Prevention et treatment Corona virus infections.

You find the short manual as pdf following this link:

Here is the protocol that gives you a protection of 100% against the virus infection. The liquid Plasma of 1C1L needs to be salt-free (washe) when applied to the skin or for drinking!

Transformation vs GaNS processing

If the Cup of Man is working well on you and you have reached the balance of the Soul with the soul of the physicality, you can process any infection in no time.


As long as you don’t have your confirmation that the Cup of Man is working on you and you have reached the balance point between the Soul and the soul of the physicality, please don’t walk away from the 1Cup1Life and the protocols.


No salty water on the body! For drinking and vaporizing on the skin, use washed Liquid Plasma.

Preventive Protocol

This protocol that gives you a protection of 100% against the virus infection. The liquid Plasma of 1C1L-1 and -2 needs to be salt-free (washed) before you apply it! All the family members including the animals need to follow this protocol to be efficient – no exception. Keep the protocol at least for 6 months.

  1. Spraying
    • Spray your body every morning and evening (just before going to bed)
    • Spray your body from the head to the toes with the Liquid Plasma 1C1L-1, front and back; spray also the inside of your mouth and nose. When you feel some discomfort or pain in the chest or head, you are infected and need to follow the personal protocol for infection.
    • Spray your body front and back with the Liquid Plasma of 1C1L-2 from the stomach downwards. If you feel pain in any body part you are infected and need to follow the personal protocol for infection.
  1. Drinking
    • Drink 300-1000ml of the Liquid Plasma 1C1L-1 in little sips throughout the day. Use the same Liquid Plasma to add to the drinking water of your pets.
  1. Inhaling
    • Spray your mask inside and out with Liquid Plasma 1C1L-1 and inhale for at least 10-15min/1-2x/day.
  1. Wrapping
    How it works: Wrapping your head with a towel wetted with liquid plasma of Cup#1, you elevate your Soul, you are clearing out any emotional stresses. If you use this during a long time, you are exposed to the Corona virus’ energy (his message) during a long time, you will see you psychosomatic conditions disappearing. It brings Peace inside yourself.
    • Mix 150ml of liquid plasma of Cup#1 in 1 litre of water; mix 150ml of liquid plasma of Cup#2 in another 1 litre bottle of water.
    • At least once a week, cover your upper body with a towel drenched with the Liquid Plasma 1C1L-1 and the lower body with another towel drenched with the Liquid Plasma 1C1L-2 for 1 hour.
    • Alternatively you can take a bath adding 2-3 litres of both liquid plasmas.

Infection Phase I

Be very regular with the protocol – don’t allow any exception!

If you have high temperature, it should come down in between 1 to 3 hours.

Keep this protocol for 2-3 days at least until the pain of discomfort are gone. You can use large towels or a pyjama drenched in diluted Liquid Plasma 1C1L-1 and -2.

  1. Upper body wrap
    1. Add a little bit of GaNS of Cup-1 to the Liquid Plasma 1C1L-1. Pour 200ml of this into a 1 litre bottle and fill the bottle up with drinking water.
    2. Soak a big towel/pyjama top and a small towel with it.
    3. Wrap the upper body into the big towel; and the head with a small towel. Change the towels every 30minute during 3-6 hours.
    4. After 6 hours change the towels every 1 hour for remaining 6-12 hours.
  2. Lower body wrap
    1. Add a little bit of GaNS of Cup-1 to the Liquid Plasma 1C1L-2 and pour 150ml of it into another 1 litre bottle; fill it up with drinking water.
    2. Soak a big towel/pyjama trouser with it.
    3. Wrap the lower body with the towel. Change the towel every 30minute during 3-6 hours.
    4. After 6 hours change the towels every 1 hour for remaining 6-12 hours.
  3. Drinking
    1. Drink 100 ml each of the Cup1 and Cup2, every hour.
    2. If there is fever, add 50ml Cup2 + a little bit of salt water from Cup2, every half an hour until the fever is gone .
  4. Inhaling
    1. Add a few drops of GaNS of Cup-1 to the Liquid Plasma 1C1L-1; and spray it on the outside of the mask. Breath for 10min/hour. You can use a hookah or a inhalation device instead of the mask.

Infection Phase II

Sometimes a massive headache may appear after having done the Protocol Phase 1 (2 hours or 2 days later):

  1. Wrap the head for 10 minutes, every hour with a towel wetted with LP+GaNS-Cup1. The headache should be gone after 2-3x times.
  2. Spray your body every day until the symptoms have disappeared altogether.
  1. Fill a bath and add LP-Cup1.
    1. Don’t use soap
    2. Take a shower before you go in it.
    3. take a bath that you’re completely covered, every day.
    4. You can use the same water for the whole family and add hot water if necessary. You can even put your pets in at the end. After everybody went through it, you use that water to clean your house, to wash your car, etc.

Antibiotic for bacterial infection


  1. 50ml from the LP-Cup2
  2. Few drops of the salt from Cup1


  • 30ml to 100ml LP-Cup2 without salt
  • drink it every 30minutes for 6 hours

If you got a fever:

  • 50ml LP-Cup2 with a few drops of salt water from Cup2
  • after the 6 hours take it 3x/day for 3 days

Corona cancer, Decalcification

The Corona cancer is growing into all the regions of the body that have been infected and where the virus has done his calcification. Normally the cancers appear as twins. And the most obvious visible signs are calcium salts deposited into the mid-layer of any skin.

The first thing we have to do is to open up the calcium to revert it back from the matter state into the plasma or energy state in order to extract ii afterwards. To do this you can prepare a lotion:

  1. Add a little bit of Epson salt (Magnesium salt) to the production of Cup#1 and Cup#2
  2. Mix the liquid plasmas into a natural lotion that you can buy. Take care that the lotion is not oil-based; because the oil prevents the release of the plasma energy.
  3. Apply and massage the cream/lotion on the affected areas of the body.

It is important to do this decalcification in the early stages in order to prevent the formation of cancers. Treatment becomes very difficult if started more than 28 days after infection.



if you are diabetic, check your insulin levels before and after applying the protocol,. It is possible that the protocol has a positive influence on the insulin levels. If this is the case, you might have to change your insulin dosage.


If you have implants like a pace maker, please don’t spray the body, drink or inhale the liquid plasma; instead place several jars with liquid plasma of Cup#1 on the higher levels and liquid plasma Cup#2 on lower levels throughout the appartment to create the environmental fields that will act on the infected person.

Side Effects

1C=1L does not disturb the functioning of beneficial bacteria inside our body, such as the intestinal flora, because :

  1. GaNS is smart. Indeed, it has been observed that injections of GaNS in tumor areas only attack tumor cells and not healthy cells.
  2. GaNS only detects an imbalance and then tries to rebalance it.
  3. GaNS does NOT interfere with the body’s self-healing activities; it acts ONLY when the body requests it.


When you apply the 1C1L-2 it is important to continue the protocol of the 1C1L-1 when the 1C1L-2 part is complete. The second cup is an additional protocol.

As soon as the symptoms disappear, you have to immediately help you body to repair the damages done by the virus:

  1. Drink 1 bottle of coca-cola and eat a bar of chocolate and wait 30 minutes
  2. Then only take high-energy food without sugar, lots of protein like eggs or caviar for example. Keep this diet up for the first day of recovery.
  3. Feed yourself well and do things that help the body to repair: fresh air, meditation – most of all only pleasant thoughts!

Following the protocol and depending on the severity of the symptoms you had suffered, you may recover quickly, but remember that:

  1. You have to keep up the protocol at least for 21 days because the virus has left his signature in your body.
  2. You may feel very weak for an extended period of time because the virus has damaged many cells in the body.
  3. Even after you have been completely cured, good idea to keep up the prevention protocol, just to be on the safe side.

During and after the convalescence period keep the curfew: stay in your house, don’t go anywhere and do not receive visitors. After an infection you are very vulnerable for a new infection by the Corona or any other virus. Additionally after infection of the Corona virus, your immune system is down and needs to be build up again.
So keep the curfew to protect yourself and the others. Maintain the curfew for as long as all the traces of the virus infection (including any calcifications) are gone.

What to do with the dead bodies?

With growing numbers of Corona deaths it seems better to cremate the dead, because there may simply not be enough space to bury them. Especially in rocky highland areas, like Tibet, there isn’t enough land to bury bodies. And as the virus is not a germ but an energy pack, the energy pack gets spread more when you burn the body.

The only save way is to treat the body of the diceased with the 1Cup1Life before burning or burying it.Once the virus is eliminated, any further processing is save.