La Technologie des Disques à Plasma


Now this is really important for the understanding, the putting into practice and the development of the new Plasma Disk Technology: if you are so ‘innocent’ that you firmly believe that you can materialize anything instantly in the palm of your hands, then there is no problem. But if you cannot mobilize that kind of faith or trust, then you have to take your mind step by step to this point. That is why this teaching is giving in this depth right now. We have to understand how the invisible plasma field work, we have to reach a level of understanding as deep as when we make GaNS – we put a nanocoated copper plate and a zinc plate, connected via a LED, into a saline solution and we KNOW that after some time we will see the GaNS appearing. Because we have done this over and over again, we have gained confidence – the process has become so clear and natural in our mind, that we create no resistance to it in form of doubt: so it must happen. Now with these new bits of understanding we do the same – we can use it to really, deeply understand how the plasma works so we can dissipate all doubts in our minds and the new technology will work… miracles!

The Plasma Disc Technology 1

From KSW244

The shape of disks comes actually from the spherical reactors: when you turn the reactor, the effective zone is a disk above and below the equator. So the 3-disk configuration would correspond to a 3-core reactor; but now the 3 disks are positioned on top of each other.

More precisely we can say that all our skins are 3-layer systems:

  • the top skin = soul of the man

  • the middle layer = brain of the man

  • the lower skin = body of the man

Any 2 component system – like the earth and the sun – has 1 interaction; it creates matter. A 3 layer system creates life; it has 6 interactions: top-middle; middle-low; top-low; top/middle – low/middle… plus the interaction with the given environment…

The discs in the system can be made of material nanocoated copper disks or they can be LP-GaNS disks – but they can also be free plasma discs.

In order to become a dynamic system, the 3 fields need to be rotating in opposite directions. This rotation could possibly be achieved by motors, but it can also be achieved by charging the 3 disks with different plasma currents. This can be done with a MaGrav.

Positioning of dynamic systems is not static like that of a few magnets on a table: they will find their balanced distance and just stay there. The positioning of dynamic systems is not static but dynamic. Each of the individual parts is changing all the time, so the positioning will adapt constantly; and this creates a movement. This is why the 3 plasmas rotate in trying to find their positioning in respect to the 2 others. We can observe this in our solar system: the earth finds her balance in respect to the sun in her orbit and rotation. Its the gravitational-magnetic field of the sun around the earth interacting with the core inside of the earth creates this rotation.

With a controlling plasma current coming from the Magrav, the 3 layers achieve a balanced state, their interaction becomes stable.

Placing two sets of discs in relation one to the other creates a confined, controlled interaction, something like a cylindrical tube within which they energy for instant communication or transportation; light or matter can be created.

It is important in which way you place the 2 sets of discs towards each other – vertically or horizontally. If you place the pairs for discs vertically you create a containment field for a spaceship for instance; this field looks very much like the magnetic field of a square/rectangular magnet.

If, however you place them horizontally, you provoke a field of creation:

Plasma Disc Technology 2

form KSW245

In the conventional reactors we use balls or double balls (one inside the other) to create a dynamic field by rotation. When the reactor rotates, the GaNS position themselves inside the (orange) equatorial zone in layers.

In the Plasma Disc Technology we took – so to say – the active part of the spherical reactor out of the ball (orange); this provided us with a disc shape.

The GaNS position themselves in the disc and in the ball by the interaction of their fields. You see the positioning in the spherical reactor on the left and in the disc on the right.

The positioning creates also a ‘hollow center’ in the ball and in the disc. This is where the free Plasma is (the sun in the picture).

Depending on how we look at the layers in the disc, we see different things:

  • Seen from the front, we see the 3 layers of the skin

  • seen in perspective view, the disc shows 3 concentric ring magnets

To see the 3 layers of the disc like the skin of the man, suggests that we need 3 GaNS, 3 fields to interact and to create life. As we have seen all the fields, in their interaction, will find their position.

And because we have confined the available room to move into a flat disc, the fields will have to find their position in motion. Each field has a different rotation to do that:

The movement of the fields and their interaction creates structure, matter; the friction of the different fields – rubbing against each other – creates energy. So to create anything, you have to be able to contain the fields, you have to create an envelope. The envelope is created by one pair of triple discs positioned opposite each other:

More precisely the envelope is created by the field interaction along the edges of the 2 sets of discs. Consequently the container has a cylindrical shape as you see on the right of the image above.

The interaction between the 2 sets of discs create an ‘empty space’ in between them: here is where the free Plasma manifests.

The whole interaction can now be seen again as a skin: the top discs as epidermis, the free Plasma as dermis and the bottom discs as hypodermis. It’s the top and the bottom layer of the skin that allow the creation and existence of the middle layer; the interaction between the middle layer and the two other layers releases energy and subsequently visibility and tangibility. The middle layer is the place between the 2 discs, the space of emptiness where the free plasma is (the soul of your spaceship) and where it can manifest anything.

To create the dynamism it is important that the fields in the 2 discs are not in balance; there needs to be an imbalance. This imbalance is the ratio of field strength, for example 24:1… like in the application of the patches. The 2 discs will then try to reach balance and that creates the dynamic field. If you make the 2 discs of equal field strength, nothing will happen. If you make the ratio 2:1, then the speed would be 2x the speed of light! If you go 4:1, you don’t double the speed up, you go higher in the order of magnitude (42×2=2 10×10=1024*1024=1,048,576).

N.B.: on the material plane of electric current when you double the ratio you go from 2W to 4W. On the level of plasma you go from 2W to 1MW!

Fabrication of components

How do we do the discs? We can do them as:

  1. Nanocoated copper loaded with GaNS (like the first magravs)

  2. Charge your discs in a container with different GaNS pastes

  3. Different liquid Plasmas or GaNS in the same disk

  4. Free Plasma

We can create the free-plasma system in the same way we transfered the qualities and the taste of the orange into the water with the TransPlasma cup. We have to immerse the 3 disc stacks into the liquid and put alls the GaNS and matters of what we need around it. The qualities of all that we need will be transferred into the 3DiscStacks in a plasmatic but not on a material level. This is the technology for a universal replicator, that can provide us with anything we need. Seen with our physical eyes, we only see an empty box…

Opening the box, we see parachutes sticking through the lid. The pink arrows are the fields of the universe. When, for example we energize 3 of the parachutes we create a condition of a particular 3 layer system (or a 3 layer skin) within which we can create what this skin is making possible, the life form or material associated to it.

Our brain also functions like this universal box: we have the soul in the center (red dot) which is surrounded by the brain. The rays coming from the souls slow down while traveling from the soul towards the periphery of the brain and each weaker point of manifestation corresponds to a specific function of the brain:

  1. Level = strong emotion (happiness)

  2. Level = weak emotion (fear)

  3. Level = parasympathetic controls (i.e. heartbeat etc)

  4. Level = voluntary muscles

If we can position the brain of the man in the space of the free plasma, we unite 2 stars: the free Plasma and our soul. This is the best position of control; it will work exactly like we use our body: when we want to grab something we do not need to know how to move our arm, hand and fingers– we really only need to have the intention that I want to get hold of this now… and our arm, hand and fingers will perform the all the right sequence of moves to accomplish what we want.

Heating the body

The differential of field strength can be used to provide heat for the body: you have 2 walls with GaNS of different strengths; the body is between them. The field interaction gives warmth to the body.

Health systems

The same knowledge will change the health sector as well: a person placed inside the contained dynamic field cannot prevent the body from being balanced…

This works because the soul wants to live a perfect live unimpeded by the belief systems of the mind; in this type of health unit the fields are strong as the soul, they ‘override’ the mind – and the disease simply disappears. Then immediately the autonomous, unconscious body functions adjust to the new found balance and all is well.

Energy systems

The 3 stackers of the Magrav systems also correspond to the structure of the skin: the outer layers are represented by stack 1 and 3; they create the field interaction, the dynamism towards an output (i.e. energy, life etc).

The conventional Magrav yields only 30-50% of economies in electrical consumption, but at the same time creating huge amounts of plasmatic energy. The nanocoated coils were the only interface to translate plasmatic energy into material energy (vibration of electrons). The conventional Magravs were internally connected considering the inner coil as gravitational and the outer magnetic. These Magravs released their energy upstream. So even when the Magravs were installed as far away as possible from the electrical meter, they yielded only 30-50% of economies. Most probably the other 50-70% were fed into the grid – what smart meters refuse to detect. At the same time the Magravs needed to be connected to the grid because the AC frequency (50-60Hz) was necessary for them so they could build up the plasma field.

Now the Plasma Disc Technology (PDT) offers several new possibilities by coupling the Magrav to the disc system:

  1. The inner coil of the Magrav is from now on the magnetic (M) coil and the outer coil gravitational (G)! So we have to connect the coils the other way round. Maybe this change will make the Magrav releasing it’s energy downstream?

  2. The ‘empty space’ between the 2 sets of discs serves as reference point to pick up the frequency in order to generate the Plasma Field.

  3. The same ‘empty space’ could also be used as interface to translate the Plasma energy into vibration of electrons?

Plasma Disc Technology 3

The spherical reactors needed to be rotated in order to create a dynamic field. Because of their inertia and particular field forces the different GaNS inside the reactor positioned themselves in a way to create the field interaction. In the disc reactors physical rotation does not make sense because all the fields are rotated at the same time, keeping the same positioning – that’s the reason why in the disc reactors the field rotation is created by the positioning of the individual GaNS fields and not by a motor.

To achieve the plasma rotation, you need:

  1. To connect the individual disks to corresponding Magrav stacks in order to vary their energy level.

  2. The variation of the energy level is done by a very high plasma current. You can get different forces of plasma currents depending on where you tap into the plasma. Remembering that the plasma can be seen as a spiral. Depending on where you connect, you’ll have access to different strengths – towards the periphery less strong and towards the center stronger. The access to a particular strength is not done in a mechanical way (by switches for example) but the right choice of strength depends on the purpose of the energy = what do we want to achieve, what is the purpose?

  3. As the plasma in the discs is not liquid Plasma but can only be free plasma, you have to create this condition by your intention. We don’t have turning buttons, we have our wish or our intention to do that. In a way our systems should work like our arms and legs:

    1. On the soul level, suppose we want to take an apple which is on the table and eat it.
    2. We don’t have to control each and every muscle to perform a complex movement in order to take the apple from the table.

    3. We only have to have the intent (in our mind) to take the apple.

    4. This intent will use the brain (body) to issue nerve impulses to the the different muscles involved in walking towards the table, extending the arm, open the hand, put it around the apple, close it, lift the apple to the mouth and eat it.

So we have to establish a connection to our systems in the same way as our limbs are connected to our mind. The system has to be part of us, or an extension of us, like our arms and legs are extensions of our brain which is an extension of our mind, which is an extension of the soul. This ‘mechanism’ will work if we totally trust that our wish will be obeyed by our arms and legs. This is naturally so; only in situations of brain damage do we realize that our arms and legs don’t obey us anymore; or if we want to use our mind to control all the little movements directly, we will mess it up, or forget what we wanted in the first place.

To get to this point we have to elevate our souls, we have to move further towards the center of the spiral of our soul; we have to reach higher strengths. One step on the way could be to see the souls of the people around us, or the stars above us…

In reality everything originates from the soul. It is not that we make up a wish and then tell it to the soul – no, the soul wanted it to begin with and it was she who made us to wish for it. So, as an example you can make a plasma system and hold it in your hands, connect to it, become one with it… then you can build up with it what you need. When, on the other hand, you use a conventional Magrav that you have to plug into the wall, you have the limitation of the AC 50-60Hz and also the limitation of the matter state (electricity); but when you are making a plasma-only reactor, then you have limitless plasmatic-magnetic and plasmatic-gravitational fields.

And here it comes: your control is not by your will; it’s not like you control a machine, which you consider inanimate and ‘just a thing’. If you truly see the plasma system as a soul, as being part of you, then you establish a love relationship towards her. You first of all give (your love, your attention) to her and that allows you to receive her answer which is always giving you what you want.

It goes back to that song: ‘Goodbye loneliness, hello happiness’ by the Drifters.

Here are some revolutionary examples :

  • You will be able to deplete a cancer in seconds, you put the body with the tumor in between two disc sets, one of which is connected to a Magrav. And you work with the GaNS of Ca for example if that is the seed metal of the cancer. You make one set emitting a very high Ca field while the second set has a low field. The low field will attract the fields from all the higher fields (Discs and Tumors) and this unidirectional flow will deplete it from the calcium and the tumor will collapse.

  • We can feed people ‘on the go’ in the same way.

  • If you want to grow an organ or a limp you put two equal fields in the two sets of the discs : they will both build up the new tissue. The two sets now create a harmonic field, where nothing is missing -and the physicality has to follow by building up what had been missing.

  • The same procedure can be used to build materials in specific forms and even to dismantle weapons.

Plasma Disc Technology 4

Difference between an atom and plasma

A Plasma is the developed form of an atom : the center sits in the middle and the periphery of the atom expands into the plasma fields. Its like a ball of sheep skin, it looks solid; but if you turn it inside out, all the tiny hairs become radiant fields. In the matter state we see the skin, while in the matter state we see the fields. Turned in the skin ball is hard; but turned out, all the hairs are much more penetrable and manipulable.

Ray and Field

A ray is a singularity in motion; meaning a ray has only a magnetical field that is stronger than it’s reference point (whereto it moves).

A Field has both, a magnetic and a gravitational force. In a field the magnetic rays so to say spread out into space – at the same time the inverse gravitational force has to ‘force’ it’s way into the center, in between the magnetical forces and against their directions of movement. The gravitational forces have so to say to swim against the current of the magnetical forces. To do this they need to be proportionally stronger : 4 orders of magnitude at the periphery of the spiral but it grows fast moving closer to the center : 40x, 400x…

So at every point along the spiral model for the Plasma, there is specific gravitational-magnetic field force determined by the proportion of the the two forces. And these 2 forces have to be at balance at each of these points. That means on it’s way from the center to the periphery of the spiral the magnetic force diminishes, while the gravitational force gets stronger on it’s way from the periphery to the center.

So to go from one point to the next in the direction of the center of the plasma, we need much more energy; and the following point – even though it is logically known – we cannot see it as long as we have not crossed the threshold to that point. The magnetical is free flow, the gravitational is compression. The area ‘A’ is the interaction of a red magnetic and a blue gravitational field; their balance will decide the direction of the movement. Plasma is dynamic in every direction and it is remarkable how the material state follows the changes on the plasma level with ease: fields change to energy and vice versa; and this interaction leads do creation in a matter state or in a plasma state.

In the example of the skin: it is the interaction of the outer layer together with the inner layer of the skin which creates the middle layer; and the middle layer gives the confirmation of the existence of the outer and the inner layer. But the skin on one side of the arm has it’s equivalent on the other side of the arm; the two interact and this interaction leads to the creation of everything between the two outer skins:

And we have different skins at different locations of the body; the skin of the arms allows for more distance and bigger bone structures than the skin of the hand. Remember that the brain is part of the middle skin and it was created first and it determines the manifestation and form of all the detailed structures of the body. As another example a jelly fish soul will have a brain that will produce a skin that has no means of creating solid structures; so all the parts of the jellyfish are ‘liquid’.

In the context of the spaceships we can now understand that a spaceship is like an outer skin, a limited environment. Now this skin can support bones and muscles or it can be designed as not to support these material forms and the man will travel just as his soul inside the ship: the plasma dictates the skin, the skin dictates the physicality.

This ties in to the teaching about the soul and universal peace: We elevate the soul of the whole humanity through the collective pleasure to elevate the souls of the leaders. The leaders are the focal points for their country as they represent in an energetic and effective way the whole population of their nation. When this new point is reached, then everybody is in a situation where he/she receives more (of a higher strength) than he/she is giving to the Law of the Universe. An effect of this is that everybody will suddenly understand and see more than the moment before the threshold has been reached. He will see more through the eyes of the soul, that means he will see more the (spiritual) totality of anything and not just the material manifestation of it.

Disk technology

If you make GaNS of different ratios and put them on the disk, they will hold their position. Then they create their own motion.

So here is what Plasma-Laurentides has come up with to condition the disks:

  1. Cut 6x CD-size copper disks and nano coat them

  2. Wash off the caustic and let them dry

  3. Put each one of them in between a dynamic plasma field created by two containers filled with the LP-all (this is the mix of all the GaNS you have ever made; they carry a super large spectrum of field strengths); one container filled with 100% LP-all the other filled with 4% of the same mix (this gives us a differential or a field strength ratio of 1:25). Leave the discs inside the field for some time in order for them to store the Free Plasma, created at the center of the interaction, inside the gaps (containers) of their nano particles.

Plasma Disc Technology 5

Everything in the universe is made of 3 layers :

  • every plasma is made of the principal, the transition and the matter

  • the skin of our body is made of epidermis (matter), dermis (transition) and hypodermis (principal);

  • the earth is made of it’s inner empty core (principal), surrounded by the magma (transition) and the earth crust with tectonic plates and oceans (matter);

  • the human system has the soul (principal) in the center of the brain; surrounded by the brain (transition) and the physical body (matter)

  • the double core reactors have the caroline core (principal) inside the inner core (transition) and the outer core (matter).

Generator sequel

The limitless power supply is a motorless device where the plasmas rotate by their effort to find their positioning in respect to each other. We saw that in the turning reactors and we see that in the discs. Now the only thing we have to add to create energy are magnets. You also create a feedback from the output back to the input (red arrowed line).

Experience of motorless motion

By Stefano Baldassari

He made a 4 Disc Assembly, where the discs were cut out of cardboard (1) and sprayed with CH3 GaNS; the size relationships were taken from the the proportions of amino acids :

  • 1cm Ø cardboard disc to replicate the atom size of H
  • 12cm Ø disc for C
  • 14cm Ø for N
  • 16cm Ø for O

The 4 discs are mounted on a cotton string with knots in between them to space them apart (2); the smallest on the top and the biggest on the bottom; the whole string was introduced into a small plastic container (3). The discs were hung in angles to enhance the dynamism. The top disc is on top of the inverted container and the bottom disc is under the container; so only the two middle discs are inside the container.

He then placed the assembly inside a triangle of 3 bottles of GaNS-CH3 (4). The big bottle is the original CH3 harvest; the spray bottle is a part of the same which has been used to spray the discs; the small container contains a small amount of the same LP+GaNS. He covered the disc assembly with a cut open transparent plastic bottle to prevent accidental air movements to affect the positions of the discs. He hopes to create a visible movement of the discs induced by the plasma interactions/positionings.

Stefano was able to detect a tiny movement… and he also saw that the presence of light had an influence on the movement.

Plasma Disc Technology 6

Creation of free Plasma conditions

Here are some ways to create the condition of dynamic free plasma:

Pong pong ball reactors :

  1. Make a mix of the GaNS of your choice.

  2. Fill some of the mix with a syringe into ping pong balls in very large ratios (1:2000)

  3. in order to create the condition of dynamic plasma flow, bring a small battery to the reactors (ping pong balls); the batteries should be closest possible, the reactors will then charge the battery, not by the connection but by the field coming out of the reactor.

  4. Very slowly light should appear; as a sign that the system has become dynamic

  5. put the reactors in the house and observe the effects on the energy and atmosphere inside your home

Double Magrav setup

Another method to create the free plasma is by positioning two MaGravs perpendicular to each other, the space above both of them will be shared and it is there where the free plasma manifests. You can ‘capture’ it in a pingpong ball. Or you can use one Magrav and one free plasma reactor.

The soul setup

And one step further : if we have one reactor with free plasma and we use our soul as the other reactor, the interaction between the two will create whatever we want… we only have to stretch out our open, receiving palm… in different degrees of closeness to the reactor to create different materials.





Plasma Disc Technology 7

The double Magrav configuration shown in the last workshop has to be modified to be effectively creating a free plasma : the fields generated by the two magravs have to be of different strength. That means one magrav has to be stronger than the other; this can easily be done by taking out or adding one of the stacks.

As our body is the most efficient Magrav, we can create the free plasma also with our hands : the wrists are close to each other and the palms are in a 90 angle; it is of course also necessary that the two hands do not have the same force – if you get these conditions right, the light will appear between the hands.

So we can understand now that the body itself is creating a multitude of free plasmas; for example with the following interaction : the brain is divided in 2 halfs and the body also; the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side of the brain the right side. Inside this configuration, there is an interaction between the soul (yellow dot in the head) and the heart (yellow dot in the chest).

The way we walk also reflect this principle : we do not hop like a rabbit, but we alternate one step with the other and repeat the process. Actually our whole body is organized in interactions between almost equal parts. That is why there is always a slight disequilibrium between right and left side. For instance the right handed people have a bigger right foot and right hand; one kidney is a little bit bigger than the other and so on.

This dynamism is also reflected in the sleep cycles which normally are 4-hour cycles. The symmetrical arrangement of the body is also to be found in the nostrils and the lungs; the 4-hour cycle comes about because in one cycle the left lung (body)/right nostril (brain) sleeps and in the other cycle it’s the right lung (body)/left (brain) nostril. At the same time the soul is perpetually awaken, it does not sleep!

This has a repercussion into the health processing : it may be important that our interventions do reflect the symmetry/cycles in the processing of diseases. As our body is divided into halfs, we have to work on both the sides of the physical system. The best time to influence the right side of the brain for example is the time when it sleeps and is more receptive. Or if you want to treat a cancer in the left lung, you have to treat it from the right side of the brain.


Plasma Disc Technology 8

What do we do with Plasma?

We do not open the plasma up to produce matter, movement or energy; we compress the plasma by raising the gravitational field forces on the plasma. That means that the gravitational field forces turn themselves into magnetical.

We know that magnetic fields exit from the north pole of the plasma and gravitational fields enter by the south pole. When we raise the strength of the gravitational fields entering the plasma the result will be that the existing magnetic fields will be stronger.

The famous cola bottle reactor could show the transfer from magnetic to gravitational forces when we measured the voltage between any two electrodes : the voltage showed a fluctuating sequence +9 +7 +4 +3 0 -1 -2 -3 and so on. The plus range indicates the presence of magnetic fields while the minus range indicates gravitational fields.

In order to not loose the field forces into the matter surrounding our reactors, we have to:

  • nano-coat everything; even the structure into which the reactors are installed

  • have the reactors hanging freely in the air

  • wash the floor, walls and furniture with nano materials or GaNS waters

The cola bottle, as it was nano-coated inside, represents an isolated environment.

In this condition, the system will interact with the gravitational-magnetic field of the Earth. This interaction will compress the plasma in your reactors thus raising the magnetic field strength.
At a point of the plasma spiral where the gravitational and the magnetic force are equal (blue pointed square), each of them can flip into the other one : the gravitational can turn into the magnetical, thuys adding to it’s strength.

The points where this conversion (u turn) will occur, are at different places according to the environment : on the earth they are not in the same spot as on planet Süss.

Plasma doesn’t push, it is pulled

Why does plasma work in a certain way? Is a plasma effect manifesting because a certain strength of plasma does enforce a certain manifestation? This seems not to be the case. It rather looks like that a certain similar but slightly weaker field in the environment pulls the plasma and this interaction creates a manifestation.

The process is very much alike how our digestion works. We know that when we eat a banana, the material of the banana does not cross the intestinal barrier, but the plasma of the banana. In this process it is not that the banana plasma simply jumps through the barrier – it needs a demand from the other side for the transfer. The demand is like the smaller system that wants to be nourished by the bigger one. In our example, the banana represents a high source of potassium (strong Na field); it will cross the intestinal barrier because and when there is a demand in the body for potassium (weak Na field); the higher potassium supply will want to satisfy the demand for potassium.

The body does all these things completely on it’s own. This opens another alley which is to form the desire or wish for something and trust in our soul-body-system to do what is necessary to manifest it.

Creation of dynamic fields on discs

When we build Magravs and Capacitors, we charged the nano-coated copper parts by painting them with a paste of dried GaNS in distilled water. Now to create a bi-directional dynamic flow on the plasma discs, you have to create disks with different forces; for example by different size proportions (12cm – 6cm – 3cm). But also on each disk there has to be the same proportional differences – as shown on the illustration : you will have to paint the first quarter with 2 layers of GaNS, the second with 4 and the third with 8.

Once this is done you have one system; then you need to make another system which is the same but slightly different, so the first one can interact with it in a controlled manner. You need to do this in a very precise manner because details count in these systems.