Let 2019 be your year!

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You have to tell the story the way you want it to be!

There is an outrageous abundance that has been summoned by you and it is held by your soul within you.

Then you say : « Well, where’s my stuff? »

And we say: Listen to the story you’re telling – you want to start telling the story:

I am abundant in nature and well-being and well-being is always coming to me.

I am often understood by the people that I’m interacting with

I am loving this life that I’m living and it’s fun to expand and grow

More and more I get the sense of who I am

I love the contrast of my environment which helps me to continue to identify new things that I want

Often i am not a vibrational match to everything that I want, but I can feel the difference

I know how to lean in the direction of what i want and my live is just getting better and better

I’m surrounded by people that are like me learning about life

Often, when I’m not really paying attention, I can feel my soul wrapping those non-physical arms around me, so i get this non-physical hug from the inside out.

Sometimes i can just feel the well-being of my being and I’m really enjoying how my life is beginning to unfold.

I am noticing how the people around me are more and more enjoying their life also.

I am feeling a freedom from detaching myself from what they’re thinking or from what they are wanting from me

As you are practising the story that resonates with who you really are > you start offering the vibration of that. As you are beginning to feel the predominant vibration of abundance, abundance must seek it’s level with you! Just like water flows downstream, abundance flows to someone who’s in vibrational alignment with abundance.

As you say: “I have to work so hard for what comes to me” – then you have to work so hard for what comes to you!

As you’re beginning to say, things are coming easier and easier and I’m beginning to understand how the universe flows, and I’m beginning to understand the vibrational world; I am lining up more, I’m not reacting to so many things, I’m more sensitive to the energy. And even my negative emotions are getting much stronger, but that is a good thing, because that means that something’s out of sync with what I’m wanting. And I’m getting more intuitive with people, I can feel when they’re levelling with me and when they are not.

I love the variety of people that are around me, and i realize what a wonderful team that we are working together; I love the cooperative nature that we are all about.

I love knowing that there is no injustice; I love knowing that everybody gets exactly what they are offering vibrationally. I love knowing that i get exactly what I’m offering vibrationally. I love knowing that I don’t have to hold anybody responsible for my life’s unfolding.

I am wanting everybody to have the fun that I’m having in this life experience and I’m not bothered by those who aren’t having fun. I love being the clear example that I am; I love offering my vibration deliberately; and I love watching all of the universal factors lingin things up, I love how circumstances and events come into alignment to give me the confirmation of how I am vibrationally doing. I love knowing that the co-operative universe will keep matching my better and better story.

I love even more the stability of the eternal nature that is me.

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