent the sphere one year before the date of your exam to the moment right before the exam, the sphere would have come back distorted. But if you had send it further, it may have come back to you intact because it is precisely this accident that will have allowed you to reorient yourself correctly. This is why you should always send the sphere into the very distant future, so that it will return to you with the final scope of the event you are interested in, and not with the intermediate steps.

This method is very rapid; it can therefore be used to check out the future, to enlighten you on choices you could take or decisions you could make. This Evolutionary Technology also allows us to learn to use our feelings, to feel the events before they are happening.

If the joy sphere comes back to us distorted, we use other controls to harmonize the future. For example, by sending Love, which is harmonizing by itself. Or by reworking the past to improve the future. Or simply by remaining more vigilant and in tune with our feelings in order to act appropriately: “A wise person is worth two.”

This technology also allows us to uncover people’s negative intentions, to strengthen our discernment. And to study the feasibility of a project, taking into account all the obstacles and resistances. For each part of the project.

Evolutionary Technology: Intuitive Control

This technology helps us determine goals by listening to the Soul. It is necessary that the goal of our reality control comes from the Soul and not from the mind. If this is assured, our goal is aligned with the Creator’s agenda, is on the fundamental level and serves the meaning of Global Salvation.

The evolutionary technology which facilitates and assures that the Soul is at the origin of our reality control, is called Soul-Knowledge Control or Intuitive Control.

This technology is at the same time a way to check if your goal is functional in the fundamental sense. That is to say, that it fits into the context of Global Salvation and that it is the right time to establish it. The intuitive control is done in two steps:

  1. Perceive your goal as an event to the norm in the present moment. Imagine it in all its details and also imagine your contentment, joy and love when your goal is achieved.
  2. Now perceive your goal in the distant future; visualize its development always to the norm in time. You can target a future of 100 years or even a million years.

Every event, which is to the norm, will develop eternally; and events, which are not to the norm, have “no future”, they do not develop intrinsically. Events that are to the norm are on the fundamental plane, they follow the Creator’s agenda towards Global Salvation, which is in and of itself an eternal process. On the material level the eternal development shows itself as a blooming of more and more magnificent flowers – one flower gives birth to another flower which produces another flower, each one more “blooming” than the one before…

This process is reflected in the two steps of this technology. We can use these two digital sequences to make this technology even more effective:

– The path of life 59879814951

– Sensory Adaptation 498016 714213

“Over time you will learn not to make mistakes at all. An absence of mistakes that allows you to go further into what is optimal at the fundamental level and into the whole reality of eternal life. Free the level of your consciousness to learn and create even more inventively; so that your life, your creativity, and the lives of other eternally living people bring you greater joy. You then gain some interconnection at the level of the fundamental laws of the world structured for the attainment of eternal life.

When you feel this freedom of consciousness, the freedom of creative action, when you see the whole world flash before your eyes, before your action, you are able to offer eternal life to this world. And there you consider that the fundamental laws are also determined by the principle of personal freedom of anyone who is creative and lives eternally.” Grigori Grabovoï

Direct Information Transfer

The original video is here

The teachings of M Keshe or Grigori Grabovoï are reaching us on three levels simultaneously:

  1. via words on the level of logic
  2. via information that is implicit, what we call “between the lines”
  3. via direct assimilation of the informational light of the teachings

Just listening to this kind of teachings is already a way of controlling reality.

How does it work?

These teachings originate on the fundamental level of reality, they actually come from the Creator and are transmitted by the messengers like Grigori, Mehran, Helene or others. And everything that comes from the Creator is necessarily to the norm. When we learn, the informational light contained in the subject matters are superimposed on our more or less structured consciousness and alter it for the better.

And during the whole time of the teaching our mind is focused on the informational light to the norm and therefore we create during this time a reality more to the norm. The PRK-1U or Universal Enhancement Unit have the same effect.

We know that reality is created and recreated at a speed of 1017x/s. Each of these moments, the law of attraction uses our attention to materialize a part of our reality. It is clear that we do not yet have a sufficient structuring of our consciousness to discern each of the 1017 recreations of reality per second, but we can observe the waves of our consciousness that oscillate between the structured and the unstructured part of our consciousness.

Now we understand that if our mind is busy learning universal knowledge, it is by default inside the structured part of our consciousness. Our attention is directed to events at the norm and the law of attraction will use this to produce a reality more to the norm – even if we fall back into the unstructured part from time to time.

Obviously the informational light of the unstructured part is incomparably weaker than that of the teachings; the strength of the teachings is so much stronger that the few episodes of slipping back into the unstructured part would not really make a difference!

Grigori Grabovoï presents a system by which thought is transformed into light radiation, allowing the transfer of information for the purpose of normalizing and controlling reality and for the purpose of learning at the same time. This light radiation is generated during the process of reflection and concentration on Grigori Grabovoï’s works. It allows a person to direct it into the areas of the body and the external environment and thus create eternal life.”

This non-verbal assimilation can be compared to music. If we listen to a piece of music played mechanically – one would say “without soul” – we get bored or even annoyed. If, on the other hand, we attend a performance where the musician knows the piece by heart, loves it and is in a state of active receptivity, connected to his or her Soul – at that moment we will experience an unforgettable concert. The deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie demonstrates this in an excellent way in her TED talk that you can find here

This also gives us a tool to test the “value” of any teaching: if the teaching connects us to our Soul, structures our consciousness and allows us to not only become the most beautiful version of ourselves but also to materialize a more harmonious reality for ourselves and all others – then it’s a true teaching coming from the Creator.

So it is not really important to grasp all the teachings on a rational level. We can trust that our Soul will totally understand everything on the implicit and non-verbal level – in a direct information transfer; and we know that the rational part or our mind, the slowest part of our consciousness – will take his time to understand.

Here is a numerical sequence which helps the assimilation of knowledge by direct information transfer: The Realized Person: 1 9 1. 3 1 7. 4 8 1. 9 0 1

And to finish some quotes of Grigori Grabovoï

“The world can be seen as a structure that can be modified by perception; this is the path of creative reality control. Depending on how it is assimilated, multidimensional knowledge can be observed on different levels. The way in which different people will understand it generates a unique impulse of creative cognition in each of us. The study and application of one’s multidimensional knowledge provides answers to all questions including the question of how to implement salvation. By reading this text you will acquire both explicit and implicit knowledge on this subject.” Grigori Grabovoï

Creating your future by normalizing the past

The original video by Helene Laporte is here.

The coordinates of events

Each event can be described by at least 7 coordinates:

  1. Latitude
  2. Longitude
  3. Altitude
  4. Temporality (point on the time line on the material plane)
  5. Event(s) in the past that caused or triggered the present event
  6. Consequence of the present event in the future
  7. Reaction of the object; it is the perception that we have of the present event

in terms of the facility to influence events, we can consider the past as static because the informational light of the event is already condensed into matter. We see the present as dynamic because it is the reality in the making. And we see the future as dynamic as well because it proposes the synthesis of a new reality by fixing the static past into the dynamic present

“According to the theory of wave synthesis, the present c an be considered as a dynamic wave, the past as a static zone. And the future could be seen as the phase of the synthesis of the next reality, which is the fixation of the static past into the dynamic wave of the present. “Grigori Grabovoï

Our future – especially when it is founded on an unstructured mind – is the direct consequence of the past.

Let’s examine the coordinates in the example of a woman, who had a lot of bad experiences with relationships and who falls in love: the first four coordinates describe the place where she falls in love as well as the moment in time. The past coordinate (5) refers to her past of toxic relationships with men. The consequence in the future (6) is the probable failure of her current relationship – the consequence of her beliefs generated by her negative experiences in the past. As long as this woman has not normalized her past, her free will remains in the unstructured part of her consciousness and will be driven by non-constructive beliefs.

We cannot expect to create a future to the norm as long as our past is not normalized. We have to integrate this understanding into our consciousness to give us the chance to succeed with our projects.

So what does it really mean to normalize our past?

It means to change the past, which is static. To achieve this we need a very well structured consciousness, because the past event is, like all other elements of the universe connected to all other elements of the universe – and to normalize it we should be aware of all the upstream events that determined the past event. This chain of causality is potentially infinite; which means that we will not be able to change the coordinate in the past (5) at least not with our rational mind.

But instead we can work on our perception of the event (7); its easier to change the perception of the past event in our present moment. And a changed perception of the past will change our reality in the future.

“To restore events to the norm, you can love the past and it is like stabilizing events. “Grigori Grabovoy

Love is not only the most effective structure for processing a very large volume of information, but it also changes the perception of events right away. So if we love an event in the past, our consciousness will no longer react to this event negatively. By normalizing the past, we simultaneously normalize the present and the future.

Stabilizing an event means that we transfer more informational light to it so that we can accept and love it more easily. This procedure defuses the triggers.

“The world can be seen as a structure that can be modified by perception. This is the way of creative reality control. The past of consciousness determines matter. “Grigori Grabovoï

So how do we change our present perception of past events?

If negative emotions like anger, sadness are triggered in us, we usually judge the person who triggered these emotions in us negatively. We can, however, change our perception of this person, when we look at her through the eyes of love. We can think that magine that no one makes mistakes, but everyone simply makes experiences to evolve. And the protagonists in our difficult situations are magnificent people, because we can understand that we have chosen them to help us evolve mutually.

The story of “The little Soul and the Sun” by Neal Donald Walsh explains this very well.

Our life would be much easier if we could see the difficult people as masters, who are only there to help us evolve. And this would be a wonderful position for relationships. This position gives us access to love; and when we are in a state of love, we only create events to the norm.

“Human consciousness is a form of reaction to any object. It is considered an element of the world in which all elements are interconnected. The transformation of human consciousness or the form of reaction to the object leads to a transformation of all the elements of the world. We must therefore put love into all our perceptions in order to change the world. “Grigori Grabovoï

Our physical body is perfection

Why do we kill to feed ourselves?

M Keshe taught us today, that in a certain way the core of this planet is not releasing enough energy to support the life of it’s inhabitants directly with universal energies. The vertical people have found a way to access the universal energies and feed them directly into their systems – they are fine. The horizontal people could not go that way; they have chosen to steal the energy for their own lives from other beings. As the animals evolve proportional with the structuring of our consciousness, the responsibility remains with us – the moment we will stop killing other life forms for food, the lamb will be sleeping next to the lion.

We are the children of this planet, created like everything else from the field interaction between the sun and the Earth according to the wish of the Creator. How is it possible that the planet is not able to support the life she has created? What’s wrong with her?

Yes, we are the children of this planet and at the same time we are the co-creator our our world alongside with the Creator. We have not only co-created the planet, we are also co-re-creating her 1017x/s.

As long as our Free Will is living in the unstructured part of our consciousness, we will re-create everything from our nonconstructive and unconscious belief systems – imperfect and faulty. However, when we act out of our divine structured consciousness, we maintain our world as perfect as it was intended by the Creator.

Love and the Good for All plays the crucial role in this: the pursuit of particular, egoistic interests precludes unconditional love. And if we don’t live and act out of love, we have very little or no access to the universal energies. If we don’t love the planet, we don’t give her enough so she can support us. In reality, it’s our nonconstructive and unethical behaviour, which deprives the planet of her natural supply of energy. All goes through us; our bodies are controlling the universe.

Why? Because we are made in the image of the Creator and everything is connected to everything else through the focal point which is our body.

The physical body is perfection

Our physical body is much more than what it appears to be, for it is truly the control center of the entire universe and has capabilities we never knew existed.

You will recall that the Soul creates the mind, which, along with the Creator’s spirit and the human consciousness, creates the physical body and all the rest of the universe. The physical body is therefore the quintessence of our fundamental structures, since it is the center of the network of the Spirit and has within it the driving forces of our fundamental structures.

The Soul, of which it is the manifested part, and the mind with the consciousness reside inside the body to allow the control of the whole reality. And it is this specificity, among others, that makes it so extraordinary.

Appearing to the world

The physical body recreates itself 1017x/second. At each of these moments, it appears and becomes visible to all the elements of the world. The creation of the physical body functions like that of an ultra-perfected hologram.

The informational light from the Soul and the human mind condenses to form the human body. When the consciousness with which the mind is working is unstructured, when the software is outdated and attacked by viruses, the mind can’t work properly and the body will show manufacturing defects. Hence the need to normalize our consciousness.

Because the shape of our physical body, and its level of health, are directly proportional on the level of structuring of our consciousness, they are indicators of it. Therefore, by increasing our consciousness, we improve our health. Until our physical body becomes eternal and perfect.

“Why did God create people with bodies? So that they appear and act on the material plane, and on the spiritual plane the Creator is present in all our actions.” Grigori Grabovoï

The body is the control center of the universe

Each of our evolutionary steps is at the same time triggered by all the elements of the universe and it triggers the evolution of all these elements. Our relationship with everything is reciprocal, because we are at the same time the co-creators of the body of the Creator and part of it.

“The structure of the body of the human being is first of all considered as a structure originally given by the Creator to facilitate His interactions through the human being with the world.” Grigori Grabovoï

As we have said, the human body is connected to absolutely every element of the universe and therefore each of its actions has an influence on the physical reality in each of its structures.

“The human being is built in such a way that all the processes of the universe are initiated within his body.” Grigori Grabovoï

To fully understand this sentence, it requires us to completely change our paradigm. We need to feel that we are not separate from the external world and that the external world is first constructed within us. In a way we can say, that the physical world, the body of the Creator and our body are one and the same. It is impossible to understand on the matter level; but on the spiritual level we can see that the whole world is a projection form inside of us out. The world is first created within us and then we see it outside. That’s why we can know everything about any element in the universe, simply by visualizing them inside us.

As our connections to everything in the universe is bi-directional, we can not only have information about any object but also control it through our physical body. When the human being evolves, he can project his mind out of himself to control any element of the universe; this also works by imagination. When we no longer differentiate our body from the external universe, we can control any element of reality.

“To do this, we only need to enter the spiritual level, where the structure of the of the human body as well as the external system is eternal.” Grigori Grabovoï

The term “spiritual level” refers to the appropriate state of mind to control reality.

The statement that our body is the control center of the whole Unicos, includes everything; every interaction between two elements, even if they seem totally independent of us, is controlled in and by our physical body. Everything, absolutely everything that happens in the universe, passes through our physical body.

And this may be as unconscious to us as is the renewal of our own body cells. We see the result, so we know it is happening but we are not consciously involved in any way.

Listen to your body

The fact that our physical body is eternal becomes very evident when we see that our Soul is eternal and our body is her extension. When we manage to perceive and become conscious that our Soul is always in perfect health and eternal, then our consciousness manages to transpose this natural state onto our physical body.

Like all the fundamental structures of which we are made, the physical body also has its own structure of awareness. That is to say that we can think and feel directly through our body. Through our body we can be aware and control everything around us.

Our body, like our Soul, has all the knowledge. Therefore it is much more evolved than our unstructured mind and it’s collective consciousness. Our consciousness is the interface between the Soul and the physical world; it is therefore listening to our body, it is in constant dialogue with it. When we learn to listen to our body, it becomes the structure through which we can control all elements of reality. As usual, the simple fact of consciously perceiving these capacities increases them enormously.

When we place our consciousness at the level of our heart and feel the external world from there, we realize that every element of the world is alive, conscious and in perfect harmony with all the other elements; and that our body participates in the construction of all things.

Our body and the world are inseparable, their construction is based on love. By feeling this love, we understand that we are always in perfect security since we create all the conditions through our structures. And by understanding that the world is pure love, our body co-creates all the elements of the world to the norm and the world becomes a safe place.

Higher consciousness

The interaction of our physical body with the world is multiple and multidimensional on all levels. The Creator has already created everything with its infinite number of possibilities in an impulse of Love. This is His agenda. The totality of what happens is the playing out of His original agenda, His creative design in eternal harmonious evolution. Everything that reaches materialization must pass through our body first. The perceived reality of our body is a reflection of the structuredness of our mind and consciousness. Therefore the agenda of the Creator can only play out smoothly if His agenda is our agenda!

The Creator has created an informational intelligent structure through which all levels of interaction between all elements of the Unicos are always playing out to the norm. This structure is called the Spirit Network, the supreme reason, higher consciousness or higher self. However the Spirit Network is not a form of governance, it does not rule. It works through the eternal harmonious movement. The eternal harmonious movement is created by the fact that each element is alive and interconnected, so that any ever so tiny change of any element will result in the repositioning of all the other elements.

The human body is at the centre of the Spirit Network; it allows the transfer of information between our body and all the elements of the world and vice versa. Our body, with each of its actions, transfers its knowledge to the whole world. Our body is the fundamental harmonizer of the universe.

Its action is without equal: with each diastole our heart takes in all the information of the environment around us; and with each systole it sends the information – now to the norm = back into our environment. And our lungs do the same: with each breathing in we take in the informational light from our environment and with each breathing out we release the informational light to the norm back into the environment.

Hence the crucial importance of health. When we do this normalization of the heart or the lung consciously, we make our body healthier. And the efficiency of our normalization is greater when we use a healthy body than a sick one.

We said earlier that our consciousness begins to evolve when it turns to our Soul; it is as if it needed to feel the gaze to transform itself – like a child needs the encouraging gaze of a loving mother to evolve. It is the same for the physical body. It evolves more rapidly when the body turns to the Soul and the Soul watches with pleasure how the body evolves.

We have said that the physical body does not only act locally but that it acts globally on the whole Unicos and in all time zones, past, present and future, because it is connected to all the elements of the world. That’s why we can access future events through our body directly. To do this, we must begin to perceive the link between our body and our Soul. This link allows us to feel ourselves consciously; it lifts us out of the material time zones into eternity and thus increase our potential for control. Our body is strengthened by the perception of this link to a level which enables him to create the external world. This link becomes active the moment we balance our emotions and energy flows and we feel our whole body in a single impulse – in other words when we reach the state of mind adapted to control the reality.

Evolutionary Technologies 2

The interface between the spiritual and material world

The first evolutionary technology that we like to introduce is a technology which is really the basis of all normalization, materialization and structuring of consciousness. It is the interface between the spiritual world in which our Soul lives and the material world in which we play with our body.

Much of these technologies involve our physical body. As our physical body is the Soul interface for interacting with the world, it is also the means by which our Soul can realize all of its potential and make all of her wishes come true. Our Soul is embodied in a physical body and it is through this physical body that it can experience all kinds of situations, events and thus evolve. The body is the extension of our Soul; thus it also contains all her knowledge.

All the parts of our body have a physical function on the material level but also a spiritual function on the spiritual and fundamental level. We know the physical functions sufficiently, but the spiritual functions await our discovery. Often times when we learn about the spiritual function of a body part, it seems as obvious as the physical counterpart.

The exploration of the first evolutionary technology looks at the sole of the right foot. It is our contact with the earth and also with all the material world. Our Soul uses the sole of the right foot to interact with anything on the material level. As the Soul lives exclusively on the fundamental level, the sole of the right foot is the point of contact of the spiritual world with the material world – where our spirituality meets the world of things.

Evolutionary Technology in practice

To experience and practice this evolutionary technology I would like to make you familiar with some guidelines. You can use them to create your own personal practice.

  1. Establish the right state of mind for reality control
    The first step should help you to center yourself; do what is right and good to get you in a state of relaxed awareness. You can, for example, go through your body from head to feed and relax every part; you feel the air going through your nostrils and into your lungs. When you feel relaxed and aware, you can balance your emotions and the energies that flow through you.
    Finally make sure that you feel your whole body in a single impulse.
  2. Introduction of the interface
    Put your feet on the ground and feel the Earth under your right foot. The plant of your right foot connects your physical body with the Earth and the whole universe. From that point on, all of creation takes shape at every moment; try to feel it.
  3. Expand your attention
    And now, while feeling all the parts of your body simultaneously, and also the sole of your right foot in particular, visualize in addition and at the same time, an event that you wish to harmonize or materialize. This event may represent a situation, a thought, a word, an action, a relationship, anything that is not perfect. Imagine it in its perfect version, imagine it being to the norm. But, also imagine your satisfaction, your love, joy, peace and harmony you will be in when this event takes place.

Accompanying instructions

Don’t gallop ahead of yourself. Be gentle with yourself, if you can’t hold all 3 elements in your attention at the same time don’t worry, this skill will come with regular practice.

It is very important to mention the role of love in the practice of all evolutionary technologies. Love is the fastest-processing information structure of information and therefore, when you are in a state of love, you exponentially increase the speed and efficiency of your reality control.

How technology works

Already acquiring the ability to focus on different subjects at the same time is a big step towards structuring our consciousness. The Creator is able to process all information contained in all universes simultaneously. His actual thought speed is 1017x / sec. That means He can process all information a 100 billion times a second. And on our way to towards our Soul, we will end up having the same speed of thought.

Each element of the world may or may not have material form. But each element contains informational light which characterizes it; the informational light can be described as a specific plasma structure.

When an item is up to the norm, that is, perfect as the Creator intended it to be, it contains it’s maximum of informational light. But when it is not the norm, the amount of light is much less. An element is not to the norm lacks informational light; it lacks attention and love.

In the Spirit-Matter-Interface-Technology we focus on our right foot and feel it as the point of creation of our reality. This point of creation is necessarily to the norm because it has been created by the Creator; it is therefore able to amplify the informational light of any element that is lacking. And by doing this practice, your consciousness will connect to this informational light and then transmit it to the event you are thinking to harmonize. Then this formerly imperfect event is charged to its full potential of informational light and becomes perfect also on the material level.

Evolutionary Technologies

CH3 production/use in Corona times

It was formerly taught not to produce CH3 in the house or store it there, because it would be food for the Corona virus, too.

If you want to use it in agriculture, you can simply hang strips of nano-coated copper and strips of galvanized iron around the plant. With the rain and the salts present in the soil, they will be active and give the plants what they need. The important point is not the production of visible GaNS, but the creation of the fields; and that is exactly what we do when we install the components.

It’s not about GaNS anymore – we are only creating the fields – of course with our intention to give the plants what they need – and of course with the help of the Creator!

By the way, even when we put CH3 (the universal energy giver) around the plant, we don’t feed them directly with energy, we only create the fields for the plants to absorb the amino acids directly from the atmosphere themselves.

In this example we create the fields on the Plasma level by combining the informational light of the material components: nano-coated copper plate, galvanized steel plate, salt and rain. Plasma level is another word for fundamental or Soul level. Meaning that we can also create the same informational fields with our mind, when we are able to get ourselves into the right state of mind to do so. This is more explained by the following quote of M. Keshe:

If you need anything, you don’t have to go to a shop to get it. If your imagination can create it and put energy into it, your physicality can create it in the range of the universes into the matter state. This is how matters are created on Earth.” MT Keshe

The quote of M Keshe makes is really clear: we need to use our imagination and our mental energy to be able to create anything we need on this planet. However it is not sufficient to just want something – wishing won’t make it! If we want to create, we have to follow how the Creator creates, because we are made in his image. His mind is super structured in a way that his very thought of something makes it immediately appear. So in order for us to create, we have to structure our mind first.

Grigori Grabovoï offers many many technologies that can help us achieve our goals. “Technology” simply means methods to structure our consciousness. They are temporary crutches, which we will use for a while as we develop – once we are realized, we will no longer need them.

How to use the technologies

Find your own way

There are thousands of different technologies that all work perfectly and allow our consciousness, by practicing them, to structure itself more easily. These technologies save time, efficiency and energy. They have not to be followed at the letter but one can feel free to work with them creatively, following one’s intuition. I invite you to feel what is good and right for you, to try the exercises and to repeat regularly those that do you the most good.

We may follow the instructions to the letter in the beginning; and when our consciousness has reached a sufficient state of structuring, when it is sufficiently connected to our Soul, and when we clearly perceive its messages, then we will simply feel that it is time to fly on our own.

You can modify an exercise based on your intuition. That is, you feel that it is right because you feel pleasure in doing it, an opening of your heart or great joy, then it is completely OK. It is because these directives come from your Soul.

However, it is not appropriate to change the protocol because you find mental reasons for it. For example, if you think it would be better to do it this way or that way, it is your mind talking and therefore it will not necessarily give you good results.

Choose a practice and do it every day.

The duration of the daily practice varies according to each one – it’s up to you to feel what’s right for you.

How Technologies Work

The regular practice of technology gives us the possibility that we can quickly get ourselves into a state where

We have access to the level of the informational field and are able to densify it sufficiently through our consciousness, until it perceives it as real, in the material state.

These two steps can be instantaneous but can also take several months. It all depends on our level of consciousness, but also on the state of being in which we practice, on your confidence, your motivation, etc. It is good that we adapt our practice to our level of competence.

The degree of structuring of our consciousness represents the volume of informational light that we are able to process. The greater this volume, the more efficient our control.

Grigori Grabovoï’s technologies introduce extremely luminous informational structures in our consciousness. They are coming from the fundamental level and have not been deformed by the beliefs of our collective consciousness and they cannot be.

These very important sources of light will serve as a mirror for our bio-signals. They will reflect their light in an amplified way. This increases the power of our bio-signal and at the same time further structures our consciousness. I repeat, the more concentrated our bio-signal is in light, the more our consciousness is structured and connected to our Soul.

The Objects of Control

Reality control is the harmonization or materialization of an element of reality through the power of our controlling thought, our bio-signal.

Reality control cannot be applied to just anything; the choice of the objective of our reality control is important. The goal must be integrated into Global Salvation. Reality control in relation to personal or particular goals does not work.

Our goal must be beneficial to us and to all Humanity.

Let’s imagine that you discover that you can heal people with your hands, that you cure migraines by placing your hands on people’s foreheads. Enthusiastic, you decide to become a healer and you make this the goal of your reality control: you want to make a living as a healer. Then you see that it doesn’t work. You have very few patients and certainly not enough to live on. What could be the possible cause of this failure?

Well, it’s that the Soul doesn’t agree with that particular direction; it tells you that this direction is not in line with your life’s mission. Perhaps you have to learn to not attach a monetary value to your talents. In this case, you have to find out more precisely what your Soul would like and change your intention or purpose accordingly. And of course, your purpose must anyway be aligned with Global Salvation, with the Universal Principle.

Often it can be easier and more effective to have a more general goal and leave the practical details to the universe! See if you can trust the process!

Time and Form of the Goal

Now let’s talk about the time frame of your objectives and how they may materialize. It may very well be that your objective is all right in itself, yet you don’t know the right moment for it’s materialization. Remember that an event to the norm is absolutely beneficial of All; and because of the interconnectedness of all elements within the universes, that may be too complex to calculate. Unless your consciousness is as structured as the Creator’s – so better to leave the management of the agenda in His hands!

We can trust that everything happens exactly at the right moment and in the exact right way as well – you may be surprised!

A friend is looking for the numerical sequences of financial abundance, and she finds them. A month later I ask her if her reality control has been successful. She says no, but that I must have gotten her the wrong numerical sequences because she didn’t get more money but has a lot more sex with her husband than before. What is the reason for this unexpected result?

Financial security and the sex are managed by the same chakras and therefore the numerical sequences worked on both issues. They re-harmonized these chakras and this resulted of course in a harmonization related to sexuality, obviously. But a few months later she moved to another town, changed her job and her salary doubled. The funny thing is that she didn’t make the connection at all at that time with the numerical sequence that she had continued to use…

The Effectiveness of Technology

Grigori Grabovoï’s technologies work on the fundamental level. We might say they are copied from how the universe works. They therefore cannot but work because otherwise it would the universe would be imperfect and have bugs.

“Success depends solely on constructiveness, creative aspirations and systemic and coherent mastery of the knowledge offered in practice”. Grigori Grabovoï

The reason for the technologies not working doesn’t lie in the technology itself, but in us:

  • Our choice of the objective
    Perhaps our goal is not part of Global Salvation
  • Our state of being during the practice
    For our thoughts to be able to control reality, we need to be in an appropriate spiritual state, the state of control coupled with a state of love, because love has the highest speed of information processing. The more you are in love while you control reality, the more constructive your results will be. This spiritual state is not difficult to achieve, it can even become automatic and permanent quite quickly, when you practice it enough. It is a state of self-awareness, quite simply, which allows the mind to reorganize the informational light of an event and thus normalize or materialize it.