Environmental Hygiene

The virus can be spread by

  • Physical contact with other humans, animals, plants – even you pollen.
  • It can be spread by the old dead skin cells and dandruff from the hair we get rid of; as well as our (greasy) fingerprints.
  • It has become environmental: it has created a global network of islets in its field that can infect anyone who is in the same space and has a similar field – without any direct contact.

Your House

  1. Spray all of your house with Liquid Plasma
    Reports from Iranian hospitals have shown that only environmental spraying and washing the floors with 1Cup1Life liquid plasma, reduces the infection rate by 60%
  2. Place containers with the Liquid Plasma they will absorb any energies that can bring an imbalance. The containers need to remain open. Change the Liquid Plasma everyday and throw the used liquid in the toilet.
    The is how the glass jars work: they contain salty water and the virus depletes himself into the salty water.
  3. Use a humidifier filled with Liquid Plasma at the entrance of your home; run it around the clock.
  4. Wash laundry by adding 500ml Liquid Plasma into the washing cycle.

The best medium to spray is the Liquid Plasma that you keep when washing the GaNS. When you see salty spots after they dried, that is a good sign because the salt keeps the energy of the GaNS.
Remember also to spray everything that you bring into the house with Liquid Plasma.

Going out

  1. Carry a spray bottle with the Liquid Plasma and a mask wetted with the Liquid Plasma.
  2. Spray all your cloths every time you leave the house and when you return. As the virus spreads through the air (via pollen for example); the cloths we wear act as a protective screen, to “catch” viruses. This is especially true if you spray your cloths before you leave the house and upon your return. Exposed skin is inviting the virus to land and spread.
    For 2 weeks, Carolina did stop to spray the cloths before going out and observed that she felt less irritated. She now was not carrying anymore any fields that could attract the virus. She, however, kept the protocol for the return-home part, when she changes cloths and sprays everything, including her body.
  3. Spray all things with the Liquid Plasma before you touch them (door handles, seats, elevator buttons etc).
  4. Summer is coming. When leaving the house, wear light clothing that exposes as little as possible the skin. Spray the cloths with Cup#1 for the upper body and Cup#2 for the lower body. Spray again when you come back.
  5. Wear a mask all the time when you are in public spaces.
  6. No more shaking hands, kissing and hugging; do namasté
  7. Decontaminate your money always right away. It is made of plastic/paper and the virus can attach to it through the amino acids. Many people touched it so it is highly contaminated.
  8. The observation that the Corona virus has spread across the whole planet and created an invisible network for infection sources and the fact that the path of propagation is via the amino acids. All this leads us to the conclusion that all the fruits, vegetables, in fact all we buy to eat is possibly contaminated and needs to be sprayed before we put it in the fridge and cupboards.

Using the Mask

Do NEVER share any mask!

  1. Spray the mask before you wear it with Liquid Plasma.
  2. Always take the mask off and put it on touching only the rubber bands; never touch the mask itself.
  3. After use do not discard it in a plastic bag, because you create a breeding ground for it (via the C=H bonds and the amino-acid structure of the plastic). The only way to dispose of it correctly is to spray it inside and out, place it in a paper bag and put it into the trash bin.

This 1Cup=1Life has to become a Way of Life for anyone”. M. Keshe

As a knowledge seeker you are blessed because as you constantly work with GaNS materials you are protected – there is no mortality amongst the knowledge seekers up to now.

Community environment

The longer the Corona virus is present, the more we will be able to feel it in the environment. Prepared with our invisible 1C1L shielding we will clearly feel the presence of the corona virus for example in the different sections of a super market.
Infected people leave patches of corona virus wherever they stand, sit or touch things. These Corona patches are not just isolated islands for infection; as the virus is an energy pack, all these patches link up and create a network for infection. And when these patches will eventually cover the whole planet, we all go will go through the same genetic reversal process as the two Chinese doctors.

This the procedure to eradicate the virus from your city, village or community:

Every family produce s the liquid plasma of 1C1L to protect themselves and more that they pool together to spray (motor) the streets, parks, markets, public spaces etc. The spraying of public spaces has to go on for at least for 1 year. This is one major point of the message that Corona carries: look beyond your self and your family and take care of you community.

What this does: If you remember how the liquid plasma treatment of Tom Salas’ mother saved her garden from the hurricane Maria in 2017, then you can imagine what the application of 1C1L in a whole city or village will do?! Because of the high content of ZnO-GaNS the dome created will be a dome of Peace which will elevate the Souls of all the people inside the dome.
Many of us have build many Magravs; now they become the beacons of the peacefulness. We are doing what is the best for the Human race and through that we do the best for the whole Universe.” M. Keshe